Sat, Apr 10th, 2010

Chloe the luger

early May:
part 1:
7 sets:
5 muscle ups
10 touch and go unbroken Dead Lift - 225#/155#
(on a 2 minute timer; if you fail to complete the sets in 2 minutes, you rest the following 2 minutes then record how many sets you were able to complete on the 2 minutes - 7 is obviously the goal)

rest 180 min

part 2:
100 knees to elbows for time
(when you fraction the reps; you must perform 35 unbroken double unders in b/t the fractions)

late May:
part 1:
A. Dead Lift - build to a heavy 3, not a 3RM, quickly
B1. Power Clean @ 12X1; 3-5 x 5; rest 120 sec
B2. Ring Dips @ 31X1; amrap (-1) x 5; rest 120 sec
C. GH Raises @ 1010; 15 x 5 sets; rest 90 sec

rest 20 min

part 2:

post loads, times and notes to comments
double on Sunday


Ali Loach said...

Too cute!!!

JessieL said...
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Hari said...

Been trying to figure out how to switch to this programming in preparation for the Masters in late May. Realistically, I can't keep up with six to seven WOD's of these WOD's per week, so I've decided to try the following strategy: Switch to the early May WOD's, do them all in order, but take until late May to do them. This gives me the peace of mind of knowing that I am not selectively omitting anything.

So from here on, I'll fall behind on the posting, but I will definitely stay with the programming. Thanks for providing this extraordinary service to the CrossFit Community.

Garage Crossfitter said...

A: 345 easy- 30-60sec breaks between lifts
B: 155 175 190 200 x5 215(2)
B2: 10 10 10 7 7
C: unbroken hands at side

Annie 7:22, pr is 5:25

Felt great going into this other than wicked sore abs from GHD's the other day. First round very fast, 5th rep into round of 40 situps massive fatigue set in and I had to do reps of 5-10 for situps the rest of the wod. Doubles all fast and easy, breathing barely elevated, so im not sure y my abs gave out like that. Ive heard coach say that sore muscles doesnt have any effect on performance so I cant blame it on that...chalk it up and move on ... WHOOOOFF!!

unit said...

part 1- [in sec]
:36, :34, :35, :36, :35, :36, :71

part 2 in a bit... ripped a gd bit of skin on the last muscle up and it took a bit 2 finally get it... rest of the WOD unbroken...


Rory Hanlin said...

A. Sub'd rack pulls 500 3x3
B1. 225, 245, 265x3, 265x3, 265x3
B2. (no tempo, kipping) 30, 25, 17, 18, 16
C. 10, 10, 10

4:47 PR

Happy with the PR

Aaron said...

Late May-
A. 325
B1. 155/160/165/175/3x185
B2. 9,8,7,6,6
C. 15x5

Part 2- 6:32

Chris Dunkin said...

late may
a. 440
b1. 185,195,215,225,235x3
b2. kip w/20lb vest: 20,19,18,18,16
c. bwt,10lb,15,20,25x10

annie: 6:20

missed the rx'd tempo on b2. situps slow from set of 40 on in.

Brent Maier said...

38/6'2"/198 - early may

Part 1: 7 -finished with about 1 minute to spare with each round. I've got a sharp pain in the middle of my spine. Happened on the tripple pp day. Going to keep rolling and start hitting the motrin to hopefully give it a healing hand. The last time I rember having this kind of pain was overarching on a heavy benchpress years ago. Sigh

Part Ii later this afternoon.

BK said...

A. 395
B. 155,175X5,195,205,215x3

Annie 6.55 PR but situps ridiculously slow.

B . Did clean pulls instead of cleans becuase of inability to grip bar on recieving.
The wrist issue I have is a major concern when hyper extended or/and pressed(hspu/pushup)and the pain holding rings even thinking about a MU is too much to bear.
With regionals coming up in 6 weeks time I am hitting another MRI early in week with my last resort looking ominous...4 week in a splint and no action to get 100% better.
As tough as it is...I know the answer.

Melisa C said...

