Feb 4, 2010

Here are the results for the Big Dawgs Competition held on January 23rd. Congratulations to Nathan and Marie for successfully meeting the Sunday Criterion for all three WODs. They each received an additional 5 points as a result.

Final Placement was determined using the following criteria..(tie breaks)
Competitors were ranked using Total Points followed by...
Total number of Sunday Criteria met follow by...
Total Number of Double Unders...

In hindsight, should the Tie Breaker Methodology been posted prior to the competition? The answer is yes and no. Yes because it would have very clear to every competitor how crucial each Double Unders was worth and no because it is a good reminder for all that in competition every Rep Counts.

Sunday Criteria for each of the WODs was
For Males:
perform 15 OHS with your bodyweight,
score a sub 7 min row, and
perform wod 3 under 4:15;
For Females:
perform 15 OHS with 65% of your bodyweight;
score a SUB 8:00 row, and
perform wod 3 under 8 minutes

WOD scores that met the Sunday Criteria are shown in green.


A. Back Squat @ 30X0; 3,3,2,2,1,1; rest 240 sec
B. Power Clean @ 12X1; 2,2,2,2,2; rest 180 sec

7 sets for total time:
30 double unders
20 chin ups
10 push jerk from rack - 135#/95#
rest 2 min

post loads and total time to comments
shirts are in online store, thx for representing!


Lisa M said...

SWEEEEEEET!! I am going to order mine right now

John T. said...

from the rack means from the back, right?

bmizzlle said...

I'm getting mine when a get my tax money lol

unit said...

from the rack... means from the front, but it doesn't have 2 b from the floor...

I love the shirts!...


Brent Maier said...

Two thumbs up on the shirt!

Katrina Burton said...

Nice shirts! Just ordered Chad and myself one each along with a box of your amazing Revive Bars. Those bars are the best tasting clean bars out there... highly recommend them to everyone!!

mors vens said...

So for Febbers, do you rest 240 seconds between each set or only at the end of A? Or for example should it be A. 3 (rest), 3 (rest),2 (rest)...?


Been following the WODs for a few weeks now with my little bro and have loved the programming. Me and my buddy think OPT should be doing the programming for crossfit mainsite.

Keep up the good work!

bso said...

pretty sure "from the rack" means you can use a squat rack to store the weight (i.e. you don't have to pick it up off the floor)

Martin Altemark said...

Nice shirts! Order coming up! Hav spread the OPT gospel in Sweden so I'm sure there will be some orders from here!

Total time 29:11 (1:30, 1:55, 2:30, 2:34, 2:43, 2:52, 3:07)

Really glad I made it through. Pulling muscles tired very early. Didn't feel so good after 2nd round, but remembered how disappointed I was with myself two days ago for being weak and pulled myself together.

Ripped hands in 7th round which made pullups slow and painful.

LuLu said...

Going to do this one tomorrow, just wondering when it says CHIN UP can we kip? I looked in FAQ first but no answer. Thanks :)

NorCal Chris said...

LuLu, I'm fairly certain kipping is allowed else it would state "strict" chin-ups. Good luck tomorrow.

dmarsh said...


1:12 - UB
1:08 - UB
1:03 - UB
1:11 - UB
1:14 - UB
1:30 - Pullups 15,5
1:42 - Pullups 10,5,5

Total = 9:00

Jerks taken from floor.

Gord said...


total = 14:31

DU were the factor that determined speed of round. only 1st round unbroken.

Chins were broken from round 3

PJ -only round 4(9,1) and 7(5,3,2) broken

Martin Altemark said...

Thought it was total time and not total working time (it still says). If total working time then my time was 17:18

Chad Hall said...

Just bought a shirt! And a couple other things, including some Refuel. On the directions it says to take 3 separate times ... pre, during and post training. Is this how most people do it?

I was thinking of just taking it post as I think I would probably puke if I took it pre and during some wods.

Thanks for any input/advice!

Arjuna said...

Want to start off by saying thanks for such outstanding programming. Not to mention its free. I am new to OPT programming but not new to crossfit training.
Got a Question for whoever is knowledgable on the Subject:
I am 16 1/2 weeks out from a type 2 SLAP tear subclass c 11-4 o’clock tear. I took 1 week off before surgery and about 13 off after. Started physical therapy about 4 days after surgery and focused on that 4 days a week until I resumed training.
I am about 4 weeks into OPT training and I love it. In my opinion, recovery is far exceeding typical recovery time from this type of tear. I am able to do chin-ups but only with a reverse grip. No kipping yet. Light overhead squats w/ no more than 70lbs, wbs, ect... If done right I believe this training is superb rehab. I am obviously lacking on explosiveness in pushing movements such as the Push Jerk.
Today’s wod lists 135# push jerks. I am able to do this weight but the speed of the movement won’t be where it should be.

