Tues, Feb 9th, 2010

A1. Press - 3,2,1; 120 sec
A2. 15 CTB chin ups x 3 sets; 120 sec
Run 1K
(1st 200 m @ 70%, 2nd 200 m @ 80%, 3rd 200 m @ 90%, 4th 200 m @ 100%, last 200 m @ 50% effort)
joint mobility work - 30 min

A1. OHS @ 32X1; 6-8 x 4; rest 120 sec
A2. Muscle Ups - 8/set x 4; rest 120 sec
B1. Jump Squats - 10 explosive x 3 sets; rest 90 sec
B2. CTB Chin Ups - 20 reps x 3 sets; rest 90 sec
Tabata Mash:
Switch Lunges
Anchored Sit Ups

post loads, notes, reps, and times to comments
stay down there for the OHS
arms at full ext at bottom and top of MU
minimal squat on jump squats, rebound explosively
knee barely grazes ground on switch lunges, jump b/t steps
chest hits thighs AND body must be parallel to floor at top of sit ups - compare to Jan 30 score


Michael FitzGerald said...

Did a WOD on Monday for knowing I would miss today...tried to match up. No luck.

3 sets:
10 Hang Squat Snatch - 77#
15 Knees to Elbows
20 Unanchored Sit-ups
Rest 2 min between
Rds between 1:27-1:30
3 sets:
10 Wall Ball - 20# to 11ft
15 Box Jump - 20 inch
20 Squat
Rest 90 sec
Rds between 57-60 sec
3 sets:
1 min on Airdyne - 90%
1 min rest

Anthony said...

but I still can't move from the last one.....

Martin Altemark said...

What does 8/set means? just every set is 8 reps?

Roch said...

Martin, it means you have to do 8 muscleups every set (/ means ''by'').

Have a good one!

Michael McCabe said...

where is OPT home base located in calgary? i'm flying in monday and was hoping to pick up the big dawg comp t-shirt (and maybe some other goodies) before heading out to banff.


Roch said...

Is it 4 rounds of each or 8 of each for the Tabata.

Martin Altemark said...

Roach: should be 8 rounds for each, ie 16 rounds total.

OPT said...

michael, contact trevor @ optclientsupport@gmail.com and get directions, we're on your path to banff from airport

Roch, its 16 total sets, alternate per set

Martin Altemark said...


A1. 8x50kg, 6x55kg, 6x60kg, 5x65kg
A2. 9(?), 5/3, 6/2, 6/2

B1. 10x40kg all three sets
B2. 16/4 (chest to rings) then no more sets bc still teared up hand since last thurs.

Tabata mash: 279 reps (170 lunges, 109 situps).

Knees too hard on (soft) floor alot for the switch lunges.

Muscle ups went pretty good considering not having done them alot lately + still sore in shoulders from all those pushups. Straight arms etc.

More situps than Jan 30. Mostly because anchor methinks.

ken c said...


did all the db external rotations and powell raises as instructed. results are near the bottom of the saturday results page. right elbow fine now. was just a gnarly strain.

Bubba Hagood said...

Marcher 46/5'8"/160

A1. 95(8), 115(8), 135(6), 135(6)
A2. UB, UB, UB, UB
B1. 95 135 155
B2. UB, 10/10, 10/10
Switch Lunges 19 17 16 16 16 16 16 17 16 - 133 total 16 low
Anch Situps 15 14 14 14 14 15 15 15- 116 total 14 low

Went light on OHS and Jumping Squatts to test out my back - things held up. Nice burn on Jumping Squats. BIG breakthrough on MUs today - all sets unbroken with full lockout/turnout at bottom- got into a great rhythm of dropping back and swinging from top- made my week! First time with Tabata lunges (burned) and anchored situps (much easier than unanchored)

Roch said...

Thanks OPT and Martin we did it like that all morning it was a safe guest ;)
By the way Martin, its Roch (french name)I like roaches they are very stong resistant and adaptable insects but Roch is my real name hahaha!

Covino24 said...

A1)95x8/105x8/110x8/115x6 went more like 43X1 really wanted to work on the tempo on the way down!
A2) All Broken.. but I did them all so I am extremely Happy!! Didn't get one in my warm up but managed to time my kips in the workout!

B1) All very explosive up and tried to hit a fixed height everytime.. whatever the RX wall ball height is thats what I was reaching for.
B2)UB/15-5/10-5-5 all chest hitting the bar! Best CTB Pullups to date

Tabata Mash Total Score: 207
112-lunges and 95 situps chest to knees!

Marie Rochat said...

What date in March exactly is the Marcher programming set to peak us at? Just curious becasue I want to make necessary adjustments if my March peak date (13-14) is a week or two ahead or behind.

Chad said...

I'm not sure what exactly a jump squat is. I looked under the videos of the OPT main site and couldn't find anything. If someone could explain I would really appreciate it.

Thx much!

Chad said...

nevermind...I think I got it.


Wes hendricks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wes hendricks said...


A1. 145-145-145-145 x 6
A2. Did double and triples really focusing on resetting the false grip, that is something I have never been good at.
B1. 95-105-115 x 10
B2. UB-UB-UB consecutive butterfly, these were actually a little difficult for me today

Switch lunges: 20(10 each leg) x 8
Anchored Sit-ups: 15 x 8

Lisa M said...

OPT any suggestions for sub for switch lunges knee definitely can't handle those

Michael said...

A1. 135, 155, 175(6), 175(5-failed 6 due to pain in wrist)
A2. (7,1) (8) (6,2) (5,3)
B1. 135 for all sets- felt fast and explosive
B2. All Unbroken, first 2 butterfly and fast
Tabata mash:
Lunges never stopped- 18-20 every set
Sit Ups- 13, 2 more than Jan 30 and a lot easier

Mike@CFCochrane said...

