Sun, Feb 7, 2010


for time:
50 push ups
5 squat clean - 135#/85#
40 push ups
5 squat clean - 145#/95#
30 push ups
5 squat clean - 155#/105#
20 push ups
5 squat clean - 165#/115#
10 push ups

A1. Touch and Go Dead Lift - 15 unbroken; rest 10 sec
A2. Kipping Ring Dips - 10 reps; rest 10 sec
A3. Slap Chest Push Ups - 10 reps; rest 180 sec
4 sets
B1. 25 back extensions unbroken; rest 10 sec
B2. 25 push ups; rest 90 sec
4 sets
C. AMRAP Double Unders in 5 minutes
D. Spend 5 minutes on HSPU practice - few reps, short breaks, perfect form

post times, loads and notes to comments


brad said...

hey coach, how could i follow your programming and fit in my triathlon workouts? any input would be much appreciated! thanks

Aaron said...

A1. 155,165,185,200
A2. 10 all unbroken
A3. 10 all unbroken
B1. 25 all unbroken
B2. 25 all sets, rest at top x 2 sets
C. 308
D. 20

Corbin said...

A1. 225, 275, 255, 255 - 275 was unbroken but too much to maintain
A2. unbroken, unbroken, unbroken, broken
A3. unbroken, unbroken, unbroken, broken
B1. All were unbroken but had to sub unweighted Good Mornings with hands behind head
B2. All were broken
C. 215 reps
Rest 5 min
D. Only could really do handstand holds for 5 minutes - upper body was done

Corbin said...

Aaron, are you in Europe or just like to work out after midnight?
Just wondering because I'm over in Germany

Tyler Smith said...

A. Used 225#, all sets unbroken, all sets under 1 minute total time.

B. All sets unbroken until rep 18 on 4th round pushups

C. 230 - crappy rope
D. Was in a hurry, maybe made 2 minutes and under 20 reps

Garage Crossfitter said...

I played AAU basketball againest Will Smith (starting defense end) at Proctor Highschool for two summers. Pretty awesome!

LuLu said...

Our sectionals is actually on the 20th of March in Fredericton. I know you are programming for peak the next weekend. I felt great going into the Big Dawgs challenge with the wods you gave us the week before the event this Jan. Should we just keep following your wods and then active rest the week before our comp? Sorry for the long winded message. Thank you :)

Martin Altemark said...

Somewhat broken up training today.

A1. 100kg, 110kg, 110kg, 8x110kg (f). Touch and go but no bounce at all - did them over my nice livingroom floor.
A2. all unbroken, very easy
A3. first round unbroken then very broken. hard.

B1. sub reverse hypers, all unbroken
B2. all rounds broken
(only time for 3 rounds, had tickets to the movies with my girls). Didn't take times, should have.

3 hour break

C. 238
D. HSPUs though today. Experimented with width of hands, which makes VERY much difference for me.

then did 100 abmat situps for time (no GHD, no nothing today): 3:58

Impressed that everyone is make the slapping chest pushups unbroken. Found them hard.

David said...


A1. 220, 231, 242, 253, all unbroken
A2. all unbroken
A3. First unbroken, rest sectioned.

B1. all unbroken
B2. all broken

C. 105

D. Spent the 5 minutes on handstands and freestanding HSPU. Got one good one. Also got better at tumbling, out of necessity.

Slater Coe said...

A1. 225, 255, 265, 265
A2. all unbroken
A3. 6,3,1 - 4,2,2,2 - 4,3,3 - 4,3,3

B1. all unbroken
B2. 15,3,3,3,2 - 10,4,5,4,2 - went to ring dips because the pushups were embarassingly bad

C & D. Chest & shoulders were so fried I couldn't find any rhythm on DU's nor perform a single HSPU with perfect form.


Mr.Lundmark said...

A1: 90/90/100/100 kg, could have started at 100 and probably gone higher. All unbroken.
A2: unbroken/unbroken/7+3/5+2+2+1
A3: unbroken/unbroken/broken/broken

B1: Changed into good-mornings (barbell was my only equipment). 40kgx15, 30kgx 25/25/25, all unbroken.
B2. Broken. Very very broken.

C. Skipped.
D. Practiced a bit.

OPT said...

brad, it depends on when you are competing, what your overall big picture goals are, what the distance is you are competing at, your past history in training for tris and fitness...

lulu, go with marchers and change things as you did before the Jan comp, go back and review the schedule and what the vol/inyt ratio was

Stephen Flamm said...

