Thurs, Apr 8, 2010

final standings

early May:

1-10 hang squat snatch unbroken ladder for time (aka - "HSSULFT")

rest 20 min

80 burpees for time (aka - "80 burpees for time")
{these must be done in sets of 10 unbroken, any pausing at top with double hop or pause at bottom at push up level or at any point in the movement requires you to start at that set of 10 again; if you perform each set of 10 purposely slow, I will know}

late May:
10 rounds for time:
R side:
SA DB Power Snatch x 1
SA DB Split Jerk x 1
SA DB Thruster x 1
SA DB Front Squat x 1
L side:
SA DB Power Snatch x 1
SA DB Split Jerk x 1
SA DB Thruster x 1
SA DB Front Squat x 1
(once you start a set with the chosen limb, you cannot put DB to ground or switch hands to regrip/rest/etc...; use 55#/30# DB)

post times and notes to comments
double for everyone on saturday and sunday


Chad Hall said...

Laughed very hard at the early May "aka"s and burpee explanation!

unit said...

HSSULFT- the sound u'll make more and more throughout that WOD...

and coach ALWAYS knows...


Garage Crossfitter said...

What does SA stand for?

jhk said...

SA is single arm

Anonymous said...


Chris Dunkin said...

Late May


55lb db: failed on thrusters twice in round 8 on L arm.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Single arm? Oh thank god, I thought it might be San Antonio Douche Bag.

Melisa C said...

Late May

5.54 w 30# DB

Struggled with balance in the SA OHS, had to re-do a few.

Katrina Burton said...

Late may... Is one round complete after both arms or right and left count as two rounds?

OPT said...

R and L count as one round

jhk said...

Early May:
HSSULFT-this was more of a Snatch practice.

Started at 135# (which when I did it, it was my PR).
Time 34:27 (incomplete)
Ran out of time so skipped 8 and 9, and just did 10 to finish.
Failed quite a few times at 135# for 3, on 3rd rep before lowering weight. Same with 7 at 115#. However feel very positive with progressions.
(Thanks Colin for the coaching)


Poly said...

3rd day in a row my body refused to start. Having serious pain in my calf, and I think it's time to address it. Does anyone have any experience with a sports physio vs. a normal one? I haven't had much luck in the past, and am thinking it might be time to get aggressive. A friend of mine who used to be a competitive oly lifter told me that that normal physio is not effective on people who train hard. Any thoughts? Any recommendations in the Edmonton or Spruce Grove area?

jhk said...

Hey Poly,
Don't live in your neck of the woods, so can't recommend anyone there. But I climbed for years for a living and went through a few bouts of different injuries (more elbows and shoulder), and Active Release was a life saver. You should be looking at a Chiro for treatment though. Hurts reaaly good, but was more then worth it for the results.
Good luck

Heavy Evy said...

OPT is like Santa(minus all the cookies), he knows if you've been bad or good, so complete your ROM for f-in sakes!

I've got a really good chiro in St.Albert who has helped me with a ton of sports injuries/car accidents, over the years. Seirra Wellness 780-458-5544, the guy I see is Mark Holzer.

Roch said...

Late May

7:03 (55lbs)

Really like that one!! made me realize how different both of my arms are working!

Becky said...

late may 5:14
i think i like the working on separate arms. didn't fail any resps, just a couple times forgot to jerk and just pressed, so had to redo that rep with the jerk.

did some mu practice with the band like the guy in the video from main site showed us. it was difficult, but i plan on implementing it in my warm ups and after wods.

Kendra said...

Used a KB since I didn't have a DB. Realized how much weaker my left arm is compared to my right...but it was a good WOD.
No failed reps, no rests- 6:38

Corbin said...

Early May:
1-10 HSSULFT @135# - 18:35
Rested 20 min
80 burpees for time - 5:25

Chad Hall said...

Late May


Not really happy with it. Goal was sub 7:30 but should have been 6:00.

First time ever using a dumbbell for a crossfit workout. Different from a KB for sure. IT felt heavy on the ground but with the explosive movements felt great. I was gasses in between sets, but during the lifts felt good.

After did some GHD situps to make up for yesterday and then did some DB power snatches for weight, built up to 100lbs. Really cool movement.

Cam B said...