A1. 115/117.5/120/122.5(7)
A2.all singles range 1:30-2:35 to complete
B1.quick unbroken
L-17,13,11,10,12,12,13- s-10
S-10,10,9,9,10,9,10,10- s-9

Abs not happy today, tried to do a K2E last pm and pre-WOD... not even 90degrees. I think this worked that out a bit.

Erik Luber said...


A1. 30kg x5, 30x6, 35x6, 40x3
A2.8, 6/2, 6/2, 6/2, 5/3
B1. 40 kg, 60, 80
B2. 20, 20, 19/1
Total: 238

Did jumping lunges as per catalyst athletics using a squat rack:


Really, really liked these. However, based on the loads that others are posting there must be an alternative method...

Had a very tough time getting into the OHSs. Shoulders still super tight from last WOD. Those alternating lunges absolutely crushed my legs. I am loving the strength training+short metcon's.

Chad said...

A1. 105(8)/115(8)/125(6)/125(6)
A2. 8/6,2/5,1,1,1/4,1,1,1,1

B1. 90/115/135
B2. 10,5,4,1 / 10,3,2,2,2,1 / 11,4,3,2

Tabata Mash:
SL: 115
ASU: 116

Notes: This picked apart many of my weaknesses. Chest to bar is a real struggle for me. Long way to go. I can get 10 pretty easy then I cash out. MU's were modifed from the ground. I have no place to hang my rings up high. Overheads are feeling much better with my knee. Good workout!

Thx Coach!

Stephen Flamm said...

A few subs:

A1. :56 static overhead hold, snatch grip; 95, 115, 125, 135
A2. 5/2/1, 5/2/1, 5/3, 4/2/2
B1. backward sled drag, 100' @ 110 lbs.
B2. unbroken, 12/8, 12/8


Tabata sit-ups, abmat & anchored; 15,14,12,12,12,12,12,12

Anonymous said...

A1. 8/115 7/125 6/125 7/125
A2. UB/ 7,1/ 5,1,2/ 6,2
B1. 10/95 10/115 10/135
B2. UB /UB/ UB+10#
should have added weight on first 2 sets of PU's

Switch lunges 21x8
Anchored situps
(with abmat)13,13,13,13,13,12,12,13


Geoff Aucoin said...

The cathletics.com video is what I'm going on as my guide for jump squats. Weightless jumping squats wouldn't make any sense for this WOD considering how low the reps are and how long the rest is between them and the CTB's.

Never done these before so I'm pretty pumped about it!

Anonymous said...

A1.6@65 - 6@65 - 6@65 - 6@55
A2. Muscle-up negatives with minimal toe assistance
B1. All 3 @ 65
B2. 5-4-3-3-3-2/5-5-4-2-4/4-4-3-4-3-2
Switch Lunges: 8-6-6-6-6-6-5-6
Sit-ups: 14-15-14-14-13-12-15-13

Grant said...

1st day back from San Diego
@ OPT @ 7AM
A1.98/108/110.5/113 OHS @ 32X1.All 8 reps.Trying armpits forward.

B1. 1st not quick enough. 2nd not low enough. 3rd just right.JumpSquats.
B2. unbrkn/unbrkn/15,3,2 CTBx20
Tabata Mash
20/18/18/15/18/18/18/18 switch lunges
need more height on SUs @ top

Need to catch up on posting. Hit all WODs. Frustrating trying to post from a BlackBerry while travelling.

Rainer Hartmann said...

A1: 75x8/85x7/90x6-2
A2: unbroken/unbroken/5-1-2/4-2-2 (bar MU's)
B1: 135/155/165 x 10
B2: 10-5-5/8-4-4-4/8-4-4-4

Switch Lunges: 15 x 8 = 120
Anch. Sit-ups: 15/14 x 7 = 113

Geoff Aucoin said...


Ooops, what the f$%k do I know?

unit said...

any thoughts on 2/3 wods 4 Midwest sectionals?...

WOD 1 (for time)
on the minute perform 4 burpees while completing the following tasks with 95lbs...
20 thrusters
20 push jerks
20 OH squats
20 front squats

amrap in 5min of 155lb c&j



Katrina Burton said...

A1.) 110#, 115.5#, 122#, 132# all 6 reps
A2.) no rings at globo will do these when I get to work later
B1.)77#, 99#, 104.5# B2.) all unbroken
C.)switch lunges: 20, 18, 16, 17, 16, 17, 17, 18 = 143
Situps: 18, 15, 17, 15, 17, 17, 16, 16 = 128

My legs are really feeling it this past month... In a good way. I feel stronger and more eager to be "let loose from the dawg pound" so to speak.
The basement gym is slowly coming together... Chad picked up a concept 2 rower for me from Calgary that I found on kijiji, bumpers and med ball from rogue came today... The only thing missing is a GHD, which I'm sure is not to far in the future.

Andrew Romeo said...

A1: 95x8, 125x6, 125x6, 125x6
A2: broken, didn't take my hands off the rings but did touch the ground everytime

B1: Just jumped high as I could from a squat, wasn't sure if this is correct or if I should have been exploding out out of a squat w/barbell on my back

B2: Unbroken, 15 5, 10 5 5...these got hard

C: 170 lunges, 104 sit ups

Ali Loach said...

The last few days have been a bit off. Energy has been low and I'm trying to figure out exactly why. Been journaling my food and I think I have 2 - 3 things pin pointed as potential culprits. Now I just need to start eliminating to see what makes a difference.

Started the WOD today but wasn't mentally in it. Half way through I switched to practicing my snatch. I find that if I push through a WOD when I'm not in it I feel defeated at the end due to a less than stellar performance. Sooooo that's why I switched to snatch....not my favourite movement and def. something I need to practice.

