Tues, Apr 6th, 2010

"measurement of performance and metabolic adaptation is a prerequisite for improving training" - Steinacker, 2003 (conference I attended on Rowing, national level coach)

NEVER lose sight of where you have come from

early May:

4 sets - rest 2 min b/t sets:
15 touch and go power snatch - 60% 1RM
R0w 250 m @ 80%
15 touch and go power snatch - 50% 1RM

Rest 10 min

4 sets - rest 2 min b/t sets:
15 unbroken chin ups
75 double unders
15 unbroken chin ups

late May:
3 x 30 m accelerating sprints @ 90% from push up position
walk rest b/t sets
rest 5 min
Run 200 m @ 90%
Walk 3:15
repeat 4 times
Rest 10 min
Run 200 m @ 90%
Walk 3:15
repeat 3 times

post loads, notes and times to comments
post HR scores post 200 m intervals as well if you can, there should be 8 scores


Eric Montgomery said...

This should be Tuesday April 6 right? Or did I miss today's?

Roch said...

Usually monday is rest day. I think its theusday (today)'s training.

Rory Hanlin said...

No HR monitor, timed 200's instead:

1st set: 33, 29, 29, 29
2nd set: 28, 29, 32

Rested a bit then did two sets of tabata mash:
Push Up
KBS 2pood

worked on speed and good technique

Chris Dunkin said...
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Chris Dunkin said...

Late: for now

1st: 28,28,30,31
2nd: 31,32,32

Brandon said...

Late May


Becky said...

times for 200s were 36, 36, 38, 39,
2nd set: 39, 43, 42
no hr moniter

then i did our gyms wod for the day which was a scaled version of horrible hundred
25 125# dl
25 75# squat c and j
25 55# thruster
25 35 # ohs

Martin Altemark said...

Was miserable and got sick during rest. Hoping for some of three H's instead now when going back.

200m sprints: 31, 31, 31, 31, 31, 33, 32

No HRM. Think I found 90% gear despite no running at all since Oct (felt that in my hip!). Might have been too hard anyways considering sick during weekend. Hopefully I'll wake up feeling good tomorrow.

Jonathan said...

early May


load on the bar set at 85#. May have been a few pounds light. Pressed a few out, as I got tired I focused on catching w/ arms locked. Row splits were in the 1:35-1:40 per 500 range.


tore up my hands pretty badly on the snatches, WTF. Minor surgery with a pocket knife and some tape in the 10 min rest, good to go. All PLU unbroken, DU's broken into sets of 15-60.

rest 1 hour, then a 6k row on the water.

CrossFit Coeur d'Alene

Stephen Flamm said...

Early May:

1RM = 160
60% = 95
50% = 80

Failed on rep 11 in the 6th, 7th, and 8th set of the power snatches. All chin-ups in part 2 were unbroken and butterfly, but required about :20-:30 rest after the double-unders. DUs broken into sets of 5-35. Grip was fatigued after Sunday's swings, and is now destroyed.

Corbin said...

Early May:
Snatch at 115# & 95#
Had to run instead of row
Only did 2 rounds of part 2, felt horrible, underfed, shut it down

Heavy Evy said...

Getting back to it tonight. Starting to get cabin fever from not training! I didn't look at the blog for a week, to resist the urge of jumping back to early. It is a bit late, but wanted to say how cool it was to meet so many of the dawgs last weekend. Was my first event and was blown away by the support you get from fellow competitors, it sure beats getting high sticked in hockey, or intentionally hit by a pitch in ball!

There are too many moments to single out from that weekend, but the biggest thing that I came away with, was one of the "3 H's", hunger. I'm not moving on to regionals, but now I have an idea of what I need to improve on, every rep counts.....unless your not making ROM! Never would have thought the COVP pu's would be the movement to cripple me in the "cnd crippler"!

Good Luck to everyone moving on!


Oh and it goes with out saying thankyou OPT for the awesome program to follow.

Melissa said...

Late May.

Great to have coach BK back and more inspired than ever!

200M Sprints: 38, 37, 38, 39

During the second round BK encouraged me to not try to keep up with the guys but just match foot speed for quicker turnover.

200M: 40, 38, 37 - the last one was the easiest of all. Finally felt like it took less effort to go faster.

Melisa C said...

