Wed, Apr 28, 2010

early May:
A. Split Jerk - 1,1,1; rest 5 min
B. 2 x [Run 30 m @ 95% accelerating throughout; walk back x 3]; rest 5 min
C. Row 200 m @ 80%, 5 x OHS - 115#; rest 4 min x 2

May 8/9
part 1:
A1. Front Squat @ 30X1; 3 x 3 - 80% effort; rest 10 sec
A2. 25 chin ups; rest 3 min
B1. High Hang Squat Clean - 3 x 3 - 80% effort; rest 10 sec
B2. 20 GHD Sit ups; 3 sets; rest 3 min

rest 90 minutes

part 2:
Row 25 sec @ 100% effort; Rest 2 min x 4
rest 5 min
Row 25 sec @ 100% effort; rest 2 min x 4

late May:
A. Dead Lift @ 11X1; 8 sets of 2 reps @ 60% 1RM; rest 60 sec
B1. Hang Power Clean - 3,3,3,3; rest 180 sec
B2. Med Grip Bench Press @ 30X1; 6,4,2,6; rest 180 sec
C1. KBS - 25 unbroken x 3; rest 20 sec
C2. Ring Push Ups @ 21X1; rest 180 sec


Mizar said...

Hi Coach,

For the ring push ups, how many reps & sets would you like us to do?

Thank you for your help.

Geoff Aucoin said...

That looks like a WOD I can handle tomorrow. Thanks for all the well-wishes, Dawgs, mom and Maisie are doing well. My wife is officially my hero. Simply amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Coach,

I only have one bar. What should I do for B1 and B2? Perform each one alone or switch the kbs with hpc? Your input would be great. Thanks

PTS said...

With 3 minutes rest in between each movement that should be enough time to change the weight and slide the bench in and out. I have done it before without too much of a problem.

Robs said...

Sorry early mayers. Had to cheat on you, with late may today.

Late may:

All numbers are in kgs.

A: 120
B1: 80,85,90,90
B2: 100,110,100,90
C1: 32
C2: 8,11,9

PTS said...

A. 265, felt easy

B1. 155,185,190, 195x1

B2. 175,205,225, 185

C 70lbs x3 sets
C2. 25,17, 15

felt good today. quite different from yesterday.

Martin Altemark said...

Late may:
A. 110kg
B1. 70kg, 80kg, 82.5kg, 85kg (PR)
B2. 6x75kg, 4x80kg, 2x85kg, 6x75kg
C1. 32kg KB all sets
C2. 23, 12, 11

Died quickly in ring dips. I wonder when I'm gonna grow up and actually be strong when I have a bench beneath me?

Melisa C said...

Late May

A. 170
B1. 125, 130, 140, 140
B2. 105, 115, 120, 110
C1. 45(20 - oops!), 55(25 UB), 55(25 UB)
C2. 12, 12, 13

Michael FitzGerald said...

Late May
A - 262 x 2 x 8 sets - felt fast
B1 - 199/209/219/221.5
B2 - 185/195/210/187.5
C1 - 32kg KB
C2 - 15/13/12

Brandon said...

Snatch or Swing with the KB?

Bear said...

early may

A1 85 kg x 3
A2 unbroken x 3
B1 75 kg x 3
B2 unbroken x 3

Did not have time with part 2, but I had a long day with firefighter-drills on high altitude, so I was kinda beat.

Eric Montgomery said...

For May 8/9 Part 2--I'm guessing the row intervals are for max meters?

Rainer Hartmann said...

Late May:
A: 260#
B1: 125/145/155x3, 160x1
B2: 115x8, 136x6, 155x3, 136x6
C1: 70x3
C2: 15/12/11

Katrina Burton said...

Late may
A. 145#
B1. 95, 105, 115, 120#
B2. 85, 95, 115, 95#
C1. 16kg, 20kg, 24kg
C2. 22, 19, 18

Feeling great yet struggled with the weights today. Sleep is normal (8-9 hours per night), nutrition is normal and I'm not sore from yesterday or the weekend. Tough to cope with mentally... Any thoughts or ideas?

dmarsh said...

Late May

A. 291
B1. 176,196,206,211
B2. 174,198,242,198
C1. 2pd
C2. 17,16,14

Started too light on B2. Had more in me for first set of C2...weak sauce.

Corbin said...