A. 255(2)
*My bad, did a max. 3RM is 250

B1. 115(5), 120(5), 125(5), 135(4), 140 (3)
B2. 2+3, 3+3, 1+3, 2+3, 1+4
*Used a small band for + sets as rings are a MAJOR weakness

C. All UB with GHD set on 7 - ouch!

Part 2 - anchored + ab mat = 5.38

unit said...

part 1- 37/ 34/ 35/ 36/ 35/ 36/ 71

then did the anvil wods...

part 2- 7:47
[grip suffered... 31/ 19/ 20/ 14/ 16... du's felt ez]

2morrow is a rest day 4 me bc of work...


Tlaw said...

Part 2
5:41, rd of 50 was 18+32, rest UBRK

Tlaw said...

Part 1
A. 345
B1. 190x5
B2. 12/12/9/9/8
C. as rxd

Michael McCabe said...

late may
a. built from 225 to 365x3 in 9 mins
b1. 165x5, 175x5, 185x5, 195x4, 205x2
b2. 9 on all five sets - didn't have my rings so normal dips
c. harop curls 4 sets of 10

annie - 5:56 PR - situps felt painfully slow after the first 50

early may wods look awesome but i am not unit so i am not doubling up! feel good though, looking forward to seeing what's in store for tomorrow.

Jason Anderson said...

Late May:
B1.225(heavy),215(to keep solid form),215
Had to stop at 3 sets I Have this tingling that seems to be behind my right shoulder blade I keep foam rolling,rolling on a trigger point ball, Thera-Cane this bad boy won't stop it's beginning to upset me. Any Ideas?

C.GH 15x5 Sets 2 and 4 were done holding a 10lb plate.

5:37(PR) I have abmat rug burn ouch! (Think I missed one in the first 50 but did 1 extra at the end oops!)

Chad Hall said...

Late May

A: 365

B1: 185, 205, 215, 225(3), 225(2)
B2: 8, 8, 6, 6, 5

C: Done with arms crossed at chest for all.

Annie - 5:04(PR) anchored situps


Deadlift felt strong and great, could have pr'd today if it was rx'd. Really happy with power cleans too. Ring dips at tempo were really tough. GHR felt decent, next time hands behind head.

Annie was good too, wanted sub 5:00, I think I missed 4/5 doubles which cost me. I usually go all out on my first 50 situps and I'm toast. Today I was consistent and that worked a lot better.

I'm going to posting a video of my power cleans if anyone could help me out with any faults that would be great thanks!

Steve G said...



A. 375
B1. 155x5/185x5/195x5/200x3/205x3
B2. 14/8/8/7/6

Part 2



CNS not firing today felt sluggish throughout...for Annie I tripped up DUs in set of 50 and 20...also my situps only have one speed...very slow...

Stephen Flamm said...

Early May:

Part 1:
Failed after 4 MUs in 5th round. Skipped 6th round. 7th was easy. Successful rounds were completed in under :60; not too sure what happened in the 5th.

Part 2:

DU were the issue. Knee-to-elbows were cometed in sets of 31, 17, 18, 17, and 17. 2nd round of DUs had misses at 27, 27, 27, and 6 - so frustrating.

DeeJay said...

A. 425
B1. 205-225-235-245
B2. 8-7-7-6
C. 15-15-11-11-10

Annie - 6:43 - several trip ups in double unders. no breaks in situps, just slow

Martin Altemark said...

Follow the late may (not competing...), but got to train together with Jenny (early may for European regionals) today. So a bit of a mashup betw programs.

part 1: quick 3 reps DL, not max: 160kg


part 2: MU/DL - 7 rounds with about a minut to spare in each round

then 20 min rest and

"Annie" with unanchored situps: 6:17 (PR)

Been sick all week so pretty happy with the effort.

LuLu said...

Late May:

A. 205 x 3 these felt good, no round in back :) no pain in back!!

B1.95-105-110 all x5, 120x2-120x3
Super happy, 1rm pr was 120lbs a month ago :)
B2)9-9-8-8-9 the tempo made these a challenge !!!
C) all GH raises unbroken


4min 25 sec

Was nice to do a .com wod. and one of my favorites to boot. Thanks OPT

LuLu said...

