sun, may 9, 2010

part 1:
3 rounds for time:
7 muscle ups
30 KBS - 2pd/1.5pd

rest as needed

part 2:
for time:
21 GHD Sit Ups
50 double unders
18 GHD Sit ups
50 double unders
15 GHD Sit ups
50 double unders
12 GHD Sit ups
50 double unders
9 GHD Sit ups
50 double unders


PTS said...

Part 1
11:07. MU's mostly broken into singlles to regrip.

10 mins rest

Part 2:
All GHD's unbroken. first 3 rds of DU's unbroken. about a 10 sec walk from GHD to DU space.

Rory Hanlin said...

Part 1

Part 2

My DU were BS, couldn't string 'em together today. GHDSU unbroken, making progress there.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Part 1
Part 2

starting to taper down this tuesday, going back and starting the may 8-9 wods from april 27th.

Paul Klein said...

Part 1:

Part 2:

As a birthday gift, my wife made me an appointment at the ASU/NCRC Human Performance Lab. They test VO2 max on a treadmill or cycle, resting metabolic rate, bod-pod body fat test, and a complete physical fitness assessment. Are there any tests or numbers that you would like to see specifically?

Here is a link to the flyer:

Jeff B. said...

Part 1: 13:46 - M-U's limiting factor, rings were @ 24" apart made transition very hard.

Part 2: GHD's Unbroken, DU's all broken, 11:25

Shoulders are smoked today - Very very happy with my DU's today, paired 30 together in one stretch, PR for me on that.

Lisa M said...

Part 1: Goal was just to complete this one as i just learned to do muscle ups/ kipping muscle ups last week. Plus 1.5 KBS are very dangerous for my knee so have to go slow right now at them.

COMPLETED!! in just under 20 minutes - happy that i was able to do all the muscle ups they were brutal especially after the KBS

Part 2: 7:16

my DUS sucked today for some reason and of course now i have a massive headache always get one after GHDs.

Got breakfast in bed this morning and some wonderful hand made gifts from my very precious children. It is a great day so far. Seriously looking forward to rest day tomorrow!!

Good luck today Big Dawgs: Joey, Nathan and Colin givem hell.

BK said...

Part 1: 30 BS @ BWT(200) +1 mile run- 8.14
Part 2: 7.13.

The last 5 weeks I have had to take time off from any work where my wrist gets into ext or flexion with a splint to keep a very samll ligament time to heal. My training has been strength work and aerobic conditioning and very challenging mentally not being able to train with you. Along with a dream new box opening for CFP and BSc compression gear going ballistic and the regionals looming in 2 weeks the last couple of weeks have been a major stressor, which I am not used to at all.
Yesterday ,I finally got into a WOD with my team and the wrist felt OK, but has pulled up sore today, and I am resigned to the fact that I will be competing with pain.
Its great to be back here with the Dawgs.

FYI: If you have ordered some Body Science Targeted Compression gear please be patient as we have another order on the way from OZ which will arrive mid week and I will get it out next day.
If you have any concerns about recieving your gear before your regional and its next weekend don't hesite to contact me as I will fed ex it overnight.

Aaron said...

Part 1-

rest 15 minutes

Part 2-

Had a hard time gettin my final 2 mu on the 1st round, I am not sure what that was all about. I just couldn't string together the double-unders together like usual.

LuLu said...

Part 1
Did it modified due to shoulder tweak, did not want to injure it more.

10min 23 sec

Part two:

7min 23 sec

GHD`s are finally getting better, they do not hurt my back as much, need to get more explosive and fast. DU`s felt good, first two sets UB

Steve Howell said...
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Corbin said...
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Corbin said...

Ended up 16th at the European Regionals. I was able to make all the cuts and do all the workouts, so i'm happy about that. The overhead carries in the 3rd workout really hurt me, I didn't think they would so i found a definite weakness. Anyways, thanks James for the physically and mentally challenging programming, I look forward to the improvements I will make in the future.
It was also good to meet Martin in person, he helped run an excellent event despite the weather. Thanks again, be back in a few weeks, and good luck to all the other big dawgs competing!

Michael McCabe said...

part 2 - 8:35

did knees to elbows on rings instead of ghd

Chad Hall said...
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Chad Hall said...

Part 1

15 min rest.

