Wed, May 20th, 2009

part A:
5 rounds for time;
135#/95# squat clean x 7 reps
21 chin ups

rest 4+ hours

part B:
for reps:
2 min double unders
2 min KBS - 2pd/1.5pd
2 min box jumps - 24"

post time for WOD 1, total reps for WOD 2, rest b/t wod's and fuelling strategies to comments


PTS said...

did the WOD from April 29
3 sets for total reps;
20 sec double unders for reps
40 sec rest
20 sec sit ups for reps
40 sec rest
20 sec KBS - 1.5 pd for reps
40 sec rest

DU's 40/37/9 -many misses in rd 3
SU's 21/22/23
KBS 12/13/12
total 189
rest for 2 days then game day.

David X said...

What do you recommend for those of us competing this weekend?

Brittany said...

16:54 rx'd

deejay said...

14:15 as rx'd - I have 0 work capacity when it comes to body weight movements especially pullups.

Gord said...


bso said...

Playing along again today and Friday.

Part A: 11:09 as rx'd

Ryan G. said...

14:33 - as rx'd

Shoulders are trashed again.

Katrina Burton said...


Opposite of deejay... zero work capacity on the lifts. Squat cleans kill me regardless of the weight. Waaaaay too many breaks in the cleans. Unbroken pullups in round 1, then quickly realized my cleans would suck even more if I kept that up so went to 11-10 in rounds 2,3,4 and back to all 21 in round 5. I've got some work to do!

CDunkin said...

8:42 as rx'd. All squat cleans unbroken, and I did butterfly pull-up's; sets 3,4 and 5 broken. I have a feeling most of you are holding up the chin-breaking-the vertical-plane of the bar, is that right? If that is the OPT standard I'll comply from here on out.

Michael FitzGerald said...

pt 1 - 9:50. All butterfly, arms were cooked.
Finished workout at 9:30 am.
Had a 2 block meal at 6:30 am, felt good.

Steve said...

Part 1 - 13:24
up at 5:30 had a good breakfast, did the WOD at 9:30.
Awesome support today from OPT Crew, thanks guys.

Chad Action Brandt said...

10:47 as RQ'd
Had good game plan, arms so sore they were not good team players!

Post WOD shake;
37g Pro / 40g CHO / 0g Fat
I will eat 1hr later ZONE
5 Block PRO Steak
5 Block CHO Yam & Spinach
10-15 Block Fat cashew/N.Butter

Brent Maier said...

Part 1: 9:35 (58/2:04/1:53/2:20/2:19)

First round was touch and go on the squat cleans. Legs held up on the squats but hands are bloody stumps. Body wasn't quite ready for this one.

Katrina Burton said...

Part 2
Double Unders - 182
KB Swings - 30
Box Jumps 24" - 41
Total - 253

KB Swings were killer. My arms were tired from this morning and I tried to use as much hips as possible to get the weight up there, but it was so stickin heavy.

Michael FitzGerald said...

pt 1 - 9:50. All butterfly, arms were cooked.
Had a 2 block meal at 6:30 am, felt good. Had post WOD shake at 9:30 am - 30 pro/40 carb.
6 block pro, 12 block fat, 4 block at 11 am.

pt 2 - DU's = 175/ KBS = 50/ BJ - 52. Grip and VM's were useless afterwards...quick recovery.
Post WOD shake at 2 pm - 30 pro/20 carb. 2 block pro/carb, 4 block fat at 3:30 pm.

Geoff Aucoin said...

I'm just doing Pt 2 today and I got 254 reps. Frickin' smokered.

Brent, are you sure you worked hard enough last weekend? Go back to bed!

Hixy said...

1 - 3:15 PM:
14:15 as rx'ed

post-wod: 40g prot, 60g carb (below 8% bodyfat). 1 hour later balanced PFC meal.

6 hrs rest

2 - 9:15 PM:
92 DU
40 (1,5 pd KBS)
37 28-30" box
Total: 169

post-wod: 20g prot, 30g carb. 1 hour later balanced PFC meal.

Note on wod 2: Improve DU technique (include in warm up).

Last Thursday my hands tore heavily due to chin ups. Two days later the wounds (partially healed) ruptured again.
I tried to change the grip on chin ups (changed to a better one for me, actually) and I was fine. Today my hands ruptured on 2 spots holding with the new grip, resulting in 4 open wounds. Oh Lord, the pain... tried to stop the bacteria from spreading and also clean the wound by pouring salt in it and hold it there for a couple of minutes. That hurt.

