back at it...

me in the background screaming at one of my heros of the weekend...i'm not sure if i know of any others that are as committed to excellence...and this is why we love ACTION!

5 sets:
1.5 X BWT Dead Lift x 8 touch and go reps; 0 sec rest
75% BWT Power Clean x 8 touch and go reps; 0 sec rest
1.5 pd KBS x 15 continuous reps; 120 sec rest
5 min rest after all sets
3 rounds for time;
15 ring dips
12 pistols
9 L Ups

post BWT, loads used and time for met con to comments
biceps to rings on dips, ass to grass on pistols, legs straight on start and finish on all L Ups

post wod fuel - male:
above 12% - 30g prot/20g carb
8-12% - 30g prot/30g carb
below 8% - 30g prot/40g carb

post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 25 g prot/15 g carb
12-14% - 25 g prot/25 g carb
below 12% - 25 g prot/35 g carb

eat a balanced PFC meal 60 min after post wod fuel for everyone


Geoff Aucoin said...

Okay Coach, there's no way I'm working out. I know I could, but I'd rather stick needles in my eyes.

Please tell the Wild Stallions (or any of the OPT Dawgs, for that matter) that if they do this WOD they didn't work hard enough last weekend!

Katrina Burton said...

Pistols... 12 each leg or 6 on each to make 12?

deejay said...

really, should we not do this?

Rob Sifton said...

I know personally there is no chance I will be hitting any for another 4-5 days. CNS is messed up royally. great time for some good reading though!

Gummo said...

I take it we do the dead lifts, cleans and kbs in order? Icant wait to get back at it!

PTS said...

have only 1 barbell so was switching the weights btw lifts
this portion of workout went well. pc's felt great

metcon- 6:50
this portion not so great. pistols are very weak and took up momst of time.

OPT said...

kat, that is the total pistols per round
gummo, they are all in order back to back, then rest
DJ, yes, you should NOT do well as others that competed this weekend, your "attitude and willingness" may make you want to come back...but believe me, your brain needs it...DO NOT touch weights unless they feel light
Rob S, speaking of good reading...add another one to the list with Michael Pollan's IN Defense of FOod, just started it last night, it's yummy!!!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Great book. Omnivore's Dilemma is even better. I don't care if I spelled it right, I'm tired.

Mark R. said...

Great stuff. I just wanted to clarify from a previous days post. You said that the PWO meal should NOT be counted with one's total blocks for the day? So basically I would do the typical .7 activity multiplier to get my block Rx and then just add on top the PWO fuel as posted? Also, I think fat is minimized in PWO meals so I should be going for egg whites as opposed to whole eggs right?
This approach makes sense as when I've done strict Zone before, it doesn't take long before I'm exhausted after just doing a warm-up. Thanks for any advice.

Rob Sifton said...

Another 2 books to add to the very extensive list, thanks gents!
Just finishing "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell of "The Tipping point". Amazing writer and read.

CDunkin said...

bwt: 215
dl's 325 for 3sets, then dropped to 275 due to lower back tightness
pc's 165

metcon: 5:48

post wod fuel: salmon/sweet potato

totally spent. didn't see it coming. rest day tomorrow, right? I hope everyone is cool with me tagging along here before the may 16th qualifier.

Katrina Burton said...

Scaled it down a bit...

BWT = 112#

3 sets of the DL, PC, KB combo. Used 155# for DL, 90# for PC, 1pd for KB.

3 Rounds:
15 Ring Dips
12 Pistols
9 L-Pullups

rwcorson said...

CDunkin-everyone's welcome. Put everything you have into the WODs & you'll see results.

rwcorson said...

Rob S.
Outliers is a good read also.

Brent Maier said...

No resting for me, my quals are 10 days away! Seeing todays WOD is like waking up Xmas morning and seeing packages from pain under the tree. Oh Boy!

Hixy said...

5 rounds of hooooly crap my back.
BWT 140.
I have to tilt my torso backwards in order to keep balance, my lower back is that hurt.

3 rounds of metcon, 12:40. Muscular fatigue at the ring dips destroyed me. Was running out of gas.

Awesome workouts, though!

By the way, nice post yesterday, James. Nice post indeed.

Grant said...

Loved both of Michael Pollan's books. Reading Naomi Klein now; The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism (NY Times 2007 bestseller). Anti-establishment thinking just like XFit. Talks about how many big gov't policy changes (usually unpopular) around the world get pushed thru in times of shock from disasters (real or created). Talks a lot about Milton Friedman and the Chicago School of Economics (has more of an impact in your life than you probably realize). She is the new Noam Chomsky.