Part 2

Muscle were ok, but grip was tired from the swings. Swings were UB, 15/15, 10/10/10. Tried to slow my breathing down and that seemed to help but I think I could have hit 7:30 if I didn't break my KBS as much.

Very happy with part 2. GHDs felt explosive and fast, all unbroken (slow in middle sets). I usually get brutal headaches and nausea from the GHDs but today I tried to pick a spot on the wall in front of me and focus on that on the way up and it seemed to help a lot. Only first 50 DU were unbroken, but kept the speed high.

Overall, I had a good weekend. Happy with the way things are progressing.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Pt 1 in 12:25. Maintaining false grip is my biggest issue with MU's, and the KBS fried the grip. Not happy with the time at all but I only broke the swings at the halfway point of round 2, I was barely hanging on by rep 30 of round 3. If I could get 7 MU's straight it would do lots for my confidence there. I didn't miss any so the pacing was okay, but maybe a little on the safe side.

15+ minutes rest.

Pt 2. 6:30, only missed on the 48th rep of the LAST round, everything else unbroken. Felt good here.

Carrie McG said...

Part 1:
Did strict muscle up rows + small band ring dips for muscle ups (no muscle up yet.. I'm working on it)
swings 20/10 then 10/10/10 for remaining.

10 min rest (time crunch)

Part 2:
Double unders all broken. Couldn't get more than 20 at a time most attempts. Haven't been doing these in warmup recently and it shows.

Mizar said...

Part 1 - 8:03

~10 min rest

Part 2 - 6:44

Alex Duncan said...

Part 1: 10:38
Rings in my garage are really low, could barely kip on the Muscle Ups. All KB Swings UB except last set.

Rest 3 hours

Part 2: 6:30
All unbroken except 4th set of DUs=35/15

Katrina Burton said...

Part 1
Muscle ups unbroken, but KBS were difficult today and had to break them up.

20 min rest

Part 2
GHD were fast and powerful and only had one trip in the very last set of double unders. Damn shoe came untied twice from rubbing on the pads of the GHD.

Some crazy times today on both parts!

Wes hendricks said...

Part 1:
6:53....first 7 MU unbroken then next two rounds all singles. all 90 KBS unbroken, round 2 and 3 very painful. I was happy I was able to stay mentally strong and fight through it.

Part 2:
Second round of 50 DU's my rope broke and I don't have a back up. Sort of frustrating since I was flying but not a WOD I really need so I think I will live

derb said...


part 1:9:07

rested 2:30hrs

part 2: 9:57(doubles unders are getting better but still suck)

Heavy Evy said...

Part 1: 11:00 Mu's need some work, could do 2 then false grip goes to shat, and its all singles. 75# DB for swings, which also sucked!

Part 2: 8:03

DeeJay said...

part 1 - 8:28
My first 2 rounds were done in 5 mins and then muscle ups got hard. I couldn't hold on! Unforunatley I am not yet a "robot gorilla" like Rory

Part 2 - 6:56
Unbroken untill second last round of double unders and I had quite a few trip ups in the last 2 rounds. No stopping just trip ups, forearms were screaming!

sHELLy said...

Part 1:
Still need to get a muscle up, so spend some time practicing them -had a few attempts that were really close, but still no Mu:( Also did 3 sets of 30 unbroken 1.5pd KBS in between attempts.

Part 2:
Barbie-lee broke - had to use a reg rope.

THEN...decided to make one final attempt for a muscle up. Told myself I could buy a new pair of jeans if I got one - and I did! It was ugly and I had to wrestle myself up one arm at a time, but it was a muscle up. Then I did one more! Now, my next challenge is to find a pair of jeans that my quads will fit into!

exp. said...

Part 1:
8:57...all MUs full ROM. Only 1st round unbroken. MUs and KBS got surprisingly Was down to triples and doubles on MUs by second round.

25-30 min rest

Part 2:
6:26...all sets unbroken except third set of DUs where I missed once after 1st skip (1/49)! GHDs felt strong today.

fun WODs!

Steve Howell said...

Part 1:

1 hour rest

Part 2:

*subbed knees to elbows

Lisa M said...

Woooooohoooooo nice work sHELLY that is fantastic!!! Great persistence.

Joey's about to compete in a couple minutes - I love the commentators not saying anything about him because they have no idea who he is it makes me think of Davids mantra prior to sectionals everyone will know who you are now Big Dawg!!