Mizar said...

A1: 8@85 - 8@95 - 8@105 - 8@115
A2: B-U-U-U
B1: did not use any weight... did not interpreted well the instructions.
B2: U-U-U

Tabata Mash
SL: 160
ASU: 126

Mike Molloy said...


A1: 135x5(6f)-135x6-135x6-135x5(6f)
A2: Broken.
B1: 135-135-135
B2: Unbroken

Tabata Mash (low scores):
15 on lunges
12 on anchored sit ups

Notes: Muscle ups felt terrible today for some reason. Pull ups felt fine. My "anchor" for my sit ups was fairly ineffective so I was a bit disappointed in the numbers there.

Garage Crossfitter said...

A1 115 125 135 145(8) last set really hard

A2 doubles on all reps, 5-7 sec breaks.

B1 135,155,185 ( pretty sure i did these wrong according to G-off, but these were pretty cool, huge difference in explosion when correctly coming to full hip extention, i did what Aimee did in the vid)

B2 unbroken, last set tough

low 14 lunges
low 15 situps (jan 30, 12)

jmagli said...

Hi OPT..I have been following your incredible programming as an athlete at Crossfit performance...2 questions...what is the Rx'd weights for OHS? last time we shot for the "ass to grass" at 65% ...are we looking to get closer to max? 2nd question, since there are pullups in the workout what would the sub in for muscle up's be for those of us that don't have that move down?

Thanks for your time...Jules

MikeE said...

Marcher 32/5'7"/172

Did heavy Front Squat for strength prior to work out... 45x5, 155x5(1red), 245x3(1red1blue), 286x2(1red1blue1green), 296x1(1red1blue1green+2x5lbs)

A1. 95(7), 95(7), 95(7), 95(7)
A2. UB, 6/2, 3/3/2, 4/2/Quit
B1. 10@396lbs, 10@0lbs, 10@0lbs
B2. 14/6, 13/7, 12/6/2
Switch Lunges 22,22,22,22,22,22,22,22 - 176 total 22 low
Anch Situps 19,16,16,16,15,15,14,16 - 127 total 14 low

Really worked my OHS with extreme depth and holding a very strict and slow tempo beyond rx'd. Had a few problems with pain in my shoulders with OHS and CTB pullups and skin on my wrists and forearms getting mashed with the Muscle ups. Grip and hands were factor in CTB pullups as well.

Pullups and Muscle Ups are my weaknesses and I was very pleased with my results. I totally wiped out too far forward on my first go of the second round of muscle ups. No one was around to see but I bet it would've looked hilarious!

Great WOD!

Marie Rochat said...


A1. 100x7/105x7/110x6/115x6
A2. 4,2,2/4,2,2/3,2,2,1/3,2,2,1
B1. 80/85/95 all unbroken
B2. 15,5/14,6/12,5,3

Tabata Mash:
Switch Lunges: 17/16/17/16/20/17/16/19
Sit ups: 13/12/13/13/13/13/13/14

Still felt very sore in the upper/mid back, chest, and, shoulders from WOD on Sunday. The muscle ups were very painful, stiff, and tight as a result of residuale soreness. My right shoulder has been really tender the last few days, but it held out alright and is on the mend. My elbows hurt a bit during the MU's. The jump squats were interesting. My sets felt more explosive as I went along (last set being the nest, despite it also being the heaviest). The switch squats were a burner. I ended up throwing out a few reps every round becasue knee didn't touch ground.

Anonymous said...

A1. 173x6/183x6/193x6/200x3 -elected to stay at the bottom of the rep range, cause my baby wrist ache longer than this. Hips felt good on the last set, just dropped at the front.
A2. 8/8/8/6,1,f,1
B1. 10x3 two hands touching just under 9 feet
B2. 20x3, felt fast and light
C. 24/23/22/23/23/24/23/24 - lunge
17/15/15/15/15/15/14/15 - sit-up

Geoff Aucoin said...

A1.95,108,118,128 (started too low)
A2.4...,3...,3...,3... (bru-tal)
B1. Harder than I thought!
B2. 20,11...,11... (no hips left)

I'm in a bit of an energy lull it seems, I'll have to figure out what it is. Did the last WOD yesterday so I'm not 'fresh' but the MU's today were awful, they took about 2 minutes to complete, and the CTBs fell apart quickly, too. Oh well, hard work will pay off eventually!!

Alex Duncan said...


A1. 115x8, 125x6, 125x5, 115x8 Great practice to stay at the bottom for awhile
A2. 4/2/2, 4/2/2, 3/1x5, 3/1x5

B1. 10 explosive deep air squats
B2. 20UB, 20UB, 13/3/2/2

Tabata Mash: Lunge Low Score: 15
Anchored Sit-ups Low Score: 14

Geoff Aucoin said...


When you are doing 6-8 reps at that tempo it's up to the ATHLETE to determine your starting weight during your warm-up. Play with it and figure these things out on your own as no one here could tell you where to start, realistically. As for MU's... I'd work the s$#t out of something as close to a MU as you can such as the scaled ones Tucker did on the CF main site. Look 'em up!

joey warren said...
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BK said...

A1. 135,145,155 X6 165X5
A2. 4 MU set
B1 -BW brain explosion.!
B2,15,15,15 broken


Note to self...NEVER have a deep conversation prior to sesh!!

Stephen Flamm said...


Certainly looks like pressing strength endurance will be tested. I love the simplicity of WOD 2; WOD 1, on the other hand, just seems like overkill to me. Difficult, for sure, but maybe more complicated than necessary? Curious to see what the 3rd will be...

joey warren said...

