Tues, Apr 13, 2010

early May:
A. Power Snatch - 2-3 x 7; rest 240 sec
B. GH Raises with Bands @ 10X0; 6-10 x 5; rest 120 sec
C. Max Vertical Jump - 3 attempts per set x 5 sets; rest 5 sec b/t attempts, 90 sec b/t sets

late May:
A1. Split Jerk - 3,3,3,3,3,3; rest 120 sec
A2. L Pull Ups @ 2111; amrap x 6 sets; rest 120 sec
B1. Push Press @ 12X2; 4-6 x 4; rest 120 sec
B2. Toes to Bar - 15 x 4; rest 120 sec
C. DB Ext Rot @ 3010; 10-12/arm x 3; rest 30 sec b/t arms

post loads and notes to comments


Michael FitzGerald said...

For the Early May peeps.

B. GH Raises with Bands @ 10X0; 6-10 x 5; rest 120 sec

Get some elastic (tubing??) that will allow you to wrap it around the leg of the GHD below where your head would be at the bottom. Also, wrap the elastic around your neck. Hold it in place with your hands...if needed. Focus on the raising portion...make it fast, be aggressive. Try not to choke yourself!

Warning: The tension of the elastic has to be low because if it is not you will either not be able to complete one repetition or on the lowering portion the elastic will throw you across the room out of the GHD!

Martin Altemark said...

M/34/75kg/183cm. late may...

A1. 3x70kg, 3x80kg, 3x85kg, 3x87.5kg, 3x90kg, 1x92.5kg (f)
A2. 14 (no stop in bottom this round, didn't read until 2nd), 9, 7, 5, 5, 5

B1. 6x60kg, 5x70kg, 3x72.5kg, 5x70kg
B2. 15, 15, 15, 9/6

Not time for C. Later.

Mr.Lundmark said...

A1: 3x60kg, 3x70kg, 3x80kg, 3x90kg, 3x95kg, 3x100kg
A2: 4/4/4/4/3/3 (Best technique I've ever done on this)

B1: 6x65kg, 6x75kg, 6x85kg, 6x90kg
B2: 4+5+2+1's/4+3+4+2+1's/3's, 2's and 1's mixxed for the last two.

No time for C :(

LuLu said...

Late May:

I did Push Jerk today because of my left hip and I messed up my push press, thought we had to do 6 sets so I did not raise weight high enough. Lesson in paying attention today :)

A1) 65-75-90-100-110-120 all x 3
A2) 6-6-6-6-5-6 all with legs straight and above hips

B1) 65-75-85-95 all x 6
B2) all sets UB

C) 10lbs db all sets x 10

Notes: Push jerk felt really good, I like them a lot and could have gone a bit heavier.
Push press was good with tempo.
T2B all felt good

Heavy Evy said...

Any dawgs training in Drumheller? Going there for work on Wed, and Thursday. Wondering where I could get the wods in.

Melisa C said...

A1. 105,110,115,120,130,140
A2. 3,4,5,4,5,4
*knees slighty bent and reset L everytime
B1. 90(6),100(6),105(6),115(5)
B2. UB, UB, UB, 8/7
C. 12# which was difficult

jhk said...

A1. 155/165/165/170/170x2
A2. 9/8/8/9/7
B1. All 135x6
B2. All Unbroken
C. all with 10#
Neck was kind of bugging me today so was conservative with A1 and B1

Brandon said...

A1. 155/175/195/215/235/245x3
A2. 3/5/4/4/4/4
B1. 155(6)/175(5)/190(5)/200(4)
B2. broken
C. 20/15/10x8/arm

Notes: Played with grip on L-pulls, but felt good. T2B grip gave out before hips/abs.

L shoulder is really sore from Sunday. external rotation hurt quite a bit today and I finally called it good. Will ice and massage and hopefully it will calm down. Oh and 245 is a PR for 3 on the SJ.

Becky said...

backing up a week. so did 4/6 wod today 4/13
power snatch and row
60% = 63 did 65
50%=52 did 55

finish time was 16: something with 2 min. breaks x3 unbroken
form was bad. bent arms too early.

part 2, did all sets of 15 pu's unbroken!!! yeah.
however did not come prepared to do du's. took me 19: 15 to finish.

Melissa said...

