tues, may 24, 2010

Dead Lift - 55% 1RM; 6 sets of 2; rest 45 sec
(speed on concentric)
Wall Balls - 20/14# to 10 ft - 15 reps; 30 sec rest x 3
Muscle Up practice (5 min)
Toes to Bar - 3 sets of 10

post loads and notes to comments
come to OPT in the AM should you wish to train for those who are here from out of town; like 9-11am ish

single tomorrow - Wed
Thurs off
Friday single, Saturday double, Sunday double


Michael said...

Is this for everyone or just those in the Canadian Region? My event is Saturday and Sunday so I would think I would train tues/wed/thurs and rest friday as this is what you had us do in the past. Let me know if you have a different plan this time around, thanks.

Eric S said...

DL 205.
WB, MU, and T2B all were smooth and controlled.

Katy McCabe said...

ahhhh what is "1RM" still figuring out all the acrobym breakouts!

OPT said...

Michael, this is for Canada specific...for thursday, plan on doing some skill work based on what comes up for the weekend; todays and tomorrows will help CNS wise but may not be too specific for you for weekend, so take the time Thursday to mimic the weekends movements and get a feel, cool?

Michael said...

Thanks coach that's kinda what I figured. Thanks again for the programming and the great info that I've learned from you. Good Luck to all the other dawgs this weekend! I'll help represent down here in the southeast with 110% effort.

jay rhodes said...

I'm going to be in town later on this week for the Regionals and I'd love to come stop by your gym on Thursday if thats cool? I've watched tons of your vid's on youtube and I'd love to see the place in person.
I was thinking same type of thing, just brush up on some skill work depending on what the events are.
One more question for you. Is there anywhere in Calgary I can pick up a good pair of weightlifting shoes?

Melisa C said...

A. 155
WB/T2B both UB
MU practice, worked on transition from ground and tricep press out is a weakness so worked on that as well.

Steve Howell said...

Dead lift - 248#, felt fast and light.
Walls Balls - all sets unbroken felt good.
Muscle Ups - did 5-6 sets on linking good reps of 3 together.
Toes to Bar- all sets unbroken felt good.

*Kathy - 1RM is your "1 rep max"

Roch said...

Katy, if you whant more info, read the OPT FAQ on the right side of the blog s main page it contain all the basic info to follow well coach s prescriptions.

DeeJay said...

DL - 277.5 felt fantastic

Wall balls were a breeze

did 5 sets of 5 muscle up transitions (no ring dip) and worked on worse case scenario being no false grip and no chaulk

toes to bar felt good and fast!

Brian Maier said...

Good luck everyone competing this weekend. Go crush it! Just another day in the gym.

I am soooooo frustrated. Looks like I might be out for a bit. I have an umbilical hernia that started bothering me last week.

Going to see a surgeon later this week. I'll be back on here as soon as I can. This time off is killing me.

Erik Luber said...

Hey Dawgs,

I was on vacation in Morocco for the last 2.5 weeks...for those that are interested, here is the updated Big Dawgs roster with all of the results since then.


Katrina Burton said...

DL - 135#
WBS - ub
MU - couple sets of 5s took my time because the strap on my arm is still a little tender from the fall last week
T2B - UB

├╝ber Bania said...

Dead Lift:
295 x 2 x 6sets, 45s rest.
Felt great. A little pinch going on with my right side in the vicinity of my glute... =-\ sciatic?

Wall Ball:
20lb@10' target, 10x3sets, 30s rest
Took 0:18, 0:18, 0:18 per 10.

Muscle Ups are fun...only had a bar though. Did over/under grip, and pulled over the bar, switched grip to double overhand and pressed to lockout. Friends were shaking their heads in jealousy :)

Toes to bar, 10x3sets, 30s rest.
0:18, 0:14, 0:14 per 10reps.

Got 20 triple unders in a row afterwards, cheered on a few friends who did Fran and got PR's.

Brandon said...

DL: 275
WB: ub x 3
MU: worked on turnout at bottom and transition back down
T2B: ub x 3

Paul Klein said...

Southeast Wods are released.

Event 1 - “Old Glory”
One squat clean every 50 seconds
13 bars lined up in ascending weight
(Men 215lbs to 335lbs by 10lbs increments)
(Women 120lbs to 180lbs by 5lbs increments)

One bonus pound will be added to the best lift for every bar the Athlete jerks to overhead.
Scoring: best lift plus any bonus pounds.

