thurs, may 6, 2010

early May:
A1. Back Squat - 1,1,1; rest 3 min
A2. 15 unbroken chin ups x 3; rest 3 min
B. 25 high speed double unders; rest 30 sec x 4
C. 10 high speed burpees; rest 90 sec x 3

late May:
A. Bench Press - find your 1RM
B. High Hang Squat Snatch - 3 x 3 - tech work; rest as needed
C. 85% of Bench Press 1RM (A) - 1 attempt amrap
D. Tabata Sit Ups unanchored - low score

post scores to comments


Steve Howell said...

question... if your hips come off the bench during your Bench Press is that considered a failed rep?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is the early May work still apply to the those competing May 8th and 9th? Thank for the info?

OPT said...

anon, yes, who are you?
steve, for this testing yes

PTS said...

late may

A. 260
B. 95,105,105. kept weight low, really tried for perfect reps.
C. 6 reps at 213lbs.
D. 16.

I just started training people out of my garage 3 weeks ago, and have 5 full time clients already. 2 are going to the military, 1 is a high school wrestler and football player, 1 plays in the OHL and is home for the summer and has hopes of being drafted next year. 1 is planning on competiting in crossfit. Things are moving much quicker than I anticipated but it's a good time so I'm glad to be doing it.

Good luck to Nathan H., Joey Warren all the competitors going this weekend.

Nathan H. said...

May 8/9:

5:30am! Actually felt pretty good this morning. Usually hate very early morning workouts.

Backsquats: 160 for all sets (stayed conservative, felt good)
Pullups: :18, :18, :15 first two sets focused on movement. Last set speed focus.

Doubleunders: :11, :11, :13, :12

Burpees: :18, :19, :18

Now to rest, relax and visualize :)

Jenny said...

A. 160#
B. 65, 75, 75
C. 5 reps at 140
D. 12

Nathan H. said...

Thanks pts! The weekend is gonna be awesome

Steve Howell said...

Late May

A. 260
B. 111/116/121
C. 221x6
D. 16

* went for 270 but hips came off the bench.

* good luck Nathan and Joey this weekend! kill it out there like you guys do on here!

Geoff Aucoin said...

James, are we looking to pause at the 'bottom' of the high hang at all or should it be all one swift movement?

Chad Hall said...

Late May

A: 250
C: 215 x 5
B: 95, 115, 135
D: 12


Bench felt decent but could only hit old PR. Had to switch B and C as my spotter had to leave. Probably could have squeezed one more if I had rested longer.

135 HHSS actually felt better than my 135 full snatch has in the past.

Went full out on situps each set and hit 13 then half way down to 12. I always do anchored situps so it was a good change.

Made up some row intervals from yesterday's run intervals.

Good luck to everyone this weekend!!

Brandon said...

Late May -
A. 365
B. 95/115/135
C. 310x3
D. 14

Notes: 85% AMRAP was really heavy today. Normally this is a 5/6 rep weight...oh well.

Good luck everyone this weekend! I'm judging SW regionals...this is going to be a crazy competition.

funbobby said...

late may

a 230
b 40 kg
c 9
d 20

notes: felt foggy this morning first thing after yesterdays double but after CP dose of caf came around. snatch was fun, used ab mat for sit ups. didnt have much "zippity in my doo-daa" today so this workout was perfect for the way i was feeling, looking forward to resting hard friday and knocking out the doubles on the weekend....maybe this OPT guy knows what hes doing afterall ;)

Michael FitzGerald said...

Late May
A - 235 (pb)
B - did 1 squat snatch/min up to a tough weight. Went from 111-143.5 in small jumps. 143.5 lb is a pb for my squat snatch too. I need confidence with this movement and today helped. Next time 155. 200 next year.
C - 199 x 6 reps
D - 14 (120 total)

Emilie P-B said...

Late May

A. 100 (PR)
B. Worked with 60#, did 4 sets of 3. First 2 sets looked like a hang power snatch followed by an OHS. Last 2 sets looked like real hang squat snatch.
C. 6 reps (85#)
D. Low score: 12 (frog sit-up)

Erik Fay said...

May 8th and 9th

Back Squat- 177 for all three sets. Staying light.

