Sun, Apr 18, 2010

early May:
part 1:
Run 800 m x 3 @ 100%
rest 7 min b/t sets

rest as needed

part 2:
for time:
10 power snatch - 135#
30 burpees
20 power snatch - 115#
20 burpees
30 power snatch - 95#
10 burpees

late May:
part 1:
A1. 40 wall balls (20#/14# to 10 ft) unbroken x 4 sets: rest 180 sec
A2. 30 unbroken chin ups x 4 sets; rest 180 sec

rest as needed

part 2:
as many rounds in 16 minutes:
12 HSPU (hands elevated on 45# bumpers - medium grip)
25 AbMat sit ups
20 x 2 pd/1.5 pd KBS

post times, notes and rounds to comments


Jenny said...

Early may:
Confused.. I made i mistake and rested 3 min between sets! Sorry!
1. 3 min
2. 3.25
3. 3.20

Mr.Lundmark said...

Late may, part 1:
A1. No ball or height at home, did thrusters with empty bb instead (20kg/44 lbs). 40/40/30/40. Broke the third round because I was not feeling my shoulders anymore. Changed technique into more legdrive. Fourth round was a pain - higher tempo, but finished.
A2: No place to do kipping chinups in, subbed to strict chinups. 10/10/10/fail(8)/rested 3 mins/10.

Rested ~1 hr.
Part 2:
Subbed HSPU's to 4. (PR is 7). Only had a 1.5 pd kbs at home :(
5 laps +4 HSPU. HSPU's was 1+3/3+1/unbr/unbr/unbr/3+1

Felt really tired during the second part, I think my nutrition today has been a little bit too low. HSPU's felt really good tho, never done so many reps with so little breaks.

Martin Altemark said...

Rested yesterday after a party this friday... Going after Saturdays WODs today:

part 1
A. 2x170kg deadlifts
B1. 3x70kg, 3x75kg, 3x80kg, 3x80kg, 3x70kg, 3x75kg
B2. 17, 11, 10, 11, 10, 10
C. 3x18 GHD reaises (45 degree bench..)
D. 3x18 40kg russian swings

Like the DL! Been feeling weak in this lift for awhile, but now things are clearing up a bit (3x160 last week).
Practised tech in PC because tech breakes down with 80+kgs. Really must learn how to stay in heels and not jump wide with feet (bend those darn knees instead!).
Put in some swings with raises because the 40kg KB yelled for attention.

Pete said...

I think I got food poisoning after yesterday's first workout. Couldn't keep anything down, major chills etc so I had to skip the part 2 runs. Feeling better now but definitely don't have the juice to do today's WODS either. I haven't eaten anything in close to 20 hours.

I'll have to hit these up tommorrow.


Garage Crossfitter said...

I decided to only do Part II today due to time retraints with our house being shown (we are selling it). After part II i had a few more minutes so i banged out 2 sets of WB and CHINS with a 15 min rest between wods

Part II
3 rd + 4 hspu
* HSPU done on 3.5 inch 45# bumpers, wow those were way harder. Situps and swings unbroken.

Part I
40 x2 WB unbroken
30 x2 CHINS unbroken

über Bania said...

early May:

so dusty in Iraq :( nasty headwind with dust on the 2nd one.

Thad said...

Late May
A1.UB, UB, UB, 19/13/8
A2.UB, UB, 27/3, 21/5/4
After breaking 3rd rnd of PU's I lost all focus

REST 1 hour

3 rnds +10HSPU
HSPU all strict first set was good then all singles and doubles

Poly said...

I absolutely fell apart on a workout last Sunday, I'm suspecting that I may be experiencing some overtraining. Took the whole week off, starting some active recovery this week. Doing the workouts at a very moderate pace.

Early may workout:
3:40, 3:30, 3:20
Nice, easy pace, but I still struggled.

Part 2: 18:25
Really took my time on this one, and it still crushed me.

I'm going to keep taking it pretty easy this week, next Tuesday I will try full speed again. I swear I will stop filling rest days with other workouts, and skipping my post workout carbs. I don't ever want to feel this way again.

Michael McCabe said...

late may part 1
a1. ub, ub, 21+19, 26+14
a2. ubx4 (didn't do COVP though)

that's all i have in me today, rest and recover hard until tuesday!

Rory Hanlin said...

A1. all unbroken
A2. all unbroken (chin over bar)


Melisa C said...

Late May

A1. 25/15, 15/5/10/10, 15/10/15, UB
Finally found a good groove at the end
A2. 10/10/10, 10/10/5/5, 10/5/5/5/5, 10/5/5 blood blister formed to finished with 10 ring rows to avoid a tear
*max pullups is 21 so 30 UB is a stretch

Rest 1 hour

Part 2:
HSPU to one ab mat, hands on floor
3 rounds + 5 HSPU

PTS said...