Participated in the C.R.A.S.H.-B. Indoor Rowing Championship satellite in Cincinnati this morning, so I adapted and cut some things down both yesterday and today. So:

Part 1: 2k row sprint

Rest 2 hours

Part 2:

A1. 15 touch and go DL; 10 sec rest
A2. 10 kipping ring dips; 10 sec rest
A3. 10 chest slap push-ups; 180 sec rest
2 sets

B1. 25 unbroken back extensions; 10 sec rest
B2. 25 push-ups; 90 sec rest

Row: 7:09.1

A1. 185, 225
A2. unbroken
A3. 8/2, 6/4
B1. unbroken
B2. 20/5, 10/4/3/4/2/2

Very disappointed with the row, especially considering the 7:00.9 from the last OPT comp. Really thought I could break 7, but I just didn't have it this morning. I did, however, get to watch hundreds of competitiors of all skills and aged work there asses off, and witnessed a few sub-6:20 efforts. Modified OPT WOD was just enough given my energy levels post-row.

Katrina Burton said...

A1.) 110, 115.5, 121, 126.5
A2.) no rings so did Pbar dips... Unbroken
A3.) horribly broken... 1s, 2s, and 3s
Timed my rounds as well today... 1:52, 2:02, 2:09, 2:00

Bs.) pushups were insanely difficult... Rounds were 1:34, 1:49, 1:59, 1:53

C.) arms were so done the handles fell out of my hands numberous times... 275

D.) shaking in a static handstand, did a couple negatives but had no push out of the bottom

Wow this one smashed me more than I thought it would. Haven't had this kind of sensation in my arms for a long time.

PTS said...

GCF what AAU team did you play for? I used to play for STOP-DWI out of Binghamton.

Craig said...

A1. 225/235/245/255 U/B.
A3.1-3 U/B. 4th set 9+1.
B1. unbroken.
B2. 15 +10/12+7+6/15+10/15+10
C. 160
D. skipped. shoulders were quite fatigued.

A1.DL's felt good, 255 was a good place to end.
A2.R/D were easy with kip.
A3.S.C.P.U. were a challenge toward the end.
B1. 1st set hands at temple. 2-4 across chest. major burning in the hammies and calves.
B2. tiring.
C. Body felt really tight in the beginning. didn't get a groove till about 3.5 min into it.
D. no time.

LuLu said...

Thanks OPT will look back and figure it out.

A1. 150,150,150,150 all unbroken, and no back pain again!!! :)
A2. UB,UB,5-5,5-2-2-1
A3. All sets broken

B1. UB,15-10,10-5-5-5,10-5-5-5

C. 271 had trouble moving arms :)

D. 3,2,2,2,2 used db's to get more depth, much harder than on ground but felt good. Form was strict, games style,no kipping.

Yelvi said...

A1. 235,245,255,265
A2. UBx3, 7-3
B1. UB arms at chest
B2. 20+5, 15+10, 15+7+3, 10+5+5+5
C. 120, didn't find rhythm till about 3 min
D. Shoulders fried and ran out of time.

Anthony said...

A great day here in South Florida. Sunny and 65 degrees. Covino24 and I had some fun with this one. Thanks Nick

A1 185-205-225-235
A2 Unbroken and easy
A3 8/2- 8/2- 5/2/3- 5/2/3

B1 unbroken and fast
B2 15/10- 17/8- 15/4/6/- 15/5/5

C 232 (up from 211)

D variations on heights and widths from 24"-28", parallettes and flat.

A1 started too light but felt very solid. Should have gone to 245-250
A2 No problems at all. Good timing on the kip and body position relative to the rings.
A3 Tough stuff

B1 Fast and easy, unbroken
B2 I hit a wall each set at about 15. Speeding up to 15 then...boom

C Hit my first 48 unbroken (PR)

D A few at 24" and 26" on parallettes to flush with hands and few more to 4 inches below.

Felt very strong today. Had breakfast much closer to my workout than usual which worried me at first.

Pre WOD:
5gms. Glutamine
Post WOD:
10gms. Glutamine with 1 scoop of Refuel and 32gms. of whey protein.

Cheat meal tonight at the station:
Lots and lots of Tri Tip steak with onions and mushrooms. Salad. Maybe some baked potato. Apple Pie and or Cherry Pie.

Roch said...

A1. 275 X 4
A2. unb.
A3. unb.

B1. unb.
B2. 10,5,5,5

C. 164 my back was tight and diff to keep tight + gaz out.

D. slow and controled 5,1,x,1 one or 2 at the time.

Garage Crossfitter said...

A 225 235 245 255
A2 unbroken
A3 Many broken sets

B unbroken x2
B2 Unbroken X1, set 2 many breaks

*stopped wod after set two of part B because i started the wod immediately after my lunch and i fought pukie entire wod, huge mistake but thats all i had time for. lesson learned, much needed rest day.

Garage Crossfitter said...

PTS- my highschool coach put together a Waterville Central team, if we had a different name than that, then i wasnt aware of it, haha.

Paul Klein said...

A1. 225, 225, 225, 225
A2. Unbroken
A3. Unbroken, broken, broken, broken

B1. Unbroken all 4 sets
B2. 1st set unbroken, remaining 3 broken

C. 121
This was a complete and total failure. I couldn't get my legs off the ground to save my life.

D. Sets of 2s and 1s.

225 on deads was all I had for 15 touch and go. At rep 13 it literally felt like I had brakes on.

