tues, may 11, 2010


A1. Hang Squat Clean - 3,2,1,3,2,1; rest 10 sec
A2. HSPU - amrap x 6; rest 180 sec
B. Front Squat @ 30X2; 3 x 3 - 80% effort; rest 120 sec
C1. Depth Push Ups @ 10X0; amrap (-3) x 3; rest 10 sec
C2. K2E's - 15 unbroken x 3; rest 60 sec

post loads, reps and notes to comments
double on Wednesday


joey warren said...

So I finally got a chance to sit down and write about the weekend, I tried to give a update from my phone but it wasnt working. Thanks for all the encouragement everyone, it was much needed through the grueling weekend. It was great meeting everyone, Nathan, Justin, Ben, Brandon, and colin somehow I missed ya, but I heard you did great. This is a great community and it showed over the weekend! And it was a pleasure finally meeting James himself.
I thought about this community a lot to help motivate me through the weekend. The programming prepared me perfectly for the competition, I felt so well prepared for everything, even the tire flips, and I dont know how that happens, but I felt good through it all!
My strategy through the weekend was to be consistent in everything with no big mistakes. I know that Im not the best at any one thing, but I know that I can be consistently good. I knew I did not have to win any event as my goal was to just stay within the top ten. It showed how well rounded I have become following OPT. I wanted even more... DUs, Toes to Bar, snatch, ect. My strategy worked perfect as l felt I had a great pace in each event. i never scored better than 5th but never fell below 16th, that averaged out to 4th overall.
What I learned from this weekend is you do not have to be the best at anything, just stay within yourself (takes a lot of confidence in your capabilities) and be the best well rounded athlete as possible. This porgramming definitely does that, it gets you fit as shit.

joey warren said...

I almost blew it on the last workout by not staying within my game plan. I knew I was not stronger than the rest of my heat at OHS so I just wanted to stay top ten to remain top 4 overall. I was in 3rd place going into it and I was 12 points ahead of the 4 th, so I knew I simply needed to beat everyone from the previous heats. I ws on pace for that but when eveyone in my heat starting leaving the OHS squat before me, I let them dictate my pace which caused me to push a little faster and I failed on my 30th rep and put me behind the pace I was shooting for. So I finsihed last in the heat but still 16th in that event barely putting me in 4th overall. It shouldnt have been that close but I didnt stick with my game plan. Plus those OHS got a lot heavier than expected and everone else in my heat were monsters. Neal Maddox did them all unbroken...Holy smokes!
Anyway, sorry for the long post but I hope this may help anyone competing to stay with your game plan and have confidence! I look forward to seeing the competitions the next few weekends and remember to have fun.

Nathan H. said...

Joey, big congratulations on the weekend and I totally agree with you.
My scores represent a very similar trend: 21st, 21st, 14th, and 24th yielding 11th place which seems so counter-intuitive.

It's totally about averages and being generally well-rounded.

I figure continuing on this path is the prescription for me. And my goal is to just get generally faster at everything... lol.

Yelvi said...

Hey everyone. I've still been here, just following a week behind in order to get ready for this coming weekend. They have posted the workouts for it here:


So my question is, has anyone hear every used an Apollon's Axle? Any ideas on what weights you guys would pick for that event? Just curious.

Great job this last weekend Joey, Nathan and Colin. You guys represented well. All you Dawg's have set a pretty high bar for the rest of us competing in regionals!

Christian said...

Hello all,

I am new to this, I have read the FAQ, I scanned about 10 months of previous programming, but I am unable to figure out the C1 portion of today's programming.

What are Depth Push Ups? And further what does amrap(-3) mean? I understand the rest...

Thanks in advance for any help.


JPORTERK said...


Ok. I've read the FAQ and maybe due to early read I don't understand HSPU-AMRAPx6. What's the period? AMRAP in how many minutes? Is it 3mins? As in I use the "rest 180" to derive period? Please email reply to john.p.keenan@usmc.mil as I cannot read blogs at work.


Mr.Lundmark said...
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Martin Altemark said...