Annie was a new PR :) anchored sit ups with ab mat.
Thanks for the push Mizar!!!!!!!!

Geoff Aucoin said...

At the firehall so I just did front squats for 5's and some other stuff 1st. I don't think I'll ever deadlift or olympic lift at a firehall again, unless they get decent bars.

Anchored Annie in 5:42, unbroken but sit-ups were slow. I think my PR is like 5:25.

ken c said...

A1. 405
B1. 185x5 195x5 205x3 195x5 195x5
B2. 13 12 11 10 9 (at tempo, no kip)
C. skipped it

annie: 5:43 (pr is 5:05)

low back got pretty lit up on the deadlift. cleans should have been heavier but low back got real tight. 30 and 20 round of sit ups were slow. 2 misses on du.

Steve Howell said...

late may
Part 1;
A: 308 (back is still not 100%)
B1: 155/176/187x3/192.5x3/203.5x3
B2: 12/11/10/10/10 (no kip)
C: all sets unbroken.
Part 2;
Time = 4:25 (pr)

Chad Hall said...

Here's the video of my power cleans and GHRs. Any feedback is great thanks!

Mike Molloy said...

28 5'10'' 170#

A: 365

B1: 185x5 200x5 210x3 205x3 205x2 (fail 3)
B2: 11 7 7 7 7

C: Unbroken with hands across chest.

Annie: 5:24 (PR by 1:01)


A: Felt good

B1: 210 was completed but I missed the tempo on the 3rd lift. Was toast for the 4th and 5th rounds.

B2: Felt pretty good. Happy about being strict on tempo.

C: VERY hard tempo to keep for me

Annie: was anchored on a big ass tire with abmat. The abmat was shifting like crazy, so I was pretty excited about the big PR.

OPT said...

Jason, if it was occuring on the ring dips it might be referred pain at the bicep tendon groove which gets stretched to the max on the rings...if it is, do not search at the scapula for the problem, get the fascia released at the pec minor and long head of bicep and that will help.
if it is b/c of the PC, set your shoulder blades "down and back" before you squeeze the bar off the floor, this allows the lats to hold the bar to the body and not allow the traps to raise too early and cause impingement at the AC joint which can cause that feeling as well...check both

OPT said...

Chad, every time you keep your torso tall as soon as you come off the floor all is fine (not perfect but fine)...when your ass raises just slightly faster than bar at first, you meet the bar and jump forward...your width on landing is is because of the lack of pulling you're getting at times when you start that 1st and 2nd pull at the wrong angles as mentioned above...the goal is to perfect the feel of torso tall throughout into 2nd pull...then play with pulling the bar INTO you at that mid point of high speed...then the bar might just come BACK to you and land accordingly on those big shoulders...
nice shirt

Roch said...

A. 365 lbs (felt really good and well controlled)

B2. 20-16-15-13-15

C. Unbroken

Annie 5:02

Level of stress was low and sleep was good, it definitely got a major influence on my training.

Paul Klein said...

I am registered for the Dirty South Regional. Thanks to everyone for the encouragement in comments yesterday, it really helped push me over the hump.

Mack Lar...see you in Jacksonville!

Eric Luber, if you are out there, can you change my regional status on the big dawg roster from No to Yes!

Late may.
A. 225, 295, 325, 335
B1. 165, 185, 190, 200x4
B2. 12, 12, 11, 8, 8
C. Harop curls

Part 2
Annie 6:57 (2.5 minute PR and the sit ups were terribly slow cause my abs are crushed from the tempo ghd's on thursday)

Brandon said...

Late May
A. 405 (had 435 for 2 but lost the third for some reason...should have had it easy)
B1. 135(4)/155(4)/175(4)/195(3)/225(f-2 reps)
B2. 10/9/8/8/8
C. 10 unbroken reps @ bwt/10#/10#/20#/20#

11:26 PR

Notes: Deads felt heavy for the first time in a long time. Will focus on mobility and flexibility to make sure this is an anomaly. PCs and Ring Dips felt really good today. Even the fail @225 was solid for 2 and just couldn't quite get the 3rd.

