Aer Power Endurance - Tues, May 12th, 2009

246 - PB for does that...

also...from CF Edmonton...
Inner city Challenge #2
We run a CrossFit competition every 4 months in Edmonton. We thought it would be cool to share the info in case any one from your club was in town or interested in coming up.
Saturday June 06
11am Registration
12-1pm- Scaled heats
1:30-2:30pm Rx'd heats
3-3:30 Awards
CrossFit Edmonton #101, 125 Carleton Dr (inside Superior Centre) St. Albert, AB
(780) 909-7985

as many rounds in 10 minutes:
7 knees to elbows
7 ring push ups

post total rounds and reps completed to comments
keep pace, speed and effort high
knees actually have to hit the elbows to be legit, not triceps
get deeper than normal on push ups
rings placed 2-3 inches from ground work well

post wod fuel - male:
above 12% - 30g prot/20g carb
8-12% - 30g prot/30g carb
below 8% - 30g prot/40g carb

post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 25 g prot/15 g carb
12-14% - 25 g prot/25 g carb
below 12% - 25 g prot/35 g carb

eat a balanced PFC meal 60 min after post wod fuel for everyone


OPT said...

big dawgs competing this weekend do this one for 7 min only as many rounds...have fun

Mack said...

Mack 10 + 4
Don 10 + 7 + 1

David X said...

For anyone who hasn't seen this interview yet:

CDunkin said...

10+7 in 7

PTS said...

10rds + 7 + 5. in 10 mins. my comp is 23rd and 24th.

worked on my weaknesses before the wod. OHS, HSPU and Mu's. All 3 are coming along as I have starting using them in my warmup most days.

Katrina Burton said...

14 rounds + 4 K2E in 10 min

Straight through on the K2E. Those were the break for me. Way to many breaks in the ring pushups towards the end. I think I managed the first 5 rounds completely unbroken then it was down to 2s and 3s for the pushups.

Abs are going to be sore tomorrow! I've been itching to try "Annie" again... busted through it yesterday in 4:49 (PR).

Hixy said...

Nice interview, coach. You mentioned posting videos of yourself doing CF workouts on youtube, I'm missing that! It's been a while since you posted some vids.

10 min: 9 rounds + 2 K2E.
K2E's kept me back, not the ring push-ups.

rwcorson said...

11 rds + 4 push ups
K to E were unbroken to rd 11, then 5/2. Grip was starting to fail.
Push ups were unbroken to rd 5 and then 4/3 to rd 7, then 3/2/2 and 2/2 on last rd.
PWO 30 pro/40 CHO

OPT said...

18.5 rds

Rob Sifton said...

10 rounds even, wanted 11.


K2E were the easy part of this, no breaks until round 8.

Push ups were the tough part, Full depth makes all the difference. Had the rings 2-3" off the floor ...only made it through the first 3 rounds unbroken.

OPT Mommy said...

7 + 3

almost k2e's
kneeling ring pu's

Sweeney said...

12rds + 7 K2E

Steve said...

9 + 1 push Up

Anonymous said...

used small parralettes (4 inches high) and 20# vest. 12 rounds

OPT said...

boys competing this weekend..
do you know how they are scoring this weekend...?
if it is for thinking is that it will be within seconds after the 1st 2 sessions...
if i was competing..i'd smash the first one all out and leave NOTHING on the table after it (as this one might seperate you for a few seconds from the others) my belief is that the 2nd one will be within milliseconds as this one can be done for sure by someone who has the guts (and thats all it takes on game day for this one) to do it straight through...testing more about speed and less about capacity...for most big dawgs that is (not speaking of others)..
if the scoring is for ranking...there will be some unhappy people as they'll miss out on a spot b/c of a few seconds...(which then makes the "judging" and height/weight factors become precise)
all in all...when said and done...there is nothing this weekend that should scare you (so far)...and when you have that feeling as you all should b/c of your training up to this point...stop at nothing and leave nothing there...ALL OUT!

OPT said...

oh yeah...i forgot...if you can get within seconds after day 1 and they leave the unknown workout up to a hopper (lasting 8-20 minutes)'re in the money as all that is left then is how much you want it...
maybe i'll test the pull up/squat one tomorrow and let you know how it goes...
when you sleep and have a "minute"...rehearse these as if you've done them 1000 times...if you stumble even in your thoughts about "tripping up" somehow...i.e. fractioning DL's, dropping bar, etc...go back over and over again until you have it locked in your unconscious that you have done it as fast and as furious without interruption...
now start thinking...err...i mean...visualizing..

PTS said...

nice music in the video. The White Stripes are one of my favorite bands to listen to when working out.

Brent Maier said...

Rocky Mountain will be total time for 3 events. 2 the first day and 1 the second day. Day 2 may be more of a grueling WOD because there is only one.

*mmm* The weight is light... Burpee's are like eating pumpkin cookies, light and easy to eat. :)

The game is on! Headed to the gym now to dabble in this weekends events.

Geoff Aucoin said...


10 + 7 K2E + 2 RPU rounds. K2E sucked, I forgot to kip at about round 4 and it was touch and go from there. Push-ups were tough, as expected. Neck wasn't too happy with those.

rwcorson said...

OPT's performance puts it into perspective in terms of what to strive for.

Rory Hanlin said...

Total rounds in 7 minutes: 10+4

I like how suddenly coach posts a monster score... very humbling... Oh and congrats on the PR!

Midwest games are scored as total time, with 3 WODs on Sat, one on Sun. Exactly like CFGames 08

Todd Dyer said...

12 rounds =+2 knees to elbows
all ring push ups straight thru
hard part was the k to e's had to call a few fouls on myself

Michael FitzGerald said...

11rds + 4 push-ups
The push-ups got hard, quick. And, I forgot how to do the kipping K2E's after 6 rds.

Ryan G. said...

- 9 + 4 Push Ups.

Wanted 10 so bad but failed a couple push ups in the last round... Next time.

Lauren said...

6.5 rounds

push-ups were challenging...

Grant said...

K2Es straight. PUs CTD. Helps to keep the straps really close on PUs but it rubs the hell out of the arms right above the elbow.

Laura said...

10 + 7K2E

K2E not so good!

Brent Maier said...

5 minutes of K2E/rPU's: 7 rounds w/20 seconds to spare.

Qualifier WOD#1 practice:
300lb DL x8
50M run
Split Time: 48 Seconds
300lb DL x3 and stopped

#1 Notes: x8 DL at the start not a problem. x8 from there is indeed tough. If I have to split these up I will but the lesson I learned tonight is to pace out my run.

WOD#2 practice:
x10 C2B Pullups
x5 165lb Front Squats
x10 Burpees
Time: 1:00 flat by my watch.

WOD#2 practice: Ran though this a second time with 5 reps of everything. I'll be able to hit the x10 FS the first round. From there on I think I have to play it by ear. From there on, it may be more beneficial to do 2 sets of x5 as opposed to grinding 10 WITH active rests.


Brent Maier said...

Welcome back Geoff and James you smoked todays WOD. Very humbling indeed! Thanks

deejay said...

10+ 4 RPU

CDunkin said...

NW qualifier is 1RM clean+SHOULDER PRESS, and deadlift.
afternoon wod: 5rds: 3mu, 30wallball, 6sdhp(135)

That's it. No other wod. No Sunday.

Gotta go All-Out. I have a feeling it will come down to multiple ties; which will go to lowest bodyweight.

David X said...

12 rounds + 1 K2E

Brent Maier said...
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Bernie said...

10 rounds even