sun, may 22, 2010

In Honor...


A. 20 unbroken chin ups; rest 2 min x 5
B. Front Squat @ 30X0; 3,2,1; rest 5 min
C. Tabata Sit Ups - total added to push up score from yesterday is score
D. 30 unbroken double unders; rest 45 sec x 5

post loads and notes to comments


Paul Klein said...

Wow, am I the first to post today?

A. All unbroken. Second set I did chest to bar, all other sets were COVP. My grip became an issue in set 5.

B. 210 / 230 / 255
At the 30x0 tempo 255 felt like a true 1RM

C. 115 sit ups + 115 push ups = 230reps

1. Unbroken first attempt
2. Unbroken first attempt
3. Took 2 attempts to get unbroken
4. Took 3 attempts to get unbroken
5. Unbroken first attempt

I just can't jump as well in my Chucks as I can in running shoes.

Mike McNaughton said...

A. 20,17,14,12,12
B. 225,275,300(F). Low back issues.
C. 92. 157 total.
D. 27,UB,28,UB,UB

Looking forward to the rest day.

├╝ber Bania said...

A. all unbroken. time for each 20 (covp): 19s, 19s, 19s, 20s, 19s

B. 225x3, 275x2, 295x1 @30X0. oof...

C. 15, 16, 16, 15, 13, 12, 12, 12
111 total (didn't do pushups yesterday)

D. all unbroken. time for each 30: 17s, 17s, 18s, 16s, 16s

Trenton said...

A. All Sets of pull ups were unbroken
B. 220lbs, 264lbs, 308lbs (failed 1st attempt, waited 3 mins and got the 2nd attempt
C. 12 reps for 1st 4 sets and 11 the last 4 sets
D. Tripped twice the 1st set and then completed it unbroken. All other sets were unbroken

Katrina Burton said...

A. All unbroken. Felt slow though about 22-25 second per set.
B. 140(3), 150(2), 160(1)
Front squats have improved big time for me, but are still out of wack compared to the weights I lift for OHS.
C. Tabata situps 146 (20, 19, 19, 18, 18, 18, 17, 17)
Total with pushups = 243
D. All UB took exactly 15 second each time.

Eric Montgomery said...

A. All unbroken. 22s, 22s, 22s, 23s, 26s. Lost butterfly rhythm on set 5.
B. 106kgx3, 111x2, 119x1 (PR by 10kg over my previous non-tempo 1RM)
C. Unanchored abmat situps. 16, 16, 16, 16, 15, 14, 14, 14 = 121. Total with pushups=134
D. Sets 1, 2, and 5 unbroken. Set 3 whiffed at 28 and had to start over. Set 4 whiffed at 21 and had to start over. Got both 3 and 4 on second tries.

LuLu said...

OMG what a gorgeous day here in Montreal. 28 degrees out and sunny. Trained at Jackie's new little house gym. It was fantastic. Were a bit stuck on weigths so we did 3 sets of 3 for the front squat.

A. mixed it up 3 sets of 20 chins, 3sets of 20 push ups, all were UB
B. 105x3-105x3-105x3 all felt amazing.
C. Tabata situps with bosu ball
( 16-16-16-15-14-13-13-13) much harder on bosu.
D. All UB and did last set as 60 skips for fun :)

Jackie and I went for a 30min run at Mnt Royal after the workout then enjoyed her pool, hot tub and a BBQ. Jackie your kids and husband are fantastic!! Today was amazing and reminded me why I train!!! I LOVE IT, especially with great company.

Gillian Mounsey said...

A. All unbroken

B. 155x3, 170x2, 185x1
Went too light. Overestimated the effect that the tempo would have.

C. Tabata - sit-ups 148 (20,21,20,20,17,17,17,16)
Score with push-ups = 260

D. Sets 1,2,4,5 unbroken. Set 3 broken all over.

Sarano said...

A: 20,14,15,15,11,12,13 (continued with sets till I hit 100 reps)

B. not competing any time soon so increased my sets here

C. 20,15,12,11,11,10,11,11=101+83=184
D. ran outta time, will do tomorrow

Chad Walding said...

