Tues, Feb 22, 2010

March 7th:
20 sec max reps; 40 sec rest b/t movements:
Bench Press - 135#/95#
Hang Power Clean - 135#/95#
Box Jumps - 20"/14"
Row Meters
(repeat 5 times for total reps/meters)

late March:
5 x [as many rounds in 3 minutes of 7 Dead Lift - 225#/155#, 7 chin ups]
rest 3 min b/t rounds
(record total rounds and reps as score)

post reps and rounds to comments
double on Wed and Sat for everyone


Mitchell B said...

Is this what constitutes a double day?

Trying to understand who the "March 7th" and "late March" headings refer too...

Brandon said...

Mitchell -
March 7 and late march refer to the times when many are competing in sectionals.

No this is not a double day. choose based on whether or not your sectionals are early march or not. look at Saturday's (2/20) post for what a double would look like.

Anonymous said...


Late March, as rx'd

Rnd 1: 1 round + 6 DLs
Rnd 2: 1 round + 6 DLs
Rnd 3: 1 round + 7 DLs
Rnd 4: 1 round + 7 DLs
Rnd 5: 1 round + 7 DLs + 1 PU

Mizar said...

3r + 1DL
2r + 5DL
3r + 1DL

Aaron said...

Early March-
Bench Press: 65 Reps
Hang Power Clean: 46 Reps
Box Jumps: 80 Reps
Row: 504 Meters

Good workout. I had a slight problem with the first row that cost me about 40m.

Martin Altemark said...

4 rounds + 2 deadlifts
4 rounds
3 rounds + 5 deadlifts
3 rounds + 4 deadlifts
3 rounds

Fun! About 12m between deads and pullups. Expecting some insane results from the biggest dawgs today!

Covino24 said...

Late Marcher
4 rounds
3 rounds + 7 Deadlifts
3 Rounds
3 Rounds
3 Rounds

Had to do strict nonkip sup grip chin ups due to a nasty rip in my hand.. Other than that, I felt pretty good this morning.. Fully recovered from a weekend that ruined me more than any other!! Its amazing how much more energy I have during my 5am workouts and my 4pm workouts!

Mike@CFCochrane said...

pullups felt good, unbroken right thru. dl...first sets always looked pretty good, chopped up for the second

Rainer Hartmann said...

Early March:
Bench (135#): 49 reps
HPC (115#): 48
Box Jump: 71
Row: 494 meters
Went lighter with the cleans, left elbow still hurts, off for acupuncture in a few.

Chris Dunkin said...

Late Marcher
4rds (+ dl's and 3pu's)

grip slipped on 5th rd of pull-up's. pwo 3scoops refuel, 40g dream whey.

Gord said...

4 rounds
3 rounds + 7deadlift + 1Chin
3 rounds + 3deadlift
3 rounds + 3deadlift
3 rounds + 3deadlift

Ang said...

Late Marcher

3 rounds
2 rounds + 7DLs
2 rounds
2 rounds
2 rounds

DLs felt great today! I am so glad I could do the required weight. My main setback this WOD was my grip and loosing my flow on my kips. Great WOD Thank you!!

Roch said...


Thanks to Pete for support and advice!

Wes hendricks said...


5 rds
4 + 7DL + 3 PU
4 rds
4 rds
4 + 3DL

Deadlifts = 157
Pull-ups = 150

Made sure chin broke vertical plane on all pull-ups. Not happy with my performance today. Wasn't feeling mentally strong today at all.

Melissa said...

Late March and thrilled to RX deadlifts again! Back feels 100%.

1. 2 rds + 5DL
2. 2 rds + 7DL + 4 Pullup
3. 2 rds + 3DL
4. 2 rds + 3DL
5. 2 rds + 3DL


Grant said...

@ OPT @ 7AM

Total 238 reps
All CUs unbroken
Thought I could maintain 4 rnds per set by dropping each DL. Next time rapid fire as long as possible & not catch & release. I think it is harder on the QLs to unload the DL at the top. Gord, your rapid-fire-as-long-as-possible gave you 3 more reps & every rep counts! Good work! Laura too!

Anonymous said...

Late March

2r + 3 DL
2r + 2 DL (Scaled down to 205 Lbs)
2r + 3 DL (Scalled down to 185 Lbs)
1r (185Lbs)

I got raped like meat on a barbecue on Deadlifts.

