Wed, Feb 17th, 2010

part 1:
A. High Bar Back Squat @ 20X0; 6,6,4,4,2,2; rest 240 sec
B1. DB Split Squat @ 3011; 7-9/leg x 4; rest 90 sec
B2. GH Raises @ 2020; 15-20 x 4; rest 90 sec

rest as needed

part 2:
[Row Sprint 30 sec @ 100% effort; Rest 3 min off rower; Repeat 4 times] x 2
rest 10 min b/t sets of 4
record total meters per 30 sec set
you should have 8 total scores

post loads, notes and meters to comments
single tomorrow


Geoff Aucoin said...

I was hoping for rows on part 2!!

Anyone have any spare hamstrings?

Adam Rogers said...

Paul Klein/Stephen Flamm,

Saw your info on yesterday's comments, my sectional is also the weekend of March 7th (in Ohio @ Arnold Classic). I'd be very interested in hearing how you guys approach the next couple of weeks of training, please keep me in the loop if possible.


PTS said...

A. 185,205,230,245,270,270(1)

B1. 7x85 for 3 sets (barbell)
B2. 20,15,15

hopefully getting part 2 doen after work

Paul Klein said...

I have made the decision to start today with the workout for the Feb crew on January 27th. I will follow from there and I should taper nicely for the 6th and 7th. I guess I will be off the grid until after qualifier. Hopefully I do well and will be back.

Tyler Smith said...
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Covino24 said...

A) 185/190/195/205/215/225

B1) 30# for all x 9 rest b/t legs right?
B2) All 20 x 3 unbroken on tempo
rest 5 mins
Row meters: played with damper settings on first 4 and settled on 5.
1)165m 2)168m 3)172m 4)170m
rest 3 mins due to time.
5)171m 6)170m 7)169m 8)171m

Tyler Smith said...
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Tyler Smith said...

Im just going to re-post all together...

A. 230x6,245x6,270x4,280x2,285x1, 225x4 (low bar)

B1. 24kg/h x 7 x3
B2. 20,15,20

Had to cut B short due to time...

Sorry for the jacked up post earlier... was in a big hurry.

Jenny said...

A1. 110/121, 143/143, 165/165
B1. 33 Lbs in each hand
B2. On floor (15)

Didn´t have much time so I rested one minute between all eight sets

Erik Luber said...

A. 60 kg, 62, 65, 67, 70, 75
B1. 20#, 25, 30x7, 30x9
B2. 11, 11, 11, 9

Enjoyed the 3011 tempo on the DB split squats. Pleasantly surprised by reps on the GH raises, hamstrings were still really tight from last cycle. Previous AMRAP GH raises was 8, so definitely making some real progress there.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is willie albert I know this is a little late but, I just wanted to thank opt for posting that vid and all the comments are appreciated...the workout was pretty random and we just pic some weights that would total 1000+lbs with some thought I'am sure it could be done a little cleaner and faster...again thank you, peace in the middle.

Melissa said...

Part One:

A. 145, 145, 155, 160, 165, 175
B1. 40lb each hand
B2. Sets of 15

Looking forward to Part Two.

BK said...

C. 20,20,15,15.

Heard nasty pop/snap on rep 6 ,4th round of lunge.I felt and heard the pop on the back leg on the 10 inch box. Finished workout as I felt ok ,but I have done some damage ,just don't know how much. Icing it now I think its at the origin of the rectus femoris or sartorius but not sure which muscle is at fault. I dont have an issue walking but can feel it when stretched
Coach or crew does anyone have any experience with this type of thing happening?

Michael FitzGerald said...

Did two WOD's yesterday, the second on was:
Run 1 min @ 9.0 mph (incline 2)
12 Ghd Sit-ups
21 Air Squats
Declining Rest Periods
90sec/80sec/70sec/60sec...20sec/10sec. That was 10 intervals in total.

Will do these tomorrow.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Anyone else want to post what they did today instead of Big Dawgs?

No? Cool.

Gord said...

A. 201/211/217/225/230/235
B2. All unbroken (20)

Brian Maier said... the 2nd WOD you did yesterday. I'm going to try and work that in this next week or so.

Bad idea to play catch-up on Monday(rest day) and run 15 X 10 sec sprints. My hammies are hating me right now so did not do GH raises today.

A. 185,205,225,235,245,265
went light today...legs really sore

B1: 7/leg X 4 w/ 35lb db's

B2: subbed GH situps 25 X 4

Johan Lindvall said...

All in kg:

A: 110x5 (fail rep6), 108x4 (fail rep 5), 105x4, 100x4, 102.5x2, 102.5x2.
Went toooo heavy from the beginning, big mistake!

B1: 2x21 9/9, 2x21 9/9, 2x21 9/9, 2x21 9/9
B2: 15, 15, 15, 15

Sub´d B2 with nordic hamstring (youtube it) and kept the excentric part as low as I could manage to.

10 min rest before part 2:

1. Damp 5- 170m ..
2. Damp 7- 172m ..
3. Damp 4- 170m ..
4. Damp 5- 170m
5 min rest
5. Damp 6- 169m ..
6. Damp 5- 171m ..
7. Damp 5- 170m ..
8. Damp 5- 170m

Experimented a little with the dampersettings. =)

Johan Lindvall

Geoff Aucoin said...

B2.10+5,15,15,15 - arms behind back.