Mac: -3 means stop 3 reps short of failure. Depth push ups is (I think) pushup from floor and explode up to object higher than floor on both sides of hands, pushup on that and then land with hands on floor and repeat.

Nice to see my backyard pictured. It's soooo nice there this time of year.

Stellar performance from everyone competing this weekend. Fantastic!

Mr.Lundmark said...

Christian, AMRAP (-3) means 3 away from your max repetitions in a row :)

I'm not sure about depth push-ups, but I think that it's increased-rom pushups with your feet on a stool. The push-ups are then switched between normal rom to increased-rom by exploding up/down. The movie here explains it: http://www.exrx.net/Plyometrics/DepthPushUp.html

DAVE X said...

Joey, Nathan, et al.,

Great effort this past weekend.

The coolest thing about this group of people is how cognitively aware of ourselves we are during the WODs. Perhaps it's the programming itself or the breed of individual, but It seems that a lot of us maintain that "grace under fire" and can self-monitor under physical duress. Having watched others compete it seems as if they are unable to make even the slightest adjustments during the wods and just go for broke--and breaking down in the process.

Perhaps Coach can add some insight into this--or maybe I'm just completely talking out of my ass. Regardless, nice job folks!

Rory Hanlin said...

A1. 225, 265, 290, 255, 285, 305
A2. 15, 13, 12, 8, 8, 9

B. 275, 295, 305

C1. Subbed Depth Ring PU 28, 15, 10
C2. all unbroken

Rory Hanlin said...

Nice work Joey, Nathan.

True OPT warriors...

OPT said...

depth push up = anything deeper than a normal depth for your push up, i.e. off handles, plates, etc...hands never leave the object

PTS said...

Joey and Nathan thanks for the info and insight. I love hearing each individuals thoughts on competition.

Tapering for May 22-23

May 8-9, April 27 Wod
A. deadlift 1RM - 5%- 425 felt easy
B. KBS 20 unbroken
C. clap pushups 15 unbroken


Melissa said...

Joey - great post and congrats to you, Nathan and Colin!!!

A1: 95, 105, 115, 105, 115, 130 - these felt lighter than they ever have before. Next time will start heavier.
A2: to thinnest portion of abmat: 5, 6,
head to floor attempts: 3, 2
to thinnest portion of abmat: 5, 5

B: 145, 155, 165

C1: 20, 15, 13
C2: 15, then our coach called for toes to bar instead: 15, 7/4/2/2 - anyone else's abs smoked from Sunday?

Chad Hall said...
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Chad Hall said...

I've got a question about any move we do from the "hang" position. Are we supposed to drop the weight to the ground after each rep then deadlift it back up, or do we bring it back down to the hang?


And congrats to Joey, Nathan, and Colin!

Kendra said...

A1. 105, 115, 125, 115, 130, 140F..was just super tired on the last one and couldnt get up from the squat, all in all felt great though
A2. used purple bands; could have used less assist but the next band down is suuuuper hard compared to purple...12, 13, 14, 9, 14, 11

B. 115 for all, wasn't too sure about the 80% since I haven't done a 1RM lately

C1. used 45 plates... 4, 3, 3...I am pretty sure when I was at 0 I was 3 reps away from failure so I just stuck to 4/3 each time..
C2. switched between rings and bar..I really can't get the kip going for them... did 10 x 3

Brandon said...

A1. 155/175/195/185/205/225(PR for HSC)
A2. 3/5/4/4/3/4
B. 225/245/265
C1. 17/14/13 on 14# med balls
C2. ub/ub/br (8/7-lost grip)

Finished with DU practice and got 43 in a row which is a new PR.

Notes: HSPU are still a big weakness, but they are getting better. I no longer scale them and feel more comfortable.

It was a great time this weekend at the SW Regionals. Seeing first hand everyone compete was an eye-opening experience for me and made me realize the kind of work and effort I need to put in every time I go to the gym. Joey, it was great to meet you and your performance was awesome! Good luck at the games and I will be there to cheer for you. Nathan and Colin, excellent work.

Marshall said...

