wed, oct 12, 2010

Light at Night

A shout out and good luck to original BD Rory Hanlin when he attempts to crush the South GA Throwdown this weekend; some of his current stats:

Rack Jerk (front rack) 1RM:  175 kilos
Snatch:  120.5 kilos
DL 5RM: 500 lbs
Push Press 5RM: 275lbs
OHS Bodyweight (225lbs) x15
OHS 1RM: 350lbs
Filthy Fifty: 16:04
2k Row: 6:40

Anaerobic Alactic Endurance
Row Sprints:
20 sec @ maximal effort
Rest 2:40 x 4
Active rest 5 min
20 sec @ maximal effort
Rest 2:40 x 4

rest 8+ hours

CP-Strength Endurance
As many rounds in 15 minutes:
5 weighted chin ups - 45#/25#
7 OHS - 135#/95#

post avg watts for all 8 sets for row and rounds to comments


Adam Rogers said...

Those stats are f-ing ridiculous.

Best of luck Rory, full effort is full victory, look forward to hearing about it when you're done.

rwcorson said...

Good luck Rory!!

Geoff Aucoin said...

You scare me, Rory.

Interesting stuff regarding the light at night thing. My goal in life (sleeping life, at least) is to have my bedroom so dark that it practically collapses into a black hole. Turns out you can't even have light touch your frickin' skin when you're asleep or it mucks things up!

Steve Howell said...

Good luck Rory!

those numbers are BADASS!!

Arjuna @CFN said...

Woop some ass Rory! The scariest part is his Filthy Fifty time!

unit said...

kick some serious @$$ brother!... u f'ing beast!...

Sweeney said...

Good luck Rory!!!

PTS said...

part 1: 651,693,683,646 684,684,667,667

I think it is safe to assume that Rory wakes up and shits excellence.

Paul Klein said...

Show them what you are made of Rory! I will be cheering for you.

Marcus Filly said...

Good Luck Rory. You're a monster.

Soren Kristensen said...

Saw that study this morning from Science daily, just 15 min I went in and did a presentation on the importance of sleep and stress control when trying to lean out!

Only had time for part 2, still not feeling 100%, so avoided the massive effort on the rower.

Part 2:
7 rounds

It was the pull up that slowed me right down, it was singles!


Bear said...

Jeezez, pretty damn strong and fast, good luck Rory! :)

Signed up for a uphill race 27/11 (3.6 km, 8% incline all the way!), so I will sub rowing with running if it fits the session, but today I was really curious about what watt (sorry about that) I would reach:

Part 1
Average watts): 637.5 W

Round 1-4: 651 w, 5-8: 624 w. Lost power on last 3. Best watt 667 (2 rounds) worst 605 w (last round).

Rory Hanlin said...

Thanks for the support Dawgs,
Haven't been posting WODs lately, but the support here is still amazing.

I'll do my best to represent well

Joel Krigström said...

Part 1.
Average Watts 465.
Lowest 417W and highest 519W
Not very pleased with my result..

calebg said...

Rowing is my nemesis!

1: 561
2: 541
3: 532
4: 575

1: 575
2: 575
3: 545
4: 561

I found that my numbers were consistently higher when I would more aggressively cardio-accelerate prior to beginning the 20 second sprint.

Best of luck Rory!

Angelo Fosco said...

First 4 at damper 7
455, 493, 472, 481
Row 5 minutes at about 150 watts
Last 4 at damper 10
501, 540, 556, 553
Don’t think I warmed up well enough at the beginning.
Good luck Rory!

Chris Dunkin said...

Avg.for 8= 762

Rory, have fun.

Kevin said...


Rory, you are an absolute beast. I'm speechless at those numbers.

Yesterday's disaster:

A1. 319, 330, 341, 352, 374--all 3s
A2. 40lb vest--way too heavy--4,3, 2, 4, 2
B1. no KB, and no real pistol; did them inside cage holding on to racks; flexibility really exposed by these
B2. Tried to do them on plates, no go with the pace, so just did regular; 2, 4, 5, 4
C. 11, 13, 11, 10, 11 (first time)

Poly said...

Absolutely humbling stats Rory. Let everyone know who we are. Good luck.