Question is, for exercises like this wld you recommend dropping down to say 115 and working on speed or using the 135 and focusing on strength?

Michael FitzGerald said...

1 - 1:27
2 - 1:50
3 - 2:02
4 - 2:28
5 - 3:00
6/7 - dnf - too close to breakfast.

Covino24 said...

So I had a heart to heart with my jump rope last night and we finally figured out Double Unders!! For the first time in my training I actually got 30 unbroken.. and not just once but 5 sets.. and only missed once on the other two sets!! Best start of my day!!

now if only I could get bigger, faster, and stronger over night..

Total Time was 33:41 - (6)2 minute rests = Total Working time = 21:41

Awesome Shirts!!

PTS said...

1. 1:14
2. 1:16
3. 1:23
4. 1:31
5. 2:21
6. 1:44
7. 1:58

`total working time = 11:27.
total time = 23:27

1st 3 rds unbroken with slight pauses in rack position. 4 rd started breaking the jerks. 5th rd chins and pj started to break.

Another tough one. Might be resting Friday and Saturday as I will be out of town Saturday.

OPT said...

from the rack means you can take barbell from rack, NOT floor to start jerks..as well as rack it on barbell rack within set of 10 if needed

mors vens, rest 4 min b/t squat attempts and 3 min b/t clean attempts

lulu, i will call for strict chin ups...if it says pull ups or chin ups its up to you how you want to do them

chad hall, if you ever develop a supplement you'll see that there are politics involved in such things and one of them for refuel was posting what was originally recommended in a similar product...anyhoo...the refuel should be post workout for most only...how much depends on your BF, age, gender, training age, type of workout, etc,,,play with it and let me know what works

arjuna, talk to Michael FitzGerald on here or e-mail optadmin@optimumtraining.ca to consult with him...he has just gone through a similar procedure and is progressing nicely...thanks

glad you like the shirts...you guys developed them!

Bubba Hagood said...

Marcher - M/46/160lbs

Rd 1: 1:31 15/15,UB,UB
Rd 2: 1:35 15/15,UB,UB
Rd 3: 1:44 20/10,15/5,UB
Rd 4: 2:22 15/15,10/10,5/5
Rd 5: 2:23 UB,10/10,5/5
Rd 6: 2:13 UB,10/10,5/5
Rd 7: 2:12 UB,10/10,5/5

Last Jerk at 26:00 even, 14:00 even working time.

Lost it on Rd 4, seemed like rest after 3 was nonexistent. Decided to try to hold butterfly kip whole workout to get the practice - wasn't pretty. DU's got better through the WOD. Jerks just sucked - good lockout but keep riding up on my toes on dip. Grip issues near end of WOD.

On a postive note, I had a good Snatch session prior to the WOD - finally figured out how to keep my arms straight - 3x3, 95,105,115

Chad Hall said...


Thanks for the information. I'll experiment with it when I get it and let you know how it goes. I appreciate the response thanks!

Megs said...

22:50 for only 5 sets
This wod and I aren't friends... I still can't string double unders together, although today I realized that I almost always keep my elbows near lock out and it's much easier when I don't do that. Starting to get frustrated with them. Any advice besides practice would be great!
Jerks were really tough for me and by the second round they were at doubles only and I had to split jerk. That is by far the most jerks I have ever done at 95 lbs.

Today just wasn't my day.

Wes hendricks said...

1. 1:15
2. 1:17
3. 1:39
4. 2:02
5. 2:05
6. 2:24
7. 2:22

Chin ups were chest-to-bar and barbell was taken from floor w/ push jerks

Mike@CFCochrane said...

wow tough workout, wasn't sure what to expect fro myself on this one. Thank you Nutrition 201, glad I went into this one hungry... started warmig up and it was the last thing on my mind, sure pukie would have been chasing me otherwise.

Katrina Burton said...


Wasn't feeling it today. Still pretty exhausted from the weekend of travel, wods and demoing.
Did two rounds of this one (1:27 & 1:23) then my back was pretty fired up and I was starting to get a pretty bad headache so I shut it down.
Not worth the risk of injury at this stage of the game. I could use the day off anyways. Yet as I sit here I keep questioning if I should have pushed through...

Brandon said...

Really not feeling good today with light headedness and nausea starting in the middle of Rd. 2. Made the choice to do the work instead of scaling back the rds, but with additional rest between rds.