A1. 132,143,176,143,176,198
A2. 8,7,6,5,5,4

B. 176,187,242 (failed on last rep @ 242.

C1. Forgot about depth 36,30,25
C2. 15,15,15 all UB

Rainer Hartmann said...

A1: 115/135/150/125/145/155 (PR)
A2: 10/9/8/7/7/7
B: 155/175/195 x 3
C1: hands on 45# bumpers: 15/14/11
C2: x 15 - 3 UBK

Chris Dunkin said...

i'm making up a couple of axels this morning and will do amrap in 90sec at 360lb. goal is 25-30. i'll let you know how it goes and any insights.

did three rounds of 10x140lb ohs's, and 60 du's this morning, and i can tell you that i will be cleaning and jerking the bar to behind the neck for the second and third sets of ohs's. snatching after the du's is not in my wheelhouse.

if you've got a home depot close, go pick up a 2" pipe and have them cut it to 7'. tape the plates to keep them from sliding in on your hands, and you've got an appolens axle.

Adam Rogers said...

A1 - 165x3,185x2,205x1,175x3,195x2,215x1
A2 - 12,7,8,6,5,4 (kept these strict, no kipping)

B - 185x3x3 at tempo

C1 - 25,14,10 (hands on 45lb plates, chest to deck. these went to hell quickly after the first set)
C2 - 15, 13/2, 12/3 (limiting factor for breaking the last two was weak grip)

Stephen Flamm, Pete, Arjuna, Heather, it was great to meet/talk with you guys this weekend, you guys all put up really impressive peroformances. Was exciting to watch you guys get some snatch PR's, in the muddy, uneven grass no less. Rainer, didnt get to say hi, but saw you out there volunteering, thanks for giving your time to help out.

Look forward to getting back into a regular routine with the big dawgs.

Jeff B. said...

25yo / 74" / 196lbs

A1: 135, 145, 155, 160, 160, 165
A2: 5, 7, 6, 5, 4, 5
B: 210x2 (very weak), bumped to 185, 195 as rx'd (270max)
C1: 19, 14, 15 (7" raised boxes, chest to floor for all)
C2: Subbed Toes-to-Bar: 11UB, 10UB, 5UB (10 Knee to Elbow after break)

Felt very weak today, can't figure out squat clean, I can power clean 200# for reps, but struggle squat cleaning 165#....

1hr flexibility improvement after, need to work on keeping lumbar curve in bottom of squats, losing it at parallel and I feel thats where I'm losing lots of power.

Jeff B. said...


Cool image of an "unbroken" ambigram, thinking about getting it as a tattoo on the inside of my arm so you can read it doing overhead press, or handstand push-ups...

Wes hendricks said...

Tapering for May 22-23

May 8-9, April 27 Wod

A. deadlift 1RM - 5%: 385
B. KBS 20 unbroken w/ 2pd
C. clap pushups 15 unbroken

24,23,23,23,23....my last 30 meters was a little short, I ran out of room in my driveway

Katrina Burton said...

A1. 105(3), 125(2), 135(1), 115(3), 130(2), 140(1)

A2. 12(fell), 13, 11, 8, 8, 8

B. 125#

C1. 12, 10, 9
C2. All unbroken

Stephen Flamm said...

Another big thanks to OPT for preparing us for this past weekend's Central East Regional:

I took three males and one female to the individual comp and a team for the Affiliate Cup. Arjuna Smith and Dustin Winterhalt finished 21st and 23rd and Siu Ping Lau placed 24th. All three set DL PRs at 485, 425, and 300, respectively. Ben Scott won the DL event with a pull of 575 (50 lb PR) but had to retire after tweaking his back on a final attempt at 585 - the allure of 12 wheels on the bar was too much for him to pass. He was in 11th place when he pulled out. All four also ran well on the worst 5K trail imaginable, with Arjuna taking 8th with a time of 20:02.

In the Affiliate Cup, we fared well on the KB swing, CTB PU, burpee, and box jump event, bombed the trail run, and set three PRs on the snatch max effort despite doing so on uneven grass, as Adam mentioned.

