Thurs, Apr 22, 2010

early May:
3 sets for times:
25 push jerk - 115#/80#
Row 500 m @ 90%
30 box jumps - 30"/24"
rest 5 min

late May:
Hill Runs:
10 min run warm up @ easy pace
8 sets of 25 sec sprints
Walk down rest for 3:35
rest 10 min b/t sets 4 and 5
10 min run cool down @ easy pace
(ensure hill is aggressive to ensure a grinding pace, not all out sprint)

post times and notes to comments


Heavy Evy said...

I see a snow tobogon hill in my near future. Hey Luber, want to go to Connor's hill for this?

Andrea K said...

Great way to explore my new city! Go and find some good hills, looking forward to this one!!

Robs said...

Early May:

Round 1 - 5:16
Round 2 - 5:36
Round 3 - 5:57

I coudn't get the right height on the box jumps so did them a little higher.

Melisa C said...

Late May

Hard to post as I do not have tangible results and also limited to hills in the prairies.

Went to a hill which took me ~23s- 24s to run and I tried to beat that every time. Quickest was 22s.

I enjoyed this and it was beautiful to be running outside with the sunrise.

Corbin said...

Early May
Rd 1 - 5:26
Rd 2 - 5:24
Rd 3 - 5:18

Had about 20-25s of transition time each round to cover the distance between push jerks and rower

Steve Howell said...

Late May

Runs left good. Hill wasn't very long but was a good incline. Some where around 150-180m every sprint I would think.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Runs were consistant at 150m plus or minus 5m per run. recovered within 1-2 min after each sprint, wanted to have heart attack first 15 sec after each run.
woke up this morning with headache and back of my neck super tight, that started to hurt again during the runs...

├╝ber Bania said...

early May:
1st- 4:09
:45, 2:14, 1:10
3min rest
2nd- 4:19
:45, 2:12, 1:22
3min rest
3rd- 4:07
:42, 2:07, 1:18

I KNEW I would mess up the rest time :( that's what I get for not writing it down verbatim before hitting the gym.

Poly said...

Early May:
1. 3:08***
2. 3:44
3. 3:54
*** - My son decided to drop my stopwatch in the water dish the other day, I just got it working today. During first set I looked at it and it had gone blank, thought I could improve on that time, until I did my second set with a new watch.
Also, subbed 24" box at 40 reps.

Bear said...

3 rounds for time:
25 push jerk - 50 kg
Row 500 m
30 box jumps - 20 inches / 50 cm
Time: 19:45 min (6: 40/6:40/6:25)

Had to sub, due to lack of time and I couldn´t find anything higher to jump on than a benchpressing bench. Had about 40 back and forth to the rower, which I walked, pathetic. The PJs went horrible, really stiff shoulders today.

Glad I got anything done, had a rough day with lots of training with the other fire fighters (to be).

Bear said...

Woah! Saw the other efforts today, great job, fantastic times!

Benorama said...

Late May:

Runs completed on an aggressive hill. I was out at the Dish trail this morning by Stanford University. Was absolutely beautiful! Hardest intervals were 6 and 7. Hardest mental fight... probably starting the 10 minute cooldown run! It really helped though, and feeling good now.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Late May:

Holy moly that was nasty.

I took my free Inov8 shoes, a back pack and the Chili Peppers to the ravine near my house and found THE worst hill I could find (took exactly 25 sec to run up) that actually got STEEPER at the top. This hill would rival anything found in Aromas as it's covered in rocks, sand, grass, dog s$%t and half-buried dinosaur bones.

Great great session; I need to train hard running every week until Regionals. At first I thought I was feeling like last years competitors felt like with the sandbag hill run but then I realized it was more like how I felt at the '08 games because not only did I have to scamper up a horrible hill but I had to get back down it again with gimped-out Bambi legs. I swear I nearly fell down about 10 times today.

Time for some hot/cold therapy with a shower and then ice plunge in two different bathrooms. This could be fun, I shoud go warn the neighbours to not call the cops as I'm sure I'll be screaming the frackin' house down in about 10 minutes.

Chiropractor later today...

Lisa M said...

