Sun, Apr 11th, 2010

early May:
part 1:
A1. OHS @ 42X1; 4-6 x 6; rest 120 sec
A2. Med Grip Pronated Chin Ups + 1/4 BWT; amrap strict x 6 sets; rest 120 sec
B. HSPU skill work - 10 min

rest 4+ hours

part 2:
aggressive hill runs:
35 sec accelerating effort to top - 90%
Walk 4:o0 back down
8 sets - take 8 min break b/t set 4 and 5

late May:
part 1:
4 sets:
Row 400 m @ 80%
20 unbroken chin ups
rest 3 min

rest 10 min

4 sets:
Row 400 m @ 80%
15 fast burpees
rest 3 min

rest 8+ hours

part 2:
20,15,10,5 rep rounds for time;
Hang Power Clean - 155#/100#

post loads, notes and times to comments


Martin Altemark said...

Late may - Ouch!

Part 1:
2:29, 2:53, 2:44, 2:48 (PUs on rings, 20 sec walk betw rower and rings)

2:06, 2:09, 2:01, 2:01

Rows was hard today. Bit below my normal 80% pace. PUs on rings fried my forearms - should do them on rings more often. A bit different. Burpees went really good, strangely enough.

PTS said...

back from rest and cruise. while on the cruise got plenty of DB work and bodyweight stuff. needed the barbell work so did yesterdays WODs today and will do todays tomorrow and will be caught up on tuesday.

yesterday wod
DL triple-385
PC 155,185,195,197x4, 197x3
Ring dips - 18,15,13,13,11
GHD- unbroken

Annie- 4:51

good to be back.

Garage Crossfitter said...

2:05 2:08 2:13 2:07

2:07 2:07 2:06 2:05

Felt good today, pullups could have been faster but forearms were alittle tight.

No PM wod, i think i jumped back in after my week off alittle too hard, ive been very sore all week and lacking the "pop" in my wods. Today felt great which is a good sign but im going to do lots of stretching and rolling the rest of today and monday...

Jefff said...

Late May

Row/pull-up -
1. 1:55
2. 2:13
3. 2:17
4. 2:31

Row/burpee -
1. 2:47
2. 2:32
3. 2:20
4. 2:23

Tlaw said...

Part 1
1:38(stupid), 2:01, 1:58, 1:52
2:00, 2:04, 2:07, 2:10

Heavy Evy said...

Cold I've been fighting the past few days is at its worst today, went out in that storm last week without a jacket....I think its settling in my kidneys....
Those who've road a hockey bus will get the quote, regardless feel like shat, will do double tommorow or rest till Tuesday.

Michael McCabe said...

late may part 1
row/pu - 1:55, 1:55, 2:13, 2:11
sets 1 and 3 were COVP; 2 and 4 were butterfly

row/burpee - 2:20, 2:21, 2:19, 2:13

i felt destroyed after the row/pullup couplet, almost didn't do the burpees. diet has been iffy this past week so it's my own fault. burpees got faster in each round but were slow throughout.

joey warren said...

for early Mayers, on A2 does med grip mean a medium width grip overhand on the bar?

OPT said...

joey, that is right.
for most just about shoulder width

Chad Hall said...

Late May Part 1

1. 2:06 (1:22)
2. 2:12 (1:22)
3. 2:28 (1:22)
4. 2:36 (1:23)

1. 2:10 (1:23)
2. 2:17 (1:24)
3. 2:18 (1:21)
4. 2:16 (1:23)

Happy with the rows, consistent throughout. Regular kipping pull ups ... did COVP until I got tired which was about half way for 2-4.

Tried a different burpee today, landing with my legs further apart in the down position, more like a sprawl burpee. Always chest to deck though, I think I like them better?

McCabe, I felt destroyed after set 1 too, pull ups smoked me. My diet isn't the greatest either though right now.

LuLu said...

Late May:





I was happy with this as my row seems to be getting better. The first set was always a challenge to find my 80% zone. I find that I need some "warm up" time during wods, I am not sure why this is? but my body progressivly gets stronger as the wod goes on. I think this is why I have such a hard time with super fast, super heavy wods. Need to work on that :)
Part 2 later tonight.

LuLu said...

My pace on the rower was around 2:15-2:20 for both wods. Pullups and Burpees unbroken.

