Tues, Apr 27, 2010

pain for over 7 minutes at end, went 23:44 increasing wattage; 319-358 w for last 7 minutes; HR @ 184-192 for last 4 minutes; VO2 max - 78.9, highest RER - 1.08
The cool idea behind the orthomitochondrial medicine is that it is using a souped up metabolic cart measuring a more functional terrain besides the basics above.
What comes from it is more knowledge in terms of making machines with the precise prescription based on the starting points; key things re-iterrated - one must diagnose first, i.e. assess, DO NOT guess!

competing next weekend:
A. Power Clean - 1,1,1; rest 5 min
B. OHS - 115# x 8; 0 sec rest, 25 unbroken double unders; rest 2 min x 4
C. Run 400 m @ 95%; rest 4 min x 2

May 8-9:
A. Dead Lift @ 12X0; build to a 1RM -5%; rest as needed
B1. KBS - 2/1.5pd x 20 unbroken; rest 10 sec
B2. Clap Push Ups @ 10X0; 15 x 3; rest 3 min
5 suicides - 3 min rest b/t each
(place 1 cone 10 m out, 2nd cone 20 m out, 3rd cone 30 m out; SPRINT to 1st cone and back, then 2nd cone and back, then 3rd cone and back; rest, repeat for 5 sets)

late May:
5 sets for total working time;
100 double unders
20 burpees
rest 3 min

post loads, times, and notes to comments
double tomorrow for May 8/9 competitors


Geoff Aucoin said...

I'm guessing this is 'Amanda?'


Sad story, give it all you got, Dawgs.

On a happier/more hopeful note; I'm off to the hospital with my wife.

Rainer said...

Sub for DU's? Achilles tendon/knee still messed up.

Nathan H. said...

I've spent the last 30 minutes or so looking through Amanda's blog. Tragic. RIP.

James, I'm reading Dr. Frank's book right now... I'm guessing that's the bio-energy test? I looked online and there is a testing site about 40 minutes away, after regionals I'm gonna go down there. I'll post my results. The O2/CO2 explanation really sold me on the idea.

I made up a part of the workout from 2 days ago:

1000m Row: 3:05.7 PR, ratio: .42
Rest 1 hour
100kg/5, 108kg/5, 108kg/5
Total in lbs: 3380

Jon M said...

Thanks for the May 8-9 specific programming coach. I haven't done a suicide since HS football.

OPT said...

rainer, bike sprint @ 90% for 90 sec if you can

nathan, let me know all the scores you get as the test spits out some nice info i'd like to have as well, thx

Mr.Lundmark said...

"Amanda": Subbed 100 DU's for 400 meter rowing.
Scores are row time / total time.
1. 1:09/2:52
2. 1:23/3:27 (totally crashed on the rowing here, had way too high output).
3. 1:25/2:47
4. 1:24/2:45
5. 1:26/3:03 (Was reaaally stoked here, fran-feeling except that my stomache-muscles were all out).

I was really disappointed when I crashed in the second round but looking back at it I can tell that I learned a hell of a lot from that.

Even though I didn't do it as RX'd, this workout was rougher than I thought and it taught me a lot (about myself). Thanks.

PTS said...


total time 14:36

had a partner today and he subbed 400m row for DU's(good call Mr. Lundmark). his times were mid 3's.

I tried to keep in my mind during the workout how much Amanda would have loved to had the chance to complete one more workout.

Thanks for the input yesterday guys.

Spider said...


Total WOD 25:10
Total Work 13:10

Melisa C said...

Late May

Total WOD: 25.13
Total Work: 13.13

Burpees got to me at the end.

dmarsh said...


Total working time: 10:38

D.U. unbroken sets 2 & 3. Two breaks in other sets.

RIP Amanda and thanks James for this tribute.

Steve Howell said...

Late May

Total time = 8:13

*only broke up DU's in rnd 1 80/20
* all sets of burpees were unbroken

RIP Amanda

Thad said...

Late May

Total working time= 10:57
Struggled with DU's lots of breaks except for Rnd 2 only 2 breaks

Alex Bureau said...

10min18 without rest
22min18 rest included

Brandon said...

Late May

My two biggest weaknesses together...could've time myself with a sundial today, but I wasn't going to sub or quit because from everything I read Amanda wouldn't have either.