Late May:

80% - 48, 47, 46, 45
90% - 45, 47(traffic slowed me up), 46

Notes: Did this on lunch break, didn't take the 10m rest due to lack of time.

Melisa C said...

Oops, see now they were both supposed to be @ 90%. My bad.

Ryan Thompson said...

Early May:

Holy hell did my back seize up on me!
Part 1
Made it three rounds before I would F myself.
Max Power Snatch 205
60% 125
50% 102.5

About to start part 2

Ryan Thompson said...

Part 2
3:35 Jump rope SNAFU

Lauren said...

late May

1st set - 33,31,32,32
rest 10 min
2nd set - 33,34,34

ran at MRC track

Garage Crossfitter said...


Felt gooood, didnt do HR, dont have monitor.

Brent Maier said...

38/6'2"/198 - Early May

PS/Row/PS: 60%(115#) 50%(95#)

10 min rest

2:02 - Had to get back to work, went to jumping with no 2 min break going into last round.

Part I: Backed down from my max snatch about 7.5kg because of strange pain from pp workout. Goal after round 1 was to stay under 4 minutes. All rows were 1:38-1:40 pace.

Part II: Not much to say really other than this was a battle.

This workout was not for the feint hearted. Of all the OPT workouts to date, this one I believe caused me to shed the most blood. I'm a mess AND I finished the bugger! Tending my wounds and back to work...

Chad Hall said...

Late May

Seconds/HR (palpated)

1. 32/150
2. 31/174
3. 32/168
4. 33/168

5. 33/162
6. 34/168
7. 33/168

Ran on 1/2 the dirt high school track. Felt pretty good. I feel confident that they were all at 90%, still had some gas left, but not much.

jhk said...

Part 1.
No idea what 1RM is so guessed at %'s.
60% @ 90#/50% @ 75#
All Rows around 50 seconds
Set 1-3:37 Straight through for all
Set 2-4:14 8/7-row-10/5
Set 3-4:41 8/4/3-row-10/5
Set4 -4:22 8/7-row-8/7
Pretty tough, might have guessed wrong on loads. But good to work on snatches.
Part 2.
Set 1-1:57 15/75/8,7
Set 2-2:02 15/75/15
Set 3-2:16 15/50,25/15
Set 4-2:16 15/50,25/15
First set forgot they were supposed to be unbroken and just jumped right back on the bar. Other sets 10 to 15 sec break after DU.
Both work outs gassed me pretty good, but really enjoyed them.
What's next?

joey warren said...

Early May: Holy grip killer!

part1: PS/Row/PS: 60%(120#), 50%(100#), all rows=1:45pace

1. 2:50- unbroken
2. 3:25 - unbroken
3. 4:21 - broke 120#PS 9,6; unbroken 95#
4. 4:01 - broke 120#PS 5,5,5; broke 95# 10,5

10 min rest- no grip at this point, mad I had to breakup PS

part2: CUs/DUs/CUs

1. 2:01
2. 2:31
3. 2:49
4. 2:26

Had to rest before chinups, chinups all unbroken, DUs broken a couple times each set except last set unbroken-TOUGH WORKOUT

Wes hendricks said...

Oh man early may looked like a lot of fun today!

23/149(yes I am moving on up)
Late may:

1st set: 36/180-35/180-34/172-34/168
2nd set: 34/168-35/172-34/180

I took HR for ten seconds then multiplied by six, not sure how accurate it is. Runs felt good. My hamstrings are incredibly tight from sundays speed DL's and GHD raises.

Yelvi said...

1st Set: 28/28/30/29
2nd Set: 27/28/27

Felt good. Forgot to take HR. Lower legs felt a little tired today due to a pretty good pool workout with fins yesterday.

Lisa M said...

All runs were around 39 - 40 seconds didn't do HR. Calf and knee felt good until last 200m then tightened up a bit but overall good.

false grip and HSPU work afterwards

Brian Maier said...

Early May:

60%(115#) - 50%(95#)

5:19 (failed on 2nd set of chinups so had to start over - son of a $!@&)

Part 1 felt pretty good today but Part 2 was a real different story. The unbroken chin ups freakin killed me! Forearms were ready to explode. 2 min rest b/t sets just wasn't enough time for me to recover. Higher times in rounds 2,3 and 4 were a result of longer rest periods (approx. 3 min) b/t sets so nearly 1 min elapsed before i even started round.