Bubba Hagood said...

Sick and on 4 hours of sleep. Not into it today.
Rd1 5
Rd2 4
Rd3 4

rd1 was tight on time. I ended 10 sec early( didn't think partials counted and not in the game.). Rd 2 had 20 sec left, rd 3 had 3 sec left. Ran out of time this am.

Pete said...

Late Marcher

1. 5 rds
2. 4 rds
3. 4 rds
4. 3 rds
5. 3 rds 5 + deadlifts

Worked on some max effort double unders post wod.

All and all I can't complain about this one. All felt good except for the rip on my left palm.

Grant, I agree that the rapid-fire (under control obviously) for as long as possible approach is better. You definitely get a little help from the rebound in the bottom when you rapid fire vs having to pull it from scratch on every rep.

Gord good job keeping Grant honest out there!

Jeremy Tucker said...

Mid marcher lol (13-14)
4-3-3-3-3 complete rounds

I need to lose weight!
230lbs makes the grip go after so many pullups. DL's easy!

dmarsh said...

Late Marcher

1. 5 rds + 7 DL
2. 4 rds + 4 DL
3. 3 rds + 7 DL + 1 PU
4. 3 rds

Suffered an enormous tear on my left hand in the middle of the 4th set. Had to shut it down.

Johan Lindvall said...

M/81kg/180cm. :)

round 1: 3 +7DL + 5 chins
round 2: 3
round 3: 3
round 4: 3
round 5: 3

not like you all big dawgs, but I'm really happy with my result. It's incredible that I managed to do so many DL on that weight without tearing up my lower back injury from not so long ago! I've taken the first step.... :)

Katrina Burton said...

Late Marcher

Can't belive we are less than 4 weeks out!

3 rounds
3 rounds
2 rounds + 6 DL
2 rounds + 5 DL
2 rounds + 4 DL

This was a tough one for me... nasty water blister between my callouses on my right hand.

Chad said...


r1: 4+7dl
r2: 3+7dl+2p
r3: 3+3dl
r4: 3
r5: 2 - hands ripped bad on pullups, had to stop.

total reps: 229

DL felt good but the pullups were a struggle. I'm glad we do them often, big weakness for me.

Shane and Karen said...

Where should we be following if we are mid-March (13-14)? Thanks!

Andy said...

4 rounds + 1DL
3 rounds + 6DL
3 rounds + 4DL
3 rounds + 1DL
3 rounds + 1DL

This work out felt good, my back was starting to feel it towards the end.

Stephen Flamm said...

Early March...


R1: 20/14/13/122
R2: 18/12/13/120
R3: 13/11/12/115
R4: 11/10/12/113
R5: 10/10/13/113

Total: 192 reps + 583 meters

Pleased with all of these numbers. Bench was as fast as possible until I couldn't feel my triceps anymore during round 3. Smooth and slow on the box jumps, but the knee felt good during and after - I'm confident that I'll be able to safely go much faster in a competition setting in two weeks. Rower set to damper 10.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Later Marcher:
5/4/3+8/3+8/3+10 = 278. I hope.

Don't know if it's yesterday's night shift or meal timing that contributed to my severe tanking of this workout but wow, I was hurtin' early on this one. Lost feeling in my left hand by round 3, which made pull-ups very challenging. I only dropped the barbell once on deads but my pull-ups were plenty broken. I'd much rather re-start pull-ups than pick up a 225lb barbell from a dead stop...

Shane and Karen, follow what you think works best for you. There's a few other folks in the same boat as you.

Michael FitzGerald said...

252 reps

Could not do the DL's or Chins once lats were fatigued. Resulted in more squatting in the DL and too many fractions in the chin-ups.

Lisa M said...

1. 4+2DL
2. 3+7DL
3. 3+7DL
4. 3 tore hands badly in this round
5. 2+7DL was scared to do more pullups cause hands hurt - wimp!!!

Reps 233

Deadlifts felt good did all unbroken touch and go. All chinups unbroken except last round because of hands.

Adam Rogers said...

Early March
BP: 15-14-12-10-11 = 62
HPC: 10-10-8-10-10 = 48
BJ: 17x5 = 85
Row: 117-117-120-118-120 = 593

Definitely highlighted the hang power cleans as a weakness for me.

