Fri. May 22nd, 2009 - gymnastics day double

part A:
for time;
5 rope ascents
20 GHD sit ups
4 rope ascents
20 GHD sit ups
3 rope ascents
20 GHD sit ups
2 rope ascents
20 GHD sit ups
1 rope ascent
20 GHD sit ups

rest 4+ hours

part B:
5 rounds for time;
7 muscle ups
21 push up burpees

combine total time for part A and B as score for day
13' rope ascent from ass, feet allowed
perform 7 strict towel chin ups/ascent if no rope
arms at full extension at bottom and top of muscle ups
chest to deck and jump to touch object 12" above max reach for burpees

good luck to all those participating this weekend, rock it!


Katrina Burton said...

I can go to my gymnastics club so I can do rope climb but no GHD (I may be able to jimmy rig something together) OR I can go to CrossFit and use GDH and no rope... which is better to do?

bso said...

Part A: 24:48 with strict towel chin-ups

Biceps are pumped... should head out to the club or something.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Katrina, which exercise needs more work?

Everyone, lookie lookie...

Gord said...


same issue with GHD situps. I was able to do the first round and the next 10 of the second round with full range...then the stabbing in my lower back started so I only went to slightly below parallel for the rest of the reps for the rest of the rounds.

good news is I got a lot further with the full range GHD's this time than normal.

Chad Action Brandt said...

Brent that video is up on my Action Conditioning blog spot.

OPT said...

kat, do the rope climbs...jimmy rig something sweet for the ghd's

Hixy said...

Hmm I'm having some computer troubles... hopefully this isn't a double post.

I'm about to do part B of today... did yesterdays strength wod and today's part A an hour ago.

I haven't got the strength today to do 5 rounds of 7 muscle ups. any idea for substitute(s) that doesn't include 3:1 chin ups? I've done chin ups in 2 out of 4 wods in 2 days, so I was thinking of avoiding those.

what about:
5 rounds for time;
10 ring dips
21 push up burpees
50 back extensions

Ryan G. said...

Just leaving work after a 49 hour shift and heading directly to Red Deer for my sisters graduation. Was thinking I'll do 150 Burbee for time between the cerimony and supper. We'll see how it goes.

bso said...

Part B - I've wanted to try this one for awhile
17:27 Rx'd

Total for day : 42:15

Geoff Aucoin said...

Today I did the Southwest Regionals "9 of Spades" WOD to work on high power output and box jumps.

Box Jumps 24"
KB Swing 1.5 pd
SDLHP 95lb

Good for maybe 11th place for the WOD at the qualifiers. Hi-Pulls got tough, jumps were pretty good.

Todd Dyer said...

Part A done at opt
Time 13:46

Grant said...

@OPT @ noon after Mike & Steve
felt slow on GHDs

Steve said...

- 22:51
GHD's need more work

Hixy said...

Gym closed yesterday. Did yesterday's workout as well today.

A. PS/SB/OHS: 40 kg (89#), 50 kg (111#), 50 kg
B. DL 55 % of 1RM (estimated 130 kg): 72,5 kg (161#)(round up due to weight plates) - felt light even in 8th set.
C. Press: 42,5 kg (95#)

rest 15 min

Part A: 17:50
strict towel chin-ups

rest 4:30 hrs

Altered "Ryan":
5 rounds for time:
10 ring dips
21 push up burpees

time: 13:10

No more strength for muscle-ups (or more chin-ups for that matter), thus substituted ring dips. Ring dips singles by 2nd round.

Good luck to participants this weekend!

Katrina Burton said...

Part 1 - 9:36
Rope climbs... man these were harder with my shoes on. Still used to climbing the rope in bare feet. Created a home made GHD for the situps, which worked well... the only down fall was that I couldn't activiate my legs so they were pretty slow and strict.

Part 2 - 15:08
That sucked! My shoulders are done! After the 7 muscle ups I was glad to get onto the burpees... then a couple in I wish I was on muscle ups again.

CDunkin said...

41:55 total. Weaknesses exposed.

