sat, oct 30, 2010

task 1:
5 rounds within 10 min:
50 unbroken double unders
15 unbroken wall balls - 20/14# to 10ft
(if task 1 was completed, move on to task 2 in EXACTLY 2 hours; if task 1 was not completed, your day is done, rest up for next week)

task 2:
for time within 2 min:
10 BWT (3/4 BWT) OHS unbroken
20 unbroken CTB chin ups
30 GHD sit ups
(if task 2 was completed, move on to task 3 in EXACTLY 2 hours; if task 2 was not completed, your day is done, rest up for next week)

task 3:
for time within 6 min for males/7 min for females:
Run 1 mile
15 push up burpees - jump to 12"
(if task 3 was completed, move on to task 4 in EXACTLY 2 hours; if task 3 was not completed, your day is done; rest up for next week)

task 4:
Dead Lift 1RM within 20 minutes from empty bar - highest load wins

post tasks completed ONLY to comments, please respect this, thanks
rest Sunday, training week outlined ASAP


Soren said...

Task 1: Completed


Gord said...

3 rounds
failed the 4th round of Du 3x (42,40,47)

Kevin said...


task 1 completed

Anonymous said...

Task 1: completed
- 9:23 several breaks on DU's

20min rest
(had to shorten rest no time later today)

Task 2: Failed
- ran out of time got 16 GHD sit ups
OHS did 10 with out dropping but there was some pauses assumed UB meant not dropping.

Pete @ CFN said...

Task 1: DNF

joey warren said...
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joey warren said...

Im at a Crossfit endurance-swimming cert all weekend so wont be able to do wods Rx, but I did part 3 this morning.

part 3: 6:12

* my legs are not in running shape, calves & hammies felt tight/heavy after 1st lap- tried holding a 1:20/400m pace- fell off after 1st lap
mile time = 5:36 - I should be able to run faster- tough challenge though

Jon Sinclair said...

Task 1 completed, pretty tough on whole body

Angelo Fosco said...

Task 1 complete.

Fraser O said...

Task 1 Completed.

Robin Lyons said...


Task 1: Completed Rx'd 7:50

Jon Sinclair said...

Task 2: finished 16 GHD situps (happy to get the OHS done)

Any harm in comtinuing on with the day, even if it wouldn't necessarily count?

Chris Dunkin said...
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Arjuna @CFN said...

Task 1: Complete 8:36
Task 2: Complete @ 185lbs 1:49
Task 3: Fail. 6:22 (mile done at 5:34)

PTS said...

task 1 complete.

Jay said...

Task 1 complete
Failed task 2 on OHS

Angelo Fosco said...

Task 2 complete

Jon Sinclair said...

Task 3: 6:55 (finished run in 6 flat which is PR)

Robin Lyons said...

Task 2: DNF
OHS 117lb
20 UB chins
15 Ghd Sit ups...time ran out

Fraser O said...

Task 2:

Not Completed.

*I finished with 8 reps @ 90kgs at the 2 min mark. The positive I'm taking from this is my max OHS is 95kgs. Big improvement, I finished off the task AFAP.

Michael McCabe said...

task 1 completed

task 2 failed

Anonymous said...

Part 1

Attempt 1- 4 rnds @6:40 + a supervisor who has an inferior complex problem that thought my music was to loud. Kicked my rope during rnd 4 so that I would stop and talk to him. Had throw the supervisor card to prove he still had a dick.

5 minutes later

Attempt 2- pass 9:30

rest 2 hrs

Part 2- fail 27gh situps

*lacked intensity and took ghd's to lightly. Major mental error on my part.

Adam Rogers said...

Task 1 completed in 7:57

Life got in the way of attempting task 2, will try tomorrow or Monday.

Jonathan Thom said...

Task 1 completed.

Angelo Fosco said...

Task 3 failed, finished at 7:15

Task 4 anyways: 425# (20# pr)

Lars said...

Task 1 - Didn't complete, achilles tendon is shot right now and DU's weren't feeling good on it.

I probably would have been able to do it, but would have gotten an incomplete on task 2 anyways.

Worked on Squat snatches, and did a few OHS just for fun.

Steve Howell said...

tasks 1 and 2 completed

unit said...

task 1- completed 6:37
task 2- completed 1:40 (ohs 191)
task 3- completed 5:45 (mile in 5:05)
task 4- completed 455 (felt off, shut down)
10 min rest bw tasks


Brandon said...

Task 1: DNF

Jay said...

OPT, I am competeing next weekend at the mid atlantic hopper challenge at crossfit bwi...wanted your opinion on how to tackle this upcoming weeks training. Was thinking about cutting sets and reps in half for strength work and slightly pulling the intensity back on everything except recovery work...any thoughts?

Lauren said...

task one completed - 7:45

Rory Hanlin said...

Task 1: complete (5:57)
Task 2: complete (2:00)
Task 3: Fail (run 5:58, total 6:47)

Pacing on the run was too slow, could have definitely been faster.

Did some deadlift and bench press heavy triples because I like lifting heavy weights.

Steve Howell said...

tasks 3 and 4 completed

task 1- 5:45
task 2- 1:59
task 3 - 5:58
task 4 - 465

Steve Howell said...

OSH @ 185

Stahl said...

Had to miss b/c I was hosting the finals of the Weekend Warrior Series - very fun, very tiring. Will be happy to get back on the regular weekend schedule and get these tests in. Would love to try this one.

After hosting, I have a ton more respect and empathy for the folks who host these events. Wow - lots of work!

jordan said...

Task 1 & 2 completed
Failed task 3

Joel B. said...

Yesterday's Part 1 early AM before work...did 3 sets of 5 for A1 and A2. oops.

A1: 145, 155, 165 plus 50#'s chain
A2: 109, 114, 119
B: 170X3X3
C1: ubX3
C2: ubX3
C3: ubX3

Part 2 did not get to on shift yesterday.


Task 1 completed.

Hattie said...

Task 1: DNF - do not have any linked double-unders.

matt said...

TASK 3 6:19 / 7:00 FAILED

dontpanic356 said...

Task 1 and 2 complete. Failed on Task 3....I'm slow.

dontpanic356 said...

Just realized I miss read Task 2. I did 10 unbroken 3/4 BW OHS. Which was the female standard.

Did not perform as RX. Task 2 fail

Dustin said...

Task 1 Complete- 8:32 (paced myself)
Task 2 Complete - 1:55
Task 3 Failed - Mile 6:33. Total - 7:24

Chris Dunkin said...

Task 1 complete.

Martin Altemark said...

Task 1: completed

Martin Altemark said...

Task 2 - failed.

chris in tampa said...

Task 1 completed.
Task 2 failed - 21 GHDSU

Anonymous said...


5 Rounds of:
Hang Power Clean - 3 heavy
rest 0 sec
Row 100 m @ 100% effort
rest 3 min

HPC 105#
Rows - :21.3-:21.1-:20.9-:21.5-:21.3

Anthony Skvarka said...

task 1: 9.41 minutes

task 2:180LB OHS completed all in 1.57 minutes

task 3: 6.57 min. mile

Christa said...

Completed first round in 9:16

didn't continue due to tapering for competition this weekend.

Brian Gregory said...
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