Sunday, May 2, 2010

early May:
A1. Back Squat @ 30X0; 2,2,1,1; rest 3 min
A2. CTB Chin Ups - 15 unbroken x 4; rest 3 min
B. Split Squat unweighted high speed - 30 sec amrap/leg x 3 sets; rest 60 sec b/t legs
C. Toes to Bar kipping - 10 unbroken x 5 sets; rest 45 sec

Late May:
part 1:
A1. Press - 3,3,2,2,1,1,1; rest 2 min
A2. Supinated Strict Chin Ups @ 2010; amrap x 7 sets; rest 2 min
B1. E-ROM HSPU negatives @ 5010; 5 sets of 5-8; rest 60 sec
B2. GHD Sit Ups @ 1010; 5 sets of 20; rest 60 sec

rest EXACTLY 90 minutes if you can

part 2:
Run 25 min X-Country style

post loads and notes to comments


MikeE said...

A couple questions... I presume E-Rom is from the chest to full extension overhead. What is X-Country Style? Is this high intensity or light jog or somewhere in between?

Melisa C said...


"cross-country running

Long-distance running over open country. It developed as a competitive event in the mid-19th century. Though originally included in the revived Olympics, it was dropped after 1924 as not suitable for summer competition (most cross-country races are held in the fall or early winter). The first international women's competition was held in 1967. Standard distances are 12,000 m (7.5 mi) for men, and 2,000–5,000 m (1.25–3 mi) for women. Though rules for championship competitions have been established, world records are not kept because of the varying difficulty of courses."

So open terrain, not a treadmill or a track.

Paul Klein said...

mike E

I am assuming that E-ROM hspu means extended range of motion. Meaning use parrallets or bumper plates to go deeper than just hands on floor and head to floor.

OPT said...

MikeE, extreme ROM is more ROM than you can handle for a concentric action; which means parallettes or plates for most
X-C Run - make it fun but challenging in the great wide open...

Martin Altemark said...

late may part 1:

A1. 3x55kg, 3x60kg, 2x62.5kg, 2x65kg, 1x67.5kg, 1x70kg, 1x72.5kg (PR)
A2. (on rings) 13, 11, 10, 10, 9, 8, 9

B1. 5x10cm (with conc), 4x10cm (with conc), 5x20cm (without conc), 4x20cm, 4x20cm
B2. 5x20 on abmat

Slow excentric handstand negatives was new, and it was hard to get the feel for performance, hence falling short of 5 some sets.

Corbin said...

Early May:
A1: 275, 305, 325, 335
A2. As Rx'd
B. First round did Bulgarian 23/21, then did regular split squat, 27/29, 29/27
C. As Rx'd

A1. 135, 165, 190, 200
A2. All unbroken but regular, not CTB
B. 23/23, 27/27, 23/25
C. Did first 3 rounds as Rx'd then ripped on 4th and called it a day

DeeJay said...

late may:
A1. 145-165-175-185(1)-190-195-200(f) PR is 199
A2. 7-5-5-4-5-4-5
B1. on paralletes and only could handle 5 reps
B2. all unbroken

my word is "itwins"... is this a new apple product? Cause if it is I want to know more about it

david83 said...

145/3/165/175/2/180/F/180/1/182.5/F/180/1-Failed at 180 ounce and 182.5. Went back down to 180 and was able to get 1 rep
PR 180
A2 9/8/10/11/10/9/7
B1-on 45 and 25 lbs plates
GHD sit-ups hurt near the end. The first few sets were fast

MikeE said...

Thank you Melissa/Paul/OPT :)... Very helpful. Going to hit it here soon. There's a tonne of mountain trails here here so the x-country will be very challenging.

Lisa M said...

Melisa that was frigging hilarious!! Too left brained girl!

There will be no running once again for me as I have seriously fubard my knee CRAP!!!! haven't figured out how I am going to take my rower x country yet... Maybe I will take my bike for a ride off roading instead the linear non pounding motion doesnt seem to be quite as irritating. Damn it just when I was feeling good about running again. I have to get to an MRI after regionals to see what the heck is going on.

Robs said...

Early May:

Can't do Back Squat so Subbed with shoulder pres.

A1: 5 reps of 60kg * 4
A2: 10+5, 12+3, 10+5, RIP
B: 18/16, 15/15, 14/14
C: As Rx'ed

über Bania said...