A1. 135(8), 140(8), 150(6), 155(5+f)
A2. 8/8/6-2/5-1-1-1

B1. Jump squats with weight- 95/95/115- light & xplosive
B2. all unbroken

tabata mash

Unit -Thinking over those events quickly, now my thoughts my change the more I think, but my initial thoughts are these:
I think the first one is a sprinter, the most challenging part looks like jerk to overhead squat, this might toast the shoulders, so maybe break those two up into sets of ten, or 8-7-5, and sprint the rest. That one will be interesting.
The second wod: I did grace w/ 155lb about 7-8 months ago in 2:59, I think it would be closer to 2:30 now or even better. So 60 reps in 5 min, maybe possible, but I think you will have to pace yourself a little, hpefully you can see some top score before you go to see what you need to beat. I like to give myself a number to do unbroken for the first min or two, such as ten for a few rounds, then get in a zone of singles depending on how it feels at that point, if good then maybe some more unbroken, then finish w a sprint of as many paired up as possible. Thats my .02, definitely will take more pondering...
I have faith in you, you will be great!

Brandon said...

A1. 115/135/145/155x7
A2. broken
B1. 185/205/225
B2. all broken
Tabata Mash-216 (111 lunge, 106 situp)

LuLu said...

Got 4 hrs of sleep last night, went to the gym this morning at 5am.
I did 1 set of OHS and 1 muscle up, laughed at myself and the situation I was in and pulled the plug. It was a disaster,soo tired from lack of sleep and sooo sore from the weekends workouts. Another learning experience. Sleep early tonight and back at it tomorrow :)

Steve Howell said...

A1: 135x8/155x8/175x6/175x6
A2: 3,3,2/3,3,2/3,3,2/3,3,2
B1: 155 for all 3 sets
B2: UB/10+5/11+4+5
Tabata Mash
19/16/18/18/17/17/18/18-sit ups

Gord said...

A1. 98/108/115.5(6)/115.5(6)
A2. (5/2/1)x 3 sets (3/2/2/1)x1 set
B2. 5/15(bad grip) Unbroken X2
tabata mash
Total- 232

NorCal Chris said...

A1: 135x8/145x6/145x7/145x6
A2: broke into ring pu / bar dips for shoulder
B1: 95/115/115
B2: tons of breaks.. tired
Tabata Mash
15-all lunges
14-all sit ups

David said...


A1. 7 x 135, 143, 6 x 154, 160
A2. All done full ex top and bottom but broken
B1. 10 x 135, 154, 177
B2. Done, broken
Tabata, low scores of 16 and 12.

Chris Fodera said...



A1. 75x6, 75x8, 85x8, 95x8
A2. 6/2, 2/2/2/1/1, 3/2/3, 4/1/3
B1. 95, 125, 135 (like Aimee in the vid except didn't rack weight)
B2. all unbroken

Tabata Mash
- SwitchLunges: 20, 19, 14 (tripped), 18, 18, 18, 18, 18
- SitUps: 13, 14, 13, 13, 13, 13, 13, 14

- PreWO: 16g BCAA-G, 5g Creatine
- PWO: Shake (32gP: MRM Metabolic Whey, 1 scoop Refuel), 8g BCAA-G, 5g Creatine
- 90 min later: beef, spinach, artichoke hearts, apple, almond butter (had to brief the man and took longer than I thought)

A1. Stayed light because of my knee. They felt better as time went by, but definitely not 100% comfortable. I could have gone heavier, but definitely think it would have messed with my knee staying in the hole.
A2. These felt pretty good. I really wanted that first set unbroken though. Working on a good transition from the top immediately into the kip for the next rep.
B1. Did what Aimee did in the video on Catalyst. Could have gone much heavier, but didn't have Jerk Boxes and kept the weight on my back. Didn't want to come down with too much weight on my knee.
B2. All unbroken. Last set a little challenging, but manageable. Glad I shaved my palms down last night or I would have some open palms today.
Mash: Was pissed that I tripped on that 3rd round of Lunges...I would have had a low of 18 if it weren't for that. SitUps were the same as last time, but I was a lot more deliberate on the ROM today. Had my upper chest touching my knees and ensured that my shoulders and neck touched the floor on the way down.

dmarsh said...

A1. 132x8,152x8,162x6,162x8
A2. 8,6/2,5/2/1,5/3
B1. BWx10x3
B2. UBx3

Lunge: 20,20,20,20,20,18,18,16
Situp: 13,13,13,12,12,11,11,11

Ran out of steam fast on this one. Still a bit of jet lag from trip out west. Everything was a just a bit harder than it should've been.

Brent Maier said...

Unit, I'm no Unit or Joey but here are my suggestions based on my experience. Your going to tear #1 up, fast and furious is it. #2, blast as many touch and go as you can, then back down to singles & doubles when you can fit them in.

My Isabel went from 9 min to 3 min in this last year. One difference was conditioning but the other was that this last go around, I blasted as many touch and go's as I could out of the gate and that was the key. Don't question your capabilities!

Thats my 2 cents anyway... Dude, your going to tear it up! Good luck, we'll all be cheering you on. I'm off to the gym now and looking forward to this workout!

deejay said...

I sory of disagree, Brent. I think if I were to do that WOD I would drop every rep. I did heavey squat clean grace (155#) in 3:14 and dropped every rep. It's a little different with the squat clean but I still think I would drop every rep... If you do decide to do some touch and go i wouldn't go anywhere near failure... Good luck buddy!!

Andy said...

A1. 95/115/125*6/135*6
A2. 4,1,3/3,2,2,1/3,2,2,1/3,2,2,1

Alot going on today all I had time for. Muscle ups felt good usually much tougher for me.

joey warren said...

Def cant go to failure on 5 min amrap, you would be toast, but Units got some good strength so I think he can do some unbroken for sure... my prediction is winning person will get close to 60...but Im not a betting man... although I should have put money on the saints, Damn

Wes hendricks said...


