wed, may 5, 2010

"I've never heard of anyone drowning in sweat"
- FunBobby

May 8/9
A. Power Clean - 2,2,2; rest 5 min
2 sets:
5 muscle ups
10 power clean - 135# unbroken
Run 200 m @ 90%
rest 4 min

Late May
part 1:
A. Russian KBS - 2pd/1.5 pd amrap in 60 sec; rest 2 min x 3
B. CTB Chin Ups - 15 unbroken x 5 sets; rest 120 sec
C. Max Vertical Jump - 3 attempts/set x 4 sets; rest 3 min; rest 5 sec b/t attempts
D. GH Raises - 15 x 3; rest 90 sec

rest as needed

part 2:
Run 10 min warm up
8 sets:
2 min @ 90-95% effort
2 min @ 50% effort
Run 10 min cool down
(walk rest 10 min b/t sets 4 and 5)

post loads, times and notes to comments


Brian Maier said...

It was awesome watching Brent and Unit compete at Regionals.

Tremendous effort from both of you.
Going in to the last wod, Unit was in 7th place. He was only 10 sec behind 4th place. He knew he had to take a risk and go out sprinting to catch those in front of him to make the cut to the Games or fail trying. 5 min into the WOD he had passed 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, and moved into 2nd place with only Matt Chan in front of him in 1st. With 20 reps left in the WOD, Unit gave it his all, and his efforts caught up to him; he hit a wall and completely collapsed. His 18th place performance was a far cry from an 18th place finish. Had he paced himself, he could have easily stayed in the top 10 but he knew he wouldn't be satisfied with that. I saw what he was truly capable of. Unit, you are an absolute beast and it was truly inspirational watching you lay it all on the line.

Brent, don't cut yourself short. Watching you complete a 1400m run in 4:30 was amazing! You have become an elite athlete, and your efforts are inspirational at the very least. Don't let the mental game limit finished stronger than you ever imagined...despite a slow 4:30mile run, old age, new 255# PR C&J...the excuses go on and dont have excuses...only accomplishments and you are capable of so much more! Can't wait to compete WITH you next year. Well done bro.

MikeE said...
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MikeE said...

Absolutely Brent and Unit... and Jeff! The videos were awesome and great to put a face to text :)

A couple questions about this WOD... Russian KBS I presume are only half swings to eye level, correct? How do we measure the max verticle jump? I assume from a standing position only (no run or step in), reach to a point on a wall with one or both hands and touch as high as possible.. or ?

Nathan H. said...

Unit and Brent, as always, very impressed with your performances. The environment here would not be the same without you!

Awesome programming. Thanks for all you do James!


Steve Howell said...

Awsome footage Brent and Unit! way to push it, you should both be proud of those performances.

Heavy Evy said...

Thanks for posting your vids, very inspiring.
Great job to you and Unit.

Robs said...

Good job Brent & Unit, very impressive performances.

May 8/9

A. 85kg - 90kg - 92kg

B. 1st round, 4:21
2nd round, 6:something.

I struggeled with the muscle ups as usual.

Jon M said...

Posted my individuals WODS for Ohio this weekend. I'm pretty excited and feel very well prepared (especially w/ the 2 pood KB Swings) thanks to this programming.

I am getting dejavu.... it's almost like I've done a trail run followed by heavy deadlifts before....

Melisa C said...
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PTS said...

late may
A. 36, 35, 34
B. unnbroken x 5 sets
C. all jumps 28" or 29"
D. unbroken x3.

NE competes May 22-23 and we have been following late may. When do we make the switch to start tapering for that weekend?

I will do the run later if that is what is called for. If we should no longer be following late May, I'll take that run off.

Melisa C said...

Late May

A. 31, 33, 33
B. UB C2B, hahaha yeah right. :P
Most UB was 5, therefore did broken sets
C. ~98" (measuring from the ground up)
D. UB with GHD length on 6

Jenny said...

A. 41 - 41 - 41
B. 15 (10 ub) - 15 (11 ub) - 8ub - 7ub - 9ub
C. did not attempt
D. ub

will sub row for run later today.

Emilie P-B said...

