Sun, Apr 25, 2010

Every year since I have been in Calgary, we have been teased by this nice weather...EVERY YEAR for the whole month of April, then WHAM...this year I told everyone that it was coming...well here it is; BUT, feel good, b/c it is the last one, sunshine and champagne coolies from here on in

early May:
part 1:
for total reps:
AMRAP Burpees in 1 minute
rest 3 min x 5
(jump with hands at sides at top)

rest 6+ hours

part 2:
A. Split Jerk - build to a tough 1 quickly; rest as needed
B. [Hang Power Clean x 1/Push Jerk x 5] x 5; rest 3 min
C. Reverse Med Ball Toss - 5 sets of 6 reps; rest 2 min b/t sets
(start ball b/t legs, throw backwards forcefully over head as powerfully as possible; jog to retrieve, repeat 6x/set)

late May:
part 1:
Row 500 m @ 50%
Row 750 m @ 75%
Row 750 m @ 90%
Row 500 m @ 50%
Row 750 m @ 90%
Row 750 m @ 75%
Row 500 m @ 50%

rest 6+ hours

part 2:
A. SA DB Power Snatch @ 11X1; 10-12/arm x 3; rest 90 sec
B. SA DB Push Press @ 11X1; 8-12/arm x 3; rest 90 sec
C. DB Walking Lunges @ 10X0; 20 steps x 3; rest 90 sec
D. 1 arm DB Row @ 2010; 10-15/arm x 3; rest 90 sec

post reps and loads and notes to comments


Anonymous said...

Hi! Nice weather you have, here over in sweden we still waitng for the...WHAM... But so far the grass is still green...

Thanks for the great workouts!!

Martin Altemark said...

We had a snowstorm here last week. Kristian is lying or living south of us other Swedes :-)

part 1:
Row intervals: 2:04 (50%), 1:55 (75%), 1:47 (90%), 2:15 (50%), 1:49 (90%), 1:55 (75%), 2:05 (50%)

Felt my bike-fartlek from yesterday in legs + still not 100% from that cold (nostrils shuts from time to time - hard to get enough air), still managed to pull through, but tempo was a bit over what I think I can do.

Is it OK to sub part 2 (DB work) with kettlebels (KBs I have at home, DBs not since I moved those to the gym)?

Anonymous said...


ken c said...

what up with that citric acid cycle? man i don't know what they're teaching you at that seminar but clearly they've missed a step between the NAD+ and NADH,H+. the two have to connect through a drawn reciprocation dingle arm otherwise side fumbling is created. i almost made a similar mistake when i was one of the product engineers for the retroincabulator. here take a look. hope this clears things up.

Roch said...


I sprain my ankle yesterday,
I'll still working out modifying Big Dawgs programming.

Would you like me to post still or start to post only when I'll get back on Big Dawgs original program?


Garage Crossfitter said...

Part one 19:40, felt great today.
50% rows were between 2:30-2:50
75% 2:00-2:15
90% 1:50ish

I love this community, yesterday i was all pissed off at myself for having such shitty times on barb but after i read geoffs-mikes-DJ's posts they made me realize that not everyday needs to be perfect, laugh at it, stay healthy and move on. Good stuff dawgs...

PTS said...

Part 1 17:43.
Don't think I ever got to 90% for the full 750m. Maybe I was rowing too hard in the other intervals but I couldn't maintain what I felt was 90% for very long.

50%- 2:12ish
75% 1:58ish
90%- 1:48 ish

Not gonna get to Part 2 today, work is interfering.

Garage Crossfitter said...

I just read yesterday posts regarding people feeling like poop. For me at least its been tough getting my brain back in "competition" mindset since sectionals. Going from sectionals to regionals 8 weeks apart is a new thing to me. After I didnt qualify for aromas last year i knew i had a year off but this year its different, back to back comps. Takes some getting used too. I too have been listening to my body, taking days off when im not feeling it, and shortening wods if needed. Like Geoff said....its better to slow down and be healthy than drive yourself to injury. I am focusing more on stretching, and just started supplementing L-Glutamine and a good probiotic which I am hoping helps. Also in my free time I am focusing on spending quality time with my family and finding time to do things I enjoy. I find when I can get my brain to step away from CF and training during "down" times that when it comes to training or competition I am wanting to eat bees....sorry for the long post, but it felt good to put this in writing....


