wed, may 26, 2010

A1. Bench Press @ 30X0; 1,1,1,1,1 (-10% of 1RM); rest 20 sec
A2. Chin Ups - COVP; 10 x 5 high speed; rest 5 min
B. AMRAP Burpees in 20 seconds; rest 40 sec x 3
C. Run 20 sec @ 90%; 40 sec @ 50% x 6

post loads and notes to comments

the final weekend is upon us all; all dawgs have competed together since this began this year and this weekend from the deep south to the far north, it will differ not; be proud in your efforts and know that the others are cheering you on as we all have throughout - "vulnerability leads to enlightenment"

RIP Jaron


Chad Hall said...

A1: 225
A2: fingers sore ... icing now

B: 10, 10, 10 (maybe coulda got 1 more each time but took it easy because of the fingers)

C: no running, achilles' are sore.

I leave tomorrow evening for Calgary! I'll be hitting refresh on the games site every 5 minutes today to check when the wods are posted!

Roch said...

RIP Jaron

Since its the last post I whant to thanks Lisa M. trough the communauty. She opened her beautifull house for Mizar and I, helped us providing a stable ness to cook proper food, organize ourself properly, she took the time to find us ropes, profesionnal to provide us proper treatement and made us feel at home despite her busy schedule, 2 charming really well behave kids to manage she took without flinching to more kids (us) that needed help under her wing.
Your help was deeply appreciated.
Your generosity and opendness was inspiring and refreshing.

Thank you from the bottom of our heart to Lisa, Rodnee, Makena and Porter.

For DAVE 83 and MIKE E. that seam to forgot my name its Roch pronounce Rock hahaha

LuLu said...

Can someone tell me if it is 10 sets of 5 or 5 sets of 10 for the pull ups.
Thank you :)
One more day,eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk.
Can't wait to meet you Lisa and to join up with my fellow big dawgs.
Feeling much better today :)

Adam Rogers said...


Looks like 5 sets of 10 reps each, alternating with the 5 sets of bench presses.


BK said...

Last weekend in Albany NY, the CrossFit Performance Big Dawg Team Mel Mulligan, Andrew Yaun, Jenny Davis, Jezza Kosbob,Julie Migliaccio and I qualified for the CrossFit Games in a 2nd place finish.
We finished a clear 2nd place(209 reps of HSPU) in 1st WOD with our team of 3 athletes rotating through them like kids in a candy store with 2,s and 3,s. the next best team was 146 reps.
The 2nd WOD was another 2nd placing a full 2 minues ahead of 3rd place. I had the task of rowing 4K hunting to break the top time of 14.36 while the crew annialated the 500 reps chipper looking to meet me at finish before that time. The last 1500 meters was an experience I will never forget, I got it done in 14.34 and we just fell short in 15 flat , a full 2 minues ahead of 3rd place.
The 3rd WOD was a fait accompli for our qualification but we WANTED 1st place in the final WOD, sick of running second. We made a pact to go balls out, make a statement.
The final 'stadium style' wod of 30 reps(burpee/BJ/swing/DL) with a prowler push to finish was made all the more challenging with 1 athlete required to wear a 20 pound vest. I made a tactical error of not observing other teams doing step ups with our guy doing BJ and we paid the price with Jezza looking like he had been shot on the DL. We ended up in 4th place on the wod ....but left it all out there going for 1st!
All said and done and a clear second place for our team and Cali here we come.
I personally want to thank James for his support in tough times with my wrist ,helping design a program for me to train intensely without BB work.
Also,the athletes in my team for their unrelenting pursuit of excellance in achieving our goal.
Rob Corson, thankyou for your help in assisting me with wods for my team and lastly the athletes here on the Big Dawgs for helping push the barriers of excellance daily.
Today is the start of 6 weeks of building on our success for further success in Cali!

├╝ber Bania said...

A1. 240 each time
A2. all unbroken and felt good

B. 12, 12, 11

C. Felt solid, not too winded at the end, could have pushed a little harder.

Katrina Burton said...