For the first WOD I think the key thing you want to do is be able to do everything unbroken. So with that said the first 3 movements are going to tire your shoulders out which I think will result in alot of people suffering on the OHS. And remember you also have burpees which will tire them out(unless you do it under a minute, wouldn't be surprised)

With the second WOD if it was me I would drop every rep. But I also weigh 145lbs. I think with that one since its an AMRAP you just want to keep moving for the whole five minutes. I would say drop every rep, but be on top of that bar after it comes down and just keep moving. Thats deffinitely a hard task to do when people around you are banging them out unbroken. But if it was me I think that would be the most effective way to do it.

Roch said...

A1. 165(8)-165(8)-165(6)-165(6)
A2. 8-8-8-(6&2)

B1. explosion felt very good!
B2. (11,6,3)-(13,4,3)-(13,4,3)

TAB. Lunges:17

Dave X said...

Honestly, I don't have anything to add, but word verification is "units." As in: Unit's gonna rock this shit.

unit said...

A1- 160 / 170 / 180
A2- strict (pr) / reg kip / butterfly (felt smooth)
B- 2:59
C- 30min JM -check

did part B on a 160m pentagon inside... 6 and change laps... splits were:
:33 / :31 / :29 / :26 / :23 / :36
felt gd 2 move!... sprint drills on warm up were refreshing...

Stephen / Joey / Brent / DJ...
thanks y'all 4 the insiteful words!... I'm very appteciative 2 have y'all input... I've never done grace (closest things have been the 20 c&j in the OPT challenge 2 wod 4 and in the fall I did 30reps bw (187lb) c&j 4 time ~7:30) and the Isabel that we did recently (2:15) I did as all singles... I must say it's nice 2 not exert the energy controlling the wt on the way down... since then I've thought I could do this faster stringing triples 2gether... however... i keep reminding myself that strategy 4 30reps 4 time and 5min 4 reps may need 2 b different as one doesn't want 2 burn out early... jury is still out I suppose... I think I'll heed y'alls advice on WOD 1 and sprint (I not the best at burpees, so the fewer I have 2 do the better!)...
again... thanks 4 the food 4 thought big dawg brothers, and I'll keep all y'all updated!...

Nathan H. said...

A1: 80kg/8, 90/6, 90/7, 90/6(wrists on all sets!!)
A2: Unb, Unb, 5 + singles, 2 + singles

B1: 80kg/10 (unb fast), 100/10 (unb fast), 110/10 (slowed at 5)
B2: broke but didnt get off bar, broke but didn't get off bar, 12 + 2,2,singles

20, 15, 15, 15, 15, 16, 16, 19 = 131
15, 13, 13, 13, 14, 14, 14, 16 = 112

Started too easy. Should've tried to maintain higher numbers.

This workout was brutal. I didn't eat much yesterday which I think contributed, and I got super light headed a few times -- I actually had to sit down.
I also tried some NO Explode which I had from the old days... I'm throwing that crap out! No more chemicals for me. Screw that.

Dude, unit, don't even sweat it brother. You'll absolutely smash those. My advice would be to work out your recovery strategy. Like you've always done, you'll bring it during the workout... prep your food and post workout nutrition, and figure out a place you can relax your body and calm your mind.

"Luck is when preparation meets opportunity." You've prepared, and now you have your opportunity!

Michael McCabe said...

A1. 125x6, 135x6x3.... right shoulder injury holding me back a bit
A2. singles but very little rest in btw
B1. used 110# (assumed we were supposed to use weight)
B2. 20, 20, 15/4/1

tabata - lost count - low scores - situps 13, lunges 20

imosher said...

Marcher (momentarily)

A1 40/50/52/55kg
A2 6,2/6,2/4,2,1,1/4,2,1,1
B1 55/55/60kg
B2 unbroken *3

lunge 18-21 reps per set
sit up 11-16 reps per set

Stefani said...
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Stefani said...

A1. 55,55,60,60
A2. MU progressions

First day back from being sick and just didn't have the energy to keep going. Called it a day after the last set of MU progressions. Going to bed early and hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Slater Coe said...

A1. 165x7(f8), 165x5(f6), 155x7(f8)
A2. Epic fail... put a 6 minute cap on these... 6, 5, 1, 1... dozens and dozens of failed attempts. These have gotten much worse in recent months.
B1. 155, 155, 165
B2. 20; 13+4+3, 13+3+2+2... worn out from muscle-ups, I guess.

Lunges - 18, 18, 15, 14, 14, 15, 16, 16 = 126
Situps - 13, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 13 = 98
Total = 224

Mario "ATP" Ashley (CrossfitRedline) said...


A1 85# 6-7-7-8
A2 5/3, 8,8,8
B1 NA*
B2 broken
Lunge NA
Situp 15,14,14,14,14,14,14,13

* NA did not attempt, being careful with ankle sprain, feeling better thought

Comments: Went super light on OHS to focus on tempo and balance. I would have complete MU unbroken but I got caught on the straps..dont ask how. CTB super tough. I can't remember that last time i went ctb.

"The art is in the breathing, the beauty is in the technique"

Jason Anderson said...

2 min Break

B1.UnB,Used 45# Bar on back for extra weight seemed slower, went back to no weight and felt much easier than set 1.
Sub- Knee Jump into Jump Postition into Jump Squat.

B2.Still no Pull-up bar so subbed.
As high a pull Ring Butterfly Pull-Up as I could 15x3. 8+7,9+6,10+5


Tabata Mash 16 total alt Rounds
Switch Lunges
Anchored Sit-Ups

Yelvi said...