We could not have performed as well without this programming and community. It's pretty amusing to look at a 1.5 pood KB and only have to swing it 20 times before moving on - unbroken was a certainty, and a theme for us throughout the weekend.

It was good to see Adam Rogers there as well - you and your badass wife are more than welcome in our gym at any time, just get in touch.

Anonymous said...


Yelvi said...

Thanks Chris. Very interested to see how that goes for you. I live in a tiny town on an island in Alaska (thanks Coast Guard) so a home depot is out of the question, but i should be able to find something. You are defiantly more beastly than I. It will either be the 303 or the 263 for me. I was doing the math, and in the rep ranges of 25-30, the difference between the two is only three deadlifts. Something for me to think about.

Let me know how it goes.

Michael said...

Coach -
For those of us who competed this weekend but did not qualify for the Games, what kind of rest do you recommend? Would you still suggest the three weeks off to recover, reflect and learn from this past weekend as you did after Sectionals? If so, do you suggest active rest or something more vigorous but outside of the gym?

Thanks for all of your help

Chris Dunkin said...

yelvi, the regrip at the bottom is a rep killer. 303 seems best for me. was able to maintain 10reps/30sec with 305. 25reps was tough at 360. going to depend a lot on how strict the judging/standards are on the regrip.

Chad Hall said...

A1: 205, 225, 240, 225, 240, 255(Huge PR)
A2: 10, 8, 8, 6, 5, 6

B: 225, 205, 205

C1: 24, 14, 11
C2: UB, UB, 10/5


SUPER happy with the HSC. Felt the best it's ever felt, I think I probably had another 10-15lbs in me. The 2nd pull was explosive and fast and I had no problem getting under the bar. Squatting it was getting heavy though. Ended up treating the multiple reps like singles, dropping, regripping, and deadlifting each time.

Did about amrap(-3) for HSPU. Shoulders are still recovering.

Front squats were heavy after part A. Not as explosive as they could have been.

Did depth push ups off of a 45 and 10lb bumper with feet on floor. Felt decent.

K2E and T2B still suck ... stupid grip.

Joel B. said...

First time back since early January. Haven't touched a weight in the time gone, so we'll see how this goes, but I am jumping right back in.

A1: 135, 145, 155; 135, 145, 155
A2: 7, 6, 6, 5, 5, 5
shoulder width, forehead to floor
B: 155X3X3
C1: 17, 14, 11
on parrellettes with feet on bench
C2: 15, 15, 15

I was a little timid on the HSC and FS. I'll work up and progress as much as feels prudent. We'll see how I feel tomorrow. I've missed the Big Dawgs and doing this training! Glad to be back at it.

Lisa M said...

I am wondering when i am going to get some energy back?? I have felt extremely sluggish and just have no get up and go. Off and on. but more off than on. i have a feeling my knee injury is seriously playing with my head and depressing the hell out of me...

Todays attempts were pathetic.

A. 95/115/125 115/125/130 ended up cleaning them instead of hang clean just because my rhythmn and strength just weren't there and i am more than a little scared to go into a quick squat with heavyish weight. Second set felt a little better
A2. useless 3s for the most part. My shoulders are still fried from those damn muscle ups 21 was a lot since i have never really done them in a row like that and just really learned them last week.

B 125# at least these felt good

C1. 10/9/9 on 2" 45lb bumpers
C2. UB for all

Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Emilie P-B said...
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Emilie P-B said...

A1. 90(3)-100(2)-110(1)-110(3)-120(1)-125(1)
A2. 10-10-6-6-6-5

B. 120#

C1. 14-12-11 (on 45# bumper plates)
C2. UB-B-B

Finally get the kip for the K2E without having to reset at the bottom after each rep... but I got them by practicing after the workout! Next time, I'll do the K2E unbroken for sure!

Steve Howell said...

B:215 for all 3 sets
C2:All sets unbroken

Steve Howell said...

*Should have at started heavier with the HSC and along with the front squat.

Per said...

