wed, may 12, 2010

OPT CCP is heading South... Mark the date(s)!
September 20-21st Level I - Assessment Module and September 24-26th Level I Program Design Module held at the Porto Vista Hotel in San Diego California. Big thanks to CJ Martin @ CrossFit Invictus for being the support facility, we are excited to be going there.
Registration will commence in the next day or so.
Visit here for more information.

part 1:
A. Power Snatch - build to a tough one, not a 1RM, quickly; rest as needed
B. 1-10 CTB chin up ladder for time
C. GH Raises @ 1010; 15 x 4; rest 60 sec

rest as needed

part 2:
Warm up well;
Run 4 min @ 90% holding same pace throughout - flat terrain off road preferred
Walk rest 2 min
Repeat for 6 sets
(walk rest 10 min b/t sets 3 and 4)

post loads, times, and notes to comments
single on Thursday, double on Sat, single on Sunday


Jeff B. said...

CTB Ladder being:

1, dismount, 2, dismount, 3, dismount...10?

Thanks Coach

ken c said...

yes jeff b you have it down exactly.

jebus that's a lot of running.

Rory Hanlin said...

Part 1

A. 225
B. 2:57
C. unb, 11-4, 9-4-2, 5-5-5

PTS said...

May 8-9. April 28 wod

A1. Front Squat 3x3 @ 80%. 195 for all sets.

A2. 25 chins unbroken x 3 sets

B1. HHSC. 3x3 @80%. 135,155,165
B2. 20 GHD situps x 3 sets

90 min rest.

Rows 25 sec @ 100%. rest 2 min x4
Rest 5 mins. repeat 4 sets


Melisa C said...

Been VERY off with my training as I was away. Difficult getting back into it this morning, not feeling it.

A. 95
B. 9.30 - Obv I suck at C2B, can get the height just not contact with the bar.
C. All UB

Melissa said...

Er... not the best performance today.

A. 85 (failed at 95, PR is 98)
B. Incomplete. Failed at rep 6 of 9th set. After a minute or two BK instructed me to go back and try again, at which point I failed on rep 9.
C. all unbroken - finally at a point where these feel comfortable.

Looking forward to a long rainy run later today! Good for the mind.

Lisa M said...

I just wanted to say how much i love and appreciate this community. There is always someone there to pick you up when you are down, to cheer you on when you need a little push, and to give well needed advice when it is necessary. THank you everyone (Ali, LuLu, Michelle, Rob) you are all inspirational to me and i really appreaciate the advice. I am going to go take care of me in the next couple of days and come back firing on all cylinders on the weekend!!

Katrina Burton said...

Chin up Lisa :) a positive mood goes a long way when dealing with an injury

A. Worked up to 105#
B. 1:48... Gymnastic kip until 6 and then butterfly
C. 2 sets with hands across chest, 2 sets with a 10# plate

Chad Hall said...

A: 155
B: 5:26
C: 1 with hands at chest, 3 with hands on head


155 didn't feel great, but ok.

Crappy pull up bar and no chalk. Grip kept slipping.

GHRs were good, should have added weight.

Will sub rowing tonight for part 2 as my knees and ankles are sore from the damp weather.

MikeE said...

Part 1

A. 165
B. 3:43
C. unb, unb, unb, unb

Michael FitzGerald said...

A - 151
B - 2:34 (lost my kip at rep 4 of rd 10).
C - UB

Brandon said...

Part 1
A. 165 (PR is 175)
B. 7:33
C. Ub x 4

CTB much improved. Technique, not strength or stamina, is limiting as I can't seem to get the same kipping rhythm as with regular chins.

Part 2 later...

Rory Hanlin said...

Nice work today Katrina, Mike F.

Melisa C said...

Part 2

Started running and Garmin battery died so was only able to use watch for time and not track distance.

Ran at about a 6.55/7 min mile. Not my strongest run but feel much better now.

Chad said...

A. 155
B. 5:59
C. UBx4

Marshall said...