Dave X said...

Hey Dawgs! I'm back after a couple weekd of R&R. I was really dying to get back to training sooner but I forced myself to take the time to recover from all my little bumps and bruises and aches as well as to improve my journaling system, and to make some changes to my home gym.

I knew I was going to have some rust, but I got my @ss kicked a whole lot harder than I expected this afternoon.

Row/chins: 2:24/2:35/2:45/3:01
Row/burpees: 2:23/2:45/2:32/2:30

No part 2 for me today. I'm going to ease into it here for the next week.

Notes: Row was very strong and consistent over the 8 reps however the bodyweight movements were horrible, chins were ugly as shit and the burpees while unbroken were slow.

During the two weeks off I was pretty strick with my diet and only had two cheat meals the entire time however one was veggie pizza last night and I had a HUGE headache afterwards last night and into today. Totally had the hangover feeling when I woke up, which also accounted for the sluggishness I felt this afternoon.

After watching the Nutrition 201 dvd, I tried to alter my breakfast a little from the daily egg intake I've been used to. I mixed in oats a couple of days and it left me feeling bloated and foggy all morning long. I guess that means I'm way more carb intolerat than I would've expected and the past week of eating this way really reflected in todays WOD.

Anyway, it's glad to be back. It was hard not even peeking at the blog for the past couple weeks!


Tlaw said...

Coach, if the hdspu in part 2 are out of our league, what's your preferred scaling? As many as we can as rxd then band assisted? Just grind away and do singles for an hour? What's your preference, as I know 50 is more than I can do. Longest set I've done is 7 i think

BK said...

Part 1 : 2.08,2.06,2.14,2.10
Burpees on fist.

Coach, can you swing me a suitable replacement for HPC today, seeing as I did Clean Pulls yesterday , and recieving the bar is not an option ?
Going to sub HSPU with regular pushups gripping a handle, which gives no pain

exp. said...

Part 1:

2:10/2:20/2:17/2:18...all PU unbroken and COVP...

2:07/2:07/2:16/2:08...burpees felt good

pace on PU and burpees was fast (PU pace slowed a bit around rep 15 on sets 3+4, but not too much)...

kept rows a consistent 80%, but my rowing has improved quite a bit and I feel that my old 500m time (the time on which I based the 80%) might no longer other words, I probably should've rowed faster..haha

I'm gonna try to get part 2 done tonight, but I've got a paper due, so it might have to wait until tomorrow...

Steve G said...



Part 1





Part 2 20 mins later b/c I was not sure if I could get to do the WOD tonight...

Head to Head with DavidM @ CFC



Last set of Row/PU I couldn't do PUs unbroken...grip was toast...

for part 2 I did 20 HSPUs straight through and the HPCs were 12/5/3...after that I never could do more than 5 consecutive reps of either HSPUs or HPCs...

however I would have liked to seen how fast my time would have been with 8 hours rest....

Jonathan Burns said...

Early May

A1. 135x6 135x6 145x5 155x4 155x6 165x4

A2. 50x4 x5 x3 x4 x4 x4

B. not much skill there

part 2 will be done on the water.


Emilie P-B said...

Late May:


All sets unbroken, kipping pullups



Part 2 later today

Jenny said...

A1. 88 - 99 -110 - 121-121-110
A2. 14 kg dumbbell

Run tomorrow!

Geoff Aucoin said...

I only have time for one WOD today so I went with #1. I didn't time the sets as that wasn't called for and not really the point of the WOD, I feel. All my rows were consistent and, unfortunately, only round 1 & 4 of the pull-ups were unbroken. The burpees were better and I was pushing harder here.

Today's WOD was a wake-up call to get the nutrition back to 90% great all the time. My body wasn't willing on the row/pull-up part of the WOD plus I'm almost 200lbs, which is about 5lbs above playing weight. Did some 3RM deadlift work before this WOD but right hip wasn't too happy about it.

Eric Montgomery said...

Early May
Part 1:
A1 (kgs): 60x5, 66x4, 70x4, 70x4, 70x4, 72x4. Shoulder and wrist pain and lack of stability were the limiting factors.
A2: Used a 1.5pd KB--slightly more than 1/4 of BW of 200lbs. 7, 6, 6, 6, 6, 5.
B: HSPU work. Two sets, top of head to parallette level--3 and 2 reps. 5 single negatives lockout to head to ground, 10s descent each. Then 5 sets hands on floor--4, 4, 5, 4, 4.

