CP Volume - May 13th, 2009

for loads:
A. Power Clean/Front Squat/Push Press - 2.3.4 x 5 sets; 180 sec b/t sets
B1. Chin Ups weighted - 3,3,3,3; 90 sec
B2. HSPU x 10 reps x 4 sets; 90 sec
C. SDLHP - 10,10,10,10,10; 60 sec b/t sets
D1. GHD Sit ups x 20 reps x 3 sets; 60 sec
D2. GHD Raises x 10 reps x 3 sets; 60 sec

post loads used to comments

post wod fuel - male:
above 12% - 45g prot/20g carb
8-12% - 45g prot/40g carb
below 8% - 45g prot/60g carb

post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 30 g prot/20 g carb
12-14% - 30 g prot/30 g carb
below 12% - 30 g prot/40 g carb

eat a balanced PFC meal 60 min after post wod fuel for everyone; focus on the good fats

big dawgs competing this weekend...play with 1-2 sets of each movement at high effort...for only 1 set per exercise...rest up on thursday and friday...then the fun


PTS said...

PC/Fs/PP - 115/127/140/155/155

chins- 35x3, 45x3, 55x3, 65x3
hspu 3 , 3, 3, 3
sdlhp 95,95, 115, 115, 125
used 0 and then 10lbs for the GHD work.

CDunkin said...


Do we do 2pc's then directly into 3fs's, and then directly into 4push presses and this equals 1 set? Rest 180sec and repeat 5x?

OPT said...

c dunkin..that's right

bso said...


Just thought I'd drop you a note after Rob checked in on me. I'm still following your postings and love the programming on this site, but am currently taking on the opportunity to train with other athletes at my affiliate using main site programming. Competing face-to-face with other athletes was always a rare thing for me to be able to do and I think it's the right thing for me to do now.

I learn something new every week when I review the postings and miss being part of the Big Dawgs! I'll probably be back, if you continue posting, when the snow hits the ground again in Winnipeg (shouldn't be long....)

For those of you going to the games, I look forward to meeting you there in person. Tania and I signed up our affiliate team and will be representing CrossFit Winnipeg.

Thanks for everything!

Katrina Burton said...

A.) 85#
B1.) 32.5#
B2.) HSPU unbroken
C.) 75#

No GDH situps or raises for me today. My abs are fried!

Nice big dawg profile of Mike on Games page today!

David X said...

A.) 115/125/135/145/155
B1&2) 55/65/65/65
C) 145 x 5 Unbroken!
D1&2) Subbed 20 GHD Exts

OPT said...

bso, thanks for being a part of the team, good luck!

Sweeney said...


Out of curiosity, what would your SIFF score have been on your PB video yesterday?

OPT said...

sweeney - 30.04
goal is 265# in 8 weeks
then a SIFF of 32

Rory Hanlin said...

Midwest Quals WODs were posted today.

They are as follows:

WOD 1 :

21-15-9 Reps of
Deadlift - Men 275LBS/Women 185LBS
Pullups - Chest to Bar
For Time!

WOD 2:

7 Double Kettlebell Thrusters - Men (2) 24KG/Women (2) 16KG
11 Burpees
5 Rounds for Time!

Row 2000M - Damper 3.5 for all competitors

This is all completed in 6 hours. Sunday is yet to be announced.
I feel very prepared for this. Coach's programming was spot on.

Hixy said...

A. 50 kg, 55 kg, 60kg x3
B1. 5 kg, 6.26 kg, 10 kg (hands supinated), 17.5 kg (failed on 3rd)
B2. Broken.
C. 45 kg, 47.5 kg x4
D1. 5 kg x2, none x1 (felt dissy)
D2. Couldn't raise myself so did negatives and pushed up when I hit the ground to start pos.

CDunkin said...

A. 175 for 1set
B1. 90 for 1 set
B2. 7 straight (my max)
C. 135 for 1 set

Rob Sifton said...

