Thurs, Apr 15, 2010

early May:
As many rounds in 10 minutes:
1 rep [Power Clean x 1/Jerk x 3 - 70% of 1RM C&J]
20 double unders

late May:
7 sets for times:
10 x 2pd KB SDLHP
20 clap push ups
30 pistols (15/leg alt'ing)
40 double unders
rest 4 min b/t sets
(ensure PERFECT form for all reps)

post rounds and times/set to comments


Geoff Aucoin said...

Holy Lord, we are going to look like a bunch of drunken Russian dancers on crack doing those pistols. Anyone else's wrists cringing at the thought of 140 clap push-ups?

Nathan H. said...

Lol, I was looking at the late may thinking to myself... "damn I'm glad I'm an early may guy."

Yelvi said...

Sigh... And here I was looking forward to a nice run interval.

Lisa M said...

I looked at the games link for Canadians - it is going to be an awesome weekend i have goose bumps just thinking about it.

If anyone is in need of a ride from the airport let me know and if i am available i will come get you - it is a very long way from the airport to Okotoks so renting a car would definitely be your best option but i would be happy to give people a ride if i am not at work. I am planning on looking into accomodation for people if they are interested and maybe getting a group rate at the two hotels that are at the south end of Calgary and about 15 minutes from Okotoks. I will post info as i gather it unless James you have someone already taking care of that??

Katrina Burton said...

I was thinking of booking at the Wingate on MacLeod... any good? If so, perhaps we set up a group rate there?

Anonymous said...

How much is 2 pd in kilo?

Roch said...

2 pood is 32kg (Russian measure).
1 pood is 16kg.

For the Alternating pistols do we need to change side every reps, do all one side and the other or just an even number on each side no matter the partitioning?

Benny Ahlstedt said...

2 pood = 32kg

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answer Benny!

Robs said...

Early May:

Got 20 rounds.

LuLu said...

Yesterday Late May

A) 65-80-95-105 all x 5 -120 x3
This was my first time doing 3rm OHS. They felt good :)

B) 40-60-70-80-80 Kept these light to work technique which is lacking

C1) 15-15-15 ouch
C2) 8 for all sets with 10lbs

Burpees with no rest, no time

Thanks for the push Roch, those hurt. Florida tomorrow eeekkk. Have fun with the wod today, wholly lordy.

jamesb1870 said...

Hi guys,

Found OPT a few days ago and have to say the programming here looks excellent. I've been on Crossfit Football for the past year or so and decided I want to switch my focus over to a more hybrid style of programming such as OPT with the aim of competing in the games next year. Was just wondering what everyone here's thoughts were in regards to starting? Should I just jump in wherever or go back to the beginning of this cycle? Any other advice?

Thanks everyone


Brent Maier said...

38/6'2"/195 - Early May

11 rounds + 1 rep (170#) - First round was as RX'd and shut it down with searing hotspot in back on jerks. Remaining 10 rounds were with 3 power cleans instead.

This is the earliest I've worked out in a long time and I hate it. It feels like your the only soul alive at that hour. Anyway, we're headed to Salt Lake City for my wifes half marathon this weekend. I plan on hitting the WOD's while I'm there.

James, If you need to ease into it, you may start with the early may as it will start tapering off here in the next week or so. Otherwise, late May are going to be loading things up for quite a while. Either way, start now....

Melissa said...

Late May

Today was day 5 in a row for me (8th workout including the doubles) - training days are off due to weekends away. Talked with BK and decided to reduce the # of sets today and carefully plan rest, bodyweight work and runs for while I'm away.

I used 1.5 pood KB (53lb)

1. 3:08 (did KB swings 1st round - blaming it on fellow athlete who had the WOD wrong - LOL)
2. 2:30
3. 2:51
4. 3:10

Loved the pistols once I got into a rhythm with them! I feel like doing fewer rounds was the right decision. I felt myself mentally clock out during round 3, gritted out round 4 but resented the entire thing. Still, always a tough call to make.