Total: 27:40 not including rest

God Bless You Amanda!

Brandon said...

One more thing...
I used to live in NorCal and now live in SoCal and I am sure some of you are trying to figure out what to do re: the change of Games venue. Please let me know if you have questions or I can help.

If you have tickets and can't change them, JetBlue and Southwest frequently have $39 flights several times a day from Oakland/San Fran to Long Beach (20 minutes or so from the site) or LAX (don't go here unless you have no other choices - traffic is miserable and the airport is a mess).

There are a ton of places to stay, but you want to make sure you are on the right side of traffic especially on Thursday, Friday or trying to get out Monday. I would suggest going west towards the beach towns or south towards Long Beach from the site. North and East gets you into some sketchy parts of LA.

Like I said, I have gotten so much from Coach's programming and trying to keep up just a bit with the Big Dawgs, if I can help, I would love to.
email: floridagatorbh@msn.com

Martin Altemark said...
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Martin Altemark said...

Nostrils still a bit shut from that cold, and calves fucked after FS tw days ago, but what the hell. Here's for Amanda!

1:58, 2:09, 2:46, 2:49, 3:26. Total working time 12:59

Not very good at these intense ones (what am I good at? Hmmm...), and got really uncomfy today. Tripped very much at DUs today. Not any round broken less than 5-6 times...

Benorama said...

Late May:

2:44, 2:56, 3:40, 3:14, 2:50
Total working time: 15:24

Notes: Legs felt heavy going into the wod. Probably a bad move to have stretched Sunday's double into two days.

This blog entry by Amanda has given me lots to think about today: http://amandaredmiller.blogspot.com/2010/01/taking-to-long.html

Rob Sifton said...

Sad to hear about Amanda.

A community like this is amazing I have read James', Robb W and other posts about what they and others did for her. Truely amazing. The numerous dedications and comments regarding Amanda are almost overwhelming, Wish I had the opportunity to meet in her in person.

Thanks James, and everyone else. I don't comment much here anymore. I ALWAYS make time to read the comments, I am proud to say that I am part of this community. (If only lurking sometimes)


Bear said...

Early may

A. 190 kg: http://vimeo.com/11270013
B1. unbrokenx3
B2. unbrokenx3
Sucides aka Idioten, Sets between 29-23 sek: http://vimeo.com/11270195

190 kg felt easy, 200 coming up! Swings good, push-ups became uglier and uglier but 1st and 2nd good form. In Sweden we call the last one "Idioten", that is: The Idiot :)

Bear said...

Forgot to tell you that in my warm up I did a total of 10 triple unders, pretty easy today! :)

Roch said...

R.I.P. Amanda

Rehab for my sprain ankle.

A. 5min walk on treadmill at speed 2 :) (incline 15)(5 min rest), 4min on - 4min rest, 3min on -3min rest then:

5 rounds of:
-25 knee to elbows
-20 clap pushups
-15 CTB pullups
-3 min rest

1st: 1:28
2nd: 2:52
3rd: 3:11
4th: 3:37
5th: 3:52

Energy is not what it was before the accident but I'll heal fast ;)

Katrina Burton said...

Read through amanda's blog... Very sad story, yet it amazes me how strong and positive she remainded through the course of her battle.
1:45, 1:59, 1:50, 1:47, 2:01
1 & 4 unbroken. 2 & 3 had one fraction each in DU. 5 was horrible with 4 trips and the rope whips on the back of my left leg to prove it.ouch!

funbobby said...

"long time listener, first time caller"



rough first day at the new school but its nice to be here, ill meet the gooch by the big blue garbage can with my pants already in a weggie and my lunch money ready for removal.

Leighanne said...

Geoff Aucoin and wife Amy, welcome their new baby girl Maisie Bronwyn Laurel Aucoin into the world this am... she weighed 6.13 lbs - everyone is doing great!

Not sure if Geoff will be working out today!
Congrats Geoff and Amy from everyone at OPT

Garage Crossfitter said...



RIP Amanda, this workout was for you.


Lisa M said...

What a great friggn day - Geoffs wife had a baby - Congratulations!!

I traded my stupid stationary bike for a GHD!! Now my home/garage/basement gym is complete

I high hanged snatched my PR in full snatch (thanks so much to Ken at ramsay crossfit)

AND Got my first Kipping Muscle up did 5 more just to make sure it wasn't a fluke.