A. 143
B. 10:00
C. 15,15,10-5

Part II. Ran part two outside on gravel road. I felt slow and easily winded on the first set, the ramaining sets felt better.

My shoulders are feeling tired today, that and my hands falling apart made the CTB pull ups a bear. Not real happy with my time.

Adam Rogers said...

Part 1

A - 95,125,145,155 (fugly)
B - 4:33 (down from 6+ last time)
C - 15x4

Katrina - holy crap, i think you turned the ladder into an elevator!

Garage Crossfitter said...

May 8-9
A1 185 195 205
A2 easy
B1 135 155 175
B2 unbroken

rested 10 min
131 138 139 143
144 144 144 146

rows felt awesome, i pulled a few 1:22's, never done that before.

PTS- awesome row times today dawg

Wes hendricks said...

May 8-9
A1. 200-200-200....felt good
A2. 25 x 3 CTB Unbroken/consecutive....pretty easy
B1. 175-175-175....real fast
B2. unbroken

rested 90 min


DeeJay said...

A - 226
B - failed on the 10th rep of last round at 2:35 and decided to shut it down...
C. unborken x 3

Katrina Burton said...

Thanks guys! Pullups are a definate strength of mine.

Part 2
Runs felt great! I love running x-country much better than on the side walk or track... Gives my mind something other than how tired I am to concentrate on.

Jeff B. said...

25yo / 74" / 194#:

A. 135*
B. 2:43 (pretty easy, B-Fly rnds 3-10)
C. Negatives, UB, UB, B, B

Rest 15mins

Part 2:
Row Sub, this was awful, I stayed above 90% of my watt range from Saturday for the first 4 intervals, then fell apart, 6th interval was a complete shit show, huge blister on my hand ripped, hamstrings were dead, I fell off the Rower like a wuss....The good - All intervals came in under 1:58 pace/500m, first 4 were under 1:50. All intervals hit 1km and I found a much more efficient stroke. (thank you live feed to SW Regionals)

Today was probably the happiest I have been in a long time from a workout standpoint....just 2 months ago I decided to compete in the Sectionals, having never done a snatch, and only having done OHS once. Well sure enough, one of the WoDs had 30 OHS @ 95#. This put me deep into the ground, C&J'ing it up every 2 reps, trying to OHS with a narrow grip, it was sad and hard to watch. Well today I successfully power snatched 135#, held it over my head for a few seconds, felt great, and decided to knock out 5 reps of perfect OHS. A little weak for a 190lb guy I know, but a huge leap for me in just 2 months of training on it. My goal for the end of the year is bodyweight OHS, bodyweight snatch, and 135# for 15reps UB. Thank you so much coach, and Big Dawg community.

Benorama said...

Part 1
A. 115#, failed at 120, my current 1RM.
B. 4:58
C. UBx4

Part 2 (after 3.5 hrs rest)
Completed on grass

P1.A. I filmed my snatches, and I'm unhappy with how they are looking. My 115# effort was ugly. Going to take Coach's advice to Bania and work on fundamentals when snatches come up again.
P2. I was dreading this wod all morning. Running over 400m with intensity is a mental struggle. I didn't feel I was hitting 90% consistently until the 5th set.

Lauren said...

A 100#
B 6:03 may have given myself too much rest b/t rounds
C Unbroken

Excited to do run outside later - it's so nice out!!!

derb said...


A: 125(worked my way up from 95 in 5 lb increments and after 115 it got ugly)
B: 4:14(failed on my 7th rep of set 10 which was at 3:25 so my time should be faster)

Alex Duncan said...

A. 145
B. 2:36.2 Butterfly until last 4 reps had to switch to normal kip
C. All unbroken

Lats and Biceps sore after last few days.

Geoff Aucoin said...

A. Worked up to a sloppy 165, happy with that. Felt sluggish here, pulling too early.
B. Because of the set-up I couldn't kip worth spit so at the 3:05 mark I shut 'er down as I had almost pulled the squat cage over from swinging. I had just finished the 8th round where I had to hang on the bar for the last 3 reps with my knees up in the air and try to re-start my 'kip.'
C. No bench, started some Good Mornings but that weren't workin' neither. Oh well, whatareyougonnado?