Event 2 - “Normandy D-Day”
AMRAP in 12 minutes of:
HSPU buy-in (Men 20 Women 10)
Then for the remainder of the 12 min:
20 Double Unders
10 Box Jumps (Men and Women 24 inch box)
10 Sandbag Lunges (10 total steps) (60/40)

Scoring: total reps completed

Event 3 - “3rd US Infantry”
4 rounds for time of:
Muscle-ups (4/2)
16 Kettlebell Snatches (8 each arm at 53/35)

There is a ten minute time limit for this event.
Scoring: total time

Individual Events - Sunday

Event 4 - “Owed from 2009”
For time:
500 Meter Row
25 Burpees
500 Meter Row
25 Burpees

Scoring: total time for completion.

Event 5 - “The Qualifier”
8 rounds for time of:
2 Squat Snatch (145/85)
4 Push Press or Push Jerks (145/85)
6 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
200 Meter Run

There is a 22 minute time limit for this event. First scored for Time then Most Work Completed. Individual Athletes will be ranked first by the fastest time, then by most reps completed at 22 minutes. (8 Rounds or 22min AMRAP whichever comes first).

Michael said...

I am really sorry to hear that - trying to heal the abdominal area is really tough because it's implicated in pretty much everything we do. I hope that you can recover quickly.

I can feel your pain on the ab issues and the forced recovery. I had an emergency appendectomy right after I competed in the Southwest Regionals and have been out for three weeks and counting. The docs are preventing me from doing any meaningful movement/exercise for a while because they say the risk of hernia and/or tearing the abdominal wall is pretty great.

Take it easy and know that the gym will be there when you get back, and this will just be one more obstacle you will have overcome. At least, that's what I keep telling myself.

Chad Hall said...

Deadlift @ 265 ... felt heavyish first 2 sets then felt good, guess I Wasn't warm enough. Mixed grip felt better on my sore hand.

Did 4 sets of 5 muscle ups strung together. Taped both wrists and that felt good, also prevented me from slipping out of the false grip, but I don't like taping for anything else.

T2B and wall ball felt fine ... T2B hurt the hand a bit.

Excited for the release of the Canadian wods tomorrow! s

Geoff Aucoin said...

I did this workout. It was fun.

MikeE said...

Deadlift @ 275 felt like I should be power cleaning it.

Wallballs felt good

Mizar helped DJ and I out a bit at the gym with our muscle ups. Felt better than ever! Thanks Mizar!

Toes to Bar felt good; shoulder held up. Pete helped me out with my Toes 2 Bar. Thanks guys, you are awesome!

Eric Luber - Although I may be a pup, I'm in the pound too as I've been following these for about 2-3 months. Feel free to add me if you are inclined to.. email me if you want more info to meberts at shaw dot ca.


ROBO said...

Hello big dawgs Back from 7 weeks of training. Heading down to the southeast regionals with Rory. Going to rep my ANVIL and Big Dawgs gear. just wanna know if anyone else will be down there this weekend.

Joel B. said...

DL: 165 felt fine...just like mu's and all weight stuff, just haven't done it in several months, so good to be back at it.
Everything else went fine too. Shoulder is funky. Anyone know a good PT and/or massage therapist in the Puget Sound region?

Roch said...

DL : 265 felt real good
All the rest as well.

Good to meet all the athletes from OPT everybody is open friendly I really enjoyed my training, thats real stuff guys thanks for the good welcomming.

LuLu said...

This morning I went home from work with the stomach flu. I work with children and it is inevitable that I catch this stuff now and then. Just such bad timing, ahhhhhh.
I am starting to feel a bit better now. Should I do todays training tomorrow or just let today's go and catch up with what you write up tonight? Thank you

Alex Duncan said...

220 for the Deadlift.
The whole workout felt good and I am feeling loose and ready for Friday.

Also got my OPT nutrition DVD package in the mail today!

Michael McCabe said...

deadlift 235#, easy

wallballs easy

muscleups not easy, but felt strong as ever

toes to bar - kept rest to 30sec, couldn't keep kip going on 3rd round but felt fine

Carrie McG said...

Instead of the 55% 1RM deadlift sets I decided to go for a 1RM because I haven't done one in a long time and I'm not competing.. Worked up to 225 which is a PR tie from Aug 09 that I have not hit since. Yay!

WB unbroken and easy.
No MU yet... skill transfer stuff, practiced holding in false grip, etc.
T2B broken in 2 sets each time but getting WAY better.

ken c said...

6x2 deadlift: 245
3x15 ub wall balls: check
5 min. of muscle ups: check
3x10 toes 2 bar: check

15 strict handstand push at the end (5 3 3 2 1 1).

muscle ups on the new outdoor 12' bar at gsx. took a little getting used to.

Paul Klein said...

Warm up with some squat snatch practice.

Deadlifts at 205lbs felt easy and fast

Wallballs were great

Muscle Up practice. I focused on the kip and trying to do fast singles.