Covino24 said...

Round 1: 185#/Unbroken/8-2
Round 2: 205#/Unbroken/ 7-3
Round 3: 225#/ Unbroken/ 5-3-2
Round 4: 235# broke once/Unbroken/ 4-2-2-1-1
wow those hands to chest were brutal!!
Round 1: Unbroken/ 20-5
Round 2: Unbroken/ 18-4-3
Round 3: Unbroken/ 15-5-5
Round 4: Unbroken/ 15-5-5
For the majority of B1) I had my hands behind my head.

C) On my first attempt I only got 106 reps.. I was cramping up the lower/outside part of my Quads. Had a very difficult time finding any power to jump with! So after I did part D I repeated C and got 173reps. Better tempo height on my jumps this time and both were actually a PR!!

D) Worked on form and used different grips and widths...Very few reps. Maybe somewhere around 10 or so.. I had a hard time finding power at this point.. especially on the negatives.

Erik Luber said...

A1. 70 kg, 80, 90, 80
A2. All unbroken
A3. All unbroken

B1. All unbroken
B2. Very broken, 3 and 4 sets

C. 300

D. 6 All singles, was absolutely smoked, no strength left

Really pumped about the 300 DUs, especially since I managed to take the Rx'd rest between A,B and C. Ever since the burpee/chin-up WOD of the comp I have found this new extra gear to just keep moving. Last Rhiannon (in October) was 441, so this is a big improvement.

Push-ups were brutal in B, had no strength left. Went back down to 80kg on the dead...last 4 reps of set @ 90kg was literally holding on by my fingertips.

Rainer Hartmann said...

A1: 225/235/235/235 all unbroken
A2: all unbroken
A3: UBK/6-4/5-5/4-3-3
B1: UBK x 4
B2: VERY broken!
C: No DU's, rest calf.
D: Did 4 x 3 reps, plus (after a few tries) got 1 rep with hands on parallette. Shoulders were done at this point.

deejay said...

A1. 275 all 4 sets
A2. felt okay
A3. horible... mostly single last 2 rounds

B1. UB x 4 on 45 degree BE machine
B2. mostly sets of 5

C. 125 - could not jump after all those deadlifts and back ext.

D. practice hand stand holds trying to come off the wall, got about a 10s free standing hold...

Mario "ATP" Ashley (CrossfitRedline) said...


"Keeping it light for the fight" (i.e. ankle still a little fragile)

A1 185# ....
A2 as rxd
A3 as rxd
B1 broken into 2 sets
B2 same
C airdyne
D 19

Comments: back ext is a great transition from the DL. crazy posterior chain going on!...Great cue for the hspu. "few reps, short breaks perfect rep" makes a big difference.

Notes: Has anyone asked themselves what keeps them going the ordinary mind and sometimes myself I ask while in the hell I keep pushing my body so hard?! my answer: "bc the other options sucks!"...what's your answer!

PTS said...

a1. 185,205,225,225
a2 unbroken
a3 unbroken

kept DL weight a but low to ensure dips and push-ups were unbroken

b1 unbroken
b2. unbroken

c 325.
d. handful of singles. HSPU are a weakness as is and i struggled a lot here

joey warren said...

A1. 275lb all sets unbroke
A2. all unbroke- easy
A3. all unbroke- challenging last set

3 min rest

B1. all unbroke
B2. 25, 25, 17-8, 15-5-5

90 sec rest - felt smoked here

C. 300- in 5:04

D. HSPU never felt this hard in my life- 1-3 per set is all I could do

Ready to watch the superbowl!

Nathan H. said...

A1: 120kg, 126, 130, 132 (#290) All unbroken.
A2: Unbroken, easy
A3: Unbroken except for last set.

B1: unbroken
B2: broken

C: 210, shoulders burned. I was gaming this, and by the end realized I probably could've gone a bit harder.

D: skipped the HSPU, shoulders and tris were smoked.

You guys are awesome at Doubleunders! I have some work to do.

Brian Maier said...

A1: 225 - all unbroken and easy

A2: 22,20,12(fell thru rings),18
***need to read directions more carefully. Did AMRAP for A2 and A3...therefore totally spent for the slap chest pushups.

A3: 5,3,4,3

B1: unbroken and easy
B2: unbroken and easy

C: 260

Marie Rochat said...

A1. 185/190/195/200
A2. All unbroken except last round.
A3. Very broken, 3's, 2's, and 1's
B1. 15/20/25/30
B2. Broken on all rounds into 10's and 5's
C. 155
D. By the time I got to this I was ridiculously tired in the arms and shoulders. I was doing 2's mostly. I made sure to do perfect form however. Played a bit on the parallettes and went with a deeper range of motion, but these were super hard for me to push out of the bottom in today and resulted in singles only if not complete misses.

