thurs, may 27, 2010

first hill onto the trail run...
now we couldn't have a Canada event without some well as playoff hockey the same days...pack your gear

Thursday off

Friday - PM:
6.7 K trail run

Saturday - AM:
A. [Snatch Grip DL x 1/Power Snatch x 1/OHS x 1/Squat Snatch x 1] in 25 sec; rest 2:35 x 3

Saturday PM:
4 rounds for time;
35 wall balls - 20/14# to 10 ft
20 COVP chin ups

Sunday - AM:
For time;
50 double unders
10 burpees
40 double unders
10 burpees
30 double unders
10 burpees
20 double unders
10 burpees
10 double unders
10 burpees

Sunday - PM:
For time;
12 tire flips (men - big fucker, women - sort of big fucker)
6 clean and jerk – (135/95lbs)
Run 300 m
9 tire flips
9 clean and jerk – (135/95lbs)
run 450 m
6 tire flips
12 clean and jerk – (135/95lbs)
run 600 m
(athlete must jump in and out of tire to other side after each flip)

post times, loads and notes to comments


LuLu said...

Bring your long underwear and mittens for the trail run. WOOT.
Thanks for helping figure out the 2nd wod Kat:)

Jeff B. said...

If I could define Coach it would be with a mix of WoDs 1, 2 and 4. Amazing programming, LOVE the WoDs, very tough but fair. I will be interested to see the strategy in the Snatch WoD. Good luck to all you guys out there this weekend, I think the Big Dawg training will greatly favor you guys this weekend, as we've been doing lots of CoVP, snatches, double unders and burpees. We need some more Dawgs rep'd in the games!

Adam Rogers said...

Coach, for those of us who are gonna tackle these off-site, what would you recommend as a sub for the tire flips and jumps?

Again, best of luck to everyone, trust in your training and give full effort!

Anonymous said...

what are COVP chin ups??

DAVID X said...

Yes! Now I get to use my tire!

Gillian Mounsey said...

Best of luck to everyone competing this weekend.

April said...

Good luck to everyone this weekend! Looking forward to meeting some of you in Florida!

OPT said...

Adam, maybe heavy sandbag clean and jerk off ground, then one box jump of 30" for every clean???
Anon - COVP = chin over vertical plane

Cameron Currie said...

Would a burpee box jump work for tire flips? Kinda the same movement...

OPT said...

cameron, it would be close to the same if you were carrying me when you did the burpee box jump...involve some load if you can...

Rich Stolz said...

I'm having trouble finding any info on a covp chin-up. Will some one explain this to me? Thanks for the help.

MikeE said...

Hey Everyone...

Is there anyway we can get a big dawgs gathering sometime this weekend for those competing at this years regional in Canada? Take a photo or something too. I'd really like to put names to a face. Maybe on Sunday when it's all over or something. Any other suggestions?

DeeJay said...

Rich, there is a video here describing COVP

Michael McCabe said...

Yeah a group photo Sunday would be awesome... I`m sure I`ll also be havin a couple beers after those tire flips.... not sure if the rest of you are into that kinda stuff....

Brandon said...

Question for Coach, DJ, etc..

On the tire flips, we flip the tire, jump into the center and out to the opposite side and then flip it back in the direction we started from?

So stoked...hadn't gotten my new tire yet, but this has me motivated. I'm picking up a "big f*cker" tomorrow.

Good luck again everyone. I'll be hitting refresh on the games site this weekend plenty.

BK said...

Insane workouts!
The competition up there is gonna be HOTTT! Too many good friends to mention so i will wish you all faarrkin power and speed.

Ali Loach said...

Good Luck to all the individuals competing this weekend. I'll be there cheering LOUD and CLEAR before and after my team events.
I have No doubts you all will KILL IT!!!!!

Brent Maier said...

Great WOD's. Have fun everyone, I'll be cheering you all on from afar!

Mike Molloy said...

Best of luck to all the big dawgs this weekend. Those wods look amazing.

The description "sort of big fucker" is almost as fantastic as the "pull to your benis" one from a few weeks back.

ken c said...

what a contrast in weather. forcast for fort worth on saturday is sunny and 95 degrees. workouts are to be done on black top parking lot. i'm guessing about 110-115 on the pavement. should be fun.