Lisa M said...

Has anyone else noticed the background color change or is it just my phone it seems too dark for me.

Mizar that is some serious vertical holy crap nice work!!

Lisa M said...

Shiza Melissa Wow you also have some serious leaps!! Something to reach for today as I am working a day behind as I attended an amazing neurology seminar- totally worth missing a day of training

Lisa M said...

Just me again - I noticed on the regionals site that they have made hotel recommendations. For those of you travelling here and not familiar with Calgary i would STRONGLY recommend staying at the Super 8 over the Deerfoot Casino only because it is closer to Okotoks and it is also walking distance to groceries, shopping, restaurants etc. The Deerfoot Casino is nice but located out in an industrial neighborhood with not much around it. There is also the Wingate which is just across the street from the Super 8 which i feel would be more convenient for location but no group rate there. Just my 2 cents!

Corbin said...

Early May:
Part 1: Total Reps:113
Rest ~7 hours
Part 2: A. Worked up to 225#
B. 165#, 175#, shut it down after, elbow was bothering me
C. As Rx'd w/ 20# Med Ball

OPT said...

Roch, keep posting here

OPT said...

martin, kb's are fine

OPT said...

Ken C, I was going to explain the cycle like he did straight faced on a video link but i thought I might lose everyone....
(i think he said 8 words in one sentence each at least 15 letters long each without a fumble, skill!)

Rory Hanlin said...

Late May
Part 1

500: 2:02
750: 1:45
750: 1:41
500: 2:22
750: 1:51
750: 1:46
500: 2:06
4500M 17:07

Melisa C said...

Late May

Part One:

Part Two:
A.25#x12, 30x12, 35x12
B. 25x12, 30x12, 35x12
C. All 35# DBs
D. 22.5x15, 25x15, 30x15

Nathan H. said...

Slept 12 hours. Feel much better, but am going to take today off too. I'll hit yesterdays WOD tomorrow and then see how I feel.

After reading yesterdays post I went and bought Dr Frank's book "Bursting with Energy," (got it instantly, and wirelessly, delivered to my iphone!) anyway, I'm on the 3rd chapter and am very excited to see read what's coming. Thanks for the info James!


Geoff Aucoin said...

Late May pt 1 done. Took 18:15 and it didn't feel too super. Put damper on 5, which didn't suit me so great for the 75% row as I wasn't getting the output I was expecting.

Good post, Garage.

Ken C, you're loco.

Anonymous said...

Quick question. Is there any reason to add extra running to the program? Trying to get my 5K down to 18 minutes. Not competing in the games but love the programming. Thanks

Nathan H. said...


I've asked a similar question in the past. The answer was to stick with the programming here and monitor your run times. Chances are your times will decrease as your fitness level increases because work capacity shows no favorites.


Martin Altemark said...

Garage: second that feeling for this community. It gives me so much inspiration and energy. Joining in 8 months ago was the best decision I could have made!

Everyone will give their all come gametime! Will be fun to meet some of you at European regionals in two weeks!

late may part 2:
A. KB snatches: 12x32kg, 12x32kg, 12x32kg
B. KB PP: 8x32kg, 8x32kg, 8x32kg
C. 3x20 steps with 24kg KBs
D. KB rows: 15x24kg, 15x24kg, 10x32kg

Nice session on the porch. A bit rusty with the KBs as they are a bit different to rack. Not that I've worked that much with DBs lately either.

Steve Howell said...

Late May

part 1;
4500m =17:36

Michael McCabe said...

late may part 1
total time 17:33....hardest part was staying at 75% after the second 90% effort.

i assume in part 2 for the power snatch you do 10-12 with one arm, then 10-12 with the other? or should we alternate? i assume "alternate" would have been specified if that was the case...