Coach OPT,
My sectionals is March 13 and 14th. So based on what you told Lulu should I do the Big Dawg workout (same movements, etc.) as posted but adjust volume and intensity? Should I follow a similar pattern for rest days and doubles and singles as we did for the Big Dawg comp in January? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Steve G said...



a1. 225x15x4
a2. UBx3 last set 5,2,1,1,1
a3. 10, 5+5, 4 sets of 2 and 2 singles, 5 sets of 2

b1. Hands at temples
b2. 15+5+5, 10+5+5+5, 10+5+5+3+2, 10+5+5+2+1+1+1

c. 185
d. 13


dl weight was perfect...could have went heavier but opted for good form an intensity
RDs were fine
SCPU were hard
BEs...after 100 ghd and 100 BEs my core is tired...
DUs are not a strenght but I pleased b/c I was able to string together multiple sets of 10 and 5 DUs...still use way toouch shoulders...
HSPU were crazy hard after all the PU...could only do singles...challenging to say the least

Brent Maier said...


A1 T&G DL: 110/120/130/140kg (308#) - All Unbroken (dipped into will bucket)
A2 KRDips: All Unbroken (easy)
A3 Slap PU: 25, the rest broken (brutal)

180 Seconds

B1 BE: Unbroken (easy)
B2 PU: 25, the rest broken (tough) - I could pull off 10 unbroken each round.

90 Seconds

C DU's: 230 - My DU's are in a slump right now.

180 Seconds

D HSPU: 10 singles and 2 failures in 5 minutes. It took everything I had just to get a single blasted out with head to floor. (words can't describe)

Notes: Fantastic bruiser of a workout. I'm hurt but not broken. Grant, the wifee is going to the store to pick up some well deserved Coconut & Pineapple HD for the game today. The snow is starting to come down now, we're cooking up some good eats. Enjoy the rest of your weekend dawgs.

Brent Maier said...

A3 Clapping PU Typo: First 10 unbroken, the rest broken.

Alex Duncan said...


A1. 185, 205, 215, 225 all unbroken
A2. All Unbroken
A3. UB, UB, last two sets broken

B1. UB, 15/10, 15/10, 15/10
B2. UB, 15/6/4, 17/4/4, 16/5/4

C. 250 Forearms shot

D. Not very pretty, had to use some stacked plates under my head to get reps

Aaron said...

I live in the states man, I have to workout really early most of the time because of my work schedule.

Wes hendricks said...

A1. 290x15-290x15-290x11+4-290x8+4+3
A2.UB w/ 20lbs-UB w/ 30lbs-5+5 w/ 25lbs-UB w/ BW
A3.UB w/ 20lbs-5+5 BW-5+5BW-UB BW

B1. all 4 sets unbroken
B2. all 4 sets unbroken

C. 176.....I have never felt this bad on DU's I had nothing left to give in my hips
D. Would do sets of three's at various grips

With the deadlifts I wanted to see if I could get all reps unbroken at double body weight, unfortunately I feel off half way through. With the dips and slap push-ups I tried to take on to much early on by adding weight.

Michael FitzGerald said...

A1. 221 x 15 x 4 sets (all reps @ 10X0)
A2. Unbroken
A3. 10/10/7,3/5,3,2
B1. Unbroken (hands on collar bone)
B2. 15,5,5/ 15,5,5/10,5,5,4,1/ 5,5,5,5,5
C. 324 in 5 min
D. Practiced OH Lockout, with slow reps (15 rep total)

Gord said...

Screwed up the rest on part A. Took only 90sec bewteen sets.realized when I check the rest for part B. Had the bad shakes
A1. 152/172/192/202
A2. sets 3/4 broken
A3. last 3 sets broken

B1- unbroken
B2 -unbroken

C 179
D. reps of 2 and 1

Bubba Hagood said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bubba Hagood said...


This weekend was a lesson on how not to train. Started yesterday, decided to catch a Fat Broken Angie with my Buddies at Crossfit New England - 4 rounds of 25 CTB PU, 25 Chest Slap Push Ups, 25 GHD SU and 25 115 lb Squats - It crushed me- 20 sec off best time, 28:48. I was shattered for most of the day afterwards, decided to do a double Sun to catch up on the OPT program. There were a lot of duplications (100 GHDs), I figured it could work.

Also played around after the WOD with the guys doing freestanding HSPUs- getting better at these but not full range yet.

Come Sun morning, I am very stiff and back is sore still from the 3 rep PR DL last week. Hips very tight (probably from GHDs). I was happy to see Chest Slap Push Ups and HSPU practice!

Hit the High Bar Back Squat and L-Sit PU from Yesterday.
A1. 185 205 225 225 225 (very hard to go slow down - very stiff from yesterday)
A2. 10 8 10 8 10 (alternating grip direction)(biceps insertion sore from CTBs yesterday)
B. DB Split Squats (wanted to try these - never done them) Much easier than I thought given comments (probably since squats were light) - 30 lb dumbell each hand (7 reps), 35 (7), 40(7), 45(7) -started too low, max 7 is probably ~55
Skipped C from yesterday !

