Sun, Feb 21, 2010

March 7th folks:

part 1:
12,9,6,3 rep rounds for time;
Dead Lift - 315/225#
Muscle Ups

rest 1 hour

part 2:
3 sets for total working time:
3 x [1 hang power clean/2 hang squat clean/3 push jerk - 135#/95#/5 burpees/6 cone touches]
rest 2 min
DL - you cannot drop weight from top
muscle ups - arms at full extension at bottom and top
part 2 - 1 set = 3 rounds of 1 HPC/2HSC/3PJ/5 burpees/6 cone touches - 20' apart; i.e. you perform the BB complex, back up and perform 5 burpees, then proceed to cone # 1, touch this cone and another one 20' away from that one for a total of 6 times (i,e each cone 3 times)...then go back to the BB complex and perform the entire set 2 more times; TIME this set, rest 2 minutes and repeat the 3 rounds 2 more times timing each round; add all times together

late Marchers:

[Row Sprint 30 sec @ 100% effort; Rest 2:30 off rower; Repeat 5 times] x 2
rest 10 min b/t sets of 5
record total meters per 30 sec set
you should have 10 total scores
compare avg meters recorded on Feb 17th to this time

post times and meters to comments


Martin Altemark said...

Catching up as part 1: 15-1 HSPU, 8 LPU: 14:41

Last 3 sets of LPUs insanely broken.

rowing as a part 2 tonight.

Johan Lindvall said...

Row sprint: 169m, 173m, 176m, 176m, 160m (tried damper 8 on the last sprint, it killed me!)
10 min rest
175m, 153m, 168m, 176m, 170m

Nearly fell of the seat on the second one (153m). :)

Compared to 17/2 I could get out a few more meters on a higher damper setting (6-7) today. So it feels great! Thanks coach!

Melissa said...

Late Marcher

138, 140, 139, 139, 139
138, 140, 141, 142, 143

Anonymous said...

Lacking explosive power..

166m (damper 8) - 163m (7) - 161m (7) - 161m (7) - 160m (7).

Rest 10 min

156m (7) - 157m (7) - 155m (7) - 160m (7) - 159m (7)

Alex Duncan said...


Set 1: 186-188-184-177-180
Set 2: 183-177-179-174-180

Missed this on the 17th so nothing to compare. Experimented with the damper throughout and think that 7 was best for this interval.

Mizar said...

169, 166, 159, 160, 151
Avg: 161
Avg (feb 17):165

10 min rest

147, 154, 153, 149, 153
Avg: 151
Avg (feb 17): 161

Martin Altemark said...

Male 34yo, 6'0, 166lbs

rows as part 2: 176m, 176m, 174m, 173m, 172m

cut it in half. A bit shorter distance covered than this tuesday. Not too much juice in the legs and calves today, probably because of the 60+ 8'2 broad jumps yesterday.

Pete said...

Damper 10 for all but last 2 sets

1.182 m (pace b/t 1:19-1:23 49 s/m)
2. 181 m (1:18-1:24) 46 s/m)
3. 180 m (1:18-1:24) 45 s/m)
4. 179 m (1:19-1:25 47 s/m)
5. 178 m (1:18-1:25 49 s/m)
5 min rest
1. 179 m (1:19-1:25 51 s/m)
2. 175 m (1:20-1:27 45 s/m)
3. 167 m (1:22-1:27 46 s/m)
4. 172 m (1:22-1:29 46 s/m damper 8.5)
5. 175 m (1:19-1:25 44 s/m damper

I was short on time so only took 5 mins betwen sets 1 and 2

Lost focus on set 8 for some reason. Then I started visualizing myself rowing against some of you other big dawgs who just wouldn't quit and the pace went back up!

Avg 176.8m. compared to 169.25m on the 17th. The damper setting definitely changed things.

Very happy with my top pace of 1:18 compared to 1:22 on the 17th. Defnite PR!

Strokes were much sorter and quicker at this damper setting, and the workout was much harder than on the 17th!

Bubba Hagood said...


Gained weight!

Used the timer today

Part 1: 176,173,176,173,171
rest 10
Part2: 171,174,173,173,172

No gass today compared to last week. All 500m split averages lower by about a second. Clouds parted briefly on the third row of part 1.

Did some deads after 20 minutes 4x5 reps, 275,295,315,275 to see if back was back in shape (and in anticipation of the March 7 WOD!) - all is well

Feeling pretty sore (shoulders?) and tired - ready for a rest day.

LuLu said...

Skipped this one :( Had to work at 3pm, so I went for a run in the SUN :)

Erik Luber said...


Late marcher

160, 160, 160, 159, 159 (Damper 6.5)
160, 161, 161, 160, 160 (Damper 7)
Average: 160.0
Feb 17: 156.6

Felt much stronger today. Slowest split this time was my fastest on the 17th. Using a higher damper definitely made a difference. Managed to get it down to 1:28/500m which is a PR for sure.

andrewromeo said...