Hammies are @%&*@#%!. Did some supplementary trap work after. Part II @ home much later...

Roch said...

Hi BK,

I'll give you my opinion on your situation.
Basically with that much info its hard to say what it is exactly and what is the gravity of the problem but in all case :
-Don't stretch it at all before its 80 % better. When you'll start to stretch, make sure to stay conscious, of the area and breath by your nose really steady and calmly. Basically if your face can remain calm as you stretch and your breathing steady your body will let go of the tension. As the body relax it will allow you to go deeper in the tension and release the actual trauma (this process should be uncomfortable but never painful stop before pain, FOR CHANGE :). You want to release the trauma but not chocking the spot again. Until you can go in your full range of motion with light ballistic movement, try to avoid all explosive movements involving the problematic region. (everything that involve the hips). I know its a critic moment in your training but you want to get back on your feet as soon as you can so you'll have to take a step back for few days, intensity, volume, anything to protect that region. Rest, massages, osteopathy, ... whatever works for you would help. After two day of complete rest of that region, a bit of very light and control movement of the region (no load). As I look at you scores, its obvious that your lower region is stonger than average so take that period to focus on your weekness without overloading your (upper region) and rest well.

Next time, when you hurt yourself in training, (not in competition) stop doing the movement RIGHT AWAY if you continu to work the area or even worst, the same movement you are not going to do any pr, no good performances and more likely injure it more and need more time off at the end and that suck bad. (easy to say not easy to apply for competitive athletes I know).
-Ice it for sure 10 min on 10 min off 3 time in a row (repeate twice during the evening if you can. For this afternoon training, if I would be you I would not go to the gym but do the rowing training in your head in a quiet place, visualize it, every stokes and put a timer, take your rest,... just like a real one or just jump the second part for today cause its fresh and you don't want to get it worst. You'll see tomorrow how better it got and take actions regarding your situation.
Sleep a minimum of 8h. Eat well, research for natural anti-inflamatory (Fresh pinapple, tumeric*curcuma*, papaya,...)
Bath with sea salt or Epsom salt if its working well with your body can help and Hot-Cold alternate therapy in a spa might do you good to.

Hope this will help.
I'm french so you might notice some weird sentences :)
Good luck brother.

Roch said...


B1.4X 45lbs (9)
B2.4X 20

Good lower back stretch at the end posterior chain got rocked there!!

Grant said...

@ OPT @ 7AM
A1. HBBS 203x6/220x6/240x4/264x4/286x2/301x2

B1. DBSSx9 @40/45/45/45. Focus on 3down
B2. GH raises; 15/15/15/20. Focus on hips forward for 1st 3 sets. Best yet for me. Last was full 20 but after 15 reps not as pretty.

PART 2 @ EAu Claire Y tonight if anyone interested in joining.

DJ, I like the new shoes. Still need breaking in but the heel gives me a deep squat

Michael said...

yesterdays wod:
A1. 185, 195, 205, 225(4), 225(3)
A2. 53, 53, 63, 71, 71
B1. 155, 175, 185, 195
B2. Unbroken x 4
C1. 135, 135(5), 135(4)
C2. Unbroken x 3

LuLu said...

Squats are starting to feel stronger, my legs are my weakness, it has been nice to fry them the last week :)

A1. 6x130,6x130,4x145,4x145,2x160,

B1. 7x25,7x25,7x20,7x20lbs
B2. 15-5, 15ub,15ub,15ub
The lunges still make me want to scream and cry, the GHD's are getting much stronger

Rested 10min

Row 1:
134,137,139,138 meters
rested 5 min
136,133,134, could not do last one as I ran out of time.
I have been really working on playing with the damper settings and trying to get my stoke better by using my legs more.

Steve G said...



A. 185/205/225/230/240/245
B1. 35lb/hand
B2. 15/set

Notes: Have a pretty good deep thigh bruise that really hurt when I squatted so kept weight relatively light...
GH raises were only sets of 15 due to time issues but they were fast and they ever felt...

LuLu said...

Oh, the lunges were 25lbs in each hand :)

Justin Flynn said...

Sick work Unit! Congrats on moving on to the sectional. One of us should make a spreadsheet showing all of the big dawgs, what sectional their in and how they did. Could be done in excel. Hmmm... something to think about.

Martin Altemark said...

Part 1:
A. 6x70kg, 6x80kg, 4x95kg, 4x100kg, 2x105kg, 1x110kg (failed 2nd)

B1. 9x22kg, 7x32kg, 7x32kg (that's 2x16kg)
B2. subbed stiff legged deadlifts with KB

Part 2:
179m, 179m, 178m, 174m, 171m, 170m, 172m, 170m.

Really think these intervals did me very good in oct/nov and hoping for the same now. But now I feel like shit.

Well, back to the olympics and more Swedish success in the cross-country skiing!

Good work y'all!

Lauren said...

A1. 145x6/175x6/195x4/205x4/215x2/225x1 (so close for the 2!!)

B1. 35/35/40/40
B2. No GH machine... so did hamcurls (? thinks thats what they are called) on swiss ball - prob not the same but thought it was better than nothing and haven't done them in a long time.

rowing tonight.

Steve Howell said...


A: 235/268/290/300/315/333x1(failed on second rep)
B1: 30#x9/40#x9 for 3 sets
B2: 15 for all 4 sets.

andrewromeo said...

