Feb 13, 2010

"Nodar" (R.I.P. 1988-2010)

3 rounds for time:
35 DB Dead Lifts - 75#/h,50#/h
Row 1K
50 knees to elbows

post time to comments
DB's must touch floor at bottom
knees have to hit elbows at top of K2E

As well, this is a link to an Online Metabolic Typing Test - this was a part of Nutrition 201 as well; if you feel interested, take the test and post how you scored, thanks.


PTS said...

what weight should we use for barbell if we don't have DB's?

My other option is to tape some 5 and 10lb weights to my Kb's and see if that works.

Brian Maier said...

what a terrible tragedy....wtf,metal beams along the track...just doesn't make sense. Everyone should have a little extra juice on this workout tomorrow. To Nodar and his family, my prayers are with you!

Stephen Flamm said...

PTS - if the barbell-to-DB conversion from the FAQs works both ways, then 150 lbs. of DB = 225 lbs. on a barbell...

ken c said...

on a lighter note, i learned tonight that canadia has a long history of fiddle playing tap dancing beat poets. quite a diverse culture up there in the great white north. who knew?

Anonymous said...

Died right before he got to represent his country. He died with honour however doing what he loves.. RIP

Ali Loach said...

Really hits home......my husband has done nearly 200 runs on that track; albeit on a skeleton sled.
I am thankful they have all ended safely.
My thoughts are with his family, friends and teammates.
I'll hit this hard tomorrow......damn near everything I hate but I'll give it all I have because I am able.

Garage Crossfitter said...

225lb Barbell deadlifts it is....

RIP Nodar...my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Martin Altemark said...

Jesus. This did hurt. Tried to push it for Nodar, but this really destroyed me. First round sub 9 minutes, but after that I was done...

As Rxd: 37:02

Last round not so much fun.

Martin Altemark said...

Back is cramping still 1h after WOD... Not feeling very crossfit right now :-)

Abu Aqilah said...


As rx'd


Geoff Aucoin said...

WE knew that, Ken...

SugarCoat said...

pull, pull, pull?
this doesn't look like an OPT WOD..

Gord said...

*long break between 1st of DB and row. not feeling 100%. Thought I was going to need multiple breaks, but only needed the one.

Gord said...

I stopped the watch while in bathroom

Lisa M said...

Do we take the db from the floor or put them up on plates to proper height

deejay said...

From floor Lisa

Pols said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pols said...

Ken C, you forgot about our rich history of inoperative, hydraulically-powered phallic symbols. I don't know what was more awkward, watching Nash look around waiting for it too come up or Furlongs half-assed consoling shoulder rub of Rogge.

Did 2 rounds in 19:42, then stared at the DB's for about 5 mins thinking about puking. Too much going on right now and the holy trinity of nutrition, sleep, and training are all screwed up right now.

I fucking hate wasting training days.

unit said...



oh squats were brutal... not sure where I stand... 1/2 the field 2 go yet...


Lisa M said...

NICE WORK UNIT I am sure you will have kicked serious ass and represented the Big Dawgs well.
How many burpees did you have to do??

Did the metabolic testing definitely a mixed type. Now definitely have to get the book to read more.

Siking myself up for this WOD looks nasty and still fighting sore throat/cold/flu bullsh#$

Jason Anderson said...

32:28 225# Barbell. Brutal pushed it for Nodar Last round grip was gone Subbed Ring K2E seemed like it was easier to kip but like I had to lift more to get to my elbows? How is this for a sub? Seems similar It's all I can do until our pullup cage gets fabricated really. Looking forward to tomorrow ouchies!

Eric said...

I'm posting this here, but let me know if this is not standard proceudre...

Are there more 'appropriate' times in the programing where one can/should jump in (assuming they have the right level of conditiong, which I do...), or can someone jump in at any time??? And what's with the Febbers and Marchers???

Oh, and while I'm at it with the questions, what is the general weekly template (I noticed it seems to vary a bit, but nonetheless...) with regards to days on/days off?

Sorry, newbie here :S

megs said...

Great job unit!
Only got through 2 rounds in 32 min.
Time constraints due to work. Deadlifts and rows felt good and were in a timely manner. K2e were horrible and slow and ten. in left elbow and shoulder was really acting up.
Need to add k2e to warm ups!

