sun, may 16, 2010

3 sets:
10 hang power clean - 155#/105#
Run 400 m @ 90%
rest 3 min
3 sets:
10 push jerk - 155#/105#
Row 350 m @ 90%
rest 3 min

post notes to comments


Geoff Aucoin said...

Read carefully, gang. Read it twice, even.

LuLu said...

Not quite sure what I am supposed to be looking for Geoff. Wanna give us a little hint?

Melisa C said...

Part 1 total working time = 7.05
Part 2 total working time = 8.07

All HPC and PJs UB
Legs felt like lead during the run and row, looking fwd to a rest day tomorrow.

ken c said...

yeah geoff now you go me doubting my ability to read english. 3 rounds of the first couplet then 3 rounds of the second couplet right??

Paul Klein said...

Geoff, are you referring to the comment "post notes to comments"? So we aren't supposed to time the rounds, just focus on form and perfect movement?

If that is the case, I didn't time my rounds. However, if I had, this is what it would have looked like.
2:20 (No 400M split time)
2:18 (400M in 1:43)
2:24 (400M in 1:42)

2:15 (1:08 row)
2:10 (1:09 row)
2:10 (1:08 row)

Mack Lar and Rory,
Just a heads up, my wife booked a room through Priceline at the Raddison in Jacksonville (15minutes from Regionals site), $35 a night. If you haven't booked a place yet, priceline seems to be the cheapest way to go.

Michelle said...

Geoff...are you just messing with us??? Trying to add a little fun to your Sunday. The only thing I notice is that James just wants comments posted. Is that it? Am I right??? But most importantly...if I'm right,is there a prize??? And FYI,I don't consider seeing you in your new gear the prize!!!

LuLu said...


Nathan H. said...

HPC/Run: 1:45, 1:50, 1:48
rest 10 min
PJ/Row: 1:34, 1:37, 1:33

Geoff Aucoin said...

Yup, just notes to comments. I was also thining people would mis-read and rest 3 minutes then do jerks/rowing.

1st part went well, cleans were easy and runs okay. 2nd part felt awful; jerks were tough and my legs felt like stone on the rows. 1st time rowing in the BSc gear, don't know if that was a factor but dang, the burn was insane.

Struggled today after a pitiful night's sleep. Must have been the late WOD/late coffee because I was wired and tired plus I woke up about 5-6 times.

sHELLy said...

HPCs unbroken. Rounds got faster as I became more confident with the weight.

Can't really PJ and my shoulder doesn't like them. My PJs are more like a jumping push press which gets dangerous with heavy weight. Almost threw my back out with the third rep of the first set and was too scared to try more. Also didn't know how long it would take someone to find me in my garage if I seriously injured myself. Scaled to 95# to complete the wod. PJ's were very broken and half were probably presses. I prefer split jerks if I have the choice.

looking forward to rest tomorrow.

Nathan H. said...

Ahh, notes!

I felt great today. All powercleans unbroken. Focused on picking up heels and leaning forward on run, kept about a 1:30 pace. Felt fully recovered between runs.

All pushjerks fast and unbroken. Maintained 1:36-1:40 on all rows. Felt strong.

The last week of rest has really helped. I feel strong and primed.

Marshall said...
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Marshall said...

Felt like I needed to time myself. No track at home but 400m distance should be fairly accurate.
Times are total working time for ea set.

2:40 (lost grip on 7th HPC)
Pull felt good on these.

Jerk/350m run (no rower at home)
Forgot to time these but they were slower for sure, 155 was heavy.
1- UB
2- UB
3- Broken 6-2-2

Wes hendricks said...

May 8/9
A1. Back Squat @ 30X0; 2,2,1,1; rest 3 min
A2. CTB Chin Ups - 15 unbroken x 4; rest 3 min
B. Split Squat unweighted high speed - 30 sec amrap/leg x 3 sets; rest 60 sec b/t legs
C. Toes to Bar kipping - 10 unbroken x 5 sets; rest 45 sec

A1. 225-245-260-275
A2. ub-ub-ub-ub....easy/consecutive
B. 22-23-24
C. ub-ub-ub-ub-ub.....not bad/consecutive

Felt really good/strong today. Got a WOD on tuesday then movement prep work on Wednesday then off to Albany on Thursday. I can't wait!

Emilie P-B said...

I haven't seen Geoff's post and haven't noticed "post notes to comments" before doing the workout, so I did it for time.