A1: 70/75/77/75/77/85
A2: 6/4/6/3/6/4
B: 85/87/75
C1: 16/11/9
C2: 15/15/7

Garage Crossfitter said...

A DL 380lb
B unbroken swings
B2 pushups unbroken, happy with that

:26 :25 :25 :26 :24

Craig said...

A2. 10/13/14/11/10/11
B. 185 x3
C1. 15/15/13
C2. 15/15/15 ub

Marie Rochat said...

Hey Chris and Becky.

I am looking forward to seeing you guys in Puyallup this weekend. Nice work on the axels, Chris. I am a bit nervous about how my grip is going to fair... Good luck to all other Big Dawgs that will be competing this weekend!

Ali Loach said...

Hey Lisa,
Hang in there......
Don't allow one not so great day consume you.
You PB'd with a friggen 170lb bench press last week....are you fricken kidding me :o) That's insane!
Stay confident and know that although you may have had an off day you are seriously ON on your good days.......
Hold your head up...You're an inspiration to many!

Michael FitzGerald said...

A1. 221/231/241/231/221 (fx2) - stopped here
A2. 11/10/9/8/8 - used a 20" width from thumb to thumb
B. 199 x 3 x 3
C1. off red bumpers - 25/15/13
C2. Unbroken

Joey, inspiring! You have seriously stepped up your game since September. You are a "Top Dawg". Congrats. I hope to be in LA competing against you.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Well after a brutal night's sleep and then getting moved from my regular hall I managed to hit this WOD at 3pm and I felt pretty darn good. Energy was flowing and I was feeling loose. I didn't push too hard in case I was fooling my self but the results were enough to please me.

A1. 185,200,215,200,215,230(easy)
A2. 8,8,10,8,8,10
B. 185 for all 3, not bad.
C1. 15,10,9
C2. 1st 2 set unbroken, lost kip on 3rd (10-3-2). Would like to see if I could go unbroken on a higher pull-up bar.

Good WOD, short and sweet. Real happy with 230 for the last HSC.

Nice work last weekend, Dawgs. Way to go, Joey W.!

Alex Duncan said...

A1. 175, 190, 200, 185, 200, 207 (PR)
A2. 5,3,3,3,3,3
B. 185, 187, 189.5
C1. With paralettes: 30, 15, 14
C2. All UB

Forearms smoked! Felt great today happy with the PR.

Paul Klein said...

A1. 185 / 205 / 225 / 205 / 225x1 Fail / 230 Fail

I tried 230 a few times and just couldn't get myself under the bar.

A2. 12 / 8 / 7 / 5 / 6 / 7
B. 210 / 210 / 210
C1. 21 / 17 / 15 all on parrallets
C2. unbroken unbroken unbroken

Roch said...

Ankle rehab day 9

A1. 365(3)-405(2)-475(1)-385(3)-410(2)-475(1)
A2. 26-17-15-12-12-10

B. 225 X 3

C1. 33-22-17
C2. Unb.

McNaughton said...

A1. 185,205,225(pr),195,215,235(f)
A2. 9,10,12,6,9,7
B. 3x3x225
C1. 17,15,10
C2. 15,15,15

Got lazy with the elbows on 235...almost snapped forearm. K2E were not unbroken.

Lisa M said...


Thank you so much i really needed that!! I am glad to see that you are still "lurking" and keeping an eye on us. I think my injury is just frustrating me and the tech work on my cleans and snatches hasn't shown improvement yet, as i feel like i am too much in my head now when i am doing them - so just a bit of frustration. But yes you are right i am focusing on one or two bad days when i should be ecstatic with the strength and just overall health gains i have made in the last 8 months since joining this programming.

Ok the whining stops and i will kill tomorrows WOD. Thanks for pulling my head out of my ass Ali.

Joey B that anigram is friggin awesome i think it should go on the next set of shirts right across the front like a collar from shoulder to shoulder. I love it.

Carrie McG said...