A: 225x6, 245x6, 255x2, 255x2, 255x2 245x1, 245x1
B1: 70#per hand x7x4
B2: 20,20,15,15

Part 2:
176,161,174, 172
169, 173, 171, 171

andrewromeo said...

A: 225x6, 245x6, 255x2, 255x2, 255x2 245x1, 245x1
B1: 70#per hand x7x4
B2: 20,20,15,15

Part 2:
176,161,174, 172
169, 173, 171, 171

Katrina Burton said...

A.) 132(6), 148.5(6), 165(4), 177(3 - almost 4), 182.5(2), 188 (1)

B1.) 27.5/h, 30/h... stopped after two of these... the pain in my left leg was too much today

B2.) 4 sets of 15 unbroken

Rowing later tonight after work.

Rainer Hartmann said...

A: 225x6, 246x6, 265x4, 275x4, 285x2, 295x2
B1: 20#/25#x9, 26#/27#x8
B2: 15, 10-4-1, 8-3-2-2, 8-3-2-2
Hamstrings on fire after those!

Rest about 10 min
142/144/144/144/144/145/144/147 meters

Pete said...

Part 1
A1.215x6, 225x6, 245x4, 255x4,
265x2, 270x2
B1. 45x9(per leg), 50x9, 55x7, 55x7
B2.15, 12, 10, 10

Part 2
3 hours later....
164m(damper 5),170m(d.6),169m(d.4),165m(d.3)


Legs were cooked after Part 1. Posterior chain still needs lots of work. GH raises are improving by the workout but still have a ways to go.

Experimented with the damper settings. Definitely getting more power output out of keeping the setting around 6 or 7 vs 4. Part 2felt good.

bso said...

Bought an AirDyne today! Not sure what to do with it... but I've got one... AND it was only $50 :D

Bubba Hagood said...


Part 1:
A. 225x6,245x6,255x4,265x4,275x2,285x2
B1. 40/hx8,40/hx8,40/hx8,40/hx8
B2. 15,15,15,15

Part 2:
(average 500m pace)/Distance(m)


Decided to really push the squats. left me pretty shattered for B1 and B2. Had a problem with GHD pad bottom plate edge digging into my quads during raises.

Still shakey 3 hours later for row - work on recovery. Very happy with Rows as these are much better than last time with similar protocol. Meters are final meters on C2 machine after rowing stopped at 30s -so some (5-10m ? rollout)

Chad Hall said...

A: 225(6), 245(6), 255(4), 265(3), 275(2) 280(2)

B1: 30(9), 35(9), 35(7), 35(7)
B2: 20, 20, 15, 15


A: Happy with these numbers today, I've always struggled with my squat so I really feel like I'm making progress. 225 was super easy for 6 as was 245. I ran out of gas on the 265 but it still felt light. 280 was too light to end on, probably should have done 290 or more.

B1: Sets 3 and 4 were much better tempo than the first two. Flexibility felt better with my left leg today.

B2: Had a GHD today, I think I did these right?

Hamstrings smoked overall.

Part 2 in a few hours.

Chad Hall said...
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Martin Altemark said...

Bubba: rollout a bit more I would say. For example my round with avg pace of 1:23.7 got me 179m

Stephen Flamm said...

B1. 100' sled pull, backward, 180lbs. x 4; 90 sec rest
B2. 10 reps at tempo x 4; 90 sec rest

45 minute rest

194, 186, 182, 181m
184, 182, 177, 174m

Damper set to 10 for all rows. Hit a PR on max pace at 1:12/500m during the first interval. Leg discomfort during the 10 minute break was unmatched.

dmarsh said...

Part 1:

A. 242,262,308,308,328,333
B1. 45x9,50x9,55x9,60x9
B2. 20,20,17,15

Back foot on floor, knee out over toe for split squats.

Part 2:
172,172,170,166 (140 Drag Factor)
170,169,167,168 (125 Drag Factor)

BK said...

I definitely should have stopped training ,you are exactly right.
Been off my feet for most of the day resting up ,icing and chilling. Tonight is unavoidable running a CF box and 2 classes to teach along with an On Ramp class. I have a pair of Body Science Compression longs on and BSc shorts on top of that to keep swelling in check . I will be living in a double layer for a few days and yes,work on my upper body weakness. All good.

Appreciate the advice my friend.

Jeremy Tucker said...

part I
A1. 315 for 6's, 345 for 4's, 365 for 2's. Ass to grass
B1. 9's with 35 in each hand
B2. 20 unbroken

part II

Lisa M said...

A: 145/160(4)/165(4)/180(2)/180F miserable almost took my head off trying to get weight to ground it got forward on me and i couldn't dump it back - YIKES

B:30# ea hand x7 all reps knee felt good

C: broken because couldn't get my setup working very good (oh i wish i had a GHD)realized just now that i should have done 4 sets only did 3 out of time anyways.

Lauren said...

heading out to Toronto on the weekend and wondering if there are any recommendations on any CF gyms out there? preferable close to downtown


David said...


Part 1
A. 6 x 243, 6 x 254, 4 x 265, 4 x 287, 2 x 303, 2 x 311

B. 4 sets of 7 each leg with 40 lb DB's.

C. 4 sets of 15

joey warren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
joey warren said...