May 8/9
Part 1:
A1. All@ 205#
A2. Unbroken, Unbroken, 16/5/4
B1. 155#, 175#, 175#
B2. All unbroken
Part 2 in meters:
143, 144, 147, 145, 149, 150, 151, 149

My wife Abi finally joined me in Germany and did:
A1. All@ 135#
A2. All broken
B1. 95#, 95#, 105#
B2. All unbroken
Part 2 in meters:
117, 123, 127, 128, 128, 127, 127, 127

Roch said...

Ankle Rehab day 2
On my back feet at 90degree:
-50 full rom ankle rotation on the right side.
-50 full rom ankle rotation on the left side.
-50 full ankle flexion-extension
-50 full ankle flexion extension on my back legs up against the wall.

(These simple exercices gave me a good 25% more ROM!!)

A. 12kg KB One leg D.L. 8 X 2 reps/side (rest 30 sec) *it ask me so much focus for the first reps, my mind was scare of the movement but after the 4th set my ankle got stronger already, instantly felt part of the trauma going away :)

B1. 65lbs SDHP 30 reps X 4 (20 sec rest)
B2. Incline Ring push ups @30X1 AMRAP 20-15-15-15

C. 45lbs Incline hip extension 5X 12

Last day at CFMTL lots of emotion today to much to train there so I went in another gym.
I know its not the exact same metabolic pathways but there was no bench where I trained and I change the angle for my pushups cause yesterday I did lots of flat claps pushups.

Lauren said...

A. 205
B1. 111, 121, 131, 141
B2. 135, 145, 165 (whoops meant to be 155, needed a spot on this one), 140
C1. 55# DB for all
C2. Had to use a TRX for the first time. 7, 6, 10 (put on my sweater b/c the trx really rubs against your biceps and hurts!)

Katrina - I wouldn't worry too much about it, we all have our off days - sometimes only the crossfit gods know why. Just think and focus on how you are going to rock it tomorrow.

Melisa C said...

Kat - I have not been at my best for the last little while. Feeling drained and if you look back at some of last weeks post, many Dawgs were saying the same.
You can't be on the top of your game everyday.
And sorry if this is too personal but do you ever take any 'Kat' time? I know you are going to school all week, coaching gymnastics and last weekend you were also doing a cert. That sounds pretty busy to me, maybe some R&R? Just a thought.
And I am such a hypocrite in saying that as I am horrible for R&R, but I know I need it.

Garage Crossfitter said...

A 240- felt good
B 155 175 185 195(1) dropped 2nd rep, tech error, stupid.
B2 185 205 225 195
C1 70lb
C2 15,15,13

Low energy today, not sure why, heavy breathing also.

unit said...

A- 225 / 240 (ez) / 255 (f- locked out arms, lost balance standing up)
B- felt gd 2 work on starts
C- subbed 135lb- :59 / :59


Benorama said...

A. 185#
B1. 135#, 145, 150, 155
B2. 125# *, 125, 135, 135
C1. 53#
C2. 15, 13, 12

Notes: Forgot to use tempo on B2 round 1. Sleep has been poor due to my own night-owl tendencies and early morning wakeups. I need to fix this ASAP.

Brandon said...

Late May
A. 300
B1. 155/175/195/205(fail 3rd)
B2. 245/265/285/245
C1. 2 pood
C2. 22*/17/13

Notes: Misread tempo on 1st Ring Pushups (11x1 instead of 21x1), but still happy. Everything felt good except HPCs. After working with a new coach sunday I am thinking a lot during the lift. Sometimes I need to remember just to jump the crap out of the bar and worry about other stuff later.

joey warren said...

A1. 205x3x3
A2. unbroken
B1. 175, 185, 185
Rested 2 hours
Rows in m

DeeJay said...

Late May:
A. 308
B1. 220/230/240/260(caught just below parralel on 3rd rep)
B2. 198/208/222/203(5)
C1. 2 pood felt kinda heavy
C2. 10-10-8

Felt sloppy today...

funbobby said...

late may:


a 290
b1 198/220/220/231
b2 185/195/215/185
c1 55,65,70lb dbs
c2 14,15,14

trying to load video of the last triple on FB, uploading not going aswell as the workout did.

LuLu said...