Part 2? Tomorrow? Who knows...

Brian Maier said...

A. 185...felt easy. resisted the temptation to try for a new PR today.

B. 4:52....CTB's getting better. forearms were screaming after this

C. 4 sets of 10 unbroken

Thad said...

Late May :At OPT
A. 145 a little ugly
B. 2:13
C. UB, UB, 7/8, 9/6 (hands behind head first 2)

Part 2. Subbing Hockey later tonight

LuLu said...

I know you will only get stronger by taking care of yourself. I felt super today after holding back a bit yesterday. Rest does the body good :) CU when you return full force!!!!

Late May:

A) 95# with no press out and it felt super powerfull, working on technique with Roch this weekend certainly helped. I think you were right OPT, my 1rm is prob 105-110

B)3:12 sec, flew through first 7 sets then bonked and had to break them up into 2's and 3's forearms were on FIRE.

C) All ub, felt strong

Part 2:

Runs felt GREAT, I love running :)especially on the sunny trails by the river in Montreal, so pretty.
Nice job on the ladder Kat, you little MACHINE. I can't wait to see you bust it out at Regionals. Your new nickname is BUTTERFLY :)

Mizar said...

Part 1
A. 135
B. 2:51
C. unbroken

Part 2 - enjoyed the outdoors...

Mike McNaughton said...

A. 155. Pulling early.
B. Made it to rep 8 of round ten and slipped off bar. Was at about 6 min. Went to chalk up and realized I had a significant rip. Was advised to shut it down.
C. 4x15. (UB/11,4/8,7/5,7,3)

Part 2 after 45 min break. Averaged between 900m-1100m.

Emilie P-B said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ken c said...

A. 180
B. 2:04 (regular chin over the bar)
C. 4x15 back extensions ub

after the power snatch i went back down to 135 and worked up to 185 squat snatch. didn't catch the c2b part of the pull up ladder. may do it again later. can't do ghd raises on our ghds so just did back extentions.

Roch said...

Ankle rehab day 9:
First day I'm feeling comfortable doing O.L. but not running yet.



C.Unb. (after yesterday sub to D.L. lower back and hamstring where really thing).

2 min rest

6 X 2min row @ 90%, 1min rest

Emilie P-B said...


That was my post on December 30th for the CTB pullups ladder:
B. CTB pullups: 9:00 I took time to rest between each round after 6th set to do them all unbroken. Failed to go CTB on last 2 pullups of last set.

That is an incredible improvement in 4 months. Thanks OPT!! :)

Michelle said...

A. worked up to 90#
B. 4:41 lots of rest before rnd 8,9 and 10...maybe too much before 8 & 9.
C. Only time for 3 rnds...all 3 UB

Lisa M...have a good rest!

Paul Klein said...

A. 155lbs kind of sloppy so I shut it down.
B. 4:05 (4:19 last time in december)
C. All broken, got my new GHD today! Harop curls are no comparison to real GH raises. My hamstrings are already sore, I am dreading how I feel in 36 hours.

No time for part 2 today, I had my fitness test as the Appalachian State Human Performance Lab.

Bod Pod results
7.2% fat
92.8% Fat Free Mass

VO2 Max on treadmill was only 52 (milliliters of oxygen per kilogram of body weight per minute) This is on the high end for average people, but compared to real athletes is kind of low. How do I get this up? Please don't say snorkel or gas mask training.

Carrie McG said...

A. 95# (which is a PR but it was easy, no press out or anything!)
B. 9:26 ugh. Used a band because I almost have chest to bar but I don't have that last inch to get the contact.. Using the band effed up my kip and I had to reset it a lot and got pretty frustrated.. ok end of sob story.
C. 10/5 for all sets

Eric Montgomery said...