No running today will do it tomorrow. Clean session today and man do i suck!! I didn't think it would be worse than my snatch but it was which is weird because usually it is the other way around. I have some very very bad habits that are extremely difficult to break but i will work hard on it for the next month and see what happens.

Stephen Flamm said...

Early May:


Jerks were fast and unbroken. Rows were inbetween 1:48 and 2:00. Box jumps were slow to quite slow.

MikeE said...

Late May - Male 32/5'7"/173lbs

Holy crap... Was much tougher than I thought it would be. I forgot to take the 10min b/w 4 and 5. But Ditto on Geoff's comments... So now on to the recovery.

DeeJay said...

Geoff I ran in the Tuscany ravine as well, but not sure if it was the same hill... These hurt real bad! I exploded several times. Recorded HR before and after just for shits and giggles. I missed a few starting HR:

PTS said...

late may:
that was awful. the worst kind of pain. hill is perfect length for 25 secs. I hated walking down. needed all 3:35 for recovery each time.

exp. said...

ran all sprints on the most "aggressive" hill I could find (I'm in the prairies, so my options are limited)...started in a ditch below the hill and it was just over 25 secs to reach the top

Lauren said...

Did these at Sandy Beach.
Great day to be outside.

Felt pretty good, but my calves are soooo sore now!!!

Mike Molloy said...

Late May.

Holy hell did that suck. I think my calves might calm down sometime next month. Hill increased in incline as I sprinted and I wanted to puke by the end of round 4.

Brandon said...

@ the steepest hill around the Rose Bowl I could find.

The first 6 felt great with the last 6-7s getting really hard. The last 2 were miserable. Nausea pushing into my throat, head pounding, hamstrings, legs were shaking for 90 mins after. Going to do some jumps and push jerks later to try and loosen up.

Kendra said...

Late May
During the runs I didn't feel too bad although last 7 seconds were a lot slower than the rest of the run. Felt sick during rest...All in all did all runs to same distance in the 25 seconds other than last run...Didn't run cheek to cheek (face to butt) with hands due to laughing at my brother who said "This rest seems longer, still got a minute" when in actuality we were set to go in about a second!
Anyways...waiting for the soreness to set it! Happy tomorrows off, I have went Mon-Thurs, ouch!

Michael McCabe said...

glad to have those hill sprints over with... while i don't look forward to doing it again, i'm hoping they will pop up regularly btw now and end of may, just 'cause i know anything that hurts that much must be working!

flight simulator tuesday, glute ham destroyer (that is what ghd stands for, right?) wednesday, then calves, hammies and glutes all get demolished today... awesome three days coach!

Paul Klein said...

Late May

No major hills in my area. I wore a 20lb vest to make the hill a "grind" instead of an all out sprint. Sets 1 - 6 were all to the same distance. Sets 7 and 8 were approx 2 meters shorter.

It is pretty cool how bad that made my ass cheeks burn.

unit said...

early may-er...


subbed 34" box jumps
rows 1:39-1:43


Brian Maier said...

Early May:

RX...w/ 30" box


all jumps were slow but kept constant rest.

Good times Unit!!!

Chad Hall said...

Late May

So my foot is still f'd up. It hurts to walk/jog, but not sprint ...? Even if I walk on my toes it hurts, but to sprint, nothing, no pain.

Warmed up on airdyne.

Sprints on Harvey hill (hit the first intersection each time and started to be short about a meter each run until 10 minute break).

Afterward did some GHR, L-pullups and HSPU practice.

Nathan H. said...

Early may:
first, let me just say there is something seriously wrong with you, unit. You're supposed to fatigue dude!
And second, today was brutally hard for me. I think it's the diet, yesterday wasn't bad but not too much plant matter..


14:10 total.

Rowed too hard. Box jumps suffered. Shoulders burned very badly on jerks. Haven't felt this horrible in a workout for a looong time. I need to figure out what happened.

Roch said...

Late May

Hill run felt really good, well let me explain...
my lack of efficiency in flat run turn out being an advantage on the hill. Like if for once my full energy was really transfer to the ground. I run on the ball of my foot all the time and it felt very efficient for hills.

Erik Luber said...

Late May

Felt good today, legs were fresh. Did these with Heavy Evy, was nice to work out with another dawg. Weather good pretty damn cold at the end, but think this helped keep me fresh.