Michael FitzGerald said...


Rest 30 min


Emilie P-B said...

Part 1:
Modified after the crappy day I had yesterday. I did it at low intensity.

5 rounds
- 3 Muscle-ups
- 10 KB swings 24kg

Part 2:
10:07, DU very broken

Thad said...

Late May
Rings are really low so unable to kip very good
20min rest

GHD's were good
DU's were not bad 1-2 trip ups each round

Roch said...

Ankle rehab day 9:

-3 sets of : 30 forward incline (ankle flexion-extension F.R.O.M.)@ 3,3,3,3 pressing against the wall.

Part 1: 5:43 (all unbroken except last round of m-u 3-2-2)

rest 20 min

Part 2:
for time:
21 GHD Sit Ups
21 GHD raise
18 GHD Sit ups
18 GHD raise
15 GHD Sit ups
15 GHD raise
12 GHD Sit ups
12 GHD raise
9 GHD sit ups
9 GHD raise

*Needed to sub D-U can't do them yet*
*All sets Unbroken time 6:40*

Heavy Evy said...

Live feed was wicked, good to see some big dawgs bringing it! Congrats on qualifing Joey Warren!

Man work has me going from one end of the province to the other, now only if I can find a place to train in Cowtown this week....wonder if there are any good gyms in Calgary...hmmmm I wonder.

ken c said...

congrats joey warren. great consistent effort nathan. you topped some real firebreathers in a very deep field.

Nathan H. said...

Congrats to joey! He got 4th overall. Amazing work brother! It was a pleasure finally meeting you in person.

I ended up 11th. Happy with my performances and looking forward to another year of hard and consistent training. Learned a few good lessons and will write them up in a few days. Thanks for all the support guys. The big dawgs are awesome!

Brent Maier said...

Great job today big dawgs and congrats Joey! I just tried to find your heats in WOD4 but I can't find them to save the life of me! Good work guys!

Chris Dunkin said...

great job joey. strong work nathan and colin.

Brian Maier said...

Congrats Joey, Nathan and Colin. It was awesome watching you guys compete the last 2 days via live feed. Way to represent!!!

Joey...way to go, qualifying w/ the fierce competition this year. Can't wait to watch you compete at the games.

Roch said...

Congrat Joey, Brian Maier is absolutely right!
Lots of competition and you got trough, Very solid!
Not much weakness in your game, good mental, you are ready for the games man!

Lisa M said...

Great job Joey congratulations!!! And Nathan you beat the "infamous" Josh Everett that is nothing to be ashamed of amazing performances guys

LuLu said...

Congrats Big Dawgs, to those who made it to Aromas and to those who did not. You gave 100%, AMAZING.

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." Mahatma Gandhi

Adam Rogers said...

Congrats Joey! Solid work man, consistent performances all weekend.

Nathan and Colin, amazing performances as well, congratulations.

Full Effort is Full Victory

Norm said...

today sure was humbling!
Part1 16:00min m.u.'s were sure tough, wanted to quit in rnd 2, didn't think id be able to finish, thanks exp for the push!
Part2 8-8:30, dont remember for sure, d.u's broken bad and just regular situps due to back injury

exp. said...

Always a blast throwin down with you Norm.

Right on Joey and Nathan! Caught your performances online and (no surprise) they were just awesome. Good luck at the Games Joey!

Lauren said...

ran in the mothers day 5km this morning and had other mothers day festivities, so only had time for one wod.

wod#2 6:05

will be working on MU tomorrow night.

great job this weekend dawgs!!! and good job on the MU sHELLy!!

Steve Howell said...

Awesome job Nathan and Joey!

Jeff B. said...

I also followed the Live Stream all weekend, was an awesome thing to be able to watch and cheer for you guys. Congratulations on every effort, just being there is impressive in my opinion. Good luck Joey in the future, and I'm sure the rest of the Dawgs who didn't make it this year will have come back stronger and more skillful next year! I know I personally have set 19 new PR's since my sectionals experience on March 8-9th...I hope everyone else continues improving and is as virtuous as I have been.

Rainer Hartmann said...

Part 1:
9:51 (Bar MU's)
rest 10 minutes
Part 2:
10:24 (subbed 50 sec bike sprint @90% for DU's)

Anonymous said...

Night shift last night did not cooperate with me finishing yesterdays part 2 so did a triple tonight.