A1. 110#
A2. UB
B. 11, 10, 10
C. Yup

Brandon said...

A1. 295
A2. ub
B. 10/10/10
C. done-last couple were tough

good luck to everyone competing this weekend!

Melisa C said...

Went for a max with the bench since I am not competing.

A1. 125, 130, 135, 140F, 140F
A2. All UB

B. 7, 7.5, 8

C. Done, did 7 rounds just to get me back to my starting point. Quicker than walking.

Lauren said...

A1. 150
A2. Unbroken
B. 11/10/9
C. Felt good.
D. AMRAP checking games site for weekends WODS - still counting.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Lauren, you funny.

My word is 'caleses'. Yes, many many of them.

MikeE said...

A1. 240# Felt light
A2. Lost tempo here and there; but good.
B. 14, 15, 13
C. Run was challenging more than I thought it was going to be.

Was fun working out with the other dawgs here... DJ, Mizar, Pete (ahem Roch), and Michael.

Ice tub soon!

LuLu said...

HAHA LAUREN, that is hilarious. I bet there are some good AMRAP #'s for the games site. I am probably at around 50 :)

A1) 120#
A2) UB
B) 11,10,10
C) So freakin hot here today, I thought I was going to melt doing these runs.
CU in 2 days, wooot.

Michael FitzGerald said...

A1. 214 - fast
A2. ub - fast (finally all unbroken)
B. 11/11/11
C. Ran ~ 745 m on first 3 sets, ran ~ 755m on second 3 sets. Easy and fast!

DeeJay said...

A1. 225
A2. All sets felt good
B. 11-10-11
C. Runs actually felt pretty good

MikeE said...

Canadian Regionals are Announced!

PTS said...

Those wods look good. They will defintely send a well balanced athlete on.

I really like the idea of 5 WODs in the 3 days as well as no cuts being made.

Good luck to all the Big Dawgs.

Michelle said...

Hey Dawgs...

Well it seems that last Wednesday's back tightness and discomfort while doing the 80# barbell complex was the result of a new back injury that has unfortunately 'awakened' some old back injuries. I spent the weekend icing, heating, getting a massage and trying to will it away. Unfortunately, it has progressively worsened. I'm receiving treatment from my physio and I know that I'm in good hands and will recover well. But...I've decided not to compete this weekend. Based on where things are at I know it's the right decision. I've done plenty of WODs while injured, but this is that other, 'uh-oh' kind of pain. I love being a part of this makes me a better CrossFitter and person. I'll be posting again very soon.

Here's the important part...I can feel the energy that Regionals in generating and it's incredible!!! I am so freakin' excited for all Dawgs (and Chelsea) competing this weekend!!! I love this pre-competition excitement, and the mental clarity and focus that sets in!!! My hope for those of you competing is that you clear any blocks to energy...worries, fears and feel focused, confident and assured in your preparedness...ready to 'show up', be present in every second, and take it to the red line!!!!I'm going to be in Okotoks to cheer you guys on...It's going to be an amazing open to the experiences that are about to come your way...

You must have a million things to do...thank you so much for getting back to me...

Joel B. said...

A1: 180
A2: fast
B: 8 per round
C: felt fine

rwcorson said...

Chin up girl. Sometimes things aren't meant to be. Shit happens for a reason.
Rest up and take care of yourself. I know you'll be back stronger that ever.

Katrina Burton said...

Sad to hear. You have been such a positive impact in my life and training. We all know the tremendous athlete that you are and you don't need the Regionals or the Games to prove that to us.
Keep smiling girl!

Marshall said...

A1. 255
A2. All UB
B. 10,12,11
C. Ran outside on gravel road.

Did Sat. workout today also. It's been a rough week at work with little sleep and no time to work out. Trying to catch up today. I still feel tired evan after sleeping 11 hours last night. Had a Power Snatch PR of 150 for Sat. WOD which was unexpected.

Lisa M said...