DeeJay said...

Late May Part 1
17:28 - felt good

exp. said...

Part 1: total time 18:12

**wrote down averages instead of times


not the greatest day rowing, but felt good to get 'er done...90% rows should have been faster according to my calculations, but pullin the pace I did felt about right for today...not too much gas in the tank...part 2 will probably have to wait until tomorrow as the last paper in a 4-year degree is due tonight...stoked!

Geoff Aucoin said...

This is messed up, read it and comment...

joey warren said...

Early Mayer
34 burpees every set-felt good and consistent

170 total reps

Nathan H. said...


I heard that rumor about a month ago, but wasn't positive on it's legitimacy. Looks like it's true though. Which totally sucks for people who planned anything concrete.

I heard the reason they are not doing in Aromas was because of a permit issue. Apparently last year Dave Castro did some stuff without the city's approval (which is understandable considering conventional bureaucracy -- plus it's his land ) Including getting that massive video screen. A friend told me he saw police officers talking to Dave while making furtive glances towards the screen...

Brent Maier said...

38/6'2"/198 - Early May

So the first day WOD's have been announced for the North Central Qualifiers next weekend. Thoughts?

Geoff, I'm a little bummed because we had a week of family vacation planned for the Aromas area. Have they announced the dates yet?

joey warren said...

I think you will do well Brent, pretty straight forward stuff, no surprises, the triplet is yours for the taking!

Garage Crossfitter said...

Part II - 4 hrs later and 1 hour nap

A 40,40,45 (should have went heavier)

B 40 45 55-(9L 12R)

C 25,40,45's

D 40,45,55-(12L,12R)

-left shoulder weaker than right (i already knew that)
-right lat weaker than left and I have been noticing that on high rep pullup workouts and CTB pullups

Brent- looks like standard crossfit to me...lift heavy weight, and run fast. The key to the metcon is not killing the row and not picking up that barbell until you can get all 12 OHS unbroken, in my opinion and smoothing sailing on the DU's.

Emilie P-B said...

I decided to take it easy today... working on night shift this week. Did A-B-C in part 2 only.

Part 2
A. 25(12) - 30(12) - 35(12)
B. 25(10) - 30(right arm:11, left arm:10) - 35(right:9, left:8)
C. 30-30-35 Really challenging, legs were tired from westerday's squats

ken c said...

late may

500 2:01.0
750 2:50.2
750 2:34.6
1 min. rest
500 2:03.1
750 2:51.4
1 min. rest
750 2:36.8
500 2:02.6

may have been mental but i had to take a couple of rest breaks. butt was locking up.

Jon M said...

Early May

Part 1:

Hung out around 25 per round. Felt good, going back later for #2.

Bear said...

Early may

A. 95 kg:

UGLY, pressing out, flexibility issues and a lot of other things.

B. 70 kg x 5

No need to try higher after my display of sucky technique

C. 8 kg med ball

Had to do part 2 first due to logistic reasons. I wanted to get the rest as rxd so I switched order. Was this a good call?


134 reps

Died after about 20 every round. All unbroken. Filmed my cleans and some triple unders yesterday, here ya go :)

T&G Cleans:
Triple Unders:

Over n out!

Over n out!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Tell me about it, Brent, I have a place rented in Aptos and flights booked into San Fran.

Your WODs look good for you. Not so great for little folks, except for the run.

Alex Duncan said...

Late May
Part 1: Total time: 18:12 Felt ok. Anything over 2k hurts my boney butt!

Part 2: 7 hours later
a. 35lbsx12, 45x12, 55x12 Should have started higher
b. 55lbsx9/arm, 55x10, 55x12
c.55lb DBs all three sets x 20, Glutes shot
d. 45x15/arm, 50x13, 50x11

Paul Klein said...