Steve Howell said...

Late May

Row/Pull ups: 1:49/1:49/1:51/1:53
Row/Burpee: 2:09/2:09/2:04/2:05

* Not sure if I will be getting to part 2 today for I aggravated my lower back again in yesterdays WOD.

Pete said...

1) 1:51 UB
2) 2:05 UB
3) 2:02 UB
4) 2:02 UB

1) 2:02 UB
2) 1:59 UB
3) 2:00 UB
4) 1:55 UB

First set of pull-ups were butterfly but I switched because these were too taxing after the row.

Rows felt awsome today. Stuck with a pace of 1:50 for the first few sets of rows and then picked up the pace since I didn't feel like I was quite at 80%. Brought it down to between 1:42 and 1:45.

Didn't rush the rows but tried to blast through the pull-ups and burpees. Burpees were fast and strong.

Feel good after part 1. Lets see what happens with Part 2!

Mizar said...

Late May
Part 1
Row - chin ups
1:59, 2:00, 1:59, 2:07

Row - burpees
2:10, 2:11, 2:10, 2:09

Part 2

Paul Klein said...

I made paleo almond banana pancakes for breakfast this morning (recipe from Mark's Daily Apple). And they sat in my stomach like medicine balls for all of Part 1.

Part 1: Only rowing times were taken.
1:22 1:25 1:26 1:26
All pull ups unbroken

Rest 10

1:26 1:26 1:26 1:26
Burpees felt fast even with the pancakes sloshing around in there.

Lesson learned on the breakfast choice. I am capable of rowing way faster than 1:26 for 400M but that felt like 80% to me today.

Rest 5 hours (time is limited today)

Part 2:

HSPUs went to singles in the set of 15. The hang power cleans felt great though. I just lost all my time banging away at the hspus.

Hari said...

Part 1:

A1: 6x95, 6x100, 6x105, 6x110, 5x115, 6x115
A2: 6x35, 5x35, 4x35, 4x35, 3x35, 3x35 (35 = 23% BW)
B: 12x2 (every 40 seconds)+ 4x1 (every 30 seconds)=28

First time really trying full ROM HSPU's. No more lowering to a plate, which no seems as quaint as using a band for pull-ups.

Michael FitzGerald said...

Late May
8:06...HSPU was broken after round of 20 (mostly sets of 2's and 3's). Hang Power Clean was tough! Lacking stamina after my time away. Will be better on Tuesday.
Work on chin over vertical plan chin-ups with burpees. I might go for an easy run later.

Not feeling hot today. I gotta be boring Michael for the next 8 weeks if I want to get through the regionals (more rest).

david83 said...

Row Pull-ups
1.)1:27/ 500m unbroken
2.)1:33/500m ub-2:47
3.)1:54/500 m ub-2:35
4.)2:03/500mm ub 2:40
First two sets way to fast, last two were good

Row Burpee- Really attacked these, well I tired
I need to work on my form. Michelle informed me that I was not full extending my arms. thanks

Rested on 1 hour because of time committments and no other location to work out. sorry
Part two: with steve
12:29-slow and steve kicked my ass. Had not gas or energy. My nutrition sleep and food need to be fix and I will start now. Going to be ready for regionals.

Erik Luber said...

Late May

Part 1

Only part 1 of 1 today. Trying to easy back into things properly. Chins destroyed me today. Was holding on for dear life after 10 reps in rounds 2-4, but managed everything unbroken.

joey warren said...

Early May
part 1:

A.1. 155, 165, 175, 185x4 + f, 185x4, 185x4
A.2. 45lb - 11, 10, 9, 5+2, 8, 5
*Lost the weight in the 5th round of A2

B. HSPU practiced on bumper plates, on dumbells, and on kipping- about 50 total

resting.... waiting for the rain to subside for part 2- the hill is going to be muddy!

Stephen Flamm said...