Total time: 2:15-2:30-2:50
400m: 1:36-1:45-1:48
HPC: UB - UB -5-3-2
For HPC, form wasn't very good on last set. Forearms were burning.

Rest 25 min

Total time: 3:38-4:03-3:51
Row: 1:23-1:21-1:22
PJ: (7/2/1)-(3/2/3/2)-(4/3/2/1)
PJ looks more like push press on first 2 rounds. Did 3-4 good reps in last set. Really have to concentrate to drop under the bar faster. 105# was heavy.

Melissa said...

Crossfit Performance (Fairfield, CT) is gearing up to compete in the affiliate qualifier at the Northeast Regionals this weekend!

We're a bit off site at this point, but I thought I would post this note to comments:

I feel light, fast and strong going into this week.

Thank you, James for amazing programming, and BK for brilliant coaching.

Today I hit a 20 lb OHS PR of 130 (5 lb more than body weight).

Lovin life with the Big Dawgs.


Carrie McG said...

Total work time = 8:25
All HPC's UB and felt awesome. I used to struggle doing 100# 5 times let alone 10 at 5# more! Really felt that I was pulling the bar into me and meeting it. Runs were just slow as per usual.. I need to run more. (can you tell I hate it?) :)

Total work time: 6:34
Scaled to 95# because shoulders are still bothering me and wasn't stabilizing 105# overhead well. All PJ at 95 were UB. Focused on keeping my chest up on the dip and getting under the bar quick. Felt good! Rows all around 1:22.

LuLu said...

Did not time as clock re-started rounds were approx 3.5min
HPC were hard at 105, all set broken. figured out that my grip was almost snatch width after I was done these, so next time I will make sure grip is closer.
Was super happy to get out the door and RUN :)


Totoal time: 7min 30sec

All PJ's at 105 UB. I was happy about these, love PJ's.
Rows were WAY better.
1min29-1min30-1min30 :)

LuLu said...

Shoulder feels great :)
Yeay for physio

Katrina Burton said...

In Calgary for my athlete's last gymnastics competition of the season, so I missed yesterdays. Decided to do the WB & PU first today, as I always need work on WB. Each set of that was completed in 0:55 to 1:03. WB were easily UB with the 14# ball! Stoked!

Then with Lisa...
HPC/run 1:35, 1:34, 1:34
HPC UB felt fast and efficient 3rd run was challenging.

PJ/row 1:59, 2:04, 2:49
UB until 3rd set then failed on two reps... Bummer. Felt strong and fast under the bar in 1st and 2nd set.

Nice to train with you today Lisa!!

Jeff B. said...

Part 1: HPC were sucking (found out once I got into PJ's and my shoulders were fried that my new Home bar is a 55lb bar, not 45) Runs felt great, 400's were :59, :59, 1:01.

Part 2: After the first 5 PJ's I was done, and confused, so I weighed my bar and I was working at 167.2lbs. (155 was a stretch for me in the first place) So I knocked out the Row, and then dropped to 135 and did some form work on split jerks and push jerks from the back rack position. Rowed a 1k after I was done.

My shoulders are toast and I'm pretty drained from the HPC's, but very happy I got 30 @ 167lbs.

Aaron B said...

all cleans went unbroken, pull felt good. Each round got completed faster and faster.

Jerks went unbroken. Row felt a little tough. The sets got faster on these also 1:56,1:51,1:46

I am very pleased the outcome of both of these. I think maybe the extra sleep is paying off

Mike McNaughton said...

All HPCs and PJs unbroken.

HPC/Run: 1:55,1:51,1:55
PJ/Row: 1:50,1:53,1:54

Brandon said...

HPC all unbroken and felt really light. Timed runs only to make sure I was pacing well...stayed about 90s/400.

PJs all unbroken and a little harder than the HPC. Rows averaged around 1:40/500 pace.

Lisa M said...

Still feeling good so hit up the WOD with Kat today was great to chat and just workout with someone other than myself i get kind of boring after a while - hee hee.

HPC/Run 1:42, 1:47, 1:58
PJ/Row 1:43,1:45, 1:57

Everything UB except a couple of pauses on last set of HPC

Did them in opposite order due to equipement issues at the crossfit gym.

HPCs felt like poop, and thanks for the tip on the PJs Kat

Happy i was able to run with minimal discomfort.