A1. 3rds unbroken. 4th rd 32/8
A2. 3rds unbroken. 4th rd 18/6/6

Tlaw said...

Only Part 2. Winding down for affiliate team tryout saturday
6 rds and 3hspu
HSPU with bands

Lauren said...

Late May
A1. Unbroken (used plastic med ball)
A2. Did AMRAP instead since 30 is stretch - 26, 25, 25, 21, 20

rested 30 min ish

Part 2- 3 rounds on the dot. Just did HSPU to floor since those are still a struggle for me

jhk said...

Part 1:
A1. 40/40/40/30,10
A2. 30/30/30/30

Rest 30 minutes

Part 2:
4rds + 8 HSPU

Martin Altemark said...

part 2 from yesterdays late may:

5x1km run: 3:43, 3:47, 3:47, 3:51, 3:47

Consistent times, but still slower than I liked. And it was harder than I liked. Only second time running this year (first time 200m sprints the other week), so I guess it'll come...

DAVE X said...

I did two rds of Part 1:
A1. 34-6/20-20
A2. 20-10/16-14

Then I did the second event from my sectional in Jersey.

10 Front squat
20 double unders
8 Front squat
30 double unders
6 Front squat
40 double unders
4 Front squat
50 double unders
2 Front squat
60 double unders

My original time was 12:07.
Time today: 7:29.

Don't ask my why... This was the time I was shooting for last month, but I tripped over my dong the whole time.


Rory Hanlin said...

Late May Part 2

4 rounds plus 6 HSPU

Rd 1: all strict
Rd 2: all strict
Rd 3: 6 strict, 6 kip
Rd 4: all kip

ken c said...

late may

part 1
A1. all unbroken.
A2. all unbroken.

part 2
since i'm terrible at hspu i decided to cut the rep scheme in half to keep things moving.
(6 hspu, 9 kbs, 12 sit ups).

6 rounds + 5 hspu.

very hard on the hspu. had to kip most of them. doubles and singles after round one.

PTS said...

late may part 2:

used 25lb plates.

1 rd plus 11 HSPU.

spent the whole time doing the HSPU's. Probably should have done regular HSPU's.

HSPU's have remained a weakness I just can't shake.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Pt 1.
All WB unbroken, 2 rounds pull-ups unbroken then 21/4/3/2 anf 21/3/3/3. I felt like 5 kinds of crap during this, not sure why. Tured?

Pt 2. (60 or less minutes later)
2 rounds + 5 HSPU. Goal was 3 rounds but what do you do. HSPU felt like max effort. Swings unbroken.

Rest day tomorrow!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Hahahaaha, holy crap. 'Tired' is more like it... I think I answered my own question. I am a turd.

exp. said...

Part 1:
A1: UB/UB/UB/33+2+5...last one hurt...shoulders smoked
A2: UB/UB/UB/26+4...almost had this last set...all chins COVP...

Chad Hall said...

Working a day behind. Posted yesterday's wod there. Got 235x3 on my power cleans and very happy with that since my 1RM is 240. Thanks coach for the pointers on the video a week ago!

Michael FitzGerald said...

Late May
A1. All unbroken x 4 sets
A2. UB/UB/20 only/3...quit

Rest 20 min

3 rds + 10 HSPU

DeeJay said...

Late May -
part 1:
all unbroken untill last round of pullups, 20-6-4...

20 mins rest

Part 2:
2 rounds + 10 HSPU

Paul Klein said...

Late May:



Unbroken wall balls really exposes my work capacity issues.

Rest 4 hours:
Part 2: 2 rounds + 4 HSPU

The wheels came off today, these were two really hard workouts for me.

Geoff, tured is how they pronounce "tired" here in the south so I knew what you meant!

über Bania said...

early May:
part 2:
dinner break plus rest equals 6 hours total rest.

Splits: 4:19, 6:20(fml), 4:32
about 66,000 lb-ft of work
avg 72 lb-ft/sec

DAVE X said...

Hey Rory,
Are you prequalifed for regionals from last year?

Mike Molloy said...

28 5'10'' 171#

Part 1:
Holy hell, that sucked.

Part 2:
4 Rounds.


Part 1 was brutal as wall ball is a big weakness. Definitely a mental toughness workout.

Part 2 went pretty well. I actually got the first set of HSPUs unbroken. From there on out it was sets of 4, then 2,2,2...

Heavy Evy said...

Falling behind. If I don't get my basement reno done soon my wife is going to cut my...........gym card up.
Will be playing catch up on Monday.

Roch said...