WOW first a 6.7 Km run (that might put me out for the rest of the weekend) then the person who truly helped make Sectionals one of the best sporting experiences of my life (and i have had many)and whom i feel was absolutely instrumental in even getting me to regionals won't be competing this weekend - talk about vulnerability!!

Michelle i will dearly miss your advice, your tremendous spirit,your huge heart, your amazing athleticism, and showing those young "chickens" what us old ladies are capable of. I guess i will have to hold the torch for both of us. I am truly saddened that you are hurt and i know it must have been a heartbreaking decision, but understand that our decisions always must be based on what is best for us long term and we must always take care of ourselves first.

Roch and Mizar it has truly been my absolute pleasure having you here.

I have come to realize one very amazing thing in my short time being a part of this community and that is: Crossfit produces/attracts extraordiary, exemplary human beings.

Good luck to all the Big Dawgs competing this weekend lets go show them how it is done!!

Anonymous said...


Been off the board since the N Central Regional and have been following my affiliate's WODs but wanted to say GOOD LUCK to all of the original Big Dawgs competing this weekend. Show 'em all how badass you all are.


Chad Walding said...

A1. 215x5
A2. UBx5
B. 11/10/10
C. felt good

it's that time!

Mizar said...

I would like to thank Lisa M. and her family for EVERYTHING that they have done for me and my friends. It is very inspiring to see how much love embodies this beautiful family.

A1. 186
A2. Unbroken
B. 13, 13, 13
C. runs were fun!

It was an honor doing this last workout with DeeJay, Mike E, Michael, and Roch... good luck to all athletes competing this weekend; be real...

... we are meant to move forward and learn from our experiences... I am happy to see that you are taking time to take care of yourself and heal your wounds... I hope that you recover soon your health and continue your journey...

Geoff Aucoin said...

I did today's WOD. Kind of. It was fun-like.

It's go time, people. 100% or nothing else!

Michelle, I expect to be deaf in at least one of my ears due to you SCREAMING INTO IT ALL WEEKEND! Sorry to hear you're out of the running, but up for top spectator. You'll be missed on the field...

Alex Duncan said...

A1. 210 Felt strong
A2. All UB, I think my butterfly will still work for getting my chin over the bar. Have to wait and see the exact standard.

B. 9/10/11
C. All good

Really happy with the WODs for this weekend. Fly out to Calgary tomorrow night! Can't wait to meet the rest of the Canadian Big Dawgs.

Paul Klein said...

A1. 245lbs felt good
A2. No issues
B. 9 / 9 / 9
C. Felt good

Best of luck to everyone this weekend. I will give my all in the dirty south to make you all proud.

Mike McNaughton said...

A1. 215
A2. UB. No problems.
B. 9/9/10
C. Felt fine.

Eric Montgomery said...

Adjusted it a little since I'm not competing.
A1. 255, 265, 275, 285 (PR), 290F.
A2. COVP 15x5. 22s, 22s, 22s, 21s, 21s, all unb
B. 10, 10, 10
C. Rowed 20s @ 100%, 40s @ 50% x3; covered 832m over the 3 mins. Kept splits of ~1:22, 1:27, 1:28 on 100% intervals and ~1:55, 2:00, 2:05 on 50% intervals.

david83 said...

A1.) 245
A2.) fast and good
B2.) didnt run
Michelle, I feel for you because I understand how much you care about crossfit and the community. You have always been so helpful and supportive to everyone in the crossfit community and I am sure something good will happen for you shortly.All the best. For everyone....... Can you feel that itsss gooo time

david83 said...


Adam Rogers said...

A1 - 225,235,245,255,225
A2 - unbroken x 5

B - 11,12,11

C - subbed some sled drags with new Rogue sled, 90lbs on alternating forwards and backwards, some good burn

To everyone competing, as coach always says, 'FULL EFFORT IS FULL VICTORY'. Give it your all, hold nothing back, and you will walk off the field a champion. Know that we'll all be following the results like proud parents, and some of us suffering through them with you from a distance. Best of luck, and while you're at it, kick some ass.


