Lactate Run Training - Mon May 25th, 2009

Run 400 m x 3 @ 75% warm up, practice POSE, rest 1 min b/t sets
Find the nastiest hill
Run up it for 45 sec as fast as you can - think power and drive
Walk down - 3 minutes, 15 seconds rest
repeat this 6 times
2 min after you have completed the last set including the 3:15 rest sprint run for 5 min on a somewhat flat surface - think finish line when gassed

post Heart Rate in beats/minutes; start counting at 5 sec after you have finished the hill run; count for 15 sec, times by 4 for those who need help with that - post bpm for all 6 sets and bpm 15 sec after 5 min sprint...wear a polar or some other monitor if you have one (i.e there are 7 bpm scores to post)

post wod fuel - male:
above 12% - 30g prot/20g carb
8-12% - 30g prot/40g carb
below 8% - 30g prot/60g carb

post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 20 g prot/20 g carb
12-14% - 20 g prot/30 g carb
below 12% - 20 g prot/40 g carb

eat a balanced PFC meal 60 min after post wod fuel for everyone


OPT said...

PTS and Josh, not sure how else to say it..thank you! seems you respond well to high volume like myself...i'd suggest hitting it hard till wednesday with high effort, 5-8 minute wod's...
i do not know you well enough to generalize but based on your scores something like this:
Mon and Wed:
early AM - running work, moderate intensity, lower volume and up intensity as you get to wed
6 hours later - CNS based work - Grace like stuff - 1 RM stuff for a few sets then a 2 min banger at high ouput
6 hours later - some kind of metcon based on how you feel..
i would even do something light on thurs AM...then get back in your cage until SAturday...give ROry the key

deejay said...

Does anybody know any such hills close to OPT??

Ryan G. said...

Very nasty hill aprox 2k from OPT.

- ( If coming from Calgary ) Keep going north on Rocky Ridge rd untill you come to a T intersection, turn right, go past burnco, make your next left and you are there.

Ryan G. said...

Well... maybe a tad more than 2k but not far.

Gord said...

Nasty Tuscany trail hill run. Can park at home depot and walk back towards stoney trail and ravine. You will see a trail going up and down. Go down for about 2min and you will see a nasty trail going up, up, up.

Rory Hanlin said...

Nasty hill BPM: 168-172

5 min run BPM: 164

Its good to be back...

Michael FitzGerald said...

DJ - do not go to the hill that Ryan G wants you to go to. You will not be runnin very lon, you will be getting run over by a transport truck.

My runs were pretty consistent. Only a 10 m spread between my fastest and slowest run. The lasr 5 minutes was more like just trying to finish or stay on my feet for 5 mins.
Didn't track any of my bpm. This was more muscular fatigue than aerobic fatigue. So, I would say that my bpm did not cross 170. 192 was the highest I have ever hit - on a V02 max.

rwcorson said...

did ME clean & jerk workrd up to me PR of 202# and failed at 207#
skill work - HSPU, 15 sets of 3 reps with 30 secs rest between sets.

Chad Action Brandt said...

45sec Hill Sprints
1.) 156 BPM
2.) 160
3.) 168
4.) 164
5.) 168
6.) 168

5min Sprint
1.) 174 BPM

My legsand butt were on fire! Almost funny that I was trying to run in slow motion going up hill.

5min run for me started slow but finished on a faster note. Leaning more forward prac POSE method.

Lauren said...

bpm ranged from 168-176

did hill sprints at the sandy beach hill this am. So nice to be outside in the sunshine!!

Ryan G. said...

Sorry if that hill sucked. I'm usually on it early and its empty.

-My runs were a bit of a gong show as I forgot my stopwatch is screwed.

CDunkin said...

If any of you have not tried crispy Kale, I highly recommend it. Especially those with kids. Our kids can't get enough of it. Super easy to make, and goes well with anything. Just Google crispy kale.

No hills for me today. We did the Oregon Games wod that was just announced last night. 15:06

Won't be able to compete because of soccer coaching commitments, but hope to get in all the video qualifier wods

David X said...
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Grant said...

400m warm ups around the helicopter landing pad (POSE)

Hill climb at curling club across from Priness Island. Started under stairs as that is the steepest part.
#1; 124
#2; 138
#3; 150
#4; 166
#5; 170
#6; 170

5 min flat sprint on Crescent Road (top of the hill). HR @ 166. I think my max HR from Max VO2 a few years ago was a 183. Like to do it again sometime to compare.

Hip flexors still on fire from the GHDs last Friday. Feel fine once I get moving though.

David X said...

Good luck to everyone preparing for the games. I'll be back next week!

Todd Dyer said...

hill runs
I could only do 4 because I ran out of time in between working and coaching.
Ran at same hill as Grant very steep.HR's
I think muscular fatigue became a big factor, just couldn't work in that top zone of intensity.
Also I was doing this with my dog, he kept running in front of me.
Sprinted home for the 5 min run was only 4:40 or so but close enough.
Hr 132 felt bad because by the end I was dragging a sleepy old dog behind me .

Brent Maier said...

Hill Run:
1) 116 (.12 miles @ 6:33 mile pace)
2) 157 (.12 miles @ 6:49 mile pace)
3) 136 (.11 miles @ 6:58 mile pace)
4) 147 (.11 miles @ 7:15 mile pace)
5) 149 (.10 miles @ 7:33 mile pace)
6) 150 (.10 miles @ 7:22 mile pace)

5 Min Sprint: 162 (.70 miles @ 7:16 mile pace)

Notes: Ran the hills in the rain, mud, and off trail with a GPS watch. The hill got steeper the further up you got. The HR monitor seemed a little low on a few, I wonder if it was picking up correctly or if the legs were just giving out before the heart had a chance to hit max. When sprinting up hill, the legs started to die around the 30-35 second mark after the first round.

deejay said...

ran a very nasty hill in Tuscany in the rain... this was very hard... did not have the energy after each set to count my heart rate but like Mike, it was more of a battle of muscle fatigue

Geoff Aucoin said...

Did my 6 nasty runs in Tuscany; the same nasty one we ran up in the Oct 2007 OPT Challenge. Heart rates all between 145-155. My legs and lungs were on fire, this is exactly what I need to work on the most because this sucked in about 10 different ways.

5 minute jog to and from Tuscany, parked at Home Depot.

Yesterday I did a very quick heavy push press WOD at the fire hall; worked on faster doubles between sets.