A. 235(6), 245(6), 265(4), 275(4), 290(2), 290(1+f)
B1. 45lb/hand(9), 50(9), 60(9), 65(8)-
B2. 20(hands on hammies), 16 (hands across chest), 15, 15

rest 3.5 hours

part 2
181m, 180m, 180m, 179m- rower slipped last row
178m, 178m, 176m, 176m

Melissa said...

Part 2:

167, 163, 166, 161
165, 165, 171, 171

Experimented with damper setting during the first set of four. Kept damper on 7 for all four rounds during the second set.

Roch said...

Part 2:
-First time 1:19m/500m on 183 :)

Chad said...


Part 1:
A. 225(6)/225(5)-my R knee started acting up again so I decided to shut it down all together with part 1.

Part 2:
10 min rest

All distances are at 30 sec flat with no drag. Best avg/500m at 1:12. Rows felt good but damn my knee! Not sure how to go about this. Very frustrating.

Bubba Hagood said...


Yea, I think you are right. Rollout is probably more than 5-10m. I think I'll try it out tomorrow AM to see. There is also a strange lack of correlation between average 500m split (I logged average over the 30s ie not peak) and the distance traveled in the 30s row. My best distances were not my best splits - I thnk it has something to do with 1) efficiency of the start and 2) pace in the last few pulls affecting rollout.

Lindsey said...

A. 95/105 (6), 115/125 (4), 135/145 (2)
B1. 20/hand 7x4sets both legs
B2. 17*,20,20,20

*no idea how I did it but somehow repositioned my feet at rep 13 that made the raise feel near impossible. couldn't find how to correct it.

Body felt better during the WOD today than it has in a great while.

Thanks for all you do, Coach.

dan said...

im a day did tues wod today.

A1: 6x115 6x115 6x135 4x155 4x155
A2: 25# 25 35 35 45
B1: 6x95 6x105 4x115 4x115
B2: 15 15 15 15 C2B all unbroken
No time for C

Thanks coach!

David Englund said...

Part 1:
A. 6x80kg, 6x90kg, 4x100kg, 4x102,5kg, 2x105kg, 1x110kg

B1. 7x48kg R/L, 9x48kg R/L, 7x58kg R/L
B2. 20 16 15
Part 2:
164m, 159m, 158m, 159m, 159m, 157m, 156m, 157m.


Spider said...


45's and 7's
20 x 4 GH raises

164, 163, 164, 164, 165, 162, 162, 165

Pete said...

There's an interval setting on the C2 rower that allows for the effort/rest times to be entered.

Instead of just rowing, choose the "select workout option" and choose "interval time/time". You can then enter whatever work and rest phases you want.

It works well and stops the meter count as soon as the work phase is completed.

That way the whole "drag" component isn't an issue at all.

By the way, I didn't come close to gassing on any of these intervals, should I have set the damper to a higher setting than 7 to make the resistance harder? It felt like I was going at max effort but these intervals were way easier than the 18 seconds on Satan's Tricycle.

Tyler Smith said...

Part 2
1. 208m (row a 1:18 split for about 7 strokes)
2. 201m
3. 199m
4. 194m
5. 196m
6. 196m
7. 199m
8. 206m (damper 7, all others at 6)

Chris Dunkin said...

Come on Unit, you know you want to.

Aaron said...

Part 1:
A. 185,195,215,225,235
B1. 9x50,50,60,60
B2. 20,16,15,15

Rest 6 hrs

Part 2:

Geoff Aucoin said...

Due to the screen not resetting I only have the distance for SEVEN rounds.

1247 was the sum of the 7, over 1400m was definately doable.

Great WOD, all the 1st 4 rows were @ damper 10 and the last 4 were @ damper 9. 9 felt better for stroke rate and the length of time rowing; damper 10 is probably ideal for 20 second intervals. Stroke rate in the low 50s; many short powerful strokes got it done.

Ang said...

Part 1
A. 95lbs, 115, 135, 135, 150, 150

25lb DB(6), 25(9)(obviously was not quite awake yet because I managed to fall off the bench!!)
25(7), 25(7)
25(7), 25(7)
25(7), 20(7)

B2. 17, 17, 16, 16

Part 2
142m 151m 151m 149m
152m 151m 150m 149m
Also played around with the damper settings on these and found that between 6 & 7 were my ideal settings.
Coordination still obviously hasnt improved as I almost fell off the rower once... I think I'm done for the day!

PTS said...

12.5 hr rest


the low one I played with start and tried to use less strokes, that obviously didn't work.

No matter how hard and fast I pulled I couldn't get the rate under 1:19.

might move the next 4 wods to fri,sat,sun

Yelvi said...

Part 1:
A. 215, 225, 235, 240, 250, 260
B1. 30(9), 35(7), 35(9), 40(9)
B2. 15, 15, 15, 15

15 min rest

Part 2:

Notes: PR on the Back Squat. Old 1RM was 260. Their is a HUGE difference between my right and left leg when I do split squats. Left leg is struggling to even stand while weight is laughably easy for right leg. Suggestions? GHR were done with hands at chest. Hamstring fried. Max pace hit on the row was 1:15 which is a PR.

Dave X said...

If the Airdyne is Satan's tricycle, then is the C2 rowing Satan's scull?

Bubba Hagood said...


Thanks for the tip - I'll definitely use the interval timer next time.