Late May:

A. 145#
C1:24kg-24kg-24kg all x 25

HPC is getting better, old PR was 100# for 1 rep not too long ago :)Could have gone heavier on the bench, need to get better at gauging my weights. KB swings felt great, ring push ups felt good and did them with feet on box so I was level with the rings. The CF St.Pete guys made me do them this way,they said I was on too much of an incline when I kept my feet on the groud, oooppps. I found them a bit harder but way better in the long run I guess :)

rwcorson said...

funbobby, i forgot to say yesterday, welcome aboard. Enjoy the ride.

funbobby said...

hey thanks rob!

heres the video, comments not only welcome but needed.!/video/video.php?v=10150177781360713&ref=mf

add me on facebook if this doesnt work for you "funbobby kwasny". thanks for letting me share

Adam Rogers said...

may 8/9

A1: 185/205/225 (closer to 90% effort here)
A2: Unbroken, unbroken, 20/5

B1: 155/165/175
B2: Unbroken x 3

Carrie McG said...

A. 130
B1. 105, 115, 125, 130 (miss on 3)
B2. 80, 90, 100, 80
C1. 16kg, 20kg, 50lbs (yes.. lbs is right)
C2. 3+7, 2+9, 2+10

HPC are improving quickly.. Felt awesome today. I have a tendency to drop my chest on the dip so I focused on staying tall and that helped.
I know BP numbers are low.. But 90 was my old 1RM and I did that 4x, and 100 2x! Yay for me!
Ring pushups - 1st number on toes and second were on knees till failure. Didn't want to do a very small number so mixed both.

marshall said...

Late May
A. Didn't know 1RM DL so wanted to figure that out- 335#
B1. 155,165,185,165
B2. 215,225,245,225,215

C1/C2- didn't complete

HPC felt awkward,more so than a PC. Still lot's of room for improvement on technique. I seem to have a problem getting power on my pull from the hang.

Mike Molloy said...

28 5'10'' 173

late may

A: 250

B1: 185-185-195-205
B2: 175-190-205-175

C1: 70#
C2: 25-20-20


A: Felt good
B1: First set felt terrible, rest felt great

C2: Brutal with only a 20 second transition from C1.

Jonathan Burns said...

late may
A. 225
B1. 135, 165, 185, 205(f3)
B2. 155, 175, 205, 175
C1. 2 pd
C2. 18, 11, 12

Michael McCabe said...

late may
a. 255#
b1. 175, 185, 195, 195
b2. 145, 165, 185, 155 - last set felt best, think my shoulder is almost ready for action...
c1. 70, 80, 80
c2. did shoulder rehab stuff instead.... bench press was enough for today

Paul Klein said...

Late May:

A. 220lbs
B1. 195 / 195 / 205 / 210
B2. 225 / 240 / 260 / 225
C1. 70lbs 70 70
C2. 21 / 16 / 14

Benn said...

late may.
A. 270
B1. 185, 195, 200, 205
B2. 175, 185, 200, 175(5).
C1. 1.5pd
C2. 8, 6, 6.

Mizar said...

A. 245

B1. 135x3, 155x3, 185x3, 185x3
B2. 135x6, 155x4, 175x2, 175x4

C1. unbroken, unbroken, broken (18+7) - using 80lb DB
C2. 13, 12, 12

Nathan H. said...

May 8/9.

Damn, everyone is posting for late may!

A1: 116kg/3 all sets, very easy.
A2: Chest to bar, chin over bar, regular, all unbroken.

Splits: :51, :55, :54

B1: 90kg all sets, very easy
B2: all unbroken

Splits: :56, :52 (on video, below), 1:07 (had to reset grip twice on hhc! lol)

Skipping rows for recovery.

Rory Hanlin said...

Late May

Halting DL 200kg x5, 210x5, 220x4

A. 352
B1. 110kg, 114, 120, 122
B2. 275lbs x6, 300x4, 330x2, 295x6
C1. All unbroken
C2. No tempo, 26, 19, 14

Started too light on the bench press

Stephen Flamm said...

May 8-9th:

Part 1:
A1. 165, 165, 165
A2. unbroken butterfly, unbroken kip, unbroken kip
B1. 135, 135, 135
B2. unbroken two hand touch

2 hour rest

Part 2:
156, 157, 154, 151m
154, 151, 150, 150m

Wes hendricks said...


A. 245
B1. 155-175-185-195(2)
B2. 185-195-205-184(4)
C1. 25 x 3 UB
C2. 12-13-14

Chad Hall said...

Late May

A: 291

B1: 195, 210, 225, 235(1)
B2: 185, 205, 230(1), 195

C1: 40kg, 40kg(15) 32kg(10), 32kg
C2: 13, 10, 6


Deadlift felt ok, my left glute was sore because of the limping last week. Overhand for all, feel like this is strengthening.

Happy with the HPC, still need to be taller though.