Late May

A1: 85, 95, 105, 115, 120, 125 all X3
A2: 4, 4, 4 (overhand grip), 4, 4, 4 (supinated). Legs straight, parallel or above hips

B1: 95 (6), 100 (5), 100 (6), 100 (5)
B2: 15 X4 all unbroken, kipping (1st time getting them like that!)

C: I actually did these last night, unaware they'd be in the WOD today: 3 sets of 8 at 12lbs.

Gord said...

Welcome aboard Jake!!

Corbin said...

Early May:
A. Elbow a little sore so took it easy - all sets @135# for 2 reps
B. Had to sub weighted Good Mornings; 115x10, 125x10, 135x8, 135x10, 135x10
C. Flat footed on to 40" box w/ no drop step for all sets

Katrina Burton said...

Late May
A1.) 95-105-115-120-130-140(2)
These felt GREAT today. No press outs.
A2.) 3-4-4-4-3-3
Abs gave out on these first, still sore from Annie. Held L with legs straight, toes at hip height. I stopped once the legs dropped below horizontal.
B1.) 80(6)-95(6)-105(6)-115(4)
B2.) All UB
C.) All 10 reps with 10#

Rainer Hartmann said...

A1: 95/105/115/125/130/135 x 3 (one press-out at 135)
A2: 7/6/6/6/5/5
B1: 95/105x6, 115x5, 120x5
B2: x15 - 4 unbroken
C: 12x12, 12x10; 10x10

Roch said...

A1. 135-155-175-195-215-230
A2. 14-10-10-9-9-8

B1. 135(6)-145(6)-160(5)-175(4)
B2. All Unbroken

C. 10-10-10 (my rotators cuffs where fried).

Took a long time to warm-up (30min) and still after that my shoulders (mainly traps) where very tight, on the bright side I felt a lot of strength during L-sits.

Rory Hanlin said...

A1: 245, 265, 275, 285, 295, 315x3
A2:(2 inch rotating fat bar) 13, 7, 5
15 foot straddle L rope climb 1 1/2 trips x3

B1: 205, 225, 245x3, 245x4
B2: all unbroken

C: 25lbs 12, 10, 9

Emilie P-B said...

A1) 85-90-100-115-125(2)-125(2)
A2) 2-2-3-2-2-3

B1) 60-75-90-100(5)
B2) 15-15-(10/5)-(8/7)

C) 5 lbs db all sets x 12

Jenny said...

Early may:

A. (Kg) 30-35-35-40-45-45-50( fail )
B- Did stiff legged deadlift 70 kg
C. came up to 86 cm

DeeJay said...

Rory, you are a beast...

AdamW said...

Just wondering how many of you are following this site for your own personal reasons rather than competing in the games. I love the approach coach takes and know he is so educated in the field of exercise science. Just curious who else follows for their own personal health and challenges.

joey warren said...

Early May

A. 165x3x3, 175x3, 185x2x2, 185x3

B. bandx10, bandx10, 15lbx10, 20lbx10, 25lbx10, 30lbx6- the bands were not working

C. max jumps- needs practice

unit said...

Rory... u gorilla...

Roch said...

I agree with DeeJay and Unit, Rory you are really strong! Those score are just outstanding!! Good job man!

Lauren said...

A1: 100, 120, 130, 140, 140, 140 (shoulder wasn't feeling super hot, so kept it at this weight and focused on dropping fast)
A2: 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4 - had to drop legs and reset each time.
B1: 110, 115, 120, 120, 120 (same should story, minus the dropping fast part)
B2: unbroken
C: didn't have time for

Brian Maier said...

A: 135(3),145(3),155(3),165(3),175(3),185(f),185(1),190(1)

B: 10 reps X 5 w/ band

C: jumping w/ both feet and no drop step: max was 32"

Garage Crossfitter said...

A1 155 165 175 185 195 205(2)
A2 5,7,7,7,7,7
B1 115 125 135 145(4)
B2 unbroken
C 10DBx1 15DBx1

Heavy Evy said...

Getting a bunch of different vids for the external rotation, is it when you lay on your side on an incline bench, then with a straight arm go from 12 to 3? Trying to remember how they were done last time.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Yowza, what a marathon. Fun WOD with the Wild Stallions, DJ and Mike.

A1.176,186,191,196,201-could do more here.
A2.4,3,2,2,3,3. That's not a typo.
B2.Never came off the bar once, just lost my kip on sets 1,3,4.
C. 22.5 for all, started too heavy and only got 6 reps on 3rd set. Left arm felt much weaker.