Late May

A. 38-37-32
B. UB/UB/10-5/10-5/10-5
C. Highest vertical jump: 51cm (20")

Brent Maier said...

Thanks Bri, good to have you there cheering us on and yelling at me to "Get Back On The Rower!".

I'm going to my 2nd Yoga class I've ever been to tonight in hopes of stretching things out. I'm a long way from mastering the rocking baby pose, but hope this helps my recovery. My shoulders were hurting all last week and when I watched the videos, I noticed my left shoulder was sagging on all the OH lifts and the pullups were favoring one side. Mentally I'm ready to keep hitting it but I'm giving myself several days of stretching and rehab before I jump back in.

I look forward to seeing everyone else compete now! One thing I am excited about is getting EVERYONE back on one workout schedule so that it's easier to keep track of what everyone is doing.

Melisa C said...

I think I am retarded with the vertical jumps, I am measuring how high my hand reached, not how high I was off the ground.

Rob said...

Well Done Brent and Unit.

Amazing weekend, wish I could have been there to cheer you on.

Be proud of your accomplishments.

Martin Altemark said...

When I asked a question on here in early Sept about something I got an answer from James saying to just jump right in and that "you’ll look back over time and laugh at where you were". I never realized hoe true that would be. Now been here for 8,5 months and taken part in all 3 challenges I feel like a real "Big Dawg"! OK, still the weakest dude here, but it's getting there!

Anyways, just wanted to thank you all (and mostly James!) for getting me too see and truly understand that "full effort IS full victory".

Finest personal moment so far is probably when I was all confused and dazed after pushing my lightweight body to a 6:57 2k row (something I never thought I could do) on the OPT 3 challenge. Stupid gaming-wise, but a surely a full victory.

I am proud to think of myself as a part of the pack, and hopefully you see me as one.

Will now take 8 weeks to get a bit stronger & more powerful as you guys get ready to find glory at the games. I will continue to read here and I will cheer you on with all my heart! I'll be back!

the interval runs. Not so much fun, but I needed that.

Corbin said...

Saw the May 8/9 workout was geared towards the Southwest Regional, so I did some stuff related to the European Regional:
A few sets of Pwr Cln @ 155#,
1 round of 15 unbroken 95# Power Snatch and 35 Dbl Unders
Then got 175# overhead and walked around a bit trying out different grips

Katrina Burton said...

Late May
A.) 35, 33, 31
B.) All unbroken each set completed in 15 sec. I reduced the rest on this to one min to challenge myself a bit more. I started to feel it on the last couple reps of the last set.
C.) 21/21/22, 22/22/22, 22/22/23"
D.) All unbroken with a 10# plate

Melisa... to find the height you actully jumped, measure your height standing with one arm fully extended. Subtract this from your 98" jump.

Benorama said...

Rehab work today for hamstring: Back squats and running. Hamstring was talking to me about 2/3 of the time, but pain was never sharp.

PTS said...

Part 2:
completed 7 intervals before pain in ankles/feet got to be too much. that is the only thing I have noticed with not running as much as I used to pre-crossfit. My joints seem to get sore after a couple miles.

Brent thanks for sharing your thoughts/videos on competition. I love hearing that stuff.

To taper for May22, my plan is to do late May wods until May 11, then on May 11 start with the May 8-9 wods from the day of April 27th. That should have us NE athletes peaking the weekend of May 22. If this is incorrect let me know.

Geoff Aucoin said...

A. 36,37,38
B. 1st 3 unbroken, 3rd with a pause, last 2 broken. Grip failed.
C. Yup
D. Unbroken, last 2 with hands at temples.

Ben, I got my BSc gear today! Thanks!

Rory Hanlin said...

Late May
Part 1

A. American Swings: 29, 32, 32
B. All unbroken
C. 28-30" none over 30
D. complete

Lisa M said...

I feel like shit today...

A. 33/35/33 went too high i think on the first set guarding knee

B. C2Bs were pathetic pulled pin after 3rd set

Not sure what my problem is today but body says rest so i am going to lay on the couch and hopefully hit up some rowing later if i feel better. Can't run knee is pooched, but good news is i pulled some strings and got in to see a specialist on Friday morning so hopefully he has a magic cure for me that will work before the end of May!!