Late May:
A1: 135x3, 155x3, 165x2, 175x2, 185x1, 195(f), 185(f), 175x1, 185(f), 175x1
A2: 14, 13, 10, 9, 9, 8, 7

B1: HSPU, no E-ROM, just on a mat @5010. 5 each set
B2: all unbroken, all around 50sec

Deadlift competition tomorrow, so no run for me. Going back to do some stretching and formwork with my buddy and getting a good night's rest and getting back into Paleo for a few days before I go back out to the middle of nowhere in Sandyland, Iraq.

dmarsh said...

Late May:

A1. 162,172,176,181,191,196,206(PR)
A2. 16,12,9,10,9,8,9
B1. 8,8,6,6,6
B2. UBx5 (2 hands overhead to floor)

PTS said...

late may
A1. 145,150,155,160, 165,170 (PR), 175(PR). 8 lbs PR today and it went up easy.

A2. 13,13,13,10,10,9,9

B1. 6,5,5, 3 w/ 25lbs plates, 5
B2. unbroken, easy

75 mins rest

25mins run. lungs felt fine, legs a bit sore. kept about a 7 min mile pace.

thanks for the advice yesterday Coach.

Stephen Flamm said...

Early May:

A1. 185, 205, 225, 240
A2. unbroken, mixed regular and butterfly kip
B. 18/18, 19/19, 18/18
C. unbroken

Steve Howell said...

Late May

Part 1;
A1: 148/158/160/165/175/185(pr)/190(pr)
A2: 13/11/10/10/9/8/8
B1: 5/5/4/4/4
B2: All sets unbroken.
Part 2;
No time for this one today its my birthday and have some family stuff.

DeeJay said...

Happy Birthday Steve!

Paul Klein said...

Late May

A1. 135 / 145 / 155 / 160 / 165 / 170Fail / 170 5lb pr

A2.14 / 11 / 10 / 9 / 9 / 8 / 8

B1. Depth to shoulders touching parallets. I couldn't manage any concentric reps here, all sets were negatives only
5 / 5 / 5 / 5 / 5
B2. All five sets unbroken

Part 2. Covered approx 3.2 miles around the neighborhood. If the GPS on my phone is right I ascended 525 feet and descended 404 feet. With a max speed of 8mph.

Michael FitzGerald said...

Nice Press PR, Steve. Enjoy your Birthday!

Melisa C said...

Happy Birthday Steve!

Late May:

A1. 70(3),75(3),85(2),90(2),95(1),100(1),105(F)
A2*. 5,4,4,3,3,3,3

*Felt weak in pullups today. Kept super strict, no movement in lower body and no push fwd in chest

B1. HSPUs are a weakness so just worked on those
5,5,5 to one ab mat
4,3/2 to 10# iron plate
B2. All UB

Part 2 - rested about 3hrs as had to work in the morning, part one did before work.
8.02min/mile pace

rwcorson said...

Happy Birthday Steve!
Brent, you should be proud of your results over the weekend. Excellent work.
Unit, good luck on the final event this afternoon. Crush it!!

Martin Altemark said...

Part 2: Left stopwatch at home and made an effort to stay off the bigger trails and go into the forest on the smaller trails. Took it easy and enjoyed it very much. Spring is here and it was a beutiful afternoon. Loved it!

Katrina Burton said...

A1.) 75(3), 80(3), 85(2) HARD!, 85(2), 90(X) soo close, 90(X), 85(1) EASY
A2.) 12, 11, 10, 10, 11, 10, 10
Wrists kill me with supinated grip, so I typically avoid switching my hands this direction unless prescribed.

B1.) All 8 reps done on paralettes shoulders to bars.
B2.) unbroken

Running in a bit in the coulees, hoping it doesn't rain.

DJ... you are a monster with those presses!

Jefff said...

Late May:

A1. 3/120,3/125,2/135,2/140,1/145,1/150(PR)
A2. 12,10,11,10,10,7
B1. 7,8,8,6,5 (Hands on 4" plates)
B2. 20,20,20,20,20

Mike Molloy said...

Great effort this weekend Brent. Good luck to Unit this afternoon although I know you'll crush it.

Late May

28 5'10'' 172

A1: 135x3 140x3 145x2 150x2 155x1 160x1 165(f).

A2: 18-12-11-11-10-10-10

B1: 45# Plates with thumbs under shoulders. 5 reps for each set.

B2: Unbroken.

Ran on some mtn. biking trails. Good times on a gorgeous day.

Geoff Aucoin said...