From Today's post I did the touch and go and kipping ring dips- big mistake even though I took it VERY light since back was sore.
A1 185 205 Stopped
A2 UB UB Stopped Tweeked back on last rep of second DL set- I KNEW I shouldn't have done these

Shut it down after that since I'm a mess now - icing back all day - hopefully I will be able to move tomorrow - lesson learned - listen to your body so it doesn't have to shout.

Lauren said...

A1. 155 for all, lower back not feeling 100%
A2. all broken
A3. clapping PU
B1. unbroken
B2. broken into 10s then 5s
C. 300
D. Arms so tired, just held lockout position

Mike Molloy said...

A1: 275-275-275-255 Unbroken
A2: Unbroken
A3: Unbroken 1/2. Broken on 3/4

B1: Unbroken
B2: Broken badly after 15 reps each set.

C: 275 (really wanted 300).

D: Everything from my brain to body was smoked but I did some from varying hand positions. Also worked on just holding the free handstand a bit

Chad Hall said...

A1: 235, 255, 275, 285
A2: UB, UB, UB, UB
A3: 5-5, 5-5, 5-5(slow), 3-4-3 (slow)
B1: UB, 15-5-5, 25 good mornings, 25 good mornings
B2: UB, 15-5-5, 10-5-5-5, 12-7-6
C: 263


Deadlifts felt great, should have started around 255, really happy with them.

Slap Chest push ups were really tough.

GHD still broken so subbed unweighted good mornings.

Pushups got hard fast.

Not happy with double unders. Shoulders gave out.

Did handstand work yesterday.

Steve Howell said...


A1: 225/245/255/270 all sets unbroken
A2: Unbroken
A3: Unbroken
B1: Unbroken
B2: Unbroken
C: 272
D: Arms were pretty tired but linked some good solid reps together trying different hand placements.

Chad said...

A1. 243#x4 - all unbroken
A2. all unbroken, last set hard
A3. first two sets UB, then 2 broken sets

B1. UBx4
B2. broken on all 15-5-5

C. 212 - midget jump rope was hitting my head, had to jump on a midget ball

D. Attempting a handstand was humerous. Did handstand holds as long as I could....2 min/1 min/1 min

Today I went back to globo for the first time in about 1.5 years. Good times...good times:)

Brandon said...

A1. 275/295/295/315 unbroken
A2. unbroken
A3. broken 7/3x3,6-4 for the 4th
B1. unbroken
B2. all broken (17/8, 17/8, 18/7, 16/9)
C. 56
D. practiced slow eccentric with powerful concentric for 2 mins and then practiced freestanding handstands alternating with handstands on the wall

Notes: deads were a matter of will. Last set was brutal. Like someone else said, after the deads and BEs, just getting lift for doubles was really hard. got up into a freestanding handstand for the first time since gymnastics at 10years old.

Michael said...

A1. 225, 245, 255, 255
A2. Unbroken
A3. Unbroken
B1. Unbroken
B2. Unbroken
C. 245- heavy jump rope, killed the shoulders
D. 5, 5, 5, 5, 3, 4, 3, 3, 2, 2- 37 total

Everything felt strong.

Anonymous said...

A1. 15/205 15/225 15/235 15/245
A2. all unbroken
A3. all unbroken
B1. UB/ UB/ 19,6/ 17,6,2
B2. UB/ 18,7 16,7,2 15,6,4
C. 254 really struggled with these today
D. 15 reps of 1,2,3's with various hand widths

Everything felt good today should have started heavier with deadlifts and need to work on back ext. more

Jason Anderson said...

A1.225(Easy)255(Easy@10X0),255(Good),255(Tough But Got it One@13X0 I'd guess pause hold at 10)
A2.Sub Bench Dips w/ hard push at top
UnB (easy)
No Rings. Moving to a new location
So subbed
A3.UnB,UnB,UnB,UnB(last 2 tough)

Rested 180s

B1.UnB,UnB,20+5(pause@bottom),20+5(2sec pause)
B2.20+5(Paused@Top),20+5(Paused@Top),14+6+5(Again Pausing at Top),10+3+2+3+2+3+2(Still pauses no dropping and this hurt arms were fried pushups are a weakness of mine)

Rest 120s

C.289 Phew Felt very solid. Always feel good with double unders.

Rest 120s

D.Bout 5 reps and alot of freestanding Handstand practice.

Also moved several thousand pounds of mats today before the workout. So overall pretty good day.

rackempackem said...

A1. 100kg all sets.
A2. Sub'd strict bar dips UB, UB, UB, Broken.
A3. UB, UB, B, B.
B1. 45 degree bench, UB all sets.
B2. On the knees, broken all sets. Pretty much game over at this point. Went home.

Rest aprox 2h

C. 217 (3, 28, 4, 4, 2, 20, 26, 16, 17, 14, 7, 15, 6, 5, 12, 3,
4, 10, 10, 9, 2) 
D. Never felt heavier than this. Did singles in yber strict shape, pretty narow, focused on keeping the core very tight throgh out. Got easier as i got some wind and spirit back after the DU's. 

