Even if it's not a particularly fashionable one, get yourself a purpose for this day, for this month, for this year, for your life. And be sure it's an authentic purpose, or there's really no value in following it.

It's all backwards i tell ya, all backwards!


Yelvi said...


Thanks for the reply, but I think that I was made the question a little confusing. I was asking, if you were wanting to peak by the 15th, would you start this saturday doing early may 1 week behind? Or would you start following it this saturday 2 weeks behind? Sorry for the confusion.

Roch said...

Very interesting and sad the article on the insurance company investments: "Safeguarding people's health and well-being take a back seat to making money."

I hope one day people will make the choice to work for what this world NEED and not sucking in all they WANT.

One thing is sure, everybody need to be in good physical condition, to rest adequately and to feed themselves properly that's why I like that community!

Anonymous said...

Spoke to coach regarding yesterday's WOD - intention was on skill pratise not intensity.

Could watch Pyrros lift all day long.

Steve Smith said...

Funny, I was just watching this last night. Amazing.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Pyrros is seriously one of my all-time sports heros. The guy is just an animal; nothing like push-jerking 460+lbs over your head. The video of him leaving his shoes on the platform after his last lift in competition gives me full-body cold chills.

Roch said...

Its interesting to see how Pyrros is always leaning a bit on the right side during is last extension after the jerk catch.
Makes me feel better about having a shorter leg :) Anybody know what would be the cause of that imbalance (cause I notice the same on few athlete).

That was really smart to put that many pistol because down here their is a lot of athletes that are afraid of it and even if its part of their daily warm-up 2 times a week it was different to practice them at elite level 15/leg.

ken c said...

all backwards indeed. what a world.