PTS said...

Thanks Stephen I must've overlooked that in the FAQ.
used 225lb barbell DL's, with no bouncing allowed.


last night before bed I looked at the WOD and thought it was 1 round, so imagine my surpise when I was discussing the WOD with my fiance this morning and she mentioned it was 3 rds. talk about a change in mindset.

off for a 12 hr shift. going to make sure to be in and out of the patrol car often so my back stays loose.

nice job Unit!!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Nice work, Unit, keep it up.

28 minutes flat with 800m runs sub'ed for rows (at the hall, no rower). Totally inadequate set-up but did my best today. Had to put bumper plates under the DB's so I wouldn't scare everyone under the gym and the diameter of the DB's was very small. 225lbs dls with a barbell would have been easier. K2E were scary slow today...

Martin Altemark said...

Good work Unit! Just keep going, You're a beast!

Eric: Welcome! Marcher vs Febbers is when to peak for competition. Just jump in and go with the flow!

Weekly template will vary, as will the number of WODs on workdays. Lately it has been focus on harder/more work on weekends, but the future is unwritten. Or unposted at least.

If you decide to follow marchers I guess you can look at what febbers been doing the last few weeks to get an idea of what's to come.

Heavy Evy said...


75#/h never felt so heavy, took to the 3rd round to really find the rythym in the knees to elbows, had some missed reps tht I had to repeat along the way.

R.I.P. Nodar.

bso said...

You're in second so far, Unit.

Chad Hall said...

Just took the Metabolic Test and result is Mixed Type.

I only have KBs so should I stand on a couple of plates so I can go lower to simulate going low with the DBs? Or just do the 225lbs on a barbell?

Going to do this after 5PM EST.

Great work Unit! My money's on you!

Steve Howell said...

Nice work Unit! keep crushing it!!

rackempackem said...


32:05 as Rx'd.

Expected hell after phone chatt with Martin Altemark before the WOD. I got hell. Paced it just right though. First round about 8:30. I rowed really slow but it was horrible none the less between 2:05 and 2:10 average, a bit faster first round maybe. K2E very broken. DL easier than expected and still horrible.

Thanks Mr Fitzgerald for an impressive date with the uncomfortable!

David said...

Unit's next WOD will begin at 3:05 central time.

Garage Crossfitter said...

31:43 subbed 225lb barbell DL's

Tough one, body is pretty beat down right now. My hip flexors and hams from the sprints are very tight, even after LOTS of rolling. CNS is pretty wore down after this wod....a few days off may be in my future...

Stephen Flamm said...

43:29, using 225 lb. barbell DLs

Second round was a disaster. Partner used the 75 lb. DBs and finished in 34 and change.

Paul Klein said...

Sub with 225# barbell


Everything hurts.

Metabolic Test results
No Answer = 9
So I am a mixed type.

Word verification is CHILL
As in "after that workout I am going to sit on the couch and chill while watching tv"

joey warren said...

Nice job Unit, keep killing it.

My hips still pretty sore from sprints and did this in globo gym, hard to get moving.

As Rx'ed: 28:14

*Paced myself pretty well, rows were slow, and K2E also slow couldnt hang on to bar

Kris Hallee said...

metabolic typing- "B" wins by landslide- mixed type

OPT locals- "Nodar" will be up on the board next week

Rainer Hartmann said...

Rx'd: 39:43.
KTE's became very broken from the second round on, all 5's, grip deciding factor. RIP Nodar!

Michael McCabe said...

31:28 rx'd

i am not comfortable at all with this time domain... on a positive note i'm starting to get comfortable with kipping the k2e (this still ate most of my time however)

unit you are a beast! i know you'll crush wod2 and whatever they throw at you for the last one!

Bubba Hagood said...

This one sucked - probably too careful and broken on the deadlifts but no problems - took rows too hard which was a bad way to spend the energy - K2E went on and on.

39.10 rx'd

David said...

Latest results as of 1330:

Air Force WOD Results (Men)

155 regula, dave 05:31.0 331
228 NIMMO, JOSH 05:32.0 332
167 Earleywine, Josh 05:35.0 335
162 Carlson, Joe 06:32.0 392
148 Howard, Jake 06:35.0 395
199 Martin, Garry 06:38.0 398

The last heat is set to go now.