Joel B. said...

155 is a stretch for me but I really wanted to do it. I did it, but I had to break at 5 each round. runs around 1:20.

Tried to do 155 on PJ, but after the first 5 I felt it was becoming unproductive (unsafe) so I dropped to 135 for the remainder. Rows all about 1:12.

Awesome workout...I am spent.

Brian Maier said...


10min rest


Both couplets felt good today..felt fully recovered w/ 3min rest...kept row pace b/t 1:35-1:40.

funbobby said...


since im not competing at the end of may i added in some extra strength work as a warm up:
C&J 4X2,2X1
back squat3X3 2X1

because of the set up at Mt royal U the platforms are up flight of stairs and a pretty good hike away from the 200m track so i subed in 10 CTD with 400s on the track. during these three i felt like i was actually getting back into shape...until

PJ/350m row was very hard but fun, was able to put the rower right off the back of the platform, had to break the last set of PJ into 5 and 5

Michael FitzGerald said...

HPC & Run
1 - 1:52
2 - 1:53
3 - 1:48
PJ & Row
1 - 1:39
2 - 1:40
3 - 1:35

This felt really good/easy!! Geoff, you are not the boss of me.

DeeJay said...

Feeling pretty rough from this last week but actually felt pretty good for the WOD. Everything fast and unbroken, runs felt not great, rows felt good. Getting amped up for regionals, just gotta show up and do me! See what happens....

Andrea K said...

that was interesting! Since I am out of town for school for 3 months Ive had to modify everything to work at the shool gym, Hang cleans were interesting, with no bumpers, but got em done, and had to run out of the gym down the hallway and up the stairs to get to the run, also got er done, and it did the trick, cause I was gassed!

PJ/ Row was easier as I just moved the rower into the gym, also a burner though wow!

Mrs. Funbobby! ;) (miss you baby)

Rory Hanlin said...

Scaled up to 185lbs on all weight



all HPC/PJ unbroken. weightlifting felt fast, runs felt good. Row felt decent.

I'll be out of the loop until the weekend of regionals. The Army has me training out in the field until then. I'll do my best to hit a few WOD's in the next few days, and I'll try to peak for regionals. It sucks that field training comes right before regionals, but Its unavoidable.

Paul Klein, Mack Lar I'll see you both in Florida.

Chad said...

Used 60# DB's sub & 400m runs on treadmill for row. At the apartment gym today.

A. 2:16, 2:12, 2:10
B. 2:15, 2:00, 1:57

Got faster as I got more familar with DB movements. Push jerks were no joke! Took forever to get treadmill up to speed and it maxed out at 11mph.

Felt good today!

Nathan H. said...

Awesome times today guys! Brian and Rory, you guys are beasts!

Chad Hall said...

Timed things to see how I compare.

1:52, 1:58, 2:02 (5:51)

1:39, 1:40, 1:35 (4:54)

HPC felt fine, all UB and fast. Runs sucked ... hate them, smoked my hammies.

Jerks kinda felt heavy but all UB and semi-fast. Rows were fine.

Hurt my fingers playing ball tonight, made a diving catch and bent them backwards. I'm thkning with plenty of ice and rest I'll be ok in a couple days. Shoudlers are SORE though .. lots of ice.

Lauren said...

had to run bout 20m and up 2 flights of stairs to track. Don't think i warmed up enough for the running since times got shorter and felt easier. HPC unbroken.

1:39 - OUCH and did NOT want to anymore...
PJ unbroken.

Steve Howell said...


10 min rest


* HPC's and PJ's were all unbroken
* Running felt ok, but I think my 90% could be a little fast
* Rowing felt good, last round was a little harder then the 1&2
*Felt fully recovered after each round which is good

Mizar said...

1st couplet - HPC felt strong, runs were fast

2nd couplet - PJ technique was bad; had problems going under the bar. Rows were hard.

rwcorson said...

Yelvi, Chris Robin & Marie,
Great work Dawgs!

Kendra said...

All hang power cleans were UB
Jerks were 5/5, 6/4, 7/1/2 wrists were just killing me but fought through it!
Felt really strong today, it was a good one!

Lisa M said...

WOW great job out there Marie, Robin, Becky, Chris and Yelvi you all did amazing way to represent ooooouuuuuu!!

Roch said...