BTW what tempo were you rowing at for the 30. I was a damper of 8 and tempo around 45strokes/minute

Mike Molloy said...

Part 1:

A: 185x6 205x6 215x4 225x4 235x2 245x2

B1: 35#/hand for all sets. 8 reps/set.
B2: 15-15-15-15 Hands by temples.

Part 2:
163 (shorts got stuck)


Michelle said...

Did 1st WOD in a training session with Brett. Thanks Brett!

A. 125x6/140x6; 155x4/167.5x4; 177.5x1/F 2nd; 177.5x2 (depth good on 1st, but a little short on 2nd).

B1.25x9/ 30x9/ 35x9
B2.20/20/20 found '2' tempo up challenging.

*not sure why I only did 3 sets of 'B'...Guess neither of us noticed it was 4 sets?!?

Mario "ATP" Ashley (CrossfitRedline) said...

A 205-215-225-235-255-265
B 35# (6)......
B2 20......

3hr rest.

1. 608
2. 611
3. 159 + 151*

* I did not finish b/c I had to teach a class :(

Anonymous said...

A. Accidentally did 30X0; 75-85-95-100-115-120
B1. 9@15 - 7@20 - 7@20 - 7@20
B2. Scaled to 10 per round; first 10 were at tempo and but got broken, so I completed by just doing them. Last 3 were unbroken
C. 143-146-146-139-141-140-137-143

Andy said...

A. 225/225/235/245(3)/255/255(1)
B1. 30# x 9 x 2/55# x 9
B2. 15 x 3

No access to rower did 200m repeats on track with the same intervals. Hammies are feeling it after today.

Wes hendricks said...

A. 205-215-225-230-235-240
B1. 30 x 7 x 4
B2. 20-16-16-15


Every round I didn't make it to 166 my rower didn't pull and instead slamed into shins. This was very painful and happened numerous times. Anybody have any suggestions on why the rower isn't pulling and if so how do I fix this?

Stephen Flamm said...

Adam Rogers,

I've decided to stick with the current programming for the remainder of this week and all of next week, then make the necessary adjustments in volume/intensity to taper into the Sectionals (I'm also competing at the Midwest on the 7th, along with a few other athletes at my gym following OPT). If you choose to follow this route, get in touch with me concerning that final week.

Either way, stay healthy and work hard for these last few weeks, and find me at the Sectionals. Should be easy - I'll likely be the only competitor with a massive beard.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Wes, that makes no sense. What the heck happened? Do you lose all tension in the flywheel?

Dave X said...


During the pull did the rower actually give out on you? That happend to me once, but I fell off the back of the rower when it happened. Unfortuantely, that problem never happened again, but I was a little gun shy of pulling hard for a while after that.

Brent Maier said...


A: 90/100/120/130/140/150kgx1 (330#) - Hit all numbers except last set.
B1 DBSS: 25/30/35x9/40#x7
B2 GHR: 20/20/20/20 - Needed slight pauses later in rounds 3 & 4. Back was screaming

10 min rest

Rows Rnd 1: 181/180/178/174m

5 min rest

Rows Round 2: 175/176/175/173m

Notes: Brutally long workout. With work/family, this one was tough to fit in. Starting rows after the first WOD was suicide but I got through it. My back was on fire the last set of split squats and ghd raises.

The rower at the gym is broken, it was skipping on the chain causing loud pops. Didn't want to end up in the treadmills because of a broken chain so I backed off a little bit on the power strokes. Dropped the damper to 4 and was pulling at 46-50spm which is not my preferred settings by a long shot.


deejay said...

Part 1:
A. 264/284/308/318/328/333(1)
tempo on 4's and 2's was more like 20X2, needed the breath at the top

B1.45(9), 55(7), 55(6), 45(7) - these are very hard for me

B2. 15-10/5-10/5-9/6, held temp as long as I could and than X up for the remaining

I don't like back squats!

Part 2:
188m/186m/190m/187m - 750m total
167m(fell off)/188m/185m/176m - 715m total
1465m total in both sets

for me notes 500m avg and stroke rates
1:19.7(41)-1:20.6(40)-1:18.9(42)-1:20.2(40) = 120.0(41) average
1:29.8(34)-1:19.7(44)-1:21.0(44)-1:25.2(40) - 123.9(40) average

Steve G said...





Damper @ 6 and stroke rate was 48...I was pleased how this turned out for me...rowing is a weakness but these intervals helped...not sure I would want have damper on 10 for this one though...that would be painful...

Craig said...

A. 215/220/230/240/245/250
B1. 35(9)/40(9)/45(9)/50(7)
B2. 15 x4 hands at temples, elbows out.
10 min rest
Part 2. -- damper setting @5.
165/167/167/167- 165/167/170/170
Thanks for the push Yelvi!!

met my 1RM for 2 rep (250).
split lunges were tough.
challenging tempo for GHD raises.
The rower is the devil! intervals turned out to be allot harder than I initially thought. I'm please with results though!
Nice one OPT!! thks.

Chad Hall said...

Part 2 completed about 5 hours later.

1. 182 @ 4
2. 175 @ 5
3. 175 @ 4.5
4. 173 @ 4.5
5. 174 @ 4.5
6. 172 @ 4
7. 174 @ 4
8. 176 @ 4

Felt good about these ... first one had a better start.

Brian Maier said...