Pull-ups- 15, 15, 18 (CTB)

Double unders-15, 15, 15

Burpees(Southwest regional standard)-22, 22, 22

Getting ready for this weekend, Really awesome programming. I will check it out more often. Thanks for the wods.

Rainer Hartmann said...

A: 185
B: 85/90/95 x 3
C: 155 x 7
D: 13/13/12/12/11/11/11/11 = low score 11 (on AbMat)

Geoff Aucoin said...

A. 240 - that's around my PB but I could feel my hips wanting to lift so I stopped there.
B. 108,118,123 - got better as I went along.
C. 204 x 7, didn't go to complete failure-big pause between 6th and 7th rep.
D. All sets were 13 reps. Might have got 14 straight through.

Monster warm-up, felt really good today.

Garage Crossfitter said...

95 105 115-went light for tech work
11 situps

Rory Hanlin said...

Late May

Did the runs from Late may part two yesterday.

I did seven sets this morning, because I ran out of time. Went out too fast at first and I had to slow it up.

work is killing me...

Katrina Burton said...

Late may
A. 120#
B. 65, 75, 65
C. 6 @ 100# D. 19 on second set, 18 on all others for 145 total. Shoulders to knees each time.

Derb said...


A: 205
B: 65/75/85(finally starting to feel comfortable with this movement)
C: 8x175
D: 16/15/13(had to shut down after 3 because of horrible cramping in my abs)

joey warren said...

Thanks PTS and Steve, hopefully luck will be on my side.

May 8/9

A1. 255, 265, 275 - mmoderate
A2. COVP, COHP butterfly, COVP quick
B1. all 14 sec
C1. 2 ses + 1 set tire flips

practiced log carries, nice bruise on my right shoulder now!

Wes hendricks said...


B.135-155-155...dropped every rep to work on tech. Did in my driveway which prob isn't completely flat so I had some balance issues in the bottom
C. 195x3

Lauren said...

A. 165 (I think that was PR match)
B. 65, 75, 85 - these are feeling better.
C. 5 with 140#
D. 10- but should have went with 11 or 12. next time.

dmarsh said...

Late May:

A. 300 (PR)
B. 110,125,135
C. 255x6
D. 11

A. Have 5-10 more pounds in me with a spotter.

B. Stayed light and fast on snatch.

C. Had another rep in me on bench but no spot.

D. Situps chest to thighs.

über Bania said...

Late May:
A. 265
missed PR by 10 lbs, but haven't benched this much in a long time

B. 95, 115, 135
felt solid, except 135 was hard to find the front/back balance. worked on it with a few singles and a buddy watching my pulls.

C. 225x7
PR for reps at 225. 8th rep didn't feel good, so I racked it before my shoulders self-destructed.

D. 11 every round, hands interlocked behind head.

worked up to 315x5 back squat, felt super solid, and got some looks and inquiries as to how I got to that weight. Felt good :)

über Bania said...
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Anonymous said...

A. 260#
B. 135/145/155
C. 221 X 7
D. 14 (last round, all others 15)

Melisa C said...

Late May

Training in Ottawa for the week

A. 140 (5# PR) so close to 143 but needed slight assistance at sticking point. Had some great coaching so with some work I can be a bench beast like Lauren. Nice work!
B. 65 - really focused on technique, have trouble dropping under the bar fast enough.
C. 6 at 116 and did 7 more at 110
D. 14

Did part 2 from yesterday today as well, back to back.

Hard a hard digging into 95%, would say I was at about 85%
Averaged .3 miles for every 2m interval. Had some strong headwinds but then that also produced some nice tail winds as well.

Michael McCabe said...

late may
-warmed up w/ some light bench work but shoulder is not ready for a max effort. i did BB bent over row instead.

B. 95, 105, 115
C. 190 for 6 reps
D. 12

pumped to watch the southwest regionals webcast over the weekend... what a stacked region... good luck joey and n.h.!

david83 said...

A.) 270
Was not dropping the weight from the top but re gripping it at the mid hand position.I could have done more if I didnt have to regrip.
C.)230-7 reps
D.)16 reps

david83 said...

welcome back brett and good job today M dog

ken c said...

late may

A. 275 pr
B. 145 155 165
C. 215x9 (75% of 1rm)
D. 15x6 14 13

had it in my head that the bench press amrap was with 75% instead of 85%. guessing i could get about 4 or 5 at 235. i'll do it again some time. happy with the bench press pr. been trying to get that for a long time.

