sat, oct 16, 2010

BD Alex Duncan - 2nd place - "BushMan"- 15K rucksack run (35lbs), 5K rucksack run (75lbs), and 10K canoe

Part 1:
50,40,30,20,10 rep rounds for time;
AirDyne Cals
Knees to Elbows

rest 2 hours

Part 2:
50,40,30,20,10 rep rounds for time;
Unbroken Wall Balls - 20/14# to 10ft
Unbroken Double Unders

post times to comments as total time - 1 score


Adam Rogers said...

Congrats on the race results Alex!

Coach, I know that Airdyne subs have been discussed on here before, my dilemma is that we have one but the monitor doesnt work. Should we hit the devil's tricycle for certain time periods or revolution counts, or sub the rower or hill sprints instead?

Bear said...

Finally took time to assembly my new GHD-bench!

Sprints 50 m x 10-x8-x6-x4-x2
GHD-sit ups 50-40-30-20-10
Time: 17:50 min

My everything on the front of my thighs started hating me around rep 30 the first round of GHDs, and the relationship didn´t improve as time went on. Afterwards I had to take a stroll for about 30 min to get my shit together.

Joel Krigström said...

Part 1 with Concept 2 Rowing instead.
Time:24:55 min

Part 2 with DB Thrusters 2x9kg & BROKEN DU.
Time: 10:55

All Thrusters unbroken :)
DU Broken - Not there yet, my PB is 52.

bso said...

Part 2 ONLY: 9:28 rx'd

good to be back.

Gord said...

Part 1 31:42
hand ripped up pretty good

Angelo Fosco said...

Part 1 (subbed cals on rower):


Kte def. The limiting factor. Time constraints so part 2 after 1 hr rest.

PTS said...

part 1: 17:16
part 2: 8:18 w/o DU's.

still holding off on doing anything that aggravates the heel so no DU's today.

Steve Howell said...


Spider said...

Part one only:


I've been on a lag for the past couple weeks and am now caught up... abs are sore from L sits, GHD, and K2E. Good to be back

Sean LeFloch said...

Part 1:

Done on airdyne with RPM meter. I did a rough calculation comparing 20sec row sprint in cals to 20 sec sprint in rpm. Row: 12 cal Airdyne: 17rpm

50cal=71 rpm
40cal=58 rpm
30cal=45 rpm
20cal=31 rpm
10cal=15 rpm

Definitely think I can the intended stimulus, best I could do on the golden eagle. This was a tough workout. Gonna be a quick 2 hours!

joey warren said...

reversed order of wod- little time today

total= 25:48

part2: 8:29
15 min rest
part1: subbed cal on concept 2 - 17:19
knees to elbows tough

Angelo Fosco said...

Part 2:


Proud to say not 1 missed rep in part 2! Legs are toast.

Total: 29:55

Bear said...

Part 2 after 4 hours rest

Unbrokenish Thrusters 2x9.5 kg
Unbroken double unders
Time: 35:44 min

Total of today: 53:34 min

Got the first set of thrusters unbroken after a funny struggle (se video). Then I had serious trouble getting 50 ub dus. Failed a bunch at ca 10-15 and 2 times at 49! Come on! On 40 ub I was done and after 2 fails I had to break up the thruster sets in two but DUs where no problem after that. I got my ass kicked today.

Chris Dunkin said...
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Chris Dunkin said...
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Chris Dunkin said...


Using Airdyne: lots of foam rolling, and active release on knee has made it possible again.
Screwed up Part2; didn't do du's unbroken- due to poor memory. Part 1 was 17:32, and F'd up version of part 2 was 7:42.

DeeJay said...

Whats up big dawgs! Have not posted in a while. Took 2 weeks off after USAW/CrossFit event, thought I would cherry pick part 2 today.

9:09 as Rx

Going on a 6 week oly lifting cycle, then provincial weightlifting meet... after that work on my running until the new year, then back on big dawgs to get ready a run at the 2011 games...

Miss training with the big dawgs! good luck to everyone with their training! said...

Subbed in rower for Airdyne.

Sean LeFloch said...

Part 2: 9:04
Everything unbroken. Man are my shoulders BURNT!!!!

Part 1 (on airdyne): 12:48

Total Time: 21:52

Good days work. Think I deserve a little gelato tonight!