Part 1: 660, 660, 676, 636, 667, 667, 700, 700

Martin Altemark said...

Rory! You're such a beast - been missing your posts! Go kick ass this weekend!

Was gonna skip today, and do part 1 tomorrow. But then I realized what time I had to get up to do this before I need to get the kids ready for school... So part 1 today anyway.

667W, 636W, 667W, 651W, 620W, 636W, 636W, 620W
avg watts: 639,5

All done from dead start (first pull just at/just before timer). Damper 10.

Michael McCabe said...

when i grow up i want to be a gorilla/machine just like rory!

row sprints
636, 651, 667, 651
684, 651, 620, 605

for part 2 are people using a little kip on the weighted chin?

Adam Rogers said...

Part 1

Avg watts - 700,717,734,717,734,716,684,734

Came off the seat the one time, wanted all over 700.

Damper set at 10.

avg for all 8 - 717

Brian Gregory said...

Part 2

10 rds even as Rx

Notes: Wtd pullups were slow and very broken / singles about 4th rd on. OHS all unbroken and fast. Did this part, first, after shift. Will do pt 1 on airdyne at home later. My son will be at my side, so this way is safer.

Brandon said...

Have to switch Part 1 and 2 today because of schedule.

Part 2
9 rounds

Chins were limiting. Tried to kip but wasn't happening so much. All OHS unbroken.


Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

Part 1: some weird row watt scores

429, 519, 519, 532

546, 479, 441, 441

Sean LeFloch said...


Here are the links to my videos on


Overhead Squat:

Thanks again. This has been plaguing me for months!

Bear said...

Part 2
26.5 kg db between legs, 60 kg OHS
Result: 6 rounds + 5/2 reps

Really beat up by now and my thighs felt like jelly. To my surprise I was slowed down by the OHS. Had a hard time keeping in balance and breathing correctly. Kind of frustrating, was hoping for 7-8 rounds, but it still felt good.

Bear said...

Sean, I had / have the same problem but it´s way easier if you use Oly-shoes.

And to all the other dawgs, good work! A lot of people here that can handle a lot of volume! Crank it up to ELEVEN!

Joel Krigström said...

8 rounds + 3 WPU

Poly said...

Any Dawgs out there have any experience with DNA testing for diets? Any advice, is it worth it? A new DNA testing place recently opened up in Edmonton and they offer a diet test, and it seems pretty reasonable at $280.

BK said...

Crush it mate!
A. 590 avg
B. 7 rounds +2 (with 35#)

Anonymous said...


Damper on 8

5 minutes z1 on airdyne

Damper on 9

Avg for 8 rows = 595.8

Big increase from last 20 secs row for watts. Believe I was only in the upper 400's.

P.M. 5 hrs later

10 rnds + 9 reps

OHS were unbroken and strong. Pull ups I had one missed rep.

Rudy Tapalla said...

Good luck Rory!!!

Row sprints:
Damper 4.5

matt shannon said...

Yesterday's wod:

A1. 365x3-385x3-405x3-405x2-405x1
A2. 1pood x 5, 1.5 poodx5, 2poodx3x3

B1. did bw all sets and worked on perfecting the form and drive off the bottom.
B2. 6-2-2-3

C. :10-:15-:17-:19-:21

Notes : definitely still dont have ring hspu's. Looking forward to the day when I get my first one and also string them together. L-sits were a good compliment to balance out the low boack work from the deadlifts.

Way to LEAD THE WAY Rory, good luck!

matt shannon said...

Question for all Big Dawgs and coach(es).

When training do you adhere to working with weight you can move with perfect form or do you think working with heavier loads and losing a bit of form is legitimate?

Obviously I do mean within reason, i.e. not doing a deadlift that's too heavy and the entire time you have a rounded back or a front squat where you drop your elbow completely.

Like today I couldnt keep my legs perfectly straight and toes pointed on my lsits the ENTIRE time so would you all consider that as a "does not count" ?

Interested in hearing your thoughts.

Bryan Miller said...

Matt- In training I try to keep all movements judged strictly just like in competition otherwise when you are judged you'll be very dissapointed(as far as the L-sits go)

On deadlifts and a slight amount of back rounding I mix it up.