A = 115,120,122.5,125,130
B1 = 25,35,40,50
B2 = 2,6,3,3 (could not get shoulders to fire correctly, Chiro here I come)
C = 65,75,85,95,105
D1 = Just straight through on all
D2 = Just straight through on all

45P, 40C

rwcorson said...

A.118/128/135.5/143/148 failed on 2nd rep of last set, reracked and got after it.
B1. 30/40/45/50 kipping on last 2 of last set
B2. 8+2 kippin/6+4 kipping/4+6 kipping/5+5 kipping
C. 88/93/98/103/105.5 last 2 set were broken
D1&2. straight thru.
Great WOD.

Geoff Aucoin said...

A1. 135, 148, 158, 163, 173
B1. 30,40,50,57.5
B2. All 10 straight, forehead-to-carpet for last 3 sets.
C. 94,99,108,113,118 (yowza!)
D1/D2. All straight, ended with hands behind head for set 3 of raises.

F$%kin' sweet WOD; almost feel bad for missing the A1-A4 last week...

rwcorson said...

Those look like great WODs for you. Good luck!

OPT said...

brent, did the CU/FS/Bu wod today
i did a PB power clean x 1/FS x 3 for 5 sets before hand, in hindsight it did not help..
but my experience...
without the FS work before (i thought it would excite my CNS but it did not) i could have done 3 min ish...your goal should be to breathe REALLY well...at all times...NO BREATH HOLDING!!!!...
do not break the chin ups...when you stand on each FS rep, breathe once.....and do not fraction burpees...you can pace them but no breaks..the wod will be won/lost with those who break/do not break the FS...if you can get through those (i did 1st 2 rounds, then 4/3/3 for last 10) you'll have a 3 min'er on your hands...if you break...you'd better speed through all else...

Rory, you are well prepared my man...SMASH 'EM!!!!
i will check those out for you also...

Gord said...

Good Luck Rory and Brent this weekend.
A number of us are going to the games as participants or cheer squad. Hope to meet some other bigdawgs while there...perhaps a beverage or two

unit said...

rory... bro... after training with you just a few times, those workouts will really play into your strengths... i'm sure u'll kick some @$$. let me know how it goes. congrats on ARH btw.

i've been woking a lot and had a chance to workout the last couple days... hopefully i'll get to hit the gym tonight. looks like a fun one.

2days ago:
350row / 16 burpees:
2:03 / 2:04 / 2:04 / 2:06 / 2:04
total =10:21
rowed 68-69 on all rounds (1:37 /500 pace)... burpees were my bottleneck. i didn't think i could go faster, but need to work on the burpees. mike, your consistant sub 2:00 rounds are most impressive... def tough to stay at those times.

7/7 in 10
17 rounds
coach... ur 18.5 is truly impressive and humbling...

20min rest

3:40 / 2:48 / 1:58 / 1:10 / 2:03 / 2:41 / 3:24
i started off on too slow of a pace in the first few runs and had too much at the end of the workout... again, same crummy 160m flat pentagon... for the sake of my knees i need to get off of that thing...

again, rory, let me know how it goes... sounds like it's playing into your hands!


Chad Action Brandt said...

A.) 115/135/145/150/155 fail 2nd PP
B1.) 35/45/55/75
B2.) 3X10 straight through PB!!
C.) 115/115/120/120
D1.) straight through
B2.) getting better at these as I have to jimmy-rig my Mickey Mouse Back Ext machine with matts, not so friendly on the family jewels.

Good 1st WOD time Brent!!
Good luck Rory!!

Rory Hanlin said...

Thanks for the well wishes everyone!

A) 225 1 set
B) 85 1 set
C) 10 1 set
D) 155 1 set

And I'm done, did some transition drills in prep for the games.
I'll try to post my results this weekend when I'm there.

Brent Maier said...

Good luck Rory, your a machine!

Thanks James for your help. Later this evening, I am going to go over the movements with lighter weight focusing on your suggestions and bust out 1 set of todays WOD.

Gord, whether or not I make the qualifiers, I'll be going to Aromas for the event and to see everyone.

Brent Maier said...