Corbin said...

Early May:
12 rds + Pwr Cln&3Jerks
Used 28kg KB/hand
I don't have a place to use an olympic bar/bumper plates, and I feel like using conventional weights for olympic lifts is starting to take a toll on my elbow so I went with the KB

Nathan H. said...

bw approx 183, 290 or so c&j
Early may:
8 rounds + 1pc&3j+ 6 doubleunders @ #198

Jerks were the hardest. Really had to focus to get the reps. This the earliest I've ever worked out... I know, I know, I'm spoiled. It was harder to get in my groove than usual, but as regionals approaches I want my body to learn to work hard at all hours.

Good stuff!


Robs: 20 rounds!? Damn man what weight did you use?

Melisa C said...

Late May

Today was a hit major weakness day. I am totally lacking in expolsive power so clapping pushups are hard for me and I SUCK at pistols.
Pistols were done to a MB ball on a 10# bumper plate = 11.5 inches

Took me 45m! Man it is humbling to post that.

DUs all UB. Used 2 pood KB.

Pete said...

Geoff I'm with you. Not sure why but both my wrists have been very sore as of late. Really felt them in yesterday's overhead stuff and they are starting to limit me when doing cleans.

Brian Maier said...


Early May:

max C&J 235#

12 rounds w/ 165# C&J

Jerks were really tough last half.

Wow Robs...20 rounds is impressive. Would love to see a video.

jhk said...

Late May:
For first 5 sets did slightly balanced assisted pistols, then for last 2 sets did them unassisted and wasn't as bad as I thought they would be. Even times weren't that big a difference.


Rds 1 and 2 were all unbroken
Rds 3,4,5,6,and 7 clap pushups were 10,5,3,2.
Subbed 75# barbell for KB
2 screw ups in DU

Roch said...

Late May

1. 2:26 (I tought it was non stop... so I continued after the first round and somebody stop me :)
2. 2:00
3. 2:30
4. 2:41
5. 2:50
6. 2:48
7. 2:46

Nathan H. said...

286 Hang Squat Clean from yesterday:

Katrina Burton said...

Late May
RX'd Total Work Time = 19:36

3:11... was scared to go all out knowing I had 6 more rounds to go, pushups broken 10/4/2/2/2
2:33... pushups broken but much faster than 1st round 8/4/4/2/2
2:33... pushups broken 8/4/3/3/2
2:36... pushups broken 8/2/1/2/2/1/2
2:39... pushups broken 8/2/2/2/2/2/2, breakfast is starting to come up at this point
2:59... pushups broken 6/4/2/2/2/2/2, really not feeling great
3:05... pushups broken 4/3/2/2/1/2/2/2/2, no juice left for the pushups and ready to hurl

I was really scared going into this one actually. Haven't done that many pistols EVER and it wasn't too long ago I couldn't even do them on my left leg due to limited ROM in my foot from an injury from my gymnastics years. VERY happy to complete this one regardless of the times.

Chris Dunkin said...

becky and i are following early may a week behind to prep for NW regionals.

after wod-

ext rot:
1min rest

Steve Howell said...

Late May


* Push ups were unbroken in rnd 1, broke up from rnds 2-7.
* pistols were hard, right leg is much weaker then left.
* Double unders were all unbroken.

david83 said...

1.2:22 broken du's at 21
2.)2:24 broken du's at 29
3.)2:32 broken du's at 25
4.)2:25 unbroken best round for form and feeling
5.)2:35 broken twice bad round
6.)2:49 broken twice
7.)3:00 unbroken but the clap push-ups slowed me down

Felt pretty good today, however my legs are so sore after the pistol squats. Have not done these in forever. The clap push-ups got hard FAST and your arms were cooked for the double unders.
Happy for a rest day.

thank you

Geoff Aucoin said...

Total working time was 29:33 so that's more than 4 min/set.

Wasn't going to do this one but then I sucked it up. That's just way too many pistols but I suck at them so I used today as a skill session.