Hello all,

Does anyone know if the Canada Regionals are being held in Calgary or not? I've heard rumors both ways... just thinking about booking flights etc...



Rainer Hartmann said...

Late May:
Used 40# due to shoulder/rotator cuff injury:

Chad said...

Late May


Not really that happy with the time. I was definitely going faster with smoother transistions in the later rounds...took a while to get familar with the movements. Good WOD though!

thx coach,

Geoff Aucoin said...

Late May; 5 minutes on the button.

Definately could be done much faster but I didn't have enough fire in the belly today. I wasn't going to do this today but my first choice of Nate wasn't going to happen for me so I said 'screw it' and Big Dawged it. Happy I did though!

Started off with 3,3,3,1,1,1 for push jerks and I worked up to 216 for 1, felt good. Need to lift more!

BK said...

4.44 with 50 pounders. Big issue with left arm OHS which I warmed into.

Stephen Flamm said...

Early May:

Feeling a little beat up and couldn't seem to get fully warmed up, so just worked on hang squat snatch form and skipped the ladder.

Part 1.
Worked up to 135 for a few singles, which turned out to be a PR

Part 2.

OPT said...

cam b, you will have to fly into calgary but the events are in okotoks, south of calgary, there are accomodations there as well...stay there as calgary is 20+ min away...and some hotels 60 min away...

Cam B said...

Thanks Coach, looking forward to it


Joey O said...

Late May


Finished 6:18. Had no 55lb. DB at the gym, so had to sub for a 45lb one. Definitely would have been a different animal if 55 was used. Felt good however, everything was pretty easy other than the balance on the OHSQ. First time doing a DB wod, so happy with results. Great work everyone!

Garage Crossfitter said...

This wod was a disaster...after round 4 i stopped the time and went to a 40 lb DB which was still bad. My left side is MUCH weaker than my right. It was almost impossible for me to OHS the 55lb DB with either arm. Not too sure whats going on here so i videoed the wod and would appreciate any feedback. Maybe its just a huge strength imbalance between right and left shoulder?
Things i noticed in the vid.
1) Cant keep either arm straight on OHS
2) Left hand OHS my body twists to the right at the bottom
3)Torso leans excessivley on OHS.

Thanks DAWGS!!

Lisa M said...


Those OHS with one arm were very awkward and my left arm is completely spastic i realized.

false grip, HSPU, and snatch work after

Anyone coming to Calgary for regionals i can look into hotel stuff for you and maybe get a group rate if intersted. I know there are two hotels at the very south end of Calgary that are in a good shopping, grocery, and restaurant area all in walking distance and then a 15 minute drive to Okotoks. They are the Windgate and Super 8. I am not sure whats in Okotoks but i can look into it when i return from my HOLIDAYS in a week - WOOOHOOOO.

Anonymous said...

Did about 6 extra reps due to screwing up the order of movements, still a little too much for the brain today.

ken c said...

late may


Brian Maier said...

early May:

limited on time today so skipped part 1.

Did 80 burpees w/ jump onto 24" box.

time - 8:49

Steve Howell said...

Late may


Michael FitzGerald said...

5:27...relaxed pace today. Felt good after 7 day lay-off.

LuLu said...

Late May

Used a 30# DB, all reps unbroken, no rest, did not fail on any reps.

7min 17 sec

My left side was way weaker than my right, wholly cow. Had to concentrate hard on left side, it took so much longer. Really enjoyed this wod.

LuLu said...

Nice work Lisa M, WOWZERS

Melissa (Mel Mull) said...

Late May

30# DB

I enjoyed this one. Pace got quicker as I went.

Lucas said...

6:07 with a 1.5 pood kettlebell (no dumbells) I saw BK's time and wanted to chase him down, I didn't realize how weak my left side was. I failed two times on my left side OHS.

Clucas (Late may-Albany)

Jonathan Burns said...

Early May

Part 1: HSSULFT 14:49

Did not have the buy-in to hit part 1 Rx. Mainly had a big problem holding on to the weight on the way back down. Tried 115, but that was getting ugly fast. Went to 100, which was probably a bit light. Or I should have gone faster. Or Both.

Part 2: 80 Burpees 4:59

Did sets as Rx, this felt pretty good- I think I could have taken less rest between sets in the early going.

Hands are still tore up from Tuesday's snatches!


Mike Molloy said...