This is kind of off topic but I came across this video today and it absolutely floored me. As we all strive perfection in our sport of crossfit or simply just to be a better person, videos like this serve up inspiration in unexpected ways. Hard work and attention to detail will pay off for all of us both mentally and physically. You guys are great... Enjoy.


deejay said...

Geoff, that guy in the video reminds me of you and your smart ass nature... Rory you will crush those wods, good luck!

Gord said...

PC/FS/PP 95/108/123/137/147
chin 40/45/50/55

shut it down here...still feeling the cold.

Brent...I and my fellow hobbit Sweeney will have a cold one (pop) with your name on it.Wink wink

Geoff Aucoin said...

Best of luck to the Dawgs competing this weekend. You're well prepared so GIVE 'EM HELL!!

deejay said...

A - 155/200x4 - PP the limiting factor here
B1 - 30/35/40/45
B2 - 10/10/9+1/6+2+1+1
C - 110/120/130/140/150
D1 - straight
D2 - Straight except last set 8+2

unit said...

A - 135/155/165/175/165
B1 - 45/90/90/90
B2 - 10/10/10/10
C - 135/135/135/135/135
D1 - straight
D2 - straight


Syd said...

I have finally made the account!
I'm in with the big Dawgs

A - 135/155/165/175/165
B1 - 45/50/52.5/55
B2 - Straight
C - 115/125/135/145/150
D1 - straight
D2 - straight

CDunkin said...

Thanks for all the help, James, and Dawgs. I feel very well prepared. Felt great this morning and had my second pr on the shoulder press in two weeks. I wasn't looking for it, but it just seemed to come easy.
Thanks again. Good luck everyone. I'll post results on Saturday night.
All of the rest of the 5:30am crew here at CrossFit GP have benefited as well.

brakesout said...

Good luck to all the Dawgs laying it on the line this weekend. Leave nothing in the tank, the results will come!


Laura said...

A1: 60,65,75,82.5,90.5
B1: 17.5,20,25,30
B2: unbroken, but to abmat+5lb plate
C: 55,60,65,70--hurt wrist and stopped
D1: broken sets
D2: short legs do not fit on GHD machine to do this--back ext instead

Brent Maier said...

Long day with work, kids and baseball, mentally I was shot.

Pre: 5 min double unders

A. 70kg (154#), then shut it down

Practiced breathing on reps of front squats and deadlifts with 70kg (154lbs). It may slow me down just a tad but may be what I need to ensure I don't get called on a short movement.

Off to bed...

Mack said...

A 135 / 155 / 176 / 186 / 196 (X)
B1 30 / 35 / 40 / 45
B2 Unbroken. Set 4 Nose to floor
C 110 / 120 / 130 / 140 / 150
D1 Unbroken
D2 tried one and shut er down

Todd Dyer said...

A.1. 135 2. 145 3. 155 4. 160 5. 165
B1. 1. 40 2. 50 3. 60 4. 75
B2. forehead to floor 10, 10, 10, 10
c. 1. 95 2. 115 3. 120 4. 125 5. 130
D. 20-10 20 -10 20 -09
good one

Grant said...

PC/FS/PP 155/165/165/160/155
no power today. Especially overhead I felt weak

CUs weighted. 55/65/75/85 unbroken
HSPU getting better...

SDLHP all 115#

GHD & did back extentions instead of raises as I feel I'm going to come flying out of that GHD @ CFC

who/where is the photo?

Lauren said...

late to post...

A. 85/95/105/115/125 (failed on 2nd PP)
B1. 27.5
B2. Broken, but getting better (once I learned what it felt like to be upside down again)
C. 85/95/95/95/105

Steve said...

Complex 140, 150, 160, 170, 185 failed on last pp

Chins- 45, 55, 65, 75 all ctb
Hspu- no breaks

Sdlhp- 110 for all no breaks

Michael FitzGerald said...

A - 143/153/158/160.5/160.5(f on pp # 3)
B1 - 55/60/62.5/65
B2 - 10 rep x 4
C - 111/111/113.5/113.5/113.5
D1 - straight
D2 - straight