Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

for total time:
5 rounds:
20 pull ups
30 push ups
40 sit ups
50 squats
rest EXACTLY 3 minutes after each set of squats

post total time to comments
chin above bar for chin ups
chest to deck, not belly to deck for push ups
sit ups as you wish, just ensure body parallel with floor at top and shoulder blades touching at bottom
hip crease below knee at bottom of squats and extend legs AND hips fully at top

post wod fuel - male:
above 12% - 30g prot/20g carb
8-12% - 30g prot/40g carb
below 8% - 30g prot/60g carb

post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 20 g prot/20 g carb
12-14% - 20 g prot/30 g carb
below 12% - 20 g prot/40 g carb

eat a balanced PFC meal 60 min after post wod fuel for everyone

next 3 day split will have a triple on the 3rd day - Saturday, May 30th


Geoff Aucoin said...


Oh Mikey, it's your big day.

Michael FitzGerald said...

I feel green already...

deejay said...

I hate my life....

deejay said...

total - 25:44 ax rx'd

Chad Action Brandt said...

I can't feel my legs now as is!

Ryan G. said...

Total - 25:28

- Push ups and Chins fell apart on rounds 3,4,5. Felt pretty good other wise.

Grant said...

Todd (maybe others may be interested as well). I noticed yesterday while "nasty hill" running up the curling club hill across from Princess Island that somebody installed chin-up bars under the stairs (3 sets made of dowel rod) right near the point where the stairs goes over the asphalt walkway. It is not obvious but if you know to look for it you will find it. This could add some variety to your outdoor Thursday evening classes @ Crescent Heights.

CDunkin said...


Geoff Aucoin said...

Chad you look better in cartoon than you do in person!!! Nice calves!

I did yesterday WOD, mostly, today and posted it there. Owie.

Katrina Burton said...

Haha Geoff! Is that suppose to be a compliment?

Should be a wicked good time by the way!!

Anonymous said...

2:48/3:56/4:54/5:00/5:27 = 22:05

Barbara = FML

Chad Action Brandt said...

Those calves are legit brother, built those bad boys doing Donkey Calve raises with three large women on my back "Old School:!

Anyways I have been finished this workout for about 2hours, and I have not moved from my couch! I am serious and still seeing blurry spots!
I took it upone my self to attack Barabra as performed at my Gym to be legit and get on our Board.
Everything was the same, but the Push-ups were not Chest 2 Floor.

TIME: 16:16 PB! 1st on the Board

PS: Hope some of the Big Dawgs can come down and take part in the Action Challenge. Would love to share your energy with my clients and other competitors.

Anonymous said...

Hi James...31:15...sorry I didn't get my stage times down accuratley...total time is accurate....Jumping Pull ups....pushups broken after round one...this was the slowest part...


rwcorson said...

Chad,awesome time.
Whoever did the drawing nailed it, right down to the hair product.

Steve said...

1. 3:20
2. 3:49
3. 4:56
4. 4:44
5. 4:22

Total - 21:11
That was awful. First time doing barbara as rx'd. Last time had to do Jumping Chin ups b/c of shoulder injury.

Michael FitzGerald said...

As rx'd - finally!2:47/3:09/4:05/4:58/4:11 = 19:10
Debated quiting after round 3 and 4. Felt like I got hit in the head with a sledge hammer afterwards.
Nice work Action.

David X said...

Sorry for the late post but I've been trying to get back on track after the qualifiers in Albany. I also want to thank Josh for introducing me to OPTs programming and of course James himself. I would have been eaten alive this weekend if I continued to train from the main site wods in preparation for this event.

Wod #1: couldn't lock out the 3rd thruster rep in the 6th round and tried four more times to do so but ran out of time. Frustrated but my shoulders were dead.

Wod #2: 2k row. 7:27 I shattered my previous best time by over a minute and 20 secs. I placed the damper on 4 and kept a constant pace throughout the race.

Wod #3: I left it ALL out there. I made it all the way through to the round of 4 power cleans and finished 1/2 way through the ctb chins. I was cleaning something fierce and all my kbs were unbroken, but my chins were fractioned way too much despite a very strong start. I felt like I had a real chance to finish this one but was only held back by the ctb. The adrenaline was pumping so hard I didn't even realize until it was over that I ripped my hands bloody in 5 different places!

Experienced some highs and lows but was very happy with my performance and I look forward to competing again next year and continuing the training here! I may not be a Big Dawg yet but I'm in the kennel!

Brent Maier said...

Time: 19:05 as RX'd
1) 2:59
2) 3:46
3) 3:57
4) 4:28
5) 3:55

Beat last PR in October 2008 by 5 minutes. All pullups were unbroken *booyah* and squats in 1,2 and 5 were also unbroken. Pushups gave me a fit and had the most impact on time.

Great job Chad! And David, congrats for giving it your all at the qualifers! You've got a full year now to dial it up.

OPT said...

david, your effort makes you a big dawg...welcome

Kathleen said...

@ OPT @ 7:30PM

prev 4:17/5:24/5:35/6:16/6:39
total=28:11 Apr 01 '08

Grant said...

@ OPT @ 7:30PM
total = 19:00
took me a few rounds to find my kip on the sit-ups.

prev Apr 01 '08 3:27/3:34/3:50/4:31/4:52
total = 20:14

rwcorson said...

No wod today, I'm fighting off a cold.
I did do bit of kipping tech work, which is much needed. I'll need to revisit this during my warm up each day to see some progress. Thanks OPT for your eyes and comments.
Nice work David. Continue to give it all and you'll see results.

Jefff said...

First Blog WOD back after broken hand. Felt as good as Barbara can. Sit-ups were the nemesis.


Total - 23:20

Rory Hanlin said...

Did WOD in cold, rainy conditions. Bar was slippery at the end of the WOD, but we still managed.

Rory: 2:57, 3:22, 4:22, 5:08, 4:45
Total Time: 20:33

Unit: 2:51, 2:58, 3:29, 3:57, 3:43
Total Time: 16:58

Man... Barbara sucks

David X said...

I appreciate that James.

I had some general nutrition questions I wanted to ask, but I didn't want to take up space here. Do you mind if I email them to you?



Todd Dyer said...

1. 3:00
2. 3:03
3. 3:54
4. 3:37
5. 3:45
total= 17:19
posh ups and the sit ups were the hardest part
very strict on form

Todd Dyer said...

thanks for the info about the stairs Grant ,I didn't know those pull up bars were there