A. 20/20/20/15,5/18,2
- grip got hard, not the pull
B. 185(3), 205(2), 215(1)
-keeping light bc of R knee issue
C. 149 for tabata situp, missed yesterday
D. UBx5

Joel B. said...

A: unbrokenX5...but rest was more than 2 min
B: 165X3, 175X2, 195X1
wasn't sure where to start here. Tried to walk the line between prudent and wuss, but will be more aggressive next time
C: 115 for sit-ups, 75 from pu's for total of: 190
D: had to start one round over for unbroken, but 4 of 5 were unbroken first try.

ken c said...

A. 20x5 unbroken
B. 265x3 275x2 285x1
C. 16x7 and 15 (239 total)
D. did the 400m runs from yesterday. 1:10 and 1:12

Geoff Aucoin said...

A. All unbroken, played with thumb grip and location on bar.
B. 230, 240, 264-that's a pb for 2010, I could have gone higher and I think my 2009 pb is over 270. Started shakey on these.
C. 109 today, 205 total.
D. No misses.

Good energy today, got to keep that feeling going. Next weekend can't come fast enough for me...

Keep rockin' it, Big Dawgs!!

Dunsey said...

A. No pullups-- elbow hurts too much.
B. 135, 145, 150
C. 142: 20-20-18-18-17-17-16-16
D. All unbroken.

Front squat timing made those heavier than anticipated for that weight. Starting back after a longer break is tough mentally and physically. Will have to build strength and stamina again. It's great to start back up with this crew :)

Dunsey said...

Oops, forgot to post total tabata score from yesterday and today... 249

Brandon said...

A. ubx4, grip fail on 14 in 5th set
B. 245/275/305(PR)
C. situps: 122; total: 226
D. ub/br/ub/br/br

Notes: Happy with everything but the DUs. Just couldn't get going today. Will probably try this again during a warm-up next week to get past the mental part.

Carrie McG said...

A. 20 UB, 15 UB x 4 (max PU is 23 so scaled reps so I could keep UB)
B. 125x3, 140x2, 160x1 (PR)
C. 121 today + 71 yesterday = 192 total
D. All UB (and on first attempt each time too!)

really happy with today.. Felt good and strong. Doing unbroken DU in warmup is really paying off!
Off to the beach tomorrow on this amazing long weekend :)

Michael said...

This post is off topic for today, but I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts and strategies.

I have watched that video coach posted recently of Chris Solinsky breaking the American 10k record at least 10 times. Last night, I finally watched the interview with him afterward. Solinsky mentions that he thought the race went well because he stayed relaxed/patient and slowly putting the hammer down at the end.

For many of these WODs, I find that I push myself beyond previous limits most effectively when I can find that balance between attacking the exercises with intensity, yet staying relaxed and calm during the WOD. The issue is, I can't always replicate that. Sometimes I go too hard, and at times it seems like maybe I paced too much and scramble at the end to sprint it out. So, I have two questions: (1) Does anyone agree with the idea of finding this balance during the WOD? (2) If so, how do you get yourself into that equilibrium before and during the WOD?


Chad Hall said...

A: all UB COVP

B: 185, 225, 235

C: 134+91 = 225

D: completed


Made up the tabata pushups from yesterday in the warm up, got 91, I'm ok with this, push ups are still a goat.

Really happy with the chin ups as my hand/fingers still hurt, battled through it and found that it was better than I thought. Grip was smoked though.

Went light on the squats, fingers were awkward/hurt with hyperextending them.

Went all out on the sit ups instead of gaming them, need to work on doing sit ups fatigued.

I can do 30 DU UB easily so worked on going really fast. Missed about 5 times, but happy with the speed.

Melisa C said...

A. 13, 13, 10, 10, 10
felt very weak in pullups today, should have warmed up better as well.
B. 165, 175, 185(PR)
C. 191 (127 anchored/abmat)
D. All UB

PTS said...

Back from NE Regionals. All the Big Dawgs gave full effort on the weekend. A lot of PR's on the 3RM clean and jerk.

