fri, may 21, 2010

<a href="" target="_new" title="Armstrong: Nothing to hide">Video: Armstrong: Nothing to hide</a>

"it will all come out"....i sure hope it does.

Charlie and T-Mag

life after drug use


PTS said...

Off to Albany,NY in the morning for Regionals. Looking forward to competing and meeting more Big Dawgs.

Jeff B. said...

Man that article on steroids in sprinting was incredible, thanks for posting coach, that stuff fascinates me for some reason. I was interested to hear that it takes 10-12 days to recover after a maximum effort 100m sprint, and how they spike their insulin after lifting to peak 6 hrs later for speed training...interesting stuff.

Wes hendricks said...

Got to albany last night so I wouldn't have to travel the day before competition. I am actually not nervous at all, I am not sure if that is good or bad! I have been telling myself its because I feel prepared. So thank you James and everyone else on this blog(especially joey/brett marshall/unit for pissing me off everyday that I can never beat you guys)
I will give it my all and leave everything out there.

Mizar said...

Could not post yesterday as I was traveling to Calgary :)

A. Accelerations felt quick and powerful
B1. unbroken using 40kg KB
B2. unbroken using 20in box
C. 102, 30, 103, 107, 133

My main vulnerability is my thought process... fighting the belief that I am not good enough; that people around me are always better than me and I will never be able to be what people expect me to be... it is a tough fight to become aware that I am not to become what people want/expect but to be what I feel...

Thank you Lisa M for greeting us in your home and family.

Paul Klein said...

Good luck to everyone competing this weekend. I will be watching the scoring page like an addict!

Great info today Coach. It makes me wonder...what do you think is the percentage of the top CrossFitters that use performance enhancers? If it is 80% at the Olympic level, do you think it could be 50% at the CrossFit level? Or do you think because of the health and longevity aspect of CrossFit the numbers might be much lower? I suspect that if the percentages were/are low, they will trend upward with the increases in prize money to winner. Some people are willing subject themselves to a lot for 25g's.

I assume most people have seen the documentary on steroids called Bigger Stronger Faster. But if you haven't, search it on youtube. It is a 10 part series all about the use of steroids in sports. Louie Simmons is interviewed and so is Floyd Landis (before Floyd admitted to doping). It is fascinating to watch.

MikeE said...

Just watched that movie... Bigger, stronger, faster; Thanks Paul!

That's the one thing I hope Crossfit never goes to... Drug scandals and cheating. I was sad to hear of the $25,000 to the winner this year and the fact that that could go up even more as the sport grows... which could inturn more unhealthy competition. I love the community and healthy competition... I will do my best to maintain this.

Cheers and good luck this weekend dawgs!

LuLu said...

Could not post yesterday.
Good luck this weekend Big Dawgs.

A)Running was good and strong
B1) All unbroken with 24kg
B2) All unbroken with 24inch box
C)81-115-84-126-89 1-2 min rest b/t sets cuz of time and had to coach my first class ever, woohoo.

I need to get myself a buddy lee and see how it goes. LOVED coaching my first class :)

Heavy Evy said...

Good luck to everyone competing this weekend.

No need to be nervous, as you are one of the guys that pisses me off everyday!

The book "Game of Shadows" tottally jaded my outlook on olympic, and professional sports. Decent read but gets a bit long after the millionth time you've read about "the clear".

Geoff Aucoin said...

Let's start the chant; 'Early post! Early post!!'

Steve Howell said...

Good luck to all the dawgs this weekend!