Part 2:

186(1:20.3)/189(1:19.3)/187(1:20.2)/185(1:21.0) -----damper at 7
total: 747m

10 min rest

189(1:19.3)/190(1:18.9)/184(1:21.5)/185(1:21.0) -----damper at 9
total: 748m

1495m total in both sets

Megs said...

A1. 135/135, 155/155, 160/160
B1. 15, 15, 12
B2. 25(7), 22.5(7)

*After third set of gh raises, I had a horrible back spasm that just wouldn't stop for about 10 minutes. Possibly from a serious back injury 5 months ago. Called it there for wod 1.

Worked on DU for awhile in between, and got 23 in a row!!!! A pr by 9. Then did 4 sets of 50 with the fastest time of 1:38. Day 3 of stringing them together so I am very pleased!!

Rows: for some reason wrote down calories... no idea why.
11,11,11,10 (all around 165)
10,10,10,10 (all aroudn 160)
Rows felt great!


Grant said...

@ Eau Claire YMCA @ 7PM
169/155(missed start)/166/169=659m
Grand Total=1348m

Wes hendricks said...


thats exactly what happened I lost all tension in the wheel, can't figure out whats wrong>

Dave X said...

Part 1 (0500):
A: 225x6/235x6/245x4/255x4/265x2/275x2
B1: 25x7/30x7/35x7/40x7
B2: 20 UNB x4 (hands at temples & chest

Part2: 2130
1. 172 damper @ 4.5
2. 175 @6.5
3. 171 @4.5
4. 176 @6.5
5. 179 @6.5
6. 174 @7.5
7. 176 @6.5
8. 174 @7.5

Crazy hectic at work and at home. Fit part 2 in way later than I normally like to. May take tomorrow morning off.

Michael said...

Part 1
A. 250, 275, 295, 305, 325, 345 (f), 325 (1)
B1. 53#/hand 2 sets of 9 and 2 sets of 7
B2. 15 x 4 sets

Part 2
191, 188, 186, 185
193, 180, 184, 183

Felt good on the squats after 325 for 4 and then apparently hit a wall, not real sure what happened
everything else felt good.

Anonymous said...

A. 6/185 6/205 4/225 4/235 2/240 1/250

B. 9/35 9/45 9/50 9/50

B2. Subbed good mornings no GHD
20/75 20/85 20/95 15/95
Rest 10 min


John T. said...

A. 135x6, 185x6, 205x4, 225x4,
(245f) 225x2, 225x2
B1. 20'sx9, 20x9, 35x9, 35x9
B2. 15x4

rested 1 hour

row 30 seconds
158m, 165m, 163m, 162m, 162m, 158m, 160m, 156

Mizar said...

A: 185x6, 205x6, 225x4, 235x4, 255x2, 275x1

B1: 30x9, 30x9, 30x9, 30x9
B2: 20, 17, 20, 20

Part 2 - Resistance at 10 for all sets.
166, 165, 165, 165
167, 165, 158, 154

What are things that one considers when choosing a resistance?

Brent from tha Nasti said...

A) 275x6x2, 295x4x2, 315x2x2
B1) 35s x 7 x 4
B2) 15x4

4 hours later
(damper 8) 174, 174, 170, 170
168, (damper up to 10) 174, 172, 173

Should have set damper at 10 from the beginning. Lesson learned.

Sam said...

Part 1
A. 165/170# (6), 180(4), 185(failed on 4th rep), 195(2), 200(failed on 2nd rep)
B1. 25# (9), 30(9), 35(9), 40(7)
B2. 15, 15, 16, 15

Part 2
153, 150, 150, 151
150, 148, 150, 150

david83 said...

back squat-6-245
The weighs were not heavy enough should have added more earlier

GHD-15,15,15,4 (pelvis was not feeling great)

Split Squats- 45lbs for all 4 sets
9 reps

Rower (no break)
(spilled off rower)

134 **
thank you

Chris Fodera said...


Part 1
A. 185x6, 205x6, 225x4, 275x4, 295x2, 315x2
B1. 55#/hand: 7, 8, 8R/7L, 7
B2. 20, 20, 17, 15

- PreWO: 16g BCAA-G
- PWO: 8g BCAA-G
- 60 min later: apple w/ almond butter
- 2.5 hours later: chicken, kale w/ onions, mac nuts

- Squats felt good on my knee. I am a little disappointed with the loads, but happy that I was able to get really deep and still feel OK. I am going to need to build the strength back up for these, but was happy with the results considering I have an MRI in 2 days for my knee.
- 55# was a little ambitious. Legs were wobbly by rep 7 for each round. Last two rounds, I lost my balance with my right leg back once or twice on each set.
- Raises felt good in all sets for about 15 reps. After that, they began to get difficult and in the later rounds was all the lower back could take.