I can definitely feel improvement. It feels great!!

Sweeney said...

1st workout in what seems to be 10 yrs.

Pt 1 - 12:57*
*Power cleans

CDunkin said...

Are we resting between the 2min sets on part B, or straight through?

Grant said...

10:59 @ OPT @ noon. No excuse for not going sub 10. Just need to work harder & push thru. Lots of encouragement today. Thnx Dawgs!

Post; coconut water, hemp protein & Ultima in water, spirulina bar (7g protein). Lunch lentil loaf.

Welcome back Sweeney!

Brent Maier said...

Geoff, I realized it was a dumb idea going into the R2 pullups but I was too hard headed to pull the plug at that point. I think I'm going to try and video qualify this year since I don't have an affiliate team to go with and it's tough to use soreness from last weekend as an excuse to rest.

Post A Fueling: 40/40/0
Post A Meal: Steak/Salad/Greens/NutButter/Naked GreenMachine

Part B: Skipping

Anonymous said...

...Hi James..did part 1 in 17:50...this was a heavy squat clean for that part was slow going...but ground it out...jumping pull fractions

part 2

d/u's 70...kb's jumps (22")..35

Roger C

Todd Dyer said...

Part 1 = 9:28

Steve said...

part 2 - 120 DU's, 31 KBS, 40 BJ's

= 191

bso said...

Part B - 160/28/43

First time with 2 pd KBS. Felt a little out of control.

deejay said...

Part 1 - 14:15 (6am)
Part 2 - DU-120, KBS-45, BJ-54
DU's are getting better, I can string a lot together, it's just slow. (6:45pm)

As for recovery - I worked outside all day cutting down trees and raking dirt. I bring alot of food with me and eat every 2-3 hours balanced zone meals (21 blocks daily) experimenting with 5X fats.... feel pretty good

David X said...

Kept it light tonight, practiced rowing technique and did three rounds without thge clock to focus on form.

Brittany said...

pt 1- 16:54 & 6 beautiful blisters to remember that workout by (6:00am). Improving work capacity in chins will drop that time in the future.

pt 2- 186 DU, 41 KBS, 48 BJ (7:00pm)

Chad Action Brandt said...

Part #1 = 10:47
Part #2
Double Unders = 175
KBS = 49
B0x Jumps = 47
TOTAL = 271

My arms could not do DU's or KBS, they are finished. Box jumps suprized me in a good way!

Grant said...

DUs 104
KBS 39
BJ 34 (Qualifier standard)

CDunkin said...

Part B: 100/53/48.

Brought the kb, jumprope, timer, and videocamera to the park and did part B while my son had soccer practice. Video does not lie. I thought I had done 120+ du's, but upon review it was 100 with plenty of misses. I'll attempt to make my first contribution to YouTube and post the link here.
Wod A at 6am on empty stomach, 6p/5c post wod, 5p/30f/5c 2.5 hrs later, 4p/20f/2c 3.5hrs later, 3p/16f/5c 2hrs later, part B at. 6pm, then 6p/25f/5c and will get in one more meal before bed 4p/20f.

Sweeney said...


I just ordered the Every Second Counts video, so unless you are determined to own your own copy, I will have it for you to borrow.

I may even have an open house as soon as I get it.

I'll have to pass that one by the boss though.

unit said...

A: subbed 185lb squat clean in the first wod...

15min rest

B: 125 / 30 / 70
~ 225

10min rest

C: 4 rounds of 400m run / 50 squats
~ 9:56

ate breakfast, then didnt get a chance to eat today prior to w/o other than a bar that i had available... it was busy today on the trauma service... which typically happens when it gets warm out and people decide it's a good idea to shoot each other... or start bringing out their motorcycles and getting tagged by cars.... argh... post wod: 70p/5f/35c...
think i bit off more than i could chew upping the squat clean to 185... did 1st set straight, sets 2/3 broken to 2 and sets 4/5 broken to 3... all pullups partitioned into 2 sets...


Geoff Aucoin said...


Kathleen said...

Part A: 15:08

Part B: 174
DU 121
KBS 21
BJ 32

Lauren said...

Part A- DNF due to shoulder....

Part B-
DU- 160
KBS (50# DB)- 41
BJ- 36

Todd Dyer said...

round 2
du'2=130 lots of misses
box jumps=40 very slow
total= 213