T2B's were easy.

LuLu said...

So, I gave it a bit and started to feel a lot better. went to the gym but took it super slow.

Did deadlifts at 135#, I have NO idea what my 1RM is, I have not done it since December and it was 125# then, just guessed today.
Everything else was UB and felt great. Skipped MU's becuase of shoulder, better not to hurt it now.
Going to eat and then bed for this barfer. Just practicing for the weekend, hee hee.

Mike McNaughton said...

235 on DL

Wall Balls UB

MUs. Worked on negatives and holding the turnout

T2B all UB and continuous. Just learned the kip on Sat.

Adam Rogers said...

225 DL, felt super light

wall balls fast

muscles ups - 3 sets of 3, trying to get to full turnout maintaining false grip, this still needs work

toes 2 bar - easy

Brian Maier said...

Michael...thanks for the support and sorry to hear about your appendectomy. Hope to see you back posting again soon. It's so hard to take time off when it is your passion. I'm optimistic that I'll recover quickly and can get back on track sooner than later.

Robert said...

200 lbs

wall balls were great until the last set, arms gave out at 10

Muscle ups felt great, worked on pulling from a seated position on the ground. the shoulder isn't ready for an extreme range of motion dip yet.

Toes to bar were a no go because of the shoulder. Although I did get the first 10 before my shoulder reminded me why I've been on the bench for the last 6 months.

Over all felt good, not great.

Mizar said...

Dead Lift - 225, felt strong

Wall balls - unbroken

Muscle up practice - it was a pleasure to share with DeeJay and Mike about execution techniques...

Toes to bar - unbroken

Stephen B. said...

DL at 245#...easy
All wb ub...fast and easy
For MUs I practiced control down from top of dip and quick transition up from turn-out at bottom of movement
TTB UBx5...all kipped and fast

Erik Luber said...

DL: 180# (Nice to pick up a barbell again)
WB: Focused on using those hamstrings
MU: Played with bar MUs...these were really smooth, even got a nice rhythm going on the last set. Tried these 8 months ago and couldn't do them.
T2B: focused on speed

Stephen B. said...

For TTB I meant UBx3

Trevor Salmon said...

Jay, no place in Calgary for getting lifting shoes. They are usually a order online product.
Lots of good options though.

Emilie P-B said...

Dead Lift: 135#
Wall Ball: UB with 7kg
MU: practiced sets of 2 or 3

Can't wait fir the week end!!

Sarano said...

not competing so worked strength on deads
WBs: felt great
MUs: did 3 sets - 4,3,5
TTB: Finally got the kip timing right and hit all easy.

Chad Walding said...

Dead Lift: 210
Wall Balls: yes
MU's: felt very good, able to string them together now much easier
Toes to Bar: UB x 3 with 1 min rest

Lisa M said...

I have had the extreme pleasure of having Roch and Mizar staying at my house for the past week. They have been vert gracious with their time and their knowledge. That have both been amazing with helping me with my weaknesses. I want to thank them and to say I have not met two nicer more genuinely good men in a long time. They epitomize this community.

DLs 145 felt good easy
clean tech work
T2B Roch helped me learn to Kip these it was awesome!!

Heavy Evy said...

Bit heavier then coconuts heh Luber!

Missed weekend cycle due to a nasty flu.

Used 240# for DL, felt really light, can't wait for the next 1rm day.
Did some MU praccy yesterday, false grip getting better, strung a few sets of 5 together.

Couldn't resist "Fran" on mainsite, since I've never done it, and not competing this weekend. 3:21, thrusters still feel awkward.

Can't make it to watch this weekend, so will be having a "I was too much of a porker and will be doing Regionals Someplace other then Okotoks weekend", if anyone is interested in joining me in Edmonton email me.


Thad said...

DL 205 felt good
WB not to bad, left shoulder still feeling weak
MU were good
T2B UBx3 30 sec rest b/t

Eric Montgomery said...

DL: 235lbs x2x6. Assumed 1RM of 425lbs.
Wallballs: Unb, around 29s per
MU work: worked transition from seated position, think I'm close to getting strict MUs from deadhang
T2B: Unb, but slow. Around 30s per, couldn't get a rhythm going.

Ben Priestley said...

DL: 170# (Notes: been a long time since I've tried for a 1RM DL, this felt easy)

Wallballs were easy

MU: 5 unbroken, twice (personal best), plus a few more.

Toes to bar: unbroken, which was quite a positive change from last week.

Geoff Long said...

DL: 200 - felt alright
WBs: felt easy
MU: still working on them
T2B: unbroken, but took liberties with rest, not much longer than 1 min.