Thad said...

Late May

Biggest hill in Airdrie only about 15sec to the top and probably could be a little more aggressive
so I shortened rests to 1:45 and did 10 sets.

Otherwise all sprints felt good

david83 said...

dave+ hill=painnnnn

Went to Sandy Beach and found this big muddy, steep hill. It was exactly 27 seconds from bottom to top. It hurt badly..... There was dogs running every where and it was raining and then I hit the top I was laying on the ground and people thought I was dieing ahahah. But it was sweet. Body needs to rest, hamstrings hurting. good wod


david83 said...

p.s it was interesting I didnt think I would need the 10 minutes between set 4 and 5 , however I was praying for it after set 3. Neeed to run more

joey warren said...

Early Mayer:

Nice times out there for the early mayers, DAMN! good job guys

3:45/ 4:02/ 4:33

push jerks unbroken, first set of box hops unboken, the rest broken, butt on fire!!!

ken c said...

late may

warm up: 500m row 1:24.8(pr)

hill sprints: 26 35 24 33 24 33 24 shut down at beginning of last sprint.

once i got out to the hill, couldn't remember if it was supposed to be a 25 or 35 sec. sprint so i alternated both. shorter route is about 130m and the longer one is around 180m. hill goes up about 50-55 feet. best we can do in texas. definitely not aromas steep.

sprints felt great until the last one and i pulled my left hamstring slightly. shut it down immediately. think it will be okay.

Brent Maier said...

38/6'2"/200 - Early May

1) 3:55 (34/1:44/1:37)
2) 4:09 (34/1:44/1:51)
3) 4:22 (34/1:56/1:52)

I've been contemplating pulling out of regionals depending on the WOD choices and the state of my back in fear of hurting myself come game time. This WOD brought me a little light at the end of the tunnel. It was only 115# but with 75 of them, I was able to manage it. All push jerks unbroken and fast. Rows were 1:37-1:47 and box jumps were just that... Jump as fast as I can without missing.

Mizar said...

hill runs were fun!

last sprint not soo much...

thanks Roch for pulling the boat on this one...

Geoff Aucoin said...

There are some beat up dawgs out there these days. Play smart, folks!

And then use this instead:

(Stolen from .com)

Heavy Evy said...
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Heavy Evy said...
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Heavy Evy said...

Thanks Geoff,
I'll add it to my shaker weight and I'll b all set.

Runs were a gas. Cramped bad on the cool down run. Doc Luber has prescribed more water less coffee.

Katrina Burton said...

Really enjoyed the hill sprints. Jogged 10 min behind our house to the coulees and found the nastiest hill possible. I wouldn't call it a hill... More like a cliff! Beautiful surroundings kept me in a great mood when it was insanely difficult.

Off to saskatoon for the gymnastics cert, will have to keep the wods to one per day this weekend so I will still be useful for my job.

Jon M said...

Haven't posted in awhile, but have been following the programming for regionals in early May.

I've been VLC for the last couple months, and just started to introduce more fruit into my diet.

I felt a huge difference with the WOD today, waaaay more gas... all from a stupid clementine.

Jason Mulligan said...

I'm a day behind, been rolling like this for a few weeks now. First time publishing today.
You all are really motivating and this programming is the best I've followed in 3 yrs of CrossFit.
Didn't have a rower so subbed 35kg SDLHP 50 reps. 80cm box ~31"

Cut my left shin on the box on set 2. Felt like crapola on each set. 50 reps of anything takes you out of the realm of 'fun' SDLHP was no exception.

Looking forward to tomorrow's WOD to continue my Euro Regionals Prep.


Becky said...

25 push jerk, 85#, 2 sets unbroken, last set rested in rack position after 20 for a few seconds.
500m row
30 box jump, 24″, consistent jumps ( didn’t say fast, just consistent)

5:30, 5:28, 5:43 for rd. times

Chris Dunkin said...

Early May:
subbed 36" box


first round felt awful, so i didn't focus on time, but tried to just breathe through the whole thing; ended up rowing 570m in first round. box jumps were jump up- step down- step- jump. no breaks in rds 2 and 3. 2nd and 3rd rows were 1:42, and 1:45.
first wod this week without a pre wod meal.