Ankle rehab day 11

1. HPC fast, unbroken and not tiring, run was my first from my ankle sprain and I was at 70% of max capacity.

2. Push-Jerk felt good fast and unbroken also and my row was technical 90% and constant.

I didn't train yesterday and felt great today.

exp. said...



all HPC and PJ unbroken...

HPC were the strongest they ever felt at this weight (damn, I love this program)...focused on keeping bar close, aggressive third pull and full hip ext. at top...runs felt perfect

PJ were a bit of shit show...weight felt good, but I had some issues with balance and timing...rows felt good and I managed to keep pace consistent throughout

Geoff Aucoin said...

You're a slave to your watch, Young Fitz.

Norm said...


cleans and jerks felt good, runs slow, transitions between jerk and row got better every round

Katrina Burton said...

Reading these times has me convinced the route Lisa wnf I ran today was NOT 400m. Regardless we both have solid efforts!!

Chris Dunkin said...

Amazing what this produces.

More later. Thanks for all the support

Lisa M said...

Yup you are probably right Kat. I will have to take my gps out there and measure ...

Michelle said...

Not sure what happened...whether it was because this was day 3 for me (did Wednesday's runs on Friday evening), but this was AWFUL!!! Started when hand hurt a lot when hook gripping today. Sets of multiple HPC seem to be particularly hard on it. Then it was all downhill from there. Completed HPC/Run WOD because it felt like persevering was the right thing to do. HPCs broken a lot and runs were more like 75/80%.
Did 1 round of PJ/Row WOD.Body was like jelly beneath that bar so packed it in because that felt right. Oh well...I was really looking forward to this one too...

jeff said...

Northeast WODS are up (first 2).....

Sarano said...

Did this one on Monday due to a travel day yesterday.

First couplet felt great, with runs feeling especially good. Increased my pace on all three.

Second couplet hurt. I had no snap on the PJ's, second set was brken 5/3/2, but managed to hit the last set ub.

unit said...

scaled up 2 185# (Rory was inspiring)...

part 1
1:29/ 1:31/ 1:30 (4:30)

part 2
1:39/ 1:47/ 1:44 (5:10)

slave 2 the clock...

Mack Lar said...

All done with an Apollo Axle at 158lbs. The fat bar made the HPC much more difficult to move quickly through. Runs felt sluggish. I feel like I've given up some on the run in my efforts to get stronger. Rows felt strong though, despite them being my goat in the past. So I'm definitely getting stronger but may be getting little slower.

Paul, Thanks for the heads up on hotels in JAX. I'll check it out tonight

Rory, I'm dealing with the same thing. Work taking me away for the next week. Getting back on thursday late and then driving to FL early friday. I'll do what I can to show up for Regionals ready to go. Look forward to seeing you there.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Can we start the 'early post' chant now?

Jeff B. said...

I feel ya, I always stay up late on the East Coast to see my workout tomorrow...Big Dawgs was mentioned in the PDF CF Journal article today, wonder how many new subscribers will join this week.

Heavy Evy said...

All caught up.

Barbell work felt pretty good all UB, Runs made me feel like a fat kid, very hard for me to keep 90% for 400m. Rows were harder then I thought they would be but not too bad.

Christoffer said...

Hey all athletes. First time for me on OPT. Did I get the rounds wrong. I did first round with PHC and 400 run without any rest, 10.01 total, rested for 3 min then did the second round wirhout rest, 12.31, all rows sub 1.15. Was I suppose to rest 3 min between all sets? Otherwise my time was medioker?
Chris, Sweden.

JPORTERK said...

First group:

As rx'd. broken cleans (4-3-2-1)

4:00, 5:12, 5:08

Second group:

Reduced weight 135#, subbed SDHP.

Wasn't as diligent on keeping time because I was doing my best to keep up.

Overall 36:21

ken c said...

worked quickly up to 185 power snatch. ties pr. then...

part 1 (subbed 135 power snatch)

2:02 2:28 2:34

rest about 20 minutes.

part 2

1:56 1:55 1:53

felt good. weights felt pretty light.

Robert said...

Hi Everyone, First post ever! I thought I might give the training a try since I plan on taking the OPT certification.

Part 1: scaled to 85lbs:
2:05, 1:57, 1:51

Part 2: subbed ring dips for push press:
1:57, 1:58, 1:55

Rotator cuff injury in Dec 09 and have been recovering slowly. Pain when pressing over head.

Besides that, it feels good to get my butt kicked again.