Mike@CFCochrane said...

A2.ub, ub, 7-3, 3-1-1-1-1-1-1-1
A3.6-1-1-1-1, 10x1, 10x1,10x1
B1.all broken
B2.all broken-had to fight for reps.
C.216- 100(new PR),....struggled through last 116
D. Did 3 with a few negatives. Tough to tell arms it was ok to do handstands... Survival instinct?

Anonymous said...

A1. 225/250/274/284
A2. 10/10/10/10
A3. 10/10/10/5,3,2
B1. 25x4
B2. 20,5/18,7/20,5/20,5
C. 335
D. 5/5/5/4/4 on the minute

unit said...




BK said...

A1 275 UB
A3. Pause at rep 8 set 4
1.16,1.18, 1.16,1.26.
B2 broken
1.32, 1.34,1,35, 1.26
C. 203 .Filmed my doubles,technique issue that will be fixed .
D. Attemped 2 with noggin crashing into floor ...ya know when ya done.
Bloody awesome programming coach!

Chris Dunkin said...

A1. 275, 285, 295, 315
A2. *unbroken (bar dips)
A3. unbroken
B1. *unbroken (45deg thingy)hands behind back
B2. unbrokenx2, broke the rest
C. 287
D. negatives for all

at a globo in Highsboro, NC. Thanks Brent for the push on the DL's; started this wod right after your post. Place had an excellent lifting platform, but no bumpers and had no idea what they were!???

Mizar said...

A1. 225#, Unbroken
A2. U
A2. U
B1. U-B-U-U
B2. B-B-B-B

C. 237
D. practicing full range of motion & form

Michelle said...

A1. 152,152,152,152 (all UB)
A2. UB, next 3 sets broken
A3. UB, next 3 sets broken

*didn't realize it until I copied my info. off the whiteboard at OPT, but I did 5 rounds of 'B'. I was in an altered state at this point...carpet was making me dizzy while I did push ups!!!

B1. all UB
B2. 15,3,3,2,2; 10,2,2,3,singles; 8,3,3,4,4,3; 9,5,5,4,2; 9,5,5,3,3

C. 224 doubles...forgot runners today, so had to do DUs in lifting shoes.

D. Some handstand holds, and 'partial' lowers was all I had left for 'D'.

Pete said...

A1. 225x4 sets
A2. All unbroken. No rings so I did sets of 12
A3. 10, 10, 10 (barely), 5,3,2

B1. All unbroken
B2. 15,10/15/5/5, 16/5/4,13/5/4/3

D. Did Several sets of 3 super slow. By the end I couldn't even keep a static hold for 30
seconds. Shoulders were cooked!

I just couldn't get a rhythm going for the double unders. Back extensions always kill me so I was happy to do them unbroken.

bmizzlle said...

A1. 235/245/235/235
A2. All unbroken
A3. 7-3/5-5/5-3-2/5-3-2
B1. All unbroken
B2. All unbroken
C. 180
D. just negatives and partial ROM

Andy said...

A1. 225/235/235/240
A2. ub x 4
A3. 7/3;3/3/2/1/1;2/2/1s;1s
B1. ub x 4
B2. ub/18-7/15-6-4/15-6-4
C. 220
D. Didnt feel good about shoulder

Would have done more on dl but grip failing. Chest slap push ups were tough never done them before. Shoulder not feeling 100% will work on hspu soon.

Heavy Evy said...

A1. 200,220,220,230 ub
A2. BWx4ub
A3. BW Ubx2,8/,4/5/7
B1. Bwx4ub
C. 80 Quads were cramping big time.
D. Usually good on these but I guess I'm fried from the weekend, just about fell on my head 1st attempt, did few reps and some holds, and shut it down

imosher said...



had to put on my own weight, I thought that was passable until I checked gm2, he smoked it. Pushups were not crazy fast for me lots of breaks like always

will said...

b. as rxd
c 170
d as rx'd

Mack Lar said...

A1. 275/285/285/285 All UB
A2. UB
A3. UB/UB Last 2 sets very broken
B1. All UB
B2. All UB
C. 250
D. Sets of 3's on paralletes. Some negatives and 1 minute handstand hold(partner assisted).
Guessed right on the DL weight. Last set was touch and go UB but last 5 took everything I had to complete. Lower back and glutes are absolutley destroyed right now.

Soren said...


A1. 1x80kg, 3 x100kg All UB
A2. Unbroken - easy
A3. 2 sets unbroken, 7+3, 6+4
B1. 4x unbroken
B2. Broken - that is also how I felt! 15+10
C. 200

D. did not do - had to work!!

DOn't know if it was the heat here in Adelaide, but felt flat! Loved it but flat! Had several close calls with a peach coming back up!!!

NorCal Chris said...