Stephen B. said...

Good luck to all dawgs (north and south) competing this weekend. I couldn't even imagine the intensity at the Canadian Regionals with that many dawgs under the same roof giving full effort all weekend long. What a sight! Just wish I was there to see it. Have fun and kick ass!

Geoff Aucoin said...

James you couldn't have gotten a better pic of the name of the park that's in? Looks like a fair bit of pavement on that trail.

Ken C, I expected another familiar quip about 'Canadjuns' or something in your post. Good luck, man!

Dillon said...

I'm hoping someone can offer some advice. I'm a bike cop. The last few days I've been cycling approximately 40km each day with a bullet resistant vest on that does not breathe and 25lbs of gear on my waist. The temp here has been around 35C with the humidex. At the end of the day I have no gas to complete the WODs. All I feel like doing is resting. Should I listen to my body or battle through?

ken c said...


best of luck to you as well. just crank up your nickleback and your brian adams on your ipod and rock it man!

EvanJ said...

good luck to all competing this weekend!!

Michelle said...

Good luck to Cap'n Rob, Liz(Wanger), Gord, Laura(Starburst), Grant and Kathleen...TEAM OPT!!!

Bro Namath said...

Can someone please ice brOPT at the end of the weekend?

100 bro points to whoever does it.

DAVID X said...

I ran 6.7K this afternoon at Mendon Ponds. Very sandy, rocky, hilly terrain with a lot of horseshit piles I had to hurdle, which slowed me down considerably.


Mike McNaughton said...

WOD #1



Very hilly, but smooth terrain.

Never ran more than 5k before. Had to stop and throw up. I have a long way to go.

Brandon said...

Out and back trail into the foothills above LA. Felt really good...legs super tight.

rwcorson said...

That was one ugly run. I'm just happy I didn't have to do the whole thing.
Great work by all the Dawgs.
Team OPT in 4th after the run. Team CrossFit Calgary were stellar taking it by 200m.

rwcorson said...

Any way you can workout prior to starting your shift?

Erik Luber said...


38 min

Ran 6-7.5 km in the river valley here in Edmonton. Those were some bitching steep hills, legs were toast by the end. All out sprint for the last 45-60 sec. Nice work out there Dawgs, wish I could be down in Okotoks cheering everyone on.

Word verification: "preedog"

über Bania said...

WOD 1: no buddy to run with here, so the treadmill it was...10k since I was feeling froggy. 49:32

DAVID X said...

WOD #2: 145/155/165
WOD #3: 17:31. Wall balls smoked me. Chins were UNB, then split into 10s.

über Bania said...

wod 2:
135, 155, 175

splits: 1:34, 3:01, 3:04, 2:25.
1st round unbroken. 2-4th rnds 21/14 wallball, 12/8 pullups.

BK said...

Rob, solid work on the team run!
Ran 5k TT at track yesterday in 19.57 PR by 10 seconds.
Bypassed WOD 1 with wrist still healing, hitting WOD 3 in 2 hours.

Mike McNaughton said...

WOD #2


WOD #3

15 min hit at 16th pullup of 4th round.

Not happy. A lot of work to do.

Erik Luber said...

WOD #2

40 kg (failed on squat snatch at 47.5 kg attempt)

Felt surprisingly smooth on squat snatch today, think this is a PR.

10 min rest

WOD #3


This crushed me. Definitely was not ready to go at max intensity. First real gasser since sectionals.

Melissa said...

Go get 'em Big Dawgs!!!

WOD #2: 75, failed 85, 85. All caught on film - much work to be done!

WOD #3: 14:36... F*(^&^% wall balls!!!!

Joel B. said...

Part I:
Ran on trail with no real way of gaging distance. Some up and down, but no brutal long hills. Most of the time the footing was easy, with some stretches I really had to watch my step. Ran 31 minutes at what felt like no slower than a 7:30 mile pace. So, probably a little over 4 miles or 6.7k but no real way to know.

Part II: 125#'s
Probably could have done 130 and maybe 135, but power snatch is really weak right now and I wanted to make sure and stay in the 25 sec.