Paul Klein said...

Late May

A. 280lbs
B 95 / 115 / 135
C. 235lbs 7 reps
D. 12

LuLu said...

Late May

A) 140# (new PR by 20#):)
B) 65-65-65 really worked on technique and it is getting much better
C) 3@ 120#
D)low score 16
Frog style with full ROM

Thad said...

Late May: At OPT

A. 242#
B. 65,88,108 Kept it light felt good
C. 6/205.5
D. 12 total 97

Melisa C said...

LuLu- 20# PR!?! Nice work!

LuLu said...

Thanks Melissa,
I can't remeber the last time I did bench press 1rm. I think it was around December before starting OPT. His training is def working :) I was super happy, nice PR yourself lady. CU soon. Hey and we both did the same thing yesterday with the vertical jump so don't feel retarded :)

Chad said...

Late May

A. 235
B. 95/115/115
C. 200x7
D. 15

Notes: Felt good...ready for rest!

Norm said...

B.worked up to 135, felt fast and strong
D.12 for all rnds, had 13 maybe 14,next time

*pr by 15#, 300 was a goal when i was 20, i used to lift weights like every other testosterone filled male who doesn't know any better, and 275 was my pb, so pumped to be getting pb's even tho i dont perform the lift nearly as often, 4 months on big dawgs training and i acheive a goal 10 years in the making, thanks coach!

exp. said...
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exp. said...

A. 285 (PB)...I hit 285# last time I did a heavy single on the bench, but after reading the comments today about hips coming off the bench being a failed rep, I can't count the last time because my hips did come off a bit...I didn't know this constituted a failure...this time, hips stayed down and there was no real sticking point so I'm pleased with this PB...
B. 95,115,135...third rep of last set was sloppy
C. 245(rounded up from 242)x4

Norm...nice work on the PB today buddy! there was def room there for more.

Good luck to all the dawgs throwin down this weekend!

Mizar said...
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Mizar said...

A. 200 - assumed 1RM*

B. 95, 95, 95

C. 170x7

D. 15 low score - frog sit ups... i train in quebec :)

*needed slight assistance to complete 205#

Brian Maier said...

Sweet...lots of PR's today...great time to be peaking!!!

Did Early and Late May WOD's:

Early May:

A1: 275,285,295
A2: :21,:19,:18
B: :12,:15,:13,:13 (round 2 caught foot so cost me a couple sec)
C: :18,:17,:17

Late May:
A: 275
B: just did tech work w/ bar
C: 7 reps at 230
D: 15 all rounds

DeeJay said...

Late May
A. 252.5
B. Last set was 176#
C. 6 reps
D. 11

Roch said...

Ankle rehab day 7:
Hard day very tired.

A. 225(2), 235(f), I wouldn't have done better, my nervous system took a big surge from the 2nd 225lbs rep (really dizzy). 230 last PR so I tried 235lbs, and miss not even close.

B. 195lbs amrap : 8 reps

C. OHS @ 3511 3X3sets

D. Tabata situps 18-18-17-17-16-16-15-15

Lisa M said...

Did row today in lieu of xcountry run from the other day.

First set of 2 minutes ave was 2:00.8/500 m
second set 2:03/500m. It's been a while since I have rowed this was friggin hard the last 2 min set was hideous no matter how hard i pulled I just had no power.

Knee specialist tomorrow!!! Then hopefully do today's WOD

Good luck everyone competing this weekend kick some ass!!

Jonathan Burns said...

Late May
A. 225, pb
B. did not complete
C. 190, 6 reps
D. did not complete.

time constraints today.

Will do some snatch skill work during tomorrow's rest day.

Erik Fay said...

I must confess that I was the anonymous poster earlier. Hope to be posting more on this site. Thanks for all of the info.

Erik Fay

Benorama said...

Late May:

Wrapped up and did mitt work in the morning.

Evening -
A. 175#
B. Skipped
C. 145#, 9 reps
D. 13

Notes: Tight adductors from heavy back squats yesterday, so skipped B.

Good fighting this weekend, Early May competitors!!

Benn said...

late may

Paul Klein said...

Looks like Joey Warren is in the 6th heat and Nathan Holiday is in the 8th heat. I will be glued to the web cast watching.