First FULL as rx'd Big Dawg's WOD in a while. I started 4 weeks of vacation today so the plan is to train my ass off and get plenty of rest until the big day. That big day is actually the birth of our SECOND CHILD, which is around the 1st week of May. Gulp. Then the hard finish to the Regionals!

Number2 said...

Hey Dawgs,

If you do not own your box (and are not based out of OPT), do you ever run into problems doing this programming rather than your gym's programming?

I'm at a CrossFit box where the owner frowns on people doing anything other than the owner's program. I can't wait to jump in here, but I'd hate to lose my local community.

I would appreciate any tips, or links to posts on this topic from the archives!

DeeJay said...

A1. 198/218/242/252/262(2)
A2. 4/4/4/2/2
only 5 sets...
B1. 176/186(4)x3
B2. UB x 4
C. 20(10)/15(9)/15(8) - this is a pretty glaring weakness

PTS said...

A1. 165,175,185,195,205,210x2 - these felt good today

A2. 6,6,6,4,3,6 (forget to do supine until last set.)

B1. 135,145,155,165
B2. 15,15, 13/2, 11,4

C. used a 15lb barbell 12 reps per arm.

pressing movements felt good today.

Nathan H. said...

Early May:

A: 70kg/3, 80/2, 80/3, 84/2, 86/2, 88/2, 90/2 (#198)
B: No band, just working on form. Haven't done these before.
C: Felt Explosive.

ken c said...

late may

A1. 185x3 195x3 205x3 215x2 215x3 220x3
A2. 9 8 7 8 7 7
B1. 175x5 175x5 180x4 180x4
B2. unbroken
C. 20lbs. x 12 as instructed

started a little low on the jerks. haven't done sets of 3 in forever and had no idea how the pull ups would effect them. just lost concentration on the miss at 215.

Brent Maier said...

38/6'2"/198 - Early May

A PS: 50/70/72.5/75/77.5/80/70kg (176#) - All 3's... Backed down on the last set because started to feel back. Last set was full squat catches.
B GHRaises: 5/8/10/12/15# - All sets of 10 with dumbell held at sternum.
C Max Vert: Not sure if we were supposed to bring our knees up or not. I didn't but has anyone seen "White men can't jump?"

Notes: Spent a few minutes trying to rig up a band system but was either going to put an eye out or kill someone so I opted for increasing weight on the DB's.

Chad Hall said...

Late May

A1: 185, 205, 225, 235, failed on first attempt at 240 then shut it down
A2: 7, 6, 6, 6, 5, X

B1: 155, 165, 185, 195(4)
B2: UB, UB, 12-3, 10-5

C: ran out of time.

Split jerks started out feeling heavy but had a decent warm up and felt ok. Hip drive was good but I still need to get under the bar deeper and faster. Happy with 235x3 though.

L-pullups were tough to maintain that tempo.

Push press was a little slow through the hips but were decent. Tougher than I thought to hold for 2 seconds at the top.

Toes to bar - grip always failed first.

I'll do part C tomorrow.

Overall I'm ok with this workout as yesterday was a LOOONG day and not feeling great today.

Paul Klein said...

315 x 3!!!! I think Rory may be a superhero.

A1. 185, 200, 215, 225, 230, 235x2
A2. 9, 9, 6, 6, 6, 5
B1. 145, 155, 165x4, 165x5
B2. all unbroken
C. 15lbs 12/12/10

I blew my wad on the split jerks and had absolutely nothing left for the push press, especially with the 2 second pause in the rack.

exp. said...
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exp. said...

A1. 195/205/220(2)/220(1)/220(1)/205(3)
A2. 10/10/10/9/7...

shut 'er down after last set of split jerks...bicep muscles haven't been right since db complex...pretty serious pain after any pulling or overhead stuff...probably should've stopped after first couple of sets, but let pride get the better of me...jerks felt weak as f**k also...might take tomorrow off...

Lisa M said...

Managed to get this one in sort of with crap equipement at little local resort gym

A1: 95/110/115/120/120
A2: 4/5/4/5/5
time constraints only allowed for 5 sets
B1: 75/85/95/105 f on 4th rep
B2: UB except last set 11/4
no time for C

Put a rib out on first set of spit jerks really wishing i was at home and could go get an adjustment and some massage!!! Can't breathe very well now. This whole week is a good lesson in how much nutrition and sleep affect performance and just overall feeling good. I can't wait to get home and return to normal life, but the golfing is phenomenal!! And my game has been really good so that is a plus.