Early May
Part 1:

A1. 6 x 75, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105
A2. 50 lb. vest - 4, 5, 4, 4, 4, 4
B. 4 sets of three reps working on speed, singles with hands on assorted-height plates, and a 75 second handstand hold to finish

Part 2:

191, 197, 203, 203, 203, 202, 200, 202m

Left heel and both knees feel a bit over-worked today, so I kept the squats moderate and subbed rows for the hills with same intervals. Wore 50 lb. vest and set the damper to 10. I know it's not a valid sub for hills, but I've tacked on some extra sled work lately and the foot is feeling it.

Michael McCabe said...

late may part 2
did HSPU 20-10-5-5; HPC as rx'd

i always shudder when i see hspu. almost all singles. should learn how to kip them in case it's allowed in competition.

paul klein, i knocked back some scotty hagnas-inspired paleo pancakes this morning too... i think that's a rest day breakfast! from here til may 29-30 i am keeping diet and recovery as #1 priorities.

LuLu said...

Part 2 as rx'd:


The hang power cleans were heavy!!!! and I screamed a lot :) but I made it through them. HSPU all strict until I got to the set of 10 and had to start kipping. The HSPU's were super hard towards the end.
Good job everyone, it was a big weekend :)

Roch said...

Row-Pullups 1:51UB-2:03UB-2:06UB-2:06UB
Row-Burpees 2:06-2:06-2:02-2:00

rest 5:30 hour

Part2: 8:51

I went all out just to see where I was going to hit the wall did 20hsp-20unb.hpc and then I hit the wall :)but kept my pace and focus trough it all.
Overall happy about my day and my body feel good.

Melissa said...

Late May

I am impressed and humbled by all of these unbroken pull-up scores. WOW. You guys are amazing! I just got my first set of 20 unbroken kips last weekend. I was psyched to get 18 during my first set but disappointed they broke so quickly after that.


1. 2:40 (row 1:36, pull-ups 18/2)
2. 3:00 (row 1:36, pull-ups 7/3/5/5)
3. 3:40 (row 1:37, pull-ups 5/5/5/5)
4. 4:00 (row 1:36, pull-ups 7/4/4/5)

Row/Burpees - I liked this much better!
1. 2:18 (row 1:35)
2. 2:23 (row 1:36)
3. 2:27 (row 1:36)
4. 2:22 (row 1:37)

Double a no go for me today. Will have BK program double days for me during the week as I'll be traveling these next couple of weekends.

Rory Hanlin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rory Hanlin said...

welcome back PTS,
I'm still chasing your sub 4 Annie...

Brandon said...

Late May
Part 1
2:39/2:36/2:43/2:49 (all broken)

Part 2
13:35 (not rx'd - HSPU to 1")

Notes: Rows all 1:27-1:28. Pullups were really hard and forearms burned. For Part 2, I moved my HSPU target down to 1" from 2" which slowed the pace. These still felt much better and it is obvious the work is paying off.

Eric Montgomery said...

Early May
Part 2: 8 x 35s hill intervals w/ 4 minute recovery. Ran Via Alicante hill in La Jolla. According to, I covered about 165m for each interval with an ascent of 22m over that distance for a grade of ~13%. Kept a pretty consistent pace--the 35s ran out within a window of only a few meters for each one.

Brian Maier said...

Early May:

Part 1:
A1 - 95,100,105,110,115(5),120(4)
A2 - 50lbs - 9,8,6,6,6,5

15 min rest

Part 2:
only had time for 3min rest between sets. these felt good today.

jason said...

Did late may part 1 today after 2nd day of Movement & Mobility cert.

This was horrible! Bad heartburn, no energy, everything felt bad.

1. Row 1:19, 15 UB pull-ups
2. Row 1:19, 20 UB pull-ups
3. Row 1:22, 13 UB pull-ups

1. Row 1:22, 15 UB burpees
2. Row 1:23, 15 UB burpees

Done! Had nothing today at all. I feel messed up metabolically. Bad attitude towards the work too. I'm disappointed with my effort but hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

On a bright note - went through some AMAZING box squatting lessons today at lunch with Kstar. If any of you guys get a chance to attend his 1 day gig, GO! He provides so much insight into taking care of your junk.

Katrina Burton said...