Total working time: 24:36 not rx'd.

Notes: DUs were limiting. Rds in the 2min range were unbroken or 1 break on DUs. Those in the 3min range were bc I couldn't get the DUs going. Chins were hard, but managable and broken every round. PJ felt great compared to DU and chins and were unbroken for each round.

Post WOD: Isopure 45g/Apple

Nice shirts coach!

Eli said...

hey sorry about the annoying newbie question but whats a "febber" or "marcher" ?

Mario "ATP" Ashley (CrossfitRedline) said...

Hey OPT,

Can you give me a modification for double unders and push jerk. I have a high ankle sprain that is causing me some problems. My rec. was "anchored ab mat" and "standing press". I know there two dif. beast but thats all I could come up with....

rwcorson said...

20:01 Push jerk killed me

Lisa M said...

Wise decision Kat at this point int the game injury realllllly sucks trust me!! Missing a wod won't kill you - at least that is what i keep telling myself!! I am going to attempt one legged double unders today and see how my coordination goes. Might have to lower weight for PJs depending on how knee feels. Couldn't get into Tower physio until next thursday - darn it.

Nice work on the double unders Nick!!

Eli - febbers have sectionals in Feb marcher have sectionals in Mar so different peak times therefore different workouts.

Chris Fodera said...


Febber = someone peaking in February
Marcher = someone peaking in March

Michael said...

hey OPT or anyone else
My nutrition has been better than ever the last month or so. My performance is great and recovery is good but i've been cramping very easily lately. any idea's on things to make sure i'm getting enough of nutrition wise or things that may help recovery would be great. Thanks for the help.

rwcorson said...

Eli, Febbers are peaking for Feb regionals, Marchers for the March regionals.

Rainer Hartmann said...

This one was rough!
Started the Push jerks with 115#, 1/2 way through the 3rd round my right calf started acting up again during the DU's, so I switched to 15 Toe-to-bar instead, plus had to drop the weight to 95 and push presses, jumping was out.
Total time: 36:47
Great shirts!

Chad said...

1. 1:14
2. 1:26
3. 2:15
4. 2:25
5. 3:04
6. 3:38
7. 3:47

Total Working Time: 17:49

Hands ripped on round six. All DU unbroken, CU's unbroken on first two rounds then they got tough. First 5 rounds PJ unbroken then 7/3 and 7/3. Tough going from CU's to PJ.

Stephen Flamm said...

1. 1:22
2. 1:35
3. 1:55
4. 3:24
5. 2:49
6. 2:49
7. 2:45

Total: 16:38

15 total breaks on the double-unders. Butterfly for all of the chin-ups, which were actually the worst part today. Unbroken on all of the jerks. This style of workout - with the mandatory rest - has always crushed me.

Andy said...

1. 1:12
2. 1:29
3. 2:02
4. 2:16
5. 2:24
6. 2:17
7. 2:31

Total time: 26:11
Working time: 14:11

Double unders unbroken except on set 5 (12-18) and 7 (28-2)... ticked on that miss. Pull ups unbroken on first set 15-5 on second and then broken badly the rest of the way. Jerks unbroken except round 6 (7-3).

I didn't get a good warm up in so after the first 2 rounds I could feel the lactic acid build up, got into a groove and leveled off on last 4 rounds.

Good wod my arms were on fire.

Marie Rochat said...

1. 2:17
2. 2:30
3. 2:25
4. 2:45
5. 2:33
6. 2:42
7. 2:30

Total working time: 17:42
Total time w/rest included: 29:42

Tore my hand pretty good towards the last few rounds. I had some good sets of DU's and then I had other sets where I just kept tripping. I am a little afraid that i may be coming down with a bug. Monday morning I think I had some rancid fish oil. I haven't felt fully recovered in the digestive track since. Then this morning I had a slightly stuffy nose and a mild headache. I really hope it was a fluke and that I don't come down with anything. fingers crossed.

deejay said...


total working time - 14:20

could not skip worth shit today... CNS is destroyed

OPT said...

michael, cramping when?

OPT said...

ATP, do bike sprint 30 sec @ 100%, then chin ups, then 20 clap push ups per round

Shane Gibson said...

Coach, what do you think of Sportlegs capsules? I have a buddy that swears by them and I must admit they sound pretty tempting to eliminate some of the burn and soreness, especially getting close to the sectionals. I'm about to order some OPT Refuel. Is that all I need for the same purpose? Your thoughts are much appreciated. Thanks.

Lisa M said...

