sat, may 15, 2010


part 1:
A1. OHS @ 20X1; 3,3,2,2,1,1; rest 4 min
A2. Mixed Grip Chin Ups @ 21X0; 2-3 x 6; rest 4 min
20 unbroken wall balls - 20#/12# to 10 ft
15 unbroken chin ups
rest 2 min x 3

rest 2 hours

part 2:
As many rounds in 20 minutes:
21 ring dips
21 KBS - 2pd/1.5 pd

post loads, times and rounds to comments
single on Sunday


Geoff Aucoin said...

Canadian Regionals; be there. Eh.

Steve Howell said...

Giddi up!

Dillon said...

What does "single On Sunday" mean?

OPT said...

dillon, one workout on sunday

Garage Crossfitter said...

May 8-9
power clean cluster
195 205 215 220(0)
On my first rep of 220 i tweaked my low back pretty bad, not too sure what happened. I shut it down and iced for 30 min. 1 week out from regionals...i need to heal.

Jefff said...

First Dawg WOD in a while:

A1. 3/155, 3/165, 2/175, 1/185, 1/190, DNF

A2. 3/24kg, 3/24kg, 2/36kg, 2/36kg, 2/36kg, DNF

Wall Balls/Chins- 1:05, 1:02, 0:59 - All Unbroken

Last Dawg WOD for a while. Back to the bush in Northern BC for another month.

Rainer Hartmann said...

Part 1:
A1: 105/115/125/130/140x1 (PR, stopped at 5 rounds)
A2: 35/35/40/45/50x3
Part 2:
5 rounds plus 15 Ring Dips

Rory Hanlin said...

Part 1

A1. 245, 265, 280, 290, 305x1, 320x1, 330x1 (PR)
A2. 70x3, 80x3, 80x3, 90x3, 90x3, 106x3 (PR)

All sets of couplet unbroken

I did an extra single in the OHS because the pot was hot. Glad I did it, I think I could go another ten pounds.

Video of the OHS can be found at:

Brent Maier said...

Rory, impressive as always! Nice to see you back Jefff, even if it's for only a day!

Nathan H. said...

Just to clarify, mixed grip chin ups are the same grip as reverse grip dls?

Nice work Rory! Impressive numbers man. What's your bodyweight?

Marshall said...

A1. 105,125,145,165,195,205(PR)
A2. 45,45,45,70,70,70

No wall ball at home so sub'd 95# thrusters.
WB/CU all UB

Will do pt2 this PM. Huge PR on overhead squat. I could barely do 135 6 months ago. All the practice during my warm ups has paid off, this felt solid. Feeling much better than earlier this week.

Rory Hanlin said...

Part 2

8 1/2 rounds

Nathan H,
My body weight is 230

Aaron said...

Hi all,

Long time follower, first time post... Lame one too :)

Anyone out there have advice for dealing with tennis elbow? I made some really big throws in softball and wasn't ready for it (and play tennis)and now I can't do dips and have a lot of elbow pain.

It seems like the best thing to do is take time off of it. Wondering if anyone out there has had it and how they've dealt with it...


Brian Maier said...

Part 1:

A1: 135,145,155,165,175,185(PR) - major weakness of mine but getting better
A2: 45,70,80,90(2),100(2),110(1)

Couplet: easy and unbroken

Wes hendricks said...
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Wes hendricks said...


May 8-9
A. Power Clean Cluster - 1.1.1 x 4; rest 4 min
B1. Russian KBS Heavy x 20 x 3; rest 2 min
B2. Close Grip Bench Press @ 30X0; 2-3 x 3; rest 2 min
C. Row 500 x 2; rest 3 min b/t efforts
(for rows - 1st 100m is 60%, 2nd is 70%, 3rd is 80%, 4th is 90%, 5th is 100%)

A. 185-195-205-215
B1. 2-2.5-2.5pd
B2. 185(3)-195(3)-205(1)
C. 1:44/1:51

Power cleans felt good. I was surprised I did 215 for three when my max is 220. The first two at 215 were ugly though. 2.5 pood KB is heavy. The first row I had trouble finding paces in each 100 then the second one I was able to get it down a little better

ken c said...

A1. 175x3 185x3 195x2 205x2 215x1 225x1
A2. 65x3 65x3 70x3 75x3 70x2 75x2

couplet sets all unbroken.
1:03 1:02 1:00

235 is pr on the ohs. don't think i would have gotten it with today's progression. happy with the 225.