Late May
Part 1 @ 6:00am
1. 2:12
2. 2:13
3. 2:16
4. 2:18

1. 2:24
2. 2:30
3. 2:32
4. 2:33

Part 2 @ 6:30pm... I attemped this after teaching a 9 hour competitive gymnastics seminar. My throat was killing me and this did not go well. Did the first round of 20 and pulled the plug. Zero energy and the throat was getting progressively worse (along with the huge bruises on my collar bones).

Happy to have done the rowing before the seminar, as that is a place I need improvement. Great job today everyone.

Mike Molloy said...

28 5'10'' 170

Late May

Part 1: Didn't time. 1:45 pace on rows. Unbroken and fast as required.

Part 2: 6:58. HSPU unbroken only on first round. Broke the HPC's into sets of 10 and 5 as necessary.

joey warren said...

early May:
part 2:
Holy Hills Sprints- another good burn! Ass on fire, it kind of felt good to do this in the pouring rain here in Cali, refreshing. I felt really good today, great week!

Emilie P-B said...

Late May, Part 2


Hang Power cleans were heavy, but doable. I broke them in sets of 5.

I did the HSPU on 1 abmat, but I was still very slow. I just did my first HSPU (head to the ground) last week. I really have to work on it, HSPU is my new goal to acheive.

Chad Hall said...

Late May Part 2


HSPU were kipping. HPC felt heavier than I thought they were going to but still good.

HSPU suck though ... REALLY need to start working on these. I will start on Tuesday.

Pete said...

Part 2 10:41

PTS said...

Don't hurt yourself chasing that sub 4 as I don't think it was valid. I think I must have made a counting error that day. Today went pretty smooth and I wasn't even close to that. I defintely think I shorted the WOD somehow that day, either with a stopped watch or miscounting reps or something because that time doesn't even seem possible.

Geoff Aucoin said...

No disrespect but a sub-4 Annie might not be possible. If Katrina Burton can't do it then I doubt it can be done.

Brent Maier said...

38/6'2"/198 - Early May

A1 OHS: 135(6)/145(5)/155(4)/165(4)/175(4)/185#(2)
A2 PU w/50#: 7/5/4/4/4/4

HSPU's: 50 Total - Head to floor
Narrow: 18
Wide: 14
1": 5
2": 5
6.5": 5
12" Parallets: 3

Rest 1.5 hours

Part II: 8 hill sprints - Ran 6 ft further than my furthest distance up the hill on the final 8th round. Skipped the 8 minute rest at the half way point because it was getting dark.

Notes: I was really feeling that pain in the spine on the HSPU's. It wasn't so bad on the OHS. Still hoping it clears up before regionals in a few weeks.
I did part I at Pikes Peak Crossfit and they pointed out today in my 2 second hold at the bottom of the OHS, I was WAY below parallel. If I clean up that distance back to just below parallel, I should be able to maintain better alignment and save energy. Work in progress...

jhk said...

Part 1:
Was at work so had to sub runs for rows
Started with OHS as per early May
finished at 145x4
Run 400 unbroken chinups
rest 10
Run 400 15 fast burpees
Rest 6 hrs
Part 2:
HSPU 20/15,5/10/5
HPC 9,6,5/5,5,3,2/5,3,2/3,2

Wes hendricks said...


Part 1,
Row/CTB Pu


Rested 6 hours

Part 2:

Kept between 1:47-1:49 pace on Row
Pull-ups were CTB and unbroken, which was a bad idea. Part 1 was an awful experience for me.

craig said...

Part 1. unbroken.
rnds 1/3 chin over vert plane
2/4 butterfly

No time for part 2. which is a bummer cuz it looks like fun.

Kendra said...

Worked at 5:30 AM this morning so I couldn't get to the gym until after 2- unfortunately this meant not very much rest time between part 1 and 2!
Part 1. (2:30pm)
I was dumb and thought that I had to do strict pull ups so I used a band for them all...cause I cannot do 20 ub strict!
1. 3:16 (1:40) - pu were with green band only to 16 ub
2. 3:48 (1:42)- green and red band to try to get 20 but only got 16
3. 3:27 (1:42)- green and purple 20 ub
4. 3:44 (1:43)- green and purple 20 ub
*guess I was even weaker at strict pu than I thought!