This was one of the harder workouts I can remember!

unit said...

did some heavy metcons yesterday after 4 days off... went 2 WI 2 visit the fam briefly... much needed...

early may-er:

part 1- 115 / 95 ... 50 yards from bar 2 rower...
1- 3:37 - ub / 1:45/500 / ub
2- 3:38 - ub / 1:47/500 / ub
3- 3:45 - ub / 1:47/500 / ub
4- 4:04 - 10,5 / 1:48/500 / ub
total ~ 15:04

15 min rest [had 2 wait 4 the pullup bar 2 free up...]

part 2- all du's unbroken
1- 1:39
2- 1:49
3- 1:57
4- 2:03
total ~ 7:28

notes: my 4arms and grip are smashed!...


jason said...

1st set: 32/170, 30/168, 31/172, 30/170
2nd set: 30/172, 31/172, 31/172

First time working with HRM. Interesting to see the numbers.
New bodyweight of 180. Up 15# from early fall. Defintely feeling the extra mass but its getting better quickly.

Roch said...

Late May:

-Started with a 400m run 100% (55sec)
I never did it wanted to see what would be my time.

-29 sec.


Felt sick after the first set of 4 but I talked to myself a bit and and just kept going, could not let Mizar finish that one alone ;)
Thanks Brother.

LuLu said...

Late May

Rowed 200m @ 90% cuz track was a GONG SHOW of people, could not sprint and rowing is much weaker than my running.

1. 43 sec
2. 45 sec
3. 45 sec
4. 45 sec

Rested for 5 min

1. 45 sec
2. 46 sec
3. 46 sec

Notes: Played with the damper but not much difference. Rowing is finally getting better :)

Brian Maier said...

Unit...those are some freakishly good times on Part 2. Awesome Job!! But, I'm disappointed, round 4 over 2min...WTF?

dmarsh said...

Late May



Last 75m of each run uphill, which got nasty by the end. Dammit, forgot to measure heart rate.

Michael McCabe said...

late may

30, 32, 32, 32
31, 32, 32

hammies were tight (had to do sundays deadlift/ghd work yesterday a.m.) but otherwise felt good; getting better at finding my "gears", knowing difference between 80, 90, 95%

Emilie P-B said...

Late May:
All 200 meters were run in 33-34 sec.

ken c said...

late may

1st set: 29 29 29 29
2nd set: 29 29 29

100m turn around. just a wrist watch so could get the 10th of seconds. don't have a hr monitor.

Joey O said...


1st Set: 35, 32, 32, 32

2nd Set: 33, 32, 33

Was awkward at first finding 90% as this was my first percentage run, but pretty happy I was able to stay consistent. Didnt have a HR monitor though

Ali Loach said...

First day back and it felt soooo good.
All runs done between 33 and 35 seconds.
Totally forgot about the HR.
Whoops :o)

Glad to be back.

Mike Molloy said...

28yo/ 5'10''/ 172

Late May:

Tried to measure heart beat by counting for 10 seconds and failed miserably.


1: 31
2: 29
3: 30
4: 32

5: 32
6: 33
7: 32

Wes, go drink a bunch of water just to clear 150... it'll make me feel better when you keep crushing me at the strength movements with 20 less pounds.

DeeJay said...


exp. said...

late May:

did all sprints and runs...forgot to time them...

all runs felt good though!

Mizar said...

1st Set: 30.71, 30.82, 30.67, 30.09

2nd Set: 29.97, 30.01, 30.50, 29.49

BK said...

The weekend at OPT was beyond description, such great energy being around positive striving coaches.
Great AHA moment looking at the wod today and the enrgy system involved and knowing what I am supposed to be feeling in this Anaerobic Lactic Power session.
Felt great.

Hari said...

Late May
Subed Rows due to Calf Strain

37.7, 37.6, 38.7, 39.8

40.2, 39.8, 40.4

david83 said...

Done at CFC
First Set done

Second Group

Third Group

Felt not bad today however during the second grouping my hamstrings were not feeling great


Thad said...

1. :31/146
2. :30.6/156
3. :30/152
4. :32/148

1. :31/176
2. :31/164
3. :32/160
HR may not be real accurate

Shire Strength and Conditioning said...