179,180,175 (shorts got stuck in slide), 181, 179
179, 173, 167, 175, 173

Today's average- 176.1 meters per 30 sec
Average on the 17th- 170.8

Stephen Flamm said...

Early March...

Part 1: 14:34

1 hour 15 minutes rest

Part 2: 3:22, 3:28, 3:17

Deadlifts were strong, broken once in round of nine and fast throughout. Never strung more than three muscle-ups together, and missed two. Scaled up to 155 for the barbell movements in Part 2, and subbed three HPC for the one HPC and two HSC.

thaczuk said...

34, 6', 190

175, 176, 175, 175, 172
174, 170, 170, 172, 169

damper @ 9

There you go Geoff. No more lurking.

Roch said...



-Average a bit stronger than last time, with less rest but 1rst wod of the day compare to 2nd last time.

Felt good.

Paul Klein said...

Early Marcher

Part 1:

Rest exactly 1 hour

Part 2:

Total working time = 8:36

Last time you did this WOD, what did you do to refuel between part1 and part 2? With such a short time I was nervous to eat any protein, and risk upseting my stomach. So I just had a small sweet potato and lots of water. Thanks for the help.

Mike@CFCochrane said...

Damper 8- 175,169,166,169,168
D5-171, D6-173,171,167,163
D8 too tough today, felt best at 6

Rainer Hartmann said...

Early March:
Part 1: 14:26 (Bar MU's)
Rest 1 hour
Part 2:
Only 2 rounds, my left medial forearm epicondyle hurt pretty bad after the MU's.
115#, plus should have done my conversion before (us Germans are bad with feet/yards, so I had the pylons 20 meters apart).
4:33, 5:37

Mike Molloy said...




Today's average- 169.4
2/17 average- 168.4

I was pretty happy to row a faster pace considering there was 30 seconds less rest and two more sets than on 2/17.

unit said...

when I did this WOD a few wks ago I did not fuel between and I think my rest was 1/2 of what it should have been... not that I recommend that would b the way 2 go, but that's what I did...

I think I was somewhere around 7:30 for part 1 and around 2:00 for each of the three rounds (6:05 total working tine or so)... thus is off the top of my head so I'd have 2 look 2 b precise...

at work 2day (25 hr shift Sundays for the next 9 wks... and nights during the wk (5pm-7am) with sat's off... blah...) so prob won't get one in 2day... nxt couple mo r gonna b rough keeping up but there r sone exciting tines coming up!... gd luck 2 all y'all competing nxt wknd!... has anyone come up with that table of whom is competing when?...


Marie Rochat said...

Late March:

Played with the damper a bit to see if I could get more meters...

Set 1. 152m damper 7
2. 152m 6
3. 149m 5
4. 151m 8
5. 150m 7
6. 151m 7
7. 151m 7
8. 150m 6
9. 148m 6
10.152m 7

Garage Crossfitter said...

170 172 174 168 169
170 170 170 168 169
1700m total
Nothing to compare to from last time we did this...

Felt ok, bad nights sleep. Recovery times got quicker as the wod progressed...not what i would expect...

Eric Montgomery said...

First day of OPT programming after a 2 month cycle of CFWF. Time to get some of my metcon back.


Drag factor 116 for first 7 intervals then 107 for last 3.

Paul Klein said...

Unit, you are exactly right about your times. I knew I wouldn't get close to your deadlift/muscle up time (315 is damn heavy for me). I wanted to match your first round in part 2 and fell short by 1 minute! I was basically off your times by one minute each round.

I'm getting pretty nervous about this qualifier. I really want to do well and represent OPT, but I just don't have the work capacity yet that you guys have.

Thad said...

Late Marchers
10 min rest

Better times over all, damper setting was 8.5 this time last time it was 6.5 not sure if that made the difference.

Geoff Aucoin said...

No more lurkers, ya!!

Anonymous said...

5 minute break (short on time)

Justin Flynn said...

Yesterdays part 2 done this morning.: 12:33 (toes to bar were painfully slow and pullups were very broken)

4 hr. rest

Then todays row:

10 min rest

Damper on 4.5 entire time. My quads and glutes are smoked right now. Hard to stand up straight. That was fun.

PTS said...

thanks everyone for the congratulation comments yesterday.

food,drink and sleep were all off. last 3 rds low as I was crushed by then.


1827 total. avg meters up ~ 3m/rd.

my wife joined me for the wod today and she averaged high 120's.

Aaron said...

Early March:

Part 1-

Part 2-
9:49 total time

Brandon said...

Late March
avg 2/21=172.2
avg 2/17=175.0

Notes: Rest was sufficient until the 10th row. Didn't feel like I had as much leg drive today.