Also an amazing business opportunity has presented itself to me

Hmmmm think i should go buy a lottery ticket... Will do Amanda later today with everything I've got.

Michael FitzGerald said...

Late May - "Amanda"
Total - 9:27
Wanted all sub 2 min/round.
BWT - 184 lb today. Double unders were the toughest.

Great job Steve Howell!!

Stephen Flamm said...

May 8-9th:

A. 405
B1. unbroken
B2. unbroken



Felt pretty good today after a weekend of rest. 405 wen up easier than ever. Swings and clapping push-ups were fast. Suicides were between :24-:29.

Rory Hanlin said...

Late May
Warm Up:
Box Jump work



Wanted sub 10. DU's were clumsy today. Burpees unbroken but slow.

RIP Amanda

Rory Hanlin said...

Nice work today Steve.

Congrats on the baby Geoff!

Brent Maier said...

Regarding Amanda, this is rather chilling in that I specifically remember cheering her on each and every time she passed as she ran up the hill at Aromas. The gun tattoos are unforgettable. I get a sick feeling reading the blog and seeing it come to a grim halt. I'm getting sensitive in my older age but let this be a reminder to everyone to sit back a few seconds and re-assess your priorities in life. My efforts this coming weekend will be in memory of Amanda.

On a lighter note, congratulations Geoff!

Michelle said...

Did a little catch up today with weekend WODs plus factoring in current state of injuries, etc. so I didn't do 'Amanda', but will do it another day and think of her...I was shocked when I discovered the sad news about Amanda and couldn't help but think how it was just last July when I saw her at the Games. Rest in peace Amanda...wishing her family and friends comfort while they deal with their loss...

Robs said...

Competing next weekend:

Had to rush the workout due to travelling all day and a needed to spend time with my beautiful fianceƩ who said yes this friday.

A: Did three times 100 kg.

B: 5 rounds of 60 kg OHS and 25 DU. No Rest. time = 7:12.

no rest

C: 1200 m row, time = 3:59

PR on 1000 m row is 3:11 so was very satisfied with my 1200 m time.

Michelle said...

Geoff...how wonderful for you, Amy, and Brogan!!!! A baby girl!!! CONGRATULATIONS! Enjoy these amazing first moments Geoff...take them in, let them overwhelm you and hold on to them forever...

PTS said...

Congrats Geoff!!

A lot of awesome times today for Amanda., nice job everyone!!

Gord said...

Congrats Geoff and Amy on the new addition to your family.

Brian Maier said...

Congrats Geoff and Amy....Geoff, we'll excuse you from the WOD today :)

Early May:
Decided to do the Northern Central Regionals triplet today.

3 rounds:
500m row
115# OHS - 12 reps
50 double unders

time: 12:53...definitely exposed my weakness w/ OHS.

C: 400m X 2


Lauren said...

memory was full in my watch this morning so after I finished all my times just disappeared and didn't save. My fastest (1st round) was 2:22 and my slowest (last round) was around 3:10.
it was a tough one this morning.

My condolences to Amanda's family and friends. Such a sad story. Rest in peace Amanda.

Corbin said...

May 8-9:
A. Worked up to 405#
B1&B2 unbroken
Suicides as Rx'd
Felt good today

joey warren said...

Early Mayer:
A. 335x2, 355x2, 385x1 - ez
B.1 unbroken
B.2 unbroken - shoulders tired from Sun

20 min rest

suicides on rainy football field, slow cuts, all around 24 seconds

Jonathan Burns said...


Tried to game it and break the DU's into sets of 25. Probably not worth it. Burpees, as usual, were slow-mo, Though unbroken. Good to be back. Congrats Geoff.


Wes hendricks said...



All double under's unbroken the burpees just got slower in rounds 4 and 5. Was very mentally focused today.

LuLu said...

Amanda staged quite a battle for her life, so today I staged a battle with her wod. I was lucky to have watched her compete in Aromas last summer while I was there supporting Roch as he competed, she was an inspiration. RIP Amanda.

total time: 9min 34 sec

Florida was great, CF St. Petes was awesome. Good to be back :)

Colin Jenkins said...

thanks for all you did for Amanda, I know she was super appreciative and exciting that you made the time to help her out. The tribute wod is grea, Amanda would have crushed it!