Brandon said...

Late May

A. 34/35/35
B. all broken-did max CTB for each round and finished with regular
C. 28"
D. unbr.


├╝ber Bania said...

Late May:
Part 1 only, had to go to the dentist and wait for an hour there, only to be sent away for tomorrow morning...fml...

A: 31, 31, 32
B: All unbroken, 25-30sec each set
C: 58" box jump 3x4sets
D: All umbroken, 30-34sec each set

Will run before lunch tomorrow, I think...

DeeJay said...

Late May-
Part 1:
A. 36-37-35
B. All completed unbroken
C. Had no hips left
D. All completed unbroken

Chad said...

Late May

A. 30/27/21
B. UB/broken on next 4
C. not measured

CTB is still a major weakness for me. Started losing my balance on 3rd set of KBs

Also, great job Unit and Brent. I was checking the results all weekend. Awesome performance!

Jonathan Burns said...

Late May
A. 38/39/40
B. First 4 UB, last one broken.
C. 26-27"
D. Unbroken, last two with 20#

Garage Crossfitter said...

A 30 32 32
B unbroken, last 2 sets tough
C all jumps 29 inch
D unbroken, 3 sets hands behind head, 2 sets hands at sides

rest 10 min

run 5 min warmup
4 sets of 2 min 90%, 2 min 50%
run 3 min cooldown

runs felt like crap, i covered 450-570m per run. right calf and shin started to throb.

I am with PTS on that gameplan for the NE Big dawgs. Coach please correct us if we are wrong.

Roch said...

Ankle rehab day 7:


A. 43-41-42 (Russian is over the solar plexus right??)


C.Front Squat Cluster 3-3-3 @32X1, 4 sets (5 sec rest B/T 3's & 2min B/T sets)


5min rest and:

8 sets of:
-2min row @ 90%-95%
-2min fast walk focusing on full range of motion and proper ankle drive (Heel-toes action) No rest after 4th.

Gord said...

Aucoin....with the arrival of your new BSC gear does that mean the rest of us don't have to see you in those flashy package snuggy gym pants anymore.

Nathan H. said...

May 8/9:
110, 116, 120 stayed moderately conservative. Didnt feel 100% explosive


Tried to keep a good pace on the run. Actual wod pace will be a bit slower

funbobby said...

late may

a. 34,32,34
d ub

notes:kbs were dbs and really fried my forearms, chins were the first time ive pushed my shoulder after a hard pushing day (sun) and a pulling day (tues) and it felt fatigued so i shut it down in the 5th set to avoid another incident, vert was fun! gh raises will make my bum look good for speedo season. video of dbs and vert on fb later today.

part 2 done at MRU on the outside lane of an indoor 200m track, intervals were between 515 and 575m and ill admit that the 50% jog looked alot like 0% lean on the fence and gasp for air in the later rounds but i sacrificed recovery interval speed for oxygen and more production during the 90-95 interval. stuck to the work to rest ratio throughout. its seems like it was more fun now than it did at the time.

thanks for the shout out coach, but as with all great "funbobbyisms" its an interpretation of something i heard from someone else :)

Derb said...


A: 32/28/29
B: UB first set then Broken(KBS killed my grip)
C: 27"-29"
D: UB(hands on temples)

Alex Duncan said...

Late May m/26/6'3"/201

A. 28/27/24
B. All UB
C. Average between 27-29"
D. All UB
Rest 8 hours
Part 2 on 400m outdoor track felt great
Average between 475-550m each. Recovery was fast.

Paul Klein said...
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Paul Klein said...

Late May

A. I'm not 100% clear on what the difference is between a russian KBS and a regular kettle bell swing. So I did swings to just above my forehead, but not with my ears in front of arms at the top. Also 70lb dumbell.

34 34 31

B. Unbroken, unbroken, unbroken, broken (slipped off bar at 11), unbroken

C. 24.5" / 25" / 25" / 25"

D. Harop curls

Part 2.

My feet felt like they were in concrete. But I did recover well between each round.

dmarsh said...