Michael McCabe said...

late may
a1. 155, 165, 175, 185x2, 175, 175
a2. 8, 5, 5, 5, 4, 5
b1. 135x6, 155x4, 155x3, 145x4
b2. ub, ub, ub, 10+5 - felt very awkward today, couldn't get kip goin
c. did my own shoulder rehab stuff rx'd from physio

finally got to a physio about my shoulder yesterday... says i have some tendonosis going on. that said i still have some things to learn about training hard vs. training smart. today i bit off more than i could chew on jerk and press... problem was not getting the weight up the first time but getting it back to the rack position without a lot of pain discomfort. must take it "relatively" easy on shoulder for about 3 weeks.

Aaron said...

B2.all unbroken
C. 3x10x10#

Jefff said...

Late May-

A1. 155,165,170,175(2),175(2),175(2)
A2. 10,8,7,7,6,6
B1. 115,120,125,130(4)
B2. 6-9,15,15,15

No time for DB Ext Rot

Tempo hard on push press.

Tlaw said...

A1. 205,215,225,230,235,240x1 (had more on this)
A2 7,5,6,6,5,4 (stopped when no longer held 90 degree L
B1. 155, 165,175x3, 155x4
B2. 15x4

Mike Molloy said...

A1: 135-165-175-185-135
A2: 8-8-6-6-6-6

B1: 135-145-155-165 (4 reps)
B2: Unbroken

C: 20# 10 reps/arm.


A1: Small twinge on the last reps at 185 so I dropped and went for perfect form with set 6.

C: Left arms didn't feel weaker, just less coordinated.

Craig said...

A1. 165/175/185/195/205/215
B1. 155/165/175/185(4)
B2 unbroken
C. 3x12 @ 12#.

A1. Felt good, good speed.
B1. Hit a wall @ 185 #5.
B2. felt the grip. shaved the calluses last night.
C. good weight to start. perfect for the tempo. really felt the rotators.

word verification : squense. funny.

unit said...

Felt 'spunky' or 'WOD-ly frisky' today; did the following:

Part 1:
A- 3 rounds for time of:
Row 500m
100 Double Unders
50 Deadlift 135/95lb
5min rest between rounds
1- 5:27 [1 miss on DU at 20 and had to regrip DL @ 43]
2- 4:55 [all unbroken]
3- 5:03 [1 miss on DUs at 65]

B- SDLHP 5,5,5,5,5; 120sec rest between sets - 135 / 155 / 170 / 170 / 170

for time:
30 Olympic Burpees [i.e. Burpee Clean and Jerks with 135lb]

D- 100 ring dips for time:

will be back doing the OPT WOD tomorrow...


unit said...

rory... u 'jerk'...


Mizar said...

A1. 135, 155, 155, 155, 155, 155
A2. 6, 12, 9, 9, 9, 6

B1. 95x6, 105x6, 115x6, 125x6
B2. Unbroken

C. 10x3 @ 10#

Melisa C said...

WTH unit!?! That's intense!

Thad said...

A1. 3/135, 3/145, 3/155, 3/165, 3/175, 3/185
Started a bit light still had a bit more in me
A2. 10,10,8,7,7,6
B1. 6/145, 6/155, 5/165, 3/170
C.12/15#, 10/20#, 8/20#

Eric Montgomery said...

Early May
A (in kgs): 60x2, 60x2, 64x2, 64x2, 64x2, 64x2, 64x2
B: used blue band ~1" wide. 5 sets of 8 reps each
C: Best guess on heights was 24" on 1, 25" on 2, 23" on 3, 23" on 4, 23" on 5.

Michael FitzGerald said...

A1. 155/165/175/180/185
A2. 5/5/5/4/4
B1. 145/150(5)/150(5)/150(4)
B2. 15/15/14/headache
C. 30/h

Yelvi said...

Late May

A1. 185/195/205/215/225(2+f)
A2. 12/11/10/10/8/8
B1. 175/184/195(4)/195(4)
B2. UB
C. 15's

Pete said...

Took for ever to warm-up today. Then I did 2 sets, wasn't feeling it at all and pulled the plug. As I was about to leave the gym Mizar showed up and I decided to give it a go.