Curt M said...


total 24:04

donewith about 10min rest between.

Welcome back and congats on the finish deejay

Fraser O said...

Part 1 = 19m30s subbed rower instead

2 hrs rest

Part 2 = 10m49, very broken

Total = 30m19s

Jay said...

Part 1 subbed on rower
Part 2
total 33:31

Brian Maier said...

Joey....sorry we weren't able to connect this morning.

Thanks to Tim Hill at Crossfit San Ramon for letting us use his gym.

Limited on time so had to do workouts back to back.

Part 1: 18:24
subbed rower for airdyne
k2e's were rough

15 min rest

Part 2: 9:33
round of 40 wall balls was the toughest. legs were shot. would have liked more rest between workouts.

Heavy Evy said...

Part 1 row cals: 24:18

Part 2 : 12:01

Score: 36:19

K2E were slooww, need to learn how to do them better. Happy with the rows. Part 2 went well, no breaks/trip ups which was good, but probaly rested to long in between sets.

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

Part 1:

subbed calories on concept 2


Arjuna @CFN said...

Part 1

Part 2

Total: 30:43

Drew said...

Part 1: no airdyne and rower was broken so subbed in burpees for cals. All burpees done touching object 12" over reach.

rest 20 min

part 2: subbed kb thrusters 20#x2
everything unbroken, only missed 1 du on rep 5 of the round of 30

total = 33:43

Rory Hanlin said...

Hey dawgs,

Update of the days wods down here in the south GA throwdown.

Short trail run in the am
Quick metcon sdlhp, kbs, bj in late am
12 min amrap snatches, burpees, air squats suckfest

I'm second going into day 2

Looking forward to a max ground to overhead
100m prowler push
and 5rft row, pu, wb.

Signing off til tomorrow

Jonathan Thom said...

Part 1 - 21:54
Part 2 - 15:05
Total time - 36:59

Subbed C2 cals on part 1. Not totally satisfied with my effort on this one.

MUCH happier with part 2. I honestly had my doubts about being able to do 50 wall ball shots in a row. A training partner convinced me that I could though, and he was right. Once that happened, there was no way I wasn't finishing the workout as written.

Kudos to everyone doing these wods today! Thanks again for the programming, James.

Chris Castillo said...

Part 1-19:51
Part 2-9:40

total: 29:31

Missed reps can suck my ass! Such a mind fuck when you miss on rep 30. "nobodies looking, I can just keep going" I can't!

Knees to elbows made part 1 a grinder.

I'll be competing in a firefighter combat challenge in florida next Saturday and I haven't ran the course once this year. Curious to see how I'll do just training with you guys.

Rainer Hartmann said...

Part 1 only:
24:12, KTE's were rough!

Danny Davis said...

Part 1.

Subbed Row 21:03

Part 2.

16:48 Tripped up a few on the first couple rounds. Paitence and Posture got me through the rest without throwing myself over the side of the building.

Total: 37:51

Arjuna @CFN said...

@ Castillo

I did the combat challenge for a year before I started crossfit. You shld smoke it brother! Make sure you take 2 stairs at a time on the tower and get in front of the kaiser sled when hitting the beam. All out! Get that dummy up nice and high so you can run faster. It also always helped me if I wore some compression pants under gear to help friction while going up stairs. Let us know hw you do!

Chris Castillo said...

For sure!

Steve Howell said...


18:44 (subbed cals on C2)

15 minutes rest


8:34 rx

Steve Howell said...

total time = 27:18

Scott Hoadley said...

Part 2

50 WB UB
40 WB Broken
30 WB Broken
20 WB UB
10 WB UB

All DU broken. Not my strongest exercise. Working on it.


Brent Maier said...


Nasty cold the last 3 days but managed to hit the gym a bit. Head feels better but still full of goo.

Yesterday: 45m heavy oly work
A: 225# + 40m hill sprints x5
Shut it down.

Part II: 8:39 - wb easy, du's gave me some trouble on set 50 and 20.
Part I: later

Michael McCabe said...

did a class at crossfit zone this morning, so just did part 2:

20# db thrusters 50/20+20/23+7/20/10
double unders ub throughout


joey and steve howell, sub-9 is unreal! steve i recall you crushing the wallballs beside me at regionals back in may so i'm not surprised. are you competing at the taranis winter challenge in victoria?

jordan said...