Garage, I feel you on this one. What a disaster. The only good news is that I got faster with each round which means its probably more technique work than anything else...

dmarsh said...

Late May

4:53 as rx'd

Rds 1-4: deliberate, steady tempo
Rds 5-7: started to pick it up a bit
Rds 8-10: all out sprint to keep it sub-5:00

no breaks, no resting b/w arms or rds

Geoff Aucoin said...

Okay Josh, where to start...

Other than the fact you seriously need some tunes going in your garage and maybe 2-3 cups of coffee so you look more into this workout I'd say your issue is flexibility? Maybe roll the s%$t out of your lats/thoracic spine before doing overhead stuff?

I think the point of this WOD was to really highlight any strength imbalances between R & L sides for this DB complex and it's pretty obvious from your video that you should look into that. My OHS on my right side felt a little off but other than that I was able to transition from rep-to-rep quickly.

Okay Josh, get ye more flexible, buddy!

Paul Klein said...

Late may


I liked this one.

Emilie P-B said...

Late May

8:56 as Rx'd

Disapointed with that result. I started too slow and took a break when switching hands because I tought it would become much harder at the end. Finally it felt strong till the end. May have done it at least a minute faster.

Brent Maier said...

Josh, try allowing your other arm to cross the front of your body about a 45 degree angle as you drop into the bottom of your snatch. This helps me keep everything aligned, balanced and locked out from the shoulder up, especially as the weight gets heavier. Oh and as Geoff said, get some tunes on! Thats my two cents... Now off to do early May...

unit said...

early may:
part 1: ~11:48

15min rest

part 2: ~4:19

15min rest

late may:


Brent Maier said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Katrina Burton said...

Late May

3:44 Rx'd

Warm up was about 15-20 trips of 100m farmer walk dumping 20# buckets of broken tile to the garbage bin at the new gym. Quite the sweat on I had after that!

Went all out during this WOD and didn't put the weight down. Both sides felt equal in strength and balance. I was worried about maintaining balance in the OHS towards the end but that wasn't an issue.

Great job today all! Some killer times!

Garage Crossfitter said...

I normally have tunes cranking but today i had a super stressful-loud day at work so the last thing i wanted was a loud garage when i came home. I like to workout sometimes in a quiet garage. I had a great warmup and was totally focused 100% but I knew from my warmup that 55lb OHS was going to be a huge issue. I am going to roll out my lats and T-spine before going overhead next time to see if that helps. Also going to ART therapist tommorow for some maintaince work....thanks Geoff and Brent

Michael McCabe said...

late may

left ohs was toughest, mostly a flexibility thing

Wes hendricks said...


Thought about giving up twice, struggled with OHS on both arms especially my left side. Very frustrating WOD.

Chris Dunkin said...

bite me, unit...

Eric Montgomery said...

Early May
HSSULFT@95lbs in 10:32
80 burpees in 6:31

TLaw said...

First WOD in ten days due to knee and shoulder injuries.
4:58, mentally awkward sequencing.
OHS better on left than right
Jerk better on right than left (left foot forward is standard for me)

unit said...

name the time and place...

Baltoe said...

Late May WOD April 8, 2010

10 rounds for time:
R side:
SA DB Power Snatch x 1
SA DB Split Jerk x 1
SA DB Thruster x 1
SA DB Front Squat x 1
L side:
SA DB Power Snatch x 1
SA DB Split Jerk x 1
SA DB Thruster x 1
SA DB Front Squat x 1
(once you start a set with the chosen limb, you cannot put DB to ground
or switch hands to regrip/rest/etc...; use 55#/30# DB)

Started with usual one mi/walk, 5x WU rounds, then into WOD. Looked at my watch
Made a note of the time, finished the WOD, and couldn’t remember when I started.
Whatever. The revelation of the day was that my left side was almost on par strengthwise as my right, but much more stable. When I first was assessed, my left
Side was about 20 – 25% of my right. I think I was around 10 mins to finish.

Then did 10 SA power snatches with each arm for time. Did 5x, no time for first round, then 1.10, 1.00, 1.00, 1.07. Good workout, showed glaring weaknesses in form for the OH squat, especially on right side. Onward……

joey warren said...

early May

19:18 - failed in tenth round @ about 14:30 due to caught it off balance, every felt good though

20 min rest


And no I did not do Late May you carzy $%&@, Unit

Ali Loach said...