Angelo Fosco said...

Part 2:

8 rounds + 5 pull ups

Used weight belt with 45lb plate, all OHS from the floor (power snatch). Everything unbroken, but I was sucking wind between pull ups and OHS.

David said...

Part 1, 7:00 am:


Average: 607.5

Part 2, 5:00 pm
8 Rounds plus 5 weighted chin ups.

Also played soccer at lunch. I came off the seat a few times which hurt my numbers, chalk that up to skill or lack thereof. The pm metcon was good, the pullups felt fine, 7 of the 8 sets of ohs unbroken, dropped on round 6 because I rushed into it. All in all happy with the day and happier for a rest day.

Danny Davis said...

avg watt s/m Damper
1. 520 53 4
2. 549 51 5
3. 520 46 5
4. 580 53 4
5. 568 54 4
6. 519 51 4
7. 581 50 5
8. 598* 54 4

* Changed boot setting from 3 to 2. Felt like I had better drive out of catch.

unit said...

had 2 switch the order 2day...

part 2-
16 rounds
(all unbroken... every other set alternated pro/sup grip on pullups... ohs felt strong)

part 1
will b sprinting outside since it's nice and there aren't many nice days left as far as warmth goes this year...


Steve Howell said...

part 1;

light skipping
total ave watts = 595

15 minutes rest

part 2;
11 rounds + 1 pull up

Craig said...

A week behind.
Oct 6 Wod.

A1. 155/165/175/185/190/195/195
A2. 6/6/5/5/4/4/3
A3. 6/5/5/5/5/5/5
B. 205
C1. 55/60/50/50 ( started too high)
C2. u/bkn

Jay said...

1. 492
2. 519
3. 546
4. 519
5. 532
6. 532
7. 532
8. 546

9 rounds

Matt Mo said...

part 2

7 rds + 1 chin up

Michael said...

Part 1
all b/w 505 and 538 avg watts

Part 2
Accidentally started with squats instead of pull ups
Did 12 rounds + 7 Squats as Rx'd

Jon Sinclair said...

Part 1 and 2 back to back

1. 438, 469, 486, 503
506, 515, 486, 475

2. Scaled back to 20# DB for chin ups and 115# for OHS - 9 rounds + 4 chin ups

Determined rib was not broken by the fact I managed to physically do this workout. Might be bruised but that'll heal, I'll just do some scaling on chinups for the next little while till I heal up.

Adam Rogers said...

Part 2

7 rounds + 5 pullups

Pullups done with 40lb vest, all sets unbroken and easy.

OHS different story, struggle from the second set on, felt like my shoulders just couldn't stabilize it.

PTS said...

13.5 hrs rest

6.5 rds. glad to work the OHS weakness.

dmarsh said...

Part 1:

Avg Watts = 592.5

Part 2:

8 rounds + 4 pullups

All chins done supinated, strict. OHS all unbroken.

ice kubes said...

Row: 675-715 W for the 8 sprints

7 sets + 5 pull ups (45lbs pull ups, 110lbs OH squat)

Christa said...

Psrt 2 - 6 rounds

OH squat extremely limiting. Didn't do part 1 because my hamstring was bothering me a little and I didn't want to overdue it.

Jonathan Thom said...

Avg watt - damper
531 - 6
510 - 6 (butt slipped)
505 - 6
490 - 5
487 - 6
487 - 5
503 - 5
490 - 5

~6 hours rest

6 rounds + 4 pulls
wtd chins were slowww

Lars said...

Part 1.


8hr later...

Part 2

7 Rds

Started the row with the damper setting too low and not pushing it enough. Better near the end.

OHS and pull ups felt great. Didn't go 100%, just easing back into things. Had to Power Snatch to start each set of OHS, because I had no rack.

Brian Gregory said...

Pt 1

Sub´d Airdyne sprints

Cals -
17, 16, 16, 17
17, 16, 16, 17

mhamilton said...

From Tues.
A1. 245,265,295,305,315(1)
A2. #20 15,10,7,5,6
B1. BW,8kg,16kg,16kg
B2. HSPU 5,3,3,3
C. 28,21,11,10,10

Good luck Rory!

Pfeifdog said...