Part III: 10:27
Couple breaks, but short ones. Felt good. Look forward to being wowed by some times at the regionals and by other dawgs.

rwcorson said...

BK, thanks buddy.
Team OPT was solid again today, 5th place in 2 rep squat clean/amrap dips, 3 attempts/4 team members, all attempts count to final score. We sit in 3rd place overall.

MikeE said...

Holy Crap I'm having sooo much fun. I'm way out of contention but this is an experience of a lifetime! Mind you the pulled muscles in my neck and the unfunctioning quads have felt better...

What a great test of fitness! Dawgs are putting out dawgy style! OPT should be proud!

Brandon said...

WOD 2:
165 (failed on the squat snatch at 185 on the last set)

Rest 2 hrs

WOD 3:
Brutal - Usually it is pull-ups that crush me, but today it was the WB. Unbelievable how hard they were.

Huge focus on recovery tonight...

Good luck to everyone tomorrow!

Craig said...

Friday- skipped trail run. subbed sundays a.m. workout.
one skip up on set of 50 d/u otherwise unbroken.

am- 115/115/135 ( 5#'s under 1rm)
pm- 10:31. 1&2 unbroken 3 &4 broken.
wall balls tough. pull ups were a mental battle.

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rwcorson said...

Rory, Ken C & Steve Smith - great effort Dawgs, SMASH IT TODAY!
Good Luck to the rest of the Dawgs competing in the Canada Regional.

über Bania said...

Sunday AM:
splits 1:04, 1:08, 1:08, 1:01, 0:50

Sunday PM:
20:25 (this one killed me)
12/6/300 - 5:27
9/9/450 - 6:52
6/12/600 - 8:06

Nathan H. said...

Awesome work all you competitors!! Lay it on the line! This is it.


marcus filly said...

Saturday - Clean and Jerk Workout (made 265, clean 275 miss jerk (failed twice))

Saturday - Did affiliate Statdium WOD for Canadian Regionals with my affiliate team.
600m Run
25 OHS
80 Burpees
600m Run
Everything was very fast and unbroken... sprint the entire time.

Sunday PM WOD - Tire/Clean/Run

ken c said...

come on rory! you can make it in top 4 today.

Joel B. said...

DU/Burpee: 5:11
damn burpees...beers and burger while watching ufc last night may have contributed. Reminded me why I don't do that stuff that often.

tire/c&j/run: 14:38
Tire is not really a big fucker though. Legs are shot anyway.

Mike McNaughton said...

DU/Burpee: 6:46
Tire/C&J/Run: 22:05

BK said...

Congrats mate and looking forward to seeing team OPT in Cali!
3rd WOD; 9.57
4th WOD; 5.40
Didn't look before at times before the 4th wod, huge performances in Canada.

Erik Luber said...

WOD 4:


Was hoping for a sub 4 min...however was feeling the effects of yesterday more than anticipated. Shoulders and quads were absolutely smoked from those WBs. Burpees way too slow after the first set of 10. Gaver all I had though, even hit the rope once on the set of 20.

Man, I am hanging on the edge of my seat waiting for the final scores of the Canada regional! It is so damn close.

Brandon said...

WOD 4: 5:57 - a miss here and there but consistent pace

WOD 5: 15:29 with a 400+ lb tire. I can normally C&J 135 really easy, but the last set of 12 took forever. Everything was gone in arms, legs, shoulders. Literally stumbled around for 600m run.

Much respect to those who competed! This was 5 tough WODs that is going to take a few days to recover from.

rwcorson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ben Priestley said...

Friday Wod1 7am: 6.7K trail run- 35:15
Saturday Wod2 10:00am- 115#
Saturday Wod3 3:50pm- 13:54
Sunday Wod4 9:30am- 6:32
Sunday Wod5 3:45pm- 19:16

Wod1- lots of hills, off-road, quad burner, nice weather!
Wod2- PR squat snatch at 115#, PR on a 125# power snatch on failed final set.
Wod3- This took a huge toll on me that was felt heavily on Sunday.
Wod4- extended arms was my biggest issue, redid 2 reps.
Wod5- Tire was 350#. Excellent closing wod to wrap up an awesome 3 days. Thank you coach!