Good luck this weekend guys! Give 'em hell.

Brent Maier said...

Tear it up Joey, Nathan and any other big dawgs competing this weekend. The live webcast is going to be sweet!


Eric Montgomery said...

May 8/9
A1. 285, 295, 305
A2. 17s, 26s, 17s; butterfly kip for 1 and 3, regular kip for 2
B. 20s, 25s, 17s, 20s. Problems getting my rhythm going except on set 3
C. 21s, 21s, 20s

sHELLy said...

Late May
No spotter yesterday, so had to do this one this morning.

A: 145 - PR by 30lbs! Amazing what some coaching will do. (Thanks for the spot and tips, Ken)
B: 45, 65, 75
C: 120 x 6
D: 12

Lisa M said...

Nice work sHELLy that is awesome. It makes a huge difference when someone can raise the weigh off the bar initially for you and then having a spotter allows you to go for it without worrying about killing yourself. I will be doing this later alone so don't expect any PRs

Heavy Evy said...

Late May.

B. 88# 3x3 "Benis" Excercise.
C. 210x2
D. 11 (110 total)

No umpf on bench last night, pr is 250, and it wasn't happening. Good to be home, hope to do the interval run today that I missed on Wed.

Michelle said...

Operating on too little sleep and shoulders would not loosen up today. Ended up having IMS treatment on both shoulders later in the day. Also seeing the 'hand specialist' at my physios office on Monday to get a splint made...Strained my right hand/thumb at sectionals and have been waiting for it to 'just go away'. It will be good to get it to start healing.
A)117.5 (pr is 125...body just didn't want to lift...couldn't get 122.5 out of the rack! That's never happened before?!?)
C) 6 or 7 reps at 100#...felt like 1000#!!!
D)low score 15

Congrats on the PRs today sHELLy, Lulu, Melisa C, and Emilie P-B!!!

Aaron said...

Late May-
A.245# Down 10# from last month

The snatch technique felt awesome. I could have kept climbing but I had a real breakthrough on this movement and wanted to keep good technique

MikeE said...

Late May-
A.255... Shoulder was hurting; Didn't want to push it
B.Subbed Prowler Pushes
D.Did 3 rounds of rope climb, 10 C/J, and 100 Double Unders instead.

Felt like ass... My body is run down... TGRDF (Thank god it's rest day Friday)

Marshall said...

A. 290
B. 115,125,135
C. 5 reps at 245
D. 16,14,13,11,11,9,9,10

Happy with the BP, I used to be able to do 300 so I'd like to get back up there. The bad news is that I can bench more than I can squat, gotta work on that. I've just started doing weighted squats in this past year, regardless it is still out of balance. Squat snatch's felt really good today. I'm getting more comfortable settling the weight into the overhead position at the bottom.

Mack Lar said...

A. 255 15lb PR
B. 115/125/135
C. 7 reps at 215 lbs
D. 13

Huge PR on the bench press. Up from 240 in february. My BP is beginning to resemble that of an adult male for the first time in my life. Squat snatches felt fluid and fast, resisted the temptation to go heavy.

Lisa M said...

A 170#s oooooouuuuuuuu PR by 30#
this guy at my globo used to be a powerlifter and he reeeeeaaallly helped me and just gave me the confidence to be able to do it. And he gave me some good advice about warm up and approach to heavy lifts. It was awesome!!!!

B 65 all three no squat due to knee

C 145 x 6 reps ooooouuuuuu that is 5 pounds over my old 1 RM

D 14

Michelle said...

Lisa M...that is so freakin' awesome!!! I'm excited for you...can't even imagine how excited you must be!!!!!

LuLu said...

That is sooooooooo exciting. I know how you feel. I was over the moon with my pr. 170# is HUGE. AMAZING. CU soon :)

Lisa M said...

Thanks ladies. I quietly did a fist pump in my globo and had a huge grin on my face. It is small consolation though to the issues with my knee. I am pounding anti inflam supplements and icing an starting physio and contemplating an injection of some viscoelastic compound?? Can't wait to meet you LuLu

Melissa said...

Late May

A. 125 (15# PR)
B. light weights for technique
C. 8 reps (I think that's says "slow twitch" - eh?)
D. low score = 13