Part 2 (from yesterday, did not look at ave Watts)
1. 1:59.7
2. 1:55.6
3. 1:53.2
4. 1:53.9
5. 1:51.5

10-15 mins rest

Part 1 - 7:16

10-15 mins rest

Part 2 - 6:13

Anonymous said...

Nathan, sweet picture. Nice work Big Dawgs.

Nathan H. said...

Thanks everyone! This weekend was a great experience. I finally got to meet James and have a brief conversation with him... very cool.

The writing on my back was done by my great friend Adam Forman who just happens to be an amazing tattoo artist. - amazing art work.

Love this community.


Michelle said...

Hey congrats Big Dawgs...Joey on qualifying and Nathan and Colin on performances!

sHELLy, nice work on the muscle up...enjoy your shopping trip!

No WOD for me today...Lots of stuff going on so will fit something in tomorrow and maybe take tuesday off.

Colin Jenkins said...

Joey and Nathan, great job this weekend! You guys did an amazing job represting this community and you were a huge inspiration for me throughout the competition

James, it's always great talking to ya. I hope you and your family had a great time in Cali this weekend

Paul Klein said...

Congrats to everyone that competed this weekend. Just making it to that level is a big acheivement.

rwcorson said...

Joey, Colin & Nathan, outstanding performances over the weekend. The field was deep! Be proud Dawgs.

Marshall said...

Part 1.
This crushed me, had lactic burn similar to Fran.

Part 2.

I waited about 30 minutes after part 1. I could have used more rest but needed to get it done at lunch time. DU's felt good.

ken c said...

late may

part 1: 9:02

part 2: 7:46

Michelle said...

Did Saturday's row and the MU/KBS WOD on Monday to make up for Sunday off.
/500m 2:19/2:11/2:05/2:08/2:07
watts 128/153/176/165/170
2500m took 10:53 Don't know how else to explain it...felt like I was 'fighting' to find some kind of rhythum with every 500m, but it never materialized for any of them. Probably shouldn't have turned it into a 'fight'.

45 min rest


Well this was humbling, but good for me to do. Took about 40 min. No, thats not a typo!!! When I compare to others I know it sucks, but for me to get 21 muscle ups in a WOD is a good thing...first 2 sets of KBS UB, last set 20/10. These went well because had so much damn rest with the MUs!

Didn't feel like it but with Brett's encouragement did the two WODs and I'm glad I did.

Jason Buzzard said...

Part 1: 13:49

Was a bit too conservative on the swings and muscle ups.

Per said...

Part 1: 7:58 (didn't have any rings or 32 kg KB, had to to bar-MU and 16 kg KB)

Short rest:

Part 2: 9:48 (only 20 DUs...)

Mack Lar said...

Part 1: 8:00
1st rd UB. KBS destroyed grip after that.
Part 2: 5:56
2 trips on DU's otherwise UB. UB GHD's.

Mike McGoldrick said...

This is my first workout. I have been looking for some change in my programming leading up to regionals.

Part 1: 7:58

Muscle ups were unbroken first round. Started breaking them up after that. I have a huge problem keeping a false grip on the turnout at the bottom. Any suggestions?

Part 2: 8:00

All GHD's unbroken. During 2nd round my rope broke so I had to stop and fix it. 3rd, 4th rounds unbroken.

Today's programming was fun. I needed a change. Definitely targetted my weaknesses. I am looking forward to following the program. I hope my weaknesses are continuously exposed.

Melisa C said...

Only able to fit part 2 in:


Erik Fay said...

I am going to start following the program very strictly now. I was amazed at the progress of the athletes I was competing against this past weekend at regionals. This was my first wod since regionals and I sucked. Had trouble moving through the movements. But I am glad I started back today. I am going to stay about a week behind so I can plan accordingly.

Part 1: 8:43
Forearms were smoked.

Part 2: 10:43
Absolutely horrible. I could not get my double unders going to save my life. GHD's were unbroken but I felt like I had super heavy legs.

Very cool programming though, I am looking forward to getting better.

├╝ber Bania said...

Part 1:
8:49, bar muscleups, 28kg KBS
had to regrip every muscle-up. taped bar is evil and rickety.
Rest 10min
Part 2:
1:16 started way too fast
2:10 DU issues
2:08 gassed out, slow ghd's
1:45 DU issues
1:32 DU issues