Sat. May 30th, 2009 triple

part 1:
"filthy fifties"
for time:
50 box jumps - 24"
50 jumping chin ups
50 KBS - 1pd
50 walking lunges
50 knees to elbows
50 push press - 45#
50 back extensions
50 wall balls - 20# to 10ft
50 burpees
50 double unders

part 2:
for time;
95#/65# overhead anyway x 50 reps

part 3:
for times;
Run 800 m @ 80%
rest 6 min
Run 800 m @ 90%
rest 6 min
Run 800 m @ 100%

total your filthy fifties, 95#/65# overhead and 100% 800 m run effort together as total time
(i.e. 17:30 + 4:30 + 2:30 = 24:30 total time as score)
post total time to comments
post fuelling strategies as well
rest well saturday night, next 3 are low intensity, low volume
6pm screening Sat night for "Every Second Counts"....paleo style...@ OPT


Katrina Burton said...

Hitting up the Last Chance Qualifier tomorrow. Hope everyone has fun watching ESC. My copy is set to arrive on Monday... can't wait. Thanks again for the awesome programming James! I feel mentally ready for what ever comes my way tomorrow/

Michael FitzGerald said...

I will be hating my life on Sunday, as opposed to Saturday.
I have been awaiting the opportunity to hit the filthy fifties again.. as sick as that may sound.

Gord said...

21:54 (PB)

glad to get a PB, but a week of moving and eating not enough definetly caught up as I had no will to compete in the last 3 exercises


Chad Action Brandt said...

Part #1
Filthy Fifties:
old time: 22:56
New Time: (PB) 19:45 SWEET.
I was on a super fast pace, but really slowed at WBS and Burpees. Hit my goal of sub 20min so I am friggen pumped!

Katrina's first WOD was a 5:10
She pushed really hard, had only two fractions on 2rd DU's and I had to make her re-do one deadlift for dropping bar from the top.
A great start for her.

Sweeney said...


Great work. That looks like a real good time compared to those who did that WOD at the qualifiers.

Stay strong and keep pushing.

I'm packing today (never thought I'd be grateful to be packing), so I will not be participating in the Triwod.

See y'all at 6pm.

unit said...

Nice work kat!... Best of luck 2 u...

Wod 1 was a doosie... My du's were very fractioned in rounds 2 and 3...


Next up... Jackie...


PTS said...

will be tackling the triple tomorrow. out of town for the day.

CDunkin said...

Just can't chill. So much inspiration/energy on this site.

Wod 1: DL/DU 4:11

Wod 2: 10,9,8,7,.....etc. 13:28

Jackie coming up.

DU's were terrible. Round 1 unbroken, rd. 2 two stops, and round three was a train wreck. Unlucky choosing to do all the shoulder work yesterday. Wod 2 was two hrs after wod 1. Gotta fit the third in before my sons soccer game at 3pm.

How's it going, James?

Brent Maier said...

Part 1 (Fabulous Fifties): 26:28

Within 30 seconds of my last PR. Didn't have a glute ham machine so rigged a tie strap across the bed of my truck and did BE's off the tailgate. Glutes were cramping and manhood shrunk a few sizes. Not ideal and cost me some time. Felt a pull in the arm on GHD's on rep 28 but pushed through it. No damage done that won't heal in a day. With a GHD, this would have been a sub 25 performance today!

Just before my workout, I received "Every Second Counts" in the mail. Since I couldn't be there to watch it with the big dawgs, I'm going to have a party of my own this evening!

Brent Maier said...

K2E's, not GHD's...

Katrina Burton said...

Just finished the 10-9-8-etc of power clean, pullup, KB swing. That was the hardest workout I have ever done (close behind the Jackie from qualifiers). Tore up my hands REALLY bad in the round of 8s. Blood dripping down my fingers pretty disgusting. I'll get Chad to post the picture on one of our blogs.
WOD #1 - 5:10
WOD #3 - 22:something

WOD#2 to come after my pictures for work... planning for 7:30pm

Hixy said...

