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Black Box Summit Part 2 - learn how to get to the next level!
an old interview of one of the best - Charlie Francis:
Q: If an athlete hits a personal best, you usually stop the workout, regardless of what's left on the paper. Why is that?

CF: Well, it's dangerous. The time people get hurt is the next session after they've had a tremendous performance.

Q: Because they're trying to top themselves?

CF: Not just because they're psyched up and trying to beat their PR, but because their bodies haven't recovered from it. With very heavy weights it can take ten to twelve days to get over a maximal lift, same thing in sprinting. There's a huge difference between 95 and 100% performance. So instead of the 100 meters in 10 flat, it becomes 10.45 or 10.50. The difference in output and effort is unbelievable. Even though it's in the 95th percentile and qualifies as high intensity work, it's a joke. Keep in mind this only applies at the highest levels. If a kid gets a personal best, so what? We're talking about world record levels.
Q: In your book, The Charlie Francis Training System, there's a picture of Mark McKoy benching 315. The caption reads, "This is an indication of the upper body strength required to be a 10.19 second 100-meter sprinter and the number three hurdler in the world in 1987." Can you clarify that? Does a person need to bench a certain amount to be a contender?

CF: It's not a formula that says, you've got to be able to bench this and squat that. What it means is that high-quality performances are the result of high-quality training. There's nobody who can go out there, for example and say, "Oh, I want to beat Michael Johnson in the 400, well, I'll just go do what he does." Look, if you can't beat him in the race, you can't do his workouts! It would take years to build up to those things, so who cares what he does in his workout? You can't do it, so don't worry about it!
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@ Rob Sifton (or anyone else)

Hey Rob, a while back I think you said you had the papers from OPT's Nutrition 101 Seminar. I was wondering if 1) you still have them, and 2) if you wouldn't mind emailing me a copy??
Actually if anyone has them that would be great!
my email address in

Thanks! and enjoy the rest day!

Rob Sifton said...

Hey Nick.

Sorry I have them scanned in. Just forgot to send them out. When I get home they are yours


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Rob, if it isn't too much of a hassle can you send them my way too!

Thanks brother!


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Rob, perhaps me as well?


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Check this out...
its a website that watches a mother bear in her den with her new born cub...this was the article posted under the video..

Seeing Lily lie there so quietly, made us think about her high cholesterol and triglyceride levels during hibernation and what a metabolic marvel she is.

Healthy levels for cholesterol or triglycerides in people are both below 200 milligrams per deciliter (200 mg/dL). Black bear levels are almost this low in early summer when cholesterol averages 248 mg/dL and triglycerides come in at a healthy 169 mg/dL. However, by early hibernation, when they’re living off their fat, cholesterol reaches 351 and triglycerides reach 355.

Is that a problem? No. We made those measurements in healthy wild bears back in our early studies in the 1970’s and 1980’s when we still were using tranquilizers. The amazing thing is that we have never found plaque in the veins of even the oldest wild bears we’ve examined, and we’ve found no evidence of cholesterol gall stones.

How do bears get away with these high levels and no related problems, even in winter with no exercise? Further tests showed that bears have two secrets.

Their good cholesterol, HDL is their big number. People exercise and take statin drugs to lower their bad cholesterol (LDL, meaning low density lipoprotein) and raise their HDL. Bears do it without trying.
The other secret is in the gall bladder. They have a super drug named ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA), which dissolves gall stones.

Rob Sifton said...

Hey all.

For the repsect of James' IP. I will hold off on sending the copies to anyone. I have sent the copy to Trevor at OPT. Contact him if you are interested in getting a copy of the Nut101 Notes.



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gd call rob...

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will do.. didn't even think about that.. thanks anyways Rob!!

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Everyone is looking good! Vacation is over, back on the bandwagon tomorrow. Ouuu

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Sounds good, understand completely.