DeeJay said...

A1. 245-255-265-275(1)-285(f)-285(f)

wall balls and chins were easy... not at all happy with my OHS. My overhead needs some serious work.

Mike McNaughton said...

A1. 155-155-185-185-205-225(fx2)
A2. 50x3,70x2,75x2,90x2,90x3,111x3

Wall balls and chinups all unbroken.

35 min rest

Part 2:

5 rounds plus 11 swings.

Lost the second attempt at 225 coming out of the bottom. 215 is my current PR. Got aggressive today. Its mine next time.

Emilie P-B said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emilie P-B said...

A1. 60-70-80-85-90(not full range of motion)-90 (PR by 15#!!)
A2. 20(3)-25(3)-30(3)-35(2)-30(3)-30(3)

Didn't time the wall balls and chin ups. All sets easy and unbroken. Did the last set of WB with 16# to make it more challenging.

rest 2 hours
Part 2:

3 sets + 5 ring dips
Ring dips is definatly a weakness, took my 3min30 to acheive the fisrt 21 ring dips.
KBS: 11-10 / UB / 20-1

Eric Montgomery said...

Part 1 (all weights in kilos)
A1: 71x3, 79x3, 83x2, 87x2, 91x1, 95x1 (PR)
A2: 36x3, 36x3, 39x3, 39x3, 41x3, 41x3. Alternated L/R/L/R/L/R for overhand grip hand

Wallball/chinup couplet all unbroken. 1:00, 58s, 58s.

Don't think I'll be able to do Part 2 due to other plans.

funbobby said...

part #1

A1. crapX6 ok seriously 135,155,165,165,185,185
A2. didnt dawn on me to add weight and with the couplet up next and shoulder issues i thought id play it safe and do long ROM chest to bar with 1 sec hold rather than add weight

couplet was a success for me WB UB and for the first time since my separation i was able to do more than 10 UB chins, all 3 sets of 15 were unbroken, i even had the confidence in the last set to gymnastic kip the last 4 which is how my shoulder serperated in the first place in dec.

part 2 might get sacrificed to run hill repeats at rilley park/SAIT with the dog, its just too nice to go back in the gym.

LuLu said...

105(3)-105(3)-115(2)-120(2)-130(1) All full range of motion. New PR, 130 went up easily but pulled the plug becuase I felt a small twinge in shoulder, did not want to push it as it is finally feeling bettter. First time doing more than my body weight OHS :) I weigh 123 lbs, yeay

A2) All mixed grip chin ups UB

Wall balls and chin ups UB, tried 15 with mixed grip and realy like it.

Part 2: 10 min rest after part 1

Shoulder rehab metcon:

10 min for max rounds of 200m row, focus on pulling shoulder blades together
7x8# per hand db bent over reverse flys
5x15# beind neck shoulder presses with rotator cuff exercise

I did 4 rounds + and extra 200m row

200m row times were: 46sec-46sec-47sec-46sec and then I went head to head with Roch and Pat for the 5th 200m row, it was HILARIOUS did that one in 43 sec. My rows have gotten WAY better :)

Geoff Aucoin said...

Pt 1.
A1. 201(f),201,211,219,225(pb),230
A2. 35,40,45,55,55,x

WB/Pull-up couplet felt awesome. Chin breaks plane pull-ups. Didn't do all sets of mixed grip as neck was talking to me and I was in a serious time crunch. Really happy with OHS today.

Steve Howell said...

Part 1

Wall ball/ chins felt super fast times were 56/55/56

*230 felt good when squating I just really struggle getting the heavy load over head.

Joel B. said...

Part I

A1: 135, 145, 155, 155, 165, 170 (f)
probably could have got 170 if I tried it again but decided to cut it off.
A2: 35, 45, 53, 58X2X3

Couplet: unbroken and felt good. Chins regular kip and chin breaking plane style.

Oh, I am 6' 165 these days. I am a little heavier, but weaker than when I left off BD...nice. That is what no weights and stress eating gets you.

Roch said...

No training for me today, tired and didn't recuperate from Thursday's.

Brandon said...

Part 1
A1. 185/195/205/215/225/235(f)
A2. 16kg/16/20/20/24/24

WB/Chin: unbroken and easy

Part 2:
8 rounds + 2 dips

Really disappointed with the OHS. Gonna go back and put them in as an extra strength day each week. Everything else was great today. Dips limiting on met-con.