Part A:

rest 1 hour 20 min

Part B:

Anonymous said...

Part 1

Airdyne = 21:45

2hrs rest

Part 2
40-brief pause/ball never dropped
30-brief pause/ball never dropped
All d.u's unbroken

Time - 11:50

Total = 32:35

I don't think I was rx'd since I caught ball and stood for a second. As I understand unbroken means everything has to stay in fluid rhythm with no pauses. Even if you do not drop ball and remain at wall...not sure

Mentally broke before I even started part 2 and then led to a physical breakdown. Pissed and ashamed or myself right now.

Jon Sinclair said...

Part 1:

27:03 - row felt alright, but K2E was killing me (rib hurting, kept hitting me head against some pole on the bad machine at the gym, and the stupid kids who kept getting in my way)

Part 2:

Absolutely whipped from long day of work yesterday so only did 50 - 30- 10 rounds
- Wallballs were broken (big weakness) but DU's were UB

All I can say is this was an off day, just had no motivation or energy to get or keep moving.

Dustin said...

Part 2 - 10:54
Rested 45 minutes
Part 1 - 18:48

Total- 29:42

**Legs & shoulders are done - had a great time**

Anthony Skvarka said...

part 1 19.30 sub rower

part 2 13.17 pacing with short breaks paid off...went 100% unbroken

Total = 32.47

Steve Howell said...


Thanks man. Yeah I'll be there how about you!

Stephen B. said...

last monday's wod:

3 sets of PS@115#/airdyne:

all PS UB...used a buddy's airdyne which does not have a working display, so no idea of cals...felt about a 90% effort

3 sets of PP@125#/BBJ:

all PP UB and fast...didn't keep count of bbj, but each broad jump was the length of a 6ft. mat

5 sets of k2e/pu:

Rest 5 min

30 min run @ Z1 as rx'd

Michael McCabe said...

steve, yeah i signed up for it... don't think i can quite keep up with you west coast boys yet but i'll do my best!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Part 1. Subbed exercise bike, set the resistance to a difficult setting. No airdyne and rower monitor still not working. 23:48

Part 2. 17:30 all UB.
WB's need some work, DU's I had some breaks but not to bad.

Total= 41:18

Steve Smith said...

Part 1:


- Sub versa climber for Aerodyne.
- Broken like a mofo.
- Both cals and K2E hurt

Part 2:


- Both double unders and wallballs broke twice. Awful feeling having to start over.

**Bottom line, this was one of maybe two metcons in three months; work capacity currently diminished.

Steve Howell said...


Right on man I'll see you there!

Brandon said...

Part 1:

Part 2:

Total: 41:09

Had a good day with K2E and WB, and figured out my DU problem (finally). Learned a different kip for K2E and made it much better. WB's were a mental test that I had to buckle down for.

Had a kickboxer at a local gym point out something about my hands with DUs that really helped. Now I just have to build the capacity back up. Good to know there is some hope for these.

Jesse J WellRock said...

Part 1
time 16:44

found a good rhythm on the k2e's but they were tough!

rest 20min.

part 2

total time 25:39

Siu said...

Part 1 - done Sunday
Part 2 - done Saturday, all very broken

Total: 57:42

It gets disheartening at times when each part takes longer then the Big Dawgs combined times. I know its not about comparing yourself to others and its about personal improvement. No "buts", I'll just keep training hard. Four months till Sectionals...

Derek said...

Part 1: 28:27 (K to E were difficult)

Part 2: 15:17 (wallballs unbroken, double unders were not due to foot injury as I dropped a 140# barbell on my foot and still not fully recovered so little hard to jump)

Bryan Miller said...

10:49 rx

missed too many DUs

Brian Gregory said...

Results on 10-17 post.

Day late due to deer hunting this weekend.

Robin Lyons said...

1. row/kte 26:07-grip destroyed!

2. WB/DU unbroken 12:52-yah, super stoked I was able to pull this work off!

Sarah Thomas said...

Congrats Alex!!!

Christa said...

Done Sat, prob with internet couldn't post til today.

P1: 25:55

The rower killed me and I was super tired...K2E were all broken.

P2: 15:34

Everything was broken except the last 3 sets of DU and last set of WB.