To all the competitors this weekend, way to give it your all. Get some rest!

ROBO said...

The South East Regionals was great. Great performances by Mack Lar, Paul Klein, Rory, and Steve Smith. Unit made it down we had a good time they represented well. Rory ran the table in the first event and got the biggest rise from the crowd when he Jerked 335 edging Spencer Hendel by one point he was the only other one to run through first event. Once i get back and settled in i will be back joining in on OPT programming just had to readjust for a while. OPT was well represented down here in the dirty south. Dave Castro even took the time to come over and bull shit with us between events. Good job DJ and Mike for getting it done up in Calgary and the CF calgary and OPT teams good luck in CA.

BK said...

To all Big Dawgs over the weekend ,great work!
DJ, huge props for digging deep in the final WOD securing 6th spot mate. Coming back from injury and nailing a spot ..enormous!

Jenny said...

Congratulations Big Dawgs -- great performances all weekend!

Friday: ran timed mile instead, 6:15
-snatch 105#, 115, 120(f)
-wb/pull-up 12:28
Sunday: Du/burpee 6:11 (oof!)
and skipped the tire wod.

Eric Montgomery said...

Modified things a little due to time restrictions and wanting to do some heavy work.

Press 145x5, 150x5, 155x5 (PR). Rest 5 mins between sets
Then 3K row in 10:49.5

Push Jerk Clusters 1.1.1 x 5, rest 10s between reps, 5 mins between sets. 185, 190, 195, 200, 205
Then the WB/COVP workout in 10:46. First two rounds unbroken in ~2:00 each then things got slow.

DU/Burpee workout in 6:50. Couldn't get DU rhythm going in 50 and 40 round. 30 round whiffed once, 20 and 10 rounds unbroken.

DeeJay said...

Thanks for the props BK. Couldn't have done it without all the Big Dawgs pushing me, both those from far away, and those that were in my face this weekend!

rwcorson said...

Great performances in all Regionals on the weekend.
It was nice to put faces to names and meet others in our community.
Andrew, James, Kris and crew put on a great competition. Thanks to you all.
We had a group Big Dawgs photo at the end of the comp and there were about 30 of us. Awesome!
The face of CF is changing. So many great young athletes coming up. It will be interesting to see how things unfold over the next few years.
I very pleased that Team OPT finished in third place.
Our team gave "Full Effort". I'm so very proud of you all.
A week of R & R and then back at it.

Lisa M said...

Just wanted to say a HUGE congratulations to Lauren, Shelley, Mike, DJ, team OPT, and CFC you are all truly incredible athletes and very inspiring. Canada will definitely be represented by the best of the best. The weekend really was an incredible test of all around fitness in all realms and you guys proved how diverse your abilities are and i have no doubt that you will kick ass in California.

I had such a great time having the "french connection" staying with me all week and more joined on the weekend. Amazing people, amazing athletes, and awesome performances from all of them.

I personally had a very up and down weekend and need to digest and reflect on my performance before i can comment on how i feel about it and where i go from here.

Justin Flynn said...

Awesome performance it sounds like from everyone up in Canada. Michael, DJ congrats to you both for qualifying. Rory would like to see some video of that 1st WOD. 335 and then overhead. Good times. Im sure all your time with the MIL took some out of you. Regardless nice job.

Look forward to meeting and seeing some of you again in July.

Heavy Evy said...

Friday Evening 6.7km run.
32:48 no real elevation changes.

Snatch Complex
not sure how they judged it in Okotoks, but my last rep was basically a Power Snatch with a OHS.
WB/PU: 12:45
Should have gamed this better went full throttle 1st 2 rounds and by last round was complety trashed, couldn't even move, took 3min to do the last 20 pull ups, had to redo some reps as well. Judge Luber was a real pain in the ass!

DUs/Burpees: 5:02

Tire/C&J/Run: 13:02
need to push harder on runs. Tire flips really pooched my form for the cleans.

Heavy Evy said...

Congrats to everyone that competed this past weekend.
Nice work DJ, and Michael, way to persevere.