*Left arm OHS started out a little messy but improved as I got further into it. Other than that strength felt pretty equal.

Lisa - why you always gotta beat me?!!!
1 second....sonofa! :o)

Sam Harmer said...

early may

Part 1

Part 2

Yelvi said...

Late May


ken c said...

after the late may wod i did some deadlifting. wasn't intending to attempt a max lift but everything felt good and i ended up with a pr at 445.

i mention this only to speak to the terrific programming here. i mean how often do we heavy deadlift? if i wasn't convinced before, i am now. thanks opt.

Heavy Evy said...

Late May.

Had to redo 2 Left handed OHS as my left side is weaker fo-sho, but didn't drop weight so completed rx'd.
And on the recommendation of some folks at sectionals, I picked up some weight lifting shoes today, man they are sweet!

Brent Maier said...


Early Marcher Workout:

Part 1 (Ladder): 15:48
15 min rest

Part 2: (x80 Burpees): 4:57.7
15 min rest

Late March Workout (DB Complex): 7:04

Mizar said...

Late May

6:57 Rx

Thad said...

Late May

Subbed 50# DB largest one I have
everything felt good except O/H squats, need to work on flexibility

Michelle said...

Late May
This WOD reminded me of my 'Grace'...not pretty. Got full extension, lockout, and proper depth where required and didn't lower db until feet were together on SJ, but it was seriously ugly. Failed 1 split jerk on right side and really had to jump the db up on that side, which is no surprise because that's my messed up shoulder side. Surprised by lack of stability in bottom of OHS...don't remember that being an issue. Lifting shoes, which i forgot, would have helped. Would really like to try this one again and do a better job form wise.

On a sidenote...great to see everyone back at it and posting again! Have a great holiday Lisa M!!!

will said...


Lisa M said...

Nice work Michelle you killed it today!! I will enjoy my holiday it's supposed to be 30+ all week much better than snow!!!!

Lisa M said...

Holy s@&$ Kat nice work today

Jason Buzzard said...

late may:


This one was a lot of fun. I wasn't really sure how it was going to go starting out. Looking back I think I could have pushed a bit harder, sub 6 is definately attainable for me on this.

Mack Lar said...

Late May
7:50 Disappointing but there was no going any faster. Limiting factor was OHS.

Grant said...

@ OPT @ 7PM.
Rx'd but the timer was messed up. Didn't push it anyway because of flu. New start Saturday.

Nice to meet the boys from North Carolina. Happy trails!

Jenny said...

early may:

Part 1.

Part 2.
5.00 min

Brandon said...

Late May -
I skipped this yesterday with some symptoms of flu. Came in today and went about 80-85% so overall I am happy.


Only issue was OHS in R arm which is weird since I am right handed.


Baltoe said...

Comment re Brandon's comment. I had an issue with my rt side OHS one this one too. I have had an MRI on my right elbow, which has been used to good extent for many years (check blog for stats!) playing golf, hockey, squash and other ballistic right side dominated activities. It showed the reason why I cannot touch my thunb to top of my shoulder ala the charles atlas muscle man pose.(Abducted rt arm, with proximal flexion at the elbow - for the tranier in you). Therefore, I do not get the weight vertical over my body, and so the squat is off balance and requires much more effort to complete. See if you can straighten your right arm as straight as you left arm. Cheers.

Baltoe said...


What does 'double for everyone on Saturday and Sunday' mean?

Bear said...

early may:

Part 1 - total fail, scaled to power snatch and 50 kg but I still failed at rep 9.

Part 2 - 5:06 min
Felt like someone was watching me ;)

Craig said...

Late may.

not my best performance. OHS was a bit awkward. unbroken otherwise.

jason said...

Only had 40# DBs at home.

4:00 w/40#

Kind of glad though, felt really strange today. Not like getting sick, just highly stressed out and tired feeling.

Pete said...

Right side was light and quick but struggled alot with the left. Defnitely some tight lats and thoracic spine stuff going on. Felt better as the WOD went on.

Christy said...

4:33 (30#)

Chris Dunkin said...

Early May:

5 min rest

80 burpees for time: 5:09

ext. rot.:

stronger than expected on the sq sn's. had to regrip twice in rds of 9 and 10. burpees were conservative in early sets.