Ali Loach said...

1. 4+4DL
2. 3
3. 3
4. 3
5. 3

Felt good to get back in it. Definitely still feeling the effects of late nights and too much wine while in Whistler.
SOOO glad Keith flew me in to watch Jon's GOLD MEDAL performance - truly inspiring.

On another note, I couldn't believe that Whistler Canada House (a place for athletes and support staff to go to watch the Olympics and hang out) was serving DUNKA ROOS and Fruit Roll Ups along with all the Coke Products you could imagine......... Nasty!

Chris Fodera said...

Late Marcher


1. 4
2. 4
3. 4
4. 4
5. 3

- PreWO: 16g BCAA-G
- PWO: 40gP/40gC (Shake: Refuel and Jarrow), 8g BCAA-g
- 60 min later: turkey chilli

- Lower back is still smoked from this weekend.
- Was at a Coach Burgener Oly Lifting Cert and my knee was really acting up from all the Oly drills, so I didn't do a WOD on Saturday.
- Sunday it felt better and decided to give the affiliate's challenge (315# Tabata DeadLift) a try during the lunch break. Mark to hit was 50, but only got 47.
- Felt fine then, but lower back was tight yesterday and today.
- Knew today's WOD was going to suck on first DL of round one...just felt really heavy and slow and lower back was fatigued within 2 sets.
- Acceptable results considering.

Nathan H. said...

Brutal. Didn't feel strong on this at all. Deadlifts fatigued quickly -- pullups were lacking (but my shoulder felt pretty good, which is awesome) and grip got tired. Used hook grip for 90% of the workout.


19 rounds + 9 Deadlifts
142 Deadlifts, 133 pullups: 275 total

I'm thinking my over zealous workout 2 nights ago contributed to my fatigue today. Maybe I should learn to stick to the programming. :) Great workout!

Garage Crossfitter said...


Total 265
Lots of heavy breathing during wod today, grip wasnt an issue till the middle of round 4. Grip reached complete failure on rep 7 of round 5, the bar just rolled out of my hands. I didnt feel cns was firing today.

Erik Luber said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erik Luber said...


1+3 DL
1+1 DL
9 rounds (129 reps)

That was heavy. Definitely a weight I could do, but knew my power output wasn't going to be that high. Made sure to maintain good form throughout.

Brian Maier said...


238 reps

This workout crushed me. I was in so much pain during rest periods. Wanted to stop after round 2 but managed to fight through.

Steve Howell said...

Late Marcher

4 + 3 dead lifts
4 + 1 dead lift
total= 298

Damon - Wasatch said...


Felt progressively worse on every round culminating with almost passing out in Rd 3. Went straight to doctor. Sinus infection. Felt like a pussy today. Will re-do this one tomorrow.

Coach, thanks for getting our athletes ready for UT/NV Sectionals this weekend! I'm EC so can't compete but am registered for the Norcal Sectionals for fun. Our folks are going in confident and excited. Thank you.

brad said...

Late Marcher

4 + 3 DL
4 + 3 DL

286 total

ouch...thats alot of deads.

PTS said...

5 + 3DL
4 + 2 DL
2 + 7 DL

292 total. Gave away a good WOD on the 5th rd. Got my first bad rip in months and grip just gave way.

Well smashed CDunkin

Geoff Aucoin said...

Anyone else feel like they got gang-raped today? I am a hurtin' Albertan (from Newfoundland).

Covino24 said...

Yea Geoff.. I did this workout 14 hours ago and my lower back is still screaming!!

So I found out my sectional is calling out for 45#iron plates.. could mean possible bench press wod right??


Paul Klein said...

March 7th

Rd1: 18 / 12 / 18 / 117(damper 7)
Rd2: 19 / 12 / 18 / 120(damper 10)
Rd3: 18 / 12 / 18 / 116(damper 10)
Rd4: 16 / 12 / 18 / 115(damper 10)
Rd5: 13 / 11 / 17 / 117(damper 10)

Total: 232 reps 585 meters

Thanks again Erik for putting the competitor spreadsheet together. It will be fun to use that as we watch all the sectionals go down.

Tyler Smith said...

Early Marcher!!!