A1. 115, 125, 135(f), 120(2), 120, 130(f)
A2. done in purple/red bands - 15, 12, 16, 11, 11, 4-unassisted!! :) (someone stole my band and I only had 10 seconds so I just went for it!)
B. 125, 115, 115
C1. 4, 4, 4,
C2. All sets of 10 and unbroken! Finally!

My squat clean #s are all over the place I think due to fatigue.. I was up at 2am for work and my meals were all out of whack all day. But 125x2 is a squat clean PR so I'll take it!
And super happy about the K2E.. Finally got them even though my abs are smoked from the weekend.

Aaron said...

C1.22,15,12 off paralettes
C2.all unbroken

DeeJay said...

A1. 242-262-282-262-282-308
A2. 9-7-7-3-5-4
B. 264 x 3
C1. 21-15-10
C2. UB-UB-broken (feeling the GHD's from Sunday)

LuLu said...

Lisa M,
I have done some reflecting this past week cuz I have been super tired also. I realized that I have to choose my battles and when/what I need to put 100% of my energy into. Today I chose to keep it light for the hpc and focused my energy on my front squats which need work. Don't worry about feeling tired. Just focus on what you accomplished last week, your body needs time to repair after that major PR :) and listen to your body, it is pretty good at telling you what it needs:)CU soon lady.

Late May:

A1) 75-85-95-85-95-105 these felt super good :)
A2) 15-13-11-12-11-9-8 No kipping
B) 110 #s form is WAAYYY better
C1) 20-16-15 with 10# plates under each hand, it was hard to gauge the -3 so I just stopped when I felt I was getting a bit tired.
C2) first 2 sets UB- last set 10-5

MELISSA my abs were on FIRE from the GHD's the other day :)

Christy said...

A1. 120,130,135,135,140,145
A2. 4,5,4,2,2,3 (kipped the last two hspu)
B. 145,150,155 (dropped the last rep. of 155)
C1. 10,10,8
C2. 15,15, (8,4,3)

Brian Maier said...

limited on time today so had to shorten rest periods.

A1: 185,195,205,185,195,205 - felt good...kept it light today
A2: 5/5/5/5/5/5
B: no time
C1: 35,20,13
used 2 plates on each side...4 inch depth, chest to deck.
C2: all unbroken

Jenny said...

A1. 135, 145, 155, 145, 155, 165
A2. 5, 3, 3, 1, 1, 0
B. 165
C1: on 45 plates, 20, 22, 21 (went til i slowed down)
C2: ub

JPORTERK said...


thruster/hpc/front squat still feel wobbly with the weight. 10# is a humdrum linear gain for me, but I'm gaining comfort with repetition.

A1: 135-135-145-145-145-145
A2(scaled): 25-20-17-12-9-6
B: Stayed with 145 for all 3 sets
C1: 11-8-5
C2: All sets unbroken, but major kipping on last set.

Mizar said...

A1. 135x3, 155x2, 175x1, 175x3, 185x2, 195x1
A2. 22, 19, 16, 13, 9, 11

B. 205 for all sets

C1. 18, 15, 12
C2. unbroken

exp. said...

A1. 185/195/210/195/205/225**
A2. 14/12/10/8/6/5
B. 215x3 (forgot tempo on first set)
C1. 22/20/17...did "True Push Ups" (both hands and feet on paralettes)***
C2. 15x3...all unbroken and done on rings

**this was the third of three attempts done in about 2 min...failed on first two and was simply not satisfied...on the third attempt I got quick on third pull and got under the bar fast...comin up was no problem...last lift felt (dare I say) easy...stoked!
***might have stopped a little prematurely on these...did my best to guess -3

Zionna said...

New Girl

A1. 85, 95, 105, 95, 105, 115
A2 1, 2, 2, 4, 2, 2, all kipping
B 115#
C1 10, 8, 8
C2 UB, UB, UB (worked on kipping them)

Coming back into training from an injury my good friend Nathan Holiday has highly recommended OPT's programming so here I am.

OPT said...