Late may:

A1. Unbroken
A2. Unbroken

Part2: 5rounds 2/3

Nathan H. said...

Early May:
2:38, 2:45, 2:50
Was sticking to a pace for this. Aiming for 37-38 second 200m. First one probably could've gone 10 seconds faster going ALL out. The 2nd and 3rd were with everything I had. Feet burned badly.

Left rotator cuff was very sore today (bench press?). I didn't want to push it with snatches, so I kept it simple and fast.

30 Doubleunders
30 Burpees
40 Doubleunders
20 Burpees
50 Doubleunders
10 Burpees


Glad tomorrow is a rest.

Mizar said...

Par 1:
A1. unbroken
A2. unbroken

Part 2:
5 rounds + 7 HSPU

Nathan H. said...

Bania, what unit are you with?

Brian Maier said...

Early May:

Where's all the early May posters? It's getting lonely in here.

not enough time to split part 1 and 2 up today.

part 1:

7min rest

part 2:

12:50....bad idea to do these back to back.

joey warren said...

Early May:
part 1: at high school track

2:14 (I think a PR), 2:32, 2:41

just tried to hang on the last 2 sets- 7 min rest never felt so short

rest 3.5 hours



burpees felt hard, didnt feel quick, breathing very hard, felt good to go hard though- nice BURNER!

exp. said...

Part 2:
3 rounds + 3 HSPU

...great WOD!

Brent Maier said...


Warmup: 10 hour drive from Salt Lake
Part I: 10:29 (2:36/4:20/3:33)
5 min rest
Part II: 3:20/3:09/3:00 - Incline @ 2

I'm not happy with the times but I am happy I wrustled up the strength to get these done after such a long drive. Any other day I would have taken today off but I can't afford to take any days off just 2 weeks out. Back is still hurt but hanging in there.

Brandon said...

Late May
Part 1
A1. UB/UB/UB/28-12
A2. 19/18/20/20 (max is 22 so I went for max effort each time)

Part 2
3 rds + 2HSPU - not rx'd.

Notes: Pullups felt great and I am making progress. Never had rounds like this.

I also dealt with a HUGE mental block with HSPUs today. I have always scaled them for workouts, but today I decided to do them head to floor with no plates or mats and I got them done. Ugly kips and a slow pace, but I will take it. A great way to end the weekend - thanks so much coach!

Steve Howell said...

I spent all day driving in the car, didn't have time to get to the WOD's today.

Stephen Flamm said...

Haven't posted this week as I tapered a little bit to prepare for my gym's Affiliate Cup tryouts. We used the Military Online Qualifier WODs:

1. 3 rnds of 7 FS @ 185 and 7 MU
2. 5 rnds of 10 DL @ 225, 10 BJ to 24", and 10 TTB
3. 150 DU, 30 thrusters @ 135, and 30 CTB PU

Happy to say that I made the cut with a total time of 25:38. Pleased with my performance, especially with the FS and thrusters - those are weak moves for me - especially at those weights - but I felt pretty good throughout.

Thanks again James for the tremendous programming - these events would have crushed me had I attempted them pre-OPT back in November.

Michelle said...

Part 1:
A1) 33/7; 21/7/12; 20/2/18; 5/4/2/1/7/13/8
A2) 30(yah, my only unbroken set); 20/4/6; 10/10/4/3/3; 7/5/3/2/2/2/2/2/2/3
Part 2: one hour later
hands on 55# plates and used band for assist on the HSPUs so I could actually get my head to the floor
3 rounds + 12 hspus + 25 sit ups

Anonymous said...

Part 1
A1. 40/40/40/34, then 6 singles
A2. 30/30/30/30

Part 2
4 rounds + 10 HSPU's
(HSPU's off of 4 inch plates)

Rested 3 .5 hours and seriously needed 5-6 hours between these two.

Benorama said...

No gym access today. Still ramping up from break.

90 minute soccer game, rested 30 minutes, then,

A1. Max pullups on outdoor bar, 3min rest
A2. Matching number of burpees, 3 min rest. 4 rounds

13, 14, 20, 21

über Bania said...


A Co 1-504, 82nd Abn in Ramadi. Some of us are here, others are at Al Asad right now.

Robs said...

Early May

Part 2:

Rory Hanlin said...



I'll be damned, that is my old company in the deuce. Its a small world. I think I remember you coming into the unit. You are 3rd PLT right?

Stay vigilant over there

über Bania said...


Yes,small world indeed. They drafted me into 2nd plt fall 08 :( I miss 3rd. Where you at now??

Martin Altemark said...

Working from behind here...