On a personal note my absolute worst movements came up in the workouts. OHS in the first and HSPU in the 3rd. I've had a lot of improvement in both movements in the last year but still not enough to be competitive at this level.

Gonna take a week (maybe more) off and get back to the Big Dawgs.

Good luck to all the remaining Big Dawgs still to compete.

david83 said...

all unbroken
Front Squats
265/3 easy
Situ-ups total-139
DU's- only broken ounce in first set and restarted.

Workout was with Pete and Duh, Mizar from the EASt very cool.
feel good, ready to goooooo

Nathan H. said...

Pullups ripped bad on the last set @4. Stopped and nursed my battle wound. Did the 1st and 3rd set ctb.

Fs: 308/3, 330/1 missed 2nd, 334 / fail
pushing too heavy

Tabats situps: did 10 rounds by accident: 16, 16, 16, 16, 16, 16, 15, 15, 15, 15
sum of today and yesterday: 240

Dus: Missed at 29 on round 3 but didn't start over, I just got lazy towards the end. Everything else unbroken.

Roch said...

A. All unbroken

B. 240(3)-255(2)-275(1PR) Underestimate on all.

C. 20-20-20-18-18-18-15-15
Total 144

D. 30-30-30-30-(24-22-26-30)
Thanks Dave for quick fix.

So inspirered by this weekend (Took OPT CCP life coach cert.)
I Strongly recommend it to anyone who is ready to deepen their coaching!!!)

Thanks James & Bernie ;)

Michael said...

A. first 3 sets C2B kipping, last 2 sets Chin break vertical plan.. all unbroken
B. 225 (3), 285(2), 315(1)
C. Did L-sit Practice b/c I did tabata sit ups thursday and got 120 (15/round)
D. All Unbroken and easy praying for double unders at regionals

Mizar said...

A. unbroken

B. 196x3, 216x2, 256x1

C. total tabata push ups & sit ups: 273*
*First 4 sets of sit ups lacked full ROM, thanks David for pointing this out!

D. broke in 3rd & 4th sets, restarted to complete them unbroken

Loved the energy while training with Tania, David, Pete, and Roch

MikeE said...

A. ub,ub,ub,no attempt for last 2. Didn't want to push hands and shoulder

B. 245, 265, no attempt at 1rep

C. 18+18+17+16+15+15+15+16=130
Total plus yesterday =247

D. Broke 1st round at 7 and 25... Then 5 straight unbroken.

MikeE said...

Oops, C. was actually 130+147=277

Michael FitzGerald said...

A. 3 sets unbroken. Failed at 13 on set 4. Did 10reps of 5th set. First time doing high rep chins on a fat bar
B. 242(3)/262(2) stopped
C. 114
D. all good

DAVE X said...

I just got home from the Northeast Qualifier and wanted to update the rest of the pack on the Big Dawgs' performances this weekend.

PTS and Wes showed a ton of heart this weekend battling 3 very tough WODs which didn't favor them in the least. The true challenge was being held between the ears and neither Dawg showed an ounce of quit in them and it was truly inspiring to watch.

Garage was unable to compete due to injury but was coaching and discussing strategy all weekend with Wes and PTS and I'm sure that as difficult as it was to be sidelined, he found as much enjoyment helping others as competing.

Dmarsh was awesome. Plain and simple. He was by far the most efficient athlete competing and Garage's wife said it best, "Dennis looks as calm doing 30 (95#) power snatches as he would be reading the newspaper."

It was also great to meet the other Big Dawgs Mike Malloy and BK who both turned in a couple amazing performances.

As for me, even though I didn't lift anything heavy this weekend, I chased around a 2 year old little girl for three
days straight and I'm ready to crash and burn.

Good lick to all the Dawgs competing next week!


Overall a great weekend.

Lauren said...