Avg Watts: 549,586,584,628,558,649,633,634

Part2: 6 rounds + 5 chin-ups

joey warren said...

part 2: 7 hours rest

13 rounds even

*OHS were very easy, chinups alt grip every round were limiting factor- had to break starting in 8th round

Michael McCabe said...

8hrs rest

8 rounds

failed on an ohs early on and it was a mind game from then on... rest of the sets were unbroken but i waited too long btw rounds

Poly said...

Part 2: 8 rounds
Need to get better, but felt really good today.

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

Part 2: scaled down to 115#

7 rounds + 5 chin ups

Chris Dunkin said...

Part 2: 11 rounds

first five way too fast.

Robin Lyons said...

Avg Watts: 421

AMRAP: 7 rounds + 5 pullups

Scott Hoadley said...

Part 2

6 Rounds + 5 chins + 3 squats


Sean LeFloch said...

Part1: 5xx, 555, 574, 594, 561, 574, 568,591

6 Hours rest Part 2:
7 rounds + 5 Pullups

Thinking the overhead squat/pistols might be limited by inflexibility of calves/heel chord. Stretched them like mad before this workout, and it seemed to work well. Went unbroken on the OHS until the last set.

matt said...

A. 637 average
B. 8 complete rounds

Pullups UB felt good. OHS felt unstable in L shoulder.Must get better. 3 sets UB

Dustin said...

Part 1

472, 537, 522, 533, 584, 553, 539, 533

Part 2

10 Rounds

Brandon said...

Part 1
avg: 682

Thad said...

Part 1: Done felt good monitor on rower wouldn't work so I have no watts to record.

Part 2.
7 Rounds +11 reps
After 2 rounds of PU's the rest were kipping

Heavy Evy said...

Part 1:
800m run

Part 2:
8 rounds + 3pu's

45#DB between the legs kind of sucked! Hoping for 10 rnds, but considering how the back feels happy with 8.

Danny Davis said...

Part 2. 3hrs Rest

8 rounds + 5 Pull-ups (all unbroken)

Rested around 30 sec b/t exs.

Jesse J WellRock said...

Wow Rory's the Man Good luck to him!

As for me "brick by brick"

Part 1
subbed the airdyne for the rower(didn't have access today)
avg 98 RPM's

rest about 5hr's

part 2
9 rounds plus 5 reps

felts real good took a round to find my rhythm.

Kevin said...


did this thurs am
part 1: 680 avg
15 min rest
part 2: 10 rds + 3 pu ** 40 lb vest

ohs felt good, all ub; pu ub only first two sets, mostly 2s and 3s after that.

Gord said...

CP strenght
Subbed the OHS with 176 back squat

6 rounds + 5 chins + 6 squats

DAVE X said...

The light we need to block at night is Rory's radiating awesomeness.

Good luck, Dawg!

Ive taken some time off but plan on hitting it hard again soon.

Arjuna @CFN said...

Part 2:
12 rnds + 5 pullups
Did pullups with a vest so it def made it easier to kip. Prob would not of got as many rnds if I used KB.

trenta15 said...

G'day OPT,
Just checking out your site down in australia and was wondering what cycle you are in at the moiment and how far into it you are. Would like to get on board!!

Thanks trent

Arjuna @CFN said...

Forgot to post Part 1

Part 1
648.5 average watts for all 8 sets

Don't know why my watts suck so bad. Both my 2k and 1k are respectable times.

über Bania said...

From Tue Oct 12th:

A1. 225x3, 315x3, 405x3, 455x3, 475x2
A2(Bar dips wearing 20lb vest). 12ea set, 5 sets

B1. Pistols wearing 20lb vest for time: 1min, :45, :45, :38
B2(pushups @31X1 wearing 20lb vest). 10, 9, 8, 8

C. L-sit with hands on 4 45lb plates stacked. 30, 20, 15, 11, 11 seconds.

Stephen B. said...

First day back after 5 day hiatus nursing a shoulder injury.

Oct. 9 wod

BWT 178

5 OHS@180#=7
S to OH@155#=30

Score: 54

Very glad to be back at 'er...shoulder's feels good

Stephen B. said...

Good luck Rory!