18:38 total working time approximatly YIKES had some stopwatch issues and there is about a 20 second distance between my pullup bar and my basement for the PJs

Holy crap that kicked my ass!! I couldn't skip worth shit today either deejay - i don't recommend trying to do one legged double unders it really messes with the timing :( My hands tore in round 5 and that was serious limiting factor and slowed down my pullups for the rest of the workout. I actually got my groove with the PJs in the last couple rounds and stopped protecting my knee and focused on driving from the hips.

Garage Crossfitter said...

2:55 *push jerk form went to hell*
1:52 *re-gained focus


Lots of breaks in the last 3 rounds but overall happy with this wod, heavy shoulder metcons are one of my greatest weaknesses and this is a huge improvement for me.
Dmarsh-wes-PTS- awesome job today.
East coast OUUUU!!!!

Chris Fodera said...



Rounds: 1:26, 1:35, 1:41, 2:13, 2:36, 2:35, 2:35

Total Time: 26:41
Total Working Time: 14:41

- PreWO: 16g BCAA-G, 5g Creatine
- PWO: Shake (24gP: MRM Metabolic Whey, 2 Scoops Refuel), 8g BCAA-G, 5g Creatine
- 60 min later: turkey chili, apple, mac nuts

- First two rounds unbroken. 3rd round would have been unbroken, but I tripped on the 3rd rep of DUs.
- Rounds 4-7 the ChinUps were broken into 10/6/4 (3 sets in each round)
- I was doing Split Jerks the whole way through until I saw the one of the guys doing it with me doing Push Jerks while I was doing my last round of DUs. So, only my 7th round was Push Jerks...the first 6 were split jerks.
- Double unders felt really smooth and relaxed. I just reached muscle fatigue during the Chin Ups and couldn't maintain unbroken.

Michael said...

Cramping towards the end of the wod- calves cramped first on that brutal KBS, GHD sit ups, Box Jumps wod a few weeks ago, also left VMO cramped bad at the end of this. then tuesday right before the pull up burpee wod (I was standing on my tip toes reaching for pull up bar) Almost cramped today after the wod just standing over the sink making my shake (a deep hip cramp)

Lauren said...

total working time 17:40
liked this one, PU felt good.

Alex Duncan said...


2:10 DUs UB, CUs UB, PJ 5/5
2:06 DUs UB, CUs UB, PJ 4/3/3
2:51 DUs UB, CUs UB, PJ 3/3/2/2
3:15 DUs 15/15, CUs 10/5/5, PJ 4/2/2/2
3:03 DUs UB, CUs U12/4/4, PJ 4/2/2/2
3:07 DUs U9/21, CUs 12/4/4, PJ 4/3/3
3:54 DUs 21/5/4, CUs 12/4/4, PJ 4/2/2/2
Total working time: 21:00

Weak at high rep Push Jerks. Felt great to work at it during high intensity.

Coach, thanks for all the work running the BIg Dawg comps and compiling all the data for us!

Mike Molloy said...

Didn't have the sense to time each round.

1- Unbroken
2- Unbroken
3- Unbroken
4- Unbroken
5- Broke once on PU
6- Broke once on PU
7- Unbroken

Total working time: 14:25

Things just got slower and slower, but I was pretty pumped to do all the push jerks unbroken.

Mizar said...

Total working time: 17:45

Anonymous said...


Round 2 broke double unders 1X
Round 6 broke double under 2X
all other reps unbroken.
Perfect rep/load scheme for me coach, round 7 was tough.

Sorry big Dawgs i was out for the last 2 days with food poisoning, did not leave the bed/shitter for almost 36hours...supposedly "fresh" carrot juice from the farmers market!

Michael said...

total time- 22:50
everything unbroken except last three rounds of pullups which felt kinda heavy from the start. Over all felt good.

Covino24 said...

Hey Coach.. or anyone that may know.. Are the Marchers on or off tomorrow??

Steve Howell said...



bmizzlle said...


Total working time 12:41
Total Time 24:41

Push Jerks 5/5 except for first round. Pullups broken only a little after 3 rounds. DU's were mostly Unbroken. But Push Jerks slowed me considerably.

NorCal Chris said...

Tired and worn down pre-wod

2:39 (switch to 115#)

20:45 work time
32:34 total time

Awful DUs today and push jerk is tough with shoulder. Ready for a rest day.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Total time 11:51 (at the fire hall)

A switch went on for me today even though my pull-ups were very broken(pull-up bar completely inadequate but that's no excuse) and I had to take the bar off the floor for the push jerks (all unbroken, fortunately). Only missed once on the doubles. I was suckin' major air between rounds!