BP - 23,20,13,10,8 =74
HPC- 13,13,12,12,13 =63
BJ - 19,19,20,20,20 =98
ROW- 133,129,123,123,128 =636m


*would really like to rep the Big Dawgs tee at sectionals on March 6th-7th... It shipped today... anyone know how long it takes to arrive to southern US?

joey warren said...

Nice job Dunkin, I got your handles in the mail, thanks a lot, how do you attach the rope to the handles?

* chest to bar pullups

5 rds + 7 + 4
4 rds + 7
4 rds
4 rds
3 rds + 7

total= 161 DL + 144 PUs = 305 reps

This crushed me, I had nothing left the last round, I never recovered after rd 1, just tried to hang in there.

Dave X said...

1. 3 rds, 7 deads, 4 chins
2. 3 rds, 2 deads
3. 3 rds, 1 dead
4. 2 rds, 7 deads, 3 chins
5. 1 rd.
192 reps

Completely lost grip and folded in 5th rd. Still pissed at myself and I did t his at 0500.

...and yes Geoff, I do.

LuLu said...

This one was interesting. I ripped like crazy on the last round and could not hold the bar anymore. Here is how it looked:

Did this as Rx'd which is a major feat for me :)

1. 3rds + 7dls
2. 2rds + 7dls
3. 2rds + 4dls
4. 3rds
%. 1rd called it cuz of rip :(

unit said...

6 / 4 / 4 / 4 / 4+3dl ~ 311 (one of my fave bands)


Alex Duncan said...


Late March
2 plus 7 deadlifts
2 plus 3 deadlifts

Michael McCabe said...

late marcher

3rnds.... had to pull the plug

i got the biggest headache i've ever had during the first round of this, and just couldn't go on past part of round 2. anyone else experience this? i'd never had a headache from a wod until i did the 80 double unders straight a few days ago, but that one went away quickly... this one isn't pounding anymore but is still there. i usually drink coffee with breakfast but didn't today, but my wod was 10+ hrs later.... not sure what's going on here. hopefully tomorrow i'm back to normal

Garage Crossfitter said...

Geoff- smashed...

Brandon said...

Late March

Deads all unbroken, but mentally challenging. Pullups difficult when the grip went. Felt nauseous from the beginning of warmup and it didn't go away until 6+ hours after the workout.


Jason Anderson said...

Subbed Ring CTB Height Pull-Ups
Felt very weak today. Lot's of stress and less of sleep is a bad combo. About to quit the day job and attempt to pay my mortgage from training. Sucks this all happens near Sectionals but it's best for my clients and the new ones to come.

Mike Molloy said...

28yo male 5'11'' 170

4 + 2 DL
3 + 7 DL
3 + 7 DL

DL Total: 149
PU Total: 133

I think I was a little underfed this morning before the workout as I had a moment of light-headedness about 10 minutes before I started.

Workout was crushing and I'm still trying to get over it. The double tomorrow should be interesting... looking forward to it.

Chris Dunkin said...

Joey- you've got to order the swivels and cord from buddy lee. the swivels will screw into the handles. swivels are $7.50/pair, and cord is $5.

updated my avatar to show the damage from today's wod, but i don't think it will show up for a day or so.

bmizzlle said...


good hard WOD

Chad Hall said...

Late Marcher

5 Rounds + 1 DL
4 Rounds
3 Rounds + 5 DL
3 Rounds
3 Rounds + 3 DL


Left hand grip failed really hard. That was limiting factor for sure. Stupid grip is always limiting factor. Didn't help that I have a few healing rips on the left hand either. Oh well.

John T. said...

Late March

1. 4 rnds+ 7 DL
2. 3 +1
3. 3 +1
4. 2 +5
5. 2

Bubba Hagood said...


Yes, I can tell I'm going to be SORE tomorrow (and I only had time for three rounds). The deads just plain sucked - but 7 was a good number to bang them out. I butterfly kipped the pullups and that might not be the standard. It will be interesting to see how this recovery progresses since my back is usually sore for quite a few days after this sort of loading and the back being out cascades into all the other workouts (like cleans which we are long overdue for!).

I tried to snowboard after the workout but ended up just sitting at the base most of the day - time for sleep and see what the new day brings.

Brent Ericksen - CFNasti said...

217 reps. Should have done better on HPCs, and bench is weak. Was 1/100th of a second away from landing up top for BJ #20 in 2 sets. Damn that Irish timekeeper!