Erik Luber said...


rounds: 11:07, 13:15, 12:58

Done with 60# DBs. Knew this would be a marathon, so did my best to just operate below that anabolic threshold, and maintain a constant pace. Really enjoyed the DB DLs, never used my hamstrings so much doing a DL. First round of K2Es smoked my abs, this made DLs much more challenging.

Nice work Unit!!

Covino24 said...

On Friday the 12th we had the pleasure of having Heather Keenan visit our box. Heather is a Crossfit Finalist and an amazing athlete. So we took a day away from OPT's training to do a fun WOD with our guests.

I started with some Power Snatch work for about 10 - 15 minutes and ended up going to 160#, which is a PR by 10# but felt very easy!!

The WOD:
21/42, 15/30, 9/18 reps of:
Kettle Bell Swings (2 pood) and Double Unders

My time for this workout was 6:12. I believe Heather killed it and got me by like 2 1/2 mins at a lighter weight for the KBS. Very Inspiring!

As for Today 2/13 I went back to OPT's training. We don't have 75# dumbbells, and I wanted to use Dumbbells to work on grip strength, so figured out the total pounds moved and used the heaviest dbells we had - 55# and did 50 reps/round

My total time was 34:20 and row times/round were 4:01/ 4:05/ 4:07

After about 5 - 10 minutes of rest I did some Heavier Deadlifts
3x3x3x2x2x1x1x1 reps at the following weight
275/285/295/305/315/325/335/345 - Felt good at all weights.. lots of room for a 1 rep max. Seeing alot of improvement in my overall strength and Olympic Lifts!

Adam Rogers said...

Looks like Unit is currently in 8th, looking strong.
Hard to believe that first guy's time!

Keep up the strong work Garry, we're all rooting for you.


Nathan H. said...

Need some advice guys. I mildly strained my hamstring during the sprints the other day. Should I take a full rest day and maybe do some stretching/mobility; or should I warmup and go through a workout subbing out hamstring stuff?


deejay said...

39:05 w/ 70# kettlebells w/ 5# DB's taped to them. Stood on 7" of plates to make up for height difference.

Roch said...

R.I.P. Nodar.

Rx'd :29:04

What a nice grinder!
Pace whent well, did not gas out but on K2E was short reps short rest.

Good job Unit!!!

Pete said...

Started off with some light snatch balance and full snatch drills.
OHS x 15 with Bar
Snatch Balance x 5 with Bar
Snatch Balance 95lbs x 5 (3 sets)
Full Snatch 95lbs x 5 (3sets)

Today's WOD

My time: 35:12
Worked out at a YMCA in Vermont today, had to wait for equipment on a couple of occassions during the workout.

Ang's Time: 43:12

Great job Unit.

Just printed off that metabolic test. We'll have a look at it and post later.

Pete and Ang

Andrew Romeo said...

33:16 as Rx'd

That was hard

Mixed type on the Metabolic testing
A: 5

Michael FitzGerald said...

27:52 as rx'd. Right forearm (medial side is very tight), and left elbow was a little wonky - used supinated grip K2E's. DB Deadlift was easier than I imagined - 3 breaks per round avg. Rows were purposly slow, happy with K2E's.

And I did not lie down afterwards. Do I get bonus points for not laying down?

Erik Luber said...

Metabolic typung test:
A. 9
B. 29
C. 14
Mixed type

Sometimes difficult to answer, as I have rarely experimented with all options...

Lauren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lauren said...

39 min ish?

had a malfunction with the rower, the timer and my palm.

Ripped bad on the last round of K2E so did so did 10 K2E and 100 GHD

still felt like a good wod.

exp. said...

Great job Unit!

OPT said...

Nathan, take the weekend to heal, return on Tues...one wise man once said..."the goal is to do the least amount of work for the best results"...work right now might not be best...
stay mobile - walk, upper body gymnastics but nothing dynamic..

Steve G said...




Used same contraption as DJ...

WOD just took forever...

4 min rows...
DL were hard standing on weights...
K2Es were done in sets of 10s 5s and 4s...