Rest = about 7 hours

Part 2
1. 172m, 42 s/m, damper @ 4.5
2. 172m, 42 s/m. damper @ 5
3. 174m, 44 s/m, damper @ 5
4. 175m, 46 s/m, damper @ 5
5. 174m, 44 s/m, damper @ 5.5
6. 174m, 44 s/m, damper @ 5.5
7. 173m, 46 s/m, damper @ 5.5
8. 174m, 46 s/m, damper @ 5.5

- PreWO: nothing since chicken/kale/macadamia meal earlier
- PWO: Shake (24g P: Jarrow Whey, 1 scoop Refuel)
- 60 min later: shrimp fra diavlo w/ spaghetti squash, mac nuts

- Done at home
- FootFlex at 4 on all rows.
- Felt good on all of these and never felt like I was gassing.
- Was able to get my pace down to 1:23/500m and hold it there for most of the rows

I really wanted my pace to come down b/c I wasn't winded/gassed or muscularly fatigued. Any suggestions based on my damper and strokes/minute numbers posted above? I feel like I have more in me, but that damn PM just isn't showing me the numbers I want to see.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Wes are you using a C2 rower? I'm pretty sure those guys are rock solid on their product so if anything is wrong they should fix it asap. That actually sounds pretty dangerous flying off the back of your rower like that...

Geoff Aucoin said...

Mizar the setting on the C rower isn't considered the resistance, it's more like the gears on your bike. In simple terms; I go with higher setting for short/powerful distances (today) vs lower settings for longer distances (~5 for 5K row).

Anyone falling off their rower should video themselves to see what's going on with your form or look at the foot stretcher setting. If it's set incorrectly you may push yourself off the seat.

Stephen Flamm said...

Chris Fodera,

You're strong enough to give it a go at a higher damper, maybe even a 10. It may not be sustainable for anything over 30 seconds, but for this duration it should work. Experiment with it for about 10 all-out strokes sometime when you're relatively fresh.

Chris Fodera said...


Concentrate on maintaining a certain /500m pace or a certain # strokes/minute?

Heavy Evy said...

A1. 243x6x2,243x4,253x4,273x2,283x2
B1. 45#/h for 9reps/leg x 4sets
B2. 18, 18, 15, 15/+3more

Rested 3 hours

all on damper 6

A1. Second set of 6 was tough to get to depth. May have gotten heavier in the end if I started a bit lighter at the begining....coulda shoulda woulda!

Will have to play with dampener a bit more after reading Geoff's comments

bmizzlle said...

Part 1.
A. 225/235/245/255x1/245/255x1
B1. 35#x7/35x9Right x7Left/35x9
B2. did hip extensions all 20 unbroken.

Part 2.
I let the rower keep counting meters after 30 seconds but stopped pulling at 30.

Set 1: 200/200/200/200

Set 2: 198/203/206/200

played w/ damper in second set...10 got me the best score

Justin Flynn said...

Part 1:
a. 235,245,260,270,285,290
b1. 50#, 70#, 72#, 90x8 (should have started higher. ended up using a 20# vest plus 2 pood kbs in each hand.)
b2. complete. hard.
Legs felt fantastic today.

Will do part 2 tomorrow.

Erik Luber said...

Part 2:

159, 158, 159, 154
156, 154, 157, 156

Just couldn't get that rower to go faster than 1:30. Felt good overall, some left in the tank at the end.

unit said...

warm up- IM bball game...

A- 225 / 245 / 275 / 275 / 295(1) / 295(1)
B1- 45(9) / 60(9) / 75(6) / 75(6)
B2- harop curls x20 (1st 5 each set strict, then asst)

rowing another time...


Brandon said...

Part 1
A. 225/275/315/335/355/365
B1. 35#/hand - (9L/7R, 8L/R, 8L/R, 7L/R)
B2. set 1 45#good morning (BE was occupied and didn't want to wait)/16/15/15

Part 2

Notes: HBBS felt good on eccentric and focused on explosive concentric although it slowed as weight got heavier. GHR improving.

Forgot to put damper higher on 1st 2 rows and the scores reflect. Finally got in a rhythm in the 2nd group of 4. Happy to break 1400m total.

Michelle said...

Only 6 rows. Nearing the end of the 6th row ab muscle on right side started to tighten and by the time I was done the row I had muscle spasms!?!...Never happened before and still hurts now, but not nearly as bad as it was...

I really, really dislike not finishing!!!!

148, 147, 147, 144 (damper at 5 for first 4), 147 (6.5), 146 (7). Think next time doing something like this I will start with damper at around 7.

Marie Rochat said...

Sorry for the late post... I didn't have time to input this before my swing shift at work.

Part I

A. 145/155/165/170/180/190
B1. 25x9/25x9/25x9/25x9
B2. 20/20/20/20 - all unbroken

Rested about 3 hours

Part II

1. 145m
2. 149m
3. 149m
4. 148m
5. 148m
6. 148m
7. 149m
8. 149m

Had drag factor set to 110 (about 3.5) on the damper. Next time I want to try to up the damper to utalize my power more. I think I was pretty much maxing out the lower damper setting. My strokers per minute were way up there.

Dave X said...

@ Geoff

that's a great analogy comparing the damper setting to gears on a bike. I wish I was smart enough to think of that!

unit said...


how bout Satan's Canoe?...


Jenny said...

A. 155, 185, 205, 215, 225, 230
B1. 25# dbs x 8/rd, back foot on dynamax ball
B2. 20/rd (no GHD, put ankles under barbell)

Note on squat depth: just parallel, not ass-to-ankles. a little worried going heavy with no spotter. Also, should probably find some heavier db's for next time.

Robin Lyons said...

1. back squat 155/6 165/6 175/4 185/4 195/2 200/2

**knees were killing, sweeling from behind...

Row: 158m/160m/160m/162m...162m/161/159/161 (damper on 7)

Chris Dunkin said...
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Anonymous said...

