Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Greg and Aimee are coming to Calgary, sign up will fill fast

Push Ups on the minute:
2 reps the 1st minute, 4 reps the 2nd minute, 6 reps the 3rd minute...
rest EXACTLY 2 min after last push up completed within time
Sit Ups on the minute:
3 reps the 1st minute, 6 reps the 2nd minute, 9 reps the 3rd minute
rest EXACLTY 2 min after last sit up completed within time
Squats on the minute:
4 reps the 1st minute, 8 reps the 2nd minute, 12 reps the 3rd minute
rest EXACTLY 2 min after last sit up completed within time

post min and reps per exercise to comments
chest to deck, NOT belly for push ups, you CANNOT go to knees when fractioning until you get to full lockout of arms at top
unanchored sit ups, anchoring is not allowed, body perpendicular to floor at top and shoulder blades touching at bottom
hip crease below knee cap at bottom of squats and hips and knees @ full extension at top

post wod fuel - male:
above 12% - 30g prot/20g carb
8-12% - 30g prot/30g carb
below 8% - 30g prot/40g carb

post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 20 g prot/10 g carb
12-14% - 20 g prot/20 g carb
below 12% - 20 g prot/30 g carb

eat a balanced PFC meal 60 min after post wod fuel for everyone


David X said...

I'd like to get back into it after the qualifiers, but I'm curious if I migt be rushing into it. My body still feels a little "ugh" but my mind is pushing me hard.


Chad Action Brandt said...

Rest up David, listen to your body. Take a week or so off, roll and stretch those tight spots, a little walking to get some blood is key.
If you go into the gym now and pick up a 20# med ball and it feels like its need more rest.
While you rest set some new goals plan some WOD's, work on nutrition.

Hixy said...

Push-ups: 2, 4, 6... 18, 12 (20)

Sit-ups: 3, 6, 9... 30, 24 (33)

Squats: 4, 8, 12... 48, 49 (52)

CDunkin said...

Mainsite thrusters: 205/215/220/225/225/230f/225f

push ups/sit ups/squats
38:00 26/30/42

stressed for, and rom

I'm with DX. Think I'll take your advice, action. Last few wods have felt.....uninspired. pushing harder doesn't seem to be helping.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Time to chill, Dunkin...

David X said...

I'm dying to get back, but it's better to get back after I've rested for sure.

I've already started tinkering with my diet somewhat and I've got a plan in terms of developng my weaknesses.

I guess when I get back I'll be even more determined!

PTS said...

Felt ready to go today. I tend to recover quickly.

PU's 22 - 12
SU's 30 - 26
Squats 40 - 38

Sweeney said...

Still trying to grind it out...

PU: 24-12
SU: 30-24
SQ: 44-30

Steve said...

PU - 22+20
SU - 33+29
SQ - 36

Anonymous said...

Cool, a Catalyst Athletics oly seminar in Calgary, I think I might make the trip out for that, hard to pass it up. How many slots available? I need to get the time off work and look at flight/driving options.


Grant said...

@ noon @ helicopter landing pad @ Eau Claire with K. Love that Vit D!

PU's 12th min 24+14 rep's
the end comes quickly on PUs

SUs 25th min @ 33-1 rep's (or 30+32)
didn't believe I could get that 33rd rep but then I got so close

Squats 40th min @ 48+46 rep's (or 52-6 rep's)

Gord said...

pushups- 13min (26reps) + 22 reps
SU- 9min (27reps) + 24reps
squat 10 min (40 reps) +36 reps

Michael FitzGerald said...

Push-up = 14min (28 + 15 reps)
Sit-up = 12 min (36 + 27 reps)
Squat = 11 min (44 + 0 rep)
Needed to work on all of this.

Rory Hanlin said...

Worked out with Unit today.
Did 3x ring strength series to warm up
Strength series consisted of:
MU-10 sec Lsit-Lsit Bulgarian Dipx1-Forward Roll-1legged Back Lever-1 Legged Front Lever

3x5 Cranks

Push Up: 17 min +22 reps
Sit Up: 14 min +24 reps
Squat: 11 min +27 reps

unit said...

Awesome 2 workout w Rory again...

Same warmup... + 2x5 supermans...

Pushup 18 min + 26
Situp 15 min + 25
Squat 12 min + 33

Rory... I left a key w u... Can I have it back Saturday?...
OPT!... (Rory, do u have the pics)...


Kathleen said...

@ noon @ helicopter landing pad @ Eau Claire with G.

PU's 10th min 18+14 rep's

SUs 24th min @ 33+24 rep's

Squats 37th min @ 40+36 rep's

unit said...

Oh, Rory... Don't 4get the sprint drills prior 2 the rings!... I almost did...


Brent Maier said...

Decided to work oly lifts & rowing technique today and rest up for this weekend. Post workout was a 10 minute cycle in sets of 20's.

I'm having second thoughts about the last chance qualifer this weekend. A part of me says I'm not ready.

Every year the qualifiers will become more difficult so another side of me says that achieving "ready" status is neverending and that we have nothing to lose in attempting to qualify any chance we get.

I'm looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us on Saturday.

Rory Hanlin said...


I forgot about the supermans and sprint drills...

The pics are coming, as soon they are posted I'll let you know,

You can have the key back. Good luck tomorrow. hit 'em hard and get er done

deejay said...

PU - 9 + 26
SU - 10 +14
S - 9 +38

Ryan G. said...

Crazy day at work, just got my oppertunity to work out.

- PU, 16 of 22

- SU, 23 of 30

- Squat, 25 of 40

Anonymous said...

Hi James

pu's = 16+10
su's = 24
squats = 36


Todd Dyer said...

push ups = 13 min 26 reps + 25 reps on 14 attempt
sit ups = 10 min 30 reps
squats = 10 min 42 reps