Jeff B. said...

A1. 95, 115, 125, 135, 150, 160(5lb PR)
A2. 50lbsx6 did 2x each grip per set, so it was really 8 reps x 6 sets with 50lb DB

WB / CU - All UB - :59, :58, :53 (finally got a 15 set of un-interrupted bfly rhythm on last set)

Part 2:

6rds and 14 R-Dips

Jeff B. said...

Oh and 21 is a great nod to the Unknown Soldiers, I absolutely love sets to 21, I give a nod to my fallen family members every 21st rep.

Paul Klein said...

Part 1:
A. 170
220 fail
220 (I did an extra single cause I knew I had 220 in me)

A2. 50 / 55 / 60 / 62.5 / 67.5 / 72.5 , 3 reps all 6 sets

Wall Ball/Chin Ups
1. 1:04
2. 1:13 chest to bar
3. 1:04

Rest 2 hours

7.5 rounds

I spent most of the time on the rings, swings felt good, sweaty grip was the only problem.

Nathan H. said...

Ohs in kg: 104/3, 114/3, 120/2, 124/2, 132/1*, 138/1 (303.6)
Pullups in lbs: 81/3, 90/3, 99/3, 108/3, 110/3, 110/3

*I missed the 132 jerk 3 times!! but i refused to let it go. So there was a big time gap on that set. 138 is a big PR. I have that and the 110/3 pullup on video.

all unbroken :55, :55, :54

david83 said...

OHS-was not very confident over head today for some reason
part two
felt good
5 rounds plus 21 dips and 15 KBS
didnt really push it could have gone way faster.

Nathan H. said...

Going to take the rest of the day off. Hit a big ohs pr and feel great but want to ease back into training. I have plenty of time to ramp it back up :) a whole year!!!

Andrea K said...

85/3 95/3 115/2 125/2 135/1 145/1 (PR!) (at a globo gym too so had to control on the way down)
A2 just did mixed grip chins (no weight)
W/B chin
1:03, 1:08, 1:05

Part 2
3 rounds plus 13 ring dips Ouch ring dips!!

Steve Howell said...

Part 2

8 rounds, chest is smoked!

* nice work Rory and Nathan on the OHS those are big numbers!

Mizar said...

Part 1
A1. 95x3, 115x3, 135x2, 155x2, 185x1, 205x1
A2. bodyweight for all sets; lats are sore from chest to bar pull-ups
couplet - unbroken
57sec, 56sec, 56sec

Part 2
8 rounds

*bodyweight 139lb

Lauren said...

Part 1
A. 110, 120, 130 (2), 140(2), 145 (F) (this has to be some sort of a PB for me)
I failed 2x with 145# trying to get it over my head, then I got help lifting it up over my head to start, but ended up failing in the bottom.
B. 20, 22.5, 22.5, 22.5, 22.5, 22.5

both WB and CU unbroken

Part 2
At the hound pound with sHELLy
3 rounds + 21 ring dips and 5 KBS.
rings dips fatigue quick - but huge improvement from before!

rwcorson said...

Robin, Marie & Chris,
Good luck this weekend.

Michael FitzGerald said...

A1. 141/151/160(pr)/165(pr)/170(pr)/175(pr) - best OHS ever. Shoulder did well today.
A2. 55/65/75/75/75/75
WB's & Chin over vertical plane chins were great

8 rds + 13 ring dips - forearms are on fire from ring straps.

DeeJay said...

Part 2-
6 rounds + 2KBS

Paul Klein said...

Profile of Mike Molly is up on the games site. Good luck this weekend everyone.

Chad Hall said...

A1: 165, 185, 205, 220, 230(PR), 240(F)
A2: 55, 65, 70, 72.5(2), 72.5(2), 72.5(2)

Wall balls and chin ups fine, no problem, all COVP.

Shoulders (mainly left) didn't feel 100% and that's what caused the fail on 240, shoulda had it. May not do part 2 ... not sure yet, depends how the shoulders feel.

Carrie McG said...

A1. 85, 90, 100, 105(PR), 110(PR), 120(PR)
A2. x2 across the board, all BW but strict no kip and strict tempo. felt good! strict PU are a weakness for me.. but they're getting better.
Only have 14# wall ball so had to scale up, but they all were UB to 10ft (this time it didn't feel so high) and chinups all UB.