Again, just glad to finish all 7 rounds...

Aaron said...

Shut it down at five rounds. I had a long two training days at work, I am only working on two hours of sleep right now. I thought it would be good to stop while my power is still high. I almost went unbroken for all three sets.

Mario "ATP" Ashley (CrossfitRedline) said...

-Modified due to high ankle sprain

-30sec Airdyne @100%rpm
-20clapping pushups

1 1:32
2 1:37
3 1:48
4 1:49
5 1:57
6 1:51
7 1:59

Total w/rest 22:07
Total w/o rest 10:07


...and remember folks injury or not we mustn't stop moving! the healing process will thank you for it

Nathan H. said...

This WOD was incredibly tough for me. I felt out of groove right away. It was terrible.

Total working time: 14:26

Broken on everything after round 4. Pullups sucked. Pushjerks felt heavy. Just one of those days. I'll eat some extra food and get lotsa rest. :)

Paul Klein said...


Total working time = 14.24

Double unders were fantastic! Not even a little issue here.

Pull ups were pathetic. I had goals of getting five rounds unbroken and I only made it 3 rounds. After that they were seriously broken up.

Push jerks were unbroken all rounds. This was the perfect weight for me to go seven rounds. On the last round I was really having to focus on keeping my form.

Thank you Coach and everyone that was involved in putting the competition together. I think I speak for everyone when I say we appreciate all the hard work that goes into it!

Congratulations Nathan on the victory.

Anthony said...

I haven't been able to post in a few days but I am on schedule with the WODs. I thought today was going to be an off day for me but I was very happy with my performance.

Total working time 14:22.

5 unbroken rounds of Dbl. Unders
3 unbroken rounds of chin ups
5 unbroken rounds of P. Jerks

I am going to add some digestive enzymes, glycine and glutamine to my daily intake. Those of you who supplement with Glutamine, how are you dosing? Pre / Post / amounts / bodyweight? Thanks

Jason Buzzard said...



Stopped in the middle of the 5th round. My hand tore after the first and I was hoping I would be able to make it through the rest with out it tearing anymore, no such luck. I was shocked at how much this taxed my forarms.

Tyler Smith said...

28:08... Jerks got heavy after round 5... all chins unbroken until round 7 when I ripped palm open...

Nathan H. said...


I usually have 5 to 10g of Glutamine in the morning with my digestive enzymes. Sometimes I have another dose post workout if it's an especially tough one.

Nathan H. said...

Oh man, I hate to say this... but I think my points were tallied incorrectly.

13 points for WOD 1
5 for WOD 2
1 for WOD 3
7 for WOD 4

Puts me at 26 points

+ 5 for making it to sunday

That would make it 31 points and not 36. Which would then put me in 2nd place.

Please say I'm missing something!

Mario "ATP" Ashley (CrossfitRedline) said...

Nathan and Ant or anybody else:

Im taking 5-10g of Glut. 2x daily.

How do you know if you need to take digestive enzymes?

OPT I heard you take them too. Is that true?

A. Maloney said...

It was brutal today!

20:08 working time. First real metcon in about a month. that kicked my ass!

Brent Maier said...

Nathan, one thing I know your not missing is that your the only one that met all 3 extra objectives. Hats off to you and bloody good job mate!

ken c said...



total work time: 11:46.

first time working in butterfly kip into a workout. first two rounds of pull ups ub then did 10 butterfly and sets of regular kip on the other rounds. all double unders and jerks unbroken.

Nathan H. said...

Haha thanks Brent, I got pretty lucky with the WODs. And Joey was heartbreakingly close... that dudes a beast.

Jason Anderson said...

4.1.50 Had to Break up pullups from here on. Pullups felt weak today.
6.1.46 Ripped Callous
7.1.54 Kept goal of all sub 2 min.

Hamstrings are shot from yesterday. Calves hurtin too. Other than that tonight all is well.

Jason Anderson said...

Total Time 11:07

unit said...

congrats Nate and Joey!... flippin monstrous freaks of nature!...

A - 275 / 285 / 295 / 305 / 315 / 315
B - 225 / 225 / 225 / 235 / 235

marchers... not so happy after the febbers WOD... did 5 rnds of marchers... COVP on pullups...
:56 / :55 / :55 / :55 / :56
total ~ 4:37 (5 rnds)


Anonymous said...

Based on the posts, I have gone back and re-checked the scoring. I want to apologize but there is an error in the scoring...