Any of the Jon Krakauer books are time well wasted. Favourite author.
Into The Wild (Alaska)
Into Thin Air (Everest)
Under the Banner of Heaven (Fundamentalist Mormons)

Gummo said...

I read under the Banner of Heaven and never realized he also wrote Into the Wild, which I think has become the new "On the Road." Nice info!

Alvaro said...

My lower back suffered this past weekend. Should I ignore it? or avoid DL for a while?

Rob Sifton said...

Thanks Rob C.

Added to the very extensive list.

Scott Schactler said...

For the nutrition amounts ie 40g protein/40g carbs. is this the weight on the scale(40g chicken breast) or nutritional content weight (so 40g protein would be around 5.5 zone blocks)

Rory Hanlin said...

Deadlift: 335lbs
Power Clean: 175

Couldn't maintain touch and go on set 4+5. That was challenging as hell.

Metcon: 4:58

Gord said...

Mind, body and soul need a little more time. I am exhausted. See you all real soon

OPT said...

those that are training again after this comp...PLEASE take heed, your brain thinks its fun right now...right now....

scott - that is 40 g protein any way you want it, everyone absorbs things differently..its a guide based on my experience

alvaro - i do not want to see you post for one week

hixy - got your pics and mail, will get to them when i land

cdunkin - of course you are welcome...and i'll answer your questions about the way the quals were set up another time...side note, the top 3 men were the argumet on the scaling for guys for running is very arguable seeing one of the top 3 won the 1K in 2:56

mark r - the PWO meal should not count into daily blocks...this is ONLY based on the design I am doing where a number of energy systems are taxed...and the meal right after is based on this and a number of factors...BF% included...hope that helps...let me know how you progress

Mark R. said...

Thanks OPT. I am taking a break from training to study for a test but come June 7 I will be following your programming while eating Zone/Paleo (0.7 activity factor) plus your PWO meal. I will keep you updated. I'm excited to get going. Thanks again.

CDunkin said...

I appreciate it, James.

Thanks rob, I'll do it.

Rory, what's your bwt?

Geoff Aucoin said...

Nice lockout, Chad!

Grant, that's some heavy reading. I started the Shock Doctrine (after reading No Logo) but I had to get it back to the library. Klein is a great author, and she's a Canuk!

Steve said...

I am literally having butt cramps.
- Deadlifts at 285 unbroken
- Cleans at 145 4+4 for every round
- Kettle Bells all the way through

Dips, Pistols, and L Pull Ups in 9:56, dips felt good today, pistols felt easy, L pulls were really hard, lots of 1's in round 2 and 3.

Steve said...

weight 190

rwcorson said...

Katrina, James is talking to you.

Katrina Burton said...

Thanks Rob... got the message a little late. I'm an early riser!

Took it slow and light anyways.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Hahahahahaa, Rob is becoming the the wise old Big Dawg. Listen to the man, Katrina!

Anonymous said...

weighed 178
DL 270
clean 136

straight through on deads
first two rounds were awesome then my grip hit the wall...

had to make some subs on the metcon.

15 clap push-ups(sh. is messed)
30 bw squats(mobility/pissed)
9 l pull-ups


David said...

I'm panicing a little bit here..

I cut the shit out of my finger this morning making breakfast and I tried the WOD tonight. I warmed up but I couldn't stand the pressure from the DL and a hook grip on the PC's brought me to tears. I ended up calling it quits after I reopened it and started bleeded like a stuck pig.

Any homemade remedys to get this puppy healed up pronto? I'd love any and all feedback on this issue.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Ibuprofen, athletic tape and crazy glue?

My word is 'endskin.' That's just weird.

Rory Hanlin said...


BWT: 228

If you are wondering why the weights are a bit wrong, I don't have micro weights in my garage gym yet so I am stuck trying to get as close to the percentages as possible.

Brent Maier said...

BW: 194
DL: 132kg (290#)
PC: 66kg (145#)

MetCon: 7:41 (1:29/2:53/3:18)

Wow wod#1 caught me way off guard. First 3 rounds unbroken. Last 2 were brutally painful and broken. Lower back was stressed to the absolute max tonight.

Wod#2: Pistols never presented a problem. L-pullups and dips were the kickers.

Todd Dyer said...

I know I shouldn't be doing this but I only did half
DL 255lb
pclean 127.5lbs
bwt. 170 lbs
tough but doable wod. Must not of gone hard enough on the weekend and I need some deadlift work.
Will do the other half tomorrow, still have a hard time with pistols on my right knee.

Todd Dyer said...

pistol work out
time= 8:55
right knee has a tough time with pistols