sat, may 22, 2010

A. Power Snatch - 3,2,1; rest 5 min
B. Snatch Pulls - 115% of 1 in A; 3 sets of 3; rest 3 min
C. Tabata Push Ups - total
D. Run 400 m @ 90%; rest 3 min x 2

post loads and notes to comments


Mack Lar said...

A. 155/170f2/182 PR
B. 210 lbs
C. 151
extremely happy with my strength at this point. The stars have lined up and my Snatch 1RM has gone up 10lbs in the last two weeks and thev've all been power snatches. For reference I was squat snatching 145lbs this time last year. Very excited to see what I can squat snatch.
Tried to maintain 20/ rd in the tabata but fell off in the last 2 rds.

LuLu said...

A.75x3-85x2-95(F) all of them went up super easy except for 95lb, which I got up no prob 2 weeks ago. I think it was because I through the bar way out instead of striaight up, too excited :)
B. 110lbs worked on elbow position

Will do c and Run tomorrow as we had time constraints and I had physio last night, was told not to use chest much today.

LuLu said...

Oh, bought a buddy lee rope today :) and some new running shoes, yeay

Anonymous said...

傻氣的人喜歡給心 雖然每次都被笑了卻得到了別人的心......................................................

Garage Crossfitter said...

update- out of the 57 athletes that qualified for the northeast regional only 32 finished the first wod! Dmarsh is in 3rd place, WES is in 32nd and PTS battled it out and fought like a warrior but unfortunatley didnt finish the wod.

Carrie McG said...

A. 85, 90, 95
B. 110 - focused on setting back at bottom (I get lazy/tired) and keeping arms straight until at hips
C. 71
D. Pouring rain today - didn't want to row because running is a goat of mine and I want to complete it. Will do this tomorrow.

95 is a sticking point for me.. Can't go up higher for some reason. I think I bend my arms prematurely or something. Frustrating.
My tabata push up score is super low because I've only just begun doing all pushups on my toes just recently, and those were all toes so I am pleased.. albeit a little embarrassed, but pleased.

Paul Klein said...

A. 155 / 165 fail only 1 rep / 165
B. 190lbs
C. 115 (went all out each round)
D. 1:26 / 1:24

My snatch was awful today. 165 was a total press out.

Adam Rogers said...

A - 135x3, 145x2, 155x1
B - 175x3x3
C - 100 (16,16,16,16,12,8,8,8)
D - 1:15, 1:12

Snatches felt good, slight press at 155.

Pulls felt strong.

Pushups were bit disappointing, tabata low score for pushups is 13, so probably started out too fast here.

Runs were good.

sHELLy said...

Low energy today - had a touch of the flu/stomach ache the last couple days and have not been able to eat. Feeling a little better today.

A: 90(3), 95(2), 100(1)-had to press out 100. Took a long time to work up to the first set at 90.
B: 115
C: 78
D: 1:16, 1:18

Question, for anyone that knows, regarding the skipping rope standards for the Canadian regionals. Does this mean the Buddy Lee Areo Speed and Buddy Lee Speed Master Junior ropes are NOT allowed? Anyone?

Melisa C said...

A. 85, 95, 115F
I wanted that 115 so bad, pulled up to my chin, just need to learn to drop under that damn bar!
B. 135* tough!
C. Again, read wrong, didn't do total score, 8 each round.
D. 1.27, 1.30
Runs felt slow today...obviously

Eric Montgomery said...

A. 61kg x3, 66x2, 68F, tried again and got 68x1
B. 78kg x3x3
C. 17, 16, 16, 15, 15, 14, 11, 9=113
D. 1:14, 1:13

Notes: plenty of problems keeping my knees from caving in on the 2nd pull of power snatch and snatch pulls. Don't have those issues with cleans so I think it's just a matter of getting comfortable with snatches and the lower starting position

Katrina Burton said...

A.) 95(3), 105(2), 110(1)
B.) 125# tough
C.) 97 (20, 16, 14, 11, 9, 9, 9, 9)
D.) 1:12, 1:15

Yesterday I had a pretty bad wipe out at work... one of my gymnasts missed their hands on the bar and was falling head first for the bar cables and cement. I stepped in to save her and got my arm caught between my body and the wire. Took a pretty bad spill which wrecked my arm and tweaked my ankle a little. Luckily my athlete walked away unharmed!
Wanted to push it today to see how they would hold up... no pain at all. Just tender to the touch. What a relief!

Katrina Burton said...

PS Shelly... I'm pretty sure the only rope allowed is the Buddy Lee Rope Master. I would think it is to keep all of the equipment consistant like the bumpers, barbells, etc.

LuLu said...
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LuLu said...

Just looked it up. My friend actually bought me the rope for my birthday :) thanks Jackie.
It is an Aero Speed. OPT can you let me know if it will be allowed. If it is not, then I will borrow the one that is allowed or bring the one that I use at the gym. It is not a Buddy Lee or even close to as good as one but I like it, as I am comfortable with it.

Mike McNaughton said...

A. 135,155,175(fx2),165(PR)
B. 190x3. Felt good
C. 18/12/7/6/5/5/6/6=65. There's some vulnerability right there...
D. 1:25,1:23

Geoff Aucoin said...

A. 152,167,176(f),176.
B. Used 201
C. 96, I'll get 100 one of these days.
D. Felt pretty good!

Clock is ticking!!

Lauren said...

A.) 95(3), 105(2), 110(1)
B.) 125
C.) 58
D.) 1:15, 1:15

Alex Duncan said...