Nathan H. I double counted your Sunday Points and gave you 10 points instead of just 5. I don't know how many times I looked at this information before it was posted. Sorry!

With the change, Joey will be in first place with a total of 36 points and Nathan will be second with 31 points.

I will be sending a revised men's score sheet to James for update the blog.

Shane Savard

BK said...

Double Under breaks in all rounds killed me.
Pullups UB,UB,UB, 10/10,12/8,12/8,12/8
Jerks UB

Nathan H. said...

Shane, no problem! I'm just glad it was caught.

unit, thanks... but dude, you are crazy fast.


md said...


Felt wiped out from the beginning. Double unders, normally something i can crank out, were horribly broken and my grip was fried. Oh well, theres's always tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Scaled to 15-10-5; Push jerks @ 85
1. 1:19
2. 1:30
3. 1:59
4. 1:50
5. 1:56
6. 2:10
7. 1:33


Erik Luber said...



PJ @ 40 kg


Everything unbroken first 2 rounds, then tried to strategize on round 3 with horrible results. Said screw it, do what that back of the t-shirt says, who cares if I am a bit slower. Much better results from there on in, PUs and PJs never more than 2 sets and all DUs unbroken.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Oh man, Jason reminded me how bad my hammies were today. Soreness was unreal!

Chad Hall said...


1:10 ub/ub/ub
1:10 ub/ub/ub
1:18 ub/ub/ub
1:38 ub/12-5-3/ub
1:58 ub/10-4-3-3/ub
2:38 ub/10-3-2-2-1-2/ 5-5
2:15 ub/5-5-4-3-3/ub

Working Time 12:07
Total Time 24:07

Pretty happy with my performance today, especially first 3 rounds. Round 6 was brutal. Wanted everything under 2 minutes but didn't think I could go as fast as 1:10. Chins were breaking vertical plane each time. It was my grip that was the limiting factor. Double unders were always unbroken, push jerk felt good but forearms were smoked from the chins and it played a small factor.

Stefani said...

Total working time: 28:58 PJs @70#

PJ's felt heavy and just sucked. So ready for a rest day I'm smoked.

bso said...

"no because it is a good reminder for all that in competition every Rep Counts"

that was a big lesson for me today! I should have scored at least double the amount of double unders I posted, but I had ended the workout in my head with the row (where I hit a personal best). Hope I don't have to learn that lesson again!

Brent Maier said...


Time: 11:09

1:05 - 1:10 - 1:22 - 1:56 - 1:50 - 1:50 - 1:56

Notes: Runny nose... everyone at the gym thinks I'm crazy... hammies are sore... did i mention I'm glad this workout is over. The high point for me today is that all push jerks were unbroken.

Roch said...


Total work time 10:34

Lost my focus at the last round, hand riped... still really happy.

imosher said...


A 90,95,100(1),90,95,100kg

B 70,80,85,90(1),90(1)kg

A) another day another grand disappointment of a squat performance, so frustrating

B) I really thought I could make the 90, the first reps of both sets felt really good but it was hard to reagin the focus for #2.

John T. said...


1. 1:43
2. 1:30
3. 1:44
4. 2:24
5. 2:22
6. 3:28
7. 4:36
Total working time: 17:47

Flew through the first three with everything unbroken. in rounds 4 and 5 the PJ's were broken into 5/5. On round 6 my hands tore to shreds during the chinups and so they were broken on 6 and 7. The PJ's also fell to shit on 6 and 7. Overall I am very happy because my butterflies are getting very consistent and efficient, and I felt alot stronger and more confident pushing around 135 than I used to. Thanks OPT, following your program for just a few months has yielded some significant performance gains and increases in competence on several of my weaknesses.

Lisa M said...

Nice work Nathan, Joey, and Lauren and everyone else great job. Wow that was a lot of work compiling all those stats thanks for all the hard work James and "staff" you guys rock

Pete said...


Pete said...

Great job to every one on competition day. Its extremelly humbling to see such amazing results across the score board.

I noticed a mistake on one of my scores and wasn't sure whether or not to even bring it up, because I hate being that guy but I figured what the hell since I busted my chops to break the 4:15. Really not a big deal though.

For the Pull-up/Burpee WOD workout I posted a time of 04:06 but on the results board, its showing 6:00minutes.

Like I said...not a big deal, but Shane mentionned above that he would be reposting the results so I thought I would throw it out there.

joey warren said...

Nathan, killer scores in the comp, congrats...1st or 2nd either way top notch performance!

2:55 - Holy crap- wheels fell off, limiting factor was pullups, my hands tore in 3 spots, RIDICULOUS!
I used to think I was good at pullups this humbled me, the last few rounds broke me down.

