Mon, Feb 21st, 2010


brad said...

Hey Coach,
Thanks for the awesome programming. I really enjoy trying to keep up with everyone on this sight.
I'm going to the SDAZ sectional, and was wondering your thoughts on getting a head start on the workouts. Like everyone else, I'm surprised they released them so early. I don't want to train specifically for the events, but I feel if I don't, I put myself at a disadvantage. I don't know...just hoping for some sort of insight.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Just mayhem after that WOD was finished.

Heavy Evy said...

Going to have to make the drive to the next challenge looked like a blast!

So I finally got some consecutive double unders, and I'm pretty pumped to have the goat off my back! thought I'd post a vid, of the cheap rope I built, and my first unbroken.....19!

Oh and cause I'm that "crazy about his kid guy", here's my boy's first time at crossfit!

Robin Lyons said...

OPT---5 days till UT/NV sectionals ...what would this week look like for training volume...?

any specific week i should follow or is this week going to prep me the best? thanks

Jason Buzzard said...

This last Saturday I did an in house competition for our box and did extremely well thanks to the programming here. I do have a question for coach or anyone else. This was my second competition and after each I have a hard time sleeping, I am either shivering or have terrible night sweats. Is this something that is normal for everyone? Could it be a fuel issue? I eat a balanced PFC meal post WOD and then regular meals as scheduled. Any input is greatly appreciated.

Adam Rogers said...

In complete awe of Brett's effort, absolutely amazing.

Very impressive everyone else as well, love the team atmosphere that was on display and wish I lived closer so I could have experienced it as well.

Covino24 said...

What's you quality of sleep like on a regular basis.. day to day.. When this happened to me I started playing with my carbs post wod.. i took all the fat out and took in basically my entire daily intake of carbs Post Wod.. And on days where there are multiple events.. I would make sure I ate a similar post wod meal after every work out.. something like 30-40g carbs (coming from 5oz Yams and 3 tablespoons Apple Sauce.. this fills both the liver Glycogen with the fructose from the fruit and Muscle) 30-40g protein.. I also started supplementing magnesium with something called Natural Calm.. Take before bedtime and I have never slept better!! Hope this helps

Stephen Flamm said...


Look at the "Febbers" WODs for the week leading up to Feb. 13-14 - they were designed to peak for that weekend's Sectionals.

Erik Luber said...

Hey Dawgs,

Justin made a good suggestion a few days ago about making a spreadsheet listing everyone competing and associated information i.e. what sectional, when, ranking etc.

I would be more than happy to this. I figured I would do something a bit nicer than just a simple spreadsheet, and put together a PDF that I will periodically update as the results roll in. Besides the basic table of results I thought it would be nice to have a little bio of everyone. This can be whatever you want: relevant stats, height, bodyweight, age, CF scores, how long you have been training OPT, and anything else you want. Also I find putting a face to a bunch of stats is always nice, especially in this online training facility of ours. So feel free to include a picture if you so desire.

It is probably best to just send me things via email, instead of clogging up the comment board. So just send me whatever info you want, ranging from just name and competition date to something as extensive as condensed autobiography. My email is:

I'll have this available for download as soon as possible..should be pretty straightforward to put together.


Covino24 said...

You are the Man Erik.. Sounds awesome!1 Thanks for doing this.

Mizar said...

Good idea Erik,

Thanks for your hard work!

Steve Howell said...

Thanks Erik thats sounds awesome.

Heavy Evy said...

Thats cool idea Erik! Kind of like a team roster!

Erik Luber said...

Hey Dawgs,

Thanks for all the response already! Thought I would post a working copy of the Big Dawgs team roster. It can be found at:

Any comments/criticism/suggestions are welcome.


Tyler Smith said...

Erik... Though I appreciate your thought and effort... that is nowhere near all the Big Dawgs competing in sectionals. :) You missed the entire southern portion of the US!!!

Michael McElroy
Tyler Smith

March 6-7th MS/AL/TN sectional

Erik Luber said...

Hey guys,

Just to clear up some confusion...The roster I posted is not complete at all. I will update it once I get your need to send it to me. So far it contains the profiles I have received. I just posted a working version. I will continually update it as people send me info and fill in how they rank in their respective sectionals/regionals once they happen.

Also, if you want me to add or delete stuff from your profile it is easy to do, just let me know.

Covino24 said...

I have a very serious questions.. Why haven't you programmed the Neck Slimmer into any of our training WODS??

Tyler Smith said...

Tell me the info you need and I will get it to ya... More than happy to help you out!

Erik Luber said...


Check out my first post. Make it as little (name+sectional) or as much as you want (stats, training history, picture, whatever you want included in your profile).


Lisa M said...

Awesome videos great representation of an awesome weekend. Thanks for doing that Erik it's a great idea glad you are computer savy

i was busy getting smart this past weekend and although my brain was doing a major workout I didn't get a chance to do the wods so did Saturday today

A1: 65/70/75/80/85f/85 ended upgetting it overhead but for some reason I can't catch it in squat. These felt good considering my max snatch is 90
A2: 13/12/11/11/10/12 strong for me since i usually can only string 6 together big improvement

Time constraints only did 6 sets rest 10 minutes then did part 2

Part 2 : 13:12 not bad considering short rest gassed fast would have liked to have eaten before and rested an hour or two

Geoff Aucoin said...

Holy crap sticks, Covino, I saw that thing on tv one night when I couldn't sleep and I nearly fell off the couch. If anyone is stunned enough to buy that they deserve to be separated from their money regularly. So funny.

Chris Fodera said...

don't forget this gem:

Chris Fodera said...

on a more serious note, I get my AirDyne on Thursday...hell yes!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Okay lets take Fedora's arm shaker weights and use them with Covino's neck strengthener and you've got yourself some infomercial porn!

unit said...


Jason Buzzard said...

Thanks Covino, I will give it a go next time.

Jeff B. said...

Front Squat work

2x5 @ 135lb deep, stretching and flexibility training.
5x5 @ 145, 150, 155, 155, 145, form concentration, 50 seconds rest in between.

5k Row @ 21:53.4 - Messed with damper settings a bit after watching some crossfit journal videos. Found 7 or 7.5 feels good for me, would've been faster but my legs went numb @ 1km left.

Anonymous said...

A little behind the power curve. Snatch/Dip on monday night, chipper on tues. morning.

Did Sunday's
HSS: 135, 145, 155(Fx1, complete 1), 155(fx2), 145, 155, 155
Ring Dip: 18, 20, 20, 20, 20, 17, 17.

chipper: 16:08