Annie - I hate this WOD. It was the third or fourth one I did after starting CF and I have always sucked at it. Today I PRd by 5 minutes and more importantly strung DUs together pretty good except for the 40 round (took 4 minutes just for this). I am amazed at the progress coach!

Mizar said...

A1. 135x3, 185x3, 225x3, 275x3, 315x3, 365x3 - felt that the last lift was about 10-20lb close to my 3RM.

B1. 135x5, 155x5, 175x5, 195x0, 185x0
B2. 12, 13, 12, 12, 12

C. unbroken

Annie 4:47

jhk said...

part 1:
A1. Deadlift 335#
B1. Power Cleans 155x5/175x5/185x2
175/x2/165x5 just didn't feel right with these today
B2. 21(forgot about the tempo),12,12,11,10
C.6(first time doing these)15,15,15,15
Annie-5:37 All DU's unbroken, situps were pretty fast until 30 then they seem half speed

Thad said...

Late May

A. 225,275,295,315 lower back sore didn't want to push it to much
B1. 5/155, 5/165, 5/175, 4/185, 3/190
C. Subbed Harop Curls 5x15 feeling better each time these come up

Part2. Annie 6:38 anchored abmat

Tripped up about 4 or 5 times on DU's otherwise just needed to be faster on situps

Katrina Burton said...

Late May
Part 1:
A.) 210#
B1.) 95(5), 105(5), 115(5), 120(5), 125(3)
B2.) 10, 10, 10, 9, 8
C.) subbed fit ball hamstring curl

Part 2:
"Annie" = 4:28
Unbroken, PR by 4 seconds.
I used to love Annie... not anymore... my abs will be sore for at least 2 weeks! situps were slow in the round of 40 and 30. First time using my new wire rope for a workout... easier on the shoulders than the buddy lee, but I was afraid to miss and get whipped!

Nice job on your PR Lulu!!

Melisa C said...

Holy shit Kat and Lulu, nice Annie times!!

And I am jealous of your ring strength, nice work!

Emilie P-B said...

A. 205 x 3

B1.95-105-115 all x5, 125x2-125x5
Completely lost my concentration on the 4th set
C) 3 sets only


6min 24 sec

First time I did this workout... Really happy about my time. Two months ago, I wasn't able to do 5 DU in a row.
50 (trip twice)- 40 (UB)- 30 (trip once)- 20 (UB)- 10 (UB)
Thought the DU would slow me down, finally I realise I was slow on sit-up.

Chad Hall said...


I REALLY appreciate the feedback! When I watch my PCs I really see what you mean when my torso drops. When it's upright the lift looks much easier. I'll focus on that and keeping my ass down next time.

Thank you!


Baltoe said...

To post or not to post, that is the question. Park your ego at the door, cause it will be left on the floor in any event.

DL WU W/ 200 x 3, 270 x3, 320 x .5,
270 x 3, 270 x 3.

Did power snatch, not power clean, doughead. 110 x 5, 120 x 5, 130 x 5, 130 x 2.5, 110 x 3, 110 x 5...

No rings in my gym, hung some goofy ring apparatus off the chin up bar, did 1, then 5 on the fixed dip bar, then a couple of HSPU's for 5 sets.

GH Raises - no apparatus either, and no capability of doing this exercise...Need to work on it...

Now for the humble pie of the day...the dreaded DU's...the defintion of the same behaviour and expect different results...never work on DU's and expect to perform WOD's with DU's well...insane. In any event...13.45 mins - I never give up! Now to the couch.

Jefff said...

First Dawg WOD in months.

Late May:
A. 345
145,150,155,160,165 (3)
C. 15,15,15,11-4,15


LuLu said...

