wed, oct 27, 2010

Dec 4th is your next opportunity to be a part of this comp
aerobic power:
30 sec airdyne sprint @ 90%
30 sec airdyne spin @ 50%
repeat 10 times
rest 10 min - complete 50 GH Raises anyway in this time period
30 sec airdyne sprint @ 90%
30 sec airdyne spin @ 50%
repeat 10 times

post avg difference in HR for all rounds to comments - 1 average score
(i.e. if you finish one 30 sec interval and HR is at 182 and finish rest period and heart rate is at 162 the difference is 20 bpm; total all differences if you can and post average for all rounds)
rest day Thursday


Chris Dunkin said...

Unkle. Back on Friday.

PTS said...

completed. could not successfully take heart rate manually while pedaling.

Got to enjoy this 5am workout with my wife! She did the crossfit mom workout as we recently found out she is pregnant.

Anonymous said...

What (if any) differences in post-workout nutrition should be implemented when the different energy systems are used?

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! So exciting!

Brian Maier said...

Yesterday's Part 2:


Spider said...

Took a 6sec pulse at the 30 and 50 sec. marks while still pedaling and writing them down immediately after on stacked boxes next to the bike... I think it was more of a multi-task workout today if you didn't have a HR monitor on.

The HR was 165 after the 90% for the first 5 sets, jumping down to 160 at the 50 sec mark. The last 5 sets were 175 down to 165. (total cal 163)

2 sets of 25 GH Raises 90 sec apart.

1st 5 sets of second round were 170 down to 165 and 180 down to 170 on the last 5 rounds (total cal 160)... Hope that was right.

Lisa M said...

Still playing catch up with the WODs

did the run workout and broke out my Vibrams haven't run in them for a while and now my calves feel like two pieces of frozen steaks!! But I love them and am going to buy the new Bikila ones that are designed for running when I am in phoenix next week - yeah.

NW said...

Completed. Started around 60 BPM heart rate and ended the workout with 178 BPM heart rate. Was difficult to calculate heart rate so did a before and after.

Not sure if it was 90% of max heart rate but felt like 90% effort. Good workout.

@PTS - CONGRATS! best wishes along the way!

Jon Sinclair said...

Yesterday's part 2:

Subbed 45# DB's for clean and jerk

C&J 9 8 9 10
BJ 19 19 22 19
KBS 10 10 10 10
BURP 9 9 10 11

Cut it off at 4 rounds as I was short on sleep, and had an extremely physical day

Lars said...

Part 2 from yesterday

Rounds - scores - totals
1. 8,14,14,9 = 45
2. 8,15,12,9 = 44
3. 8,20,11,9 = 48
4. 8,20,11,8 = 47
5. 8,20,11,7 = 46
6. 8,20,11,8 = 47

Total = 277

C+J's felt smooth and steady.
Box jumps, took a couple of rounds to get in the rhythm.
KBS felt good, but took more and more time to pick up and get started.
Always dreaded getting to the burpees.

Might do today's workout later today, if time permits and be all caught up for a rest day tomorrow.

Stahl said...

Completed - subbed row for airdyne. Checked HR twice (at the end of each set of 10): avg. difference = 25

GH - completed, harder than I thought.

PTS - congratulations on the great news!! My wife did the CFmom WODs while she was pregnant and enjoyed them.

Gord said...

Completed. No way I could keep heart rate. Too focused on surviving

Brian Gregory said...

Pt.1 - Speed strength from yesterday

A1.225,250x4 - 270,275,280x3
A2.125,135,145x4 - 150,155x3
B. 245,245,225
C. UBx4,13/2
D. Not so good after K2E

Notes: No chains for BS, Did 80% of 1rm on FS first 2 sets and only 1-2s down. Last set was 80% of 3rm and on tempo, I think the latter was prob Rx'd. Grip gave on last set of K2E.

Joel B. said... heart rate monitor and I couldn't take manually.

Congrats PTS!

Alex Duncan said...

Had to sub row for airdyne. No heart rate monitor.

Average Pace for Z4 was 1:41.

Lower back fatigued already from yesterday it seems.

Alex Duncan said...

And huge congrats PTS!

joey warren said...

no airdyne

15 sec run 80%/45 sec jog 50% x 10

10 min of GHD raises sets of 15/12/12/11

20 sec row 90%/40 sec row 50%

**fatigued from yest but felt ok today

Arjuna @CFN said...

Todays completed as prescribed.

I was unable to take HR during. That fuckin airdyne kicks my ass. Had no sense of touch or feel to take heart rate.

David said...

No airdyne or hr monitor so limited usefulness:

Ran on mill, covered 2.6 miles. 1.29 first 10 and 1.31 second 10. 50 GH raises in between.

Steve Howell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steve Howell said...