HUGE ohs PR, last PR was 100#. Also 120# is a PR for jerk! great day today. :)

Geoff Aucoin said...

Pt 2.

Just squeaked out 8 rounds even. All KBS were unbroken, which was the strategy, but I think it took too much out of me. Dips were killing me at the end, I was losing my kip all over the place.

I was gassing hard during this WOD, felt like a funky fuel-timing factor. I went over 3 hours between pt 1 & 2 because I had a few clients.

Anyone else smell rows tomorrow?

PTS said...

At level 1 cert in NJ. Did Fran at I would say 90% in 4:56. Left that bit in the tank for next weekend.

Garage, heal up man. Take the whole week off if you have to.

Melisa C said...

Lauren - have you tried my way from sectionals (if you remember) of placing the rack high enough so you can get in position underneath it? Makes a huge difference for me as then I do not need to jerk it.

Andrea - welcome back!

A1. 120(2), 120(3), 125(2), 125(2), 135(1), 140(1) PR
A2. 25(3), 25(3), 27.5(3), 27.5(3), 30(2), 32.5(3)*

All kipping, not strict

Metcon - total working time = 4.47
1 -UB, 2-UB, 3 UB WB, 11/4 Pullups. Damn it! So close.

Part 2 - 3 hrs later
4 rounds
21 dips
20 KBS
Used purple band for dips, not quite there yet and that was still hard.

Joel B. said...

Part II

4 rounds + 21 kbs and 16 rd's

ouch my shoulders. kbs unbroken, as they should be for how long the rd took.

Brian Maier said...

Part II:

8 rounds + 21 ring dips

time after each round:

sHELLy said...

Part 1:
110(3) 120(3) then stayed at 120 for the rest - squat felt easy, but couldn't jerk more than that today.


Part 2:
3 rounds - kbs ub, dips slow-mostly singles-need to figure out the kip.
It was nice to have company today at the pound.

Tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day, so I'm hoping the wod will be running...;)

Adam Rogers said...

A1 - 155x3,175x3 (3RM PR), 185x2, 195x2, 205x1, 215x1 (PR by 20lbs)
A2 - 60x3,70x3,80x2,90x2,105x1x2

WB/PU - 55sec, 55sec, 55sec

Happy with consistency here

Mike Molloy said...

Just wanted to drop a quick word to the community.

I've been following the old programming from the other weekends but I've been following everyone's progress as always. Wes, amazing job with the 2.5 pood today man! Never cease to amaze me with what you can do at 150#.

derb said...


A: 115/125/135/145/155/165/170(pr)
B: 35/55/60/65x2/65x1/60x2

couplet 1:04/1:03/1:06

sHELLy said...

Forgot to post A2

15#(3),20#(3),25#(3) - alternated hands and used the same weights.

Lisa M said...

I'm back and am really glad i took the well needed rest. Today was the first day i actually felt pretty normal in about a week.

A1: 125(3)/135(3)/140(2)/140(2)/150(1)PR by 10# so yes the rest definitely helped!!
A2: did all with a 1pood KB

KBS/Pullups felt good easy and UB for all. Had to use my 16# ball because it is all i have but i still managed all UB didn't time myself just concentrated on UB and speed for pullups

It feels good to be back and feeling strong. No time for part two have my daughters birthday party this afternoon. Will do two tomorrow.

Alex Duncan said...

A1. 155x3,165x3, 175x2,180x2,185x1,192.5x1 (PR)
A2. 45x3, 50x3, 52.5x3,55x3,60x3,65x2
No time for Chinups Wall Balls

Only 20 minutes rest

Part 2
5 rounds plus 11 KBS

Anonymous said...

Rory and Nathan sweet OHS's.

MikeE said...

A1. 185-205-225-225-Didn't finish because shoulder was in too much pain
A2. Didn't use weight because I wasn't sure if we were supposed to.

Wallballs and chinups felt good though.

Subbed different WOD for part 2; thinking of taking tomorrow and Monday off for recovery.

Nathan H. said...

Thanks guys.

Video here:

Thad said...

A1. 3/165, 3/175, f/185, 1/185, f/190, dnf
A2. 3/55, 3/70, 3/75, 3/80, 2/85, 1/85
1:13/1:18/1:14 All Un broken felt good

OHS felt heavy today

Part2. 6.5 rounds +13 KBS

Lisa M said...