Late May:

Part 1. (times are 500M average pace)
500M 2.04
750M 1.56
750M 1.46
500M 2.15
750M 1.47
750M 1.56
500M 2.10
4500M total time = 17.37

Part 2.

A.40lbs / 55 / 55
B. 55lbs / 55 / 55
C. 25lbs / 30 / 40
D. 40lbs / 40 / 40

Rory Hanlin said...

Late May
Part 2

A. KB Snatches 2 pood all x12
B. 2 pood all x12
C. 2x45, all 20 steps
D. 2 Pood KB, all x15

MikeE said...

Late May M32/5'7"/173lbs

Part 1 - Didn't write down the intervals but Rower says 17:27 = 4515m. I found I was dying out to what my 75% was doing or worse when I was going 90% phases near the end of the phase.

Going to hit Part 2 here soon.

Brent Maier said...

38/6'2"/196 - Early May

Decided to run my sectionals workouts by the book today at 80% effort, here's how it went.

A C&J: 40/50/60/80/90/90/90/90/90kg (198#) - Jerks were weak after yesterdays triple. Back started to hurt at the 90kg mark.

20min rest

B 1 mile run: 6:39 - Ran with GPS watch on some hilly streets. Decided to run a little further today than the RX'd. Didn't dip into the tank so I'm pleased with the time.

1hr rest

C Row/OHS/DU's: 10:29 - Rows fast, OHS unbroken, DU's broken but fast. Right on!

1hr rest

D. Going to hit 3 rounds of early mays burpees before coming into the house.


Michael McCabe said...

late may part 2
A. 50x12, 60x12, 65x10
B. 45x12, 55x10x2
C. 50/hand, 60/hand, 60/hand
D. 65x15, 75x12x2

felt good and painful throughout.

Thad said...

Late May
Part1. Times are avg 500m pace
Total time 18:12

A. 12/25, 12/35, 12/40
B. 12/40, 12/50, 12/53
C. 20/40, 20/50, 20/50DB&2pd KB switched hands at 10
D. 15/40, 15/50, 15/53
Heaviest DB is 50lb's

Katrina Burton said...

No WOD for me today. Completed EXHAUSTED from demoing all day today at the gymnastics cert. Worked on some clean & jerks at lunch and that was about it.

Spoke with some people regarding the One World post. Armos is completely out... the county won't give the permits due to traffic and number of people that are expected to be there. Sucks for those that have booked stuff already, but I would look into your cancellation policy.

Erik Luber said...

Part 2:

A. 20 lbs, 25, 30
B. 20, 25(10), 30(8)
C. Reverse-Hypers @ 66 lbs; 10 reps x3
D. 25(15), 30(11), 30(10)

Perfect amount of volume for me today. Felt great. Enjoyed every movement. However, could hardly do an air lunge...legs smoked from Barbara. Took this as an opportunity to practice some reverse-hypers, finally clicked for me on the 2nd set.

Gord said...

The change of venue is official

Lisa M said...

working a day behind
Snatches were pathetic as usual and not worth mentioning am very frustrated too much going on in my brain

vertical 25" . Wow and i thought i could jump high 40" Melissa you should be a basketball or volleyball goddess.

skipped C because i felt like crap and was pissed about my snatch - tee hee

Barbara: really had to talk myself into this one but PRd it by quite a bit so feel pretty good for pushing through the sluggishness

3:38/3:49/4:01/3:54/3:59 total 19:21 I was over 24 minutes last time!! Last set up pullups were UB!

weird thing this time was squats slowed me down???? just didn't have it in my legs today fatigued fast, and of course pushups sucked a$%

joey warren said...

Early Mayer
A. worked up to 255
B. 205 x 5 for all sets except 4 I failed on 5th rep
C. 20lb MB toss

Brian Maier said...

Early May:

Couldn't resist doing "Barbara" today after reading yesterday's comments.


Total time: 16:13(PR)

All pullups unbroken....situps sucked!!!!