3.45, 3.35, 3.43, 3.50
bar set to 45kg
row kept below 1.45/500m pace

Eric Montgomery said...
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Eric Montgomery said...

Early May--had to cut both parts to 3 sets each due to time constraints.
Part 1: 3:03, 3:43, 4:09. Power snatches got rough and grip was gone after first round. Used 90lbs for 60% and 75lbs for 50%.
Part 2: 3:55, 3:27, 3:53. DU rhythm was hit or miss.

Chad said...





Felt good...about right on with 90% effort. I'm pumped...got a half M in Denver this weekend. Shooting for 100 minutes. Never run more than a 15k.

Kendra said...

Been doing main site WODS for a while now, about a year. But I want to go to sectionals next year so I'm jumping on here!
First set: 40, 43, 42, 43
Second set: 43, 44, 45
Didn't do HR. I'm not too sure if I was at 90%...hoping to get better at feeling that.

Aaron said...

Late May-

Heavy Evy said...

3x30m: Approx 5sx3 HR 148

rest 5min


rest 10min


Heart rate is approximate, as my counting stinks when I'm gassed. Eatin' bees after the break, looking forward to tommorows session already.

Steve Howell said...

Late May

rest 10 min

didn't check heart rate.

Jenny said...

Early may:
My body wasn´t with me today. Sore throat.

i did 4 rounds of part 1, only 2 of part 1.

Sorry, no timing..
My son is sick and I guess I will be laying in bed tomorrow:(

Pete M said...

Got up to about 95% on the 30m sprints, felt good.

29/160, 29/160, 29/150, 28, 160
5 min rest
28/150, 27/160, 28, 160

May have gone a little over 90%, but the recovery was good and felt fresh for each run.

Jason Buzzard said...



The battery in my heart rate monitor died so I just timed the runs. Legs started feeling a bit "funny" in the third run and stayed that way through out. I am still trying to figure how 70%,80% and 90% feels.

Jami said...

Early May:

Part I

60%1RM used 40kg
50%1RM used 35kg


Had to break down 2nd snatch from 2nd set onwards. Shut down on last set as lower back was starting to give referred pain to my thigh. Felt disappointed on this one as only reason stopping me was low back pain.

Part II

3.06/3.11/3.40/2.54, all CU unbroken

Notes: Still having some achilles tendon issues so had to sub box steps (40) for DUs on rounds 2 and 4. Starting to feel strong on chin-ups.

All in all, a very tough day and brought up my two re-current injuries. Will give my calf few weeks of rest from skipping and running now, I think and focus on icing and re-hab.

Pete said...


My heart rate monitor has been off lately so I'm not sure if these readings are accurate or not. I was in Miami for work so I did these on hard packed sand on the beach. Doing sprints under the beaming sun took the HR rate up a few beats I think. I haven't been in that kind of heat since last summer.

Geoff 52yom/5'11"/215# said...

First time posting. Did late May yesterday. Guesstimated 200m, looking at my times probably a little short. Forgot to take HR. I guess you could say I forgot these were 90% runs
32.2, 29.7, 30.2, 30.1
30.5, 29.8, 30.5
Self-timed, so I 'm sure there is some error there.
Thanks for the workouts.

Jeremy said...

Been doing opt for a couple of weeks now, first time posting. A few days behind. Need a new HR monitor battery - a lot of my laps were inaccurately posting at 200+ bpm.
32.53, 32.42, 31.88, 30.96
33.28, 31.29, 31.61

tried really hard to beat 30 but it didn't happen.
- Jeremy Stecker
Eugene Crossfit

Becky said...

backing up a week. so did this today 4/13

60% = 63 did 65
50%=52 did 55

finish time was 16: something. unbroken
form was bad. bent arms too early

part 2, did all sets of 15 unbroken!!! yeah.
however did come prepared to do du's. took me 19: 15 to finish.

Chris Dunkin said...

Early May:
WU: sn balance up to 185



ext rot: 30lb 3x10
powell raise: 20lb 3x12

stupid to warm up with the snatch balance. first two sets unbroken and then the wheels came off; i used straps and finished with broken sets 8/7,6/4/5
Du's got all fouled up on round three then got it back for round 4. ran on empty today