Tried it out this morning:


Total - 11:02


Ali Loach said...

So sad...briefly read through her blog and had to give this a go.

Total working time = 17:30
DUs ridiculously broken after the first set.
All Burpees unbroken except for round 4.

Haven't done a WOD like this in awhile so I'm glad I forced myself to do it. Brain seems like it is finally getting back into the swing of things.

Oh and CONGRATULATIONS Geoff and Amy!!!!

Mizar said...


total time 9:45

today was a rough workout... very emotional...

Paul Klein said...

Late May

Total Working Time = 12:40

I never knew Amanda, but I thought of her through this whole wod. Rest well "guns".

Geoff, congratulations on the baby.

The cycle of life stops for no one.

rwcorson said...

RIP Amanda.
I remember watching her do the amrap burpee WOD to raise money to get to the '09 Games and thinking she must be one tough gal. Who likes burpees.
I also remember her "guns". Unique.
Congratulations to Amy, Geoff & Brogan on the arrival of Maisie.
A sad passing followed by a safe arrival.
Grab life by the balls Dawgs, you'll never know when your time is up.

LuLu said...

Congrats to you and your wife. I am sure your new little bundle will bring you lots of light and laughter :)

Alex Duncan said...

Late May RIP Amanda

2:37 (70 DUs UB)
Total Time: 13:41

On the floor in a puddle of sweat after this one. Great workout.

unit said...

RIP Amanda... was a pleasure watching u last ur (Brent hit it on the head)...

geoff!... congrats brother!...

Colin and Rob... great 2 c y'all big dawgs post!...

early may competing this wknd...
A- 245 / 255 / 265(fx2)
B- :37 / :36 / :38 / :33
C- :55 / :59

A-felt gd at 255, not so much at 265, pull ez but getting under a different story...
B-time was reflected on the smoothness of the OHS... last set the quickest and easiest... felt more comfortable as I went...
C-done on an indoor flat pentagonal 160m track (2.5 laps)... first one felt gd... could have gone a lil faster, but 2nd one tore up the hammies... felt gd 2 feel that sprint fatigue...

word verification- rembr... I will rembr Amanda...


Aaron said...

Late May-

Total time- 11:35

Still a little off today. My head is still a little congested from a slight head cold last week. I took the time off to heal up and hopefully come back strong.

Nathan H. said...

Early may:
it feels yesterdays row and cleans taxed my cns:
all deadlifts felt very slow. 418/1 attempted 440, but too heavy for today.
Kbs and clap pushups unbroken: 1:05, 1:04, 1:01

suicides: 21, 22, 22, 23, 22.8 (partner timed)

Michael McCabe said...

late may

1:59, 2:14, 2:20, 2:24, 2:32

burpees done in slo-mo; du's alright but broken a few times per set. need a better rope - the duct tape holding my handles on is slowing me down i think.

welcome to maisie bronwyn laurel - the new pup soon to be big dawg! congrats geoff.

julie Migliaccio said...

Did Amanda today at Crossfit Performance

1. 2:02
2. 2:23
3. 2:32
4. 2:54
5. 2:31

ken c said...

late may

2:19 2:31 2:44 3:19 3:09

total: 14:02

didn't have my usual double under shoes today so had more misses than normal. slowed me down.

tragic to lose someone so young with so much life ahead of them. i was pretty bummed out about it all day. mr. corson is correct. never know when our number is up. i didn't know amanda but i'm pretty sure (something to do with the tattoos i think) she would want us all to grab life by the balls.

rest in peace amanda.

Carrie McG said...

late may:
Amanda, RIP.
total work time 19:03

double unders were very broken.. esp round 4 where I attempted 7 singles before I even started to string them together. just couldn't figure it out today.
burpees were unbroken but slow.

Mike Molloy said...

Late May

Rest in peace Amanda. We'll keep fighting cancer in your place and I promise we won't lose.



Notes: 1 and 2 unbroken. Burpees got slower with every round.

Erik Luber said...



Short on time, so I skipped the warmup...bad idea. I stupidly do this about once every 4 months. It always ends badly. Cooked through the first round, but was totally laid-out after round two. Took a lot of push to keep going.

Steve Howell said...

Thamks Mike and Rory today was just a good day I guess

Chad said...



Rd 2 ub, broken in all other rounds. Burpees ub but got slow.

Thad said...