Congrats on the PBs Gord and Chad. Those times are frigging fast.

Nice times on both WODs, CD - most couldn't finish in the allotted time, afaik.

My times for today (not qualifiers):
Filthy fifty: 28:54
50x 95# overhead: 7:21
800m 100% run: 2:55

Total: 39:14

Note to self: Push from the beginning on short runs like that, could've cut 10s+ off the time.

Good luck to everybody trying to qualify!

Hixy said...

Oh, and have fun @ OPT.

Chad Action Brandt said...

Part #2
95# Overhead any way 50 reps
TIME: 3:55
Exercises I chose by most reps
Power Snatch
Push Press
Push Jerk

(P1&P2 times: 19:45+3:55=23:40)

I am pumped about this time because overhead work is a killer for me!

As for post wod fuel:
Part #1
2 scoops Protein 27g
2 Scoops Recoverite 10g pro/33g CHO
1 cup some sweet watermelon

1hr later:
1 Spulumbos Chicken Apple Sausage
2 cups spinach raw
1 cup grapes
3 small handfuls cashews
2 tbs nut butter

Katrina just finished her second WOD: she chose to do:
10-9-8-7....rep rds for time
TIME: 22:15 @ 105#
She was a bloody mess, tore early on and faught through the pain. 105# for a girl who ways 112# is friggen killer! I am very proud of my girl!! Way to go sugar!!! One more to go.
If any of you have a good way to compress video files to be sent, please let us know. thanks

rwcorson said...

FGB done @ CF Saskatoon. 331. Everything felt good in the 1st rd, then the legs ceased on BJs in rd.
Affects of cold? Cottonmouth again, gagged a couple times in the 3nd rd.
Wanted a P R, gave it everthing. But just not there today.
Thanks Chad & Ian for a great time.

Lauren said...

just finished part 2

FF- 21:30- struggles on the K2E and burpees....

65# ground to OH- 3:10
started with snatch, then moved on to clean and PP. Could have paced it a bit better i think.

Keep up the good work Kat!! one more.... you can do this!!!

unit said...

Choked on jackie...


Gd luck w/ it CDunkin, KAT and whomever else is choosing 2 do this!... Nice work so far y'all!...


Mack said...

No 50's. Did hang clean pulls. Sets of 3, worked up to 350lbs

50 reps O/H w/95lbs: 2:39

No runs

unit said...

Today wasn't my day... But it was a lot of flippin fun!...

Wod 3 : 15:01

Total ~ 25:52


Todd Dyer said...

part 1 time = 24:46
part 2. time = 7:45
part 3. time 2:30
total time = 35:01

deejay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lauren said...

part 3- 3:00

total: 27:40

have fun at OPT tonight everyone!! wish I could come view too!!

unit said...


wanted to say thanks. sent u an email... it's
just so you know it's not spam...


Brent Maier said...


Part 1 (Fabulous Fifties): 26:28
Part 2 (4750# from ground to overhead w/95#): 4:08

Part 2 Notes: Things got ugly towards the end. 95% of this was touch and go. Tried clean/jerks, lost the speed so went back to snatches. Kept changing grips on the snatch hoping one would make it easier, nothing worked. Whew!

David X said...

way to go Kat. I did that workout last Sunday at the qualifiers and my hands still aren't right!

General question about nutrition. What are people doing? I'm eating a paleo friendly zone with 18p/12c/45f and while my performance has been good, Im still a little doughy around the middle. Should I curtail the fats a bit? Any input would help! Thanks.

Brent Maier said...


Part 1 (Fabulous Fifties): 26:28
<5 hour rest>
Part 2 (4750# from ground to overhead w/95#): 4:08
<10 min rest>
Part 3 (800m @ 100%): 2:43
Total Time: 33:19

Part 3 Notes: Run went well as poor as a runner as I am. This year I am going to focus on learning POSE. I need to learn fuel on the street before next years qualifers.