Subbed Rowing for Airdyne

total avg bpm = 3.6 (think I did that right?)

5 sets of 10 GHD Raises

Jon Sinclair said...

Girlfriend wouldn't let me use my airdyne she just bought me in the apartment cuz she thinks its too dusty.... I don't entirely disagree but whatever haha

subbed spin bike

spin for 5 m, 10 min of intervals, 10 minute spin, 10 min intervals, 50 GH raises

Jay said...

avg difference was 5. I did see a steady increase in HR. Started 1st interval at 145 and finished interval 10 at 185...avg HR was only dropping 5 BPM during 50% and then going up about 7 BPM during the 90%

Rory Hanlin said...

average 1:29-1:30 the first ten sprints

average 1:32-1:33 the second set

no HR monitor

legs smoked....

Rory Hanlin said...

Congrats PTS! New Big Dawg? CF Games champ 2032?

Brandon said...

@ home with sick kid - no Airdyne or GHD.

Subbed row - done
Will do GHR later at work

Lars said...

Today's wod - done on a stationary bike.

Found my HR would continue to rise after finishing the sprint, and would go down a bit more at the beginning of the sprints.

The most it would move is about 15 BPM between 90% and 50%.

Jordan said...

Subbed Rowing
avg change in HR= 4.65
GH raises, 5 x 10

Brandon said...

Congrats to you and your wife. I to have used CFMom or a modified version with a few clients with great success during pregnancy, labor and post-delivery.

Fraser O said...

Completed on the rower. All 90% sets were titrated between 1m35 and 1m30 500m avg. 50% was around 2m15s 500m avg.

Sorry no HR monitor.

Heavy Evy said...

I know a place where we can store that dusty old airdyne! Keep the ms happy.

Michael McCabe said...

is BK lurking in the shadows of big dawg land??

my girlfriend (jenn) emailed you about bsc longs... just wondering how the ordering works while your site is under construction... if you see this let me know. thanks

Brian Gregory said...

Pt 2 of yesterday's - 4hrs btwn wods

C&J, BJ, KB, Burps

7, 19, 12, 11
8, 19, 11, 11
8, 18, 11, 11
8, 16, 12, 11

KB was 68# DB, slipped 2xs on last set of BJ. All done in lifting shoes. Felt okay after 4, tired but okay.

Shut it down after 4 rds, due to rest btwn, carving pumpkins with the fam and will not get full night's sleep 2 nite.

rwcorson said...

Congrats PTS!

Kevin said...


Congrats, PTS! No other feeling like it, man. That's awesome.

Yesterday's Part 1, completed yesterday am.

A1.300, 310, 320, 330(3), 330(3)
A2. 176, 176, 181(3), 181(3), 135
B. 235 for all three sets
C. UB x 3; 8-4-3, 10-3-2
D. a ways to go on these

Notes: No chains on A1; form broke down on A2, so backed off for last set; best I've felt on K2E ever. Wipers--umm, yeah.

Gym not open this morning. Ran intervals over the Brooklyn Bridge. Going to do Part II from yesterday and some intervals tomorrow morning. Probably scale down to avoid wearing out for Fri/Sat.

Pfeifdog said...

Sub'ed DU's for the 90% and SU's for the 50% didn't have any way of checking my HR while still going.

Anonymous said...

Completed on airdyne

-no heart rate monitor

GH raises in 5*10

Also did 50 ghd situps 5*10

Danny Davis said...

A serious case of T-Rexitis always follows heavy volume of pulling. Left arm is worse. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

Ali Loach said...

No airdyne so stopped at CFC today on the way home from work and did their WOD
50, 30, 20
Wallballs (14#)


Too damn slow. I'm sick of sucking!

....venting done.
Tomorrow is another day!

Brent Maier said...


Pre: Airdyne Srints

Part II: Yesterdays C&J/BJ/KBS/Burp
1) 13/16/11/12
2) 8/12/11/8
3) 7/12/11/8
4) 7/12/11/8
5) 7/12/11/8
6) 7/12/11/8

Brent Maier said...

Congrats PTS!!! Thats exciting news!

Stephen B. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephen B. said...

Part 1:
24" BJ all UB...two re-dos on BJs in round 4 which gave me a round time of 1:34...otherwise all rounds between 40-50 secs

5 min active: 2.5 min on airdyne + 2.5 min warmin up HPS

HPS: 115/115/120/120/125
all rows approx. 75-83m...round times between 40-55 secs except round 1 when my headphone cord got caught under rower seat (round 1: 1:30)

rest 10-15 min

Part 2:
20 min alternating on the minute: OHS@135#...all UB...CTB chins all UB (all sets of these 11-12 secs)...should've gone heavier on OHS

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. PTS...that's some awesome news!

unit said...

congrats PTS!... whata feelin!...