Heavy Evy said...


123DL + 99CU= 221 total reps

Hands are like snake skin I have callouses underneath the ripping callouses! Chins were unbroken, and the deadlifts were tiring....so much for the massage and chiro I got yesterday.

Laura said...

1. 5
2. 3+4
3. 3+4
4. 3+4
5. 3+5
Total reps:255

Round one felt light, then felt like I was using Gord's bar for the rest. Can't really bend or straighten now! Thanks Grant and Kathleen!

Slater Coe said...

Early March-er

BP - 17, 17, 15, 14, 12 = 75
HPC - 9, 9, 8, 8, 8 = 42
BJ - 19, 18, 18, 17, 19 = 91
Row - 130, 117, 115, 114, 114 = 590

Total - 798

Went as fast as my gangly body would go...

Craig said...

Early March

BP. 70
HPC. 51
BJ. 100
Row. 538 (setting 5)
221 reps. 538 meters.

thaczuk said...

217 reps

Michael said...

Early March
Bench Press-19,20,20,18,15= 92
HPClean-13,13,12,12,12= 62
Box Jump-19,18,18,19,18= 92
Row-don't remember individuals 607

Felt good all the way

Sam said...

Early Marcher

BP: 15, 14, 12, 9, 7= 57
HPC: 6, 9, 8, 8, 7= 38
BJ: 20, 20, 20, 20, 21= 101
R: 95, 100, 98, 95, 101= 489

Total: 685

Thad said...

Late March
4 rnds+3
4 rnds
3 rnds+7
3 rnds+3
3 rnds+4
136 deadlifts 119 pull ups

Steve G said...




was harder than expected but by round 3 I was given a good tip...do one round per minute on the minute...this allowed me to have all DL unbroken except last set of 7 on round 5...and only 2 sets of PU were broken...also not one tear...very happy about this...if I would have gamed a bit better and did a round every 40 secs...I could have done 4 sets per round for the last 3...

DeeJay said...

256 total reps

I dropped pretty much every deadlift after the 2nd round of the first set... couldn't hold on to the bar...

Brent Maier said...



Notes: The first 2 or 3 rounds of DL were unbroken. My shoulder gave out in round 3 so I had to break the butterfly pullups and narrow my grip. Painful, I wish I could explain what causes this. Didn't try for partial rounds in 2-3 in hopes I could maintain 4. After round 3, noooo way! After that, I gave it all I had to finish strong until the timer buzzed. I didn't like this one at all.

Brent Maier said...

Ooops, forgot...

Total Reps: 290

Anonymous said...

275 reps total

Chris Dunkin, that is sick work!

Rainer Hartmann said...

Got a cortisone shot in my left forearm epicondyle this morning, together with acupuncture and FSM (Frequency Specific Microcurrent). Doc also told me I had a rotator cuff tear, not too bad yet, but will definitely have to stay away from overhead work after Sectionals March 7 (which I will definitely do) to do some rehab for it. Not a good year so far!

Jenny said...

1. 5 rounds+7 deads
2. 3 rounds+7 deads
3. 3 rounds
4. Did one round, and gave up..
never did round five.

I´m taking a fw days off from training, Not feeling wery well!
Good job everynone!

Michelle said...


Total Reps= 244

Was a real shock to grab the pull up bar in rnd 2. Did not expect them to be so hard. Switched to old style kip as my butterfly fall apart when I'm fatigued.

Did this at CFC...Great atmosphere there tonight with lots of Big Dawgs doing this WOD.

Great work Laura!!!!

Eric Montgomery said...

Cut down to 3 rounds to save my back.
1. 4rds + 7DL
2. 3rds + 2DL
3. 2rds + 2DL

Grip and metcon were also holding me back. Plenty of room for improvement.

Marie Rochat said...

Sorry for the late post. I had work from 1pm - 11:00pm and went to work straight from the gym.

4 rounds + 7 Deadlifts
4 rounds + 5 Deadlifts
4 rounds + 2 Deadlifts
4 rounds + 3 Deadlifts
4 rounds + 1 Deadlifts

Total reps: 298

Tomorrow is going to be tight with the double and my work schedule. Usually I get up an hour early to fit in my double before work, but today I was asleep on my feet and was falling asleep in a training class at work. Plus I have had a stuffy/runny nose the last few days. I am not sure I can afford to wake up early tomorrow and miss out on an hour of sleep. It may be counter productive I think. I am not sure why I was so exhausted today, I was in my normal sleep patter last night which usually gives me plenty of sleep and energy.

