just wanted to say how proud i am of you guys
everyone had PB's in different ways this weekend, on the timer, on the weights and in the head
a lot of things were overcome
copy and save this is a dedicated group of soldiers in the search for elite fitness...and on that path we've developed friendships, training partners and champions
Todd - your finishing kick on Jackie was all i needed to see about your character, it truly defines the warrior you are
Mack - your perseverance through some tough times and still having the balls to show up says a lot about you, here's to meeting in a few weeks to turn it around
Michael - not much else to say, you make me proud, i could not have a better brother (well I could i guess, but not at this moment, hehe) you are on the path to some wonderful experiences that i cannot wait to see both as a coach/older brother and competitor..lots of love
Rob S - all PB's on the weekend, and "being there" and not just being there was the key, well done, it takes a lot as we have talked about to be in the moment...big kudos!
Geoff - i love you, your continued passion although sometimes dramatic will get you where you want to go in this sport, it just may look different year to year...i know you'll continue to battle...remember that the measure of the CrossFit athlete is not in one or two weekends but many, many workouts and my friend are the champion for this...well done
James - nice hair...nice sippy cup....
Rob C - as you'd say, "some good learnings"...all in all, thank you for being a leader to this blog in numerous ways, everyone look to Rob to help in prep, he always "shows up"...others can learn from that
Sweeney - i could see in your eyes that you were "OK" with my eyes and the others in this pic, you have gained HUGE respect...and coming from OPT the place, not the person, that is a large gift that you should take away from this weekend as that takes a lot of well done, you should feel like a champ
Gord - your attitiude is infectious...things would be boring if you weren't kareeming off the fat bar and landing on your have changed from a scared fighter to a true warrior...the person i want on my side in battle,, kudos
Trevor - although no participation this weekend, you were my right hand man for a tough up and down emotional battle...thank you for your patience...i will continue to help you achieve what you and i are searching for in "peace"
Lauren - i could not be more proud...only few know of your battles last year up to the games and not "getting it done as planned"...for this shows the heart of a champ...the measure of a person is how they respond to walls and obstacles...and you kicked the shit out of what was placed in your path...well done
DJ - blue jays???? ....come on!...i see a lot of me in you...and everyone should be scared...there's work to do
Grant - i'll speak on behalf of everyone at OPT and the dawgs...both you and Kathleen keep us doing the things we love to do...thank you for that...both of your passion towards this sport we love amazes us...i know you will always be there to fight..and for that as mentioned with Sweeney above deserves in my mind the awards and accolades...b/c coming out is not your style, you both battled like OPT warriors i'd want...thank you, thank you, thank you!

if someone did not make the photo and is participating, i apologize but that's all i got for energy right now...i'm wiped

OK...back at it tomorrow for 1, then off for 1,... then 3 and 1 with some sweet changes in energy system programming per 3 day cycle to get the boys prepared for May qualifiers and everyone else to serious levels of progression in this sport of fitness we love



Gummo said...

wow. Great post! It was a real treat to read the posts from the competitors on Saturday as the results came in slowly theoughout the day. It certainly gave the few of us competing in the coming weeks that extra shot of motivation to well for Coach and everyone there that who was working their tails off.

I can't wait to do my thing in a couple weeks and represent at Albany.

Gord said...

Thanks for the kind words James. They are appreciated but I am where I am due to your support,dedication & encouragement. So Thank you for everything!
Also a big thank you to all the big dawgs for your support. It is great to be part of this community.
I am bringing the mega phone to California to make sure everybody can hear me cheering.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Thank you so much, James; best post ever.

And thanks to Michelle for taking this great picture.

deejay said...

Awesome stuff James, your a stand up guy... you just had to throw in a little jab though eh? Lay off the hat, I'm just representing my home town. Now, lets get to work...

Blaine said...

I have to say, It was an awesome weekend watching you all rip it up!!

It was a motivating experience to see what having the intensity knob repeatedly cranked to 'Eleven' looks like.

rwcorson said...

Thanks for the kind words above, and for all you give to me.
The last 5+ months have been the best training and learning I've ever had. Game day came and it showed. I made a few mistakes, but I'm energized to keep on improving.
Now, let's get back to work and push the other Dawgs through to their qualifiers and the GAMES!
G, you must've had tears in your eyes, you forgot to sign out again.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Corson I'm always about 5 seconds away from crying when you're around...

Trevor Salmon said...

Thanks for the kind words. I'm not sure what was going on that caused the look on my all did awesome and it was a pleasure to run back and forth screaming words of encouragement during the heats. Grant, watching you fight for that jerk was amazing. Too bad I missed Kathleen's limbo clean.
Michelle, thanks for taking that photo and for Rob C for pulling me into it.
Again, it's a pleasure to know and train with all of you.
much love and respect.

Todd Dyer said...

Thanks James
My body is sore but my mind is itching to get back at it. To all the big dawgs; thanks for some incredible moments, I will keep these in my mind next time I feel like pussying out on a workout. It was great to meet many of you in person. Chad, we always seemed pretty close in the big dawg work outs, cool to see how that played out on game day.
Thanks a lot for letting me join your club, maybe we should all go out and get matching curling jackets or something.

Garage Crossfitter said...

I am so proud and humbled at the passion and heart that all the Big Dawgs have towards the sport of fitness. Your attitudes, humbleness, and the willingness to help fellow Big Dawgs is something I will never forget. I wish I could have been there to bleed with you but we have our own battle May 23 in Albany. Thanks James and all the warriors for being such good examples of athletes and overall great people.

swartzap said...

Hey James and co,

I want to express my gratitude to you and your crew for hosting the CF Vancouver team last weekend. The show went off without a hitch and we had a such a good time. There is a great vibe in your box. You guys are the real deal.

Andy Swartz
Crossfit Vancouver

Sweeney said...



Now it's back to training.

We need to push our lead horses to the brink to get them ready for Aromas.

Ryan G. said...

You know... It wasn't untill I seen this post that I realized I really missed out on somthing good. Hats off to all that gave their hearts and soul for this comp. I will be there with you next go around. =)

Rob Sifton said...

Thanks James, it means a lot coming from you

Baltoe said...

Great to read all the comments about everyone's experience on the weekend. I thoroughly enjoy the comraderie amongst all the participants, who, although it appears to most that they are competeing against each other, I see them as competing against themselves. I take every chance I get to talk up the crossfit concept by relating the many benefits I have realized from participating. Last weekend will definitely be a highlight for the aged (I meant ages)

Baltoe (aka Ian MacLeod)

chaddyb said...

I wanted to send out a large thank-you to all for the great performances this weekend and the well organized weekend - it was fantastic.

Gord, Rob C, Grant - thanks for helping me calm my nerves and being there to talk to - appreciate it greatly.

Lauren, Mike and DJ - good luck in Aromas.

James - thanks for the help on the overhead anyhow wod.

Can't wait for next year and I hope to see you all soon.

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