I somewhat regret not taking a shot at the last chance today. Wife worked today and I had the kids all day, fitting it in at 100% effort wasn't going to happen. Training for tomorrow, another day down! Great job today everyone whether you were qualifying or not. The movie starts tonight at 9:00pm. Woohoo

Post Fuel:

1hr Post Meal:
Steak off the grill
Sweet potato
2tbs Nut Butter
1c Applesauce
guacamole & chips!

CDunkin said...

Jackie: 7.07.

Ryan G. said...

First days W0D at the Cert. was a fran'ish group wod.

400m run
250 95# Thrusters
250 chins
400m run

Team was 5 guys of verious levels of experience.

Rules were.
- Everyone finished run befor thrusters start.
- once bar is lifted for thrusters it can not touch ground untill the entire 250 reps have been completed. ( Basicly two guys held the bar for the switch ) IF bar touches ground add 20 reps.
- one person on the bar at any time.
- Time stops when all team members finish run.

Time- 23:52 ( 20 extra reps of thrusters ) 2nd place as rx'd.

Awesome experience.

Chad Action Brandt said...

Part #3
100% Sprint 800m = 2:41.80

Filthy Fifties 19:45
95# anyway Overhead 3:55
100% 800m Sprint 2:41.80
TOTAL TIME: 26:21.80

Katrina got an 11:11 Jackie. I had to tape her broken hands all up, but she attacked it hard and made it through. Great job sugar!!

Have fun at the OPT movie night everyone.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Hard luck, unit, at least you gave it a try!

Katrina Burton said...

Well, I'm done all three workouts. No matter what the result I know I gave everything I had for two weekends. Can West Qualifier was a huge mental battle for me. This time there was no mental and all physical. I left everything I had out there. Tons of battle wounds to show for it! Huge bruises on my collar bones and toes (I dropped the bar on them in Jackie) and well some nasty hamburger hands. I put a pictire of them on my blog. They are bad.

Thank you to ALL of the big dawgs for your support throughout this journey! But especially Chad for his never ending help.

My videos can be found here if anyone is interested...

Hope you all had fun hanging out at OPT and watching the movie, wish Chad and I could have been there.

Grant said...

#1 Filthy Fifties 24:03
prev Feb 24'09 26:45
Sept 17 '08 28:12
Apr 26'08 23:37

#2 5:24
half snatch & half power clean & PJ

#3 2:54 @ OPT


good work Todd on the run!
Good work Gord on FF

Kathleen said...

Filthy Fifties
26:05 (14# WB)
prev 25:47 Mar 04 '09 (12#)
Feb 24 '09 26:50 (12#)
Sept 08 26:33 (12#)
Apr 29 '08 27:17 (14#)

part 2 4:45 all C&PJ

part 3 3:12 @ OPT

Good work Lauren
Great effort Katrina. I feel for your hands

Kathleen said...

total time 34:02

unit said...

in case anyone is interested...


Laura said...

Did Barbara today (Sunday 31st)
3:30; 3:38; 3:44; 3:45; 4:04

Total: 18:41

Super cottonmouth today also. 1st time doing this workout--don't really want to try it again! Gord was a real task master--counting reps (yes, proper counting even) and making me re-do questionable reps!

rwcorson said...

Katrina, Unit & CDunkin - great effort again Dawgs.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Did the 50's on Sunday the 31st and now I feel like I'm in my 50's.

19:48, which is almost a minute slower than my old PB, but not a bad time overall. I gamed it well; all box jumps were metcon-style with strategic pauses, K2E faster with about 30 done with kips, swing/push presses straight through but back ext and wall balls slower than planned. And then; the burpees.