I will see how I feel in the morning when my alarm goes off an hour early and take it from there. I don't want to make excuses and skip WOD's, but I notoriously ignore and train through things I probably shouldn't. So I am trying to be more mindful of what my body is saying. Morning will tell...

LuLu said...

I know how you feel about skipping wods but you will get stronger if you take a rest day or just skip out on the wod that you are strongest at :) Great job LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Covino24 said...

sorry didn't post the right way

16 full rounds + 7 DL

119 - DL
112 - CU
231 total reps

Anonymous said...

Late march:

3 rds
3 rds
3 rds + 3Dl
3 rds + DL
2 rounds + Dl+ 6 pullup.

Finally got a pullup bar built in the garage. have been on rings for the last 9 months. DL sucked core strength, so kipping pullups were very challenging after first round. Great workout overall, thanks Coach.

Jason Buzzard said...

Early March:

BP:13,15,15,15,14 (72)
HPC:7,7,7,7,8 (36)
BJ:18,17,17,15,16 (83)
ROW:103,104,105,109,106 (527)


HPC were definately a weakness on this one. Also tripped a couple times doing box jumps and should have used a higher damper on the rower.

BK said...

2.4 +DL+3
4.3 +DL+2
5. 2
269 total reps

Tore hand at end 2nd round last dig.
4th set I stopped at 2 minutes thinking it was 3 and only realised after 5 th set. Every set was a major mental effort. Felt pukie for the first ever time training Big Dawgs. Not a pleasant WOD at all

Mack Lar said...

Early marcher:
226 reps and 563 meters.
789 Total

Adam said...

Early Marcher:
BP:21 19 16 13 13: 82
HPC: 16 14 13 13 12:68
BJ: 21 21 21 20 20:103
Row: 128 119 116 109 123:595
Total: 848

I left some points on the table during the row. Everything else was a max effort though.

Jeff B. said...

Early March:

1st: 13, 9, 18, 123
2nd: 12, 8, 19, 118
3rd: 12, 9, 18, 125
4th: 12, 8, 20, 123
5th: 13, 9, 18, 125

Total: 62, 43, 93, 614 = 812

Total working time: 22:55.4 (time to get to C2 was about 55 seconds and back to bench was 55 seconds, so I cut down other rest times to 30s to compensate).

Jeff B. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Josh said...


1: 4 + 7 dl
2: 3
3: 3
4: 3
5: 3 + 7 dl

119 dl + 105 pu

..i'm not walking the rest of week lol

Jeff B. said...

Part 2:

5 Rounds for time:

4 Deadlift 205lbs
8 KBS 2 poods
12 Pull-ups


ken c said...

early march

bp: 17 17 15 12 11 = 72
hpc: 13 14 12 12 11 = 62
bj: 16 16 16 16 16 = 80
row: 117 114 113 112 112 = 568

reps: 214
meters: 568
total: 782

will said...


Shane and Karen said...


All pull-ups unbroken. The deads got real ugly and broken though, I felt really weak on the deads. But my limiting factor was definitely just the gas tank. Felt great during round one, really fell apart after that.

My nutrition has been less than stellar lately.

Bear said...

1 5 rounds + 7 DL
2 3 rounds + 5 DL
3 3 rounds
4 2 rounds + 2 DL
5 2 rounds + 3 DL

Total: 227 reps
Total DL: 122
Total PU: 105

Went out kamikaze-style. Really wanted to reach 6 rounds. Round 2 and 3 was limited mainly from weak grip, but then the lactic acid blasted my lower back. Happy times! :)

Mario "ATP" Ashley (CrossfitRedline) said...

Later Marcher:


1 5.3DL
2 4.3DL
3 4
4 3.3PU
5 3.7DL

TOTAL: 290

my thoracic is on fire! The foam roll and I had an "intimate" session after the WOD. GREAT ANEROBIC WOD!

Stefani said...