Part 1:
A. Warmup 20kg x 2, 40x2, 50x2; then 56kg, 60kg, 66kg, 70kg. 70 was a little ugly.
B. 4:18 for 1-9 ladder. Decided to avoid hand rip rather than going for the round of 10, plus I was pretty gassed anyway.
C. Cut to 15, 10, 10 all unb.

Part 2:
Cut to 2 sets.

exp. said...

Part 1:




**this was strong and not quite the "tough" rep I was looking for...jumped to 165# but missed so I shut'er down
***re-did round 9 after missing contact on 5th rep...pullups didn't feel strong today at all

Part 2 tomorrow. Sleep patterns have been atrocious and I'm totally exhausted...

BK said...

A. 115
B. 5.35

Wrist hurt at 115 so called it there and CTB were solid just paced it, not forcing to much torque on the mit.

Run- did 4 sets 900 meters each dig.Felt light and controlled.

Anonymous said...

A. 172
B. 1:15
C. UB with blue band

sHELLy said...

I felt sick yesterday so didn't wod. Feel a bit better today.
Part 1:
A - 95
B - DNF :( can't do these anymore. Failed a rep on rounds 4,6,&8 and then did 6 attempts at 9.
C - UB
Part 2:
Hard, but glad to be outside. All runs b/t 840m - 980m.

Brian Maier said...

part 2:

averaged 1040m per set (6:10/mile pace). Tight hamstrings = lower back pain so shut it down after 4 sets....must stretch!!!

Steve Howell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steve Howell said...

part 1

A: 175(pr)
B: 3:36 (second time)
C: All sets unbroken

* 10# pr and it felt easy wanted to keep going but told myself there will be another day.
* the first time i went i must not have hit the timer, pretty sure I was well under sub 3 min cause it went fast. so i did it again wanting a true time.

Part 2

- runs felt really good not sure of the distance.

david83 said...

Power Snatch -157 lbs
I catch the bar way to high almost standing straight up. I have the same problem with the power clean and I have sense of dip just a bit.If I improve this I could go alot heavier.
GHD- only did three sets
thank you

Joel B. said...

A: 135
B: 8:45
First pullups in 6 months...these should improve fairly quick...I hope.
C: had to sub good mornings (at station)

Anonymous said...

Part 2:
runs felt fast, set 1,3 and 5 were out and up a bit of a hill, stayed within 10m on all 3, set 2,4 and 6 were down hill slightly and also stayed within 10m, so really consistent pace. Kept rest to 2:00between all sets as I was trying to finish with some sunlight.

Zionna said...

Part 1: @12:30pm
A. 73# went from hang position have a nice cut on my shins (box jumps :)
B. got to 5 with c2b due to back injury had to finish with chin ups all unbroken. didn't time just took 30 seconds between each set. Now I know I should have timed it for next time.
C. all unbroken

Part 2: @5pm
Nice to get some running in!!

Thank you for the welcome Lisa!

Heavy Evy said...

A. 131
B.4:00 not rx'd couldn't get my chest to touch last 5 reps on set 10. waited 2min but still couldn't get the full 10 CTB
C.Done with some breaks, but finnally learned how to do them properly.

Won'tbe able to get to run until Friday.

Thanks to the OPT staff for letting me train while I was in town. Thanks for the tech seesions today Michael.

Kendra said...

A. 95# not really too happy with that one
B. 4:39 in a small fails but C2B gotta get out of this band for C2B
C. all UB

Aaron said...

Part 1-

Rest 6 hours

Part 2-
as rx'd

I was shocked that the ctb kicked my ass like it did, I have done a lot better.

Mack Lar said...

Part 1
A. 175 PR
B. 2:30
C. All UB
Part 2:
Done outside on dirt roads. Covered 5.25 miles

Martin Altemark said...

James, please take the OPT CCP to Europe! Scandinavia should be the place to go there.

Michelle said...

Did runs on Friday (did wods M,T,W so Th was a rest day). Had time to fit in 4 with a longer break between 3 & 4. Was able to cover about the same distance each time.