Think my transition times b/w exercises were too long...that said not sure I could have broken sub 30min on this day...kudos to those who did...

Garage Crossfitter said...

Im really interested in taking this metabolic typing test because my appetite varies constantly, somedays i dont even want to eat, others i am starving...so i would like to pinpoint whats causing that...

Marie Rochat said...

Subbed GHD's for K2E becasue I tore my hands up quite bad 2 days ago while doing a pull-up intensive WOD at an affiliate I visited. I was originally going to just tape up and suck it up, but then I realized that I am exactly one month out from my sectional as of today, and decided I really can't afford to keep re-injuring my hands. They need to be healed and good to go for sectionals.

31:47 w/GHD sit-ups subbed for K2E.

unit said...

WOD 2...

40 reps...

ouch... I def need 2 work on my jerk... 90% of these reps were more like a clean and push press...
thanks 4 all the support y'all...


Covino24 said...

Nice Work Unit...Looks like 4th so far in the Clean n Jerk!! Keep killin it Big Dawg style!

Grant said...

@ OPT @ 10AM
BW 177# (why is BW increasing?)
Never thought about changing grip on K2Es. Next time...

Brian Maier said...

Keep killin it, Unit!!!

Dave X said...

About 1/2 way through wod #2, unit is currently running second in the overall competition!

Way to go Unit!!!


Big L said...

OPT, will do. Thanks.

Awesome job unit! Keep it up man!


Nathan H. said...

Oops, wrong account! The above post is mine.

Anonymous said...

Knees to elbows were slow and broken a lot for the last 30reps of each set.

Metabolic testing
mixed type

Need to track diet better to get a more accurate answer.

Anonymous said...

used 75lb KB off 7" plates

unit said...

2morrows WOD

5min row (4 calories)
4min box jumps 24"/20"
3min hand squat snatch (75#/45#)
2min wall balls
1min hspu

sounds like fun!...


Lisa M said...

Nice Work Unit!!!

Holy crap that was not fun - somewhere around 40 min Never again will i do a timed WOD with three modalities at my globo brutal waiting for equipement, crap pullup bars etc. Ended up doing things out of order in second round instead of standing around waiting for these two ladies "rowing" yikes. The K2Es killed me, I liked the db deadlifts never done them before.

Stephen Flamm said...

Great performance, Unit. No rest for the shoulders tomorrow, huh?

Justin Flynn said...

33:03 w/ 70# KBs and like DJ I stood atop two 45# bumpers about 7" high. K-E were the limiting part here. Just could not string more than 10-5-5-5... at a time. Grip was limiting factor.

Weighed myself this morning and was 210# Heaviest I have ever been. All lean mass. Feel really strong right now.

BK said...

Subbed 2 pood for DB but stood on floor, breaks on last 2 sets at 15,25.
Rows 3.48, 3.58,3.53
KTE slow but got in swing late, doing 5's more knees to armpits, lazy ,lacking sleep ordinary sesh .

Rainer Hartmann said...

Great job, Unit, go get 'em tomorrow! Good luck!

Andy said...

subbed sdhp for rows
I need to get a rower.

Michelle said...

Did this WOD at OPT this morning. Not sure of total time as I had some timing issues. There were no 50# dbs at OPT so used 55#. Nice to do a WOD where I actually looked forward to the row!!!
Nice to see you G & K!!!

Brian Maier said...

30:52 as RX'd

Finally getting my kip down on k2e's. I never looked so forward to rowing...used it as my rest period.

unbelievable....105 reps of DL and I'm fine but just tweaked my freakin neck moving a big screen TV in my house.

Katrina Burton said...


Protien type

33:50 RQ

Wow... never felt like hurling during the WOD but I definately do now. That was ridiculously difficult. Told myself to just keep moving, keep going and push through the pain, something our dear Nodar does not have the opportuity to do anymore.

R.I.P Nodar

Adam Rogers said...

Adam - 33:47
John - 49:58
Becky - 35:06 (135lb bb, 20/30 k2e/situps)

David said...