Steve Smith said...

To all the Dawgs -

Let's go get some.

See you guys in the Dirty-Dirty this weekend.


DAVE X said...

I'm baaack!

It's hard to believe this was my first Big Dawg WOD since March!

A1. 215
A2. Unbroken
B. 10/10/10
C. Broke a sweat, not too winded.

It's nice to be back in the pack!

Steve Howell said...
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ken c said...

A1. 245
A2. ub with a 20lb. vest
B. 12 11 10
C. did the run that will be in our competition (about 675m up a slight hill for half then down the rest of the way) at about 80% effort. 1:50.

i'm ready. looks like i'm the lone dawg down here in texas. i'll give it hell. good luck canadians.

Steve Howell said...

A1: 235 felt really good.
A2: Fast and unbroken.
B: 11/11/11
C: running felt pretty good.

*michelle, sorry to hear about your injury. Im sure you will come back quickly and strong!

* well dawgs this weekend is it after all these long hard months of training its go time! can't wait to catch up with you all!

safe travels

Gillian Mounsey said...

A1. 185
A2. UB
B. 13,12,11
C. Rowed instead (wasn't going to miss an opportunity to get instruction from a great rowing coach)

Stephen B. said...

A1. 255/270/280/290(fx3)...was feeling a bit squirrelly today and decided that since I'm not competing I'd shoot for a 1RM on the bench...apparently, I wasn't the only my PR is 285#, which I can lift without much of a fight, but 290+ just doesn't want to go up yet...did an extra set as I was so close to a PR
C. runs felt good

Thad said...

A1. 195 (about -20% of 1RM) shoulder still feeling weak but slowly getting better
A2. felt good
B. 9,9,9
C. felt good

Michelle said...

Hey Guys,
Wow!!!From the bottom of my heart...thanks so much for your kind words and support. I know it has been said lots, but this is truly a remarkable community!!! I really am very grateful...

Best of Luck to ALL Dawgs competing this weekend!!!!

And Lisa're not getting rid of me that easily. I'm going to be there to support you guys. Whatever that means, holding water bottles, watching 'stuff', you name it!!! Oh, and you are holding that torch for the both of us now....can't imagine it in better hands...

Erik Luber said...

A1. 75 kg, 77.5, 79.5, 79.5 79.5
A2. Practiced butterfly COVP..think I got them legit near then end
B. 10, 9, 10
C. Nice to run outside

The guys were pulling the Prowler around outside, so I couldn't resist. First time doing these, lots of fun, really burned the legs. Need to figure a way to add more of these into my programing while it is still summer.

rwcorson said...

Good luck to you all.
Ken C., go get some. You are not alone.

Erik Luber said...

Oh could I forget


Heavy Evy said...

A1. 225
A2. Had a mate eyeballing my COVP's, Did the 5 sets UB but had a few sets with extra reps, due to the dreaded "No Rep" being called.
B. 11, 10, 10
C. Did on the track, 1330m approx.

Awesome Wods. Wish they had a webcast! Give em hell this weekend Dawgs!

Ben Priestley said...

A1. 155#
A2. UB
B. 9, 9, 10
C. Completed

Notes: Burpees were fast, difference between 9 and 10 was height of my jump. Excited for weekend! Will be completing these here in California.

Geoff Long said...

a1: 215, 225, 225, 225, 225
a2: :20, :23, :23, :21, :25
b: 8, 7, 7
c: this went well


Lisa M said...

THanks Michelle i knew you would be there in full force cheering your brains out, as you embody the spirit of crossfit and this community. I am with Geoff and expect to lose an eardrum!!

MikeE said...

Hey Everyone...

Is there anyway we can get a big dawgs gathering sometime this weekend for those competing at this years regional in Canada? Take a photo or something too. I'd really like to put names to a face. Maybe on Sunday when it's all over or something. Any other suggestions?