Michael, everyone differs in their ability to recover relative to things like this past weekend; their is a neural component as well as cellular component...most think the cells are the main recovery item but the CNS is by far more impt.
If you are trained, you need ample (i'm not sure how much that is) if you want to remain in this sport long term...i know this sport is new but i've seen it enough to know that if you do not do it now you will pay for it later...think of it this way...would you rather get back at it in 10 days and feel like you're slightly excited to train again or wait as long as needed to feel the hunger to lay down another longer path/journey?...it is a tough one as we see the posting, we see the numbers, we see the community and want to be a part of it...but as a coach, let me tell you this, i'd rather see people come back 6 months prior to the next event after months of relaxing and give me 110% each time as opposed to giving 92% for 11.5 months out of the year.
hope that might make you think about what you need without giving an answer.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Things that make you go 'hmmm.' I'd give my eye teeth for an early post tonight, I'm going to hit the sack soonly.

Michael said...

Hi Coach,
Thank you very much for your response. I will definitely consider those issues as I reflect on this past weekend.
I know that it was hard to get mentally sharp again for Regionals when the Sectional competition was just a few weeks prior, and I'm not sure I had the same edge this weekend that I did in Sectionals. I think my body had recovered, but I don't know if I really had the same aggression/edge was present in my WODs. I certainly want to be in this sport a long time and to maintain that hunger to compete and push myself beyond my limits. I guess, as you said, this just requires some time to reflect and figure this out.
Thanks again for sharing your insight.

ken c said...

A1. 225x3 235x2+f 245f 235x1; 225x2+f 225x2 235x1
A2. 11 11 9 8 6 7
B. 225 235 245
C1. 25 15 10 (used 45lb. plates)
C2. 15 15 10+5 (couldn't get last set ub)

think i started about 10lbs too heavy on the hsc. the hspu kinda zapped my ability to pull explosively. did the hspu strict until failure then kipped to failure.

Thad said...

Late May: At OPT
A1. 152,162,176,176,191,211(started to light )
A2. 14,12,12,10,1/8,11(5th set fell off wall)
B. 186 , 196, 2/216
C1. 29,18,14(red bumpers about 2.5")
C2. All UB

Lisa M said...


Thanks lady I really appreciate it. You and Ali are both right I need to accept that it can't all be PRs and that every day you can't be 100%. I am looking forward to meeting and hosting you and Roch and Mizar.

There are some amazing numbers out there today ladies nice work again Jenny and Cristy is great to have two very strong women join us Big Dawgs and welcome Zionna

Lauren said...

A1. 135, 145, 155, 145, 155, 165 (f)
A2. 4, 4, 4, 4, 1, 4
B. 165, 175, 175
C1. used DBs - 10, 10, 9
C2. first set unbroken then 10/5 for last 2

rwcorson said...

Echoing what Ali, LuLu et al have said.

We're better to take a few days to recover now than plow through and have nothing in 2+ weeks.
Last year about 6 weeks prior to CW qualifier I was toasted. I took 5 days off and I was the better for it.
You've done your work, a few days will not affect that. It's how you feel a comp time that matters.
My 2 cents.

david83 said...

Worked out with M dog today.. For some reason my triceps are so inflammed and hurt. I think from the muscle ups. I had a great workout but could have smashed more weight.
HSC- 225/3/235/2/245/1 at this point went to ones
Front Squats-Easy felt so good
K2S all unbroken
fun workout

Michelle said...

Hey Lisa M.,
Two weeks ago I felt completely depleted, emotionally and physically...Had some rest and now feel so much stronger. Even on the days that don't go so well I have better perspective. Lisa, you put a tremendous amount of energy out there...into your workouts and being incredibly supportive and giving to the rest of this community...Go easy on yourself, don't wrap yourself around the days you perceive to be lesser performances, and take good care of yourself. I agree with Rob, if it means taking a little more rest right now then do that. By the way...I am fortunate to be inspired by some pretty amazing individuals...you are one of them...

dan said...

5'10" 158# 29yr m

A1: 155, 165, 165, 155, 165, 165
A2: 15, 10, 8, 7, 5, 5
B: 155# x 3
C1: 25, 15, 10
C2: unbroken

douglas said...

6' 185# 36YR M
First workout from this blog, was great.