A1. 135(8), 145(7), 155(6), 165(7)
A2. All singles
B1. 115x3
B2. UB, 15+5, 15+5

Switch Lunges-15
Sit Ups- 13 (12 last time)

Tyler Smith said...

A1. 135(7),155(7),170(7),185(4)
A2. (3(20#),5),(8),(6,1,1),(7,1)
B1. 135#
B2. Unbroken

Tabata situps: 14

Craig said...

BWT 165.

A2. 4 x 8 (singles)
B1. 115
lunges 15 all sets
sit ups 12 all sets

A1. Felt good, weight is feeling better overhead
A2. Wanted to be consistent, singles with 3-5 sec rest b/t.
B1. good explosion.
B2. Bar got a little slippery during the second set, otherwise good effort. Took a little more to keep the chest up toward 20.
Tabata - with abmat. probably could have done 1-2 more reps each but I set a goal and stuck with it.

Chad Hall said...


A1: 125(8), 135(8), 145(5), 145(6)
A2: 5-1-1-1, 4-1-1-1-1, 6-1-1, 5-1-1-1
B1: 95, 115, 115
B2: UB, 17-3, 10-3-4-2-1

Switch Lunges: 18, 16, 16, 16, 16, 16, 16, 16 (130)
Situps: 16, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 16 (122)
Total: 252


A1: Wanted higher, wanted 155 but my shoulders and wrists just weren't having any of it, especially in accordance with the muscle ups. Good tempo though.

A2: Fatigue wasn't an issue, it was just my grip that kept slipping out when I would turn out at the bottom. Round with 6 ub was because grip was solid.

B1: Think these were good, I know they were better than last time because this time only a quarter squat. Maybe up to 125 next time.

B2: Grip failed.

Tabata Mash: Should have pushed a little harder, at least 16 for the sit ups and at least consistent 18 for the lunges. On Jan. 30 I held 15 each time for the situps (also anchored).

Chad Hall said...

Wait now I'm confused ... were we supposed to do unweighted full squats then jump? Shoooot.

Got my 2010 competition shirt today! Pumped about it!

And started Refuel today, interested to see how this pans out.

PTS said...

a1. 95,115,125,125x3
a2. 5,3,3,3 - had to limit # for time sake, it would have taken too long to do 8.

b1. fast explosive felt easy
b2. UB x3

switch lunges - 20,20,20,20,21,21,21,21
situps 15,15,15,15,16,16,16,16

felt good on the tabata.

Paul Klein said...

A1. 135, 140, 145x6, 145x8
A2. All broken (missed three reps in fourth set)

B1. 95, 105, 115
B2. Unbroken, broken, broken

Switch lunges
19, 17,17,17,17,17,17,19

Brian Maier said...

A1: 95(8),95(6),95(6),95(6)
A2: 6-2,4-2-2,4-3-f-1,4-2-2

B1: unbroken (2 hands touching 10ft target)
B2: 15-5,12-5-3,12-5-3

lunges (19 all rounds)
situps (16 all rounds)
Quads are burning!!!!

April said...


Here's something to consider for WOD 2... Check to see how bouncy the weight are. If you start dropping after every rep you may waste precious time if your bar moves a few feet and you have to chase after it/reset. At Rory's sectional last year during the last WOD when he started dropping the bar it took some big bounces.

Lisa M said...

It appears there is a common theme among us ladies that we all had ZERO energy today. I felt like S#^* and had no motivation and probably should have done what you did Ali and worked technique or stretched or something. I think i am so depressed about my friggn injury that i have been eating crap and that is not good - I have to smarten up! I did Sundays Wod yesterday and my pecs were so ridiculoulsy sore that getting that bar behind me for OHS was brutal got to 3rd set at 105# and muscle ups tried to do eight each set got about 5 in total. Decided to do tabata (these actually felt pretty good subbed air squats for lunges for knee and all sets were 18s and situps were all 15s just kept er steady) then pulled plug. I have had a sore throat for past three days too so I think i am fighting something. I will be better tomorrow...

BTW - the REVIVE bars are incredible very very yummy

Competition shirts are awesome too.

I will now go to bed.

Brent Maier said...


A1 OHS: 60/70/75/85kgx3 (187#) - Strict tempo, arms were first to collapse.
A2 MU's: 8/8/8/8 - All in singles, took around 20-60 seconds average.
B1 JSquats: 10x3
B2 C2B: 20x3 - First round unbroken

Tabata Mash Total: 276
Lunges: 21/20/20/19/20/19/19/19: 157
SU's: 18/17/15/14/14/14/14/13: 119

Notes: Too tired to type... another brutal one dead and gone!

bmizzlle said...

A1. 135x6/135x6/135x3/125x6
A2. 7-1/Unbroken/6-1-1/4-2-1-1
B1. 125x10x3sets
B2. Unbroken/12-6-2/12-6-2
Tabata Mash: 317 total reps

John T. said...


A1. 95x8, 115x8, 135x6, 135x7
A2. unbroken, unbroken, broken, broken

B1. 65, 95, 115 Could have gone a bit heavier
B2. broken, unbroken, broken

Tabata Mashup
Switch lunges:141
Sit Ups:137

low scores
Switch lunges: 15
Situps: 15

Pete said...

KICK SOME ASS UNIT! You whoop ours all the time so no reason why you won't whip theirs!

A1.92#x8, 112x8, 132x5(f), 132x6
A2. 6,1,1/4,2,2/4,1,1,1,1/3,1,1,1,1,1

B1.132#x10, 132x110, 152x10
B2. 3 x Unbroken

22,22,21,21,20,20,20,20,18 (184)
13,13,13,13,13,13,13,13 (104)

Overhead squats are coming along well. My left shoulder is getting more stable and the depth is good. My left shoudler is definitely the weak link in this movement.