Thanks Kat and Melissa.
I was super impressed with your time the other day on the DB workout KAT, 3:44 was INSANE and Melissa, I am always admiring how freakin STRONG you are.
Can't wait to meet you all at Regionals :)

exp. said...


Part 1:
A1.375...clean triple...felt deads
B1. 155(5)/175(3)/185(2)...lost grip/185(3)/195(2)...limiting factor is technique...very frustrating...second pull too early...thrid pull needs to be more aggressive
B2. 15/14/11/12/9...worked on keeping rings real tight...

10 min rest

Part 2:

8:23...brutal...first 50 sit-ups were fast and rest were utter shite...

Michael FitzGerald said...

A - 309,359,379
B1 - 197, 207, 212, 212(4), 212(5)
B2 - 11, 9, 8, 7, 6
C - 15, 15, 15 (hands on butt). Only did 3 due to the week off. Hamstrings would be screaming tomorrow.
5:33 - failed once on DU's, laces came undone. Have done low 5 min before. Abs were smoked. Sit-ups were slow after round of 50.

Erik Luber said...

A - 264, took 9 min
B1 - 88, 110, 132(3), 143(3), 143(2)
B2 - 10, 10, 10, 9, 8
C - 15, 15, 9, 8, 8

Hot dawg it is good to be back! First workout since sectionals. Weights felt heavier than usual. GHRs burned, but never managed 15 before so was happy with that. No doubles for me this week. Going to ramp back in smoothly.

joey warren said...

early May

7 rounds
(in sec)

all DLs unbroken - easy
failed on 2 MUs - RD 6,7 was hard

3 hour rest


sets of 51-71-86-100

all DUs unbroken- easy

Hari said...

Early May:

Scaled to 4 muscle-ups, 8 dead lifts per round
4+8, 4+8, 4+8, 4+8, 4+0, Rest, 4+8, 4+8
MU's all singles, deadl lifts all unbroken

Scaled to 80 toes to bar
Subed 250 meter rows for 35 DU's (calf strain)
16, row, 16, row, 12, row, 12, row, 12, row, 12

Wes hendricks said...


Part 1:
A. 365.....surprised how light this felt
B1. 185-190-195-200x3 205x2
B2. 12-10-10-10-8
C. 15 x 5.....easy

Part 2:
Skipped this, needed to get back to studying for finals

Lisa M said...

Shot a 78 today on the golf course it's 92 above but for some reason I feel line crap and am trying to sike myself up to head to the little gym here to do today's WOD - yeah I know boo hoo. Nutrition is way off that is my issue trying but not with fellow crossfitters or paleos makes it difficult.

Nice work ladies Melisa you are wicked strong girl and nice Annie times LuLu and Kat

unit said...

nice job 2day Joey... hot diggity damn 51 k2e unbroken is freakin sweet!...

Brent Maier said...

38/6'2"/198 - Early May

Part I: 7
Part II: 10:45 (25/12/15/12/9/10/10/7)

Notes: Only had to redo one set of DU's, I was pleased with that. K2E's were tough as always.

Mack Lar said...

A. 311/331/351
B1. 175/185/199/220x3/220x3
B2. 12/11/12/12/11
C. All UB hands at sides
Deads felt strong and explosive. Started way too light on the Power Cleans.

Annie 5:53 Abmat w legs butterflied.

Heavy Evy said...

Congrats on getting into regionals.

A. 331 had to get to it time cnstr.
B1. (153,163,177,187)x5, 197x2 need to work on these lifts.
B2.9,10,9,7,6 strict on tempo, and form no kip, went deep.
C.UBx3, dnf last 2 sets left knee felt tweaked.

Part 2: 7:02
Had to do "Annie" in my garage were I have approximately 2sqft to perform dus without hitting overhead obstacles! Suprisingly didn't have many breaks in du's, all the situps were ub, but really slow, guts are still sore from those 2121 GHDSU.

Kendra said...