A1. 132,137,147,149.5,152,154.5,155.5
A2.9,10,9,9,9,7,8 (OPT fat bar)
B2.All unbroken

Tried and extra press @ 157 and missed. Felt I was protecting neck/bicep on chin-ups. *HSPU started on 25kg plates and moved up to 10kg stacked on the 25's for the last 3 sets. GHD felt great. More energy today; gotta love sleep.

Weather has improved, where shall I run in 90 minutes time?

sHELLy said...

Part 1:
A1:75(3),80(3),85(2),90(2),95(1) 100(F)
A2: 6,6,6,5,5,4,4
B1: 8,7,6,5,5 - All to ground, which is E-ROM for me. No control over last inch to ground - just dropped to my head (dangerous!).
B2: All UB

Part 2:
Ran 3.2KM on trails with Lauren at Sandy Beach. Mostly single track with lots of hills. We took turns setting the pace every two minutes.

LuLu said...

Part 1:
A2: 10-8-7-7-7-6

B1:5-5-5-5-5 - with 45lb plates under each hand. Did full rom with tempo and went back up again into handstand.
B2: All UB

Was super happy with the 95lbs x2, new PR :) 105 was so close, next time.

Part 2:
I did this before part 1 with Jacky. She is also training for regionals. This lady can run a 5k in 19 min and she kicked my ass up and down the trails at Mnt Royal and then up the 250 stairs. Thanks Jackie for the big push, my legs were killing me :)

Emilie P-B said...

Late May

A2. 10-9-8-7-7-6-6

B1.I did 4 sets of 5 with hands on 25 lbs plates. Full range of motion with good tempo, but went back up in handstand position on only 3 reps.
B2. UB (4 sets)

Benorama said...

Late May:

Started with a Soccer game, 80 minutes played. Scored a goal!

120 minutes later,
Part 1:
A1: 100#, 105, 110, 110, 115, 120-f, 120-f
A2: 11, 10, 9, 8, 9, 7, 7
B1: 5/5/5/5/5 - pike off GHD, paralletes, to one abmat
B2: 10/10/10/10/10

Notes: Slight hamstring pull at end of soccer game. Part1 B2- eased into GHDs because it has been awhile since I've done them.

joey warren said...

A1. 275, 285, 295, 305
A2. worked on speed
B. speed ok, hard to balance
C. Felt fast and ez

ken c said...

late may

A1. 150x3 155x3 160x2 165x2 170 175 180 (felt great so did an extra rep at 185 which ties my pr).
A2. 17 15 12 11 11 11 10
B1. all 5s at tempo
B2. unbroken and pretty fast

felt strong today. run is next.

Nathan H. said...

May 8/9:
Squat: 150, 160, 170, 172
Pullup splits: :18, :19, :19, :16

Split squats: 31 for all sets

Toe to bar: 14 seconds for all sets

Michael FitzGerald said...
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funbobby said...

late may

B1. 5s
B2. ub

run:25 mins unbroken at nosehill

Michael FitzGerald said...

Late May
A1. 135/140/145/150/155/160/165(pb)
A2. 13/11/10/10/10/9/9
B1. All sets of 5 - off 6"/ off 8.5" x 4 set
B2. All UB

Headache from all the upside down action.

Steve Howell said...

Thanks for the bday wishes guys!

Nice work on the press pr too you as well Mike!

MikeE said...

Late May
A1. 135/145/155/155/160/165(f)/160
A2. 13/12/11/10/10/8/8
B1. Off parallets where head and shoulders touched. 3conc-2neg/2conc-3neg/1conc-4neg/1conc-4neg/1conc-4neg
B2. Broke second round because I almost puked... Found that holding my sight on one point made a world of a difference.

Cross Country run was awesome... 13mins in but only 10mins back. Got HR up to 184 and took a cold bath in the creek with winter runoff... brrrr. DJ and Steve... Wow, strong press!

Sarano said...

late may
a1: 145/150/155/160/165/165/165
a2: 13/12/11/10/10/10/8

b1: 5x5
b2: 20,10,10,10,10

run: 25 minutes at nosehill

exp. said...

A2.18 (forgot about tempo)/13/12/11/10/9/10
B1. 4 (on 45# plates)/2 (big paralettes)/4/4/4***

**my press PR is cocky after 180# and thought I'd jump 15#...a bit too much

***last 3 sets were on floor...these were real tough

exp. said...

happy birthday Steve!

Geoff Aucoin said...

My X-country run turned into a trail run near my house and it was painful going for the 1st 10 minutes but I started to feel better after I found some guys on mountain bikes to chase around. Feet were hurting pretty bad initially, probably had the right shoes on for X-country, but not trail.