A. 145/6 - 155/6 - 175/4 - 195/4 - 205/2 - 215/1 & failed last.

B1. 35/9 - 35/7 - 35/9 - 35/9
B2. 20 - 15 - 20 - 20

Rowing: 160 (D7) - 163 (D6) - 155 (D6; fell off seat and rowed with my arms; I looked retarded) - 163 (D8) - 166 (D8) - 162 (D8) - 160 (D8) - 158 (D8)

Jeff B. said...

75" / 190lbs / 24yrs

Part 1: (lbs)

A. (Did these close stance to a little below parallel, are high bar squats always synonymous with close stance?) 225#, 245#, 255#, 265#, 285#, 315#, as rx'd reps.

B1. 45#/hx9, 45#/h x9, 45#/h x 9, 55#/h x 7R, 6L.
B2. 17, 18, 16, 16 (all UB)

Jenny said...

part 2, after 3 hours and change:

meters (damper)
152 (9)
152 (8)
153 (10)
155 (9)
153 (9)
153 (9)
153 (9)
157 (9)

used the custom interval setting on the c2 -- awesome how precise it is! thanks to whomever posted that you could do that!!

Bear said...

A. 6,6,4,4,2,2: 95-95, 100-105, 110-110 kg
B1. Bulgarian Split Squat, 14 kg: 7-9/leg x 3: 7/9, 9/7, 9/9 reps
B2. GH Raises, 15-20 x 3, sub 45 degrees: 20-20-20
Rest: 6-7 min
Row Sprint 30 sec @ 100% effort; Rest 4 min off rower; Repeat 4 times:
(Damper / Pulls per minute / Meter) 1: 7/57 (!?)/ 170 m, 2: 7/45/171 m, 3: 5/50/165 m, 4: 7/45/164 m

By mistake I put 95 instead of 85 on the first BS which worked out just fine! :) Due to lack of time I cut down on the rest and one round on the B-part. Made two mistakes again on the rower. One was to try and row just a few minutes after Part 1 and I also took 4 min rest instead of 3 between rounds.

brad said...

Part 1
A. 225/255/275/305/325/345
B1. 25x9/30x9/35x9/40x9
B2. 20/20/20/20

High Bar and tempo are new to me... completely different workout.
No access to GHD so I shoved my ankles under the treadmill, and did the raises there. Must've been a decent sub, cause my hammies were pissed. Doing 20 was a stretch, but I would just spot myself more.

6 hrs later

Part 2

Extremely gassed after each set, but just enough time to recover. Hmm.. maybe thats the point.

Awesome workout. Thanks.

Chris Dunkin said...

Part 1
A1. 245, 255, 275, 285, 305, 325
B1. 54/handx9x3, 54/handx7(R), 54/handx5(L)
B2. 20x4

screwed up and did not alternate B1/B2 did all 4 sets of B1, then did the 4 sets of B2. Tempo on B1 was 2011. lack of db choices, so chose higher and sped it up a bit.

10min rest


194, 191, 190, 191 = 766
192, 188, 188, 188 = 756

Total = 1522

Dave X said...


I'll see your "Satan's Canoe" and raise you a "Satan's dinghy."

Jeff B. said...

Part 2: 5.5hrs in between

Did the C2 interval by time thing, what an awesome idea to put into the machine. It sets up the entire workout for you - although it does stop your row exactly on 30 seconds so you dont get the extra meters from your pull momentum. But it does give you a total amount rowed at the end that shows the momentum.

153, 158, 160, 157 = 782m
158, 157, 161, 155 = 792m

Total = 1574

Tough to get used to that much rest in between....but I'll take it where I can get it this week!

rwcorson said...

A. 185 & 195X6,205X4,215X2,220X2,225X1
B1. 25x9/leg,30x7/leg,35x7/leg,35x7/leg
B2. No GHD, DB Semi stiff legged DL - 40/h x 15, 45/h x 15, 50/h x 15 x 2

Anonymous said...

A1: 225, 225, 245, 235, 255,255
B1: 80(9) x 4
B2: 10 x 4

C: 19, 21, 22, 22
21, 22, 22, 23

Notes: A-no spotter or safety rack, so a little conservative, maybe 10/15 is all. B2:improvised, wedged feet under a barbell and went from ground to vertical.

C: 2pd SDLHP

rwcorson said...

Part 2- late Marcher
1410m total

Melisa C said...

A1. 185(6), 190(6), 200(4), 210(4), 220(2), 230(1)

B1. 35 each hand(9), 35(9), 40(9), 45(9)
B2. 20 all unbroken

Only waited 15 minutes

Part 2
164, 163, 160, 161
164, 159, 163, 158

Had nothing left at the end of that row.

dontpanic356 said...

A: 245, 265, 285, 295, 315, 315
B1: all for reps of 7 w/ 55 lb db's
B2: still not good at these

5 min rest


197, 176, 202, 185
184, 193, 165, 181

exp. said...

A1: 225(6)/240(6)/260(4)/270(3)(f)/270(2)/280(1)(f)...gotta work on these...def not my favorite lift...always a hell of a battle
B1: 45/h(7), 45/h(9), 50/h(8), 55/h(8)
B2: 15ub/15ub/10-3-2/10-3-2...brutal

15 min rest

rows: 165m,168m,170m,171m,168m,170m,168m,168m (fell off seat on last row...ugghhh!)