Part One:
A. 185
B1. 95x5, 105x5, 115x 3 for the remaining
B2. 8, 9, 8, 8, 7...used purple band for all...rings are a weakness!
C. all unbroken sets

Part Two: a 2 minute PR, may not be a great time but it's awesome for me!!..finally getting good at DU! - 8:34

Eric Montgomery said...

Early May

Part 1:
Scaled to 3 MUs per round because I haven't been doing many of them lately. Couldn't go to full turnout at the bottom due to weakness on my false grip. Not sure if I read the workout right or not, but I did a MU/DL set at the top of every 2 minutes then rested til the 2 minute interval was up, and did 7 rounds of that. MUs were unbroken on rounds 4-6 and split into 2 sets on rounds 1-3 and 7. DLs@225lbs all unbroken touch and go.

Part 2:
Scaled to 50 KTE since I haven't been doing them lately either and I hit a wall in a hurry. Time of 4:34. Came off the bar after #27 and #40. First set of 35 DUs were unbroken but second set was not.

Yelvi said...

A. 335
B1. 155/155/165/175/185
B2. 10/9/8/8/9
C. UB but HARD

Annie- 7:04

Notes: Annie was Unbroken and almost no rest in the transitions so I have no idea how it was done so slow. The situps even felt fast. Stopped the DL at 335 after I felt a pop just under my uppermost floating rib. Felt like a tendon shift, decided to call that to be safe. Did clean high pulls in place of power cleans to give my wrist some more rest in the rack position.

Pete said...

Stress level is high right now with lots of stuff going. Really struggled at getting my head in the game today.

A. 355
B1. 185x2,185x5,135x5,155x5,155x5
B2. 14,12,12,12,12
C. 15,15,12+3,14+1,14+1
Annie: 6:54

In the process of moving and I tweaked my lower back while clearing out my storage with super tight and cold hammies!

Deads felt suprisingly good so I wasn't expecting my first set of cleans to feel so heavy. First two sets of cleans felt awful today so I dropped the weight and worked on execution.

I must have a protruding tail bone or something because everytime I do sit-ups I chafe the hell out of each side of my upper ass. Seriously...I end up with two loonie sized scabs. Any body esle ever get this or have solutions? These slowed me down like crazy today. Only tripped up once in the D-U's but I couldn't be aggressive with the situps because of my little problem.

Brian Maier said...

Early May

Part 1:
7 rounds - times: 47s,50s,53s,65s,68s,69s,70s

Part 2:
12:44 (30,20,15,20,15)
took too much rest in order to cut down on fractions. DU's were easy so maybe should have broken the k2e's up more, throwing in 2 or 3 more rounds of DU's to cut down on rest time.

Craig said...

A. 315
B1. 155/165/175/185/195(3)
C. 15x5 unbkn

Annie- 6:02, anchored abmat, unbkn.

Everything felt good. D/u's in annie felt great, smooth.
I don't know how you get sub 6. Nice Job!

Michelle said...

A. 215...DLs felt good today

B1. 9/10/9/9/7...I like doing ring dips at tempo.
B2. 95/100/105/105(forgot to add weight!)/115...all sets of 5.
Went easy on these today...sprained my thumb at sectionals during the PC/burpee/run event and this was the first time I tried to hook hurt a lot so grip on right hand was a very loose semi hook grip and transition especially was affected.
C. 5x15 UB...hands at temples for first 2 sets then down at sides for last 3.

5:37 (PR is 4:57)
Nice work Kat and LuLu!!! So impressed by those of you whose sit ups weren't affected by Thursday's GHD sit ups . Did not expect abs to feel like they did!!! Was so close to quitting but didn't want to post that so I kept going. Also had one break in sets 50-20 of DUs....think I was in shock over the ab pain!!!!

Michelle said...

I meant for that to say one break in EACH round of DUs in rounds 50 thru 20.

....Also....very sweet video today! I LOVED Chloe's laugh! It made me smile and laugh!

PTS said...

back from cruise, posting a day behind until I catch up.

A. 385 - felt really heavy. probably form no heavy posterior stuff for 2 weeks.

B. 155,185,195, 197x4, 197x3
B2. 18,15,15,13,11.

C. unbroken

Annie- 4:51. 2 misses on DU's, all situps unbroken.