WODs for San Diego and Arizona:

Workout 1:
Three rounds for time of:
15 Deadlift at 225 / 155 lbs
21 Kettlebell swings 2 / 1.5 pood
Run 400 meters
(20 min time limit)

Workout 2:
Seven rounds for time of:
7 Power snatches 95 / 65 lbs
7 Box jumps 30" / 25.5"
(15 min time limit. You must jump with both feet at the same time. The ROM is ground to full extension either on or above the box. The difference in height for men and women is based on the average height difference in the US for men and women).

Workout 3:
3 Rounds flying pull-ups (see video below)
21 / 10 Handstand push-ups (see video below)
30 KB Front squats 2 / 1.5 pood
150 meter Sand bag carry 80 / 50 lbs
20 Squat clean thrusters 135 / 95 lbs
Run 250 meters
50 Burpees
20 DB Shoulders to overhead 45 / 35 lbs
40 / 20 Push-ups (chest to easy button from staples and full extension with hands leaving the ground at the top)
Run 250 meters
50 squats
50 pull-ups (chin over the bar)
(On the Flying pull-ups, both hands must touch the bottom, both hands must reach the top and both hands must reach the bottom before dropping to the ground for the trip to count. Going one hand at a time is allowed. HSPU is head touches ground to locked out. )

Scoring will be the sum of your times for the first two workouts plus half of your time for the third workout.

Modifications will be allowed, but will disqualify you for Regionals.

Tyler Smith said...

29:51, just awful. Deadlift was solid @ 225#... first set nearly unbroken... stopped to save some gas for later... Row times were all about 4:20 per 1000m... K2E were terrible. RIP Nodar.

Oh and I am definitely a Protein type... I think I had 10+ Cs for every A or B answer...

Chad said...



subbed 800m run for row
subbed 100 anchored SU's for K2E's

rd's: 8:46, 9:59, 10:30

I'm thinking the SU's were cake compared to 50 K2E's. The DL were done with 75# and they weren't bad, unbroken first set then 25/10, 25/10. However I can only imagine how bad the grip would be after K2B's.

I don't like subbing things but I just couldn't get in the gym today. Had to go to apartment gym which is like globo gone wild!

I'm happy with my day. This morning I got to help build a garden for the homeless...felt good! Now it's time to take the wife out for V-Day!

nice job today UNIT!

R.I.P. Nodar.

Chris Fodera said...

Listening to my better judgment and shutting 'er down this weekend. Left hamstring is still pretty sore from Thursday and my right knee is still a little tight/sore.

I'll reassess tomorrow and see how the lower half is feeling for tomorrow's WOD. If not, I'll pick back up on Tuesday.

In the meantime, I am going to stretch and buy and AirDyne. Although I've never been on one, I can't live with the thought of an apparatus nicknamed "Satan's Tricycle" not being at my disposal.

Nice job, Unit...remember to fuel for the purposes of recovery from today and preparation for tomorrow. Keep your head straight...this is your's if you believe it to be!

Chris Dunkin said...

Great job Unit. Channel the anvil for the home stretch.

Brent Maier said...


Time: 29:58 as RX'd

Notes: Those deadlifts with DB's sucked. Knee's were almost knocking together on all the deadlifts so that I wouldn't keep tagging toes on the touchdowns. Ran into technical difficulties on round 3 row so it cut into my time a bit. Held the rows at a 1:50-55 pace. No music today and by myself. This was a grinder that felt a lot like "Eva". This one wasn't fun. Good job Unit, keep it up!

bso said...

According to this test I am a mixed type (A-7,B-24,C-24).

However, after reading Eat Move and Be Healthy earlier this month, I took this online one and was a landslide Protein type:


26% sympathetic
38% balanced
34% parasympathetic
37% slow oxidation
62% fast oxidation

Looking forward to learning more in the nutrition 201 dvd.

Lisa M said...

Someone please tell me why they are releasing the sectional wods so early does this not go against everything crossfit where's the unknown and unknowable,

Dave X said...


Subbed 225 barbell deads.

Still getting over a sinus infection. My brain was telling me to shut it down in second found but I pushed through it and completed all three rounds. My body celebrated by spewing my dinner all over my garage floor. I thought I had waited long enough after my last meal but the evidence to the contrary was right there in front of me.