Congratulations Geoff and Amy

Chad Hall said...

Congrats to you and Amy Geoff!

Late May

Round 2 was my only unbroken DU round and I paid the price ... HUGE exertion headache that incapacitated me on the floor during my first burpee for 30 seconds, it was brutal. Other than that I'm pretty happy with everything. The weekend off was a great call as I came back refreshed. Still have a slight chest cold but, a lot better than it would have been. Foot also feels a lot better today too.

DeeJay said...


this hurt...

Brent Maier said...

38/6'2"/199 - Next Weekend

A SJ: 90/100/105kgX (220#) - The back couldn't take the 235# attempt.
B OHS/DU's: 29, 28, 29, 27 - Cut rests down to 1.5 minutes vs 2
B.5 PP: 90/100/105kg (235#)
C 400m runs: 69, 71 - Run with GPS watch on hilly streets.

Notes:I've been focusing on plan A being the push jerk that I didn't consider the plan B. I can't accept 220#... So I had to revisit my failure on the Push Jerks after seeing Units PJ scores tonight. Loaded up the bar, threw the closest thing I could grab, picked up the bar and push pressed it. Worked up to my failed 105# and was able to lock it out. Woot... Unit, your going to destroy me before we even get to regionals!

jhk said...

1:46 DU 78/22(tripped up)-Burps:44
1:47 DU unbroken-Burps:48
1:51 DU unbroken
2:01 DU 80/10/10
2:14 DU 80/1/9/10-Burps:54
Total 9:43
Sets 4 and 5 were tough.

Evan Z said...

Burpees slowed me down
Total 11:38

unit said...

Brent... part A was power cleans... jerks r 4 tomorrow!...
and ur OHS/DU times r insane!... I'm not sure if I could go faster than :30... I think ull kill it Brent!

Heavy Evy said...

All I can say is G.D. cancer.
RIP Amanda

Total = 10:32

Had to do these in my garage tonight, burpees on cement are not fun.

Congrats Geoff.

Emilie P-B said...

Late May

1- 3:03
2- 3:13
3- 3:30
4- 3:54
5- 3:55
Total working time: 17:35

In first set, I did 72 DU unbroken, which is a PR for me... but the last 28 were very broken.
I changed my strategy for the other rounds and broke the DU at 25-30... Couldn'd maintain the pace when I hit 50 and the last 50 of each round were very broken.

Jason Buzzard said...

14:58 working time I think, I forgot to get my times off the board before I left.

Blaine said...

Given the details, I had to grind this one out at the last minute.
1:42 - all UB doubled prev DU PR
Rope broke on rep 20 of round 5 - finished with an old school York 'rope'. Hardest 80 DU I have ever done.

Chris Dunkin said...

Congrats Geoff and Amy. Welcome Maisie.

MikeE said...

Couldn't do this WOD at my gym but did 1 round for a warmup: 1:32. I can only imagine what it would've been like for the next 4 rounds as my HR didn't come down below 115 after 3mins!

Congrats Geoff and Amy; RIP Amanda... Makes me think of the balance of life!

Steve Howell... NICE!

Mack Lar said...

Late May:
I'm playing catch up so decided to skip the rest day and get this one done to put me back on schedule since this WOD was right up may alley. Maintained a comfortable pace throughout knowing that I had skipped a rest day. Goal was 2 sets of 50 UB DU's and UB burpees.
2:04 50/50-UB
2:06 50/50-UB
2:09 50/50-UB
2:18 VB/50-UB
2:10 50/50-UB
Very comfortable, questioning if times would have been this good if I had tried to go as fast as possible.

marshall said...

Late May

Working time:

Fell off big time on the third set. Seems to be a common problem for me on multi-round workouts. Part mental game of the third and fourth round being the top of the "hill" -last set always feels easier. Last set felt good. Couldn't string more than 20-30 DU together in sets 3,4,and 5.

Kendra said...

Late May
1. 4:15
2. 4:34
3. 4:57
4. 4:13
5. 4:54
Total work time: 22:53
Wasn't that bad...still working on those gosh darn DU! Although, they were pretty good, shoulders just got sore! Burpees were slow!

Chris Dunkin said...

May 8/9:

A. 475
B. unbroken
C. unbroken

PTS said...


A. 425 - felt great. 1RM is 442.
B. unbroken
3 min rest