Nathan H... congrats 2 u 2 brother... those comps... and all ur hard work is shining through and payin off!...

yesterdays part 2...
c&j/ bj/ kbs/ bu
1. 10/ 20/ 15/ 12
2. 11/ 21/ 13/ 12
3. 11/ 22/ 12/ 12
4. 11/ 18/ 11/ 11
5. 10/ 20/ 13/ 12
6. 10/ 22/ 14/ 13
jogged ~500m bw ea set...

10min rest

20min of MU work...
worked on strict MUs, L-MUs and slow wide grip strict... felt great!... stringing 5 strict 2gether felt ez...


Dustin said...

Airdyne Cal - 209
Airdyne Cal - 189

**Didn't have a HR Monitor - good workout**

Nathan H. said...

Congrats to PTS and his wife! Awesome!

Thanks unit! We're planning some big things...

Just an update, I have an olift meet this saturday

Openers are: 110 sn and 140cj
Goals are: 125 sn and 153cj

Training has been very specific and pretty tough. On the 1st I'm going big dawgs + low volume olift until the 13th.

Hattie said...

Hey Everyone. I am still on the look-up for a used Airdyne in BC. Does anyone know where I could find one or any suggestions of where to look. Thanks in advance guys.

Kyle F said...

Had to sub running.

Felt good. Need to run more though.

Good job PTS.

Soren said...

Did the effort on my bike riding to and from work

first 10 sets: 15-17
Last 10 sets: 5-7

Wicked head wind coming home, so didn't really recover!


Soren said...


CONGRATULATION - always good to know the canon can shoot more than hot water!
I have three girls and one of them is turning two today, they make me extremely happy and another person


Lisa M said...

Ali at least you can walk today. I did the run WOD from the other day and my calves are so frickn tight I am walking like I am 90. Need to run more in my vibrams than once a month!!

Thad said...

No airdyne subbed hockey game instead

Sean LeFloch said...

Airdyne w/ HR monitor:
First 10 rounds: high avg. 162, low avg. 140= 22 bpm difference

Second 10 rounds: high avg. 172 and low avg. 162= 10 bpm difference

Martin Altemark said...

Congrats PTS! Great stuff!

One day behind - hard week, doing what I can when I can.

Subbed airdyne for rows:
first 10 rounds: best 500m tempo 1:34, lowest tempo 1:38.

Pulse was manually taken after last work interval, and then again 30 sec later: 168/156

no GHD raises at gym, will do them at home later. Walked around trying to keep moving.

last 10 rounds: best 500m tempo 1:37, lowest tempo 1:39.

Again HR manually after last round and then 30 sec later: 174/156

Avg difference in HR: 24bpm

Anonymous said...


Made up mix of Tuesday's WOD:
power snatch @ 13X0; 3-4 x 5; rest 90 sec
4/65-4/75-3/80-3/80 (press)-3/75

3 sets @ 100%:
30 sec amrap clean and jerk - 135#/95#
30 sec amrap box jumps - 24/20"
30 sec amrap KBS - 2pd/1.5 pd
30 sec amrap burpees - little jump
rest 6 min b/t sets actively walking or biking

C&J 3-4-3
BJ 15-15-18
KBS 14-9-13
Burpees 7-8-6

Jonathan Thom said...

Just getting to this one today. First 10 intervals on the rower, then 50 ghd raises done (ouch), and did first 5 intervals of the next set on the jump rope. Calves were hurting though, so I switched back to the rower for the last 5. Shins are hurting now...dammit! No heart rate taken...not a great workout today overall, a bit tired. Will spend the next 24 hrs getting myself right for Friday and Saturday!

Stahl said...

Completed Tuesday's Part II:

C&J: 8/8/8/8/7/8
BJ: 15/16/18/19/19/19
KBS: 11/11/10/11/11/11
Burpees: 10/11/10/10/10/9/11

Very tough; headache afterward even with active rest, but it subsided after a few minutes of brisk walking stretching.

Andy said...

Did tues part 2

5 rounds complete, luckily didn t have time for 6th, needed to spend some time at home with family.



nearly caught up now sprints on rower in morning should be fun

unit said...

first round
delta bpm ~ 15
234 cal

10min rest
50 harop (natural) leg curls
50 back extensions

second round
delta bpm ~12
228 cal


Stephen B. said...

Oct. 21 WOD

Part 1:
2K row x 3:
7:09=1. 7:50, 2. 7:52, 3. 7:49

10 min rest

Part 2:
A. BB complex: 155/165/175/185/200(f on thruster)
B1. amrap ring dips@21X5: 10/7/6
B2.db rowing@1010: 15/side(45#),15/side(55#)x2

Becky said...

great wod for me to do after the wod's i've done this week.
did not have hr moniter, so just pedaled at 90% and 50%.
50 gh raises bwt @2020.

see you friday.