Craig said...

Late May.


D/U 1,6,7 BROKEN.


Garage Crossfitter said...

then i called it a day.
My right side is MUCH MUCH weaker than my left. I could have done all the reps with my left leg no problem. My right knee started to swell up so instead of being stupid and "fighting" through it, i stopped. The last thing i need is patella tendonitis AGAIN before regionals. Two major problems that will be addressed after regionals....
1) shoulder imbalances
2) hip-hamstring imbalances

Martin Altemark said...
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Martin Altemark said...

Ouch! A couple of hours later I feel run over by a truck!

Rounds: 2:42, 2:47, 3:00, 3:20, 3:33 3:32, 3:44
Total working time: 22:38

Notes: Alot more taxing cardio-wise than it looked. Esp squats got me grasping for air (alot of tension I assume). All reps were quality reps. Not completely straight leg on pistols, but not holding foot (and no counterweight of course).

Please critique my pistols (vid taken after WOD, so a bit tired in legs):

Anonymous said...

Late May

1. 1:47
2. 1:42
3. 1:33
4. 1:35
5. 1:34
6. 1:35
7. 1:35

After the first round decided that I would go with a 3:00 rest due to the work interval and the relative intensity for me. This was better for me in terms of reaching into my energy systems, but think that 10 rounds at 3:00 rest interval or 7 rounds with 2:30 would have been perfect. My thoughts would be that 150# and under have a shorter rest interval than 151-200 and 200+ even longer. Good WOD, just me 2 cents.

First 2 rounds broke my double unders 2X each - reason for the slower time - poor, quick warm-up.

Erik Luber said...

1. 3:05
2. 3:30
3. 4:05
4. 4:21
5. 4:27
6. 4:46
7. 4:20

Just finishing this was the best birthday present I got all day. The clap push-ups killed me. I just don't have any muscle endurance on these. Switch strategy on rounds 5-7 and took longer breaks in between to avoid doing a boat load of singles. I don't really have a legit pistol so had to put a bench under my ass, this was still challenging enough. All DUs unbroken except round 6 hit the rope once.

Lindsey said...

Early May- 8 rds + c&j series as rx'd @ 80#

First WOD as rx'd since knee surgery 4 weeks ago so I had to post!... Luckily my c&j max wasn't good before so it was easier to jump back in... :)

CrossFitBWI said...

8 rounds using 225

Mixture of push jerk and split

Could get ten next time if I warm up wrists better

Roch said...

Brett Marshall Solid Performance.

Doing one round at that intensity is really fast, doing 7 at that kind of intensity is outstanding focus&stamina. Good job!
Really inspiring,... I'm going to go eat my veggies ;)

Good observation on the recuperation time. Just to add to the data, I'm really often running with Mizar and he is about 140 ish, I'm 170 last time we compare our HR after one of the 200m is was going down faster than mine.

Rory Hanlin said...

Late May

1. 2:57
2. 2:54
3. 2:47
4. 3:24
5. 3:25
6. 3:27
7. 3:55

Nice work, Brett

PTS said...

late may

Everything but pistols unbroken. right leg is very weak with pistols. Even at this slow pace this workout was tough.

DeeJay said...

Late May-

ken c said...

late may


push ups killed me after round 2. could get 10 then it was 3s, 2s and singles to hit 20. everything else pretty steady. felt very "barbara" like after. took about 20 min to feel normal enough to leave the gym.

Steve Smith said...

Hello everyone.

Just registered for regionals. Man I'm stoked. Nice picture, by the way, Lauren.

I've been doing some individual programing with Coach, but wanted to let you guys know I'm still on the team (even if I'm not posting here). I can't wait to meet some of you guys at regionals and again at the Games.

Lets get this DAWGS!!

Kendra said...