Lots of PRs out there today ladies nice job you all totally rock - Emilie,LuLu, Carrie, Lauren and my girl Melisa C awesome work girls keep kicking butt

Lisa M said...

Oh yeah great job out there today Chris, Marie and Yelvi you are doing amazing kill it tomorrow we are all cheering for you - Go Big Dawgs

Michelle said...

Read the post but did A2 wrong...Instead of 3s did same rep scheme as A1. Apparently I can read but not comprehend?!?
A1. 88x3/98x3/108x2/118x2/128 (failed on the jerk, was too busy thinking ahead to the ohs)/128x1/133x1 (pr) felt like more, but stopped here.
A2. 20x3/25x3/30x2/40x2/47.5x1/55(f) would have had to kip to get this one, but wanted to keep them all strict.

WB/CUs all UB but only did 2sets of chins as hands were starting to tear.

Part 2

4rnds + 10 ring dips
ring dips took forever!!! Felt wary of this wod as soon as I saw it and I didn't approach it very confidently.

Did WODS at OPT. Saw lots of 'Dawgs' I haven't seen in a long time which was great!!!
Welcome back Lisa M... Nice OHS!!!

Geoff Aucoin said...

I see Mike Molloy was profiled on the Games site, way to go Mike!

exp. said...

A1.195(3)/215(3)/230(f)/225(f)/225(f)/230(1)(PR)...on the fails, I wasn't shrugging the weight up nearly enough...215# felt strong so I got complacent on the heavier lifts...stupid mistake especially considering 230# felt good and I probably could have gone a little heavier


WB/chins were unbroken and felt good...1:07/1:03/1:00...lost time not moving quick enough in the transitions...something I intend to work on...

rest 30 min

Part 2:

7 rounds + 4 dips...first round unbroken...a few kipping dips, most strict...KBS were 11/10 on each round except 1st and 4th which were unbroken...

Nice work on the OHS Rory and Nathan...ridiculous!

Aaron B said...

Part 1:
Couplet as Rx'd, no time

6 rounds + 19 dips

I will now be posting as Aaron B since I saw another Aaron starting up today

Heavy Evy said...

Fallen a day behind due to my ball team's schedule. Should be caught up by Tuesday.

A1. 153,177,182,187,192,197 (177 and on are all pr's)
A2. 45#,68,78(2reps)x4
+ WB's/CU's UBx3 felt easy and quick

rest 2hrs

7 rounds
Not Rx'd
21 ring dips off Doorway chinup bar
30 50# Dumbell Swings(all I had)

Dips were Hard.

Mack Lar said...

A1. 185/195/205/215/225/230 PR's at both 2RM and 1RM. Had more trouble push jerking 230 up than I did squatting it. Had to split jerk it up but got it after 1 failed attempt to push jerk it OH.
A2. 80/90/100/106/111/116x2 started too light.
WB/CU 1:06/1:06/1:00 All chest to bar. Wall balls to an extra small tgt to focus on accuracy.

Sarano said...

getting back on track after a nasty flu bug had its way with me.

A1. 135/145/155/165/165/165 (couldn't drop so didn't feel comfortable going any heavier but still felt strong)
A2. 45(3)/45(3),60(3)/60(3),75(2)/75(2)

Couplet- 1:08,1:06,1:06

no time for double today

Benorama said...

Done on Sunday:

Played 90 minute soccer game (1 goal, 1 assist!)

Part 1:
A1. 145#, 155; 165(f), 165; 170, 175(PR by 20#)
A2. 40#, 45, 50, 55, 60(2), 60(1)
Skipped wb,chinup couplet.

Notes: Weighed in at 153# today. Trained on Saturday with my affiliate's programming. Felt fast and energetic.

Mike McGoldrick said...

Did the Wednesday interval runs in the a.m.

OHS: 225,245,245,255,265,275 (Big PR)
MG Chinups: 70,75,80,80,80,80

1:12, 1:15, 1:33 (Burned out on Chinups)

Part 2: 7 + 27

I really need work on the longer time domain. Long day. I'm smoked. Time to cool off until regionals.

JPORTERK said...


Part 1
A1. Major weakness. 55-65-75-85-85-85...yes that's pounds.

A2. As Rx'd

WB/CU--unbroken, didn't keep time.

Part 2
7 sets. 1st set unbroken, unassisted. All other sets included assisted ring dips and broken (8-7-6) KBS.