A1. 225/235/245/255
A2. bar dips UB/UB/7,3/5,3,2
A3. UB/6,2,1,1/clapping 3,2,1,1,1,1,/reg pu 3,3,2,2
B1. All unbroken
B2. 15,5,3,2/15,5,5/11,5,3,2,2,1,1/13,4,3,2,3
C. 155
D. a couple.

A1. DLs felt strong
A2. Quite worried about the left shoulder holding up for this wo so subbed out rings for bar dips. Actually pleased to go thru the ROM pain-free
A3. GOAT GOAT. Push ups and I never get along. Super long arms and a hurt shoulder don't help.
B1. Great burn
C. Embarrassing. Tried to game it with batches of 5,10,15 and too much rest.
D. Exhausted... no practice really.

JAM said...


A1. 225# all sets, felt strong and fast
A2. unbroken, strong
A3. 10,10,7-3,4-2-2-2
B1. all unbroken,felt good
B2. 25,25,18-7,20-3-2
C. 178
D. only got 3 strict HSPU's. arms fried

pulling exercises feel strong these days, lacking on the pushing exercises

Chris Fodera said...



A1. 245, 275, 275, 275
A2. Unbroken
A3. Unbroken
B1. Unbroken
B2. Broken
C. 264
D. 3 sets of 2 w/ perfect form

- PreWO: 16g BCAA-G, 5g Creatine
- PWO: Shake (32gP: Jarrow, 1 scoop Refuel), 8g BCAA-G, 5g Creatine
- 60 min later: Salmon and broccoli

A1. Started too light. Moved up to 275 for second set and after that I thought I would be moving to 300 for the last set, but set #3 caused me to rethink. I was really fast through 12 or 13 reps on set 3, but then they started to slow a little. This made me reconsider jumping from 275 to 300 and I am glad that I didn't do it. Set for was OK, but took a good amount of effort to keep them as true touch and go.
A2. These all felt OK
A3. Last set was a little rough. Helped having the padded mat on the concrete so I could just fall to my chest.
B1. Last 3 or 4 of each set were challenging. Hammies were getting tight here.
B2. These killed me. I was breaking them into sets of 10, then 5's. Really humbled me on push ups here.
C. I felt decent doing these, but would really liked to have gotten 300+. I wasn't that tired starting, but I just couldn't find a rhythm early on.
D. My arms/shoulders were pretty smoked, so I just wanted to get a couple sets of multiple reps in. I concentrated on very slow and controlled descent and a steady ascent.

It was great doing the WOD with Grant and Kathleen...two great people with great attitudes and tons of motivation as well as putting forth some pretty impressive performances.

Andrew Romeo said...

A1 unbroken x4 w/ 225
A2: Unbroken
A3: 10, 8+2, 10, 5+4+1

Bi: Unbroken
B2: Unbroken

C: 80...these were really bad, I couldn't string anything together

D: Got into a handstand, attempted a pushup and didn't come back up.

Use band assist for hspu for the remainder of the 5 min.

Posting this day after and my hami's and chest are sore!

Dave X said...

A1. 275X4 sets. Prayed for death
A2. Dips: UNB/7,3/9,1/10 singles
A3. Unb x4
B1. Unb
B2. 15, 10/10,10,5/10,10,5/10,10,5/10,10,5

Finished early felt pukie and coundnt breathe with congestion.

Melissa said...


A1. 135 unbroken and felt very fast - not pushing the load on DL's yet.
A2. 10. First round unbroken, 2nd round two sets of 5. 3rd and 4th round taken in 2's, 3's and some singles.
A3. 10 - no rounds unbroken. Typically 5 or 6 to start then 2's and 3's to finish. Last round was in 2s and singles.
B1. 15 unbroken all sets
B2. 25 all sets. Broke at 15, then two sets of 5.
C. 302 - arms! ouch!
D. couldn't do more than two negatives and some 30 second handstand holds against a wall. shot.

Jenny said...

Did yesterdays workout 4 hours before this one..

A1. 80 kg all unbroken
A2. First 2 unbroken - last three broken ( 7/2/1-8/2)
A3. All broken ( 5/2/3- 7/2- 6/4-6/4 )
B1. Unbroken
B2. All sets broken ( 16/9-15/10-16/9-16/9)
C. 207:( My arms! Ouch! I didn´t have more today..

Geoff Aucoin said...

A1. 264 for all 4 sets; only the last set had pauses. I was hurtin' here.
A2. 10,10,10,5/3/2
A3. Brutally horrible, down to singles and long breaks.
B1. All unbroken, changed hand positions and then used 10 and 15lbs for set 3 & 4.
B2. Horribly brutal.
C. 221; zero gas.
D. Hahahahaahahaa.

Not much in the tank today, I'll have to soul search to find out why.

Lindsey said...

A1. @85
A2. Band assisted - unbroken thru 3 rds
A3. All broken - clapping
B1. Unbroken
B2. Horribly broken
C. 173... :)
D. Arms were toasted, worked on negatives

ken c said...