KBS with the 40kg GASSED me hard, it was tougher cardio wise to do the ring push ups after more than strength. Never felt tired in my legs before with these but today I was using everything I could to keep it there for 25. Had to drop, then 32 felt light.

Disappointed with my ring push up effort.

Chad said...

Late May
A. 245#
B1. 185 x 4
B2. 185/195/205/185
C1. 2pood
C2. 10/7/6

Notes: My hand is jacked up so I kept things on the lighter side today.

Aaron said...

Late May-
A. 225#

Head was still feeling a little off today. Will be full speed soon enough.

Brian Maier said...

Early May:

Felt the need to do "Amanda" today. were actually closer to sub 10 than you thought. Recheck your had a 10:52 instead of 11:52.

Martin and DJ...our times were eerily similar each round.

Total: 12:27

Melisa C said...

Funbobby- welcome! Now where is Andrea at??

exp. said...

Wasn't able to do "Amanda" workout yesterday, so I did it today


total work time: 10:47

What an awesome WOD. Def one of my new favorites. Was not expecting to get worked so early on. Burpees were fun.

A fitting tribute to an awesome athlete...RIP Amanda

Rest 3 hours:

Today's workout:

B1. 175/185/195/205
B2. 225/245/265/225,,,all felt strong today
C1. UBx3 (2 pood)
C2. 16/13/12...pressing power at this point was shite...found these really tough today

Congrats Geoff and Amy on the birth of your daughter!!

Alex Duncan said...

Late May
A. 240
B1. 155,165,175, 185
B2. 165 x6, 175x4, 185 x2, 170x6
C1. All UB only had a 1.5p
C2. 18,17,18

Jeff B. said...

Hey guys - I had an awesome day today, been following a few weeks behind, and felt good today, finally met a long standing goal of mine. I deadlifted 390# @ BW: 193.5# so I finally got 2x bodyweight. I also set my weighted pull-up 3RM PR today @ 95lbs (no 100lb DBs at my globo lol)

The reason I posted that link is that I am on the cover of Soldier magazine this month (seen in the lower left hand corner under current issue) and there is a large article about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier where I was a guard for 2.5 years. If any of you have seen the changing of the guard in Arlington you can appreciate the article and recognition of what these heroes of our country have done. In the article 3 guards are interviewed (Hull, Mancha and Gilliam) were all guys that I trained and left my relief to after I left, I'm like a proud parent! Thought some of you might enjoy the article.

Emilie P-B said...

Late May

A. 135#
B1. 90-100-105-110
B2. 60-70-85-65
C1. 20kg-24kg-24kg
C2. 11-9-8

On the bench, I had the same "problem" as LuLu... Could have gone heavier, need to get better at gauging my weights.
I felt much stronger than 3 months ago on KBS, but last set was still very challenging.

Brent Maier said...

38/6'2"/199 - Early May

PC's: 90/100/110kg (242#)
SJ's: 90/100x/100kg (220#)
B Runs: Felt good
C Row200m/x5OHS(115#)/30DU's/Restrap2Rower: 1:24/1:20

The goal today was to hit a 243# PC as I didn't get up that high yesterday with the SJ's. Wanted to run through the full cycle to hopefully smooth my transitions. OHS felt heavy, legs were tired along with traps and arms... These next 2 days of recovery are needed.

Brent Maier said...

Welcome Funbobby!

ken c said...

workday ran long today so didn't have time to do the workout before the classes i had to teach. did grace instead because it's short.

grace 2:17 pr.

20 sec pr from around a year ago. i work a day behind on the workouts this week.

Lisa M said...

done today at CF ramsay with Ken's supervision of my terrible cleans so that i don't do any at home with my bad habits!! I am having a hard time and very frustrated but will hang in there.

A. 155 easy

B1. 95/105/115/115 stayed at 115 as i was sucking getting my elbows up and letting my wrists back - hmmmmph.
B2. 115/125/135/125 PRd my 2RM and these felt strong today. Easy when it is a pure strength move versus skill move - obviously

C1 1.5 pood UB
C2 15/13/10
KBS felt good and no knee tweaking so that was excellent. Some great input from Ken today about keeping hips up a bit on my deads and keeping arms a little straighter on the way down for my KBS. I am really enjoying having some input into my workouts instead of doing them alone and at home.

Kat i wouldn't worry about seriously we all just have those off days. Shake it off and move on no big deal. I think Melisa has a good point about maybe being a little over extended mentally not necessarily physically.

Erik Luber said...