Jonathan Burns said...

Raced my single in the am, 1x1250m, 1x1000m, 1x750m, 1x500m.

After that MU skill work.

Getting ready for a Selection Regatta for the US team; going to be modifying the WOD to allow for more rowing for the next few weeks.


jason said...

Late May
A. 335, felt good
B1. 175(5),185(5),195(3),195(3),195(3)
B2. 12,11,9,8,7
C. No go, short on time

Part 2, no go.

Hosted Coach Kstar this weekend for the Movement and Mobility cert and was just toast by the end of the day.

Pete M said...

A. built up to 395 - fast and easy but didn't want to push, could go to 405 or 415 for 3 next time
B1: 225x3x2, 225x4x1, 235x3, 225x3
B2 (no rings +25): 15, 11(x2), 9, 7
C: no time

~3 min rest

Annie (anchored): 3:37
no breaks except 9+1 on last round, had a few lazy situps, generally felt good

PTS said...
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JessieL said...

Late May- (btw ladies- I'm humbled- my DL PR is 245 and 195 felt rough-didn't want to push it)

ALSO-when you say 3 fast not 3RM is that the same as touch and go? that's how I interepreted it-but maybe I should have gone heavier and slower?

A) 195 (3)
B) 105-110-115-125 (F-got-2)-120(5) I don't understand it-maybe it was because I felt these were fairly easy and I needed to jump 10 instead of 5? 120 was pretty EASY-but 125 really screwed with my mind- my PR is 145- so I'm not sure what happened here- I got heighth but failed on the catch part-frustrating

B2) 3-4-4-4-4
C) Good mornings w/55 lbs (I'm not really sure how much weight I should put on here-I do know that I was feeling the hammy burn!)

Part 2 Annie: 7:50 50 (30-15-5), 40 (15-5-10-10), 30 (10-10-5-4-1), 20 (10, 5, 5) Kept tripping on rope!(this was a 3 minute improvement on my last PR in Nov. 11:05) I was amazed when I read some of the gals-4 minute Annie... nice job!

Jason Buzzard said...

Late May

A: 355
B1:165(5), 175(4)x4
C:subbed back extentions

Annie: 6:38

DL and PC felt good, think that I could have went up more on the DL. Was a bit too conservative on the ring dips starting out, was just unsure how many I would be able to get with the tempo. Annie was no where near a PR today, I was a minute off of normal time for whatever reason.

Julie Migliaccio said...

Late May

Deadlifts 185,205,225,235,245,255....

should have listened to Coach BK and gone out heavier and up in higher goal was 275 and only months back this was my 1 rep max and I know 3 would have been possible..ran out of time.

Power cleans 115,125,125,125,135
managed 5 reps on 1st 3 sets and then dropped to 4 and only 2 for the final set...technique and slow elbows slowing me down but BK made me think about getting the bar into my body more and it helped.

Ring dips..modified with thin band due to shoulder pain...8 reps every set

GHD hamstrings..5x15..this one is a screamer!

"annie" felt fast and almost unbroken on all double under's but ridiculously slow on the dam sit up's...literally felt the abs seizing up and I have a rash/blister on my ass from it!

!st time doing Annie and plan to crush that number next go around.

Julie Migliaccio said...

Oh sorry.."Annie time 7:54....

Christy said...

95 x 5; 7
105 x 5; 7
115 x 5; 7
125 x 1 (lost it ot second rep); 6
125 x 1 (lost it ot second rep); 6


David said...

Early May

Part 1

:59, :56, :57, :57, :57, :57, :57

Very happy to stay under a minute on all. I'm not in the early May (nor late May, for that matter) but am still excited and happy to be doing these workouts alongside all the competitors.

Chris Dunkin said...

early may:
part 1: 6 rds complete as rx'd. started 7th on time and finished in 3:29. mu's lost their pop in the 7th rd.

Chris Dunkin said...

part 2: 8:52


taking tomorrow off