A1. 255 265 275 285 (unbroken)
A2. 10s all unbroken
A3. 10, 5-3-2, 3-2-2-2-1, 3-2-2-2-1

B1. 20s unbroken
B2. 20, 15-5, 12-4-4, 12-3-3-2

C. 307 (first 107 ub)

D. 17 (3-2-2 then singles)

had it in my head that B was 20s instead of 25s. also had an hour break between B and C. had to teach a class and didn't have time to finish the whole workout.

Justin Flynn said...

A1. 275#
A2. Unbroken except last set.
A3. Broken badly (these were hard for me)
B1. unbroken
b2. 15-10 on all except last 13-5-5-2
c. 191
d. 5 minutes Zero hspu. My shoulders had absolutely no juice in them.

Josh said...

A1. 255,255,255,255 (unbroken)
A2. unbroken x 4
A3. unbroken, 6/3/1, 5/2/2/1, 5/2/2/1
B1. unbroken
B2. unbroken, 15/10, 15/5/5

only had time for 3 sets of the B's and had to teach class so couldn't do parts C&D..really enjoying the programming, hitting a lot of things I need to shore up prior to sectionals

Anonymous said...

A1: 225, 245, 255, 255 unbroken
A2: 10, 10, 7/3/, 7/3
A3: 10, 5/3/2, 5/3/2, 4/3/3
B1: unweighted, 10 lb, 10, 10
B2: 20/5, 15/5/5, 15/5/5, 10/5/5/5
C: 199
D: 0

Times: A-17:36, B 11:42

Notes. DL felt strong. B2: Sub reverse-hyper off the tailgate for BE. Normally good at DU, goal was 100/min. Shoulders and Forearms were smoked after the first 70 (weird), so I picked up the rest in groups of 10. Had nothing left for HSPU. Tried neg, but felt it was unsafe. I am totally smoked from the last few days. Last week was a sketchy nutrition week (maybe why I am so beat), so I am taking a round turn on it this week.

Jeremy Tucker said...

DL 225-255-275-285 unbroken
Ring dips 4x10 unbroken
Chest slaps pushups  4x10 unbroken

25 Back extensions
25 pushups 

5 min amrap DU's 108
5 min handstands couple good free of wall

liss126 said...
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liss126 said...

A1. 155;165;175;190 unbroken
A2. only had 1 RD and then 9 jumping ring dips
A3. Clap Pushups broken - no explosive power

B1. Unbroken
B2. 10,5,5,5 for first round, remainder of rounds in sets of 5

C. 250

D. No time

Bear said...

A1 100 – 110 – 120 – 130 kg (14 reps)
A2 11 – 10 – 10 – 6+2+2
A3 10 – 10 – 5+3+2 – 4+1+2+2+1
B1. unbroken x 4
B2. 7+3+5+5+5 – 10+5+5+5 – 8+5+6+5 – 8+6+5++3+3
C 102 reps

Lost the grip at rep 15 with 130, dammit! After A I was toast. Trying to find my Dus again, lost them the other day.

My 130 kg attempt:

Bear said...
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Bear said...

And WOW, some really impressive results here. Big ups to Katrina Burtons DLs!

exp. said...
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exp. said...
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exp. said...


A1: 265,265,270,275 all unbroken(all felt strong...last was a bit of a battle)

A2: UB,UB,UB,(7+3)

A3: UB,UB,UB, broken
(last set broken like hell...when these go, they really go)

B1: UB, broken, broken, broken

B2: first 12-15 reps unbroken on all 4 sets, then broken into 3-5 (good form on all...chest to deck...full lock-out at top)

rested a few minutes

C.265 (shoulders smoked)

D. practiced holds and form on reps...only a few reps at a time

bso said...

A1. 235, 245, 260, 275 - slept a little funny this afternoon and woke up with a weird feeling in my back so I played it a little safe here. Think I could do 295.
A2: rx’d–UB,UB,UB,(7+3)
A3: rx’d–UB,UB,UB, broken
(last set broken like hell…when these go, they really go) (steve said it so well, why bother rewriting it)

B1: rx'd, all unbroken
B2: rx’d–first 12-15 reps unbroken on all 4 sets, then broken into 3-5 (good form on all…chest to deck…full lock-out at top…) - steve you took the words right out of my mouth

C: 216 - buddy lee felt really short and really heavy on the forearms today.

D: about 10 slow reps. Tried several with hands on a plate... couldn't get out of the bottom.

tania said...


A1. 125;135;135;135 was afraid that if I went any heavier, it wouldn’t be touch and go
A2. first round unbroken, then 7/3 for the rest
A3. for some reason, I did clapping pushups instead of chest slap push-ups, broken into sets of 4/3/2/1

B1. Unbroken
B2. 17/8, 15/5/5, 15/4/3/3, 12/5/3/3/2

C. 229

D. Triceps were toast, not a chance… but worked on my handspring and walking on my hands later that night