1. 2:45 (1:44)
2. 2:54 (1:43)
3. 2:52 (1:43)
4. 2:50 (1:40)
all burpees felt good so did rows

Part 2. (8pm)
used green and purple band for HSPU..but all were ub so probably should do 2 purple bands next time
all HPC split into 5 reps
11 minutes
weight felt pretty heavy for 100#

Katrina Burton said...

Haha thanks Geoff!

All seriousness, I'm pretty sure I read on speallers blog leading up to the '09 games that he PRed in Annie with a sub 4 time. Could be mistaken but I know he is a machine on that one!!

I think sub 4 is definately do-able if the abs don't break down so quickly after the first 50!

Thad said...

Late May

Part1. 2:08,2:18,2:27,2:33
Rows were are all pretty consistent and PU's were all chin over vertical plain UB

Burpees felt good but rows got much harder

HPC felt heavy but HSPU are what slowed me down the most all strict mostly 2's

Michelle said...

I got a lesson in ego today...just took me a while to realize it...

Knew I could only do 1 WOD today so I chose the HSPU/HPC one because the HSPU is a weakness for me. Should have known when I tried to loosen my shoulders for an hour (ring dips yesterday) to no avail that maybe I should just substitute or throw an abmat down, but I so wanted to do the WOD as rx'd that I lost perspective. Even when I couldn't hook grip for the HPC because of my thumb I still tried to make the HSPU/HPC WOD happen!!! Finally, I had so many failed HSPUs that I quit.
At this point I had enough time to do the row/PU part of the first WOD, but I decided not to time it. Didn't have any UB sets of PUs. Just stopped in rnd one as soon as it got subsequent rounds I finally got some focus and broke the PUs because of grip. Time to move on from these WODs...

Steve Howell said...

Didn't get around to part 2 today lower back is still not feeling good. Will be resting up tomorrow and also getting a message.

Anonymous said...

Early May

Part 1
A1 5x95# all six sets
A2 4x45# first 5, 3x45 last
B Ran out of time, will have to make up.

Part 2
Found a reasonable hill. Guess its not so flat around here after all. Enough of an incline such that a lot of bike riders get off to walk up it. Still would rather see something like a 40yd berm up to a train track or something like that. It was also paved. Toward the end, could see my distance drop a bit as 35sec timer went off.

Dave X said...

Yesterday must've been a pancake type of day. My wife made me April Hanlin's pancakes which are friggin' awesome! Unfortunately, I had the same "heavy" feeling other did...

Rory Hanlin said...

Pull Ups:
2:50 broke at 12
2:30 unbroken
3:12 broke at 14
2:49 unbroken


Lauren said...

felt pretty good considering I took sat off for some extra rest.

all PU broke


Part 2

19:30 - happy with this since HSPU are a def weakness.

Jon M said...

Haven't posted in forever, but have been following the programming to get ready for regionals in OHIO.

PT 1:

Worked up to 205x3 for the last set
Pt2. 7 then 5s across

PT 2:

Found a nice hill and worked hard on this. It felt like a horse kicked me in the chest.

Jason Buzzard said...

Late May

Part 2: 15:25

I had a soccer game in the evening so I figured it was better to do one WOD with soccer as opposed to both and a game. HSPU were decent, first 20 unbroken and strict, after that all sets of 5 or 10 and all strict. Any type of clean is a goat of mine so it is good to work on them. This time could be much faster if I could just get past the mental block of stringing them together.

Melisa C said...

Late May:

Row/PU - total working time = 14.22
*Not UB PU's

Row/Burpees - total working time = 10.04
*UB Burpees

Part 2:
Ugh, HSPUs are a big weakness. For life of me I could not get full ROM so did one ab mat.
HPC felt easy.

Very humbling part 2 and really broke my spirit. Always doubt myself after I get my ass handed to me in a WOD.

Becky said...

think i kept time wrong on the first part.
rows were 1:40 for shortest time, 1:50 for longest ( last one)

did all pu's unbroken, afraid i wouldn't but, i did!!
burpes were good.

part 2 16:53.
did first 20 ( was doing them one at a time mostly)and then 9 strict, but went to the band for assistance. Heavy and HARD!!

DeeJay said...

PArt 1 complete all pu's unbroken, had to did deep for last set... Burpees as fast as I could go.... Didn't time... WOD 2 I just couldn't get up for so I never completed it. Headed right now to hand in my last paper of my 8 years of university... Now I can focus on 2010 crossfit games!!!