Unfortunately having rotator cuff/shoulder issues and was advised by my PT no overhead, pull-ups, ect...for the next couple weeks so my sub was:

7DL's @135#'s and 7 Squats
1. 5
2. 3 to 2 squats
3. 3
4. 3 + 7 DL
5. 3 + 4 DL

Jenny said...

Round 1: 4 rds + 4 reps DL
Round 2: 4 rds + 1 rep DL
Round 3: 3 rds + 7 reps DL, 2 reps p-u
Round 4: 2 rds + 7 reps DL, 3 reps p-u (maybe wrong)
Round 5: 2 rds + 7 reps DL, 6 reps p-u

Melisa C said...

Round 1: 3 + 7 DL
Round 2: 3
Round 3: 3
Round 4: 3
Round 5: 2 + 7 DL + 1 PU

Not feeling it this morning, grumpy and feeling crappy. Contemplating just staying in bed.
DLs all UB, pullups mainly B. Grip really was the limiting factor and hand tore pretty deep at the end of round 3.

dontpanic356 said...

Did not have a stop watch so did a task specific workout

Bench 135#: 15 reps
HPC 135#: 10 reps
Box Jumps: 20 reps
Row: 100 Meters

5 rounds

each set was unbroken, roughly 20 seconds.

exp. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
exp. said...

24? reps rx'd (all pullups chest-to-bar)

great WOD…absolute grip smasher…I didn’t have a chance to write down my rounds before the board was accidently erased...the first and last round I remember for sure and the middle rounds were all 3 rds and over with the 4th definitely into my 4th round of deads…since I can't be 100% sure about all reps, I'll only post those I'm sure of...went something like this:

1)5 rds (smoked grip this round…hard to get it back)
2)3 rds + 7DL + 1PU
3)3 rds + 1DL
4)3 rds
5)2 rds +7DL + 6PU…yup, 1 miserable CTB off 3 rds…f#$k!

Chris Dunkin said...

March 13th'er

BP: 22,20,17,14,13
bj: 17,18,18,18,18

Justin Flynn said...

Mid Marcher

hpc: 13-13-12-13-13
box: 17-17-17-16-17
row: counted cals 14-12-12-12-13

Nathan H. said...

BP: 19, 19, 14, 11, 10
HPC: 15, 15, 14, 12, 11
BJ: 21, 21, 21, 21, 22
Row: 115, 116, 114, 113, 117

BP: touch chest to lockout
Row: counted meters right at 20sec.

Chad said...

Mid Marcher

BP: 16/14/11/11/10 = 62
HPC: 13/11/11/10/10 = 55
BJ: 18/17/16/17/16 = 84
Row: 123/107/107/105/105 = 547

total = 201+547

I tweaked my neck very bad this past Sunday. Took yesterday off and just kind of went through the motions today. It's still very painful at end range. I'm confident I will be ok by the competition.

Andy said...

1. 18/16/15/13/12
2. 11/12/12/11/12
3. 18/20/20/20/20
4. Subbed SDHP (around 15 each time)


Brent Maier said...


Sectionals Mar 20/21:

BP: 17-13-13-9-8: 60
HPC: 16-13-11-10-10: 60
BJ: 16-16-16-16-15: 79
Row: 121-120-118-113-113: 585

Total: 784

Notes: I'm not sure if anyone is reading this backdated post or cares but posting anyway. Yesterdays early march workout was brutal. Then to add today, it's like a voodoo recipe of pain. I tweaked a nerve in my back rolling over the bench to the oly platform. Argh... Rolled it out and decided that holding my breath stabilized core enough I could endure the pain. Only running at 70ish percent but got it done. Tough cycle!

Brent Maier said...


Sectionals Mar 20/21:

BP: 17-13-13-9-8: 60
HPC: 16-13-11-10-10: 60
BJ: 16-16-16-16-15: 79
Row: 121-120-118-113-113: 585

Total: 784

Notes: I'm not sure if anyone is reading this backdated post or cares but posting anyway. Yesterdays early march workout was brutal. Then to add today, it's like a voodoo recipe of pain. I tweaked a nerve in my back rolling over the bench to the oly platform. Argh... Rolled it out and decided that holding my breath stabilized core enough I could endure the pain. Only running at 70ish percent but got it done. Tough cycle!

Roch said...

Bench Press :62
Hang Power clean : 51
Box jumps : 107
Rowing : 557