Late May
Alright so I can't do clapping push ups so I decided to do push ups to work on strength..
Used 1.5 pd for the first round but went to 2 pd for round 2-7
Pistols were rx'd
1. 5:09
2. 6:14
3. 6:24
4. 6:17
5. 5:53
6. 6:27
7. 5:29
Found this WOD super hard...anyone else feel like crying?! I once heard Speal say that double unders were like a rest...I thought he was crazy but in this WOD I agreed!!

Michael FitzGerald said...


First 3 rds unbroken on the push-ups. Next 4 rounds were slower only due to push-ups!

Anonymous said...

10 rounds

unit said...

Steve... glad 2 c u haven't fallen off the face of the earth!... keep kickin @$$!

early may-er
used 135lb (~55%)
20 rounds


Michael McCabe said...

my shoulder couldn't handle the clap pushups so rnd 1-5 were slow, deliberate pushups and 6-7 i did incline bench (30#DBs) as it is easier on my joint
if i could do the claps rnds 4-7 would've been 4+mins i'm sure

Adam Rogers said...

Early May @ 155lbs

14 rounds even

Paul Klein said...

Late May


Had to use a 70lb dumbbell for the SDLHPs, it was hard to grip with two hands. 4 minute recovery time was just right for me, any less and my times were heading straight to 5 minute sets.

I thought my shoulders were sore from the past two days, but now my legs are trashed!

Good to see you are still around Steve, see you in Jacksonville!

Mizar said...

Used 8kg KB with pistols to maintain perfect form.
This would be because my hip lacks flexibility?

1. 3:22
2. 3:24
3. 3:07
4. 4:02 (did 10 extra pistols ***)
5. 3:27
6. 3:48
7: 3:50

*** having a hard time staying concentrated/present

Jason Anderson said...

Forgot my OPT WOD book at the Box shit.
1.Sub 3
2.Sub 3
3.Mid 3
5.Late 3
6. Late 3
Shut down at 6 my left knee felt uncomfortable in a not so great way haha. Some added work earlier in the week didn't help I'm sure.

Chad Hall said...

Late May



Can't do pistols. Did them to a 14" wall ball target. Right leg is considerably stronger than left. All other movements were great, no problems. Tough workout because of the pistols.

Mike Molloy said...

28 5'10'' 171#

Late May



SDHP- unbroken

Clap Push Up- Rounds 1-3 Unbroken, 4-7 were broken after 14 reps each round.

Pistols- I SUCK at these. Right leg just doesn't work as well as the left.

Double Unders- unbroken. These were easy after having to go so slow for the pistols.

Eric Montgomery said...

Early May

8 rds + 1 PC + 3 PJ + 8 DUs
@ 72kg on the bar. Assumed a 1RM of 103kg which is a few months old so it may be a little low.

Steve Howell said...

Brett you crushed that!

Steve good to hear fro you.

ken c said...


those look like pretty good pistols to me. and by the way, your l-sit muscle ups are just plain SICK!

Andrea K said...

Wow this one hurt!!
Clap push ups were a killer!!

4:10 (thanks to Funbobby's encouragement on this last one! love ya babe)

Emilie P-B said...

Late May

1. 6:09
2. 4:46
3. 4:15
4. 3:58
5. 3:57
6. 4:06
7. 4:10

Pistols not Rx'd (pole support)

Yelvi said...

Late May


Pistols sucked and the double unders were very inconsistent .

Yelvi said...


Forgot to ask. This saturday, I plan to jump on the early May schedule in order to peak in time for the NW regionals on the 15-16. Should I go back 1 or 2 weeks?

joey warren said...

early May:

@185lb: 14 rounds +1PC+2jerks

Thad said...

Late May
Clap push ups all UB
Pistols not fast but seemed to get better each round
All DU except the 2nd round UB

MikeE said...

Late May
Male 32/5'7" 173lbs


Broke double unders on rounds 1, 4, 5, 6, and 3 times on round 7 because I was rushing to get under 2mins... DOH! I also had to break my clapping pushups on rounds 4, 5, 6, and 7. Pistols started to get slow in later rounds because I was feeling quite a pump in my quads. It started really easy and turned into a gasser on the last round. Thanks for the consult James and your insight!... I will do my best to follow what you say.