Late May:

A. 35,35,34
B. UB x 5
C. 3x4, consistent height, set 4 best
D. UB x 3, hands at chest

Runs completed 7 hours later. Runs 2-5 fastest and most consistent. Really labored through 6-8. Happy with the effort though.

Aaron said...

Late May-
C.all consistent height
D.all unbroken
my grip was just not there after the kbs, I should have been as rx'd

Part2- 6 hrs. Later
very hot/humid. Good pacing w/consistent distances for all intervals

LuLu said...

Part 1

A)26-30-25 ( ALL straight overhead thought they were supposed to be games style, oooopppps.)
B) all sets UB
C)All consistent height, did the same as Melissa C and was 99.5 inches from Ground to max reach.
D) All UB

No rest before part 2

Was nice out tonight, good pace and felt good for all intervals. A big Thank You to Angie for getting me through these right after Part 1
it was hard but felt good after :)

Michael McCabe said...

A. with 75#DB - 36, 36, 30
B. ub, ub, 13+2, 12+3, 12+3
C. didn't measure but worse than last time we did this, hips never recovered from those swings
D. harop curls 15x3

30 min rest (not enough, hammies were screaming)

completed 6 sets without 10 min walk b/t 4 and 5... thunderstorm was not conducive to walking

LuLu said...

I just read what you wrote to Melissa and figured out my vertical jump is 20". I am pretty happy :) for a 5 foot 2er, woot.
Thanks for the help.
CU soon :)

Chad Hall said...

Late May

A: 35, 35, 35

B: UB, UB, UB, 9/4/2, 7/5/3

C: 26.5 / 27.5 / 26.5
27.5 / 27.5 / 28
28 / 27.5 / 27
27inches for each

D: 10lbs, 10bs, 15lbs (at chest)


No running, don't want to aggravate the foot again. Will row later.

AGAIN my grip was determining factor for CTB pull ups. It was fried from the KBS in part A and carried over from there. It sucks that it's always the limiting factor.

Standing vert jump, no step.

Wes hendricks said...

Part 1:
A. 30-30-30...did american accidently
B. UB x 5...all done w/in 16-18 seconds
C. Worked on consecutive 30in BJ....finally got them effortlessly and relaxed
D. 15 x 3 UB

rested probaby close to 7 hours

Part 2:
Averaged roughly a 6:04 min mile pace

LuLu said...

My vertical jump was from standing but are you allowed to do it with a step? and thank you for helping me out with my touch and goes the other day. I won't do that again unless it is written. Thanks.

ken c said...

workday ran way long today so didn't have time for the full workout so i decided to do helen because it had similar movements. not the best idea after yesterday's 5 max efforts.

helen 8:37 (pr is 7:58).

not too concerned being that far off my pr. trying to used to the heat coming out of "winter" and i could feel the upper body wasn't ready for that kind of metcon after yesterday. feedback??

Marshall said...

A. 35,37,36
B. 15,15,15,15,15 broken (5,5,5)
C. 24.5
D. All UB

My hands started to go on the 4th set of Pullups, had to take it slow on the last one. Felt pretty weak on the vert. jumps. I did 26" last time, felt like I had lead weights on today.
Did part two on an airdyne- it sucked.

Mizar said...

Part 1
A. 36, 36, 36

B. all sets unbroken

C. 24" average for all sets
- May 5th, vertical jump was calculated from highest distance with extended arm to maximal height at jump.
- April 24th, vertical jumps were done with a box and bumper plates (41" max jump).

D. all sets unbroken

Part 2 - Friendship: important/essential?

MikeE said...

A. 42,43,43... Felt explosive and light weight up to about eye level.
B. 15,15,13,10,7 (forearms were jacked from the KBS and was most of failing factor)
C. 35.25" with one step (way lower than my pr but understandable I guess)
D. All UB... Felt a good pump in my hammies though!

Part 2. Raining cats and dogs so I did a couple more WODS at my gym. Will run tomorrow morning.

Uber - Sick Box jump! I'm Jealous!
Funbobby = Bobfunny!... But you're still a machine.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Gordo, this gear makes my other snuggy pants look like pajamas. If you're curious I'll let you sneak a peek, just promise me you won't puke.