Grant said...

@ Eau Claire Y
All damper 7
173m 1:26.7 44 s/m
173m 1:26.7 44
173m 1:26.7 44
170m 1:28.2 46
166m 1:30.3 46
Sub Total=855m
Avg = 171

167 1:29.8 48 s/m
171 1:27.7 46
168 1:29.2 46
166 1:30.3 46
165 1:30.9 46
Sub Total=837
Avg = 167.4m
Grand Total = 1692m
Overall Avg = 169.2m

Feb 17 Overall Avg = 168.5

Much harder today with 2 more total rep's & 30 seconds less rest.

Way to go Pete! 182m in 30 seconds is no small thing! 173m is everything I have!

joey warren said...

183, 181, 180, 179, 177
183, 177, 177, 175, 174


from feb 17:


Todays ave was higher by 0.1m- go figure
felt better today as my numbers were higher but then fell off prob due to less rest inbetween and more intervals. On feb 17 my numbers were more consistent but lower.

Tyler Smith said...

Early Marcher

Part 1

Part 2
2:44,3:02,3:18= 9:04

Heavy Evy said...

Late Marcher
1st 5, damper on 10
2nd 5, damer on 8
Played with stroke rate, a bit, but gave it full out. 163 avg for 10, Feb 17 was on damper 6, and avg 164.75. Guess I'm better off at 6, with better strokes.

Chad Hall said...

Unfortunately had to pass on today. Hands and fingers are too sore and still exhausted and sick.

Will reconvene on Tuesday.

Michael said...

Early March
Part 1
10:50- 3 failed muscle ups but dead lifts felt good

Part 2
2:21, 2:25, 2:21- 7:07 total time felt pretty good

Brian Maier said...

Pre WOD workout:

4 X 400m for time w/2min rest b/t runs



ave: 183.1

Feb 17th ave: 186.9

NorCal Chris said...

late Marcher


Avg: 177.2 (damper 4.5)

No earlier comparison

Covino24 said...

Late Marcher

6 damper for all

first set my shorts got caught under my seat..
No energy at all today and my back/chest are smoked still from yesterday.. looking forward to a massage tomorrow!

Pols said...

Part 2: did 5 rounds, felt really good.
2.40 2.35 2.32 2.38 2.42
Hauling construction junk again all day so had to skip part 1.
No more excuses for me after this week. Just finished my new house so my home gym will be ready in a few days and I will be back on track.

Brent Maier said...

38/6'2"/198 (Late Marcher)


Dec 17:

Notes: Damper @ 8. No rolling meters. Went to gym for warmup and went to row and rower was still broken. Drove home and rowed in the living room. After round 1, I was on a mission to stay above 180 in round 2. Eye of the tiger and burning heart were the anthems for the last two pulls! Ouuu

The videos are great to see with so many familiar faces, it's nice seeing everyone smashing the workouts. Jefff, I felt the pain in your face towards the end of your row, I was there my friend. Great job! Too many names to comment on but it was a pleasure to watch all of you. It gets pretty lonely come game time when your loudest fans are the trickles of blood and sweat as they hit the garage floor. Many of you know what I speak of and have been there. Keep it up all you lone wolves out there, we're not alone! Ouuuuu

Brent Maier said...

Todays: 186.1
Jan 17th: 176.5

Nathan H. said...

I felt great today and kind of lost some self control.

Powerclean work: 225/3, 235/3, 245/3, 255/3
Rest 10
Grace: 2:19, disappointed with that. Did 18 unbroken and then the bouncing weight lost me about 2 seconds per rep. Hightemp plates on rubber bounce for a long time lol.

Row WOD:
Round 1: 181, 180, 176, 176, 173 Rnd 1 total: 886;
Round 2: 176, 175, 175, 174, 171 Rnd 2 Total: 871;

Workout total: 1757m

I waited 20 minutes after grace, but I think it took it's toll a bit. I was about 5m short per interval than last time.

GHD Situp speed work.

Chris Dunkin said...

Late Marcher

193, 191, 190, 189, 188
191, 186, 190, 188, 186

Today avg. 189.2
2/17 avg. 190.25

BK said...

Rest 5 ,short on time

brad said...

Late Marcher
No access to rower, so I subbed treadmill.
I did 30 sec sprints @ 12 mph & 10 incline.

will said...

av 167.5
first day back after being sick for a week

Mack Lar said...

Early Marcher
part 1: 10:53 Had to walk/run about 100 ft between deads and MU's. Not sure if that hurt me or if the extra rest helped. All deads UB. MU's Broken.

Part 2: 2:03/2:21/2:58 Total time 7:22
Failed on last PJ of last rd so had to breathe for 10 seconds and try again.
Paul Klein: You will not be alone in NC/SC(I believe thats where you're competing). I'll be there as well representing OPT. Trust in Coach's programming and leave it all there, thats all we can do. Look forward to meeting you.