A1: 155, 175, 185F, 175, 175, 175
A2: 26" hands 3, 4, 4, 3, 3, 3 head to floor.
B: 185, 185, 195
C1: paralettes 12" 20, 18, 15
C2: Unbroken

Heavy Evy said...

A1.155,199,219f,175,209x1,209f getting it high enough just got to catch it better.
A2. 16,12,10,7,9,7
B. 199,230,250 felt good
C2. ubx2,13/

That anigram is cool, I'm going to get it "tramp stamped" on my lower back, or maybe just purchase the tee-shirt.

Thanks to the OPT crew for letting me train while I'm in town.

Benorama said...

Finally back home after a weekend of judging at the SW Regionals. I saw some amazing performances. This weekend was incredible fuel for me to take into my training experience. Joey, congrats again! I'm sending you a vid I took of your floater wod (head-to-head with the manimal Barber), yours to share as you wish.

A1. 155#, 155, 160, 160, 165(1), 170
A2. 9, 13, 8, 8, 8, 9
B. 145#, 150, 155
C1. 14, 7, 7
C2. UB, UB, 9-2-1-1-2

Notes: A1 - dropped weight on Set1(1.1.1), Set4(2.1), Set5 I failed 2nd rep from hang and then from ground.

derb said...


A1: 135/145/155/145/155/165
A2: 6/9/7/4/4/4
B: 170/180/185
C1: 23/15/10
C2: UB/UB/10-5

Mack Lar said...

A1. 188/215f2/225/200/215/237f
A2. 10/6/12/7/8/5
B. 200 for all
C1. 15/16/11
C2. All UB

Strength in the front squat is still the limiting factor on the HSC's. I could have easily power cleaned the weight, just couldn't stand up with it. Need to work on receiving it farther back into my neck. Catching it too far out front.

Michelle said...

Just didn't get around to posting this last night...
A1. 90x3/100x2/115x1; 110x3/117.5x2/125x1
Hang cleans were feeling good for the first time in several months and I wanted to push things with the thumb/hand injury a little so I opted to do 3 more HSC singles instead of the FS...
130/135/140 (pr)
A2. 3/4/5/4/2/4 rest was a little more than 10s...David and I shared the HSPU wall.
C1. 25/22/11 right up until beginning this my intention was to get some DBs to do the push ups. Then without thinking i threw down 10# plates?!? Should have used something higher!
C2. all 3 sets UB

Mike McGoldrick said...

Second day on and loving it!

1. 225,245,245 245,265,275
Easily the heaviest I've ever gone on HSC's.

2. 15,15,10,15,11,10
I played around with different hand placements. It obviously helped in the 4th round.

3. 280#, I stayed at 80% for all three sets. Were we supposed to increase weight?
I've never done tempo lifts before. Pretty challenging with heavy weight.

4. 21,10,10
Depth pushups on rings, really need to work on those. I seem to burn out quickly.

5. Did them on a bar. All unbroken. Doing K2E's on the rings feels so much better on the shoulders, but I guess I gotta change it up.

Erik Fay said...

Second day

B:212 for all 3 sets
C1:18,11,8 (Ring push-ups with feet elevated)
C2: unbroken all 3 sets

Really liking this programming so far. I do hate front squats though.

über Bania said...

Vicious sandstorm last night...cotton mouth like you wouldn't believe, even sipping a whole liter of water during my workout.

A1: 185, 205, 225, 205, 225, 245
A2: 15, 15, 14, 12, 10, 11

B: 275x1(too much), 225x3, 245x3 (form failing), 245x3

C1: 20, 20, 15 (hands and feet elevated on similar boxes, chest below box height).
C2: 15 UB, 15 UB, 15 UB

Melisa C said...

A1. 120(3),125(2),130(1),125(3),130(2),140(1)
A2. 6(1 ab mat),2(10# iron plate),2(plate), 1(plate),1(plate),1(plate)

B. 140,145,150

C1. 10, 10, 10 - all on parallettes
C2. UB, 10/5, 8/7 - grip gave out