Brandon said...

Late May
Needed a half intensity day after the past several and since I can't do pistols I used today as a skill session with only DUs done at a high intensity.

Used a pistol progression using a 14" box and focused on staying tight at the bottom. Really looking forward to the day off, including massage, tomorrow.

Martin Altemark said...

ken c, thanks. Brett, you're unreal.

Robs said...

Nathan, Brian

I was sure a bunch of you monsters would kick my ass in this.

I used 70 kg which according to google equals 154 Lbs.

I'll take a video next time. :)

Robs said...

Ahhh this is explains it.

I read the workout as 1 rep C&J and 20 DU, so I only did 1 jerk every round.

That's why I got so many rounds.

Pistol said...

This was a workout done through sheer will. No one in my group was around, did it solo. TRT 18:14. Did all Pistols free-standing, clapping PU were my weakness. "2 Pood" SDLHP were like a gift.

Lauren said...


Used 65 lbs barbell

had to do normal push-ups cause my shoulder/bicep still not feeling normal.

pistals also were on a 10lb plate (1")

DU felt great!

OPT said...

yelvi, yes

Jason Buzzard said...

Late May


Total work time of 25:37

This was my first time to ever attempt a pistol and it showed. That was the slowing factor of the whole work out, everything else was fast and easy for the most part. Clapping push ups got tough midway through round 5, DU's and SDHP were easy. My balance seems much better on my left foot than it is on my right. Looking forward to much improvement next time then come around.

Aaron said...

Late May-

It was nice to see pistols in this workout. They were the exercise that took most of my time.

├╝ber Bania said...

First post, just started OPT yesterday! Love this stuff :)


11 rounds @185lbs

Gassed out from doing mainsite's McGhee this same power over the 30min this morning as I did the 10min this evening. Definitely need to get back to Ramadi and get back to a regular chow hall!!

Michelle said...

late may...
Don't know why I don't write my numbers in my OPT WOD book??? lost the sticky note I put my times on, but I do rememeber 5/6. Only did 6 then had to run to meet kids...
1.2:38 (DUs broken at least 5x... was wearing my lifting shoes because of pistols)
2. 2:58 (again DUs broken 4-5x, had to break clap PUs here as well)
3. 3:??
4. 4:20 (changed into runners, but DUs still broken, CPUs down to singles for last 5)
5. 4:16 (DUs UB, CPUs down to singles for last 5-7)
6. 4:05 (DUs UB, last 9 CPUs singles!!!)
This is the hardest I've pushed myself since Sectionals and it felt great from that perspective. So hate getting stalled at CPUs!!! Was glad to regain some focus on the DUs and finish with a couple of UB sets.

Anonymous said...

3:08 had to start breaking pushups

Lots of trips with the rope, have to get better at DUs when I`m gassed.

Heavy Evy

Pete said...

Did this on April 16th due to lack of time yesterday.


I had to use a 24kg kettlebell since thats all I had.

All SDLHP and clapping push-ups unbroken. Pistols got easier after set 1 but they are definitely what slowed me down. Really struggled not to lose my cool during the double-unders. I constantly kept tripping up. It was driving me nuts! Clapping push-ups felt strong.

I've never even come close to doing this many pistols EVER. So just doing this workout broke down a mental barrier and fear that I had of them. And that alone is a small victory!

Chris Dunkin said...

Late May:

blown away that i did all of those pistols. was intimidated in the first two rounds, and then once i realized my potential, i pushed hard on the rest. all clapping pu's unbroken, and a few breaks in 4 rounds of du's.

Becky said...

well, i'll start by saying, i finished.
used 2 pd.
clap pu were torture. but, i did fully extend at the top.
pistols were full. ROM too.
du's-- i got 39 in a row for one round---yeah for me!!
shortest time was 3:05, first rd
longest was 5 flat. last rd.

didn't take 4 minutes for breaks. 2:30-3:30 ea. break.