Aaron said...

Late May-

No part 2 today

Rory Hanlin said...

Part two

scaled HPC up to 175
need to work on HSPU

Baltoe said...

Started with the usual WU - 1 mi/walk - 5x of skip, dowel OH, squats 15x knees, hips torso rots, arm windmills, 5x burpees. I am putting a double under into each 10of my skipping rounds for practice.
1.2.10 20 UB
2.2.49 10 + 10
3.2.56 11 + 9
4. 2.48 11 + 9

Didn't get the row time.

1.2.59 1.32 row time UB
2.2.52 129 RT UB
3.2.49 129 RT UB
4. 2.41 127 UB

Got stronger, or just started working harder.

Back this evening for the rest, one day late.

unit said...

part 1
A1- 135(6)/ 155(6)/ 185(4)/ 185(6)/ 205(f)/ 205(5) huge PR!
A2- 45lb x 11 / 10 / 9 / 8 / 8 / 8
B- 25 total... narrow, wide, db, parallette...

part 2
steeper hill than last time but shorter... 15-17sec with 90-120sec rest... felt GREAT!...


PTS said...

Did Part 1 earlier today
everything went smooth. all times in the low 2 mins

Did not do Part 2 as I;m trying to get back on schedule tomorrow. Just practiced HSPU for 15 mins

exp. said...

part 2: 13:39

poor performance today...everything drive and felt weak...alot of deadlines, stress, and lack of sleep lately...

taking my 16# sledge to my alarm clock tonight...sleeping in tomorrow...

Deejay, congrats on finishing school man...its a great 2 weeks I hand in my last paper as well...can't wait...

Pete M said...

Part 1:
A: Had to sub SDHP w/ 45lb bar, didn't time, but pullups felt more difficult than normal. unbroken
B: rows were 1:25-1:24 and total times were between 2:09-2:10

Part 2:
6:51 (1.03, 2:32, 2:20, 55)
hspus were broken after first round, hpc's were all unbroken

Heavy Evy said...

Did part 1 a day late.
2:13,2:20,2:27,2:45 Pus UB
Did COVP on thick bar, worked on speed and form, kind of a quasi-kip, felt good. Last set was tough.

Fast Burpees is kind of an oxymoron for me! Form on rower felt good last 2 sets.

Sorry Coach. Couldn't get to part 2, peeves me off! Really wanted to give it a go.

Baltoe said...

Back to the wife thinks I am.. .

One mile walk - then right into HPC's - no 155#'s though (110#'s) so that I might have some hope of finishing.
HPC 12 - 8
HSPU's 10 - 5 - 3 - 2
HPC 10 - 5
HSPU 7 - 4 - 4
HPC 10
HSPU 5 - 3 - 2
HSPU 4 -1

Finished with 10 HPC and PUSH Press with 110 #'s.

Slept later than usual thismo.

JessieL said...

Late May
Part 1: (frustrated that my pull ups are sucking lately)
Row/Pull Up
1) 3:18 (1:33) 10-6-2-2
2) 3:20 (1:38) 11-5-2-2
3) 3:52 (1:41) (8-3-2-2-3-2)
4) 3:58 (1:48) (10-3-2-1-2-2)

Row/Burpee (the burpees were easy-ish- getting out of the rower took the most time)

1) 2:50 (1:40)
2) 2:45 (1:41)
3) 2:43 (1:39)
4) 2:35 (1:38)

Funny how they got faster as I went on with burpees

Part 2-
I don't have more than one or two full hand stand push ups, so I had to use an ab-mat- but I totally burned out and could barely do one by the time 10 came around, so I began kipping-ish type movement- then only went half way down- I'm not sure if I should've just reduced the number of reps-gone much slower-or really focused on the negatives- guess these are going to become part of my warm up or skill work.


Hari said...

Early May part 2;

Sub 8 x Run up 7 flights of stairs (32-34 seconds per run)

Chris Dunkin said...

did the couplets on sunday and forgot to post: did not keep track of time, but went out way too fast on first round of row/chins and paid for it on the second; then got on track for last two
all chins unbroken, and all rows under 1:23

did not make part 2 happen.