This last cycle really kicked me in the ass!

exp. said...
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exp. said...

squats: 225, 235, 240, 245, 255, 255

power cleans: 155,160,165,170,175

piss-poor sleep...nothing in the tank today and it showed...squats at tempo felt particularly heavy and slow today, so I kept the weight down...same with the cleans...

great job to everyone who competed...and thanks again to James and the team at OPT for the awesome programming and events

Craig said...


1:11 unbroken
1:09 unbroken
1:14 miss on D/U. P/U's & Jeks U/B.
1:17 U/B
1:22 U/B
1:18 U/B
1:13 U/B.
Total= 8:44.

D/U's felt good, consistent.
P/U's taxed the shoulder and grip, was able to push through it though.
Jerks were tough, was able to keep a good rhythm.
The 2 min rest felt like it just kept getting shorter...

Laura said...

Work time: 24:37 times ranged from 2:50-4:30 Push jerks were pretty much all split jerks, and they were BAD! Well over 2minutes spent on 10 reps.

Craig said...

Nice comeback Brett!!

Diggin' the shirts!

Lindsey said...

Working time -23:32

Had to scale weight to 75. Tried rx'd and 85 in warm up and just didn't feel safe with it. Need to be better.

I did get 50 unbroken dus in the 3rd round! I realize I only needed to do 30 but my previous pr was 25 and I wanted to see how far I could go! I was able to get rd 4 unbroken but stopped at 30.

Heavy Evy said...

21:54 working time.
Think I'm actually going to take a sick day tommorow, cause I can't shake this chest cold. Felt terrible from 3rd round on. Shouldn't make excuses though!

Chris Dunkin said...


at CF BWI.

Martin Altemark said...

Some freakishly good times here today! You guys rock!

Congrats to Nathan, Joey, Brett, Lauren, Marie, Katrina and the rest of you guys and gals that showed superhuman strenth and determination during the Challenge! It's a privilegie to run (far) behind you!

OPT - thanks again for the challenge and for your coaching. As usual I learned sooo much about myself. Am still so happy for you making me do that 6:57 row!


JAM said...


Total working time: 20:58
Completely broke down on the jerks after round 3. Felt heavy. Need food and sleep

Yelvi said...

Total after five rounds: 10:15

Notes: I did this workout 3 hours after a brutal 2.5 hour pool workout, that was not optional. I called it after 5 rounds because I was crushed. My body was done and I wasn't getting anything from it anymore. Just going through the motions.

Michelle said...

15:35 total working time

1:31/1:30/1:55/2:35/2:38/2:35/2:51 (hands tore on previous rnd and failed on a PJ).

Oh, I feel so beat up. When lowering the bar on a PJ rep, the bar really came crashing down on my neck...throat is pretty sore!!! Also, for the last 2-3 rounds, dropped the last rep too close to the rack and the bar came back at my legs!!!

I feel like I was able to do some of what I used to do to stay present and engaged in the WOD...feels really good and I am grateful to see glimpses of that again...

Thanks for your help Katrin!

Mack Lar said...

1:18 UB
1:24 UB
1:28 UB
1:50 UB
2:27 PU and PJ Broken
2:45 PU and PJ Broken
3:18 PU and PJ Broken
Total Time 14:30 COVP Pullups
Grip was limiting factor today. Went for broke early and paid for it in the end. Felt great warming up but as usual the better I feel warming up the slower I am in the WOD. On days when I feel beat up, I can usually move pretty well during the workout.

Spider said...

28:48 altogether RX (14:48 of work)

All DU's unbroken
Chinups: UB, UB, UB, 16/4, 11/9, 11/9, 10/10
Jerks (135 was a challenge):
UB, 5/5, 4/3/3, 5/3/2, 6/4, 4/3/3, UB

Slater Coe said...

12 minutes of rest... 14:20 total working time... apx 2:03/set... had a terrible time with the double-unders (a surprise)... only broke the pullups and push-jerks in sets 4 & 5. No doubt about it, though - I was tired.

Shane Gibson said...


Skipped this one guys. Had a chance to go WOD over at Bayou City CrossFit under the coaching of Vic Zachary. Vic is the best CrossFit trainer that I have ever had the opportunity to work with personally. I should really get over there more often.

3 rounds:
5 clean & jerk 155#
10 ring dips
500m row
Had some equipment issues that I won't get into, these things happen, I guess. Cost me probably 30sec or so, because I never stopped moving otherwise. But I was still pretty plesed with my performance.