A. 135 (3), 145 (2), 155 (PR) for Power Snatch
B. 175 felt good
C. 119
D. 1:05, 1:14 Felt too fast on the first set

Can't wait to fly out to Calgary on Thursday!

Michael said...

A. 165 for all sets
B. 195#
C. 162- held 20 on all rounds except round 7 got 22
D. 1:12, 1:16.. felt good

MikeE said...

A - 155x3, 165x2, 175x1
B - 200x3x3
C - 147 (26,20,20,19,16,16,15,15)
D - Did not time first run but felt very fast, 1:08

I was happy with the snatches and the fact that pulls with the 200 was going up to my neck.

ken c said...

165x3 175x2 180x1
14 across the board

missed on all first snatch attempts then got them. about 5 sec rest on the 3 and 2 rep. didn't get a chance to run. kid weekend. will run tommorow.

more importantly, felt like crap today. everything felt heavy and slow. low energy. a little worried about it. should be peaking.

Gillian Mounsey said...

A. 105x3, 110x2(2nd one ugly), 110
B. 128
C. 24,18,14,12,12,12,10,10 = 112
D. 1:33, 1:31 (had to make 5 turns on each run but that is not an excuse for the slow runs)

Brandon said...

OHS @ 135/155 - playing with grip
Max Pull-up: 30PR

A. 155/165/185(f)/185PR
B. 215x3
C. 106
D. 1:21/1:19

Notes: Good day today. Worked on staying slow and tight as the bar comes off the ground. Runs felt great...push-ups not as good, about 1 rep less per round than normal.

Good luck tomorrow N.E. people!

BK said...

Team CFP in second place after 2 events, 1 more for gravy.
Dennis is crushing it, Wes big one for you tomorrow mate and MM awesome work.

unit said...

dmarsh, Wes, pts... way 2 represent the bd's!... best of luck and may the crushing of the wods b with y'all 2morrow!...

LuLu said...

I just looked on the update for the Regionals and we are only allowed a Buddy Lee Rope Master. I wish I had known that earlier. The only difference between the Rope Master and the Aero Speed is the size of the handle. It is made for smaller hands and is for children aged 10 and up, the Rope Master if for children 12 and up.

Steve Howell said...


Steve Howell said...

Push up total was 123

Mike Molloy said...

Good and Bad day for this dawg at the North East Regionals.

BAD: Struggled mightily with the over head squats and didn't complete it in 10 minutes. That's the first workout I've not completed that I can remember.

GOOD: Hit big PRs on the Clean and Jerk with 225 and 230x3. Exciting stuff.

Tomorrow's workout plays to my strengths and should be a lot of fun.

david83 said...

Power Snatch
started off way to light
then 175 F
then went after 169 and 170
Tabata total-101
Runs-1:09 to slowwww
1:05 better
feel good, getting ready to gooooooo

Roch said...

A. 155(3)-165(2)-190(f)-190(PR)

B. 220 (could not get on my toes for max explosion. I went to fast and did the first one with 250 *not use to kg :).

-(really rush in time so went 30 sec after snatch pull)

C. 109

1 min rest

D. 1:22 - 1:10

Sarano said...


C:20,16,10,8,7,8,7,7 (fatigue index way too high; needs work)
D: subbed 350m rows 1:08.3, 1:06.7

Pete said...

A. 132(3)-152(2)-162
Started a little too light.

B. 185

C. 110

1 min rest

D. 1:18 - 1:12

Awsome day at the OPT Cert. Looking forward to more good info tommorrow morning.

Mizar said...

A. 110x3, 132x2, 152(f)

B. 172

C. 98

D. 1:25, 1:24

Michelle said...

Hey sHELLy...I can empathize with not feeling well. Feels like I might have a slight flu. Slept 10 hrs last night, which I never do. No WOD for me today. However, feel fortunate in that my weekend is such that I can rest as much as needed!!!!
Kat, glad your athlete was OK and that your injuries weren't more serious.

Katrina Burton said...

Get well soon ladies that are fighting off the flu!
Thanks Michelle :)

sHELLy said...

Thanks LuLu - I think I have almost every Buddy Lee rope (handle)except for the "Master", which I had at one time but one of my dogs chewed it up. I tried to buy one the other day, but they're on back order.

On another note, I'm back on food and feeling much better. Michelle -hopefully you can sleep yours off tonight and get back at it tomorrow.

Joel B. said...

A: 115, 125, 135
B: 155X3X3
C: 75
serious burning here...
D: 1:13, 1:10
still sore from the 30m sprints the other day but times wouldn't be any better without the soreness anyway

Dunsey said...

A. 95, 100, 105(f)
B. 120 pulled to chest
C. 107: 23-18-14-12-12-9-10-9
D. 500m rows subbed for runs-- 150.1 & 149.1

First time attempting snatches for quite a few weeks due to elbow tendonitis. Felt stronger than anticipated, but not 100%. Subbed rows for running due to tight upper hamstring (oddly not aggravated by rowing).

Michael FitzGerald said...

A. 143/155/163(pr)
B. practiced more power snatch and snatch grip push jerks
C. 106
D. ran for 90 sec at good haul

marcus filly said...

A. Power Snatch - (165, 180, 190)
B. Snatch Pulls – (220)
C. Tabata Push Ups – (112)
D. Didn't complete the runs....

Marshall said...

A. 115,135,145,150 (PR)
B. 165X3
C. 114
D. Ran outside, estimated 400m distance.

I had to do one more round of the PS. 145 went up easier than ever so I felt like I had more in me. I've been working nights and had horrible sleep this week so I was suprised to have a PR today, I was debating if I was even going to work out at all.