Late May

A. 85 kg
B1. 50 kg, 55, 62.5, 65
B2. 60 kg, 65, 75, 65(5+f)
C1. 28 kg, 24, 24
C2. 8, 6, 3

Deadlifts felt great, first time in a while. HPC still struggling. KBS rocked me pretty hard, glad I started with 28 kg (really had to push that), but I toast after.

Steve Howell said...

Late May
A: 272
B1: 182/197/204/214
B2: 225/230/240/220x5
C1: 32kg for all 3 sets unbroken
C2: 20/16/15

* 225 was to heavy to start out with lost the temp but pressed 6.

Eric Montgomery said...

May 8/9:
Part 1:
A1. FS 185x3x3
A2. 25 pullups unbroken all 3 rounds
B1. HHSC 155x3x3, but had to drop the weight from the rack position because I couldn't get a feel for rolling it down straight to the hang.
B2. 20 GHD situps unbroken all 3 rounds

Part 2 (15 mins later):
First interval was 140m; all remaining ones between 144-146m

jhk said...

A. 255
B1. 165/175/175/175 x 3's
B2. 185/205/225/205
C1. 1.5 pood for all
C2. 18/16/15

Evan Z said...

a. 225
b1. 155,155,165,165
b2. 175,185,205,175
c1. 65,75,75
c2. 10,8,9

david83 said...

DL -314, felt good today
Hang Power cleans
( this is still a major weakness for myself. I have been trying to practice my pulls and trying to be quicker to get under the bar. I am just not confident in catching the power clean. I can sneak under the squat clean but the power clean I am catch it so high. I find after 210, shit goes out the window. Just need to focus more and practice
Bench Press
felt really good on the last set
KBs all unbroken
thank you

Kendra said...

Sorry haven't posted in a couple days.. I did wods just haven't got them up! Ill put DU burpee WOD up tmw when I have more time!
Late May
A. 155
B1. 110, 120, 130, 135 (sweet cause last time my 1RM was 135!)
B2. 70, 80, 90, 75.. I was scared of dying under the bar.. Could have done some more weight
C1. 20kgs for all..should have increased, didn't know if I could do time I'll do 1.5 pood
C2. On knees until fail 11, 12, 12

Geoff Aucoin said...

I did most of this WOD today; had tons of juice but I could feel my body getting tired near the end so I shut 'er down after 1 set of C1/C2. Good WOD, I felt great but I just didn't want to push it too hard.

Mommy and Maisie are home now so our family is complete. Life is good.

MikeE said...

Late May Male 32/5'7"/173lbs
A: 300
B1: 205/205/215/225
B2: 205/225/245/225
C1: 32kg for all 3 sets unbroken
C2: 19/16/16

I screwed up the B1 and B2 and only took a min break between B2 and C1/C2... I've gotta plan my day better and read more carefully, lol. I don't do heavy hang cleans or much bench so this was a good workout for me!

Heavy Evy said...

A. 241# for 3sets, then 251 for 5 sets, felt really light tonight.
B1. 153, 163,177, 177....ugggh these just feel terrible, my elbows just move way too slow.
B2. 153x6,200x4,221x2,177x6
C1. 75#DBS x3ub
C2. 17, 11, 10

Thad said...

Late May

A. 220# Felt good and light
B1. 165,175,185,195
B2. 5/185, 4/190, 2/200, 5/185
C1. 2pood UBx3
C2. 18,15,14

Benny Ahlstedt said...

May 8/9

A1 80kg-85kg-90kg
A2 Unbroken-unbroken-15+10
B1 70kgx3
B2 unb-10+10-10+10

140, 143, 145, 139
139, 145, 146, 86 (fell off the rower...)

ken c said...

A. 275
B1. 155x3 160x3 165x3 170x3 (power snatch)
B2. 205x6 215x4 225x2 225x4 (rest 20 sec. and did last two)
C1. 32kg x 3
C2. 20 16 12

Mack Lar said...

A. 230 lbs
B1. 185/195/205f 3rd rep/205
B2. 185/205/220/190
C1. 70/80/80
C2. 22/16/14

Chris Dunkin said...

May 8/9: (15/16)

A1. 245
A2. unbroken
B1. 205
B2. unbroken
rest 60min

PTS said...

May 8-9. April 28 wod

A1. Front Squat 3x3 @ 80%. 195 for all sets.

A2. 25 chins unbroken x 3 sets

B1. HHSC. 3x3 @80%. 135,155,165
B2. 20 GHD situps x 3 sets

90 min rest.

Rows 25 sec @ 100%. rest 2 min x4
Rest 5 mins. repeat 4 sets