As warmup did 1 round of 40xunb WB, 30xunb pullups then

part 2 as Rx'd: 3 rounds+2 HSPU. Shoulders died on me (go figure..)

Aaron said...

Late May-
A1. All unbroken
A2. Unbroken,unbroken,29+1,15+8+7
this one hurt, grip went out on third set

2 rounds + 17 sit-ups

I needed about 5-6 hours between workouts, I only had 60 minutes.

Jason Buzzard said...

Late May

Part 2: 3 rounds

HSPU became the limiting factor on this. Swings and sit ups were unbroken and didnt seem so bad. Didnt do part one due to having a soccer game in the morning. I didnt know if it would be better to do both work outs after the game or not.

Michael said...

Does anyone know exactly when "late may" is supposed to be peaking? My Regional is May 29-30 and I was going to pick back up w/ big dawg program but didn't know if it was to peak that weekend or the weekend before? Thanks

Melissa said...

Late May

Did these for unbroken rounds:

four rounds of 20 ub wall ball (14 lb, 10 ft)
kips: 20, 16, 14, 14

Nathan H. said...


I used to know a ton of dudes in the 82 (went through the first 3 phases of the SFQC in 02, but was too immature at the time to see it through).
And was with 1/18 INF when I was deployed in 06-07, ETSd feb 08.

And as Rory said, stay vigilant.


Lisa M said...

A day behind due to scheduling issues as usual:

A 21/19, 23/17, 18/12/10, 20/18/2 damn dropped it by accident i so wanted to do 20/20
A2 26PR/4 23/7, 20/10, 13/7/10 ouch

Ouch my forearms are fried and my damn lats!!

Wall balls have come a long way it was a struggle for me to do 10 in a row - also am doing them with 16# because that is all i have so i am hoping it will pay off if they come up at regionals and it is a 14# ball

Michelle said...

Lisa M....I was wondering where you were???? Great job with the 16# ball!

Lisa M said...

Hey Michelle

I was on holidays in Phoenix so wasn't able to do all the WODS and did't post a couple times because i was on the golf course - hee hee!! Glad to be back and get diet and workouts back on track.

Where is Ali???

unit said...

working behind a bit :^(

sat WODs
A1- 225/230/235/240/245/245/245
A2- 275/285/295/305/315/315/315

10min rest

B- 7:55
last 7 MUs took 3:30... painful

15min rest

attempted the metcon for today... no gas or pop, so called it off as i didn't feel i could keep the intensity as needed for performance improvement; thus decided to run the 800's:

2:39, 3 min rest
2:33, 3 min rest

DB Ex Rot 25lbs ea x8
Powell raises 25lb ea x8
trap raises 20lb ea x8


Melisa C said...

Micheal - if you follow late May you'd be right on track. That is when the Canadian Regionals are as well.

Kendra said...

Late May.. did this wod today (Monday) cause I was very sick yesterday and feeling a bit better today!
Part 1.
A1. 35 wall ball UB (14# to 10 ft target)for first 2, 20 the third round, 30 the fourth
A2. 12 pull ups UB (kipping) for all 4
pretty okay with the wall balls as i have never done the 10 ft target before, only 8- a lot different!

rest for 10 minutes approx
part 2
4 rounds, 12 HSPU
sit ups all UB
HSPU were in green and purple band but did use plates
1.5 pd KB swings broken 12/8 or 10/10

Chad Hall said...

Late May Day Behind.

Part 1
A1: unbroken
A2: UB, UB, 25/5, 18/7/4/1

Notes: wall ball were great, happy with them. all covp, grip toast after 3rd round.

Part 2 (4 hours post)
3rds + 6 HSPU

I'm ok with this, wanted at least 3. HSPU were definitely limiting factor, everything else unbroken.

Carrie McG said...

late may day late (studying)

part 1:
A1: 30UB, 30UB, 30UB, 17-5-4-4
A2: 12 UB pullups x4
should have done ~15 PU.
scaled WB to 30 reps (1st time using 10ft target, that sucked). good number. had to dig deep to keep it unbroken, and the last set the wheels fell off.

part 2 (approx 20 min later):
4 rounds exactly
(HSPU in green/purple bands but on 45# plates)
feel like i have no gas. poor eating and sleep lately due to exams (it's all coffee and late nights).. can't wait till it's over.

Jenny said...

late may, a day behind:

A1. 40 wall balls UB x 4
A2. scaled to 20 chin-ups. 1st and 3d sets UB, others broken into 17-3 and 10-10.

rested 9 hours (went to class)

I did not do part II because my HSPU are not there yet -- to abmat are pretty easy but full-range gets me to failure pretty quickly. Instead I spent 45 mins doing negatives from plates, then head-to-floor singles, doubles, and one triple (a personal best).