Roch said...

Ankle Rehab day 5:

A. D.L 315(3)-365(3)-395(2)-405(2)-455(1)-460(1) tempo 2010 (rest 3min)

B. 40kg KB swings 25reps unbroken X 3 sets. (2min rest)

(20 min rest)

C. rowing 25min (6196m)

-Steady pace rower was great for my ankle mobility and waste evacuation. Posterior chain was a bit destroy after that training but I felt my rowing technique got better.

Heavy Evy said...

A1. 121,133,143,153,163,168pr,173f but was real close.
A2. 13,10,7,7,8,8,8
B1. 6,5,5,5,5,on parrelletes all negatives kipped 2 back up on last set.

30min rest then subbed 1hr swim with the boy....put a life jacket on him threw him in the deep end, and I tredded water for 15min.

Sorry for the sub coach.

Lauren said...

A1:85(3),90(3),95(2),100(2),105(1) 110 (1, PB!!), 115 (f)
A2: 7,6,6,6,6,5,5
B1: 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, On approx. 2 in plates, but have to put mat down
B2: All UB

Part 2 - ran with sHELLy at Sandy Beach, approx 3.2 km

Aaron said...

Late May-
B1.5,6,5,5,5 on bumpers
B2.all unbroken

Part 2- 90 minutes later, no clue about the distance. This was a tough run. The heat really put it to me.

Gord said...

Great Job this weekend Brent and Unit. I hope to to see you guys again this year at the games. Rest well gentlemen... you deserve it.

Pete said...

Whats up dawgs...

First day back after retreating to my cave for a full week and licking my wounds. I hit a major wall both physically and mentally and I was at the point where it was either I take the time I needed to recover or I continue to go downhill with the training.

I'm in the process of transfering cities for work and so the training along with selling a house, having to buy a new one, starting a new job etc etc just caught up to me.

I logged my food and did some calculations and realized that I had been undereating for at least a good month. I think that basically when I cleaned up my diet and eliminated starches, grains and dairy (all the high density calorie stuff) a few months back, I didn't replace it with nearly enough calories elsewhere I guess. I felt like I was eating non-stop I was coming way short on the fats and since I'm very lean I think my carb count was also too low. Anyways, I feel like an idiot for having done that but with everything else going on I didnt realize that I wasn't eating more than I really was.

I'm extremelly happy to have pin pointed what was likely responsible for my feeling like shit for the last few weeks.

Took the week off, ate like a pig mostly clean), my energy is back up, and just had an awsome first day back.

A1. 133/137/142/152/162/167/172
A2. 16/14/12/12/10/10/10
B1. 4/4/4/3/3
B2. All Unbroken

No time to hit the trails so I ran 25 minutes on the random setting of our treadmill at work. Still a good grind.

Looking forward to killing the next few weeks.


Evan Z said...

Part 1
a1. 115,125,135,140(1,f),140,145,150(f)
a2. 10,10,8,8,7,9,9
b1 3,3,(stayed on the wall),5,4,4 came off between reps
b2 Unbroken
had to go straight into part two and had to run on a hill program on a treadmill due to time today. My weekends are bad.

Kendra said...

Late May
A1. 70x3, 75x3, 80x3, 85x2(PR), 90x1(PR), 95F, 95F
A2. 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 3, 3
B1. 5 for all... used 45 plates and had to use purple bands
B2. all GHSU unbroken

no time for the run...ghds felt pretty good but splitting headache from them!! anyone else?!

Eric Montgomery said...

Early May
A1. 265x2, 270x2, 280x1, 290x1
A2. 15x4, didn't come off bar but had to stop and restart kip a few times
B. Left leg: 25, 26, 29
Right leg: 26, 27, 29
C. 10x5, had trouble with kip rhythm but stayed on bar

Thad said...

A1. 3/115, 3/135, 2/145, 1/150, 1/150, 1/153, 1/155PR
B1.5, 4/1, 3/1/1, 3/1/1, 4/1
Stacked 2 -45# bumpers on top of each other.
All singles were kipped the rest were strict.
B2. All UB

Ran 3.4 km at Big Hill Springs Park lots of fun really muddy and a bunch of snow

Mizar said...

A1. 95x3, 115x3, 125x2, 130x1*, 135x1,135x2**, 140x1
* lost concentration, skipped set of 2
** realized mistake
A2. 14, 13, 13, 11, 10, 10, 9

B1. 6, 6, 5, 5, 5
B2. all sets unbroken

25min run at Mont-Royal trails; awareness - to be aware

Mizar said...