A:10:40 as rx'd

Felt like I was pacing part A in anticipation of part B. Did an extra rope climb on round two. Made a video but have to wait till I get home and modify it on the mac in order to upload to youtube.
all muscle-up's done one at a time strict form, and all burpees jumps to tape mark on the wall. Painfully slow, but first time doing 45 mu's in a day. After the qualifier I am determined to stress form criteria.

Brent Maier said...

I was short on time today, heading out of here on vacation. Grouped the two into one workout as follows:

Part 2: 16:50 (1:42/3:10/3:57/4:14/3:47)
10 Min Rest
Part 1: 5:09 (100 GHD situps for time)

This was my first Ryan, so I'm not sure how that performance was. I felt like I pushed the MU's as fast as I could in order to hit complete singles. PUB's were consistent.

Nice job Action! Us tall guys have to move that weight a long way. I've got all 3 of my qualifer workouts uploading now. I'll update everyone when they are complete.

unit said...

Ryan G: 49 hours!... holy hell man!... what is it that u do?


Tania said...

Part A: 20:24 No ropes to climb so did towel pull-ups, I think rope climbs would have been way faster, especially if feet allowed.

Part B: 27:12 The muscle-ups were way harder than the last time I did them in a workout. The pulls were fairly easy, but it was a struggle to get to full extension at the top.

Total: 47:36

Geoff Aucoin said...

Did a CFC Affiliate Team WOD today; 720 squats for time (3 sets of 40 consecutive each, 1 member goes at a time) and, unfortunately, I forget our time. Somewhere in the 11 min mark?

Part II after 7 min rest was 4 of us did 30 rounds for time of;

1 MU (Laura)
1 315lb DL (Rob)
3 CTB Pull-Ups (Michelle)
3 HSPU (Me)
No one could move until the person before you finished their rep(s) completely. Time was 11:11, we rocked it good! The 2 extra members did a different WC-syle WOD.

Good job today, team!

Grant said...

Part deux @ OPT after Mike & DJ
1st 7 MUs straight (PB -goal is 10 straight). PUBs got easier with every rnd
10:47 + 19:29 = 30:16

Kathleen said...

OPT @ 8:30AM
Part A; 18:35
3 of 5 rope climbs from butt. Remainder from standing. Difficulty setting rope in feet

OPT @ 7:30PM
Part B; 18:20
modified MUs using weight bench as per XFit video & rings from high fat bar. Jumped to 2nd knuckle of low fat bar

PTS said...

Garage crossfit or anyone else competeting this weekend that wants a heads up on the first WOD, find me after heat 4, the first mens heat. I'll be more than willing to share my thoughts on the WOD and how I think to best go about it. I'll be number 233.

deejay said...

Both of these WOD's killed me
part A - 26:23 (6:00am)
Part B - 21:20 (6:00pm)
Total - 47:47 (bruuuuuutal)
good news is that shoulder is feeling much better!

Steve said...

part b - 23:06

rwcorson said...

Josh & PTS, Good luck boys. Give it everything you've got!
Geoff, the time for the 1st WOD was 10:47.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Kick ass this weekend, fellas!

Brent you've got some good videos on the YouTube. Very nice!

CDunkin said...

Ok, here is my version of part A from today:

Be gentle. Had to cut out some of the GHD to get it to upload.

CDunkin said...

Good luck NE Dawg's.

Garage Crossfitter said...

PTS- I am number 157, last heat for both events...wod 1 starts around 1:40, then 6:00. Good luck PTS- put on your gameface.

Chad Action Brandt said...

5 Rounds for time
800m run
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups
TIME = 16:13

Did this wod instead of posted. Last time I did rope climbs I could not move my right shoulder for a month. Scared of the rope-a-dope!

4 hours of Rest in between WOD's

5 Rounds for time
7 Muscle-ups
21 Push-up Burpees
TIME = 14:48

Sweeney said...

Part A: 12:22

Ropes were fast; GHD's were slow

Michael FitzGerald said...

pt1 - 15:52
pt2 - 18:45
total = 34:37

Lauren said...

had to sub so many things due to lack of equipment and my shoulder.

then it turned out to be more of a strength/technique day, then gymnastics day.

subbed dead hang from towel chins 3 for 1 rope climbs. (couldn't get the dead hang ascends down)
and 40 sit ups for the GHD

jumping ring dips for muscles up.

wasn't super on my game this day.