Aer Endurance - Sun May 10th, 2009

Run 1000m @ 80%
rest same time as work time of 1000 m
Run 800m @80%
rest same time as work time of 800 m
Run 600m @ 80%
rest same time as work time of 600 m
Run 400m @ 80%
rest same time as work time of 400 m
Run 600m @ 80%
rest same time as work time of 600 m
Run 800m @ 80%
rest same time as work time of 800 m
Run 1000m @ 80%

post your estimated times of all 6 sets (write them down before you run) and also post your completed times to comments


CDunkin said...

Rory, and Brent (both competing on the 16th, right?) would you remind me of our prescribed schedule for this week? I'm thinking it's Monday/Tuesday off, WOD Wednesday, and then Thursday/friday off.

deejay said...

who wants to go to the foothills track for this one?

Brent Maier said...

CDunkin, I think James plans on helping us peak this week. I'm guessing we'll have a light day Wed and possibly Thursday. Regardless what James has for us, I will be hitting the gym every day this week just to stretch, work DU's and technique.

All the workouts up through the quals last weekend have been pretty tough. I gave it 100% on yesterdays burpee workout and mentally I'm feeling stronger because of it. Physically, I've got to start taming it down though.

PTS said...

My body needed this 80% day for some reason.

1000m 4:00/ 4:06
800m 3:15/ 3:16
600m 2:20/2:21
400m 1:30/ 1:27
600m 2:20/2:20
800m 3:15/ 3:12
1000m 4:00/ 4:09

Hixy said...

Times: estimate//actual
1000m - 4:00//3:57

800m - 3:12//3:03

600m - 2:24//2:18

400m - 1:36//1:27

600m - 2:24//2:18

800m - 3:12//3:09

1000m - 4:00//4:09

rwcorson said...

DJ, what time are you thinking of going?

Trevor Salmon said...

I'll be up around 12:30-1pm for my track wod

deejay said...


Gord said...

I out for this one. Been fighting a cold most of the week.

Rory Hanlin said...

I played 2 hours of squash with a good friend in Washington DC. I felt good all ten games. I got my engine running better from good nutrition yesterday and today.

1000 3:45/4:06
800 3:15/2:53
600 2:30/2:09
400 1:30/1:18

I stopped there, felt that it was enough. I could have done the rest, but I didn't want to empty the tank today. Less than a week until the quals...

Rory Hanlin said...

Estimated times are listed first, actual is second.

The 1k was actually more like 1100 meters...

rwcorson said...

distance - estimated time -actual time
1000m - 3:30- 3:31
800m - 2:40 - 2:42
600m - 1:54 - 2:02
400m - 1:14 - 1:22
600m - 1:58 - 2:11
800m - 2:50 - 3:04
1000m - 3:45 - 3:54
My endurance at this tempo is not there...yet.

Grant said...

Wrote expectations ahead of time but lwft them at home & don't remember. So actuals only.
Ran @ OPT with the deer.
1000 @ 4:08
800 @ 3:18
600 @ 2:22
400 @ 1:30
600 @ 2:22
800 @ 3:22
1000 @ 4:11

Brent Maier said...

Distance - Estimated @ 80% - Actual
1k - 4:30 - 4:05
800 - 3:45 - 3:25
600 - 2:45 - 2:26
400 - 1:50 - 1:36
600 - 2:50 - 2:32
800 - 3:50 - 3:38
1k - 4:45 - 4:26

Ran outside on track. All estimates were what I thought would be 80% and it looks like I exceeded it by quite a bit. I didn't watch the clock during the runs and tried to base it off of what felt like 80%. Paced it out well and energy was high throughout the run.

Hip started to hurt on the last 1k for some reason. Poor warmup perhaps, not sure so I backed off just a bit. 6 days and counting...

CDunkin said...

1k: 3:50/3:48
800: 3:10/3:06
600: 2:15/2:14
400: 1:55/1:28
600: 2:25/2:36
800: 3:25/3:39
1k: 4:10/4:48

most fun I've had in a running wod (usually dread these). Tried my best to stick to 80%, but last 2 runs were more like 70%. Recovery felt great between each run (didn't expect that at all). Didn't have to do this wod alone either, and that helped.

Ryan G. said...

Wow... I suck at running.

1k- 4:53
800m- 3:52
600m- 2:53
400m- 1:56
600m- 2:56
800m- DNF
1k- DNF

- Gym closed at 9:00, ran out of time. Shins are terribly sore.

Michael FitzGerald said...

Decided to run around the raveen (sp?)near my house.
Ran at 80% for the following times, not distance. Estimated how long it would take at 80%..maybe a little over estimate.
2 x 1000 @ 3:45
2 x 800 @ 3:00
2 x 600 @ 2:15
1 x 400 @ 1:30
This was very easy.

Brent Maier said...

The heat is on! The first two rocky mountain regional qualifer workouts have been announced and here they are. I'm pretty sure I was one of the first to register that morning which gives me the advantage of a later start time in the heat lineup. The heats times will be released on Thursday.

Workout # 1
3 rounds for time of:
8 deadlifts, men - 300 lbs / women - 195 lbs
400 meter run

Workout # 2
3 rounds for time of:
10 chest-to-bar pullups
10 front squats, men - 165 lbs / women - 105 lbs
10 burpees

Hixy said...

Those workouts look awesome.

I recently bought some D-vitamin for the days I'm not in the sun. However, it contains soy lecithin derived from soybean oil. Should I return it?

David X said...

Those WODs seem to be right up your alley, Brent! Good luck, can't wait to see how you do!

CDunkin said...

So, after the 15 minutes it takes you to do both of those, do you plan on taking in some sights?

They seem to fit you well. Good luck, and keep me updated on your gym time this week. I plan on going in today and loosening up and doing low weight presses and maybe dl's.

Rob Sifton said...
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Rob Sifton said...


Stay away from soybean anything unless it is fermented. If you want Vit D. get the Vit D3 Drops. They are the easiest without complications.

There are lots of Cod Liver Oils out there Carlson's being one of the best quality (Plus it tastes yummy! Lemon!) you just have to cautious of Vit A, and if the amount is too much. Some Cod Liver oils have very high amounts of Vit A.

David X said...

Soy is definately and no-go--unless you want man titties.

Brent Maier said...

Thanks guys, the cranks have been turning ever since this morning.

The first WOD is similar to the brutal "back at it" workout we did a few days ago. I think my weight was 290 with 5 reps of 8. I've got to get those unbroken and keep a steady aggressive pace through the runs.

The second WOD is similar to "the hills" we did with 20# less weight on the Front Squats however those could be racked. I'm going to have to try and hit all 10 each round in order to save me an extra clean with a 5x2 rep breakup. Broken or unbroken, I'll churn through the burpees and PU's.

In the last two weeks our WODs couldn't have prepared me any better for this event. I just have to stay focused on the task at hand after the 3,2,1 go.

Bernie said...

Great workout!!

Sweeney said...


800/3:24/DNF/Calf Cramp
1000/4:18/DNF/Hobbled home

Todd Dyer said...