Happy Birthday Steve!

Keep-up the good work, its good for all of us to train with strong people and you are one of them.

Geoff Aucoin said...

You can't kip negative HSPU, they are lowing only as far as I know...

Brandon said...

Late May
A1. 135/155/175/185/195/205(f)/195(f)/185/185
A2. 6/6/5/5/5/5/4
B1. 4/5/4/5/5
B2. no GHD today-unanchored situps

Urban run around the Rose Bowl...went out really fast (first 3k around 14:30 or so). Completely died....last 2k+ 13:00.

1st two sets of HSPU negs on to feeling really unstable and switched to 45+35 bumpers.

Excellent work Brent and Unit. I enjoyed following the twitter feeds to see what was happening.

Michelle said...

Nice work Brent and Unit! Enjoy your rest!

Lisa M said...

Great job on the PR Lauren

Amazing job this weekend Brent and Unit!!

Took the day off to give the knee a rest will do part one tomorrow but no running for me for awhile again :(

Steve Howell said...

Awesome work this weekend Unit and Brent! Amazing performances over the weekend.

Martin Altemark said...

Fanstastic efforts Brent & Unit! Been following via the scores site during weekend, and performance seemed to have been all you got!

Unit, that run is insane!

Hard competition, but you realy gave them a match!

DAVE X said...

Great job, this weekend Brent and Unit! You are true inspirations.

I'll be taking some time off from the Bg Dawg blog, but I'll be returning after the games to prepare for 2011!

Jenny said...

A1. 75, 85, 95, 100, 105, 110, 115F
A2. 10, 9, 9, 9, 10, 8, 9

B1. on plates x 8
B2. subbed unanchored floor sit-ups, no ghd

Rainer Hartmann said...

Part 1:
A1: 85/95/105/115/120/125-f
A2: 12/10/9/8/8/7/7
B1: on 25# bumper: 4/4/4/4/4
B2: x 20 unbroken

Part 2: Still careful with running, went for 13+ minutes (trails)

rwcorson said...

Brent & Unit, again, awesome effort!
I'm looking forward to your comments on the events.
Rest up boys.

Jon M said...

Stupid question,

I don't know Unit's real name, did he qualify?

rwcorson said...

Jon M,
Unit = Garry Martin
Brent was 17th and Unit 18th.

Lisa M said...

Unit's name is Garry Martin and unfortunately he did not qualify but a tremendous effort was made by both him and Brent.

Nathan H. said...

Great work Brent and Unit! I was watching the results closely and you both put out phenomenal efforts!


Lisa M said...

Running a day behind as yesterday was a family time day.

A1 75/85/90/95/100/105/110PR!!!! by 10# yay. I remember being stuck on 90#s for friggin ever so this is huge. now if i could just transfer my strength to the skill moves...

A2 9/8/8/8/7/6

B uuugh all 5s just to floor as that is EROM for me tried to just do as many as possible

C did 3 UB then developed massive headache and low back started to tighten so pulled plug - but LOVE my new GHD it's awesome

über Bania said...

Good job, Brent and Unit! I don't know you guys personally but I was following the results. Looking forward to the highlight videos and seeing you guys in it, though!

OPT, I have some snatch form videos I put on youtube. I was wondering if you could take a look at them? Or anyone for that matter, feel free to pick at my form and give me some pointers. I'm trying to work on improving my efficiency and am having a tough time with it. Any coaching cues or tips would be appreciated :)


Norm said...

been following programing for a few months now and finnaly decided to start posting, thanks coach!

B1,4(45lbs bumpers),5,5,5
B2,did sets of 10-15, still agravates back

my press pr was 180, and that was a fight a few weeks ago! 191 went up easy today, not sure why that is! tried for 200 cause thats always been a goal, it was close!

OPT said...

lot of things:
when i post snatch work, do it all with light weight and PERFECT form from now on...
just 3 things to start:
- keep head neutral almost throughout, you extend your head back too soon which forces you to try to extend the hips too early
- weight on your heels almost entirely, for you , focus on weight on heels almost always
- pull that bar into your balls/penis - called benis from now on before you think about jumping from now on, with light weights

2 exercises to help it al become better:
SN Grip DL @ 5121; 5 x 5 with PERFECT form on the top 2 above and set is terminated when you do not do these
hang squat snatch light weight - 5 x 3 reps; short rest with perfect form on the 3 things above - do the hang from the knee cap and slide that bar up body to benis and jump

that's a start

Brent Maier said...