Paul Klein said...

Mack, see you at the NC/SC qualifier. I look forward to meeting you.

Slater Coe said...

part 1:
epic fail (AGAIN!) on muscle-ups... first round took 11 minutes... switched to strict pullups and dips... finished somewhere around 17 minutes I think.

part 2:

Jeff B. said...

Early Marcher:

Tried DL's @ 315, did lots of warm-up leading up to it. Got 6, then got told by the gym manager to not slam the weights (which I wasn't but setting down 315 makes some noise on old school plates). 315 is a bit much for me, I scaled down to 225 to save time (stripping a 45lb'r). Wore a weight vest kipping pull-ups / dips and did same #. So part 1 came out like this:

12 - 6(315), 6(225), 12 weighted P-U's, 12 weighted dips
Rest as rx'd (added 12 PU's and 12 Dips on end to compensate) - came in @ 14:51 with annoying gym manager guy.

Part 2: Scaled to 110lbs, and did 10 burpee's instead of cone sprints (coming to conclusion that I may have to make the drive to the closest x-fit box) - would've killed to do the cone sprints in retrospect the extra 5 burpees at each round sucked.

Total working time: 12:56

Humbling day, need to work on DL a lot I think, right now I can squat more than I can DL....

Kyle F said...

Early March WOD

Part 1: 29 min*

Part 2: 7 min working time

*I was kicked out of the basketball gym for doing muscle ups 2 reps into my set of twelve. The a-hole told me it was too dangerous. I politely explained that the people playing basketball were more likely to get injured then me but he wasn't having it. Needless less to say it threw off my game having to move everything. Time includes arguing time as well as moving shit time.

Jenny said...

Rested one minute in between all 10 sets. To little time as usual..


Laura said...

Had to do on Monday--only 5 sets to rest hip some more.

Adam Rogers said...

Early Marcher

Deads/MU's - 13:10

Broke sets of 9 and 6 for deads, muscle ups were weak, never strung more than 3 together, missed several

BB complex/burpees/sprints - 2:36,2:50,2:58

happy to keep all of them under 3, sprints quickly turned into jogs into shuffles

jason crossfit milford said...


unit said...

30s on 60s off x10

avg ~ 170m


Michael McCabe said...

late marcher
188, 186, 181, 178, 175
179, 177, 176, 173, 173

missed feb 17 (away skiing) so no comparison... back on sched tomorrow

ken c said...

early march

deadlift/muscle up: 11:58.

c&j complex/burpee/sprint:
2:12, 2:31, 2:58.

happy with the deadlift. quick and all unbroken. muscle ups all singles.

Blaine said...

Late March - a day late:


Ouch. I was laid out pretty good after this one...

SugarCoat said...


Tried damper on 10 for 1st row of each set and then tried 9,8,7 and used 7 on my last 4 sets.

Mario "ATP" Ashley (CrossfitRedline) said...

Late Marcher:


rest 7min



I experimented with a couple settings on the damper today. From 6-to-4.5 I still prefer 4.5 for now

Bear said...

1: 173/172/170/167/162 m

2: 170/162/159/155/155 m

Very hard to keep moving On the intervals below 170 m, the lactic acid took a good grip on me! Last week I had some trouble finding a good damper-setting. Today I tried 8 for the most part and it worked out better with more meters.

Josh said...


1: 168 meters
2: 165 meters
3: 159 meters (seat slipped)
4: 163 meters
5: 161 meters
6: 156 meters
7: 160 meters
8: 156 meters
9: 156 meters
10: 159 meters
avg - 160.3
2/17 avg - 159.25

bso said...

bwt today: 175, damper 5.5, feet @ 2
174, 170, 172, 163*, 165
175**, 171, 164***, 164, 163


*Rower slid away on me
**Peak speed at 1:10... fastest ever
***Slid part way off seat

Held handle with mixed grip right near the chains to accommodate my wrist (left hand supinated and higher than right hand)

Jenny said...

AVERAGE: 159.9m

Last week average: 153.5m

Melisa C said...

Damper on 10

Changed damper to 9)
158(butt fell off rower)

bso said...

Just took another attempt at it with a higher damper cuz I was curious... with no warm-up I pulled 184 at damper setting of 8... good to note for future reference!

exp. said...

10 min rest

Stefani said...

139/137/139/152 changed dampner/140/142/143/143/148/142

Andy said...

Part 1: 15:06
Dead lifts were limiting factor.

Part 2: 2:20/2:36/2:58
Probably could have paced myself better on these sets. Traps are shot after deads and hang cleans.

Pete said...

Part 1: 8:33
Part 2: 8:38

Roch said...

Early marcher for 20-21 march COMP. :

Part1: 10:30

Part2: 2:12 2:32 2:50
Total work time : 7:44