Way too slow, although done according to plan. 1st 30 done as quick 3's but too much breathing between. Couldn't go straight through on doubles at the end, arms and lungs just done. I'm quivering. I think I'd have to become either the best burpeer ever or a part-time Filthy Fiftier to get this to my sub-18 goal.

Considering doing yesterday's pt II later but I'll need child care!

Nice work today, Mike F., you f%$king crushed it.

Rory Hanlin said...

Fifties were logistically impossible for me today.

800: 2:40

rest 10 minutes

50 overhead: 5:04

Anonymous said...

Single session at talisman 10:30 - 13:00

50s - 13lbs wallball & 45lbs SLDL instead of back ext
Grace instead of 95lbs overhead (no 10kg bumper plates)
800m runs 3:28/3:08/2:57

Total 35:02

Anonymous said...

Oops, I wasn't supposed to add all the run times. Total - 28:26

Geoff Aucoin said...

Okay dudes and dudettes, I've one-upped myself for the pumpkin cookies. Check these out:

Unreal, I was groaning when I was eating them. Many many of them, my son loved them, too. I pretty much made them as rx'ed (with a little less honey) and they are a little labour-intense but well worth it and it yields a fair amount of bars. Make 'em.

Michael FitzGerald said...

pt 1 - 17:34 (PB) prev - 18:23
pt 2 with James - 2:47
pt 3 - (2:55/2:45)2:24
Total = 22:45
Felt on all day. Super happy with the Filthy Fifties time. Sub 18 min was goal for me for a long time. For my own purpose - finished k2E at 8 min, finished BE's at 10:40, finished WB's at 13:15, finished PUB's at 17:00, DU's unbroken.

PTS said...

nice job on all the PR's

filthy fifty: 23:45. no mental toughness on the wall balls and the burpees.

95# overhead- 3:53 almost all power snatch- felt good

800m - 2:33
total: 30:11

then played a 90 min soccer game. I'm whipped and will be resting tomorrow.

wod 1 post fuel was 30g whey protein and a banana

btw wods meal was : a can of tuna on salad with apple and nut butter

wod 2 and 3 were done 10 mins apart and post wod fuel was 30g whey protein and an orange and handful of blueberries and about 4 oz milk

meal of fish brocolli and olive oil and 8 oz milk before soccer game.

please criticize comment on my fueling strategies.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Welllllll I went up to CFC @ 5pm with my 22 month-old son to do Part II and I can't say it went so well. 4:21 was the result and I was not happy with that. Poor strategy and focus sunk me quickly, I finally realized the clean and push press worked better than the jerk.

By the end of the workout I was running between two 95lb bars set up at different points in the gym so I could stay far enough away from my son that I wouldn't be nervous about smoking him with the bar! He thought it was a game of catch dad, of course.

CDunkin said...

Fueling: tried something new.

I did whey protein mixed with coconut water for post wod after each of the three video qual wods: 40p/30c. Did wod 1 at 8am on empty stomach, did wod 2 at 10:15. Had a balanced meal 1hr after post wod fuel, and did wod 3 at 4:30. Recovery was as good as it ever has been. Was not 100% prepared for the wods mentally or physically, but all that being considered I was surprised at my ability to push through each wod.
On a side note. My very supportive wife helped video the wods and we had a number of technical difficulties the worst of which was the memory card filling up before the end of wod #2. I'm happy to chalk this whole experience up to preparation for 2010.

Anonymous said...

Hi James....

filthy 50's...=28:05...really slow through K2E's...and Burpees..

95# overhead...= 3:55...push press and push jerks..

ran out of time for the run...

Brittany said...

WOD 1 - 22:54 (PB by 15 mins)
WOD 2- 4:54 (This was my first lift in weighlifting shoes and I was all over the place learning how to catch my balance. It it quite a bit different lifting with weightlifting shoes than my runners).
WOD 3- 3:18

deejay said...

part 1 - 21:05
part 2 - 3:21
part 3 - 2:45
total time - 27:01

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