Deads were very manageable even into last round.
Row was smooth averaged around 4 mins per round.
K2Es were the worst thing imaginable. Crushed me each round.

Great job today Unit and everyone who tackled this wod today head first with some passion.

LuLu said...

I miss you guys already. Cert today was EPIC and my quads are FRIED.
CU Tuesday.
RIP Nodar.

Aaron said...

38:41 as RX'd
Used thick handle DB's
Row was slow, workout fried the forearms.

Stefani said...

41:41 w/35# DB's

First day back from being sick and decided to slow back into it.....this wasn't as bad as I thought is was going to be.


Mack Lar said...

Feeling sick last couple of days plus only averaging 7 hours sleep for last week. Didnt feel mentally tough today but gutted through it.

JAM said...

30:40 as rx'd
Deads and rows felt good, k2e's were limiting factor

Chad Hall said...

37:25 not as Rx'd


I was taking out a cistern for a while yesterday and absolutely destroyed my grip using a sledge and a jackhammer. I also now have an open blister the size of a toonie on my lower palm. Not really happy about this as it affected my grip ability.

First 2 rounds rx'd then finished with 50 butterfly situps instead of K2E due to overusing my left hand/arm to overcompensate my right hand.

My rows and deadlifts were completed in 6 minutes each time, just those darn K2E, need to start doing them in warmup.

Yelvi said...


KTE were the limiting factor. Sets of 5 or less after the first round. Couldn't hold onto the bar anymore.

Dave X said...

Units third WOD tomorrow:

For Reps:
5 minutes of Rowing for calories
4 minutes of Box Jumps for reps (20/24)
3 minutes of hang squat snatches for reps (45/75)
2 minutes of wall balls for reps (10 ft high)
1 minute of Hand Stand Push Ups for reps

Unit is currently 8th overall and this WOD could be right in his wheelhouse.

John T. said...


had to use 65lb db's for lack of access to larger ones.

This was awful, I went out and drank beers (alot of them) last night for the first time in in a while and deservingly paid for it today. I had no focus, felt weak, and not all of my k2e's where legit.... lesson learned

Lisa M said...

David X how many guys go through to regionals

David said...

30 Men
30 Ladies

bmizzlle said...

34:36 rx

will said...

2921 70lbs kbs

Jenny said...

36:34 rx

Spider said...

31:37 RX

tania said...

Did this test and a few other metabolic typing tests and no doubt about it, protein type. This is odd because I took a similar test last year and it was Mixed at the time. Maybe I just know myself a bit better now.

rwcorson said...

As rx'd, 34:46.
Grip was shot.

Jason Buzzard said...

As rx'd, 41:52. Was really hoping to get under 40 minutes. I think I tried to pace too early.

Laura said...

43:10--KtoE were dismal, no way I could hold on for more than 4-5 at a time

Chris Dunkin said...

God bless Nodar.


Brandon said...


Did this as part 2 of a double Sunday and my lower back and hamstrings were tight before this. Right now it is a battle to stay loose. K2E were crazy hard, but I kept thinking about flying off a luge track and that was good motivation to get back on the bar.

Metabolic Type: Mixed (Roughly equal B/C and A much lower)

Shane Gibson said...

35.55 rx'd. Grip was the limiting factor...kept my 2nd and 3rd sets of K2E very broken for fear of falling off the bar (my pull-up bar is nearly 10ft in air). Very tough WOD.

Bear said...

Time: 39:20 min

My weak grip made me slow down. Similar experience as Shane Gibson :)

bso said...

Back isn't ready for Nodar.

5 minutes AMRAP ring row... raise feet 1" every time you break the set. 40.
5 minutes AMRAP 25# kettlebell deadlift at 1020. Good exercise for me to build up stamina... that's about as much load as I can handle for reps right now.
5 minutes AMRAP no-leg rope climb from standing. Lost count... probably 10ish.
5x10 Hip Bridge with 45# bar at 1011.

Melisa C said...

as rx'd 42.28

Killed grip, K2E ate up ALL my time. Ripped on the last round.

exp. said...

As rx'd 30:58

dontpanic356 said...

built to heavy CJ.


Had wrong weight for deads. so not as RX'd


KTE were aweful. Doing singles on last 25 or so.