M-Ups were frustrating today. Had no chalk or tape and the rings were slippery. I just couldn`t maintain the false grip. Regardless, left shoulder still a limiting factor when going to full extension and turning wrists outwards.

All else went well.

unit said...

Wes / Nathan / April / Dave...
the more I think abt it the more I think u and dj r right... consistant singles may b the way 2 go... I remember Rory doing a lot of traveling... something 2 def b aware of... thanks 4 the reminder abt nutrition and recovery... prob pretty important when WOD 2 touches on similar systems and muscle movements / technique as WOD 1...
y'all r great... thx again,

Brent Maier said...

Unit, I think he who does the most unbroken from the get go will be victorious. They are going to get hard fast whether you do them unbroken or singles. The thing is, by the time your brain figures out how freaking hard it is getting, everyone else doing singles is thinking the very same thing but your already 7+ reps ahead of them. Stop just before failure as OPT had us doing several weeks ago, and start busting out singles until the whistle blows. My last 2 cents, I was in a rush earlier. We all have a lot of faith in your abilities so whatever you choose to do, we know you'll kill it! Ouuuu

deejay said...

A1. 185(8), 195(6), 195(7-used wrist straps), 195(6) - wrists just hurt like a mother #^(&)# holding it that long
A2. 6-2, 3-1x5(3 failed reps), 1x8, 1x8 - gassed quickly on these

B1. UB
B2. UB, UB, 12-3-1(slipped)-3-1, really wanted 3 unbroken but just couldn't hold on

Mash - can't remember my numbers but that hurt....

Melissa said...


A1. 73, 78, 83, 88
A2. First two sets were muscle-up attempts from various box heights. Last two sets were 8 muscle-up rows each.
B1. ten / set
B2. 20 / set - not unbroken but felt good.
Tabata Mash: switch lunge low was 20, sit-up low was 16.

will said...

a2. sub bar mu, got 6-2 on all rounds
b1. 115,135,185
b2. 15-5,10-10,10-10
mash up 235

Jacques A said...

In Vancouver for the olympics since last Tuesday. First OPT since Jan 31st.
Did " Kelly" yesterday at CF Vancouver.

Today At CrossFit Vancouver
A.1 65,95,115,120X6
A.2 All sets unbroken

B1. 95,135,155
B2. All unbroken
Tabata Mash:
Done but did not count all reps. only kept lowest score for both.

joey warren said...

Unit, I almost think you're too good to limit yourself to singles...

bmizzlle said...

Yea I second that attack that first set and get'em done FAST!

your gonna kill it GM2

unit said...

thanks Joey and bmizzle...
I'm already starting 2 overthink things! (typical)...

4got 2 post this earlier...

was showing a friend how 2 do harop curls 2 day... and for the first time I did one FROM strict... and x2!... I was so pumped I jumped up and down... felt gd!...


Michelle said...

'A' took forever for me today. Back in Sept. I got 3 MUs, then didn't try them again until yesterday, when i got 2 in a training session with Brett. It was very fitting that they were part of the WOD today as it gave me a chance to practice. As per Brett's advice I counted all attempts as a rep. In total I got 20 MUs tonight (1 in warm up too)!!!! I think the OHS suffered. I kept the rest between 'A1' and A2' pretty close to 2min, but the MUs took forever...and that was just fine by me! Brett, thanks so much for your suggestion as to how to approach the WOD and for your encouragement to persevere and do all 4 sets of 'A'.

A1) 80x6; 87.5x6; 87.5x6; 90x6 Tempo was good for all the reps
A2) 6 MUs(singles)out of 8 attempts; 6 MUs (singles)out of 8 attempts; 1 MU out of 6 attempts ; 6 MUs (singles)out of 8 attempts

more than 2min rest between 'A' and 'B'.

B1) 10; 10; 10
B2) 13,4,3; 8,3,6,3; 9,5,6

Tabata Mash...

switch lunges - 24,21,20,19,19,18,18,19 = 158

sit ups - 21,21,20,19,19,18,18,19 = 155

Heavy Evy said...

a1. 111#x6x4 Rushed warmup made this feel terrible.
a2. a few doubles but mostly singles. 2min avg/set
B1. Only BW, felt like I could dunk.
B2. Broke at 10 for all sets, suck at these.

Gym closed so took 10min to get back home to do tabata mash:
SL 22x8 good burn!
SU 13x7,14 foot anchor was a bit shotty. Low score on 30th was 12.

Jenny said...

A1. 40kgx8-40kgx8-45kgx6-45kgxg
A2. I´m horrible of MU. Did 8 the round, (starting with bend arms)
Got two the second round and one third round. Zero last round
B1. 20 kg unbroken
B2. Broke all sets

I was in a hurry as usual so I only did tabata lunges
Score: 118

Dave X said...

Finally shaking off the cold, still weak and lacking pop.

A1. 115x8, 125x8, 125x6x2 sets
A2. many failed reps, seemed impossible this morning
B1. Unbroken x3
B2. Regular chins this morning, practiced technique

I ended up shuting it down here. Frustrating considering I woke up at 5 am to attack this and get back on track. Even with an extra long warm up I coulnt get it in gear. It's bad news when my wofe comes down lights it up and I'm still fumbling around trying to find my stroke.

Jason Buzzard said...


A1: 135(6),145(6),145(6),155(5)
A2: Broken
B1: 10x3
B2: first round unbroken

Tabata: 15 for both on all 8 rounds

I need to get over my mental block. OHS are much better and I need to not be so conservative. Tried to string together as many MU's as possible before hitting singles. CTB needs to improve, I just need to find the rhythm of it. Tabata felt good but think I could have done more on the sit up portion.

Kyle F said...


A1: 135/155/155/155
A2: Broken all to hell

Ran out of time. Not happy with MUs. Need to practice those more.