Steve Howell said...

Late May

Part 1;
A: 38/36/36
B: All sets Unbroken
C: Between 28"-30" in all sets
D: All sets Unbroken

15 min rest

Part 2 (only had enough time for 4 sets)

- Running felt okay was finding it hard to maintain 90-95% tempo for 2 minutes tho.

sHELLy said...

A: 30,31,30 (reg swings, arms above head - not sure about this "Russian" swing everyone is doing)
B: All very broken. Played with different grips and widths. I've lost these - def high enougth, but not making contact. I better find these quick!
C: Jumped, but didn't measure

Work got in the way today, no time to run. Maybe tomorow..

Brian Maier said...

May 8/9

Started w/ yesterday's WOD:
scaled to 95# OHS.

1:19 - 2 misses on D/U's slowed me down.

5min rest

Today's WOD
Part 2:


all m/u's unbroken.

Emilie P-B said...

Late May
Part 2 (6 hours after part 1)

Beatiful weather to run outside today in Montreal. I did that workout on a track, that's how I calculated the distance.

Run 10 min warm up --> (1800m)
8 sets:
2 min @ 90-95% effort --> (higher distance: 575m, lower distance:450m)
2 min @ 50% effort
Run 10 min cool down --> (1500m)

(walk rest 10 min b/t sets 4 and 5

Ok, I haven't see the last line saying that we have to rest 10 minutes b/t sets 4 and 5. I did the 8 sets without resting more then the 2 minutes @ 50% and it hurts!

Set 1&2: I knew it would be hard
Set 3&4: Hit the wall, really wanted to quit, but on the other hand it was not an option
Set 5&6: Really had to talk to myself to get through it
Set 7&8: I knew it was almost done, so it was much easier.

Last minute of each set was mentally really challenging.

Nathan H. said...


1:08 and 1:16!?

Good God Man.

exp. said...

late may

Part 1:
A. 37/36/36...grip smasher
B. UBx5
C. 28"
D. 15x3

Rested about as long as it took to put my running shoes on.

Part 2:
Felt strong entire run. I was eager to get back to sets after 10 min walk rest.

Michelle said...

Did the WOD with David at CFC...thanks for the encouragement David!
A.39/34/30 was letting go and regripping at the top of the swing on these (did Russian)...grip was fried!!!
B. Couldn't get a rhythum with these in warm up and never did find it!!!! These were so bad!!!! I even switched part way thru 3rd round to chin over,but then switched back and grinded them out. I am in awe of those of you who did these UB!!! Max UB set was 8. Only did 4 sets to avoid shredding hands.

C. Max jumps/set...20"/20"/21"
D. All UB

Heavy Evy said...

A. 70#DB 40,36,32
B. Sub, low ceiling made ctb's impossible so did strict till failure then quasi kip, as I tried to keep my head from smashing roof.
C. Still can't dunk X 3att/set x 4
D Harrop Curls

Part 2:
Though I'm starting to consider myself a "Big Dawg" that still puts me lower on the food chain then the Grizzlly Bear, for that reason I will not be running today at my current location, as bears smell fear, and the size of the bears up here makes me fill my pants with fear.

Can't wait to get home.

joey warren said...

May 8/9

PC - 205, 225, 245


fast throughout all, felt good

Redy for the weekend to come

Thad said...

Late May

A. 43,33,33
B. all UB
C. 23"
D. Subbed good mornings UB/85, UB/90, UB/90

Subbed exercise bike

Norm said...

had to take a rest day today, lower back felt wrecked! ran the dog as active rest.

john rambo said...

late may:

A. unbroken american swings 29/30/31

b. all sets broken. didnt workout in my usual gym today and the gym i did workout in had horrible pullup bars; the ones between the cable crossovers.

c. done

d. unbroken

part 2. done on the beach in 82 deg, weather, AWESOME

Jason Buzzard said...

Late May:

A: 35, 35,25
B: skipped
C: completed
D: unbroken (GHD back extensions)

KBS felt good, hand tore on the last round though so I skipped the pull ups. Verticle jumps were good, hit about the same spot each time.