Hopping on a plane today heading to Albuquerque NM to visit a friend for the next 4 days. He is on a custom OPT program being written by Geoff Aucoin. So I will probably just join in whatever he is doing while I am there.

Brian Maier said...


Total working time : 11:54

all rounds under 2min.

D/U's and PJ's all unbroken
Pullups very broken.

Kyle F said...


Total working time: 9:50

All unbroken except a couple misses on DU's. The DU misses really start to jack your time.

rackempackem said...

2:48, switched to 50kg on PJ from rnd 5.

total: 33:55

Push jerks litterly crushed me. Back feels so, so. An experience for sure!

SugarCoat said...

1:07 - 30,20,10
1:47 - 20/6/4, 20, 6/4
1:49 - 15/10/5, 10/10, 10
3:07 - 21/5/4, 12/8, 4/3/3 opened up and bagged it

Brutal WOD...well done to those that finished it and kept it sub 2 throughout!! - kudos!

will said...

2904 total time dont know what happened could do more than 10 pull ups in a row

Anonymous said...

1:33 UB
Total working time 13:07

All DU broken except RND 3
PU's unbroken until RND 4
All PJ's unbroken except RND4

Did this WOD a day late no time yesterday played hockey.

Soren said...

First post, have been following OPT for 3 months - have had knee injuries and are still limited to some degree.
BW: 80kg = 176#

Total time 29:19
Working time 15:19

Really struggled with PU - wripped most of both hands on the 50-50 a week ago. Tired lats!

Emilie P-B said...

This workout was so frustrating. Double Unders are my weakness. I just bought a knew jumping rope today, thought that would help. The rope was supposed to be a good one...
Took me more than 3 minutes to do 30 DU on the first 2 rounds... sooooo frustrating... then I switched to the good old rope at the gym and it was much better.

5:44 PU:10-5-5
5:19 PU:15-5
3:50 PU:10-10
3:46 PU:15-5
3:39 PU:12-8
3:49 PU:11-9
3:33 PU:13-7
All DU broken (of course!), PJ with 95# all sets broken. Total working time: 29:40

Today, I learned that I have to stay focus and I can't get mad at myself when something does'nt work cause it affects the rest of my workout. Have to work on self-control.

William said...


22:26 Total Time

Jenny said...

Didn´t have a rack to I had to clean the bar.

1. 1.15 unbroken
2. 1.20 unbroken
3. 2.30
4. 2.30
5. 2.28
6. 2.02
7. 2.19

Josh said...

1: 2:32 min
2: 3:00 min
3: 3:01 min
4: 2:53 min
5: 3:14 min
6&7: dnf

had to stop after 5 because my hand started to rip and I didn't want to wreck my hands and possibly miss a week of training. I was banged up before this one.

Justin Flynn said...

12:47 working time.

Unbroken jerks and unbroken double unders.

bso said...

15:55 working time
first round was 1:11 and second round was close to that, but then things went downhill on third round push jerks (4 sets). had to pace it after that.

liss126 said...

35.07 total working time as rx'd

Pullups by far the hardest, ripped the hands pretty bad. :(

exp. said...


total working time: 10:11

DUs unbroken except round 6(missed rep 30 twice in a row...WTF?)

Chins unbroken for sets 1-3 and then broken, but not too badly

Didn't rack bar once for PJs, but did pause quickly during last two rounds

overall...felt great today!

Bear said...

7 sets for total time:
30 double unders
20 chin ups
10 push jerk from rack – 62.5 kg
rest 2 min
Total working time: 38:50 min

After the warm up i suddenly lost the ability to do DUs, not that I´m good at them, but this was just irritating. Bad at PJ to, so this was more a mental test than anything. Unbroken PU.

tania said...


41:43 total time, I guess that makes the work time 29:43. This WOD totally defeated me. Did the first set of jerks at 95# and promptly decided that that 70 reps at that weight was a bad idea and possibly even unsafe and did the rest at 85#. Once I took that weight off, it was like giving up. It felt like I was push jerking the entire time. The double-unders and pullups were like breaks. The hardest part was bringing down the bar after jerking it. I think I could have actually had a better time on this workout if I could clean and split jerk and drop the bar on every rep.

Double-unders - some rounds unbroken, some rounds horribly broken, mostly influenced by how badly the last round of jerks went.

Pullups - Broken into 2 or 3 quick sets per round. Felt good, no callus rips, which is rare for me for a workout having more than 100 pullups.

Push Jerks - horribly broken, down to singles at the end, one of the hardest things I've done in a long time.