Steve Howell said...

late may

part 2;
A: 53x12/53x12/70x10
B: 40x12/40x12/53x12
C: 40 for all 3 sets
D: 53x15/53x15/32x15

Wes hendricks said...

late may

part 1:
So my initial goal was 2:00 for 50%, 1:52 for 75%, and 1:45 for 90%....Needless to say I must have been on crack thinking I could have maintained this. So all and all this was a total disaster I suffered the entire time and my ass was numb by the end. I guess you need those WOD's every now and then

part 2:(had to use a barbell since I am on the road, when every I am away from the house I bring 300lb in bumpers, barbell, 2pood KB, and dynamax ball)

A. 95-105-115 x 10
B. 95-115-135 x 10
C. 95 x 20 steps x 3
D. 2 pood x 3 x 10

Only thing I want to add about the lunges is that I did them down the side of a road

unit said...

part 1: 1K row
~3:05 (1:26, 1:39)... went out 2 hard and died...

part 2: AMRAP squat clean 225 x3 sets

part 3: AMRAP in 10min 3MU, 3DL 315, 3TUs
9rnds + 2MUs

part 4
A- worked up 2 225
B- 185/ 190/ 195/ 200
C- 20# MB tosses felt gd


Mike Molloy said...

I was out of town this weekend. I worked out at local D.C. affiliates and was sort of forced into their workouts instead of doing my own thing.

That said, I still managed to get 4 good workouts in so I'll take it as a personal success.

Evan Z said...

Part 1
Total 18:15

Didn't have a schedule to be able to hit part two in 6+ hours so was only able to take 15 minutes.

Part 2

a. 30x10,40x10,50x10
b. 50x8,50x8,50x8 - left should weak.
c. 50,40,40 - started to fade on the second set.
d. 60x12,60x12,60x10

Mizar said...

late May
part 1

500 m @ 50% - 2:24
750 m @ 75% - 2:01
750 m @ 90% - 1:51
500 m @ 50% - 2:33
750 m @ 90% - 2:08
750 m @ 75% - 1:50
500 m @ 50% - 2:31
Total time: 19:16

Part 2
A. 25x12, 40x12, 55x10*
*left arm was the limiting factor

B. 35x12, 50x10, 55x10

C. 35# for all sets

D. 15x15, 25x15, 25x15

Lauren said...

did time total row- tried to keep 75% average at 2:00 and 90% at 1:55.

Part 2
A. 30, 35, 40 x 12
B. 30, 35, 40 x 12
C. 35, 40, 40
D. 25, 30, 30

body is tired, looking forward to rest day tomorrow.

Brandon said...

Late May
Part 1
500: 2:22
750: 2:58
750: 2:40
500: 2:53
750: 2:45
750: 3:16
500: 2:26
total: 19:20
On the 500s could have been faster, but I really tried to keep it at 50% effort. Last 750 was weak...mentally lost it. Should have been 20s faster. Not happy...

Part 2
A. 55/65/75x10
B. 55/70/75x10
C. skipped
D. @75# 8/10/10

Worked with a new Oly Coach today and the legs were fried, so lunges were a no-no...Good news, I got two major issues with the clean fixed.

MikeE said...

Male 32/5'7"/173lbs

Part 2. - Used 50# dumbbell for Part 2 as that's the heaviest the gym had. The tempo made all of the movements difficult. I don't think I could have done much more weight with the push presses on last set though. Heart rate got up real high though. 100lbs in dumbbells for the walking lunges were a breeze.

Brandon said...

Oh one more thing...I'll post this the next training day as well...

I used to live in NorCal and now live in SoCal and I am sure some of you are trying to figure out what to do re: the change of Games venue. Please let me know if you have questions or I can help.

If you have tickets and can't change them, JetBlue and Southwest frequently have $39 flights from Oakland/San Fran to Long Beach (20 minutes or so from the site) or LAX (don't go here unless you have no other choices - traffic is miserable and the airport is a mess). There are a ton of places to stay, but you want to make sure you are on the right side of traffic especially on Thursday, Friday or trying to get out Monday.