A. all unbroken except 4th set (16/4)
B. 175, 190, 200
C. 116, anchored
D. good to go

ken c said...


hear what you're saying but glaring contrast is that distance running and crossfit are totally different. intentionally different. everyone has different strengths and weaknesses that good programming will always hit.

solinsky has it a little easier. he found his talent and he is perfecting it. there are crossfit workouts that are easier for some and not so for others. crossfitters can always say they go all out but really its always some level of gaming. except for maybe fran of course.

Stephen B. said...

A. UBx5 (1-4 CTB, 5 COVP)...grip smasher
B. 225/250/275(f)...disappointed with the single because I was really strong out of the hole and thought I had it...half way up I hit a sticking point for what felt like forever and dumped the weight
C. 90 (unanchored)...didn't do yesterday's wod, so no 2-day total
D. problem

Erik Luber said...

A. All UB (COHP)
B. 60 kg, 64, 70
C. 17, 15, 16, 16, 15, 13, 13, 13 = 118 (anchored)
D. No problems

First workout after 2 weeks of vacation in Morocco (which was some must need rest). Felt great today, lots of juice, good to be back.

Michael said...

Hey Ken,
Thanks for your response. I agree, the 10k race and Crossfit are different not only in the time domains, but most importantly in the constant variation of movements. It's precisely that variety in CF that makes it so challenging because, as you said Ken, you aren't running the same race all the time.

While the movements are always different, the discipline of finding the balance in the WOD for the relaxed aggression seems the same in all of them . . . even in Fran where it's more of a sprint.

I am just wondering how others find that balance in the WOD. Mental cues? Mantras during the WOD? Points where you typically stop instead of squeezing out another rep? Timed rest (like counting breaths)?

I'd love to hear how other approach it.


Alex said...

Ive taken a few weeks off from tyhe OPT training (was away on Holiday :) ), but now back to the grindstone :)

I'll be posting more often as well :)

funbobby said...

me and mrs funbobby had the chance to train together this weekend as andrea was home from police college! as i am at a different area of the training cycle i switched up sat but did sunday to the letter...

squat cleans 6X2 up to 110k working the top of the second pull
deadlifts triples up to 180k
tabatta push ups 84 total
400s 1:12s inside lane at mt royal

sunday (done monday)
A 20,20,15,15,12
B did extra 6X2 up tp 295 ended up with a single at 315 that i missed which would indicate i need a lot of extra strength work over the next 3 weeks
C 84+174=258
d money

was really fun training with andrea this weekend, she totally "walked my dog "in the sunday workout, OPTs programing is doing amazing things for her and ive never seen her look this good! im so f-ing proud of you baby!

Andrea K said...

aw Thanks baby, was a great weekend!
A. 88, 108, 118
B. 135
C. 70
D.did first 400 but had to pull the plug on second due to seriously painful shin splints!

A. all unbroken! (this is huge for me)
B.155, 185, 205(PR!)
C. 143 + 70 (pushups)= 213
D. slipped up once in the first round and once in the 4th round, but otherwise felt good

looking forward to next weekend! so glad I get the chance to go!

marcus filly said...

A. all unbroken
B. 265, 285, 305 (fail once then made it 3 mins later) –
C. Tabata Sit Ups – (112 + 112 = 224)
D. I did 50 instead of 30 double unders and made all unbroken with given rest

Steve Howell said...

A: all sets unbroken
B:220/230/243 kept it light
D:all sets unbroken

Chris Dunkin said...

congrats to all the NE competitors. looked like a fun weekend.

Lisa M said...

Late post as I had to go to a redneck family reunion Sat/Sun. It was cold and really hard to be surrounded by overweight, unhealthy people who smoked - man I felt absolutely terrible yesterday and not 100% today - that was just gross! Did go for a 20 minute trail run to test out the knee and see how my calf might hold up and things actually felt really good the odd twinge but nothing i can't handle, other than i was totally gassed - yikes.

A. UB played with grip and width
B. 140/150/160(PR)
C. 139
D. UB started out sketchy until i got my rhythmn then they were quick did 60 on last set just for giggles.

WOW Lauren, Gillian, Andrea, and Mel C you ladies are AWESOME big squat numbers very impressive, great work

Norm said...

D.all ub