A1) 185x3/205x2
A2) 9/9
------Thats when I decided to take the rest of the day off--------
Then Mizar showed up....

A1) 135,155,155,175,175,175
A2) 9/9/8/9/9/9
B1) 135/135/135/135
B2) All Unbroken
C) 15x3

Felt flat as hell today. Just glad to have gotten it done in the end. Thanks Miz! Lets hope I feel more frisky tommorrow.


Baltoe said...

A1. Split Jerk - 3,3,3,3,3,3; rest 120 sec 65 # SA
A2. L Pull Ups @ 2111; amrap x 6 sets; rest 120 sec 10,6,4, 20 KIPPING PU'S
B1. Push Press @ 12X2; 4-6 x 4; rest 120 sec 130 #'S CAN'T GO HIGHER AT MY GYM
B2. Toes to Bar - 15 x 4; rest 120 sec 4X 2 UB THEN 10 + 5 TWICE
C. DB Ext Rot @ 3010; 10-12/arm x 3; rest 30 sec b/t arms

Lisa M said...

Unit you are CRAZY wow that is amazing you will definitely be giving Miko a run for his money!!

david83 said...

First of all I would like to thank STEVEE and TAylor for your help. Word
I thought I would do better on this workout. Was not feeling into it today!!

A.) 205/3/215/3/220/2/225/230/2/235 F- bicep tendon did feel great today
L pull-ups 10/9/10/9/8/8

b2). 2 sets of 15 reps then shit went down hill fast. I need to work on these ALOTTTTTTT

c1.) one set then had to help out a fellow c fitter.
thanks to all

Heavy Evy said...

A1. 177,187,192,197,204
A2.4pro,8sup,6p,7s,4p,6s : 1s pause at bottom just kills me on those.
B2.UB,UB,9/12/14(+6 noreps), 8/13
C. F'd up and did powell raises, guess I'll do the external rotations tommorow instead.
12/h for all with 10#,12.5#,12.5#

Never got 200 locked out overhead before so pretty happy with the 204x3 tonight....its not 315#x3 though, Rory that is a kryptonian effort!

Steve Howell said...

Was in vanvouver today stopped in to C.O.P and hit WOD with those boys.

A) For Time :
10- 1 Handstand Push ups, 1- 10 Hang Power Snatch Pyramid 95#/ 55#
B) As many sets of 20 unbroken double unders in 6 minutes.
C) For Time:
75 ab mat sit ups

A: somewhere around 10 or 11 minutes had a timer malfunction.
B: 17 sets
C: 2:30

Kendra said...

Late May
A1. 85x3, 95x3, 100x3, 100x3, 105x3, 110x3 all of them felt really good...think i could have gone up more
A2. started out with tuck hold on the bar
1- 75 seconds
2- went to L sit hold 15 sec
3- 12 sec
4- 15 sec
5- switched to deadhang pull ups in purple band got 9 6- 9 pu
B1. 85x5, 85x6, 90x5, 90x3-F on 4
B2. all broken as follows... 6-6-3, 7-5-3, 8-7, 8-7
C. 1) 15#x12 both arms 2)20#x10 R arm(too heavy), L arm stayed 15#x 12 3)15#x12 both arms
afterwards worked on holding handstands and negative HSPU

Jason Buzzard said...

Late May

A1: 185,195x5
A2: 8,7,7,7,7,4
B1: 155(5),175(5),185(4)x2
B2: only last set broken at 10
C: 20 (10)

Jerks and presses really hurt my wrists for some reason with this one. That has never happened before. I could have went heavier on both had it not been for that. L pull ups are getting better but toes to bar suck. I cant figure out how to kip them so they are incredibly slow.

Jenny said...

i'm a couple days behind. did this yesterday (late may).

a1. 3 x 135#, 145, 155, 165, 175, 180(2)
a2. 3/3/4/3/3/3
(*"failed" when i let toes drop below hips)
b1. 6 x 100, 115, 125, 135
b2. 15 x 4
c. 10 reps x 15#/17.5/17.5

Jenny said...

A. 60 kg
B1. 70 kg
B2- Unbroken - unbroken- unbroken - unbroken. Last set - came to 23 and fell off the bar!

Chris Dunkin said...

A1: 190,195,205,210,220,230x2
A2: 9,8,7,6,4,5
B1: 165,170,175,190x4
B2: unbrokenx4
C: 30lbx12, 32x10, 32x8