It's mid day and I finally feel relieved the madness is over. Unit and I were talking between heats on Saturday and I said this is the first time I honestly felt like an athlete at one of these events and not just a participant. I have each and every one of you including my wife and family to thank for that. For those of you that haven't been there or can't relate to that statement, give it time, you will.

Having Unit around this weekend made this an unforgettable experience. He is calm warrior with a ferocious spirit when it's go time. Hopefully Unit will give us his reflection of this weekend so we can all hopefully take a little something from it.

As far as my thoughts on this weekend, I'll give you a quick recap of what was going through my mind this past week. I didn't get much sleep 2 days prior because the mind decided it wanted to get a head start on the WOD's at 3:30am every morning for some reason.

WOD#1 Run: It was staggered starts on the run which I was happy about. 1 person started the run on each minute. I train by myself 99% of the time so I felt that was an advantage for me and a disadvantage for everyone else. I wore my GPS watch and looked down at the first 400m beep and saw I was at a 4:30-4:45ish pace. Right there I backed way down to a 5:50ish pace as we started the uphill climb. Midway up the hill at the 800m beep the watch showed a 6:30 mile pace and that shook me out of my daze. From there the top of the hill was in sight and it was all about not quitting to the top and then striding down the last 200m downhill stretch. I don't know how I pulled off a 4:38 that one goes out to DJ. You will get your run on this year!

WOD2 C&J: Back was good until the 255# PR. I made 3 attempts to jerk the 265# after that. All I had to do was dip under the bar and I would have had it but the body resisted it.

WOD3 Row: Nasty bugger after WOD's 1/2. My goal for this was just to beat my 10:25ish time from last weekend. I was a little disappointed I didn't get that last round of OHS unbroken but legs were on fire and ended up having to do an extra. DU's almost went south at the start of round 3 but I somehow pulled it back together. Came so close to beating 10 minutes.

WOD4 F@$KME: This one had me worried all day saturday and just up till 5 minutes before my heat. Shoulder and lats were sore. I was warming up was pulling some snatches before heading out and thought bloody hell 145# is freaking heavy. That didn't help the cause. Went to tape up and as I was standing around I noticed we were pulling 165# snatches. OMG, instant relief and big mental boost! The 45# ball slams were no joke and this WOD had a nasty twist in the end that caught both unit and I off guard. You'll see it on my face on the first pull of the last set of snatches. Units face looked no different, unfortunately, I didn't get his heat on tape.

Having seen and talked with many of the athletes at this event, everyone's focus right now is on strength. My thoughts on this for 2011 is to improve strength and diversity, roll that into a ball of work capacity, sprinkle some good technique emphasis and you've got a pie that everyone wants.

I've got a video of the WOD's, I'll let them speak for themselves. I'll try and get them posted this evening.

Marshall said...

A1. 95,115,125,135,145,155,165(PR)
A2. 11,10,10,10,10,10,9

B1. 2,3,3,3,2
B2. 20,20,20,20,20 broken

Tried to go up to 170 after the PR but no dice. Run felt good, haven't ran in a while.

Chris Dunkin said...

Thanks for the recap Brent. great showing my friend.

Rory Hanlin said...

Late May
Part 1

Army PT Test

Push Up: 75
Sit Up: 89
2 Mile Run: 12:55

Rest 20 Min

Part 2
A1. 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 102, 104xfail
A2. no tempo: 20, 14, 11, 10, 10, 11, 11
B1. 6, 6, 6
B2. all unbroken, but slow. x3

ran out of time

Mack Lar said...

Late May:
A1. 135/145/150/155/160/165
A2. 20/17/16/14/11/11/11
B1. All done on two 45 lb bumper plates. Allsets turned into negatives becuase the PU wasn't happening.
B2. UB
Finally feel like my press strength is beginning to come around. 155 for 2 is a PR and what my 1RM was stuck at for a while.
Part 2: 30 minutes. 4 miles ish

Jon M said...

OPT/ Bania:

I like snatch grip DLs off plates to fix first pull problems. I took some pictures with one of my athletes working on this.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Lisa M said...

I am seriously lol right now and wishing I had a benis to pull my snatch to but I am thinking the visualization might be enough as I too always jump way before my "benis" if I were to possess such. Doing snatch work tomorrow will report on how it went...

Heavy Evy said...

I love snatching so much it gives me a beaner.