Mack Lar said...

A1. 145/155/155/155
B1. 225/275
Ran out of time today so had to cut short. Still sore from last cycle

Jeremy tucker said...

OHS 155-160-165-165
MU's 4x8 took FOREVER haha
B1. UB
B2. 10-5-5, 10-5-5, 7-3-5-5

Tabata mash up

Sam said...

A1. 75, 80, 80, 85
A2. 8, 8, 8, 4(arms completely spent so I stopped) broken
B1. 45, 55, 60
B2. Broken
C. total: 324, sit-up tabata: 20, and lunge tababta: 20

rackempackem said...

A1. 50kg/60kg/62,5kg/65kg. Felt much stronger here than in the competition. Took 4 min between sets, see under.
A2. Been feeling something in the shoulder so i decided to do the smart thing and skip this one today. MU is nothing i need to practice so it feels okey.
B1. 40kg/50kg/45kg. Did them to deep last time. Now more like a regular jump. Forgot the drive through heel que.
B2. Unbroken x3. Felt strong. Butterfly first set, then a mix.

Tabata mash:
total: 282
164 (20-20-20-21-20-20-21-22)
118 (16-15-14-14-14-15-14-16)

Good session. For the first time since my brake last week i felt like i had some gas in the tank. It's really interesting to experience how much you loose after a week. Wonder if it has positive effects in the long run though, to take rest weeks?

vid of the OHS:

Lindsey said...

A1. 75/85/95(6)/95(6) - tempo killed
A2. Ring pullups/dips- 8 ea on ea set
B1. Never been a good jumper but these felt ok
B2. Broken - jumping kip

Tabata- 251total (19,19,18,20,18,18,16,18 jumps & 13,13,13,13,13,13,14,13 situps)

Extra jumping today and legs are feelin' it. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

A1:95x8 115x8 115x7 115x6

Notes: Very sore from mon. Took half hour warmup, but muscleups were still painful. Finished all MU sets with explosive pullup.

OHS weren't bad. Ran out of time after long warmup and decided against finishing later in favor of rest. Dissapointed in recent performance.

ken c said...

A1. 145x6 150x6 155x5 155x6
A2. all singles btw 1-2 min.

B1. minimal squat, touched beam at 9'4"
B2. 20ub, 15-5, 12-3-3-2

switch lunge: 20x7 and 23
sit ups: 17x7 and 19
total: 301

A and B done on tempo throughout. hour break between B and C. had to teach a class.

Justin Flynn said...

a1. 135-145-155-165x6 (started too light)
a2. Muscle ups all singles
b1. unbroken (wore 40# vest)
b2. unbroken (felt really strong here)
Tabata: low lunge=19
low situp=14

Bear said...

A1 40 kg / 8 reps – 45 kg / 6 reps – 50 kg / 5 reps – 45 kg / 7 reps
A2 5+3 – 3+1+2+2 – 3+2+2+1 – 3+3+2
B1. 45 – 55 – 60 kg (unbrokenx3)
B2. 5+5+5+5 – 5+5+5+2+3 – 5+5+5+3+2
Rest: ca 1 h
Tabata Mash:
Total: 272 reps (170+102)

Lots of weaknesses today, never did jumping squats and the mash felt good, like if I could have gone on forever...well maybe not that long.

JAM said...


A1. 136x6 all 4 sets
A2. 4/2/2, 4/2/2, 4/2/2, 4/1/1/2

B1. as rx'd
B2. 20, 10/5/5, 10/7/3

Lunges: 21,21,21,21,20,21,19,20
Sit ups: 15,15,14,15,15,15,15,15

still trying to get the hang of CTB pullups

Melisa C said...

A1. 95x4; 95x5; 95x6; 100x5
A2. Assisted MUs, have the transition just lack tricep strength to lock out for rx'd MU

B1. 10-10-10
B2. Horribly broken, hands still torn from the 7 rounds of 20 a few WODs back.

Switch Lunges

SugarCoat said...

A1: 95/7, 115/7, 125/7, 125/6
A2: U, U, 5-1-1-1, 3-1-1-1-2
B1: 95, 115, 135
B2: U, U, 10-5-5

T- Mash:
Switch Lunge:
20-15-16-15-14-14-14-14 = 14
Sit Ups:
14-13-13-13-12-12-12-13 = 12

Quads were aflame after round 4 of Lunges which also hindered my sit ups..

bso said...

A1. QL lit up on the last rep of my first set, (5x125), so I aborted. On my 3rd round I did 10 OH lunges with 95#. 4th round 16 OH lunges with 115#.
A2. 8unbroken, 7/1, 6/2, 4/2/2

B1. bodyweight
B2. 16/4, 10/4/2/2/1/1, 10/4/2/2/2

Lunges: ~190
Sit Ups: ~112
WAY better at situps anchored, even with the hip flexors all fired up from lunges

tania said...

A1. 75#(7)/80#(7)/85#(6)/90#(6) started too light, should have gone heavier. Shoulders felt good and tempo felt good. wrists, not so much
A2. Sets of 3/2/2/1 Rx'd full extension (first one is usually almost strict and kipping on subsequent reps)
B1. Bodyweight(didn't realize these were weighted)
B2. Most sets were 7/5/3/2/2/1
Lunges:13 to 16 per leg per round
Sit-ups: 12 to 15 per round

exp. said...
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exp. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
exp. said...

A1. 135×8/145×8/155×7/160×7
should’ve started a little heavier

A2: unbroken/7(1)/6(2)/5(2+1)…all full extension

B1:bodyweight...explosive + fast

B2:unbroken(+20#vest)/ unbroken(23#vest)/unbroken (23# vest)…fought hard to stay on bar last set…grip smoked

lunges: 193
sit-ups: 101