Like I said, I have gotten so much from Coach's programming and trying to keep up just a bit with the Big Dawgs, if I can help, I would love to.

über Bania said...

early may
part 1:
26, 28, 26, 25, 25

went to bed, got a range to do, then i'm doing part 2...

Benorama said...

Late May:

Part 1: Completed in 18:49. Was mentally tough to complete. CrossFit stall going in advance, and I struggled to find a pace until the last half of the piece. 50% ended up being around 2:20, 75% was 2:00, and 90% was 1:55.

Part 2: Ran out of time with a busy Sunday filled with wedding planning. Will be making this up Monday.

Rainer said...

Late May:
Part 1:
Part 2:
A: 30/40/45x12
B: 30/40x12, 45x8
C: 30/30/33
D: 60x12, 65x10 - 2

Michelle said...

Working a day behind as well. So Saturday's WODs
Part 1
A)did 4 sets of is low and warm up weights felt like enough today so I kept it very light and worked on technique....for me that means not raising hips early and not bending arms.
C)115x6/145 felt so heavy so shut it down...
Part 2
Based on how part 1 went I decided not to do Barbara as Part 2. Instead worked on muscle ups and unbroken sets of Wallballs (noticed later these are the movements on the mainsite for Monday).Was going for 3 sets of 30 WBs and got...
Feel really good about getting most of the attempted muscle ups and the focus on the WBs.
Great post Garage CrossFitter...

marcusherou said...

Early May part 1:

Felt quite good until last 20s but apparently slow compared to some fellas here :)

Bryan K said...

Sorry if this is explained somewhere else, but could not find it in the FAQs. What is the difference between the early May and late May programming?



über Bania said...

early May
part 2:
Split Jerks:
95x4, 135x4, 185x2, 205x1, 225x1

HPCx1, Push Jerk x5:
135, 155, 185, 205, 225 HPCx1 PJx2 then dropped it on the third PJ.

No medicine ball to toss.
[88lb KBSx3 + 100m jog] x 6rnds x 5 sets

Benorama said...

Part 2: (22 hours later...)

A. 45#, 45, 45
B. 30#, 35, 45
C. 35#, 45, 53
D. 30#, 35, 35

Notes: Rested 90 sec between each arm, hope that was correct. Limited by equipment (30# and 45# db, 35# and 53# kb). Used KB where possible. Didn't feel comfortable snatching with it.

jhk said...

Part 1: 17:34
50%@2:11 and 2:08 and 2:05
75%@2:48 and 2:56
90%@2:38 and 2:48
Couldn't get to Part 2 until Monday morning.
A. 40/50/50x12s
B. 40/50/50x12s
C. 40/40/40
D. 40/50/50x15s

Heavy Evy said...

Cherry picking a bit while I get my renos done. Worked on cleans, then did yesterdays row intervels.

Total time: 18:33
50% avg 2:17
75% avg 3:03
90% avg 2:47

Felt good, getting mor comfortable on the rower

Mack Lar said...

Late May
Part 1:
All rows completed in about 17:50
Part 2:
A. 55/60/70
B. 55/60/65
C. 60/65/70
D. 55/60/60
Felt very strong. Love the single arm stuff

Michelle said...

Did the row on Tuesday, April 27th.
Think the first two 50%s were accurate, so were the 75%s, but the 90%s were not sustained at 90% for very long, especially the first one...was worried about gassing myself. The last 50% felt like 50, but it was fast so I was maybe off here. Good WOD. I liked this one and I am not a rowing fan.

Chris Dunkin said...

early may: done yesterday

Part 1: 30, 29, 28, 27, 28

15min rest

Part 2;
a. 225, 255F, 255F
B. 185, 205, 205X3, 205X4, 205X4
c. FUN

10min rest

Part 3: AMRAP in 10min: 3mu's/3 dl's (315), 3 triple unders


all mu's, and dl's unbroken, 2 sets of 2 triple-unders linked